US Annual Human Rights Report on Ethiopia


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21 Responses

  1. Anito says:

    China Report on US human rights abuse. Please enjoy this report.

  2. teshome says:

    Useless report.
    If someone went back and check the last five years of US Human right report on Ethiopia, it would be quite the same except the change of some names and difference in timing. On sorry next year report will also be same.
    I happy that my government is not giving ears to this non sense report.

  3. You can't just lecture the poor that they shouldn't riot or go to extremes. says:

    We’d all survive if Twitter shut down for a short while during major riots. Social media isn’t any more important than a train station, a road or a bus service. We don’t worry about police temporarily closing those. Common sense. If riot info and fear is spreading by Facebook and Twitter, shut them off for an hour or two, then restore.

    Aleka Gebre Hanna.

  4. Liuu says:

    እንኳን ደስ አላቹህ! to Gezaee, Teshome, Meron, Mahlet, Mario and other TPLF cadres. Your TPLF is doing exactly what is you crave to hear all the time. The suffering of Ethiopians! Information released by the Ministry of Health during the year
    reportedly stated nearly 62 percent of inmates in various jails across the country
    suffered from mental health problems as a result of solitary confinement,
    overcrowding, and lack of adequate health care facilities and services.” excerpt from the report

    • Gezaee H. says:


      I am not advocate of prison; I do not believe USA. USA is the country that violates human right than Ethiopia. Americans are not reporting this to benefit Ethiopia. They have agenda and we know it very well. They are the cause of all the problems in this world because they think they are superhuman. Whatever problem we have, we need to solve our problem ourselves. We do not need American. Let them stay in America. Americans are interfering in the mode of life of cutlures, ethnics, tribes, … deliberately fostering conflict in the world. We need a law in our country. We do not need USA at all. We do not need anything from them. They are ignorant and they depriving peace to their own people. They have beeen exporting terrorism to every country and now it is in their backyard. I do not need Americans to respect my right. Ethiopians must respect each other without America.

      • haleluya says:

        Gezaee…tinish atafrim endae? lemagn sitegib melemegna korjowun yikedal alu…ahun ante kene zermanzerih, america visa bitagegnu, ethiopia and ken tadralachu? Ke america minim anfeligim tilaleh endae..enkuwan mengist, eyandandu ethiopia yeteshale nuro yalew seew ke america zemedoch bemilkut birr neew minorut. Zim bileh bebado meda bado kitihin honeh tifokraleh…Enatwan endemitisadeb ye 14 amet goremsa set meselkegn. Be ye areb hageru endewusha ehitochachin sitalu,be benshangul amara nachu tebilew zegoch berehab ena bebeshta endialku sideregu; america gin hulachininm, amara, tigre, oromo satil sira seta, mebtachinin tebka neew mitanoren. Yebelahibetin wochit sebari neh gin ante. Tebab zeregninet masebiahin defnotal

        • Gezaee H. says:

          Hale, I am not you. You think like that it does not mean I think like you. We are completely different people.I do not believe in charity. I do not believe America is a better place than Ethiopia as you do. It is poor minded people like you who think like that. Do not try to tell me I am you? America is not my mother; You can have it for yourself. I respect the country and the people as human, nothing less and nothing more. An American is a human like everybody else. They work bloody hard to make things; Please do not think everyone is like you.. I have never dreamt to go American like you and others do. I got nothing from America. Actually America made my people to be bombarded by Haileslassie. America government refused to help during the 1984 famine. The UK and the American government refused to cooperate to get the money collect from Live AID into Ethiopia. Bob Geldof has to travel by himself to throgh Sudan to get the money to Ethiopia. UK, American government tried to block the money collected to get to Ethiopia while people were dying. While the entire European citizens collected money, thier government refused to cooperate to get the money collected to Ethiopia. Yes, we owe the white race alot but not American government.

          • Gezaee H. says:

            American governemnt does give a penny unless they know they will make two or more penny from each penny one way or other. That is why they never help African to develop. America helped the entire Europe to develop using world Bank. But Africa is only a place to exploit for them. If they were good, they have been involved in Africa from the time I was born. But they built nothing apart from sending spies, peace corps( unemployed Americans to experiment with Africans). Nothing good from American government. But these does not mean the American people are bad. There are many wonderful American people who did alot of things for Ethiopians individually, but not their selfish government. They just wanted to control our people.

  5. Gezaee H. says:

    We do not want Americans to tell us what we got. We know it all. We do not need their report. America must stay out of our affaires.We do not want American government to meddle in our affaires. Whatever problem we have we must solve it ourselves. American government is terrorizing humanity because of ignorance. They are interfering in every country in covert and overt. This has breeding antiAmerican feelings across cultures, religions. Americans,we do not need your human right report. We know what you are after. We know your system and your agenda from inside out. Clean your house and help your people instead of meddling in the affaires of every country. We are tired of American meddling in the affaires of our country. The Ethiopian government, if there is government, it has to make it clear Americans must respect the law of the country. If not, tell them to fuck off. We aree tired of their hidden neocolonial agenda. We do not want America. They promoting terrorism in the world. Someone has to tell them clearly they making this planet a bad place to live. They are the root cause of terrorism. They say antiterrorism, but they are the cause of terrorism. They think they know and they try to control every human being on this planet. It is sickening and disgusting they are so ignorant and believe they are better than anyone. Why do we need a report from USA? why? is Ethiopia reporting about USA? We do not have a strong governemnt, but we would compile a report about USA and report too. How is the racist country the vangaurd of human right? There are many countries who respect human being like Sweden, Canada, Australia, Norway, Finland, Netherlands,… but they do not write report or act as if they are the bosses of human being? I am tired of American ignorance and Islamicists terrorists.

  6. teshome says:

    ይቺ አማርኝ ተናጋሪ የምትባል concept ደዎ ከይት መጥታች
    Yesterday I read an article written by one of the Diaspora toxic opposition cheerleader, Yilma Bekele with a little ” I am an Amhara”. I said thank you for recognizing who you are. ‘Ethiopiawent’ can not be expressed with out knowing your identity. This may be a very subtle issue but important.
    By the way all of the opposition Diasporas if one stripped off their fake Ethiopiawent, as yilma Bekele did, you find them all to be are Amharas. Why is this done all about?
    I have a serious question for those who claims to be Amharas…..
    – they think that Amharas are hated by Oromos
    – they think that Amharas are hated by the Southerners
    – they think that Amharas are hated by Tigreans
    – they think that Amharas are hated by somalias, Afra, Benishagul so and so forth
    Where is this coming from?
    The Amhara, toxic cheerleaders in the Diaspora time and again telling us, “there is Anti Amhara sentiment in Ethiopia and ethnic cleansing of the Amharas is placed”
    This is a serious paranoia that needs urgent medical attention.
    The other two common errors among the Amhara elites are they think they are the only Genuine Ethiopians who stand for unity and secondly they are completely in a denial phase to hide their identity in the name of ‘Ethiopiawent’. For this reason, in the current political turmoil, they brought a different concept called Amharic speaking Ethiopians??? Excuse me what do you mean by that.
    Who are they and where are they residing? Amharic speaking segment of Ethiopians.
    With this new concept of Amharic speaking Ethiopians, Is the oromo, the Tigreans, southerners, Benishangul etc are included?
    This is simply ridiculous.

    • Douche bag says:

      You’re the douche bag of all the douche bags. You must be very proud of yourself , cause you are one of the few hyenas who know how to write.

    • helen says:

      to teshpme:
      funny Racist=)) this is your way of thinking and speculation.

  7. Mario says:

    Ethiopian private journalists don’t have any journalistic ethics! No country in the world allows journalists to post articles that incites violence in anyway! America’s political concern is not the rights of journalists whatsoever , but some don’t like Ethiopia to go on its own developmental plans! We know how America reached here! They had passed through a lot of human right abuses of the worst kind! They didn’t choose to pass through all these human rights abuses, but that’s the best they can do at that certain time! Nobody chooses to abuse ones own people, situations !

    American politicians failed to lead the world after the collapse of the eastern block! Their failure after the collapse of the eastern block, caused the American economy to go down! Therefore , they should have chosen a better way to lead the world into the 21st century!

    Ethiopia has been on western side for over a century , except during the brutal Derg, but they couldn’t help Ethiopia like that of South Korea & other southeastern Asian countries !

    I think American politician don’t understand what the third world in general needs to get out of the poverty their are in! If one isn’t in someone’s shoes, then one can’t understand the situation one is in!

    It is like what the rich man’s daughter said…(….why don’t these hungry people eat a cake…) , it is all about ones own interest through biased politics!

    God forgive Ethiopia !
    God bless Ethiopia !

    • samuel says:

      To Mario:

      Are you forget about Tigrai online site ? I want to remember you….
      I think so.. 1. Tigrai online Website, in whole or in part designed for a specific ethnic or racial group. In this category, in particular,Web site Tigrai online and Aigaforum are targeted to a specific racial or ethnic group.
      2.Website Tigrai online partly automatically, part of … raszhiganie on ethnic, racial or ethnic disputes.Watch your thoughts, they become words!

  8. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Wow very impressive report by the US.
    But is it more fictitious than realistic? Definitely! As I went reading through the pages I found my self dwelling in a very interesting work of Art that almost seemed true.
    And lets say for example some of the stories were true,!?. Injustice is a very unsettling thing very traumatizing but is it more unsettling and traumatizing than watching millions die of Drought like in the 80s at Tigray and Wello. Shouldnt that be our priority, shouldn’t we eat three times a day before we get on each others nerves with our political views.
    Of course for the Diaspora Ethiopia is only Addis Ababa, Please Toxic Diaspora Ethiopia has more than 90 million people of which you are ignorant about. And for me every Ethiopian counts, and that is why I have great respect for our Government, believing that every Ethiopian counts. So in my view making sure every Ethiopian eats three time a day should be first on our least.
    And for this to be realistic we must bring to justice who ever is in our way let it be Shabiya, Alshebab, Toxic Diadpora, money mongers etc…….. No one I’ll say it again no one is going to stop my country from becoming the great NATION she ones was. And intruders will be punished.!!!
    Ethiopia lezelalem tinur

  9. haleluya says:

    Le Gezaee yetsafkuletin Reply lemin atefahew? Ewunet meneger yelebetim endae?

  10. nexen says:

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  11. fekadu says:

    A bunch of ignorant ethnically racist woyoane faction, would you please stop and think? Yes, you have a power now, yes … you have a gun now, yes, and you think nobody can take away your gun. Yes, you are killing and imprisoning so many innocent man and women just opposing your evil work or they don’t belong to your ethnic region. Teshome and his racist friend: Please learn from Nazi. Okay… if you think you are not Nazi…… please learn that we all are human, just respect humanity. It is fact, you won’t stay on power for long.

  12. Endegena Sahale Seged says:

    Wait just a second, how much is the united states aid to Ethiopia? more than 3 Billion dollar….and you have the nerve to get mad?? USA is out of your league…particularly the FAKE NATIONALIST Gezaee H. your TPLF masters made Ethiopia land locked, just like their parents who helped the Italians in the 1930s. they(TPLF) fought to dismember Ethiopia..and you support this bandas. you and the rest of Askaris like teshome, Mario and mahlet asefa must stop living in an imagined universe and face the fact.

    • Gezaee says:

      I do not have to be amhara chauvinists to be a nationalist. I can be who I am. I am not even nationalist. I am globalist; You are an ethnicist racist. We are galaxies apart from each other. Cosmic differences we have, no alliance with chauvinists and racists, ethnicist and tribalists and apartheid agents who ashamed Ethiopia on the face of the planet in the 2o century. Hodam hula, Hodam amhara chauvinists. you will be called nationalist and go and knock knock the white house gate every day. Beggar. you beg food, freedom, … everything? Shame on you.

  13. Mario says:

    No matter how much conferences is being held, we don’t expect a man or individuals who couldn’t lead a small college properly to create miracle for Ethiopia! Amara elite alone can’t represent Ethiopian politics ! Obviously, they might represent their neighbors, nevertheless, this shows that they don’t have any idea what they are doing! These elites can’t even represent the Amara people who are working around the clock to make ends met let alone the diverse society of Ethiopia ! They could have been better than what they are now !የምታጠግበኝ እንጀራ ገና ከምጣዷ አሉ ያገራችን ሰዎች። ላገር ከሆነ እየተሸሸ፣እዚህም እዛም ድርጅት እየመሰረተ፣እርሰ በርስ ለጎሪጥ እየተያዩ፣ከኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች እየተባበሩ ኣይደለም። የእውነት ለኢትዮጵያ ታስቦ ቢሆን ኖሮ መጀመርያ የተቃዋሚዎች ኣንድነት ይቀድም ነበር። አጠቃልለን ስናየው በተለይ በውጭ ያሉት ተቃዋሚ ተብየዎች በግል ቂምና በትዕቢት ፣ የእኔ ከማን አንሼ ዓይነት ያረጀ ፖለቲካ እንጂ ለሌላ እንዳልሆነ ኣበጥረን እናቃለን። እነዛ የድሮዎቹ ብዙም ያልተማሩና ያልተራቀቁ እንኳን ድር ቢያብር ኣንበሳ ያስር ብሏል። ለነገሩ እንኳን አብረው ኣገር ሊያቀኑ ይቅርና ደጋግመው ቁጭ ብለው የመወያየት ዓቅም የላቸውም።

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