Eritrea: Rampant repression 20 years after independence (Amnesty International)


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9 Responses

  1. Chala says:

    Hey Amnesty International is working for Woyanne .

    How come the country who is helping the freedom fighters like G7 become a pariah country.

    Eritrea democracy is better than usa. The gov. is more worried about how to librate the 80 million ethiopians from poverty and take them to democracy..

    Just wait and see the couple of months G7 tanks will rore in Addis with the help of Eritrea.

    Eritrea is richer than more Arab countries and have more powerful military even America fear it.

    • teshome says:

      You said..”Eritrea democracy is better than usa” Hold on, Did I hear this same thing from Isayas Afeworki?
      Chala, you are really a good witness about Eritreans sherd delusions.
      I am wondering for how long this societal schizophrenia be an asset of Eritreans.
      Man it will strain only common sense to know what Eritrea becoming to….

    • Meron says:

      Oh, really?
      If a single bullet is shot from Eritrea towards south, that is the end of you Eritrea as a country. It is a recent recorded history how the Ethiopian forces can hunt the SAWA graduates easily, and control 1/3 of Eritrea in short period of time.

      On the other hand, PFDJites are preparing to celebrate 22nd independence anniversary. Another Hollow independent Day, what is there to Celebrate ?

      What have Eritreans got to Celebrate this May?

      – Tens of Innocent Eritreans are in jail for no reason at all !
      – About a third of Eritrean population is in exile, more than 95% of them a suffering as Refugees.
      – almost all Eritrean youth can see no future for them in Eritrea, the only thing in their mind is immigrating to practically anywhere, even to Ethiopia.

      – Eritrea has turned into a country where Parents rejoice when their children go out of their country, for they see little future for their children inside the country.

      Eritrea — Real Story!!!

    • jemal says:

      @Chala, Chala you are amazing commentator. You link everything unrelated to G7. I think whenever you have sleep and nap, the gust of G7 wouldn’t give you rest for your mind. You may hold “chube” for your restless mind because of G7. About G7, Aiga form is enough. Please all this human abuse not limited to Eritrea only. Have you noticed your home, Ethiopia. “Yerasa iyarerebat yegorobet Tamslalech”

    • Belay says:

      Hey chala, what are talking about? “G7 tanks will rore in Addis with the help of Eritrea”……”Eritrea is richer than more Arab countries and have more powerful military even America fear it”. this argument of yours just from your ignorance, you are talking about the so called a group of criminals and fugitive G7,???
      You say Eritrea is powerful didnt you follow the last year news about the Ethiopian Army insruction into Eritrea territory and crashed Eritrean forces deep into its defensive position? Eritrea does not have a capability to respond and it would not have in the future.You are just dreaming and you are using the name Chala, you are lying you are confused Eritrean.dont pretend to be Ethiopian
      A pice f advise for you, just come to your mind!

  2. Meron says:

    Eritrea is hell Turned Singapore. The dream land has completely turned into hell for its citizens who were brainwashed to choose “Freedom” or remains slaves under Ethiopia. What a bad fortune for Eritreans!

  3. Mebratu says:

    Eritrea with Ethiopia was semi-tolerable place. Now it’s intolerable. It’s a prison state.

  4. Mebratu says:

    Is Ethiopia’s democracy better or worst than Eritrea?

  5. samuel says:

    For example, the United States Declaration of independence, “We start from the self-evident truth that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”
    Amnesty International rejects both of these responses. No other plausible answers, this approach does not provide and cannot offer.
    1) United States reaction to the movements against dictatorships friendly to Washington was very different. 2.Washington has hesitated, deciding whether or not to refuse from supporting their satellites in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. A similar reluctance of Washington shows up on the conflict, slow simmering in Ethiopia.At a time when the ruling TPLF regime intensifies repressions against opponents. The Obama administration’s very modest reaction to these events is dramatically different from the violent and harsh condemnations of similar reprisals from Eritrea, Iran, Syria and Libya.
    3) Washington very softly and humbly responded to the brutal persecution of independent journalists and their arrest in prison. e.g. eskndr Nega…so and so on.
    4)Abama administration has not criticized the TPLF regime about our muslims brothers(spritual leaders)and their arrest in prison.
    therefore how i can believe amnesty international,HRW…?
    I think so, enough to talk and discuss. It’s time to act! True one at all and others do not and cannot be!

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