Secretary of State John Kerry to Visit Ethiopia


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12 Responses

  1. chala says:

    United state been sleeping on africa while china, Turkey, India and others making real business that can change Africa for good.

    Africa doesn’t want to be like Lemagne beyene who live in begged collected money for his entire life in america with out working one day.

    He used to call Dady to Alamudi now he started the begging in the name of ESAT tube.

    They call it ESAT TV but no one ever sow it on TV except on youtube.

    We don’t want to teach begging to our children so we work hard to change that not sit and talk.

    Giving food after waiting people start to die will never change Africa. helping africa to catch the fish is what we need. and China is doing that by building factories and infrastructure.

    America it is not late you can be a good partner by investing in africa.

    forget those candele burner in dc who been talking the last 21 years and whit-house also gave them a deaf ear.

    No time for talk this a time of work that bring a real change.

    • truth says:


      Do you think US is sleeping?

      Why should invest in unstable country?
      China invested a lot in Sudan? What did get from there? A big headache after the break p of Sudan? What about in Libya, Mali?

      IF US not invested in a given country, one of the indicator that this country is sick and will fail. A point example is Ehiopia. No investment from Western nations. This tells us that this country will eventually fail and then every one will run in to to get its share from the pieces. Amhara and Tigrea regions will be left for China and the rest will be taken back in the West sphere of influence. The same way exactly what happened in the North and South Sudan.

  2. L. says:

    Old card not can working in this day.USA are finshed.Old dog just bark

  3. teshome says:

    The relation of china with African Countries is based on partnership and mutual understanding. But We are hearing a common sound track from USA that the involvement of china in African development had a negative consequence. Despite USA claims Africans are benefiting the fruit of Chinese development. It is simply suffice to compare and contrast the Africa now, with immense involvement of China in all sectors of development and ten years ago with out.
    It seems that USA and westerners have a conceptual disorientation on how Africa has to defeat poverty. What do the westerners bring to Africa for the last two centuries, poverty, disease and conflict. Name any conflict in Africa where Westerners are not involved, technically no.
    So long as the presence and purpose of china in Africa, is to win poverty and its ugly form , Africans are welcoming china and wouldn’t mind if Africa is a gift of China.
    The answer to USA advice against china development is, emphatically no. We Africans knew very well what is good and bad for us than the USA cares for Africans

    • Truth says:

      I think you are one the naive supporters of TPLF. More Roads, Dams and buildings have made under TPLF. It is a non-deniable fact. Many TPLF supporters get upset when the opposite camp brush aside this naked fact.
      However, you guys lack fundamental understanding of TPLF policies. The grand design of TPLF is made by Ethiopian enemies. Creating a federation based on ethnic state is an recipe for disaster. If the West blesses, Ethiopian can disintegrate into pieces within days. Each sate has its own flag and physical boundaries and it is not difficult to recognize these nations.
      TPLF put Ethiopia at the mercy of his handlers. The possible senario awaiting TPLF is it will get out of favor by West. Weapon embargo placed on this government and that leave TPLF with empty gun barrel.

      Some foolish people think that West will not abandoned Amhara and Tigres since the majority of them are Christians.
      If it happened to Yougoslavia, no reason why will not happen to Ethiopia. Amhara and Tigre as Orthodox followers and are not much different from the Muslims in Western perspective.
      As an Amhara, I advice my follow Tigreans brothers and sisters to be careful. Whether bad or good, we shared the the same history and our destiny will also be the same. Don’t wake up too late shackled with your own wrong deeds. Don’t follow the foot step of Melese/ Bereket, the Mercenaries who did everything to destroy our long held bondage.

  4. Name (required) says:

    Kerry told US lawmakers he was concerned by China’s growing influence in Africa, and viewed a recent tour of three African nations by Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a “negative development.”

    Kerry & US law makers fully recognized ENTC as a responsible exiled government of Ethiopia & taking such kind of recognition measure by US for all other future exiled transitional governments believed to tackle China’s influence & tyranny in africa.

    Kerry will going to give order AU to recognize the exiled transitional government system like ENTC to get full state membership status. This is the only method that bring back the lost “Positive Development” to US.

    Exiled transitional government system recognition don’t represent other western powers like directly involving
    in ones country internal political affair & AU accepted this new strategy.

    Congratulation ENTC.

    I can dream like this. No one can stop somebody from entertaining illusions.

  5. The Truth says:

    Dear Editor,

    Please don’t say Kerry is to visit Ethiopia. The plan is not to visit Ethiopia but to visit AU office which is located in Addis Ababa Ethiopia which they could not aviod.

  6. Kiros says:

    We have to inform Kerry about the current forced removal of Ethiopian farmers from their land in Gumuz. This is a good opportunity. Kerry needs to discuss this with Weyane and force them to accept international law. The barbaric act must stop now.

    • ሰላም says:

      አቶ ኪሮስ ስምህን ብትቀይር አይሻልም?

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @Kiros you reflect typical AKATARI (uncle Tom) Slave mind. Whydo you want to run and tell (Makater) to your white Master. Why don’t you rather wanna solve this problem on your own with your own people.
      You see the difference between EPRDF and its opponents is that EPRDF provides HAGER BEKEL Solutions to our problems. And the rest wants to hide under powerful nations and dream about stuff with their power hungry minds.
      I tell you what, if you are an honest person who really cares about these Amharu being displaced why don’t you help them by providing money or ideas to the Committee that is helping them. You know running to your White masters won’t do you any good.

  7. Gezaee says:

    I was sure it was done by muslims. We told you guys; Islam means violence. No other human can attempt to do mass murder than a muslim. It is the the Kuran; it is not the muslims. They are trained to do that and they islam teaches racism, hate, exclusion, discrimination, murdering of non-muslims with no mercy. This is the pinnacle of islam. No if but, it is truth.

  8. w.yilma says:

    Is he going to dictate African leader?
    If America plays a decent politics in Africa she could have place and will get respect. However, it is not her policy to show respect for the third world countries.American politicians are spoiled and have a feudal sentiment who live in the 19th century. They expect respect while they don’t respect others. They pretend as if they know the problems and solutions what African states are facing. They do not have an idea how to deal constructive engagement with African countries. They follow their surrogate organizations like human right watch or international rivers and others who have a hidden agenda on African. I do not think his trip will bring results. Why not he ask how China become a good and reliable partner for Africa?

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