Veteran journalist Woubshet Taye transferred to Zeway prison


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6 Responses

  1. Ashu says:

    Min yihe becha … Zare begeza hageru man netsa hono yeminor ale ? Gena hizbun hulu asrewu bichachewu yinoralu !!!

  2. Endegena Sahale Seged says:

    As of now I don’t see the usual supporters of the TPLF Genocidal regime commenting! fake names like: Romeo, Meron, Mahlet, Axumawe…etc.
    what we are witnessing in Ethiopia today is Genocide in progress. If history is any guide we see TPLF as a mirror image of the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia between 1973 and after they took power in 1975. As with the Nazis this crime was waged with euphemisms like ‘Resettlement’…or ‘Removal’. this issue about Woubshet is nothing compared to the brutality of mass displacement of Ethiopians who speak Amharic. this practice will not go will take down the illegal government. the masters of hate driven ethnic politics: Sibhat Nega, Abay tsehaye, Meles who is gone god reddens.. propped up all ethnic stooges since the first day TPLF was created. this is their policy and principle. most of the leaders of tplf will be at the ICC do not forget that.
    imprisoning journalists will not solve any of your misguided destructive policy.

  3. DaveIb says:

    sad news, but I don’t think you can call him a veteran. Please use the word properly.

  4. Azmatch says:

    I think it is important to bring to justice all members of diaspora who fled after Mengistu was deposed by the gallant EPRDF forces. Key Leaders of EPRP who massacered hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian youth, teachers, farmers etc. One needs to read ” TO KILL A GENERATION” by Babile Tola to learn about the death destruction EPRP and MEISON did in Ethiopia. We have the list and we have the resources to do it. Stay tuned for such action. All documents with names of torturers and Kkilling squad members has been submitted to the US government, Canadian Government and the Swedish and German governments for action. Stay tuned for more news on action being taken by those governments. We will also post names and brief history of the criminals we want to appear before the scale of justice. WE are waiting to transcribe and edit videos and radio commentaries from Ethiopia.

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