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12 Responses

  1. denden says:

    Dear MR Kassa,

    I agree with some of your analysis, however someof your content is fals Ethiopia let along now even in the dergue time, Ethiopia never had an independenty story.

    For Ethiopias to stop killing each other and Eritreans, they need to learn to repect each other ethinic group, We had a chovinistic Amhara led racist and begoted administrtation for a number of years and yet Ethiopian atleast the majority Educated were the main culprits and still are main culprits to support despotic rulers. Had Ethiopiansd listende to their brothers and sisters Ethiopia and Eritrea would not have reached at this stage and now history is repeating itslef because we have a racist and beligerant good for nothing Tigran lords rulling at ther expence of every Ethiopians. Remember when war broke out with Eritrea majority Ethiopians ( stat including) have supported it to the max to annilate Eritrteans! Remeber it, now all the lies of succesive rullers has led to the killing of millions of Ethiopians, I still balem the lame Ethiopian intelectuals who know only to full their greedy belly.


  2. Mario says:


    You don’t see any Sudanese , Somalis, Kenyan here! What are you doing here? The truth is, you chose independence leaving all you privileges in Ethiopia , therefore , all you need to do is: keep going with your independence !

    denden, if I were you I would stay on my choice instead of interfering ….!

    Independence means, you must live on your own ! You tried to fight Ethiopia bragging so much you lost very badly , You tried through Somalia you lost ….! Stay away from Ethiopia’s affairs & respect your own dignity & choice…!

  3. Mario says:

    4kilo must change means , you physically wants to be at 4kilo! I hope you watched the election process in our country? If you did , it is the first of its kind where the election monitors & the voters watching & with no problem! Anyways, 4kilo will change only through valet box! Sitting in a comfortable & ready made country you can’t change anything! You making a good living in a ready made country doesn’t mean you will do the same in Ethiopia ! To change Ethiopia you must be there physically & see for yourself !

    Its been a while since 4kilo is in a process of change! Are sleeping wegen! We know you are in “ene keleloh serdom …..” ! But remember these who are leading Ethiopia aren’t less than you in anyway ! They are working day in day out to accomplish what should have been done 100 years before 1991! Don’t you think they need a prize? Yes they do! They are leading a country thrown to the dust bin by the former leaders! We have never seen citizens begging anywhere in our neighbors , but only in Ethiopia ! They defeated famine & they are on their way to defeat poverty once & for all! These who are leading Ethiopia never abandoned Ethiopia , they fought for Ethiopia & freed it from the brutal Derg ! They are teaching Ethiopian how to follow the rule of law! There was no rule of in Ethiopia whatsoever !

    Remember : these who are leading Ethiopia are as equal as you, even better than you in serving their country!

  4. Dave Ibra says:

    Please improve your english Ato Girma.
    “Shiberre Dessalegn was her name.”

    More than 30 years in US and still….

  5. Tatek says:

    Dear Girma,
    I share your concerns but I didn’t expect anything to change following the demise of TPLF Master, Colonel Zenawi and the appointment of Mr Desalegn as his replacement. I differed from the beginning because I didn’t know the person in Hailemariam if he were a political animal, change minded, his own man and as broadly said, Christian. The man is solely a TPLF stooge and unable to bring about any change the people need. His job is to read from the scripts of the TPLF or get deleted from office any time his Masters thought he outlived his usefulness. The only option left to Ethiopia and Ethiopians is to delete the TPLF and its entourage out of office at any cost and at any time. History is very clear that no problem could be undone from the same perspectives that have caused it. The problem here is not about personalities heading or exiting the political Machinery of the TPLF. It is about erasing the TPLF from the apex of power at Arat kilo for the good of Ethiopia. It is my understanding that all political parties in Ethiopia might have different approaches when it comes to alleviating Ethiopia’s ills manufactured by the TPLF. But one thing is crystal clear: Ethiopia is far greater than the TPLF and /or any other party in the country. And as such it needed to be freed from the chronic problems implanted in its heart by TPLF serpents. And take my word if we needed one Mandela to do this, NO Ethiopian will think it is Hailemariam Desalegn anymore.

  6. axumawe says:

    @hi ato girma & ato tatek
    let me use the kill two birdes with one stone way of responce.
    i remember one of our sayes to somalia in 1967 when inveded as.
    ‘somalia raswa ycharechew esat temelso yanedatal’you never feelt the paine of the other ethiopians when you sack thier blood,thier labour,thier never semphtaized all this years the pain sarrow,atrosity of others.
    the people of tegray, oromo,beshngul afar, somalie ethiopians,& all the forgatend etnices of day you are consorned about eskender & andarge(the few amara elits )teroristes
    well tuf-lack.
    i am 100% sure you are educated.look at the europian revolution since 1867, the franch revolution.the american revolution,the russian revolution,the chaines revolution and so on.
    the ethiopian revolutin is only 38 years old & they are doing a superb job not perfect, but awonderfull superb job.
    remember our country is 80% pesant the remaining 20% is prolitariant,student,berocrat & pety bourgios so do you realy think the sichological thinking of the sociyt is equal in enterpretation & exqution of freedom & democracy in ethiopia ?
    if so why is EPRP didn’t exist know ?
    but you never care for the people of ethiopia. 1st waht is good for you does no’t mean good for every bady.
    what is good for you is not good for me ,so let me chose what is good for me my selfe you get it ?
    let all the ethnic group of ethiopia disaided for them self.for you calm down,we have to educat evrey ethiopian equaly on thier owen speed,surely.
    you can’t expect a person from avilage & aperson from addis to understand the consept & interprtation of freedom & democracy at the same we have to walk slowley but one well ever left behaind,that era is log gone. and long live EPRDF(TO PCE U OF LONG LIVE WOYEN)

  7. Mario says:

    The reality here is : Oromos,Afars, Somali Ethiopians, all the southern Nations, nationalities & peoples , the Benshengul Gumuz, agews , Amaras ….. are free now! You can’t send them a Hyena in a sheep skin to administer them, you know why , coz they are capable of Adminitering themselves! They don’t need your help! Ezaw balehbet gim le gim abreh azgim! No more Hyenas in a sheep skin!

    The problem of these extremists is, they can’t comprehend anything except their own echoes!

    The bottom line here is: there is no Ethiopian that you can fool!


  8. Michael says:

    Mr.Girma if you are a politician try to examine why our people and our country are still in Agony or suffering. You must have a firm stand. Don’t confuse us. The agony and suffering of our country is well planned and studied where Weyane and Shaebia were at the Jungle. Don’t mix up with what the Dergue is doing. Don’t be Mehal Sefari. Because the Dergue and the Weyane era are far different. Leave the Dergue and Weyane killings, torture and other issues alone. But there is a difference between Dergue and Weyane. Dergue had great love and sacrifice to his country Ethiopia, its borders and territories was safe and well kept while Weyane is on the contrary. If you see the Amara people, they are not displaced and killed by their follow Ethiopians. They are displaced and killed by the Shaebia agent Weyane. The reason is it’s already based on plan and study made at the jungle with Shaebia. Why Weyane and Shaebia are purposely focused on the Amara people? Because the Amara people are the honest vanguard and defender of their country and the Orthodox religion. So,according to Weyane and Shaebia if Ethiopia is aimed to disintegrate in to pieces according to the plan, Amara people must disappear from where they live. Hailemariam is a symbol means a speaking tool of Weyane. To me he is a man of unknow world who denies his mind and soul contrary to real meaning of a human being. He is simply living in a liar world by sabotaging his mind for his belly.Don’t expect anything from him. These on power are not Ethiopians or Tigreans. All of them are Shaebia Agents. Ask yourself for example what Bereket and Yoseph Helawi are doing in the Amara killel while their origin is Eritrea? Why not they defend for the Amara peopleif their aim is to do that? God bless Ethiopia.

  9. Mario says:

    Michael, I don’t know about shabiya , but Woyane isn’t against Amara, but political extremists ! Twisting the truth ain’t get you anything ! Even the recent situation in the Benshengul -Gumuz had nothing to do with Woyane ! There is no single Woyane in the Benshengul – Gumuz kilil! What’s happening is “ሊበሏት የፈለጓት ኣሞራ ጅግራ ጅግራ ይሏታል” !

    • Michael says:

      Let me make you understand foreigner. When we say Weyane did something it doesn’t mean that the individual Weyane Tigreans are involved clearly in each accident. But what they did is indirectly the plan and structure of the ethnic Federal system is produced and formulated by the ruling party using or dominating its power on the Ethiopian people. Now, What Weyane is doing is simply orders the Killil small governments to harass, abuse, displace the Amara people from their livelihood. Because Weyane and Shaebia’s most agenda on Ethiopia was to dismantle the country into small nation and nationalities. In order to do that first, they have to attack the innocent Amaras and their Orthodox religion. You can ask the old man Sebhat Nega, he will tell you in detail. So, generally, all the governmental structure is formulated and controlled by Weyane and is approved for this purpose.

  10. Mario says:


    You called me foreigner , which means you are not an Ethiopian , therefore you are foreigner to me as well, & hence I don’t have a time to waste for foreigner…!


  11. oruzi says:

    I used to think it was bad to question government.I used to think if the government is bad, we could change it at the polls. but i was wrong. its not the government,but us,who should realize that the whole society,even our choice,is being is being programmed to obey..but not the pursuit of happiness or true freedom. let me ask you this.the Ethiopian soldiers killing other Ethiopians,they think they are protecting Ethiopia.but from who?lets all wake up.

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