Hailemariam Desalegn worse than Al-Bashir (Girma Kassa)


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11 Responses

  1. eden says:

    It seems that the Ethiopian people and toxic Ethiopian Diasporas are becoming people of different country, we just oppose each other on everything.
    We said Eskinder nega and his associates are criminals and the toxic daisporas say they are “heros”, ok let it be.
    One thing is known here if these guys like to get an excuse, they need to ask an embarassing pardon what the former ‘kinijet’ and recent unfamiliar politician Birtukan did.

    Girma kassa, You are talking about a closed case. If you like to advice them against asking an embarassing pardon, please go for it. But what I knew for sure is, eventally they are gonna be a losers

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Girma Kassa. It’s a good stand. As Hailemariam is a shameful speaking tool of Weyane, Weyane and its supporters such as hodam Eden will pay the price. All sufferings and crimes made are counted each day. Weyane and its hodam cadres cruelity and crimes are uncountable. When time comes inturn they will pay the price for crimes they committed. Still, they don’t want to listen to the Ethiopian people and the world. Still, they are headed forward in their ignorant and out dated system.

    • hmm says:

      Toxic diaspora??? I like it and its meaningful it seems we are getting toxic to tplf LOL nice

  2. Gezaee H. says:

    Aye Ethiopians; you hate everybody? i do not understand who will you appreciate? You condemn Theodros, Yohannes, Menelick, Haileslassie, Mengitu, Meles and now HD? i do think Ethiopians will appreciate even an angle . It is just biase, prejudice, and hate 100%. Shame shame, bla bla bla,… talking about people forever and ever until Jesus comes?

  3. Tatek says:

    Girma, Girma, Girma—————-enough has been said about this man, including some hopes and some lets-wait and- sees. I am not a fan of El-Bashir too as he is a dictator with an ICC arrest warrant against him and it is only a matter of time before the west sponsors some country in Africa to arrest him and send him to the Hague to face charges related to his responsibility for the ongoing genocide in Darfur. But indeed this is a good gesture by the Sudanese Arab President, regardless of whether this is meant to sway some public pressure on his faltering regime or a real political maneuver to try to put Sudan in a right political footing. In Ethiopia’s case, Hailemariam Desalegn, the man handpicked by the TPLF to succeed dictator Meles Zenawi, following the latter’s demise, for me is not up to the task of making any meaningful gestures reminiscent to el-Bashir’s to the Ethiopian opposition, making any political maneuvers or taking any meaningful bold steps to uplift Ethiopia out of the chronic problems given to it by the TPLF. He lacks the necessary political leverage that this task requires, is only a pawn of the corrupt and autocratic TPLF and his task as given to him by his Masters is not to make any meaningful political gestures but to listen to the instructions from his Masters. And surely, I and you know that the TPLF can’t make such political gestures because they know that no matter what concessions they make, only their demise from the scene of Ethiopian politics will satisfy the Ethiopian masses that have been victims of their prolonged detentions, disappearances, killings, sponsored ethnic clashes, mass displacements, ethnic cleansing and other untold sufferings that was unparalleled in the country’s 3000 year history. In the very recent address he made to TPLF rubber stamp parliament, Hailemariam said he was aware of those from within his regime that might be conspiring with the OLF and ONLF—two major political groups that the TPLF still fears are capable of deleting them from office. In a clear reflection that his regime didn’t believe in democracy, he also urged the so called kilils that the Federal government would take stern action in any given region against those responsible for uprooting people from their land. This may put him in a great danger of losing the thinnest support he had in an already shaky coalition—and for me, when he is just a stooge like that, he better watches what he is saying or he could soon lose the support of the Coalition partners of the TPLF and get kicked out of office as he doesn’t have any support from the TPLF security establishment anyway.

  4. selamta says:

    Germa Kasa no shame at all when you pretend like you care ,you have no idea what ETHIOPIA is like besides betting your chest everyday ,and now you hate HD because your stupidity got the best of you . toxic diaspora. ere eytestewale …

  5. birhanu kebede says:

    Hailemariam Desalegn should take the positives from the Sudanian President.Even though the prime minister has no any right. As we Ethiopians know President Girma and Hailemarian Desalegn have no any right to decide by themselves.What they do is they must first get advice from TPLF members. What we have heard from President Girma about Ethiopian Orthodox church one month ago was a good evidence. Please Hailemariam Desalegn you would rather give your EAR to the people than to the TPLF.

  6. Terengello Sibro says:

    Some say breaking up Africa into pieces may make non-Africans stronger. Who broke up Africa into pieces to begin with? Africa need to unite. African Union need to be free from the anti-constitutional genocidal Hailemariam Desalegn to be able to unite. That is why true Ethiopians are finally joining the struggle in masses before Ethiopia/Africa breaks up into more pieces. That is why true Ethiopians/Africans are finally joining the struggle saying drones do not scare us to save Ethiopia/Africa from destruction that will be impossible for Africans to recover from.Globalism has not been Africa’s cup of tea cause as Europe and the whole world is coming together Africa is breaking up into more pieces heading from chromes of countries to powder of countries on top of that loosing all the natural/national treasures to outsiders.

  7. betty says:

    girma kassa you are worse enemy to ethiopians that weyane

  8. EthioZena says:

    Well said, Girma!Thank you

  9. Solyana says:

    Woyanne’s inhuman character and wrong deeds are well tested for the last 2 decades.Those who are imprisoned because of implementing their constitutional rights are innocent citizen!!!
    Tyrannts and ethnocentrist will toil and pay the price upto their fourth generations.
    Ethiopiand are toiling under tyrannts hand.However the time is approaching to declare ourselves free from TPLF and its merceneries

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