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8 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Reporter TV a credible and non partisan Tv will have a great future to be an Ethiopian CNN or BBC.
    ‘ASAT’ ( Amharic Satellite you tube Tv) which is highly infested with toxic and Grandiose Amharas from Board members, Almariam and Abebe Gelaw to “activists” and news readers, lemagne Beyene to sisay Agena, is a great friend of ignorance and prejudice or both and a great enemy of truth. All these “ASAT” peole had common denominators, each of them hate to the bitter end the Tigreans Patriotic people. Suzan Rice, called them idiots and fools. I can’t agree more
    “ASAT” is simply practicing journalism prostitution. It would have been better if they learn one or two thing from Reporter TV.

    • Filthy like meles says:

      Your agamido mother must be very proud of you for being as filthy mouthed as meles and for being one of the few vultures who knows how to write a brocken tigrean English. You are a low level scumbag even in tigrean standard.

  2. lemagne beyene says:

    This is not free media.

    To be free media.
    1. the owner or stuff shouldn’t be people from Tigray
    2. The News should be 100% negative.
    3. The Journalist should support the Arm struggle.
    4. The Owners should accept Dr Birhanue as there only saviour

    With out those criteria filled any Newspaper or Media would be regarded as woyanne puppet.

    • bendo says:

      @Lemagne Beyene

      So go to ESAT tube then. they talk about freedom of talk and write but they don’t even allow you to comment in there news.

      They are the copy of G7 Paltalk Talkers.

      Democracy is easy to talk about it but it is tough to practice it.

      Look Awramba and Reporter they allow every people to comment in the news.

      If those G7 cadres in Esat tube want one to preech one side of story do you think when they get to power they will allow another media that stand against them?

    • ET says:

      I like the sarcasm!

      bendo try read b/n the line

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @lemagne beyene
      You are absolutely right if we want free media as per TOXIC diaspora standard we should be able to accept all of the 4points you listed.

    • Meron says:

      I like your sarcasm very much. Thank you!

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