Obang Metho’s Statement at the U.S. Congressional Briefing on Land-Grab (Video)


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20 Responses

  1. yoni says:

    Meles did a great job of improving the economy not by increasing productivity, but utilizing aid money for infrastructure devt. Meles did a great job of balkanizing the country into ethnic factions and drawn power out of the tension. He did excellent job of killing the democratic process that he started really well. He hated the idea of galvanizing Ethiopians, as people, as Ethiopians, to come together and work for the country with vision. He fought and died entrenched in the narrow shell of ethnic identity. He was not great enough, selfless enough to embrace the idea of loving others, taking care of others, and carving Ethiopianness. He was very smart in being small and narrow. The mark of greatness is selflessness. Greatness is forgiving, and broad. He lacked those qualities, though i heard that at the end of his life he was more accommodating and inclusive of others. But he was just a human being. He did a lot in his own way. Lets fix a lot of his grave mistakes, and work on few of his strong endeavors.
    All those the SO CALLED AMHARA LEADERS are just world class trash …I have never and ever seen such trash representative of their people shame on them …..Meles started displacing Amhara out of Gambela and Benishangul for the safety of Tigrai elite investors but he told to those insane Amhara representatives that the displacement is for the purpose of the country security, because of deforestation …bla bla ….to your surprise those insane so called Amhara leaders believed him ..shame on them..as I have said they are just world class trash…they don’t have any clue how to Analyze the simple and ugly politics of Meles

    • Asib ende sew says:

      YONI ለእንዳንተ አይነቱ አህያ መልስ መስጠት ራስን ዝቅ ማድግ ነው::
      Regarding Dawit Kebede all I can say is:
      እንዲህ አይነቲ የጥላቻ መንፈስ በስነ ስርአት የሚስተናገደው አውራምባ ታይምስ ላይ ብቻ መሆኑ ያሳዝናል::
      Where is your Journalism Ethics? I thought you were a winner of CBJ award, and for you to allow this kind of individuals to promote hate propaganda in your website diminishes the reason why you got the award from such a prestigious organization
      Your website has become a place where woyanes come to promote there hateful propaganda, and no matter what they are free to promote their hateful propaganda and this really tell where you stand for.
      I am sure Abreha Belay would not allow him to post such kind of inhuman reflection in his web, and remember Abreha is also from Tigray with the difference he is not blind and race sensitive like you Ato Dawit.

    • samuel says:

      yoni!be careful!
      Actions directed to excitation hatred or enmity, as well as the humiliation of the Amhara ethnic using the Web site, it is a criminal case.
      The time will come, and we will take for you, for insulting Amhara people’s….wherever you are located in Australia or even in the U.S.A

  2. Mahlet Asefa says:

    MELES ZENAWIS’ greatest achievement for me is the confidence he was able to build in the people of his country. I mean just a few years back if you asked any Ethiopian he/ she would agree with you that Ethiopia is the poorest and will continue to be,… but now any Ethiopian would tell you with confince that Ethiopia is definitely changing and marching forward.
    That is something our GREAT LEADER did with so much dedication and devotion. Not only did he take a dying nation to a very very hopeful and fast growing country he was also able to create a Generation of movement for Development. Millions of dedicated Ethiopians came forward because of his very Democratic way of thinking.  And as the great leader pointed out he was endeed ‘A WORLD CLASS MIND’!!!!! I’m so proud to call him Ethiopias’ number 1leader. God bless him.

    • Mahlet Atefa says:

      Ye Cherekawa Emebet Weyzero Mahlet Athefa:

      There must be something wrong with you weyzero Mahlet, or you must be living in a different planet to speak this nonsense. If you watch how Ethiopians live today under the rule of Woyanes I am sure you would cry, unless you are one of those paid hodams with no moral value and integrity.
      Ethiopia today is a hell. Never in the history of Ethiopia had Ethiopians left their country to be humiliated, enslaved and killed. Do you know how many Ethiopians every month lose their life while they are trying to cross the Arab peninsula in an effort to scape hunger and hunger?

      Weyzero Mahlet wede hospital hedew aymrowon yimermeru

  3. samrawit says:

    this guy is so amazing i didn’t know as such he is matured
    I take my hat off to Obang

  4. teshome says:

    When I think of Obang Metho, something pop up in my mind, Obang ማለት
    ከዘመኑ ጋር መዘመን ያቃተው ሰው ነው
    How can one stand against foreign investment? Whether we like it or not Ethiopian can not see its renaissance without a comprehensive involvement of Foreign investors.
    There is no perfect situation in this world, Well during land leasing there could be some irregularities here and there. That is absolutely natural.
    But because of these shortcomings to oppose the big picture is totally sickening

    • Ash says:

      How can one stand against foreign investment?


      Their is one western saying

      Worry buying shirt from naked man
      “Beware the naked man who offers you his shirt”

      Obang he himself live and make money in foreign land but he telling us to beware of foreigner if that the case why not he himself go back to Ethiopia…

  5. Obang Metho's Land Grab Lecture and the Congressional Circus. says:

    Obang Metho representing the Anuak people & all activities done by him recorded on the Real Ethiopians Data Base (REDB).

    Obang Metho’s Land Grab, Human Rights Violation Lecture and the Congressional Circus.

    Alemayehu G/Mariam’s play-by-play Political Commentary.

    ENTC’s nonstop Chapter Formation, Meeting, Conference, Press Release, letter, Communiqué for Diplomatic Recognition, Congradualtion, Happy Birthday,…

    ESAT’s dream/illussion Entertainment. Its television show features political commentary by well-known journalists, including humor, social, experiences abroad commentary,…

    Abebe Gellaw’s FBI/CIA enriched activity of foiling assassination, bombing attempts on Boston, New York city,…

    Let us record all activities done by our heroes.

    Anuak Justice Council Circus Club.

  6. Obang says:

    Obang Metho Obang Metho you are z MAN!

  7. Meron says:

    In the mean while, Ethiopia is to Get Chinese Funds for $1.2 Billion Hydropower Line. I don’t know what few of our diaspora extremist are going to say? May be demonstrate in washington against Chinees and burn its flag? Ayadergutm aybalm…


  8. solomon says:

    To TPLFites:
    The burden is on you. TPLF is the one who is killing, maiming, incarcerating and torturing innocent citizens. It is TPLF that is dislocating the children, mother, and families of peasants. It is TPLF that is ripping from the corrupt economics of the country. It is TPLF that is using the ordinary ppl of Tigray as a skapegoat for their crimes. Thus, you supporters of TPLF, the burden is on you to justify to yourself why you support these killers. TPLF does not represent the ordinary and hard working ppl of Tigray. You supporters have the burden on your to justify why you don’t stand up for the ordinary, powerless, voiceless and innocent ppl of Ethiopia. The space you are standing on is yielding. Better position yourself with the ppl.

  9. Gezaee H. says:

    Foreign investment does not develop any country. Foreign investemnt robs the people of the country by foreign hawks and multinationals.

    A country can only develop if it invests in human development. An investor never come to do development,but to make money at low or no coast. Leasing land for 100 years is just mandness of the century. You can not remove people from their land and give land to others>? That is a crime at best. No one has a right to remove people from their land. Only colonialists did that 100 years ago and 400 years ago across Africa. Is EPRDF a colonizer? why remove people from their own ancestral land?

    By the way, Chad leased its land for 1000 years by doing the same like EPRDF. Can you imagine that? The chinese leased the land for 1000 years? I do love the Chinese, but I am suspecting them now? why take land from people who owns it for 1000 years? This is bullshit of the millennium. Africa is shameful people. We are dumb people who do not even know how to use our land. If we cannot do farming, then it seems we will not do others things.

  10. Teshale says:

    Obang, Thank you for the great job you are doing on such important international fora. In addition to assuring that you are working for a lasting peace that benefits not just the victims but also today’s abusers. Thank you also for exposing that immoral cadre who cares about his salary than his people. Clearly we don’t want him to be the next refugee in America, as you put it.

    Ethiopia should be for all where, as you intelligently put it, HUMANITY COMES BEFORE ETHNICITY and NO ONE WILL BE FREE UNTIL ALL OF US ARE FREE, including the Tigray people who are most unfree people today in Ethiopia.

  11. birhanu kebede says:

    Dear Obang Metho, the way you explained the answer for the guy from TPLF puppet representative was simply awesome. What a brilliant leader and an activist you are. I was looking at the smiling face of the guys who sat beside you. I could see how much they were impressed.

    • Zelelew says:

      I know, trying to impress the white man or its surrogates has been your legacy and continues to be you motive, the so called “Ethiopian elites” of the past! kkkk

  12. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    Eth. Tikdem,
    Mr. Obang good job yagere sew…all i am asking is i just want to know the guy who asked the question to Mr. Obang? I am just curious to know the thugs name?
    follow me on twitter @Eth.Tikdem

  13. samuel says:

    the “perfect man”, a fighter for justice, freedom and equajity in ethiopia.

  14. JARSO says:

    The Kenyan government has found Karuturi Global Ltd, the world’s biggest producer of cut roses, guilty of tax evasion. This is the first time an African government has brought a large multinational company to court for transfer mispricing through a fully public process. A broad alliance of civil society movements and organisations are celebrating the Kenyan government’s resolve to stop such behaviour and to do so transparently.

    In late 2012, the Kenya Revenue Authority ruled that the Bangalore, India-based multinational used transfer mispricing to avoid paying the government of Kenya nearly US$11 million (EUR8 million) in corporate income tax, part of a larger set of tax disputes with government authorities that amount to a quarter of the firm’s 2012 sales. On 4 April 2013, Karuturi appealed the ruling, bringing the proceedings into the public domain.

    “Companies like Karuturi are haemorrhaging Africa,” says Dr Attiya Waris, a senior lecturer in tax law at the University of Nairobi and Vice-Chairperson of the Tax Justice Network. “Transfer mispricing is robbing Kenyan workers and citizens of access to good public education, health care, transport services and a clean environment, which our government can only provide through proper revenues.”

    Tax evasion costing developing countries US$1 trillion per year

    Karuturi produces 580 million roses per year from its operations in Kenya, Ethiopia and India. (One out of nine roses bought in Europe comes from a Karuturi farm.) The flowers it produces in Kenya are shipped to Europe through a subsidiary in Dubai. By under declaring the value of the merchandise shipped to its warehouse in Dubai, the firm saves costs on its tax bill. This is illegal under Kenyan law.

    Waris and others estimate that capital flight due to tax evasion is costing developing countries around US$1 trillion per year.

    “Companies like Karuturi have to play fair,” remarks Stephen Gichohi of Forum Syd whose partner Muungano wa Wanavijiji recently discussed the issue with workers from Karuturi Flower Farms in Naivasha, Kenya. “Karuturi farm workers have a range of concerns about spraying equipment, health services, wages and housing and need their conditions improved as soon as possible.”

    Grabbing the land

    Karuturi is also expanding aggressively into large-scale agriculture, and has acquired long term rights to more than 300,000 hectares of fertile farmland in Ethiopia since 2009. The land was leased from the government, but intense conflict has emerged over the compensation, displacement and relocation of villagers and herders who lived on or grazed the lands.

    “We are extremely grateful that the Kenyan authorities have caught this land grabber right in its tracks,” says Nyikaw Ochalla of the Anywaa Survival Organisation, a group defending the indigenous Anuak communities badly affected by Karuturi in Gambela, Ethiopia. “This company is criminal, on many counts,” continues Ochalla.

    “Not only are they fiscal cheats, but Karuturi has been accused of human rights abuses, poor labour practices, threats to the environment and so on,” points out Devlin Kuyek of GRAIN, one of the groups following the tax dispute. “Even the World Bank Group did not grant Karuturi the political risk insurance it requested for its Ethiopian operations.”

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