Ethiopia to pull troops out of Somalia


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6 Responses

  1. Great Abyssinia says:

    A great move! We need fighter jets too.

  2. Kudus Yared says:

    From the very beginning, Ethiopia did mistake. To solve the problem in Somalia, Ethiopian must rolled to Asmara instead of to Mogadisho. Now with Asmara still in war business nothing can change. If Alsbaba ge hit another alshabab is created by Shabia. Ethiopians must have done first thing first and second thing second. Bad plan from the beginning. Even now, in the presence of Shabia, it impossible to bring peace in Somalia. It will get worse even because Arabs and Egypt will pour money to Alshabab now to make more trouble in Ethiopia. Eritrean and Egytian meeting recently must about Alshabab.

  3. Tatek says:

    I am not sure this will be posted as the last one was not as Awramba Times decided to pull it off, possibly to avoid a TPLF wrath. But I have to say that few will believe that Ethiopia has any troops in Somalia in the first place. Those I know were in Somalia were TPLF bandits-turned-troops sent there to protect TPLF hegemony on power, wealth and influence in Ethiopia. The only mission the TPLF will live for, and if necessary will die for is to protect their power—which once snatched will be gone forever. TPLF’s and their dead parrot colonel Zenawi’s unwavering mission, mistaken by some for vision, was to keep Somalia as weak as possible to fend off any possible guerilla threat from Ogaden Somalis who are fighting the TPLF for more autonomy in Ogaden at best and full independence at worst. Zenawi knew from the beginning that a stable and strong Somalia always meant his regime would be gone in a matter of days as he knew that for a weak regime like his with the thinnest internal public support, he was unable to win any civil war and had to play an appeasing neighbors for own sake approach to buy time at Arat kilo. Now Hailemariam’s greatest threat comes from the fact that the regime in Khartoum, suspicious of the TPLF pawn’s allegiance MAINLY DUE TO THE FACT THAT HE COMES FROM a Christian South and unknown by Khartoum before he was ascended to power. This and a significant push by Khartoum’s financial backers, Cairo and Riyadh, Sudan may gradually turn a blind eye to Addis Ababa and give a military base inside its vast territory bordering Ethiopia—-which indicates the demise of the TPLF from the glossary of Ethiopian politics. History is crystal clear that no Government could win an internal insurgency when the regime in power has the weakest public support as TPLF does. The recent warning from TPLF pawn, Hailemariam Desalegn, to members of his crumbling regime that any conspiracy with the OLF and ONLF would be punished vigorously may be a clear sign that his regime is reading this signal.

  4. Mahlet Asefa says:

    @Tatek where are you getting your info. from. I’m sorry my friend but you seem to have no clue about what is going on in Somalia. Just because you want to say something ill of TPLF it doesn’t mean that you have to write bullshit that no one believes. All the world knows that Ethiopia played great role in bringing peace in many parts of Somalia.

    Be careful, by insulting TPLFs mission you are also disrespecting the thousands of Ethiopian soldiers that are selflessly sacrificing their lives for us. MELESs’ leadership has made us a strong and united nation. We are forever thankful for that and also thankful for our brave men and women in the military. God bless you.

  5. Mario says:

    Ethiopia as a great nation has contributed so much to the freedom of Aftica in general & still has a lot of responsibility to keep peace in our region ! Ethiopia as the biggest power in east Aftica has done its responsibility to bring peace to Somalia ! Ethiopia must make sure that the brotherly people of Somalia to stay connected with their Ethiopian brothers ! No more war! Ethiopian & Somalis will live as neighbors prospering together! We Ethiopian shouldn’t give our enemies a playing field in anyway!

    So far our enemies who came to attack us from every direction has been disabled !

    Finally, I would like to salute our heroes & heroines for their job well done! Ethiopia always produce a fine heroes & heroines in every era ! Here we are our heroes & heroines coming back from their historical responsibility !
    Welcome back & we love you!

  6. Tatek says:

    Ms Mahlet, with due respect, the TPLF failed to transform themselves as a national entity capable of leading a nation, perhaps because of a significant rejection and resistance from the Ethiopian Masses. Truth be told, your TPLF is at the apex of power to this day because the Security establishment (the Military, police and Intelligence agencies) remain TPLF confidantes who cared only about keeping the TPLF in power at any cost. If you are a Military wife or a military woman yourself, I am sorry but this is the fact. You may be indoctrinated by the TPLF top Military and political brass that the army was now a transformed unit into a national institution that was meant to defend the nation and protect the Meles Constitution. But the fact was that the Military is still so much a Dedebit mafia that was only meant to protect TPLF power, wealth, prestige and influence. You said the TPLF troops were sent to Somalia to protect Ethiopia. Ethiopia was never at any war with Somalia and any decision to send the troops in question to Somalia was made in the first place by Meles himself—-with some green light given by the United States to whom Meles was a ball boy to his death. TPLF interest in Somalia, if any, is to keep Somalia as weak as possible and appease Sudan, to remain a close friend of TPLF to deny strong Ethiopian opposition any military base to attack the only installation keeping the TPLF in power—the TPLF Military. There is no question in my mind that other Ethiopians serving in the Military will switch sides once some significant threat comes to demolishing the TPLF hegemony on power. I respect your opinion, though I fundamentally reject it, that Colonel Meles was in your view a great leader for you. But I have to tell you that I am not your bra and as such you can’t throw me and my opinion as you please.

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