China lends Ethiopia S$1.2 bln for mega-dam power lines


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6 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    ይህ white houseን ቁልቢ ገብዕልን የማስመሰል candle vigil ማን አስቀረው….may be woyane and woyane cader lol
    ‘ESAT’, I mean ‘ASAT’ Amhara satellite’ will definitely make a special program about it.

    To come the point, It seems, Ethiopia and Ethiopians greatness is on the road. Thanks for the legacy of our late PM. He should take the a big credit.
    Ethiopia is getting a huge loans from China but the Toxic Diasporas are always protesting at the gate of White house, world bank and UN office. They are increasingly frustrated and don’t exactly know where and How to protest
    By the way I have a serious question to any body in this comment thread, is there a thing or two the the toxic Ethiopia Diasporas bring to influence the Ethiopian government for the last two decayed by protesting at international forums, Embassies, UN and White house? Please I need to know.

  2. yoni says:

    I support the Nile Dam project..but there are some facts to be considered and addressed…1. regional distribution of the power sector and the industry sector has been done unfairly. It was done mostly in favor of tigrai and some other regions. The Ogaden and Amhara regions are lagging behind in the industry sector development….. Amahara region has a big potential for hydro-power and even wind but the narrow minded Meles denied to contract dam and wind farm in the region…this is annoying the Amhara people especially elites.unless corrected in the near future, the hatred towards TPLF and Tigrai people will grow…

  3. tn. says:

    china has so much cash, it should pay YOU to borrow specially with gold dropping to $80 within a few years, definitely before the end of obama’s term.

    what is important is what china is getting for ethiopia handling its cash problems.

    – in the form of interest.
    – in the form of money going back to its contractors.

    more so, what TPLF/EPRDF hasn’t done is report on

    -TECHNICAL issues brought-up regarding the project (such as by Dr. Getachew Begashaw)
    – Transparency on project contract allocation.
    – Why TPLF deems it necessary to politicize an otherwise purely technical project.

    That TPLF has got money isn’t the surprise but what the project leaders will be charged for is at what unnecessary cost TPLF has got the project financed.

    EVERYTHING is in the files.

  4. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Yes!! We will make Dihinet history, we will march forward with no one stopping us. We will once again become a powerful nation.Beka I’m soooo proud of my Country. I have tears in my eyes as I’m writting this. My heart is fool of hope for my beautiful people. Thank you our heroes who gave their lives for this day to come, thank you ye Ethiopia WUDU LIJ MELES ZENAWI for giving your life for the people you dearly loved.
    Beka Ethiopia hazenua, Dihinetua, chigrua be korat meriochachim yiwogedal. Sidet, Rihab, Dinkurinam abrew yiwogedalu. Oh God bless my country and my beautiful people!!!
    Ethiopia Ke engdih Yemiaskomat Yelem!!! And who ever is in our way we’ll make them regret it for the rest of their lives.
    So proud of you Hagere sooo proud!!!

  5. Yirgu Z. says:

    I hate to be the future of Ethiopia owned by the whole world except Ethiopians.

  6. solomon says:

    Solomon! Wake up call for all Ethiopian who are standing against poverty and support the growth of Ethiopian economy. Look around you, the more Egypt trying to stand against our millennium dam, very few Ethiopian are coming out to oppose the bond seals in the name of politics. To buy the bond by Ethiopian have two important benefits, one it help Ethiopia to build the dam faster and grow to the level of middle income country, two it will be continues income for the bond buyer Ethiopians. Look we buy the bond or not the dam will be built but other foreigners are going to get the advantage. Ethiopian enemies first tried to stop the banks it didn’t work because Ethiopians said we can do it, now they are trying their old way to sending some of born Ethiopian to do their jobs. Ethiopians let as say together “The dam is for Ethiopia and Ethiopian”.

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