Ethiopian supreme court dismisses the appeal of award-winning blogger Eskinder Nega


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30 Responses

  1. me says:

    How about Dawit Kebede? I would love to give you a visit in kaliti or zuway.

    • Lemagne Beyene says:

      Good News this is another title to collect money.

      dip inside i am happy he and his likes being in prison might save hundred thousands people from dying like Syria.

      I have to prepare to next round tour to europe and America and will call the mission Eskindir and Andualem dream come true.

      Hope this time to collect more money that before.

  2. Ash says:

    Award-winning journalist and blogger Eskinder?

    Did the award given to him after Eskinder jailed? If the answer is yes why not try to give award to Boston Two?…to me Eskinder is the Boston two….if u think different let me know.

    • Alem says:

      Is Ash your real name?

      • bendo says:

        I don’t like any one to be in prison.

        But if i get a chance to choose b/n a lot of young ethiopian to die for the sake of putting Birhanue in 4kilo I 100% prefer to see those who received dollar from Birhanue end up in Prison.

        He was watching too much of ESAT TUBE and thought they will save him. They are all after collecting money.

        For Birhaune and Lemagne Bayne this is there morning pray to see more people in prison or killed then using that to collect more money and spend it in entertainment at five star hotels.

        So one man pain is another man laugh.

        • Ash says:

          This like this if u have super power vision that u can see the future can u arrest those two brother from Boston and avoid the Boston bombing… 100% people will say YES!

          The question who we know we have RIGHT.
          the simple answer is we didn’t have Arab spring or revolution and no body died….that was planed for us by opp. Didn’t succued so if u have to choice between arresting two or three big mouth over 10,000 people dying and law order from breaking then I choice arresting 2 rumer mill….. So my bude I second ur opinion

    • Yantem Gize Yidersal says:

      ሀሳብን በነጿ መግለጥ ሰበአዌነት ስለሆነ እነዲ አይነቱን አራዊትነትህን የሚገልጥ ቁሻሻህ እንዃ ሳይቀር ብሎግ ላይ እየተስተናገደልህ ነው::

      Eskinder spoke about peace and reconciliation, and look at your writing to see the difference between the wild creature (you) vs. a father who daydream a unified democratic Ethiopia where all citizens live without fear, intimidation, extrajudicial killing or murder.

      When I see your writing, I feel petty for you, because you came to this planet to hate but not to love, to revange and not to reconcile, to loot but not to produce, to be slave but not to be free. He made you very limited and inferior in everything.

  3. Lilay says:

    Did not Eskinder tell us this year was the end of EPRDF? how he did not know he will end rather in prison? His tongue is his main enemy. He has untamed tongue.

  4. gagi says:

    The irony of Ethiopia to day is those who were victims of injutice have now become arrogant perpetrators of injustice – a kind of the slave becoming a slave owner.

    • Ash says:

      Gigi, the only irony is when Russia told FBI the American didn’t act if they had acted they would have avoided Boston… Now Eskinder dreaming the Boston in Addis Ababa but we stop him is that irony late be

  5. yared says:

    It may seem unclear how and when justice will be served in Ethiopia, but what looks blurr one day may become crystal clear another day. Non TPLF Ethiopian People should be patient and stay focused, as this nightmare will end when the world starts conspiring against those racists, egoist and haters like the woyanes were and still are !

  6. EthioZena says:

    …”a lesser-known, US based opposition group Ginbot 7″ you gotta be kidding! If it is a lesser-known, why is weyane afraid of them? When something happened in Ethiopia, why they always blame it on G7? If it is a lesser-known, why they link these two heroes with G7? G7 is NOT a lesser-know, it is WELL-KNOWN. get your fact right. Anyway, Mr. Dawit, you are one of them. If Eskinder is a terrorist, you are too!!!!

  7. Zombie says:

    The Award, prize didn’t prove innocence, don’t equate writing pardon letter.

    Did you see the picture of his wife ? She look like a victim of that.

    Happy Easter.

  8. tesema says:

    Look the Award-winning journalist and blogger Eskinder Nega who incites genocide against a particular ethnic. trust me if you are a tool for their dirty politics they don’t hesitate to award you even if you are Mengistu Hailemariam

    Askual Gazeta
    “Get Lost Judae”
    (June 22, 2004)
    [Starting at the second paragraph]
    The Ethiopian people was not furious enough to take action against the secessionist and secession enablers. We can repeat it again and again. Eradicating a race, tribe or community needs the blessing of a furious people. The beginning and end of the action goes along popular wish. But, the Ethiopian people didn’t have the conscience to take an irreversible action against traitors. A people that choose to eat and die on its bed can only think of the day-today life. Thus, the Ethiopian people failed to wipe out traitors, secessionists and secession enablers. History will hold us responsible.
    Our rulers have lied. Dergue didn’t have a genocidal mission on our ruler’s people. Of course, we real Ethiopians do not deny that is a sacred mission. Our mind immediately grasps its merit for our unity and sovereignty. Who cares about a soul whom history knows only for its crimes? Saving Ethiopia comes first. But this didn’t happen. Our useless armed forces went became trashes of history after running our history. The Ethiopian people wasted a golden period of history. How can eradicating the chaff be contemplated without public participation? A race, tribe or community that is a cancer for national unity, sovereignty and existence shall be eradicated! The chaff shall be removed.

    • Yimer says:

      The weyane sympathizer, and supporter Daniel Chilemaye who is an ethnic tigray tries to put words in the mouth of eskinder that is not said! That is the typical craft of a rebel group in the jungle, and a rebel group in power! They used anything available to quash freedom of speech and decent! That is seen during the election period of 2007 when they said interhamuye with a calculative motive. they said that because it is in their heart since day one when they wage their rebel movement! They crafted a manifesto outlining a defined ethnic group as their enemy-They said Amhara is the enemy of tigraway, every bad thing that happened to tigraway is the work of Amhara! They devised and advised among themselves on how to dehumanize, kill, destroy the fabric of the Amhara ethnic group to satisfy their hunger for power, and resource as if they can not live with out them! The funny thing is that they come in the name of freedom with the barrel of the gun-look at them now-they are the most wretched subhumans who thinks with their belly! A monk in the monastery has much greater freedom and peace than the wretched sub humans on power! OH, Alas! How come such human beings come from Aksum Tzion? Or Mary of Tzion is tired of us, and want to leave us back to israel?

    • Mike1 says:

      Can you post a linnk to the full article? Not the analysis or a doctored piece. It doesn;t sound like Eskindir Nega. Let’s read the full article and make our own conclusion. that is how you make a civilized discussion.

  9. asdf says:

    Eskinder Nega is a hero.He should be released without any precondition.

  10. Nardos says:

    I feel sorry for him…. if he will not request for ‘pardon’….he will be the next ‘Amoraw’

    but really, i feel sorry for him.

  11. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I think he should be grateful that no one shot his filthy mouth.
    He is just Filthy, and filthy shouldnt be allowed out to mix with society until he/she understands his filthiness and cleanses himself of all the KOSHASHA in his heart. That way he will no longer be contagious!

  12. BEREDA says:


  13. Tatek says:

    Shame on TPLF and its rubber stamp institutions. It was clear from the beginning that this verdict wouldn’t be overturned but it was nice that these heroes exhausted all avenues so that the World can see the true colors of the TPLF and its stooge leader, Hailemariam Desalegn. This verdict by the TPLF Supreme Court is an indication that the TPLF are determined to severely punish dissent and are ready to use its rubber stamp institutions to further these agenda. The so called judge who read the verdict could be a TPLF agent himself or could have received an instruction to enter the judgment in the way the TPLF wanted from the TPLF Minister for Justice, an appointee of TPLF pawn, Hailemariam Desalegn, who sits in the cabinet and heads the TPLF Judiciary. This verdict also makes very clear that future political inmates in Ethiopia should reject the jurisdiction of TPLF courts and boycott appearing in these courts to send a clear message that Ethiopia didn’t have an Independent Judiciary and fighting for and setting up an Independent Judiciary in the country that doesn’t breath with TPLF lung is an idea whose time has come. At the end of the day, history is very clear that intimidations, incarcerations, killings, torturing and disappearing innocent lives who are determined to make change happen would never stop change from happening because change is the only thing constant in politics.

  14. dubale says:

    Why crying fool? Eskindir got in response to what he did.He was preaching Nazism in Ethiopia. History recoded it.

  15. Zulu Bravo says:

    Every now and then I come across TPLF sympathizers. Every time I meet these leeches, they tell me how unfairly the Dergue junta treated them. Some of them tell me that their family members were beaten, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed. I make me sick to see that they do not have the slightest sympathy for people who are the victims TPLF. They try to tell that every thing is good in Ethiopia. Why do not these parasites learn from the past? Let them steal and loot. But why do they imprison and kill people who oppose their dedebit style rule? There is one and only one solution to this problem: just eliminate TPLF parasites. How? The Oromo’s’ and Amahras’ MUST unite for a common cause and summon other groups to work with them. Neither Amahars’ chauvinism nor Tigre’s parochialism has worked in Ethiopia. Tigres are bent to develop their arable land at the expense of others. The Amahars’ chauvinists are bent to bring back their lost glory, which would be impossible in the twenty fist century. TPLFites must understand that nothing is for ever. Look what is happening to Amhars. They always thought that they are the only ones to rule the country. They abused other tribes physically and psychologically. As time passed, they are the ones who are crying wolf. The same can happen to the Tigraye looters. Things can change and change quickly. When they change, it would be too late to rectify the injustices. Instead, TRY TO CREATE A SOCIETY THAT CAN LIVE IN HARMONY AND THAT RESPECT EACH OTHER. Your unwise and shortsighted actions will leave serious consequences to your ethnic groups in the future. Criminals will never escape justices. It is a matter of time before the jailers become imamates of a prison cell for ever.

  16. yidersal says:

    Where is my comment Mr. Blogger ?

  17. Mario says:

    እንደ ሰው ከእስክንድር ነጋ ችግር ባይኖረኝም በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ ባለው ጥላቻ ተነስቼ ግን ምህረት እንደማያስፈልገው ኣምናለሁ። እንደሁሉም በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ በሰነዘርኩት ጥላቻ ተፀፅቻለሁ ብሎ ይቅርታ ከጠየቀ ግን ይቅርታ ቢደረግለት ጥሩ ነው። ለሰው ጥሩ ነገር መስራት ከባድ ነው ለጥፋት ግን በጣም ቀላል ነው። ለጥፋት ከሆነ ሁሉም ነገር ቀና ይሆናል። ምንገዱ ሁሉ ጨርቅ ይሆናል።

    ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ እስክንድር የትግራይን ህዝብ ኣጥላልቶና እሱ ሂትለር ሆኖ የትግራይ ህዝብ ደግሞ እንደ ጅውሽ መስሎ በፃፈው ተከታታይ ፅሁፍ መሰረት ወንጀል ሰርቷል! ስለዚህ ሰከን ብለን ማሰቡ ተገቢ ነው።

    • አለም says:

      ማሪዮ፤ መለስ ዜናዊ ወስላታና ውሸታም ነው ማለት የትግራይን ሕዝብ መጥላት አይደለም። አዜብ መስፍን ሌባ ነች ማለት የወልቃይትን ሕዝብ መጥላት አይደለም። ስብሃት ነጋ ቅሌታም ነው ማለት የትግራይን ሕዝብ ከመጥላት ጋር አይገናኝም። በአንድ ሰው ምክንያት ሁሉ ሰው ሊወቀስ ወይም ሊጠላ አይገባም። ከላይ የጠቀስኩልህን ገብረመድኅን አርኣያና አስገደም የሚሉት ነው።

  18. ETHIO says:

    Sibhat ye amara telat. sibhat ye amara telat. awramba dawit ye amara telat.

    this will be popular slogan for us.

  19. Birhanu Kebede says:

    Our heroes should be released. All democracy and justice lovers would like to demand the release of Eskindir Nega and other conscience prisoners. US should tell TPLF to release them.The TPLF puppets do not have ears to listen to the people of Ethiopia.

  20. Name (required) says:

    Death to the enemy of ethiopia woyane they divid us they are making life so hard in our bloved contry . We want to tale for the rasist tigre group they will surly pay for all the crime they did .they are truly parasits and bandas and there penality is death we dont compromise ethiopia for nothing it is a matter of time .eskinder is a hero he is sacrifing for emama ethiopia we all are his brothers ready to panish zeregochin .it is all for emama ethiopia we are even ready to die for her it is a glory

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