President Girma calls for the erection of a statue for Emperor Haile-Selassie


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74 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks to president Girma, Atse Haile Selassie was the number one role player in the freedom of African countries from their colonizers. It was the OAU first founded by the great effort of the emperor. The trees found in front of the ECA that are planted during that time are a witness. It was very disgusting what the deceased tyrant Meles was doing against the great role Haile Selassie played in the birth of the African Union. He was fooling himself by denying the reality that the Emperor plays in the liberation of Africa during that dark time. The great African freedom fighter Mandela was born during this time to fight the apartheid regime of South Africa. Nkrumah is nothing when you compare with Haile Selassie. So, this 50th years celebration of the union at this month must consider those founders of the union like Atse Haile Selassie and others and should give a good respect for their golden works.

    • Alemu says:

      Thank You very Much presiednt Girma
      Eventhough its let apeal its nice to say what you believe.
      I apreciate what you did on Enviromental protection, your letter of request about the return of our pop.
      I think all of us must Give what somebody deserves. In terms of OAU Hilesillassie is not compariable to any body else even Kwame.

    • Lemagne Beyene says:

      The only true Ethiopian hero is the emperor H/Silasse.

      Wow Ethiopia i will cry for you While we the chosen ones leaving like this those who are not born to rule are in 4 kilo.

      Time change and now Oromo, Tigre even somali and south wolayita want to be a leader.

      To lead you have to born for it. H/selasse will raise from dead and rule ethiopia and make her the richest country in the world.

      Lets pray for that.

  2. edeb says:

    Mr. President, this time you are absolutely wrong. How soon you you forgot what Hailesselasie did for Ethiopias. Is it Dementia or advanced alzheimer disease???? or What
    Hailesellsie is one of the Ethiopian leaders who brought all these sociopolitical problems Ethiopian is in now. What do you have to speak for his Man??
    I believe his soul is buring in seol and we need to burn his History too here in Ethiopia. Rather than seeing his statue being erected im my country, I would rather perefer Mengistu come and lead my country

    • Abamala says:

      Please don’t mix the history of your country with local politics haile is
      haile we proud him for what he did for Africa as an African
      Do you now how many million of dollars are we getting beclouse of this nice king today AU and ECA is an investment to Ethiopia
      In the modern history of Ethiopia no Leader make history like what
      He did

      • sahle says:

        Shame on you Abamal…always begging! are you proud of a leader who was a beggar in your own words?

        • Gembre says:

          Dude…take it easy…just because people in Tigray hated him does not mean the entire continent hated him…

          Give credit when it is due..

          What you are doing the same thing as having a future Ethiopian leader from Ogaden and him burning the picture of Meles…

          No one is perfect…

    • abi says:

      poor of you buddy, pleas read your history…and finish your grade 4 ‘gibre geb’ book.

    • Samuel says:

      Stick to the message and avoid posting slanderous remarks. People like you are rminders of the utter backwardness of our people. Please don’t make fun of people for their medical conditions, even when they have them.

      You said “all these sociopolitical problems” without mentioning one. If you can explain what those problems are then you will be sticking to the point.

      I am anti-feudal system but show respect for someone who did a billion times more than you could ever do in 100 life times.


  3. denden says:



  4. HornofAfrica says:

    Myopic ethnic politics of the worst type, instead of national politics, played the major role in the exclusion of emperor HS. He was one of the two main founding fathers of the OAU. His statue should have been at the AU, in his own capital city, right next to that of Kwame Nkrumah.
    Even though the emperor had his shortcomings, including of course the person who took this unfair decision single handedly, nevertheless, the choice to alienate the emperor from the organization he worked hard to create was taken with the intention of destroying his legacy.
    Unfortunately, they could not show some magnanimity even for the sake of the country’s history. I hope the President will succeed in his endeavor.

  5. hagos says:

    I am deeply saddened of the out come of tplf juntas refusing to aknowledged what late hailesilasie did to ethiopia in particular and to africa in general.he wds one of the founder of the AO KNOWN AU he should have a respect interms of his contribution.He worked hard than the late prime minister in unifiying ethiopia than the federalist an eritrean I always hate what he did to my country eritrea as a invider and dictator but to ethiopia he did a lot than the prime minister who put ethiopians in a list of modern beggars

  6. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Oh Wow, But I think his Statue should be built in England, his home, because its where he was Hiding while the JEGNOCH of Ethiopia where fighting foreign enemy, and when he got back after war ended he Murdered the Hero Belay Zeleke because he was afraid Belay would overthrow him.What a sick mind. Anyways I believe in looking through history and give credit to the people who deserve it, and Haile doesn’t deserve one.

    • Kiros says:

      Nukruma was a pan African who scarified himself for the cause of Africa for Africans. haileslase also helped on creating OAU. But he was also a servant of the west. do u know his real history. read in UK archive. he abandoned ETHIOPIA & asked asylum as refugee in UK. it was an American journalist which had a good r/ship with him in ETHIOPIA spoke with him & the UK to revoke his assaylum & considered as opposition in diaspora. even for sometime he was not talking to the heroes in ETHIOPIA. Belay Zeleke new haileslase betried ETIOPIA. thats why he is killed. the late priminister knows this history. that’s why he is denied a statute in AU. haileslases history looks good b/c of manipulation of Amhara historians. what are the Wollos who got finished with the covered starvation to say. this days tha one is a crime against humanity. Please Amhara brothers live in a reality for the sake of peace.

      • Linen says:

        Mahlet and Kiros.

        @ Mahlet what is worse flexing the country at that time and fight politically or die as a king or surrender and kill everyone’s spirit? For your information he fled and Brought the British at a crucial time when some actually sided with Italians and killed their own type. I will leave the judgment to you. And for you information there was assembley before she fled the country everyone agreed it was for the best interest of the country so he did and the plan worked. Read and argue don’t just throw words you heard from other people.
        @ Kiros again you read what you want to read. Wants to sound fair with a cruel twist to the story. You are just another TplF die hard supporter that fears the Amhara.

    • Alem says:

      Mahlu, at least you recognized Haileselassie was a historical figure. You now have to come to terms that he was a prominent architect in the formation of the OAU. Every African nation and the rest of the world acknowledges this. You sound to be intelligent enough to not accept this fact.

    • Gembre says:

      No one is perfect…give credit when it is due and criticize when necessary…

    • margda says:

      Mahlet Atebebe

      do not get consumed by hate. even your midget meles zenawi got a foundation in his name. wasn’t midget meles zenawi the ringleader who ordered the killing of over 200 innocent people in addis ababa during the 2005 general elections? he was forced to do that because he feared he would lose his power, right? i am not saying it was okay that belay zeleke was assassinated but it is not comparable to the summary massacre of a couple of hundred ethiopians in one day. please leave your tribal robes below your feet when you come to public places like this.

    • Linen says:

      Pleas list one thing bad The King did wrong to Tigrayns? Just one. You just full of hate propaganda and nothing more. I have never heard Hilesilase killing demonistrators in day light and call them adegenga bozene like there were strapped with explosives. See you are a product of hate that was preached by the very few that wanted to recrute Tigrayan rebels. Btw you wouldn’t have enjoyed Addis Ababa as we speak if it was not for him. You can deni his respect but the African nation won’t. You can try to erase history but you won’t. You probably don’t want to give Amhara the satisfaction right?

    • alex says:

      Mahlet, If ethiopians try to built a statue in Addis Ababa for Belay Zeleke, I am 100% certain that you will find something bad to say about this man and oppose it.

  7. Alex says:

    መለስ አማራን በመጥላቱ ሳይሆን የአባይን ግድብ በማስጀመሩ ሊታወስ ይገባል ፣ ሃውልትም ልናቆምላት ይገባል::
    ሃይለስላሴም የአፍሪካ ህብረትን በአዲስ አበባ እንዲቋቋም በማድረገቸው ሊታወሱ ይገባል ፣ሃውልትም ልናቆምላትቸው ይገባል::
    መንግስቱም ብዙ ነፍስ በመግደሉ ሳይሆን የኢቶዮጵያን ፊውዳላዊ አወቃቀር በማጥፋቱ ሊታወስ ይገባል ፣ ሃውልትም ልናቆምላት ይገባል::
    ይሄን ልናደርግ የምንችለው እኛ ነን:: መለስ ፣ መንግስቱ እና ሃይለስላሴ እርስ በርስ አንዱ አንዱን እየተቃወሙ ስለመጡ ያንዱን በጎ አንዱ ሊያስታውሰው አይፈልግም::

  8. Aymamo says:

    Dawit Kebede has become a propaganda machine for the regime. Look at his postings trying to sale the government tireless effort to combat corruption and install good governance. The funny thing is the news come flowing hours after hours. Dawit do not be cynic. You are fooling yourself and no one else.

    1. President Girma calls for the erection of a statue for Emperor Haile-Selassie ((May 12, 2013)
    2. Siye Abraha’s younger brother arrested along with Melaku Fanta(May 11, 2013)
    3. Justice Minister Brehan Hailu has been fired from his job (May 11, 2013)
    4. Ethiopia: The Nation’s Top Taxman Detained on Corruption Charges (May 11, 2013)

    • ET says:

      Dawit is a journalist, his job is to convey what is out there to the general public and exactly what he is doing.
      1) No one is forcing you to come this website
      2) If you want the edited version of the news then you can go and visit ESAT they will tell you exactly what you want to hear.
      3) like it or not it an effort to combat corruption.
      4) You are the one who is trying to fool yourself
      5) Do yourself a favor try to be +ve person, it is just a start give them the BOD before jumping to conclusion.

      • Aymamo says:

        Do you exactly know what are you writing or someone who is busy with other stuffs gave you to post it here? Don’t you feel shame when you want to tell me about the effort made by woyane to combat corruption when you truly know woynae means corruption? How corruption can fight corruption?
        Nobody said Dawit is not a journalist; what has been told here is, his coverage is promotional to the regime than a journalist job.
        In fact, I have not seen enough coverage, if there is one, on this website about the Guraferda and Beneshangul scandal. Isn’t this a very serious matter that needs special coverage?
        You can paint it the way it make you feel good, but the truth is EPRDF (The whole apparatus) is a broken failed system good for nothing.
        Free Eskinder Nega and all political prisoners en Ethiopia.
        Stop apartheid and ethnic cleaning in Ethiopia
        Stop the land grab in Ethiopia

        • Walelign says:

          “promotional?” what does that mean? when people thrown to jail, isn’t it the responsibility of any media to report about it? Was Dawit’s website the only one to report this? Why don’t you say the same when you see those stories on ESAT and Ecadf? The answer is clear these media’s are owned by Amhara chauvinists so that’s not your headache? Let me tell you one thing, whether you call it a “diversion technique” or “a promotional tactic”, the creature of any NEWS for the consumption of diaspora based medias is EPRDF itself. As far as there is no activity in Ethiopia that jeopardizes the functions of the government, there is nothing to be diverted. Yesewochu metaser asmelkito zena tesera altesera woyanen yemifetaten hayl bakebabiw cherso yelem. Minim yeteleye neger saynor deretachun atinfu

          • Aymamo says:


            Siye Abreham be musna tekeso 6 amet esir bet neber. Yehonewin gin hulachinm enawkalen. Birtukan Mideksam be kirbu gelsawalech. Yemilh kegebah magenazeb tichlaleh malet new, alezia gin enadw zim blo gze matfat new yemihonew.

  9. Aduagenet says:

    pres. Girma is absolutly right to insist the erection of the emperor’s statue since all his good times are deeply associated with the emperor’s reign but what about those who have horrendously suffered in his tenur and do not want the memory of it? I suspect, Haile might have recognized the importance of african unity not because he felt african rather to revenge the humiliation he was shoved down his throat at the league of nation. Then what is the pride in there to celebrate an oreo? For me, erecting his statue is not only a shame to Ethiopia adding to the suspcion of other africans who have great leaders whom they want their statues erected that we are taking advantage of the location but also could play a negative role locally by throwing the amhara era resentment back to table sparking political instability that could threaten the country’s integrity. So the good idea is to ‘NOT’.

  10. Gezaee H. says:

    Every leader has plus and minus, but Hailelassie’s minus is more than his plus. I am not denying his contribution. But his contribution is minimal to what he did to the country. Is it not during his reign that Ethiopians perished in millions in Wollo and Tigrai because of famine? Whatever good he did was erased by shame he brought to the country at the end. He did hide the famine and kept quiet while people perishing in mass by famine. Food was rotting in the rest of the country. Did he not put Ethiopia to shame on the world face which is still making us to be called starving and dying nation. Guys be honest to yourself; do not lie gloss the truth. For me it does not matter whether they put for him statue or an idol. I do not care about him and even about what he did. But you must stop trying to cover us and blind us. I do not know about others, I know the people in the north hate him because he subjected to too much human suffering not seen inhuman history. He has carried silent genocide in Wollo and Tigrai. What you expect survivors from his mass starved tigrai and wollo to admire him. My reading tells me Haileslassie was much admired outside Ethiopia than inside Ethiopia. During his reign, there was slavery. The tukurs were not allowed to have land or to intermarry. He called himself God chosen.Do you believe there is leader put on earth by God direct instruction? He was Siyoume egzabhir? how could someone who throned by God to serve his people subject his people the silent genocide ? Build for him a statue anywhere but do not forget to put together with his statue a montage of the millions of wolloyes and Tigreans who perished inside. Do not tell us only his plus. History must tell the truth for other generation to learn from the mistakes. Stop blinding our conscience and eyes to agree with you. I have qualm but let the truth speak itself about anyone. Do not tell me about him. I know his entire history with all his pluses and minuses. Stop lying.

    • Gezaee says:

      I mean I have no qualm but let the truth speak itself about anyone. Do not tell me about him

    • Linen says:

      There you go tegadali. You are…full of hate. I will just point out one fact everyone can check and Prove to everyone you are full of lies. The amount of people affected in Wolo and Tigray was not in millions. It was around 350000 people. Get your facts straight. Now if you talk about mengistu that is 3000000. Meles 15000000. Lets talk about that esti. Hilesilase was not perfect like Meles but he has done excellent on fighting for African freedom and also bringing African Union to Ethiopia. So at least for his role of bringing to addis give he deserves a foundation too. So you are one of those Internet diaspora selay that gets about $700 a week from the gov. And I think I know who you are too. Waaaaaaa lol Now days you guys can get deported for spying in US and elsewhere.

  11. True-Pan-African says:

    When it comes to the promotion of a United States of Africa only two other heads of state could have statues next to Nkrumah; Sekou Toure and Muamar Ghadaffi. Two other figures would deserve mention: Marcus Garvey and Kwame Ture.

  12. koya says:

    Haile selasse is responsable of millions dead ethiopians,eritreans and all the economic,politic and social probleme of ethiopia.He was a feudal backwardness

  13. Mestewat says:

    I don’t believe that the patently impotent figurhead president can make any difference. This is only a rare show business. No business is like show business! 🙂

  14. Abishee says:

    Unmaterializing attempt for the poor president who is insulting Oromos, Tigreans, Eritreans and all non-ahmaras to erect the statue of one of the African bloodsucker and criminal against humanity.He has no moral and human wisdom for Ethiopians in any sense who abandoned at a difficult time to save his life or who was celebrating for his throne while the Wollo population over two millions were deying by starvation.
    How many Oromo, Tigrai and Eritrean cities were burnt down to silence the voice for scial justice by his direct aproval?. He did Not care for the suffering of Ethiopians, but keeping his power and looting the nation’s resources to build the foreign economy aka Switzerland where Billions of $ deposited and vanished.Thanks to Haile, Ethiopia at the 21st century rated as the poorest nation on earth. Hence Haile Selassie for non ahmarsa is the symbol of genocide, the symbol of poverty and the father of famine. If the ahmaras really enjoy for such, they can erect in their garage.

  15. Gezaee says:

    A note: please do not worship leaders; they are mortal human being like everyone. Please leave them in peace. We do not need to waste time talking dead people now. Whatever he did is irreversible; we can not return all those walleye and Tigrains. We know you insult woyane by calling derq walleye, the same foreigners call us starving people, you call Wolloyes starving people in Ethiopia. you call Tigreans beggars? but it was Haileslassie you made the walleyes walleye derq and Tigrean beggar. Twen bekachu twen Ethiopian lemaywk negerut. Let us not waste time now on Haileslassie, Menelick, Yohannes and Theodroes. My heroes are Yohanes who gave himself to save the Gonderes, Jojammies when they were facing massacre. It is Theodroes who gave swallowed bullet instead of handing himself to an enemy? how many of you can give your head to Ethiopia like Yohannes? How many of you can swallow a bullet like Theodroes? Yet , there is no single statue either for Yohannes or Theodros or Allula. We are tired of lies, wushet, ignorance, biase, prejudice, hate, rivalry, feud, antagonism. Please let us move forward and do the right the thing now wasting time talking about dead bodies. American, Japanese are working hard to do mining on other planets and even trying to find a better planet to live. People working day and night to fix human mortality and destiny. You spend much of you time chewing about past leaders. Please move forward.

  16. Aba bora says:

    If they build it a statue for that nefetegna, we will destroy it overnight. This x-feudal president used to be his servant that is why. The oppressed people of Ethiopia don’t want another nefetegna having a statue built for him while Meles is Banda and mengistu is Baria geday etc. if they build a statue for him, they have to build for all three. Otherwise we will destroy it. Mark my words!

  17. Aba bora says:

    We ask the new prime minister to follow meles’ example and not to be bullied by these Amharanized grease bags into appeasing the chauvinist elite. Mr Hailmarima get rid of this useless ASAP, Thank you! There will be a civil war if they erect anything for ankober blood suckers who sold fellow Ethiopoans as slaves.

  18. aba bora says:

    The opportunism, selfishness and self-centeredness of elite Amhara Ethiopians is astounding. On one hand they don’t recognize the Ethiopiawinet of Meles Zenawi and oppose all kinds of positive contributions including the building of the hedase dam but they want the very same “Banda” “outsider” to build a statue for their rasta king. What ignominious hypocrites.

  19. germognal says:

    I was one of the young people standing in front of Africa Hall watching the first OAU meeting in a closed circuit TV in May of 1963. It is true that Dr. Kwame Nikrumah had played a significant role in the creation of the African Union (then OAU); but it was the ingenuity, diplomacy, and people skill of Emperor Haile Selassie that made it happen. Haile Selassie was the undisputed spokesperson of the OAU even though narrow-minded and hostile individuals, like Meles Zenawi, tried to downplay that idea.

    There is no question about it that Emperor Haile Selassie deserves a statue more than anyone else.

    Kudos to President Girma wolde Giorgis for pushing the idea of a statue for Emperor Haile Sellassie! President Girma, the next step will be pushing for the idea of politcal and press freedom for all Ethiopians as well, including the unconditional release of all political prisoners in Ethiopia.

  20. Nehemiah says:

    Melese has said the Emperor wasn’t Pan-Africanist; instead Nkrumah deserved the statue for his excelled contribution on account of the Pan-African Movement.

    No Ethiopian stands against the erection of the statue for Kwame Nkrumah. The question was and is still should Haile Selassie not deserved statue for his contribution to the formation of OAU?

    Melese lessened or nullified his effort boldly in his speech to the so-called Parliament. If that was the justification for not erecting the statue, Why and how the President dared reignite the issue once buried as rubbish by woyane mastermind

  21. Mario says:

    Kwame Nkrumah,

    Thank you for putting the issue into the right context. The action taken was beyond reason and was purely based on hate and revenge. What Meles didn’t know was hate is also self destructive.

    Where the hell was this Teddy Bear toy when Meles Zenawi stripped Emperor Haile Sellasie his right place in Ethiopian/African history and denied the erection of his statue next to President Kwame Nkrumah in front of AU Head Quarter?

    The denial/rejection was meant to “humiliate Meles Zenawi and his kin’s perceived enemies, the Amharas”. Now, when the going gets tough, it is time to resurface the issue for another round of lulling and calming angry Ethiopians.

    We all know the quest for the erection of HIM’s statue is not from the so-called president. He is doing what he is told to do by his masters, another hate bunch. The President, Girma Woldegiorgis is one such an embarrassing object the Ethiopian have ever seen.

    Had it not been for Emperor Haile Sellasssie good gestures, Meles Zenawi wouldn’t have been what he is now in the Ethiopian history. During his school and college years, Meles had great freedom thanks to the Emperor. Unfortunately, because Meles was a born-traitor, he did what the majority Ethiopians could not imagine, let alone accept it. Sad, but true!!!

    We demand NOW the erection of HIM’s statue and the demolition of the statue of Patriarch Paulos, another born-traitor.

    May wisdom/rationality outlive human stupidity!!!

    • Mario says:

      Look at you! You could use your own nick name! You chose to use my nic coz you are not here to discuss things, but to play nasty! It is so sad that I’m the same citizen as you are! I understand what kind of human being you are! So sad that you use my nic just to create a conflict here with out having a respect to these who created us an opportunity to discuss here freely! Grow up & try to use your own nic!

  22. Mario says:

    Haileselassie , abandoned Ethiopia & Ethiopian during the fascist Italy invasion with all his family to safety ,while the fought hand to hand burning in a fire! Haileselassie killed hundreds of thousands tigrians using British Air Forces stationed in Yemen ! Haileselasdie killed Our heroes who stood their ground to defeat the fascist Italy , like Belai zeleke & others…! Erecting a statue for a king who left his country to be devastated in abject poverty & backwardness is not appropriate!

    There are many Heroes & Heroines who stayed in their country during the bad times of the Second World War , who deserves statue!
    ሥራ ያጣ መነኩሴ ቆቡን ቀዶ ይሰፋል ኣሉ!

  23. Mario says:

    1)ኣፄ ሃይለሥላሴ በጣልያ ወረራ ጊዜ የኢትዮጽያ ህዝብ ላገሩ በእሳት እየነደደ ላገሩ መስዋእት እየከፈለ በነበረበት ጊዜ እሳቸው ግን ከሀ እስከ ፐ ቤተሰቦቻቸውን በማስሸሽ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብን ለጠላት ኣሳልፈው ሰጥቷል።
    2)ከሸሹበት ከተመለሱ በላም በጀግንነት ላገራቸው የተዋጉት ጀግኖች ሰቅሏል፣ገድሏል፣ ለስደት ዳጓል።
    3) የትግራይን ህዝብ መብቱን በመጠየቁ ብቻ የባእድ ተዋጊ ኣውሮፕላኖች ከእንግሊዝ በመለመን በመደብደብ በመቶ ሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሂዎታቸውን ኣጥቷል።
    4)ኢትዮጵያውያን በረሃብ፣በእርዛት፣በድህነት፣በቸነፈር ሲያልቅ ምንም ሳያደርጉ ዝምብለው በማየታቸው በሚልዮኖች የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን በዓለም ፊት ተዋርደው ኣልቋል።
    ስለዚህ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ውርደቱን የሚያስታውስበት ሃወልት እንዲቆምለት ነው?

  24. It saddens me to see how many Ethiopians have lost knowledge of their ancient history and seemingly have no interest to learn it –you cannot speak about the Throne of ancient Ethiopia without including HIM…you cannot speak of the OAU without including the Father of the OAU; when you can’t speak of the Monarchy without speaking of the last of the sovernign Kings who sat upon the Throne of David in modern times…it seems as if nobody wants to know about ancient Ethiopia, the KUSH of Genesis 2:13 that has existed from the beginning of time as we know it…and the Throne of KUSH that left the 4th Cataract and moved to Axum…no body cares to connect this history…all they can think of is their mis-guided dislike or even hatred for HIM…why it is that many Ethiopians do not treasure the ancient Throne which is the oldest in the world and why is it that many Ethiopians do not know their ancient history? Why do they curse the ancient bloodline when others would give their lives to take ownership of this sacred history…why do many Ethipians curse their history and the ancient bloodline…are they not aware that many would sacrafice all they have to have ownership of such an illustrious history…they curse the ancient bloodline from KUSH to Axum–when most people would be proud of their history, Ethiopians find it worthless…there is an old saying that still rings true “the people of Sumer forgot their history…and so they died”. The spiritual state of many modern day Ethiopias brings to mind a broken Church, a broken government and an ancient Throne in exile for over 30 years. Bring the Throne Home…if only as a symbol of ancient Kushite-Ethiopian soveribnty…Ethiopias canafford to ignore this ancient history…say what you will about King of Kings Haile Selassie I: the good He has done far out-weighs any wrongs that many have attributed to HIM…many are those students and others who supported the overthrow of Gods government on Earth…and they are now ashamed and have regrets. Many Ethiopians, especially the youth have not been taught this history. It is shameful to note that while Ethiopia has allowed politics to destroy the Thone of David in Ethioia, or to attempt to, it is clear that the Throne will live forever, as the Holy Spirit has promised. have no idea how the world is thinking

  25. ABISHEE says:

    Dear Mr. Gazaee,
    Thank you for your interesting opinion on our very complicated socio-political affairs. Some time you are touching the truth, but most in your opinion influenced by your identity nationalism- the sense of great Tigray. There is no wrong in it to advocate for your national destiny as far as honestly speaking, but one can understand you that you are deceptionist who lacks courage to speak out the truth. Who cares about your Yohannes or their Menilk, we are at the 21st century whereby the Oromo, Tigrai, Sidama and others new generation should NOT penelise by the lost generation of 20th century as the nation behind bars. Today, around 35000 Oromos are behind bars for being an Oromo by the TPLF regime which you seem proud when the Oromos always mentain a good relationship with the Tigray nation, the Tigray elities including you acting as if untouchable by over looking on others. As a recent history demonstrates the fact that NO nation on earth as such powerful as much as Russiians, but could not win over identity nationalism OR the TPLF VS Derg regime. As far as the TPLF concerned a momentus of time rather than strength which will never go for ever in any sense. Ethiopia of today facing the unimaginable social tension to explode in the Yugoslavian model or even will take bitter than that what the Tigray elities are responsible for handling in such way in greedy self destructive politics. I closely follow you for such reaction for the lack of social justice, but as far as the pain of others does not coern your nation, you may enjoy as horror film from the other side. Hence our co-existence as a multi- nation state dramatically numbered . We are the only nation on earth who showed the whole world that our relationships being damaged beyond repair as it shown in Norway, USA , Australia and South Africa against our own Embassy is a shame of our national fate. Do not be greedy, support social justice and rule of law rather than dancing with your Allula…!

    • Gezaee says:

      ABISHEE, sort of disputed with myself whether to respond to you or not and decided to respond to you. Let me refrain from throwing mud at you as you did. I sense you have problem with yourself and that is beyond me to fix it. you need to work on it. I did not talk about oromo or amhara or tigrai bla bla. I do not understand why the hell you are dragging me into your microcosm? Despite that let me stay out of it because I do not want to be dragged. You did not read anything I wrote; All you are reading is your own mind. you must know I do no care what you think of others. it is up to you man. If me mentioning the name Alula is your headache, I suggest you take a medicine because I cannot help you with your problem. If you have problem with the government, then you must go and talk to the government please. I think I leave you as I promised without calling your name. Thank you

  26. Moges Mulugeta Amharay says:

    Mr. President thanks for your wakefulness and aware of possible dangers, meaning in it’s historical term! Of course, the late Meles Zenawi was full of denials! And hope as elderman, you will do your best to conclude this disputable issue for once and for all at least for the sake of history before your term ends next September.

  27. nexen says:

    It’s undeniable that his majesty was a pillar for OAU

  28. Abe says:

    The president knows better who Haileselassie was because he lived as a grown up person in his time. So he is the better person to judge the late King of Ethiopia. Plus so far Ethiopia has not obtained a more democratic leader than the King despite his feudal background. He was lways willing to talk and compromise. Even the parliament of his time has freedom to debate and decide on issues. He never killed people in mass like the two leaders after him. He had the capacity to crush the 1974 revolution had he used force. Certianly he chose sacrifing himself instead of killing the aspiring students, taxi drivers or militry uprising. Was there any mass demonstration in Ethiopian history so huge than that in 2005 against EPRDF? No. That even did not succeed let alone the sparse opposition in 1974. An African news magazine once stated that though Ethiopian leaders tried to deny Selassies’ rightful place Africa does give him. Africa does cry for him. Meles tried to take away what is right for Selassie even though other African leaders insisted Selassie be included. Now President Girma did the right thing. Hate is not a solution for what is right. Even Gezaee, one of the better persons in this forum tried to deny the legtimate rights of Selassie. History won’t deny HIM.

    • Gezaee says:

      Abe, are you saying we do not know about him? you do not know Ethiopians died in millions of in his time? the country shocked the entire humanity during his time? what is the big deal about the man who tarnished the countries image? Let us put for him statue or stones or whatever you wanted guys, but let us put montage of all of the people who died in Wollo and in Tigrai. We put all the plus and minus together, not just only the good only.

  29. Gezaee says:

    let the dead rest in peace; they do not need carvings, stones, …whatever you build for them. Even if you do, they will not see it. It is only for the satisfaction of the mortals.

    • Gezaee says:

      Even Mengistu Hailemariam has plus. Let us put for everyone; for Haileslassie, Mengistu, Meles, Theodroes, Yohannes, Alula, and belay zeleke, other heroes I do not know and we put everything they did both good and bad, then everyone will be happy. Otherwise, leaving the bad and talking about the positive only is not help for the coming generation. It is like saying these leaders were perfect.

  30. Abishee says:

    Pardon Mr Gezaee if I crossed the limit of tolerance towards your opinion. As we are trying to build a tolerance society based on common interest either knowingly or unknowingly some kind of misunderstanding may happen which is a normal in a developed society, but in Ethiopians context interpreted as enemy by having a different opinion rather than taking as a diversity for common strength. Your response shows such offensive even living in a developed society, please wake up man!, yes for a long time as I followed your opinion I found out as a very interesting but some time infulenced by your DNA even by avoiding your name. Someone has two faces one that a pre-23 years ago for social justice and the second one is the nowadays a greedy face who turned his back against social justice for the masses as far as his own nation enjoys freedom who cares a medicine for others. As a psychiatrist in late 1990th, I treated both Serbian and Croatian patients who are regreting for past social coflict and advocating for a true respect of no war any more among the two nations is what we must take into account.
    Thank you

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear I do not know you and you do not know me. you started out of the blue bashing me; I did not bash you as you did. I do not care about developed or about undeveloped. If you would like to communicate with people, be civil first and first know what you want to share with others instead of accusing people whom you do not know. No hard feeling; but there is no topic of interest for me to share with you. If you have problem with the government, you are talking to the wrong person brother. you need to go the Embassies and shout on them, kkk, not on me. You are harassing an innocent person for no good reasons. Please do not jump on people like that. It is not fair. Take care for now bro.

  31. Zewdu says:

    As much as i dislike mengistu for the blood he spilled allover the country, I thank him for demolishing, from the root, the Haileselassie regime and the whole feudal system which was the main question of the 1974 Ethiopian revolution. It is nonsense to build a statue for an emperor who betrayed his country during hard time( during italian invasion) which no emperor of Ethiopia had done before in history. He never cared for getting the Ethiopian people out of poverity, disease and illitracy in his reign of total of 57 long years. All he cared for was personal fame, his crown, his family and close associates. He could have done a lot for that country with such long stable reign, hard working people, and natural resources.
    No we don’t need astatue of him to remind us how we became a tail of progress and social development. The books written about him which are full of nonsense chronicles of him are enough for him untill a true writer come out and write a true book about how he put Ethiopia in bondage for several years.

    • While we can’t put out every small fire that has been set at The Emperor’s feet, we can douse it with truth…the only thing that can extinguish a lie…

      1. Hi never betrayed his county-you need to know the entire history…

      2. In America, there is a homeless center across the street from the ware house and in other states people are starving…so whats the difference between Ethiopia and America today…neither the President or the Emperor could help everyone…

      Ethnic prejudice is the only poison that can kill the soul of Ethiopia…you need to eliminate yours.

    • I am so sorry for your misguided beliefs especially about His Majesty’s contributions to Ethiopia from 1935-1941. I would like to clear up these falsehoods once and for all…I invite you for us to discuss this in a forum to dispel these myths about him once and forever. So I challenge you to a public debate over the internet. You set date and time.

  32. Mario (from Ohio) says:

    First of all , Haileselassie was a king of all of us! Secondly , we all know who Haileselassie was/is,therefore, Haileselassie as every one has his pluses & minuses! For most of the nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia , Haileselassie was a nightmare! For these who benefitted from him he might be like an angel!

    For Tigrai & Tigrian , Haileselassie was the worst of all! He put Tigrian in the worst era of all time!

    What I wonder is: why are some individuals trying to hide the suffering of others! People brag about unity , but have no concerns about what others feel, have no understanding about others! We can’t have a good future if we purposely ignore the suffering of our people in the past!

    The best way for us is , if we put our past wrong as a wrong, then we will have a good understanding about our problems now, & then it will be easier for us to solve our problems!

    As it is easier to wear a ready made cloth, it easier to talk from a ready make country like Europe USA…But wnen it comes to serving the people of Ethiopia who expect so much from us it is difficult , it is not as easy as bragging from the ready made countries. We have been in the diaspora for so long, we never had anything in common the could help us sit together! The only time we sit together is , when somebody dies & is in a state of uselessness! This is all we are!

    We cry about free speech,democracy, freedom…., but we have non of it inside us! Because , we are so backward therefore we can not accommodate democratic principles at all! Even these so called PhDs,professor , Doctors…! Don’t get me wrong though! There are many fine educated Ethiopian who are serving their country & people! Most of our so called opposition are soaked in hate politics coz of simple grudge against TPLF/the people of Tigrai! We can find a proof of this written in the biased Ethiopian history books!

    Finally , lets believe the wrong doing of our past leaders & throw it away once & for all, let believe our good history, develop it so we can go forward!

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear Mario,

      I agree with you in most of the things you said; but we have a problem now that people are using the people of Tigrai for their own evil goals. The woyane leaders have been using them now for 40 years almost; They shed their crocodile tears in the name of the Tegarus, but they have made themselves their own home grown enemy. And also the diaspora attacking the people for no good reasons except lumping the 7 million people with the corrupt woyane leaders.

      To be honest, woyane leaders deserve to be hated and humiliated, because they are as ignorant as diaspora; as stupid as diaspora; as enemy as Mussoloni; I would not have a problem if diaspora hates woyanes who declared themselves as the enemy of Ethiopia. Who boast about their Eritrea owning all the sea and who boast about landlocking Ethiopia. Sibhat Nega was asked why 94 million people landlocked? he said so what?why not? I do not mind if diaspora hate such ugly and arrogant woyane leader. My problem with diaspora is they are have no agenda except bashing every Tigrignea speaker based on biase.Otherwise, woyane leaders deserve no respect from Ethiopia. They are Kehaditi hager Ethiopia. They have nothing to give to Ethiopia than to steal and sell its resources. They say the ports belong to Eritrea? What type of idiot Ethiopian would say that? yet they go upto Gambela from Tigrai and sell somebody’s land and they tell do it for development? development over my dead body? Mario, it is good you see both sides, not onl diaspora bro. There are genuine Ethiopians who among the diaspora who hate woyane for good reasons must understand anger can make people monsters and irrational. It is building up trust me; if woyane thinks we will keep on suppressed by force while our country is denied its economic and security strategic interest land and sea of the redsea,then woyanes will regret. U saw how Libians treated their dictator. He was their own leader for 4 decades; you sow how he was disgraced. The same will happen to woyane one day. Reasons: simply, they are traitors who deserve to be in Ethiopia. If Ethiopia has enemy, its enemy number of one is woyane. I have ready to forgive these idiots thinking they will learn anything from life. But they are coming back with the same rubbish statements on public declaring their allegiance to Eritrea. I think we need a new movement that mobilizes the entire population regardless ethnic, race or religion, tribe or region. We are tired of woyane stupididy and Diasporas arrogance. We need a wholistic brand new movement that can free our country once for all.There is no hope from woyane and diaspora. Old habit die hard. Woyane plus dergists have rotten fingers and they do not belong to this new generation. It is time for young Ethiopians to claim destiny. Woyane, derg, Shabia played game with our lives and these new generation must charter its bright future destiny from scratch by cleaning the Charlatan aka Shabia stooges and all the dergist , Haileslassies who ashamed our country. We need a new clean chapter.We do not need those clueless self-appointed despots who sell the land of the poor people for money and those who landlock 94 million people by denying their right to own and use their own outlet. It is time the youth to absolve themselves from woyane, derg, hateful diaspora and charter their destiny. They woyane, diaspora, dergist policy is not good for anyone. We need new and fresh movement to claim the future. Needless to tolerate sharks

  33. Belay Zeleke says:

    I don’t understand this revisionist history of hailesleasie by his aficionados. Haileselassie was a coward who abandoned his country and people to fascist Itialians. He was regressive feudal who kept Ethiopia in the Stone Age. Famine and pestilences were common during his reign even though the country was fertile and rich. Hailesalessie was the worst leader Ethiopia has had in its recorded history. He deserves nothing but contempt and eternal deride.

  34. Samson says:

    Why is the president talking about problems of errection in public? We need ethics and moral guardian police force. We are a conservative country as a result of which we refrain from talking about sexy topics.

  35. tn.+ says:

    This fat arssss needs to just shut-up and eat.

    Haile Sillase has a religion of his own!! He is “eternal” to some “floting beings”!! Why does he need a statue? No statue!

    If it is anyone that deserves a statue for the OAU, it is Ketema Yiffru…not Haile Sillase.

  36. Mario (from Ohio) says:


    ወያኔዎች ተቃዋሚዎች የሚያጠፉትን ጥፋት ጭምር እየተዋጉ የተቻላቸውን እያደረጉ ነው። በኔ እምነት ዎያኔና ተቃዋሚ በምንም ታኣምር ሊወዳደሩ ኣይችሉም! የኛ ተቃዋሚ ገንዘብ ከማባከንና ከጥላቻ ፖለቲካቸው በስተቀር ምን ኣላቸው? እስቲ ይሄ ጥሩ ነገር የምትለውን ጥቀስ! ከዴሞክራሲ ዴሞክራሲ የላቸው፣ ፍሪ ስፒች የላቸው፣ ፖለቲካዊ ስነምግባር የላቸው ወዘተ።

    ወያኔ እኮ ስጋዋ ተበልቶ እንደ ኣጥንት የተጣለች ኢትዮጵያ ነው የተረከበው!

    ኣንተ እንደፃፍከው የምታስብ ከሆነ መብትህ ነው! ሆኖም ግን የማይወዳደሩትን ማወዳደር ግን ተገቢ ኣይደለም!

    እንደኔ እምነት ወያኔ ሊሸለም ይገባዋል!ለሽልማት ባይታገሉም እየተገነቡ ያሉትን ትላልቅ ፕሮጀክቶችም ሽልማቶቻቸው ናቸው!

    የዓሰብ ጉዳይ ብትል ያስኬዳል ሆኖም ግን በጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ምንም ነገር ሊገኝ እንደማይችል ግን ከታሪክ ተገንዝበናል! ኣሰብን ማስመለስ የሚቻለው ጠንካራና ፅኑ ኣላማ ያለው ተቃዋሚ ያለው ተቃዋሚ ሲኖር ነው!

    ከዓሲምባም ፣ከደርግም ፣ ከኢህኣዴግና ከዚያም ከዚህም ሁሉምነገር እምቢ ብሏቸው የሸሹ ሰዎች ምንም ነገር ሊያቀኑ ኣይችሉም ቅኑውን ከማጣመም በስተቀር።

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear Mario, I agree with you; I am not pro any faction due the fact I know all of them are good for nothing. I am not disputing about it. All the diaspora are not necessarily opposition. There are some genuine Ethiopians who hate woyane for good reasons. you may deny that but that is truth. Woyane does not have popular policies. All the policies are anti-Ethiopian public feelings. Whatever is built is built by Ethiopian people and by the Ethiopian money. Woyane is begging and borrowing money in the name of Ethiopian people. Whatever is achieved is achieved by the people of Ethiopian. If you an honest person you must understand the hate against woyane is based on policy. I speak with many Ethiopian with good faith and they tell me exactly the things I feel the same. You can not use the weakness of opposition as scapegoat to cover the weakness of EPRDF. Why EPRDF always work against national interest? this is the main problem. Many civilians do not like woyane because policies, not because they are Tigreans. Woyane never admit and correct bad policies but use the people of Tigrai as their shield for everything wrong things they do. The people targeted as accomplice. About building projects? well, look even Mussoloni built many good bridges in five years only. He built the entire Ethiopian infrastructure not in 20 years, but in 5 years. The telecommunication system, the water system, irrigation system, many good things done in 5 years. That means even fascists could do good things. The white South Africans built an ultra infrastructure in Africa. If you see the South African infrastructure, It is amazing. it is better than Europe. But the truth is those infrastructures were built by blacks without pay that is slavery. If you the buildings in South Africa, wow, it is amazing in even western standards. But still all these were built by apartheid regime and by sweat of the poor. As such building road, power, whatever does not necessarily mean it is the for the people. May be woyane is doing all these just to sell the country for investors. It is looks exactly like that due the fact that woyane is selling the land of the poor Gambelans to everyone from everywhere? A government that aspire to help and develop its people would not sell the poor people’s land for Arabs, Indians for 100 years? This is second Menelick blunder. Menelick sold Djibouti and Eritrea now we lost both. Woyane now selling the entire Gambela for 100 years? Do you think an Arab will give back the land to the people after 100 years? The is wrong 100%. Very ugly policy of EPRDF. If land of people for 100 years/ what is development? development for who? by whom? to whom? does not make sense. you can develop people by disempowering people and by reducing them to be slave workers of an Arab? or by making sweatshop worker of foreign citizens?

      About Assab? why EPRDF has to wait for strong opposition to get Assab back? why not get itself? this is lame excuse. Blaming opposition for everything. It is EPRDF which signed away Eritrea without any mandate from the Ethiopian people. It is not opposition who landlocked Ethiopia. It is EPRDF? Why you guys wait for strong opposition to clean your mess? why you do not clean it yourself? If you were to clean your messes and correct your mistakes, then opposition could work on others issues? but you wanted them to work on the messes you have made? The problem is actually not that. Woyane actually believe strongly Ethiopia must be landlocked. Woyane strongly and even with fervent feeling and with great passion wanted Ethiopia to be landlocked. They wanted the Tigreans to be holed up in Mekele. For very bizzare, weird reasons, woyanes hate sea, port to owned by Ethiopians. This makes me wonder. why? I read an article on Tigraionline recently a Tigreans wrote that the landlocking of Ethiopia is irreversible and he adhere with passion Ethiopia must be landlocked. He condemn the opposition for thinking of ports. He says the ports Eritrean. I honestly hate some stupid, ugly woyane who dared to come public to tell us he is against Ethiopia. But he still claims he Ethiopians. Anyway, Ethiopians are feeling they are colonized by woyane. Almost the majority of none Tigreans Ethiopians in diaspora hate woyane very much. This makes ask why? why? well, it has to do with policies of woyane and also the stupidity of woyane officials posturing themselves as anti Ethiopia. Aboy Sibhat is one of them who just ignorant and who have no any love for Ethiopia except for his Eritrea. This will never benefitted even Eritreans anyway. Woyane is suppressing people. Nationalism is suppressed by force. I am saying it will blow out one day when time arrives. Woyane better listen to national feelings. We are hurt by woyane. It is not cynically we are hating woyane. it is Woyanes policies that driving us crazy every year. Except the Abay Dam, all woyane did is against Ethiopia. It is better to read the barometer before it is too late. Do not wait until it is too late. If angry people starts yelling, it will be difficult to stop them. It is better to be wise and listen and change some bad policies that has been driving us crazy. Brotherly advise, it is better to read. I believe there is discontent in Ethiopia that is suppressed. The government needs to be positive and forthcoming and attentive to the people it claims to represent. For instance, woyane never organized a general public meeting in diaspora in the past 20 years? why? why? There is no better Ethiopian than other Ethiopians. All Ethiopians has a right to be heard about their country.

  37. Mario (from Ohio) says:

    I think I have better to quit talking to you at all! You are like ስራ ያጣ መነኩሴ ቆቡን ቀዶ ይሰፋል።! You denied that they hate Woyane because they came from Tigrai!

    ተቃዋሚ የሚያወሩት ሁሉ ውሸት ነው ብየም ኣውቅም። ተቃዋሚዎች ጥላቻ በስተቀር ምንም ዓላማ የላቸውም ነው። ያንዳንዶቹ ጥላቻ ደግሞ ከነ ምንሊክ ሲወርድ ሲዋረድ የመጣ ነው! እያየነው እኮ ነው! ኣንዴ ማይኖሪቲ ይላሉ ግን ማይኖሪቲ የሰራውን ሩብ ያህል እንኳን መስራት ኣይችሉም። ከወያኔ የተሻለ ስለሌለ እኮ ነበር ፈረሱንም ሜዳውንም የተቆጣጠረው! ይኼማ “ኣህያ የሌለው በቅሎ ይንቃል” ነው! በዚያን ጊዜ ኮ ኣገራችን ባልካናይዝ የመሆን እድል ነበራት !
    ስለኤርትራ ታወራለህ! ኤርትራ ምንሊክ የትግራይን ህዝብ ለማዳከም ኣስቦ የሸጣት እኮ ናት!ምንድነው የምታወራው! ኣንተ ራስህ ቤትህ ቦርደር ስለሆነ ኤርትራዊ ነኝ ብለህ በሪፈረንደማቸው ተካፍለህ ሳለ አሁን ተገልብጠህ ብዙ ታወራለህ!ጥፋቱ የኔ ነው!እያወቅኩህ ኣንተ ጋ ክርክር ውስጥ መግባቴ!

    ባጠቃላይ ብቻ ጥፋት የለም ያለ ሰው የለም! ጥፋት ሁሉ በጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ሊስተካከል ኣይችልም! ጋምቤላ ተሸጠ ሃጠው ቀጠው ትርጉም የለውም! መሬት ለዛን ያህል መሸጥ ባይኖርበትም በኮለንያሊዝም ጊዜ ተደረገና ኣሁንም ይሆናል ኣይባልም!

    ጋምቤላ ለእርሻ ተከራይቷል፣ ኣሁንም ከእርሻ በስተቀር ሌላ ውል እንዳይጨመር ጠንካራና ፅኑ ኣላማ ያለው ፖለቲካዊ ተቃዋሚ ያስፈልጋል! ተቃዋሚዎቻችን ከወያኔ የተሻለ ምንም ነገር የላቸውም! ሁሉም ባንድ ጠረጴዛ ዙሪያም መቀመጥ ኣይችሉም! የኛ ተቃዋሚዎች የያዙት ነገር ቢኖር የስልጣን ስስትና ጥላቻ ነው!
    የኔ ወንድም ስራየ ሰርቼ ቢሎቼን መክፈል ነው እንጂ የሌለኝን ማውራት ኣይደለም!እዚህ ያለሁት እንደማንኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው! የማውቀው ሰው የፃፈው ያገር ፅሁፍ ለማንበብና ያን ያህ መልስ ለመመለስ ሥራ ኣላጣሁም።

    ተቃዋሚዎቻችን ባንድ በኩል ለኢትዮጵያ ይጣበቃሉ ሜድያዎቻቸው ግን ኢትዮጵያ እንድትፈርስ ሌት ተቀን በሚጥሩት ገንዘብ ነው የሚንቀሳቀሱት።

    ከዚህ በተረፈ በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ ኣንዣብቦ የነበረውን ኣደጋ ለመመከት ወያኔ ተፈጥሮ ህዝቡ ከኣደጋ ዳነ።ወያኔ እኛ የፈንጂ ወረዳ በእግራችን እንጠርጋለን እናንተ ገስግሱ የሚሉ ጀግና ታጋዮችም ኣፍርቷል! ኣሁን ደግሞ ያሉትን ችግሮቻችን ለመመከት ኣዲስ ራኢ ያለው ጠንካራና ፅኑኣላማ ያለው ፖለቲካዊ ፓርቲ ያስፈልጋል! ኣሁን በገፍ መስዋእትም ኣያስፈልግም! መታሰር ነው መደብደብ ነው ከዛም ኣልፎ በግለሰቦች ደረጃ መሞት ነው! ምንም ቢደርስ ለህዝብ ስለሆነ በከፍተኛ ስነምግባ ባላማው መፅናት! ሞትም ቢሆን ላላማ ስለሆነ ሞት ሳይሆን መስዋእት ነው! ከምቹ ሶፋ ተነስቸ በምቹ ሶፋ ላይ በመገላበጥ ብዙ የምትጠብቀውን ኣገራችን እረዳሎህ ብሎ ማቅራራት ግን ዋጋ የለውም!ኣሜሪካኖች ከዚህ ሁሉ ሃብታቸውኔ እውቀታቸው ላገራቸው ጥቅም የትም መስዋእት እየከፈሉ ነው!

  38. Gezaee H. says:

    Mario, you may not agree with me, but I do not see the difference between you and opposition. The difference is you are a supporter of those who have the gun. The rest is the same.
    Since you believe in Eritrean and Eritrea, why then you do not live in Tigrai and respect other people’s right. Why you go upto Gambela to take somebody else’s land and sell it for cash? This is not acceptable. you believe because Menelick did wrong things you have to recycle his mistake and let Eritrea go with all the ports? My question ? who gave you the right to take the land of the Gambelan people and sell it to Arab, Indians, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, China, USA, UK, Nigeria? Mario come on man? you can call me Eritrean or whatever you want, I do not care what you call me because I know who I am. But one thing I do not understand you defend Eritrea but why you do not defend the Gambelans the same way? you sounded a racist to be honest. If you believe Eritreans has to take Ethiopian ports because of Menelick? in my opinion, you must not go to other regions and take away their land? This is woyane colonization? I am telling you because I am a very balanced person and do believe in equaltiy and fairness to all human. I do not like others using others. That is bad. The other things, you blame opposition for everything bad things your governemnt does. About Eritrea you blame on Menelick? come on Mario? Menelick did a mistake? and Haileslassie corrected the mistakes and he treated Eritrean more than any Ethiopian. He united them and this is world known fact. Why do you want to recycle Menelick mistakes? you are arguing that because Menelick did mistakes and bad things, we must also do bad thing? that is weak arguement you have? Very weak argument as usual. During the 1998-2000 Ethio-Eritrea war, about 100 000 Ethiopians souls perished. Woyane aborted the defeat of Shabia and you dragged Ethiopia to Europe and signed and made agreements that is even much worse than Menelick’s? you betrayed your own soldiers? is it because of Menelick? Mario, you have to put aside Menelick in this age. Also you must do the rights things without the opposition. You are saying people must die to for thier struggle. No, that is woyane mentality. I do not believe in mot or shiret or live or death political ideology. I do not need to die or suffer for my political believes. That is backward looking. If you continue this way and diaspora continues thier way, trust me there will be war at some stage. You think you are right in everything you say and they think the same way. This is not good. You need to be rational. If you advocate Eritreans has to own all the ports at the expense of Ethiopia? you are against Ethiopia and you must not even use the name Ethiopia. you must not also act as if you are for Tigreans. you are antiTigreans also. Apparently, I do not know what Ethiopia is for you? may be you need Ethiopia to sell the land and to accumulate money for your family and relatives. I do not see where your Ethiopianness is honestly. I am with Ethiopians on many issues. The only think I do not like about diaspora is manipulation, intimidation, allying with Shabia, Egypt, and …. we are galaxies apart Mario. Take care anyway. Thank your for sharing your believes with me.

  39. Mario (from Ohio) says:


    I’m sorry I’m not interested in talking to a man who voted as Eritrean in the referendum in 1993! The reason you are blabbing here is because of your own mistake! The paper balot that you voted as Eritrean is still there ! I hope there will be peace in Eritrea so I can pay whatever money to post it online! Don’t make a mistake ! Though I didnt vote as Eritrean like you, I’m from the woreda that you are from,therefore take it easy! I know you are an Ethiopian , the mistake that you did is clicking in your brain & will continue to click eternally ! I can joke on anything , but not on my citizenship! No ranting! Don’t frustrate yourself!

    Have a nice time !

  40. Gezaee H. says:

    Mario, Mario, you are a typical woyane. When you can not argue or defend yourself anymore you hijack the topic to something else? Typical woyane lies crap. It do not care about Woreda, Awraja or province or state or nationality or birth place or …. I do not care whether you are from my woreda or awraja or … this is too crap to talk about. That is why I said we are galaxies apart and big cosmic difference. I think in terms of humans and you think in terms of woreda or awraja,…? woyanes ideology of wereda or awraja,… I am laughing at you now; What does Wereda has to do with what we have been talking? anyway, have good one man.

  41. Mario says:


    Take it easy! I was not talking about woreda,Awraja …, but you participation in the Eritrean referendum! What I’m talking about is: your actions in 1991/93 & what you are talking about now don’t match at all, what you were then & what you are talking about now are galaxies apart ! Woyane’s ideology is one & one from the beginning until now! A human being like you does not have the moral to criticize Woyane!
    ዓድዋስያ ንማይ ጓጓ ይዓጥራለን!
    Anyways, if you read me I’m not talking about Awraja , woreda… But what is making you to ranting here!

  42. Almaz Mequanint says:

    Dear all,
    Please sign this petition & post it on your site. We can’t destroy history whether it is good or bad…the fact is the fact. Thanks.

  1. May 13, 2013

    […] President Girma calls for the erection of a statue for Emperor Haile-Selassie […]

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