Ethiopian businessman Tadesse Tessema to be added to Interpol’s wanted list


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7 Responses

  1. 3# Name & Shame supporters of the Woyanne junta. Post their photos and videos on social media. says:

    Civil Resistance Recomended Action Number 3#:

    3# Name & Shame supporters of the Woyanne junta. Post their photos and videos on social media. Socially ostracize Woyanne supporters and members. Do not exchange greetings with them. Kick them out of events and meetings.

    For more civil resistance actions, refer to the research material published by Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center here:

  2. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Dawit,Elias Kifle is trashing your website. This guy believes he is a politician? look, he asking people to ostracize or indimidate, scaring, harrasse people who do not subscribe to him or who followers of EPRDF. what type of politics? This man lives in USA? Oh my God? People who do not agree with him or who do not subscribe to his narrow agenda has to be discriminated, attacked? imagine this man becoming a leader of Ethiopia? oh my God?

  3. Gezaee H. says:

    why is too much english in the reporting? why are business names in english in Ethiopia? Star business? there is no local language? too much english replacing local langauge? English must english, amharic must be amharic. Why amharic mixed with english? I do not understand at all. This is a big problem. But the reporting very balanced, civil, very professional. I like this.This will 100% dwarf ESAT. Good job Dawit. You must learn from this. There is no hate here. I am amazed we have this type of reporting. They need to do something about mixing english in local langauge. This is not Ethiopian Hedasie, this is Ethiopian hindasie. Almost everything amharic word is replaced by english. This is not good at all. you do not mix langauge.

  4. Hermi says:

    Kudos to Reporter, are we witnessing the birth of an alternative TV (video) media unlike the Bere wolede ESAT nonsense? Time will tell.

    • Haqi says:

      Hermi….Meles Zenawi memotu “ye bere wolde zena neew?” woyis ye bereket simon” melese vacationlay neew” new bere wolede? Mitasbiw be hodish woyis be hilinash? Be Hilinash kasebsh ena, ewunetin yemeshekem akim kalesh , ESAT ye ewunet minch neew. Ewunetun eyawkish gin, ewunet lemin tenegere mitiy hilinabis kehonsh ETV alelish, you dont have to listen to ESAT.

  5. woyanes u gone so far with ur evilness stop it now dont misuse and mistreat amharas we alreaddy accused u to the UN u will see soon what it going to happen …evenif we know both of u are organized criminals . Dont forget abay river is the resource of the amhara and u cant make metekel a new nation called benshagule and driven out amharas from their own home town …u evil aliens u gone so brutal and idiotic day to day stop it now before it goes also bad for u !!!

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