As manhunt ends, new questions emerge in Boston bombings


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3 Responses

  1. Gezaee H. says:

    People may not agree with me, but to be a terrorist and to mass murder human is the dream of muslim teenages. European teenages dream to go space and teen muslims dream how they can alot of people like BinLaden. This guys did not come out of the blue. It is the islam that prepared them for this. It is not their fault. It is the fault of the teaching of islam. Muslims will not admit or will deny, but muslims hate other humans except muslims. Buy the way muslims do not like even each other. Kurdish Muslims can go to Arab mosque. Islam is full of contradiction. I think islam needs to be outlawed as a religion. What is the point of having a bloody religion that makes suffer like this. Innocent people who get killed by bloody and cruel muslims like this. Why other people do not enjoy mass killing?

  2. Jemal says:

    I doubt that Muslim is a religion which embraces peace and normality.Totally mass klling of people is embeded in thier principle and teaching. The Muslims assumes the world is created for them only. The expansion of this religion is through forceful or military conversion and money and material gifts. The protest going inside our country has the same agenda on the table to kill and forceful conversion imposed by their teaching gravitated by Egyptian Brotherhood elements. Our government knows the plot of Muslim extremists from early stage to wash the country with bloods. Let teaches our young coexistence and peace in the mosque

  3. Hear broken says:

    Now Ethiopian Muslim protesters once a time they called the the Egyptian Brotherhood Imam to facilitate jihadism on Ethiopian soil to jeopardize the peaceful coexistence among Ethiopians. Now do these “kalchin yisema” Ethiopian Muslim protestants go to at gate of the white-house to protest while fresh blood of innocent citizen on the asphalts of Boston.I don’t think they feel shame,they may go out,they said Muslim has no citizen and boundary. Because they are obstinate . I could say the Muslim could support heartily these indiscriminate mass killing, but they pretend from their shallow mouth, Muslim is “peace”

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