Siye Abraha’s younger brother arrested along with Melaku Fanta


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39 Responses

  1. leba says:

    Where is Queen of Corruption Evil Azeb Mesfin ?????? Until they arrest her and put her on trial, they can not defuse the system. Everybody knows who is leading the gang!!!!!! AZEB !!!!!

  2. TEDDY says:



    • bendo says:

      H/Mariam is tasting his power.
      The game is started and it will be long one not like football but like cricket it take weeks to know the winners.

  3. Bati banti says:

    Here is the kangaroo justice again!! You are guilty until you prove to the dictators that you are innocent . Are these people failed to offer their profit to EFFORT? What a failures are they?

  4. ali says:


    Believe me she will be arrested and will surrender whatever she looted before sending her to Tigrai – mark my words, this will happen soon.

  5. Nehemiah says:

    Smart tactic to divert the attention of the citizen from the big news of the video footage leaked from Somali Region and exposed the conspiracy of Woyane.

    It is a gamble to trap the FISH letting the WHALE to loot more in the sea of corruption

  6. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Good for you EPRDF, Corrupts should be held accountable. This is such a great move for our Government and our country. If our government keeps on kicking this money grabers lazy Azzes we will do even better in our Development. Its sad our own leaders will do this to us, but it is a good thing we have our constitution to protect us from dangerous individuals. Anyways its good news, who knows this may have saved millions of BIRR, and now it will go to public use than this corrupts pockets. Good job EPRDF!!

    • chuchu says:

      This is for political consumpition and divert attention as they did on Abay dam during high time.What about Azeb Gola, their multi billionneir military officials and all corrupted heads of EFFORT company?

  7. Mario says:

    Good job EPRDF, clean them out & give them a harsh punishment so others can learn from it! We know there are many who have no love to their country, but their belly!

    Ethiopian generations paid their lives to reach it here , but greedy individuals couldn’t live with their salary & corrupted themselves!

    Good job EPRDF!

  8. Geremew Zenaw says:

    Did you notice the names of the majority of the arrestees ? That sounds like kicking out those who are not TPLF loyalists & people whose first or last names is not “Hagose” or something similar so they can find vacancy for party loyalists or Hagoses? Gulicha bekeyere wote ayatafitim.

  9. Weyanay says:

    To some Nephtegnoch readers!,

    As you think that W/o Azeb and other military officials are corrupters, let us leave to time, but leading EFFERT is not considered as leading a country at a Minister level like the blood sucker Nephtegna Melaku Fante, but always your political orientation and Ethinic hatred on Tegaru dictates you what to write and bark on social media, so hoping to arrest Azeb is a nightmare, she is a wise of Meles who has been tested in his life while melting to improve Ethiopia. But my response for you is dream to see jailing or sacking of anther corrupted Nephtegna Official!!!! (Starting the Tamrat Laynye Era you ass holes are leading in the corruption list and would target on you and your sympathasizers!!!)

    • Ebtisam says:

      Can you tell us where all those Generals, and TPLF members (including the Seye family) who came to the bush bare handed and turned suddenly into ‘buisness’ men and women had brought their money from? Remember, whether caught or not a thief is always a thief, and each of them will answer for their deeds. By the way, we didn’t know that TPLF also keeps ‘neftegnas’ in its rank. As long as we know Melaku was part of this tribalist regieme right from the start until he was thrown to jail a few days back.

  10. Ali says:

    @ leba
    Antew rashe leba auld heme ende
    Before you told us meles have big mention (house)in Paris,new York ,
    Arizona,Ohio…. Where those house who live ther.
    You now mr leba the problem is you and ur party G7 you talk too much. But the Ethiopian government still hard work thanks to PM HD.
    You can not gate a power by laying too much no way.
    God bless Ethiopia
    We know now who is Realey love moma Ethiopia
    Bozene heula…..

  11. samuel says:

    the corruption in the higher echelons of power? And where at least someone who was caught by the hand? Where someone from the ruling coalition(TPLF,EPRDF), which would have been exposed? Well, there was no such.
    Systemic corruption threatens the national security of Ethiopia.
    1)flight of the capital(up to year 2008 more than ~ 11 billion dollars)
    2)Emigration from Ethiopia thousands people a year, mostly businessmen, professionals, educated youth, dramatically reduces business activity in the country.
    3)The monopolization of the economy, it is concentrated in the hands of friends and acquaintances TPLF leads to rapid increases in the prices of goods and services, reduce the standard of living of its citizens.
    4)dependence of the courts from the executive leads to lawlessness, lack of rights of the population. how to reduce corruption in the country?
    a)Return the fair free elections with the participation in them real political opposition.
    b)To achieve real independence of the judiciary and judicial responsibility for the decisions taken.
    c)Conduct an independent investigation into the activities of EFORT company(TPLF)and his pals – officials and businessmen for corruption. The results of the investigation, to publicize.
    d) Reform the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, the Prosecutor’s Office.
    For these, you only need one – the political will and honesty of the country’s leadership. . At present authorities have neither the one nor the other.

  12. Abe says:

    My guess is that these people probably denied TPLF business from importing goods free of taxation. The amount of money said to have been found in the corruption suspects is small. It is less than US$ 50,000. What is the big fuss here?. Effort is corrupted in billions. Plus why is Eshetu Woldesemayat (Chief prosecutor at ERCA) arrested? He has no direct link to financial operation in ERCA. His role is probably to follow corrupt officials and linked business group. Is it because he has been obstacle? So do the minister. He has no direct link to imports. His role is at permission decision. It is hard to legally do permission on illegal matters without being TPLF member. He is not TPLF member. We have to ask this entire question before we accept arrested people as corrupt. We have to take a lesson from Siye’s arrest – fake corruption case.

    • ET says:

      $ 2.1 mil Birr + $19,435 Euro + $26,300 USD = less than $50,000 USD. Your know what, go back to school,get Your 1+1 right and then try criticize the government.

    • ET says:

      @ Abe
      Eshetu,his job is to follow up corruption/corrupted officials and put them to justice okay that is his job, it is obvious that there are corrupted officials in the system no one denied that but none of them have been brought to justice which means this Eshetu Woldesemayat guy is not doing his job properly so Abe don’t u think this a very good reason to arrest this guy punish him for not doing his job and then replace with responsible and competent person so that those corrupted officials can be brought to justice. Abe obviously your calculation is a bit off however don’t you think this is a calculated move??

  13. D says:

    Use that money for GRD/Abay Gedeb..find more money and use it for to build the dam.

  14. Abe says:

    disqus wrote in the Reporter:

    “This is just replacing the Amara Weyanes with Tigre Weyanes. This has a political motive. Everybody knows that Melaku was better than Getachew Belay (the previous boss of the same office). Getachewu was allowed to get corrupted, collected enough money, and fled to the US because he was a Tigre. Reporter said that the Weyanes were following Melkau for three years. How come he didn’t know that if he was being followed for that long? This is a big false. According to my information from the family, the truth is that Melaku wrote a letter to Haile Mariam in the past month or so, to ask EFFORT to pay a tax arrear that extends back to its establishment in the 1970s. Very recently, he raised his voice against the expulsion of Amaras and warned some of the top guys that this will backfire. There was even a hot discussion with Bereket and Debre Tsion. The letter and his voice has led to his detention, and the decision was made in Mekele at EFFORT’s office (where else) by TPLF gangs. He heard this well in advance when he was abroad from a Weyane friend in Addis, and called the PM and he was told that the PM is unaware of that meeting. Melaku returned to Addis regardless, because he was sure that he did nothing wrong and illegal. To this day, they found nothing in his office or house. They may cook a theory in the following few days, put some money in his house and take videos. This is what is expected to happen according to sources close to his family. This will allow them to put him behind the bar for long time. He deserves this because of his support to Weyane but the truth is this. He didn’t learn from Tamirat Layne. The Reporter needs to get all information from all directions before reporting.”

    • Lakew says:

      This must be true and thank you for the info. There are many Generals who are more corrupted than Melaku. Thank you Disqus, please update us whenever you get additional info. It seems that you are closer to the Melkau and had got a bit of the share. Thank you anyhow. It seems that it is another drama written and played by the Tigre Weyanes.

  15. lemma says:

    a dirty hands can not clean a clean hands but they can make them dirty. where are the bosses or the kings of corruption. it is only to cool down the anger of the people of ethiopia. it is very clear corrupition in ethiopia is at its high level peoples are suffering due to this cancer disease

  16. Naud says:

    What is the big deal about Sieye’s brother. Is he considered from those seasonal ” upper class” members who should have entitlement ? I really don’t get it.

  17. Wolo says:

    It is good job

  18. Wolo says:

    Thank you EPRDF. I do no what the opposition is doing. The government is saying give me an evidence for any who is involved in corruption but the opposition group has nothing at their hand except rumour. Down to the useless Opposition group, HGDEF and Egyptian supporters.

  19. Mario (from Ohio) says:

    Why Siye Abraha’s brother? Why don’t you use his own name like everybody else?
    ሰዎቹ በብልሹ ኣሰራራቸው ታስሯል ስለሆነም ኢህኣዴግን ጎሽ ሊባል ይገባ ነበር!ይህም ባገራች የህግ የበላይነት እየሰፈነ መሆኑን ያሳያል። ከዚህ በፊት የኢትዮጵያ መንግስታት ለስልጣናቸው የሚያሰጋ እንጂ በሌላ ምክንያት ባለስልጣናት ሲታሰሩ ኣይተን ኣናውቅም።

    የኛ ተቃዋሚዎቻችን እባካቹ ላገር የሚጠቅም ፖለቲካ ተከተሉ! እንደከብት ወጣታቹ የምትገቡበት ፖለቲካ ከተከተላቹ ብዙ ኣመታት ኣልፏል!ላገር የሚጠቅም ፖለቲካ እንደሌላቹ እኛም ናንተም እናውቃለን ! ደጋፊዎቻቹም የሚከተሏቹ ፈርተው ነው እንጂ ወደው እንዳልሆነ ከቅርብ ወዳጆቻችን ለመረዳት ችለናል!

    ብትሻሉ ለራሳቹም፣ለኛም፣ላገራቹም ትሻላላቹም ትጠቅማላቹም! ባላቹበት ከቀጠላቹ የኋላ የኋላ ጉዳቱ ለናንተ ነው!

  20. Kal says:

    For 21 years eprdf/woyane party and its gang members have been corrupt. Why the woyanes want to arrest these peoples now? As usual political motive or it can be a conflict of interest with key clan members of the woyane regime.

  21. Kal says:

    For 21 years eprdf/woyane party and its gang members have been corrupt. Why the woyanes want to arrest these peoples now? As usual political motive or it can be a conflict of interest with key clan members of the woyane regime. As mentione above it is targeted on specific group Amhara officals and buisnesmen.

  22. Mario says:

    Geremew Zenaw

    Why trying to coin it with partialism? In my opinion, whether their names are Geremew, Hagos or Mohammad they are all EPRDFites, therefore ,I think we need to salute the EPRDFites for starting to clean their corrupted members !

    You have been attacking the TPLFites separately & you are doing the same think again!

    I hope the diaspora opposition will start to audit themselves so we can know the where about of our money !

  23. Naomi says:

    Hailemariam is hungry. Looks like another hungry dracula is getting ready to bleed the country dry.

  24. Selam says:

    Let’s wait and see. It is very hard to believe that these people the only were in fact corrupted comparing to the entire governmental structure. The houses and businesses own by the ruling party officials in Asia and West, you could only wonder why these individual targeted. There must be some type of motive behind this action.

  25. Abe says:

    How did Mefin engineering, Sore, Guna, etc reached to giant stage? Let us investigate the TPLF companies who get loan from banks without any collateral. I think the big corruption starts here. jumping to a small minster does not make sense. He should be the last person to be investigated among the EPRDFites.

    • ET says:

      U know what writing three lines and posting it here does not make a change, if u think they need to be investigated and if u think you are man enough why don’t u try walking the walk, move you lazy azz of the couch and lead the way. I think you need to put up or shat up.

      People why don’t we give them the benefit of the doubt, It looks like PM HMD is starting something were he think is right so wait and see what his next move is. And Abe PM HMD is not taxi driver like you, u c he has done his A to Z and got his 1+1 right so I think he is worth of benefit of a doubt. Abe As of your post you can stick up your worthless critic where the sun don’t shine.

      Abe please make yourself useful and make awramba a favor stop posting here and waste memory space.

  26. Abe says:

    ET, thanks for ur comments minus ur uncivilized name calling.

    Fighting corruption is right. No one denies that and so do I. The issue I say is start from the head. We have comapnies not audited for 22 years, not paid tax, unfairly make others out of business. That is where we have to aim at first. Or at least create a label field for others in the business and service sector. In this way things will change by themselves. Then only credebility comes. Otherwsie how do we know that this thing is not a setup as was done against Siye Abrha. The late PM used the ati-corruption commision to silent opposition within his own party. Let us ask first those who do the big time corruption, who contlolled the market without competetion, and made life unbearable to the 90 million people.

    ET, do you have any issue with that? I do not have a drop of tear for Melaku. He was instrumental in jailing Ayalew, the owner of Ayat real state because he refused to contribute money to EPRDF agenda. My point is, Melaku is a small man to be news in corruption case. As to the comments that I do not walk the walk, I am not an authority to arrest corrupted people. Your comment is therefore misplaced.

  27. Abe says:


    Some of your points have merits. The government has every reason and justification to bring corrupts to justice, small or big case. What I want to point is The small officials are not priority in current Ethiopia. I say tackle the big issue first and foremost. First make sure the playing field is leveled in the business and service sector and create competition. This has tremendous result. Second, give freedom to the media- the like of Awrabas. They have tremendous power to expose misdeeds. Then come to small people last.

    You put $ 2.1 mil Birr + $19,435 Euro + $26,300 USD. The first is wrong. Even if it is right, it is no more than US$200,000. That is minute compared to the billions capital corruption. How much Meles sent to Eritrea in his early years of rule? There are similar hundreds of thousands million cases. I do not even go to the extent of investigating this. Simple and effective way: make the playing field level, free up media and have a justice system free of the executive power. Everything will adjust afterwards.

    Another point: Why do we need persecutors in every office: City administration, Corruption commission, Revenue authority, ministry of justice. Did this arrangement help in fighting corruption? Each of these office can arrest anyone in their own jails. This by itself is corruption. Why not we leave everything to the ministry of justice?

    • ET says:

      Why not leave it for Justice minister…….well it has been left for the Justice minister, however he has been found incompetent and has been fired.

      Look, it is not even a year since PM HMD assumed his position and already he is arresting ministers. U know what it is easy to cash judgment and criticize others when u are not the one making all those though decision. I am sure when you walk in their shoe it is a different story. I think he is like a cat trying to take down an elephant, can’t jump high enough so has to start somewhere, he has started not right at the bottom but in the middle ( I believe he has jumped high enough considering the time he has been in the office) so lets give him credit for what he has done so far.

      U right they need to free media,however the problem is how meany Ethiopian journalist knows journalism ethics, people like Abebe Gelaw, Elias Kefle and ESAT are among the many that are using the media for their personal ego.
      Media is a powerful weapon if it fall in the wrong hand i.e. Toxic diaspora journalist it may destroy the nation

      By the way in the eyes of law there is no small or big corruption, corruption is corruption all have to be brought to justice, just because there is a big fish you don’t ignore the small fish. May be what HMD did or is doing is to send massage to the big fish you know ( I am coming to get you) big fish u are next on the line

    • ET says:

      It way take time but
      No wrong deed goes unpunished
      in the process
      No Good deed goes unpunished
      Such unfair world

  28. solomon says:

    Every time I see Hailemariam Desalegne He looks like to me General Teferi Benti. I hope he is aware of his surrounding, so history doesn’t repeat it self.

  29. Mario says:


    Mesfin engineering started with money that we contributed while we were fighting the brutal Derg! Tigrian in & outside Ethiopia was collecting money for 17 years! In the war times, Mesfin engineering was in the Sudanese city called Gedariff as a garage & machine shop fixing TPLFites war machines before it moved to Mekelle! From my understanding, Mesfin Engineering, Guna…. Pays their taxes properly …! If you remember, Her honor Mis Azeb Gola explained how much taxes had been paid in the past on her interview! It is in the archives if aiga if you wish to see for yourself ! Our problem is not anything , but
    Lack of a strong & visionary opposition party!

  30. alexwondo says:

    As to me it is good movement for our developement.But it needs agreat care wisenes of H/mariam Desalegn and his parts.People can wait the result what ever it is and it should not be des’g the people of Ethioipia.God help you!

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