Dr. Dagnachew Assefa may replace Hailu Shawel as president of AEUP


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25 Responses

  1. Lemagne Beyene says:

    Hailue Shawul = Woyanne
    Lidetu Ayalew = Woyanne
    Merrara Gudina = Woyanne
    Beyena Petros = Woyanne
    Mesfin W/Mariam = Woyanne
    Negasso Gidada = Woyanne.

    They all are woyanne as they are fighting from Addis instead of waging war like Birhanue and fight in Pennsylvania forrest.

    Those kind of people are the one who undermine our struggle by basing in Addis than USA showing for Westerners there is opposition in ethiopia.

    They are not a real man like Birhanue. He is the only one who can change the gov. if the inside information is true he is negotiating to get nuclear from white house and start war that will end in 3 days.

    bravo our hero we all follow you in the fighting that happen in 5 star hotel meeting.

    Woyanne days are numbered.

    • Daniel says:

      I am really sorry but I cannot help my self to think that this is the most dumb comment that I have read in a while and to think you are the kind of person caring for some change .

  2. teshome says:

    I am always surprise why All Ethiopian Unity party(AEUP) is packed like sardines with Amharas. Can any body name, AEUP member who is not from Amhara ethnicity. I think this is unwritten law with in the party.
    I distinctly remember when Professor Astar Established this party, its name was Amhara union or “All Amhara union party’. These same people turned overnight from Amhara to an Ethiopian citizen.
    Yet indeed they want to play cheap politics that Amharas are more Ethiopians than others. They would also like to tell us Amhars have more national feelings than others. More over they feel that if Amhars are not ruling the country, the sky is gonna fall on us.
    So we had sincerely question to AEUP, either give an opportunity for other Ethnic groups to be a member and make top officials but which is impossible because no body dare to love to work with chauvinistic Amharas
    Or change this party name to Amhara Union party which is possible and It is because the current compositions of the party tells as such

    • Leike says:

      Which ever ethiopian language you speak, you can be a member to AEUP or establish your own All Ethiopian Unity Party. There is nothing wrong about it. Every thing els is you wrote is idiocy or hate mongering. D

    • Abu says:

      I think you must be out of politics or out of the country.To tell you the truth 80% of the party members and 53% of the leadership are non- Amharas. for example one of the top positions, Senior vice president is occupied by one of the Gofa tribe,. Regarding the composition of the party members 42% Southerners, 17% Oromo, 6%Afar, 7% Tigrians and 28% Amhara

      Change your mind for good and positive

    • Lij. Theodros Tamrat says:

      You sound like an absolute racist. So are Amaras banned from running for political office in Ethiopia? Look around you you might be surprised when you find out that there are more Amaras intermarried with cousins and relatives all over Ethiopia.Stop being a racist and she’ll economic and social ideas that can develop our peoples lot. Ethiopians are beyond racism we are voting for the party that delivers and caters to our social standing and economic well being.

  3. EthioZena says:

    It doesn’t matter who comes and goes. They do exactly the same thing. NOTHING!If they want to bring change for Ethiopians, they need to join Blue party for public demonstration in front of AU meeting. Do something! holding a useless meeting or changing names is meaningless.

    • yoyoethio says:

      the civil and tribal war in ethiopia is immenent….unless TPLF/EPRDF changes thire way of gevornance and respect atleast the constitution they themselves wrote…the tribal conflict already starts…all the world have to give thire attention to ethiopia before it escalates to the worst….remember RUWANDA it starts the same way…IT IS NOT A JOCK IT WILL HAPPEN…

      • Leike says:

        There is an armed struggle against the Regime, it may likely be intensified and be turned to a full blown civil war,if the present Regime continues to oppress the free will of the people, but never a tribal war. The dream of a tribal war exists only in the evil minds of politicians, as a means to stay in power or to seize power. We are Ethiopians and not Ruwandians. so bury them wehtether they are your fears or your Hopes.

    • ayou says:

      Please don’t boast! the leader of the Blue party became 2nd Lidetu. For sure he is working with Bereket simon. History is repeating it self in Ethiopia. On behalf of TPLF, Yilkal is killing the moral of the struggle by announcing that there is no any party that challenges EPRDF. Is it right? for me there are some prominent parties, which will take power in 2015 National Elections. You will see Yilkal!

  4. DaveIb says:

    Dear Dawit,

    Is it true that Dr. Dagnachew is a relative of many EPRDF top officials like Genet?

    “Awramba is The Future!”

    • Amsalu says:

      yes he is a brother of Genenew Assefa and Genet Zewde. But Genet’s father is different

      • Gonte says:

        አዲስ መትረጊያ ቤት ይቆፍራል እንጂ አያጸዳም ስለዚህ መጠንቀቅ ያሻል

      • Abu says:

        Whether Dr. Dangachew is a brother of Genet or Genenw Asefa, he is giving a good lesson to Woyane. He is still courageous Ethiopian
        don’t disturb his good work to his country

    • Leike says:

      Absolutly, he is also a freind of “Gehanem”.

  5. Lalibela says:

    Teshome, its crystal clear that you are woyane puppet. How long do you think you gonna live in this world? Later or sooner u will leave, but why do u want a divided and weak Ethiopia? why do u always write about division? why is ur mind so evile to Ethiopia? This is so sick and am sorry for you.

    • dagne says:

      Lalibela, I definately agree with you and it is not for the first time that teshome write this kind of hate against Amhara. He always write this kind of propaganda so he is crystal clear that he is woyane puppet.
      he is simply poor

  6. DaveIb says:

    The Ethiopian politics looks like a family affair. Dawit Awramba, please write an article about people involving in both the ruling and opposition groups.

    “Awramba is The Future!”

  7. betty says:

    Hailu shawel is the worst enemey of ethiopians who has destroyed kinijit and sold AEUP (MEAD) to weyane in broad light and yet indivdiuals like hailu shawel and lidtu should face justice when justice reveals in ethiopia and i believe that dr dagnachew should take the position in order to reinvent AEUP to continue the struggle

    • Leike says:

      Well, if hailu shawl is the worst enemy of Ethiopians, why blame woyane?

    • Abu says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      Please don’t write about the thing you don’t clearly know. For me Hailu shawel has given his energy and wealth to Ethiopia, so that his is a brave son of Ethiopia. If you are a woyane supporter, you are correct but if you are honest Ethiopian take care not to make mistakes

  8. Hundessaa says:

    Dear Dawit you became a rumor mongering journalist? Who cares if Hailu retires or gets evicted from AAUP? He already betrayed the Ethiopian people more than once. So it is not a big deal.

  9. Chaltu says:

    This Teshome guy sound more like a Banda or a foreigner of some agency with the interest to destabilize the country and instigate animosity among people of one nation.

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