I shall persevere! (By Eskinder Nega, from Kality Prison)


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50 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Christopher Hitchens said this and Martin Amis wrote that. And Alexander Solzhenitsyn emphasized this…..What are all this none sense quotes.
    Man, I can see you are simply worshiper of White people. I think this must be one of the reasons that makes you to do grave mistakes against the Ethiopian constitution.
    We will see if the ghost of these people come and save your life.
    I wish there is no forgiveness and Goodness for the mistakes you did. Rather than seeing you free in Ethiopia, I would prefer Ethiopia not to be blessed country

    • yealem seged says:

      your hart is filled with hate …hate not only to eskinder even to Ethiopia eskinder does not hate anybody but a love of his country and it’s people he always tells the truth i know like they said the truth hurts

    • ተሾመ ይሙት says:

      እግዛቢሄር አካለ ስንኩል ያድርግህ:: ስርተህ የማትበላ ያልጋ ቈራኟ ያድርግህ
      የኔ ምኞት አንተ ያልጋ ቁራኟ እንድትሆን ነው:: በጣም እርግጠኛ ነኝ በቅርብ ቀን አልጋ ትይዛለህ:: ይቺን ቀን ያዛት:: እኔ በጣም እርግጠኛ ነኝ አንተ በቅርቡ ያልጋ ቁራኛ ትሆናለህ ::

      ጥጋብ እና እብሪት ለመለስ ዜናዊም አልሆነም፡ ወር ባልሞላ ግዜ አፈር መስሎ ክነ ትቢቱ ትቢያ ወረደ::


      • Meaza says:

        I like it! I share your view to this man who called him self Teshome….he desrve all what you stated.

      • teshome says:

        ታምራት ገለታ…
        ይህ ጥኑቁልናህ ወዲያ በለው
        I am definitely sure you are one of the the Diaspora priests who mix and mingle politics with religion.
        የኔ አቡነ መልከጽዲክ, How dare you open your dirty mouth to tell us Esikinder is also among the prophets.
        The only thing I thank God is he didn’t let me to be chauvinistic Amhara like Esikinder, professor mesifin, Almariam, Tamagne…the list goes on

    • Elias says:

      Says the TPLF cadre whose only job is to comment on Ethio related sites. What a devil you are!

    • ilula Alemu says:

      @ teshome
      what a damn person you are. Do you know about Eskinder probably not. He is starving for our cause. He got a choice of staying with his family and criticizing other as you damn ass are doing ,but he preferred to struggle against TPLF fascist rule and shows to the whole world how lawless Ethiopia is on the hand of TPLF. I can not shape up your ignorant behavior on this blog. You need to grow up and think like human.

    • saviour says:

      Teshome (adgi teshome)

      I can tell the hate and bitterness you have in your evil soul. These is how your ruthless evil leader thought you and made you to be. Even the death of meles didn’t make us a happy people simply misery and suffering doesn’t change one’s life. We wish meles was alive but become a changed person before his death. Am ashamed most TPLF members are so ignorant and want to see suffering of the majority of Ethiopians.

      The day will come but its only the TPLF who will be the casualty of HATE!!!

    • ETHIO says:


      You have to see the doctor, I think your problem is selfishness,love eating, not having self confidence. you only know that you can find food when tplf give it to you,you don’t know how to be your self and do real job and earn income and help your self and your family(if you have).

      If you had a chance you could write the same garbage supporting Hitler just because he feed you.

      I believe one way or another we will be free. For you my country’s enemy who wish for not blessed Ethiopia,your wish stays in your pocket and will make you as you wish. Be a man and find real job don’t be less human as you are now.

    • suicide says:

      Tesheome, it is not your fault that you were born like this. You just can’t change this fact.
      But you have a choice of committing suicide. The sooner you perish the lesser sins and crimes you commit. Do yourself a favor and just drop dead.This is the best advice one can give you in your situation.

    • Teshe liqu!? says:

      You just exposed your ignorance of knowledge. One more thing! How much do you know about a CONSTITUTION, in general and in particular about the so called ethiopian constitution you’re bragging about?
      You wrote, “We will see if the ghost of these people come and save your life….” Here it’s self evident that you have no idea about “CONSTITUTION”….LAW…

    • Nehemiah says:

      Only ignorant and arrogant people keep themselves off from learning from the wise. Teshome you are one of them. If you hate the wise you are completely in vain; consequently VANITY lets you die hard.

  2. Meaza says:

    @ teshome, what is your problem with Eskindir Man? You can worship woyane as much as you can but how do you dare to write “Rather than seeing you free in Ethiopia, I would prefer Ethiopia not to be blessed country”? What a fool and stupid woyane you are! Gelaba honeh mefetereh yasazenal. Some times try to live for your mind not for party or Meles Zenawi. Antem tekotreh yihone ye Ethiopia hizb 80 million yetebalew? I had a lot to say but the blog’s editor will block the message before it reaches to you! shortly, I am ashamed on your mother who born mentally dirty person like you.

    • wondinet says:

      Meaza. what is your problem with Teshome? Ethiopia means not only the Amahara people? This dud (Eskindir) deserves to have death sentence. He cooked many things to oppressed people of Ethiopia by trying defending the Amahar’s right. What sucky person stupid his is? He forgot his being immigrant to Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Thanks for the Tigray great people who sacrificed their life to free all Ethiopians from such locust Amahara people. Death to them and we will defend our freedom by chasing those tiny ants from every where they are.

      • Meaza says:

        “wondinet”, …ezih mefoker eko wondinet ayidelem. ene sile zer alaworahum…min yalebt zilay ayichilim endetebalew…that short two-leg snake Meles Zenawi endasetemareh zeleh sile zer taworaleh!! … your thinking is much lower than average Ethiopian people…!!

        • Tazabi says:


          What’s wrong with your … brain? The whole world knew the late PM Meles is a hero. Even CNN has depicted him as one of the four VIP we lost in 2012. You should take your dirty ass to school and learn what’s all about the late PM Meles other patriotic Ethiopians who sanctified their life on the mountains and Ethiopian towns. Its indeed because of PM Meles and likes that you have the freedom of expression even against our hero Meles Zenawi…….You should be ashamed to criticize the dead, however he is not dead because his spirit is with all Ethiopians and Africans forever.

          • Meaza says:

            @ Tazabi “however he is not dead because his spirit is with all Ethiopians and Africans forever.” This is the believe of few dirt mind and below average people including you! He was smart I know! but he used his brain for evil, killing and cheating ever since he was born. Mosoloni and Hitlor were smart people too but world remember them best for their brutality and evil practices, just like your dwarf master Meles Zenawi, who died with shoke of voice from one journalist. Dengito yemoto yemejemeria ye hager meri!!

      • ilula lemma says:

        Are you still worshiping dead body. You are so confused and illiterate who could not able to express his idea right. Why you do not write in a language that we can understand U, Damn ass.
        As far as Eskindir is concerned do not worry, All Ethiopians are with him of course except U and few TPLF juntas. If you want to spread your hate propaganda about Tigrigna people I can prove you wrong. Tigrigna are our brothers and sisters they are Ethiopians of course except those HODAMS like you. Please, grow up and think like Human(if you are Human).

  3. Lemagne Beyene says:

    One big thing those G7 puppets missed is you have to put in some one shoes before you ask some one to do something.

    He and his masters in G7 been asking the poor to come out and die and they been insulting the Addis Abeba young as fools not to come out and die. However when it come to them they are not even ready to stay in prison let alone to die.

    Look his master Birhanue Nega from his Pensilvania Vila asking the young to die for him last time people follow him and died he go down in his Knee in melas foot and asked for forgiveness and run away to usa.

    So if you guys not ready to pay the small prison price why you are asking others to die for you.

    Fools and Idiots.

  4. lebaw says:

    Can this guy use English or Amarigna so that we understand it better.

    Etopia tikdem

  5. Alex says:

    @Teshome ያንተን አስተያየት በተመለከትኩ ቁጥር ትግራይ ለተባለ ሰው ያለኝ ጥላቻ በጥፍ ድርብ ይጨራል:: በጣም ሞኝ ነህ:: ያንተው ጌታ መለስ ዜናዊ ገና የሁለተኛ አመት ትምርቱን እንኳ ሳይጨርስ ፈረንጅን በማምለክ ፊውዳል ያልሆነውን ደርግን እታገላለሁ ብሎ ጫካ ገብቶ በሃገሪቱ ልማት እንዳይሰራ አደረገን:: 17 አመት ሙሉ ሃገሪቱ መሳሪያ ብቻ እንድትገዛ እንዳደረገን መቸም አይጠፋህም:: በለስ ቀንቶት ስልጣን ሲዎጣ ተመልሶ ራሱ ከደርግ የባሰ ጨቋኝ እን ጠባብ እንዲሁ ለትግራይ ብቻ የሚያስብ በመሆን 22 አመት ገዛ:: አሁን ግን በቃን:: ፍትሃዊ የሃብትና የስልጣን ክፍፍል እንፈልጋለን:: ህውሃት በአፓርታይድ አገዛዙ ከሚበዘብዘን ኒዮሊበራሎቹ አሜሪካ እና አውሮፓ በዲሞክራሲ ቢበዘብዙን በጣም ይሻለናል ስለዚህ ተሾመ አፍህን ዝጋ:: We love Eskindir Nega

    • ab says:

      @Alex, You Derg. You ruled Ethio with iron fist, spent the money that could have used for Education and health, instead wasted the money to buy Soviet made Arms at the process put your country to debt. What is more you did not even win the war – how shame was that with your fat soldiers of 1/2 a million of them? What is more abandoned Ethiopian to EPRDF. You should just shut up.

  6. Mario (from Ohio) says:

    Read Eskinders archive & you will find Eskinder Nega’s writing against the people of Tigrai & be the judge!
    እስክንድር ፦ ሂትለር ጅውሾችን እንደፈጀ ሁሉ ትግሬዎችም እንደጅውሾች ካንሰር ናቸውና ከዚህ ምድረገፅ መጥፋት ኣለባቸው ብሏል!

    This is a premeditated crime against humanity!

    • Archive? says:

      Why didn’t you post it here? ….

    • Sierra Gulf says:

      @Mario, Eskinder never said this. You guys live by defamation and character assassination but I can tell you that Eskinder is full of love and a man of principle who gave up his freedom for the freedom of others. He is the light in the dark; this light may reach to your heart and set you free.
      God bless Eskinder Nega!

  7. Beke Belew says:

    Dawit one thing is freedome of expression, other thing is violting human sensiblity and dignity. How on earth you allow this greedy blind dog named Teshome to promote a hatefull propaganda which is going t lead us to thinik on how to revange tigrayans. I am sure his stand does not reflect the stand of our Tigrayans brothres and sisters. He is trying to create that animosity in between Tigrayans and the rest of the country fellos.

    You are the only who allow him to write such garbage with the sole objective of invading others sensibility and dignity. I wish he comeout to tell us who he is in person for him to learn what we would do with him.

    When he is vomiting his nonsense and hatrate he inciting others to take a stand against the people of tigray.

  8. Tesema says:

    Ato Teshome,

    Eskinder is a pure Ethiopian with a clear understanding of antiquity and the dynamics of politics. He is not only Well-read but also gifted. He is a cavalier and a spokesman to the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia. The problem lies within your impulsive idols like Abay Tsehay, Bereket, Aboy Sebehat who are half cooked with deep rooted ignorance and inferiority complex. The words that burst from their unwitting head are nauseous to say the least.
    Ato Teshome, I am really sorry for you to live such morally low life. You emotion defeated your understanding of the intricacies of your country. What you verbalize on this website holds no substance of debate but reflects your hateful life.
    Peoples like you even forget they are mortal…..Esknder is a great Ethiopian who lives and ready to die for a very good cause. I am deeply ashamed you are my country man. You are overwhelmingly defeated by hatred…..
    You are a very good example that when someone loves his ethnic group more than his country, he automatically becomes absentminded.
    May God help you to face truth and live without feeling inferior!

  9. Teshome the Black says:

    Teshome: it would be much better to worship any people than mentally imprisoned idiot-animals where you belong.

  10. solomon says:

    Eskinder Nega scares the hell out of TPLFites even when he is in prison. That is the power of good over evil. Evil can’t stand the idea of justice, democracy, human rights and equality, for which our hero in prison stands. He may be in prison physically, but his perpetrators are being haunted in the prison of conscience. Because deep down they are aware that their days are numbered. Always Good prevails over Evil.

  11. Psycho says:

    Teshome, you are so disgusting. Your lice eater mother must be very proud of you. You are so qualified to marry Azeb Mesfin , since you are as filthy mouthed and as dump as her dead husband.

  12. Blacklion says:

    Pleas pleas pleaSsssssssssssssssssssssss
    I beg u all pls DO NOT reply or answer to TESHOME’s comment. He is not human, am telling he isn’t even representing the Tigray ppl or EPRDF supporter or not even Dawit . He always talk nonsense and he is there just to provoke u guys. so there is no point of arguing with him.
    PLs ignore him for a week and u will see the result, u guys just come here and comment what ever u feel but DO NOT engage in conversation with TESHOME.

  13. eden says:

    Look the organized responses to teshome, this what chuvinistic attitude is.
    Bunch of Amharas what are you complaining with. TPLF had a given you a 1000 years assignment.
    You are always telling us that our days are numbered since twenty years ago…

    • le eden bobina says:

      ማንም መልስ አይስጥሽም::

    • ab says:

      Eden, you are bloody Idiot. You have are not helping the good work TPLF doing. People like you are creating more problem for EPRDF to do their good job than the silly vocal diaspora. Do you know TPLF do not need ppl like you?

      YOu are worse than Teshome – in my opinion.

  14. Mebratu says:

    Like Castro said “History shall absolve me”. My advise to Eske is don’t bargain with the government. accept the sentence and continue to write and fight as mush as you can from prison. We are with you heart a soul. We know you are not a terrorist. The puppet court of EPRDF will not last long.

  15. Luqas says:

    Eskinder be strong. No matter how much they try to torture you in prison know that the cause for free speech and democracy is more important. Better to die in prison than to live in a world where the government tells you what to say and how to say it.

  16. Asfaw abreha says:

    I totally agree with mario(ohio).Ato Eskinder: Instead of qouting others ,why not you qoute us from your infamous article’Get lost judia’.That says it all.

  17. Ali Salm says:

    Eskindir, If it is possible in present Ethiopias to write article against the government, like what you are doing now , you are indirectly showing and proving that Ethiopian government tolerant is. Ms idiot do you know that such article is impossible to write from prison cells in Iran, Eritrea or Russia. Please ask pardone for the sake of your child. You are not some one who gives his live for ……

    • Meaza says:

      Afe kurit yibel “Ali”….go and tell this for your master Bereket not for the truth teller Eskindir. Do you see how you tried to compare Ethiopia? with Iran, Eritria etc those are friends and parallels of your governments where ever one blame them for their poor human right and freedom …bante bet the letter sent from Eskindir is due to the permission of prison guards or your deaf government ha ha ha ..cheat your self!! It is because of he is over smart than your blind guards, where all of them came from the same place ha ha ha.

  18. Ab says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Don’t you think the cadre teshome (God knows his real name) succeeded? Yes he did because instead of marveling this amazing piece of historical message by Eskinder, we were caught up with this fascist cadre. Next time ignore the likes of him.

  19. josi says:

    You are a true Ethiopian hero Eskender, You are in the minds of many Ethiopians. We will be free fron tyrany rule, may God be with you.

  20. Free Reyot Alemu says:

    I am sorry but I cant feel sorry for this guy. I rather they free Reyot Alemu, Bekele Gerba, Lelisa Olbana. Eskinder Nega should not be in prison for what he wrote but he needs to publicly acknoledge his oversight in publishing the garbage written by Tadios Tantu. If you want peace and reconciliation and lasting development you have to stand up to people you such as Eskinder Nega. How are we suppose to just forget about his publications?? How?? I could care less about TPLF or Meles Zenawi but how does one not say something when they see a publications like that?? Failing to stand up to minority rights would mean big mistake. It does not heal wounds, it may help you win but it never heals wounds. Ethiopians have a lot of wounds that need healing and Eskinder Nega fails in that regard. He is no nero and will never be a hero in my book.

    Free Reyot Alemu
    Free Bekele Gerba
    Free Lelisa Olbana!!

    • Meaza says:

      Yebase atamita new yemibalew! It looks that you are full of complexes. Keyetegnaw neh? zim bileh atizebarek!!

  21. Mua says:

    Kality/Ziway cannot fit all of the 80 million!
    Ok Eskinder is someone languishing in prison .
    My question is how is it we make a big issue of him?
    In my opinion the amount of people that are imprisoned,murdered,
    vanished without no trace, zombied and last but not least those that sold their soul to DEVIL named(Meles<tplf&or woyane) are close to 80 million.
    Can some of us scream about all of us the 80 million?
    There is not going to be a big change if he is out of prison by himself.
    Have we seen big change when Siye,Hailu,Birtukan and so on came out of prison?

    Individuals can do so much before they look around , check the rest and keep their pace accordingly.

    We should scream for all of us that even have a chance to speed up,a chance to write and a chance to stand up but do not !
    Let us scream for those of us that do not even scream because our mind/ conscience do not serve it's purpose as it should!
    The most despicable stage we reached is to act amazed and magnifying somebody like Eskinder for not loosing their senses.
    Are we admitting we lost our senses by acting amazed while Eskinder kept his senses?
    How many of us wrote on this comment but we do not write if it was not about Eskinder from our safe home?
    How about the rest of the 80 million that need to be written about?
    Can the real Eskinders stand up!

  22. tn. says:

    there is a strong storm gathering around TPLF/EPRDF…around the head of each of the heads.

    when the blow lands, the defiant two times around, the seemingly invincible shall be no-more.

  23. Teklu says:

    Abraha Belay of Ethiomedia has made a shameful plagiarism. He has re-posted Eskinder’s letter from Awramba Times (today May 09, 2013). But he didn’t want to give credit to Awramba Times. Shame on him.

  24. ye raya lij says:

    Dear Teklu, what else do you expect from this ugly unprofessional. First of all he is a victim of identity crisis. His dream is to become an ethnic Amhara with his heavy tigrigna accent. So funny!!!!

  25. Mario (from Ohio) says:


    It should have been the work of journalists to post whatever Edkinder said despising the people of Tigrai side by side of his writing here, but they only edit one sided story!

    Look at the opposition web sights including awrambatimes ! They just promote writings that can’t help Ethiopia ! Professor , Doctor …said this & that …! Whereas, They pretend as if they are for a free press. all they have is the word “free press, democracy” , but not the core values of freedom & democracy! All we can read in their web sights is, hate politics! We see them attacking our heroes & heroines, the TPLFites separately , while the government consists of 4 major parties!

    The only purpose of these so called opposition is: to hold the innocent diaspora as a hostage so they can’t participate in the Ethiopian renaissance , this is it!

    We haven’t heard anybody criticizing Kinijit for failing …! A real journalist should have been a medium to expose both sides of the isle, but no one did to this day!

    Compare በዓሉ ግርማ & our journalists now! Not even the sum of all Ethiopian journalists in the diaspora , with all resources that they have can match በዓሉ ግርማ in anyway! በዓሉ ግርማ knew Derg was failing from the beginning & he gave his life for the truth! Therefore, the kind of በዓሉ ግርማ is what we call a real journalist! He gave his life , but he left us a lot of information about our heroes & heroines who died to protect their mother land!

    Be better our journalists just for the sake of your job! You are living in your own time ! Being biased can’t get you any reward!

  26. Mahlet Asefa says:

    @Teshome. Respect! !
    This guy is so Fascinating, I have never seen so many people point at one person. Its so funny how everyone is working so hard to write something to Teshome. He has got Everybodys attention. I think AWRAMBA TIMES should gather all the interresting Comments of Teshome and make an article. And we shall see thousands paying attention. Very very interesting!!

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