Discussion on Eskinder Nega’s recent letter from Kaliti


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15 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Eskinder is not a different prisoner from other prisoners.The only difference, he is a mercenary of USA neoliberal. He deserve life long imprisonment for trying to overthrow the government by means of violence, Arab spring which declared it many times on the world wide web. He also deserves another life long inprisonment for inciting jewish type holocaust in Ethiopia. Nothing special about him. Please change to the topic to discuss on other genuine political prisoners than this criminal.

    • Meaza says:

      Go and tell this “dengito lemotew ena eyebesebese lalew Meles Zenawi, or for those who are still worshiping him….Bereket and others. Akafan akafa malet is not a mistake…Eskindir did this and we all proud of it!! yante ayinetu azaba ewunet singer ayiwodim hence…afun yikefetal!! Ahun endehu merih….bizu yetebalelet Meles afer geba!! but, his evil spirit and seeds are still working via you. Shitamu Meles dengito new yemotew…antem shintam mohonih kanegagereh yasetawukal!! Ene setua basedenegeteh yemiteshena yimeselegnal!!

  2. teshome says:

    This web site is becoming very popular by the hour and day. Although I had a lot of political difference with Dawit, I can not deny your hard work.
    Please keep up the good work.

    …Abraha Belay, the garbage person who was completely Amharinized over night now is suffering with deep pain of jealousy for the success Dawit brought in a very short time.
    Who knows when the Ethiopian political power is becoming on the hands of the Southerners, Abraha Belay will ashamedly tell us he is from wolaita or sidama…

    • Nehemiah says:


      It is really nice to give your appreciation to Dawit irrespective of your political differences. How would you be blind to at least consider Abraha’s right to think differently from Revolutionary Democracy which is Stalinist way of repressing citizens

  3. Minyewab says:

    Well done Dawit. Thanks for publishing Eskinder’s statements from Kalit prison. I have not doubted who those enlightening statements belong to, and I very much admire VOA for interviewing you on the authenticity of the article. I am saddened by the fact that some people have recently started hate campaign against you. That is really sad. Your few comments about ESAT’s programme are the cause of such hatred as I understand it. Your comment hasn’t been bad and you are entitled to have your opinion. Actually they should have seen your comment as constructive contribution. I was so appalled when I realised even Ethiomedia removed Awramba Times link from their website. They should be ashamed really for doing that. They are accusing the EPRDF regime for not tolerating different opinion and political outlook and they themselves are doing exactly that. It is worrying what the Ethiopian diaspora is up to sometimes.

  4. zobel says:

    Eskender, Andualum ,Reyot and many more are Renaissance Ethiopian heroes and heroines .Our mandela,Che and rosa park etc.
    We Shall Over Come

  5. ABC says:

    Well said Dave!

  6. Teklu says:

    Abraha Belay of Ethiomedia has made a shameful plagiarism. He took Eskinder’s letter from Awramba Times and posted on his website (today May 09, 2013). But he didn’t want to give credit to Awramba Times. Shame on him.

    • Meaza says:

      There is no such plagiarism! He got the letter directly from the source where Dawit got it!! Do you know the definition of plagiarism? how old are you? Did you pass by university or college?

  7. ye raya lij says:

    Dear Teklu, what else do you expect from this ugly unprofessional. First of all he is a victim of identity crisis. His dream is to become an ethnic Amhara with his heavy tigrigna accent. So funny!!!!

    • Alula says:

      Abraha belay never had identity crisis .
      But he is fighting for those who are Eritrean lovers, bandits , who has a good Tigrigna accent ? I think to you it might those who has Eritrean bloods .

  8. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Just because VOA and AWRAMBA are making a big deal of aTiny Ant does not mean people inside Ethiopia know this loser. Honestly nobody is even aware of this guy. And the people who have actually read his Genocidal Wrritings know he belongs in Prison.
    Unless he realises his mistake of undermining our strong Government and apologises for his Stupid writting about the BRAVE people of Tigray. I say let him rot in prison. When are we Ethiopians gonna realise that freedom of speech is not the same as freedom to anounce war or Genocide.
    Its good our Government shall continue teaching that Democracy does not mean you can do anything even if it hurt others. Its gonna take a while but it is true, we are on the way. And we shall fight any toxic individuals or groups.

    • Daniel says:

      I believe the ethiopian gov’t arrest eskinder and the others not they are a danger for the system it is just to give a buisness for the diaspora websites now on esat will have one news every day about this garbage people

  9. sadiq says:

    The next step should be Liberating the Sperm.

    Just smuggle the sperm and impregnate the women. Like that of Palestine’s prisoners.

  10. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for posting Eskinder’s letter and the interview you did with VOA. Although I am not happy with the imprisonment of Eskinder for whatever crime he did against the government, I always have reservation on considering him as a real journalist. I use to read his three newspapers ( Asqual, Satenaw and Minilik)until they were banned in 2005. At that time those sensational, empty and title only newspapers were showing the true picture of the man behind them. They caused a huge and irreversible disaster to the young and growing press. Honestly speaking Eskinder is not a journalist by all means and he did contribute nothing to the free press of my country.

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