Why is ESAT so convinced that the third anniversary belongs to Muslims? (Teklemichael Abebe)


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40 Responses

  1. Gezaee H. says:

    Memot yamarat ayt yedmt afnach tashetalech says the good amharic proverb.

    • jemal says:

      I personally don’t support over amplification of the Muslim case on political pages. Religion has its own principle and pages. Today Muslim came and advocate politics in the name of religion. Tomorow other religion could make political influence on Ethiopia. Now we are enough of enough Ethinics poltics. Even Amhara is gradually sleeping int Ethinic politics. Both ethinic and religion politics are distarous for Ethiopia. Even I felt sorry the clip posted by ESAT or Moresh Amhara. I ahve comment on the clip on the following way. Let God keep Ethiopia peace and prosperity for these unlucky people
      This isn’t good Clip, because it affects the good relation between Amhara and Oromo, Don’t forget who helps TPLF to control Gondor, Gojam and then Addis?Amhara or Oromo? There were Amhara fighting alongside with TPLF to fight Ethiopian former Army.Then what happened to Amhara? Amhara young solders collaborating with TPLF made wide human violation on Oromo. Then Oromo is far away from all politics monopoly. The two semetic has no stratgic difference. Both want to administer Ethiopia for ever looking down other nation like oromo Somale and etc. The disagreement of the two Semitics is to control Ethiopia by thier own monoply. Again Amhara is not angel who didn’t make any mistakes during the reign of Minilik, Hailessilase. Let leave those committed mistake by Amhara and Tigray rulers for historians. My basic question should get answer. Who helped and collabrated in spying and leading roads to Gonder,Gojam, then Wollo and Finally Addis?The amhara soldiers formed by organization name called EDNM(latter NADM-ኢህድን) fighting alongside with TPLF and eventually dismantle the former Ethiopian military. You don’t have moral to speak upon OLF or OPDO. OLF is the victim of TPLF and NADM). This clip further ignite problems and hatreds than solving the problem

    • chala says:

      Hey Tekle,

      I think you are smart enough to know that the main AIm here is to collect money. so to do that any price ethiopia have to pay is no problem.
      have you ever heared the last two or three years G7 collecting money no no why b/c they have a big boy called ESAT so they all work for that.
      the old way of G7 collection money telling i will get you 4 kilo in months is not working any more so using ESAT is the new way.

      they don’t care if ethiopia is disintegrated by ethnics or religion as much as they collect money.

      they even pray bad to happen in ethiopia every day then they can collect more money. no bad news means no money.

      so don’t confuse your self here esat work with Eritria, Egypt, Somalie muslim extremist or even Saitan as much they pay

      • bendo says:

        ESAT/G7 Dr Birhanu may be thinking to start selling again the $500.00 “Ethio-nationality” certificate as new type of customers are showing up in town.
        21 years of experience collecting money and spending it on five star hotel with first class flight and do nothing good.

        Lessen 101 to tekle if you want famous and rich like Tamagne by collection money you need to know what the extrimist diaspora want to hear. they don’t care about what you are talking. they just want to hear patriotic talk with out work will be enough you to collect money.

        Tamagne been in every demonstration against Ethiopia with out questioning one day saying is this going to hurt the gov or the country.

        this kind of question will Lebel you as woyanne so you better watch your mouse and just get any money from the collection

        I appreciate some of them who still manage to fool the diaspora and get rich with collection money is not easy it need constant lie and talk and you don’t need to have shame as well.

        Now it is the muslims turn to pay so let them pay the diaspora tax.

  2. Fiyameta says:

    U better see a doctor before U become full blown crazy.

  3. Andargachew mulatu says:

    May you don’t have any idea about protests who live in ethiopia they so educated and powerful politicians but their strategy so hiden to realize by other .I have many friends who can make differences in the country do try push them from their strong way.additionaly do forget when you criticism you are insulting the country 18% people .

  4. Name (required) says:

    May you don’t have any idea about protests who live in ethiopia they so educated and powerful politicians but their strategy so hiden to realize by other .I have many friends who can make differences in the country do try push them from their strong way.additionaly do forget when you criticism you are insulting the country 18% people ..

  5. Abishee says:

    Only an attemp to save its own fast dying image. The so-called ESAT as the voice of ahmara extremist group intends to use the anniversary for political consumption by the expenses of a suffering our Muslims is really a very dirty political game. This is the true face of ahmara elities who never learn from their past terrible history and now once again they are trying hard a short-cut come back from the others door leads us to a totall disintegration rather than even for only one day ruled by ahmara regime. Such dirty move already knocking the hearts of other nations and nationalities as a fire back against chauvinists.
    No one should surprise why other nations and nationalities watch ESAT suspiciously. Yes at large except ahmras we consider ESAT as the Radio Mille Collines for its hidden agenda, look for evidence debteraw Tekle Yeshaw on ESAT how he declared a war on Tigreans and Oromos the least to say.
    By its dirty game ESAT can never twist the opinion of others let alone as a paranoid voice hardily comes its pretty dream, it hates the Muslims more than others.

  6. hawaz says:

    you said protestant people are so careless to their country. who are you to say that.come to our church and see who we are. Ethiopian from north to south from east to west we worship God under one roof with spirit of brotherhood and love. We love our country(ET&ER). do you know how many protestant air force pilots are serving the country right now.I know you guys are so confused.anyways may god forgive you for your wrong judgment.you can’t measure Ethiopiawinet by the money u contribute to Yagere lejoche (Gonderewoch) Tamagne,shambele,and Abebe.Actually I am not sure they are? Gondere Jegna enje leba ayeweldem.Qene ewnetune yawetawale.

  7. Elias says:

    What a sensational header you chose Dawit! The answer is obvious though. Because the Moslims have to explain what their movement is about to the audience in ESAT ceremony. TPLF wants to portray the Moslims as enemy to other Ethiopians. TPLF wants to wedge difference and instill hatred among various religious groups for the sole purpose of staying in power and that needs to be countered by continuous counter propaganda. I don’t think ESAT is wrong in providing the platform for that to happen.

    Of course it would have been strange had there not been the Moslim protests and ESAT still wanted to do the same.

  8. አንዋር says:

    ሰላም ልጅ ተክሌ ጽሁፍህን አነበብኩና ምነው እንደዚህ አሰበ ብዪ ልመልስልህ ስዘጋጅ ደግሜ ሳነበው እንደዚህ በሚል ነው የጀመርከው “ጽሁፍ ካላበሳጨ ወይ ካላስጨበጨበ አይመቸኝም። ላለፉት ጥቂት ሳምንታት የሚያበሳጭ ወይ የሚያስጨፍር ርእስ ስጠብቅ ሳልጽፍ ቆየሁ። የኢትዮጵያውያን፤ በተለይም የአማርኛ ተናጋሪዎች ከቤንሻንጉል መባረር በራሱ በቂ አናዳጅና አሳዛኝ ክስተት በመሆኑ፤ እንዲሁም ሌሎች ስለጻፉበት እሱ ላይ ብዙ አልደክምም። ስለዚህ ሌላ አናዳጅ ርእስ ናፈቅኩ።” በቃ ተናዶ ነው የጻፈው አልኩ እና ተውኩት ግን ሙስሊሙ መብቱን እየጠየቀ ባለበት ሰዓት እንደዚህ አይነት ግብዣ በዓመት አንዴ ቢመጣ ይገርማል ማለት ነው? ችግር እና በደሉን ለሌሎች ኢትዮጵያኖች ሊያሰማና መንግስት እንደሚለው እንዳልሆነ እና የሙስሊሙ አላማ መብቱን ለማስከበር ብቻ እንደሆነ ለማሳወቅ ኢሳት ዝግጅት ላይ መሳተፉ ጉዳት አለው ማለት ነወ ኔስቲ ለማንኛውም እንደገና አስበው እና ጻፍ ለጊዜ ምረንሃል ልጅ ተክሌ ::

    • samuel says:

      እኔም ይሄንን ሃሳብ እደግፋለሁኝ ።ተክሌ ያንን እንደ ጃርት እሾህ ቆሞና ተንጨብሮ የነበረውን ጸጉርህን እንዳስተካከልህ ሁሉ በጋዘጠኝነትና በፖለቲካዊ ትንተናህም ለወደፊቱ አስተካክለህ የሰመረ መንገድ እንደምትይዝ ተስፋ አደርጋለሁ ። ይሄ አስተያየት ነው አትቀየም !

  9. Bekalu says:

    I always appreciate lij Tekle. He is a man of principle. We have to appreciate genuine people like Tekle. Tekle always speaks his mind whenever he see such mistakes

  10. Kassa Gonderew says:

    Aye Ginbot 7. gena legena muslimock be mejlisu lay tekawmo akerebu teblo. Hulum bota lay islam megabez min yemilut ebdet new? Shame on Ginbot 7

  11. Ye Dire lij says:

    Teklemichael ende Dawit Tigre bihon noro hulum yirebarebibet neber ahun gin adame zim chich alech. Ahun ema tekawami yetebale hulu astelagn.

  12. Ethio_Christian Nation says:

    the theme tune for ESAT Television should be “Alahu Akbar”

  13. Mensur says:

    Muslim will dominate Ethiopia in the near future. We are now 50%.There is nothing wrong with this invitation. ESAT should have muslim staff members

    • ilula Lemma says:

      When religion start being a drive force of the country,it is same as going to apartheid era. It does not matter the percentage of Muslim 50% ,80% what ever, but we want religion out of politics.Ethiopia is should be equal for all citizen regardless of their religion affiliation.Otherwise we will see a war happened in Lebanon for years.I do not have any problem U being a Muslim,but when you try to impose your believe on me that is when the problem comes. The way you wrote is the way WOYANE wants us to think about each other, to be suspicious and lose trust among us.I am sure ESAT does have a quota system to say such percentage of a report to be Muslim and such percentage of a report to be others.You do not get a job based on your religion but based on your qualification. My brother think wide do not be narrow minded.

  14. Mario says:

    You have divided the Orthodox Church for your political purpose & now working hard to use Ethiopian Muslims for your politics!

    Remember : Muslims will never allow you to play politics in any way! You may attract a few extremists, but 99.9% Muslims will stay away from your kind of dirty politics!

    Using everything for your dirty politics is a sinful act & will take you nowhere

  15. Promoting permitted Fatwa's, Winds of Jihad Expected from ESAT says:

    Dear all,

    As fighting the well militarily equipped tyranny is not easy & costly, using each & every means is necessary. Religious fighting methods should be introduced & organized to be carried out.

    Jihad is more important & is the pinnacle of Islam. To furnish this pinnacle, there are legitimate Fatwa’s to be followed.

    Anal Jihad
    Fatwa Permits Sodomy to Widen the Anus as a Means to Jihad.

    Since new & unprecedented form of martyrdom operations invented to allow explosive capsules easily inserted into your anus. In order to train for this method of Jihad, you must consent to being sodomized for a period of time, so that your anus becomes wider, making room for the explosives. Therefore, Sodomy can realize this innovation & used us to fight tyranny.

    Sexual Jihad
    Muslim women should carry out the “Sexual Jihad” fatwa by providing sexual services for fighters.

    Therefore, ESAT should provide media coverage for the declared Jihad, by informing, teaching, promoting the permitted fatwa’s to people.

    Alah Akbar! Alah Akbar! Alah Akbar!

  16. yegeremew says:

    Sewo’ch, if we believe and for that matter ethinocentric organizations are wrong, we have to be consistent and walk the talk.
    Foe example, Tamagne and company are all Gonderes. Also the so called ” Ethiopian Sinodos in Diaspra” are all Gonderes, to every bodys surprise from the same awraja. Please guys stop skimming the hard working Ethiopians who fall prey to your ill fated divisive, selfish motive.
    By the way, that is why you are always desperate to come up with new lie after lie to sustain your vagabond life style. And yet you are ….

  17. Teshale says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Esat inviting our Muslim brothers in its events. I do believe we should learn from Muslim’s peaceful struggle and it is good that they share it with the rest of Ethiopians using Esat’s events’

    Tekle looked for something Yemianaded or Yemiaschebechib (as he called it) and he thought this issue is one; Although I am not sure which feeling made him write this article.

    Anyway, I appreciate your contribution to Esat and keep doing just that.

  18. zelew says:

    I wanna be journalist lej tekle seems to be desperately seeking fame at the price of deported & in concentration camps contained suffering amhara people. You said on ESAT yehu weg weekly programm, those uprooted people from benishangul are amharic speaking people but not amharas. Denying ethnic cleansing, deporting or displacing, robbing property of ordinary people because of their ethnic origin is crime against humanity. Now you are penalysing muslim activist who fighting for freedom. Shame on you! I wish i will never see you on ESAT again. My recommendation to you ETV is a good platform for you. you will feel better & solomon tekalegne & mimi sibeatu will be wellcoming you. Shame on you!

  19. Meron says:

    These hopeful diaspora politicians are wishing the Musilims to put them in Arat Killo? What a stupidity.

    In the muslims movement, there are two things; The first is that the muslims have already chosen their Mejelis, and most of the sunni muslims are happy, and have nothing against it. The second is that there are few Wuhabist Extremist who wanted to take control of the Mejelis, but failed. Now, these few wuhabist/salafist extremists are demonstrating in their mosques only. Actually, only some people know that there is such a demonstration inside a mosque in Ethiopia. The likes of ESAT, and some other extremist politicians are trying to exaggerate it many times in the hope of taking them to power. Aye Ethiopia!

  20. salim says:

    Ia Abebe Gela (chicho) a shambel or major like Dawit W/Gergus?

  21. Yimer Boru says:

    Dear Lij Tekle,
    You have to pat youself on the back for owning one of the most venemous pen. EPRDF itself wouldn’t have done a better job. If you think you can fool everybody about your intention and motive for writing your article, you are fooling youself. Obviously, you do have issues with the peace loving Ethiopian Muslims. Otherwise, you would not be so mad for the appearance of Muslim leaders in the ESAT celebration – a celebration Muslims were not part of before and they never complained about it. Lij Tekle, I don’t think you appreciate and support the peaceful Ethiopian Muslim strugle as you claim. Your forked tounge says otherwise. You are among the very few, fortunately, yearning for the peaceful struggles demise deep inside yourself while at the same time appearing to be supporting it on the surface. First of all Br. Najib is not a religious leader. He is the president of First Hijra Foundation. Sheikh khalid Omar is not attending the celebrations as a religious leader only but also because he is an elequent speaker who is capble of articulating the Ethiopian Muslim Peaceful Struggle. Clearly your article has nothing to do with ESAT inviting these individuals but with your own unfounded fear that as EPRDF accuses the peaceful protesters that Ethiopian Muslims are after establishing an Islamic Theocracy. Time and again it has been explained that the Ethiopian Muslim issue is a Human Rights and a Constitutional Issue – nothing more, nothing less. Where in the world did you get the idea that Ethiopian Muslims have plans to form a religious party? That the implication of your article. Why would you accuse ESAT of encouraging such eventuality? We Ethiopin Muslims know better. It is also obvious that you have tried to kill two birds with one stone – ESAT and Ethiopian Muslims Peaceful Struggle. EPRDF is an open enemy to the peaceful struggle but the likes of you who show their smiling teeth are more dangerous to the peaceful coexistence that has been the hallmark of Ethiopian Muslims and Christians for centuries. Assuming that you are not an EPRDFite, if and when EPRDF is brought down, you are the one we have to go after for the sake of unity and peaceful coexistence.

    • Huluageresh says:

      “Time and again it has been explained that the Ethiopian Muslim issue is a Human Rights and a Constitutional Issue –nothing more, nothing less.”

      This reminds me of a famous cliche: “There is no guarantee for the future!” to mean that, the future carries risk. And if what is at stake (in the risk) is someones life, then any sensible person opts to avoid it, unless you are a James Bond style, gambling star!

      So, my big question to you: What is the guarantee that the question will remain peaceful forever?

  22. T.Goshu says:

    Well, it is good to express our observations and views . Doing this is not only one of the basic principles and values of civil and democratic rights but also good for the development of media such as ESAT. I therefore want to believe that Liji Tekle’s comment is good too. However, I do have my own sense that it was and is not necessary to stretch it this much. What Liji Tekle chose to go this way instead of advising those organizres or to may whom it may concern? Was there no any simple and straight- forward comment instead of trying hard to make some sort of unfomfertable feelings in the minds of the watchers and listeners of Esat? I am sorry to say but I have to say this kind of way of thinking is not healthy and constructive at all. If Liji Tekle is convinced that the readers of his comment do not go beyond just what is written in black and white, that is wrong.If he thought that readers are without some sort of senses beyond words and phrases, that is wrong . And his expressions are not difficult to make senses beyond their appearances.
    Yes, it is right to ask why muslims only and try to get the rationale behind it. To my understanding, our muslim brothers ans sisters deserve to be a leading examples as far as their persistent and legitimate and peaceful protest is concerned. I do not know why Liji Tekle wanted to send some sort of negatively vague message by saying ” there are some who are suspicious of the muslims’ protest.” Doesn’t it sound ironic ? To my understanding, it does. I am sorry I might be terribly wrong , but I have a feeling that Liji Tekle has some sort of uncomfortability with something he did not want to make it straight- forward. I wish I could be stpupid enough and Liji Tekle’s sentiment would be genuinely in the right direction. Yes, we need sometimes to be realistic ,not diplomatic and apologetic. What I want to say here is that our muslim compatroits are very,very and very far in advance than any religious domain . And if we are not courageous and honest enough about this self-explanatory movement for the last continious one year and beyond, we have a problem . I am the follower of the Ethiopin Orthodox Church ,and I have to say that we have a serious problem answering the question of ,what is really religion stands for if it does not stand for itself? Waht did the followers do when the sanctity of Waliba is violated and a Pathriach is appointed just like one of the cabinet members of the secular/political position?
    What did religious leaders and clergies and singers/sunday school members under the exiled Synod do in a real sense of being concerned about the gross violation of their faith which they preach and sing about,and offer mass services on Sundays ? It is only a couple of bishobs and arch-bishobs that show real and genuine concern and actively make their faith relevant to the respect for human rights . Sadly enough,most of the preachers are not trying to make their teachings relevant to the practical teachings of Jesus Christ . They simply tell ,they do not show or demonstrate as far as the question of how the Ethiopian people can get out of the sufferings they found themselves in. They are very careful not to take the teachings of the Bible beyond its strict defination and interpretation of that has been cited for the last thousands of years. I know religion is a matter of faith, not logic. But, I do not think it makes sense without making it relevant to a very big and essential question of human dignity. So, what is a surprise here to see our muslim compatriots taking the front stages of humanrights activism as far as their courageous movement is concerned. I do not think , Mr. Tekle, we need to countiune a kind of hide and seak game in this regard. I do not think distancing oneself from an urgent and big issue of national interest and human rights issues is something to be accepted as business as usual – just stay back and pray . I do not know if inviting those religious people (ETOC) for the sake of invitaion matters a lot if they are not courageous and honest enough to go beyond what they pearch.

    • Q# Is it possible for you to convince people with your comments that your articles, writings posted can't ? says:

      @T. Goshu, You should thank Awrambatimes for allowing you to post all your Articles, Comments as you like. Of course, all Awrambatimes readers are allowed to have their say & post their comments. My question for you is that, Why I only allowed to read but not to post comment on ECADFORUM sites alike ? Am asking you this because @T. Goshu can post articles & comments on ECADFORUM.

      “I am the follower of the Ethiopin Orthodox Church.”

      »» Am too the follower, but yours is the right one.

      “Waht did the followers do when the sanctity of Waliba is violated and a Pathriach is appointed just like one of the cabinet members of the secular/political position?

      »» the right followers like you voiced their concern against it, however, the wrong followers like me supported.

      “What did religious leaders
      and clergies and singers/
      sunday school members
      under the exiled Synod do in
      a real sense of being concerned about the gross
      violation of their faith which
      they preach and sing about,and offer mass services on Sundays ? It is only a couple of bishobs and arch-bishobs that show real and genuine concern and
      actively make their faith relevant to the respect for
      human rights.”

      »» Am not the exiled synod sympathizer. You should ask your fellow why just only a couple of Bishops & Arch Bishops became real, genuine, faithful, hr activists,…?

      Why Mr. Tekle continued a kind of hide & seek game ?

      »» Mr. Tekle might be impersonating like the right exiled synod EOTC follower.

      »» As you said it might be only a couple of Bishops, Arch Bishops & T.Goshu that are adhering to their religion.

      Finally, reminder for you is that “if Articles Posted, please allow the readers not only to read, take it 100% right but let them have their say “.

      Observed from @T. Goshu;

      »» he allow his articles to be posted & the writer himself post comments on his own writings, you can check here in Awrambatimes, his favorite site ECASFORUM & alike.

      »» on other peoples articles, views, writings after the readers comment he first say “I Swear For You!” then with assurance, credibility, misleading view/direction to follow him,…the usual talent from T.Goshu.

      Q# Is it possible for you to convince people with your comments that your articles, writings posted can’t ?

  23. solomon says:

    The writer is telling us that he is craving for attention. He just felt unappreciated and unimportant in Ethiopian politics these days. Thus he came up with sensational article. What he writes is not about a concern for others, or to analyze issues and offer solutions of the community, rather it is about his ego. He is saying “look at me, i am here, and appreciate me and only me”. “Although there are poor people and children uprooted from their homes, that does not help me satisfy my attention craving”

    This should not be a therapy session for your ego. Unfortunately you are a “public figure” via ESAT. and you act like it. grow up brother!!!

  24. Ayu says:

    Dear Tekle,

    Why on earth do you want to express your feelings this way? I thought you’re member of the ESAT family. Is there no organizational procedure to express your concerns to the ESAT admin internally? We lost our hope on the opposition parties. We have now a hope only on ESAT to see some changes in our deteriorating country. Pls let us think twice before taking some individual & emotional action. I think/wish you felt sorry by now cause you saw some part of the result from the above comments. Don’t forget the enemies is always waiting
    Words from your mouth to make their dirty propaganda.
    Thank you
    Ayu from AAU-6Killo

  25. Assefa Game says:

    ተክሌ አቴንሽን ፈላጊ እንደሆነ የታወቀ ነው ። በተለይ የሰሜን አሜሪካውን ኢሳት ቡድን ቲቪውን ሲሳይ አጌና ደረጄ ደስታ ፡ ራዲዮኑን መሳይ መኮንን አስረግጠው የህዝቡን ቀልብ ሲገዙ ። ተክሌ ትንሽ የተደናገጠ ይመስላል እሁድ ወግ ላይ ከሚሰጠው አስተያየት ፡ ተክሌ የምትሰራውን ስራ ብናከብርም ሁሉም እንደነሲሳይ አንደበተ ርቱ ና በመረጃ የተመረኮዘ ተንታኝ ይሆናል ማለት አይደለም ። እኛም ተመልካቾች ና አድማጮች ክሬዲቱን እየሰጠን ያለነው ለሁላቹም ነው አትጨነቅ። እኔ ይህን ፅሁፍ ተክሌ ፅፎት ሳይ አልደነገጥኩም ወይም ተክሌ እንደፈለገውም አልተበሳጨሁም ። የምደነግጠው የነበረው ይህን ፅሀፍ ሲሳይ አጌና፣ ደረጄ ደስታ፣ መሳይ መኮንን ፣ ተቦርነ፣ አበበ ገላው ወይንም ለንደን እና ኔዘርላንድ ያሉት የማከብራቸው ሰዎች ቢፅፉት ነበር። ተክሌ ኢሳት የሁሉንም ሃሳብ የሚያንሸራሸር ሚዲያ ስለሆነ ያንተም አሳብ ተገቢውን ቦታ አግኝቶ ውይይቱ ይጦፍል ብዬ አስባለው ነገር ግን አድማጩ የሚወስደውን ወስዶ የሚጥለውን መጣሉ ስለማይቀር አትጨነቅ፣ የሚገባኝን አቴንሽን አላገኘውም ሳይሆን ፣ ህዝቡ ብሶቱ ምንድነው ፡ እኔ በምን በኩል ልርዳው የሚለው ላይ ትኩረት አድርግ፡ ክብርክን ዝቅ አታድርግ ። አንተ እንዳሰብከው ኢሳት የሙስሊሞች ብቻ እየሆነ አይደለም ወይም የኢሳት አላማ እየገባክ እንዳልገባክ እየሆንክ ነው። ኢሳት ድምፅ የሌላቸው ፡ መብታቸው የተገፈፉ ሰዎች ስሙን የሚሉበት ቦታ ነው። እኔ ክርስቲያን ነኝ ነገር ግን ኢሳትን ለመርዳት አምስት ሙስሊሞች አይደሉም ፣ አምሳ ሙስሊሞች ከነ ሸካቸው west coast (USA)ቢዞሩ ምን ችግር አለው? ሙስሊም ስለሆኑ መፍራታ አለብን እያልከን ነው ?
    አያ ጉራጌዎች በ EAST Coast , አርባ አማሮች በ North , 10 ትግሬዎች በ South ለኢሳት ብር ለመሰብሰብ ፈልገው በዛውም ችግራቸውን ለህዝብ መናገር ፈልገው መድረክ ተከለከሉ እያልከን ነው ወይስ የፅህፍክ አላማው ምንድነው? ሙስለሞችን አነገስናቸው ለማለት ምን አነሳሳክ? ኢሳት ስለ ጋምቤላ ልጆች አልጮህም? ኢሳት የዳውሮዎችን ጉዳይ አላሰማም ? ኢሳት ከድሮ ጀምሮ አብት ያፈሩ ጉራጌዎች እየተዋከቡ ነው ሲል አልጮህም? አማሮች ተፈናቀሉ ብሎ እሪ አላለም?

    በርግጥ የሙስሊሞቹ ትግል ጠንከር ያለና የተደራጀ በመሆኑ እድል የሰጣቸውን ሚዲያ በሙሉ ይጠቀማሉ ፡ አርብ አርብ በየመስኪዱ ይጮሁሉ ፡ መሪዎቻቸው ታስረውም አያቆሙም፡ ድምፃችን ይሰማ ይላሉ ፡ ሌላው ኢትዮጵያ ከሙስሊሙ ሰላማዊ ትግል ለምን መማር አለበት እንደማለት ፡ ድምፃቸው ለምን ተሰማ እያልከን ይሆን?
    በነገራችን ላይ ይህን ሁሉ የፃፍኩት ለኢሳት ካለኝ ክብር ነው፡ ኢሳት የህዝብ ነው!

  26. Mario says:

    The reason ESAT dedicating itself to extremists is : money money money! Eyetewaweqn ale yagerachin sew! I personally was with you, but you pushed me because of my ethnic back ground! I was there & contributed so much money for finally to be pushed away just like that! I know you have nothing for Ethiopia at all!

    Jib Alu yegna sewoch kemayawut ager hedo qurbet antifulgn ale! Muslimoch gena yaltebelu addadis yegenzeb Minch tegegntew aydel!

    Lets follow closely to see how much money our Muslim brothers will be ripped off before they know!

  27. Kulfo says:

    I share the idea forwarded by Tekle. Unfortunately, most of the Ethiopian Diaspora websites are not open for any idea different from their politics, and I see two likely outcomes:
    1. Most of them would not publish his article
    2. Tekle would be verbally attacked, defamed, ostracized, and shamed – day and night!

    ETV does this and very well known. However, when Freedom of Expression is blocked by ESAT, EthiopianReview, Ethiomedia, Ecadforum, and Addis Voice does the same, it would be the hypocrisy of the 21st century.

  28. Sileshi says:

    Tekle: religion was the first thing you observed about those guys in the picture in stead of their Ethiopian nationality. The question is, what way are you better than woyane?

  29. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear T.Gesho, thank you for the comments.

    I honestly do not understand why you are not agree with what I said. I am not TPLF although I have a right to be. I do admit woyanes do mistakes and they have been doing mistakes and still doing.

    I oppose give land away to Arab , Indian…. for 100 years. It is crazy and unbelievable. I oppose the ethnic discrimination and the displacement of amhara people. I admit it is disgusting to be honest. In the 21 century our people has to be discriminated like this. But I do believe they are doing all these because of ignorance only. Ignorance and arrogance is the worst of all kind. The solution to prevent this is to be civil and organize together and oppose in a civilized manner without insulting anyone. Insulting and name calling becomes an obstacle to make peace.

    About Meles, I never admired Meles. But he has done many good things and many bad things. But I do believe he was better than any of the past rulers. He was human. He has done mistakes like human. Even if you put you tomorrow in arat kilo, you will definitely do mistakes. I will do mistakes if you put me tomorrow in Arat kilo. I know how many wrong things I have done in my own life. It is the same thing. I do believe whatever wrong he has done was only because of ignorance. I now believe that cursing, insulting people, present, past, leaders or any is not part of solving a problem. I have lived now 20 years outside Ethiopia. I have learnt alot how people live in peace and how they resolve conflicts. I have never experienced the type of Ethiopian behaviors. We spend much time blaming on failures of individuals, both past and present. This does not solve any problem at all. If you have learnt from the past 20 years, no opposition has twisted EPRDF to change any policies.The reasons is there is no real, genuine, organized, sincere opposition and that is why there is no change or EPRDF or woyane never ever listened. This is because the oppositions work is counter productive. This is not the fault of the woyane or EPRDF. It is the fault of the citizens like me and you. We do not respect each other and we do not recognize each other. Look, what they are doing in diaspora? They are harrassing Tigreans? is that helpful to bring good change in Ethiopia? no, if diaspora attempt succeeds, then we will have morer wars. Trust me, I am not going to accept discrimination whether it is done on an amhara or on myself. I will not. I do not blame woyane now. Woyane has open spaces for genuine oppositiosn. But there are none.

    Prisoners? well, there are some people in prison.Most of them journalists, no governemnt in any country allows citizens to remove their government illegally and unlawfully. Where I am living, I can not say I will remove my government by revolt or any violence. If I do, I will be thrown into jail. I am with the government on that. I do believe the law must be applied 100%. I do not sympathize with any Journalist prisoners. They did not act as journalists. Journalism is not rebellion. journalism is a profession that has code of ethics, duties, responsibilities, fidelity and civility. Anything out of that is a crime. For instance, I have communicated with Eskinder Nega before he was thrown into prison. I knew earlier, they will arrest him because he publicly declared he wanted to remove the government by Arab spring. I emailed him a couple of emails asking him to think deeper. I actually told him such behavior is not even allowed in any democractic country. He never listened. I do believe Eskinder Nega deserves to be in prison. I have to be honest that some few elites from the amhara ethnic believe they can do anything they want. They never respect law. But the law must be applied 100%.

    Life has thought me that one cannot solve problem by conflict. Conflict resolution is not handled by fighting. Hate, conflict, … is not part of solving problems. Hate, conflict, war, is part of conflict creating.

    Do we love each other? no, we do not.We mistrust each other. We do not recongize each other. We suspect each other. We blame each other. Note: Everyone wants to recongition and respect. Everyone wants to be recognized as human being. Anything based on hate, revenge, … does not address any problem. That is the reasons, oppositions never solved a single problem in Ethiopia in the past 20 years. I dare say the oppositions are just based on hate. I have seen oppositions in many countries, they never lie, or hate each other. They discuss in a civil manner, eat, drink, dine together. No hate, hate is not politics. I am out of hate.Opposing is not hating. If you oppose policies, then oppose the policices, organize people and let them protest peacefully. But who is doing that? no one, Ethiopians are not civil. Our backwardness has to do with the way we think. We need change, and we need to recognize people as human. Chasing, scaring, intimidating, … will not adddress or solve any problem. Attacking Tigreans will backfire. If the government is doing bad, we must all unite and say no.But we never do and they do whatever they think, both wrong and right. I do not blame the governemnt now to be honest. Look, how Tigreans are treated by Diaspora? This is not acceptable. If woyane was doing what diaspora are doing. Woyane would never get closer to mekele leave alone to addis ababa? Therefore, there is no politics in Ethiopia ,but only tyranny. The tyranny of diaspora is the worst of they Tyranny in Ethiopia. If we need better Ethiopia, we must respect, and treat everyone who live in it and this includes woyane and EPRDF. Intimidating, scaring, attacking, EPRDF, Ambassador Girma Biru, sabotaging abay dam is only high level of stupidity of the 21 century. Using ESAT, disseminate hate, conflict, biase, racis, ethnicis, religions extremism, allying with Egypt, allying with Shabia ,… is not for the benefit of Ethiopian people. Such strategy will not work in the 21 century. What is needed is ideology, not hate or biase, racism, intimidation, scaring, attacking, threatening, ethnicism. Meles did not create anything new. He was inspired by ethnic inequality in Ethiopia. Meles would not drop out from school if Ethiopia was fair country. Ethiopia lost nothing becaues of Meles. Yea, it lost the ports only. The rest, there has never been justice, freedom, equality, fairness in Ethiopian politics. If you do not sow good, you will harvest nothing. Meles has done more than anyone with all his wrong policies. Let him rest in peace. Be civil and oppose in a civilized manner. Stop attacking people because they do not belong to your ethnic or they do not support you agenda. I used to be very against the goverment, but I am very sypathetic to them. They have to clean the one century mess of Ethiopia. Even my message is , please do not give ammunition to the hate of oppositions. Removing any Ethiopian from anywhere for whatever reasons is the highest level of primitivity and ignorance. Please woyane listen and stop giving ammunition to your enemies.

  30. Mesfin Wolde-mariam says:

    I am glad that Teklemichkael brought out what I myself observed. It seems that people MUST have identical views! I have observed twice when people were visibly uneasy or upset when one of them said something DIFFERENT. In fact in one case the discussion was immediately suspended and NEVER continued. This was a discussion between Tammagn and Sisay. At another occasion it was between Teklemichael and Dereje. As a matter of fact the one important thing missing in ESAT is vibrant and healthy debate. I am aware that we are not GOOD at debating. But ESAT must be the place to learn.

  31. Gezaee says:

    Dear Teklemichael,

    I do believe you are ahead of time. I do not believe people, our people will ever listen to you. They would rather attacking you. The real war must on this Ethiopian attitude. Ethiopian in general, the attitude is listen to each other. There is no reasons. You cannot stop them if they start. It is very sad situation. They are trying to fish a fish from a murkey water. But they do not know what is inside the murky water. As currently exposed, ESAT is an Eritrean news network. It is funded by Eritrean government. That is why ESAT never say a word on Eritrea. Even during the coup attempt? So ESAT( Eritrean Satellite Anarch telemetry ) has no anything to do with freedom, justice, fairness. They are enemies of Ethiopian people. That is why they oppose the building of Abay Dam.They work with Shabia.They work with Egypt. They used to tell us woyanes is banda because they were working together with Shabia. But it did not take them to do it themselves. Dr. Berhanu Nega refused to become to the mayor of addis and went to Kaliti by his own follies. Then he signed appology and he was released. He run away to USA for studies. Now he lives comfortable life in the west. But he wanted to take back Ethiopia into civil war for him to become the prime minister of Ethiopia? Woyanes has been angels to him. He has caused the death of many people in Ethiopia. He is the cause of the death of students in addis ababa university before 2005 and he is he cause of the death of the 193 people in 2005. The fact he signed appology and he got released and he denied later he did not sign? he is a lier. He lives comfortable life, but he wanted Ethiopians to kill each other in the 21 century? This is greediness and selfishness and barbarism. My advise to Teklemichael, my brother Teklemichael, I do not know you in person. But I am with you. What you have written is rational and makes alot of sense to me. What does religion has to do with politics? A house that is built on a sand can not stand. A politics that is based on wushet, machberber will not benefit anyone leave alone Ethiopian people. you can lead 94 million people by lying and cheating. Politics must be pure ideology, but not the kind of ESAT. Brother Teklemichael, if you are really into politics with passion? then I suggest you find the right people, probably younger people like you than trying to work with the older generations. Old habit dies hard, Tamagne is Tamagne we know him very well.Dr. Nega we know him.He was EPRP, Kinjit, now G7? You can see his track record. It is not a good track record. This does not mean all people never changing. But it is hard to change one is already run with an old operating system. you can not run a 32 bit computer by 64 bit operating system.I suggest you find like minded people who can listen and reasons out than trying to bring change with the people who are against change. I appreciate your article.I feel you are enlightened and Ethiopia needs people like you who can stop and say what is going on? we do not need sheeps who follow people blindly. Thank you for your wonderful article.

  32. Mario says:

    Dear Gezaee

    T.Goshu will never agree with you unless you repeat everything he say / believe word by word! Anything less is unacceptable for T.Goshu & other extremists!

    20 years has passed while we see them for ourselves closely ! The only thing that these hateful individuals understand is: their own echo! The newest human development in the 21st century!

    They changed themselves into zombies! Woyane has accomplished so much in 20 years! What these hateful extremist individuals accomplished is: they became zombies!

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