Ethiopia: An unholy marriage between authoritarianism and ethno-nationalism (Birtukan Midekssa)


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30 Responses

  1. Amanuel Zeselam says:

    This is an inspiring article. Thank you Birtukan for your contributions and sacrifice you is good to hear from you again.

    The regime has unleashed its brutal, physical and psychological torture on you. You were placed in solitary confinenement for 56 months, something even rapist and serial killers had not face.

    I hope you have recovered and rehabilitated well, and return back to leading the struggle soon. The oppositions back home need a track-proven leader.


  2. Gezaee H. says:

    While we respect our courageous lady, we abhor and detest the American neoliberal school of thought that sponsors victims just to use them to advance their neoliberal ideology. I wish Birtkuan went somewhere else and got independence. Americans will consider her as their slave. They will need something back from her in return for their Harvard University. These could involve selling Ethiopian interest to them when they prepare for her away to power in Ethiopia.We know they operate very well. Americans love victims of other countries. Even Alqueda does the same. Al-queeda recruits victims to use them. So does the same America for their Americanism dream.

    We know we have a mussoluni government in Ethiopia; but it is up to use to remove it. We know the story of Birtukan; we do not need any story tell from USA. Charlatan, hypocrates; you are harboring rebells against Ethiopia or to make Ethiopians fight each other. Those who trust American government are foolish only. You are trying to use the victims as condoms. Why are you telling us about Birtukan now. We know about it.

  3. teshome says:

    … said ” Both times Midekssa was pardoned because of pressure from international human rights groups. But she was ready to live her whole life in a cell. “I was being imprisoned for a right cause. What else could I do?”
    ….Excuse me Ethiopian Mandela, Who then pressured you to sign an embarrassing pardon. Please Don’t tell me it is the international community.
    If you assertion was true, why this doesn’t apply to Esikinder Nega who is even more popular than you. Who was given a high league for no reason.
    You asked us what you could have done? the answer is emphatically simply, if you believe you are prisoned for the right cause, then you should sacrifice yourself to the bitter end.
    እንደዚህ ያለ የ political ፎርፌ አይች አላውቅም
    Now you are trying to tell us that Birtukan is also among the prophets.

  4. selamta says:

    WOW:THE lady still thinks she matters in ETHIOPIAN politics,i will let you know madam bertukan,the day you started to listen to the good for nothing professor mesfin and the charlatan dr. berhanu your political life was turned upside down,so unless you reflect on the mistakes that you made by not being yourself would help you to understand why you did not succeed .I see that you have now shifted to the ferenjies to help you spread your recycled views but sorry madam you are way too far away and under the bosom of the neoliberals you will just be another refuge with a broken dream and at that a big dream.

  5. Mimi L. says:

    Facts Birtukan Midekssa will never utter to Harvard audience about Ethiopia:

    – Double-digit economic growth, top five growth on planet, last 8 years (World Bank)

    – Free primary school enrollment now 90% nationally (UN)

    – 32 new universities built

    – HIV incidence rate lowered by 90% (UN 10 year study)

    – 5 hydroelectric dams built, world’s 7th largest under construction.


  6. Alem says:

    @ Gazee I agree with you in some facts about Americans how greed and selfish they are. ምእራባውያን ሁሌም ሌት ተቀን የሚያስቡት ለራሳቸው ጥቅም ነው:: ይሄ ሃገር ያወቀው ጸሃይ የሞቀው ነው:: ነገር ግን መለስ ዜናዊ የዌስተርኖች ስራ አስፈጻሚ ለመሆን ፈልጎ ሃገሩ ኢትዮጵያ የሰጠችውን የሚዲካል ትምህርቱን በማቋረጥ ጫካ ገባ…. ከዛም ሞሶሎኒ የነገረውን ይዞ ጠላቴ አማራ ነው ብሎ ቀሰቀሰ… ከዛም ስልጣን ያዘ በልማት እና በስልጣን ማዳላቱንም አጠናክሮ ቀጠለ…. በመጨረሻም የዘራው የጠባብነት እና የጥላቻ ዘር አፍርቶ ውጤቱ… 1 አባይ እንዳይገደብ የሚቃወም ትውልድ ፈጠረ…..2 ታገልኩለት ያለውን የትግራይ ህዝብ በሌላው ኢትዮጵያዊ በጎሪጥ እንዲታይ አደረገ…..በተጨማሪም ትግራይን እንዲሁም ሌላውን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጨምሮ ወደብ አልባ አደረገው:: መቸም እንደ መለስ ዜናዊ አንድን ዘር ነጥሎ ዎይም ግለሰብን በማዋረድ የተካነ አልነበረም:: ማሰሩ አልበቃ ብሎ ታሳሪውን በቪዲዮ ቀረጾ በኢቲቪ በማቅረብ ያመነበትንም ያላመነበትንም እንዲለፈልፍ በማድረግ ያን ግለሰብ ሞራሉን ለማላሸቅ ይሰራው የነበረውን ሴራ ማንም አይረሳም:: በቅርብ እንኳ የቅንጅት ታሳሪዎች እንብርትኳን ሚደቅሳን እና ሌሎችንም በማሸማቀቅ እና በማዋረድ ማን ይነካኛል ባይነታቸውን እንደፈለገ ሲያሳየንና እንደነበር አይረሳም:: ለግልገል ካድሪዎቻቸውም እንዲሁ ሰውን የማዋረድን የረከሰ ሌጋሲያቸውን የተውላቸው ይመስላል:: የወረወርኩት አንካሴ (ጦር) ተመልሶ ከራሴ እንዲሉ የፈለጉትን ሲሾሙ የፈለጉትን ሲያሸማቅቁ እና ጉልበቴ ስር ወድቀህ ይቅርታ ካልጠየክ አልፈታህም እያሉ ሲዘባበቱ የኖሩት ሰውየ ራሳቸው በአለም መሪዎች ፊት ተዋርደው ሞቱ:: ስለዚህ እላችኋለሁ የመለስ ሌጋሲ አስፈጻሚ ካድሬዎች በዚህ ስራችሁ እንዳትቀጥሉ ተማሩ ካለበለዚያ ዛሬ የምታዋርዱት ሰው በቁጭት ነገ የበለጠ ተጠናክሮ ከናንተ የበለጠ ጭካኔ በመያዝ የኢትዮጵያን የፖለቲካ ጭቃ ያደርገዋል:: የግንቦት ሰባት… የኢሳት.. የኦጋዴን ነጻ አውጭ….ወዘተ ወዘተ መፈጠር ይብሶት ውጤት ነው:: ይህ የብሶት ውጤት ኢትዮጵያን ሲኦል ካማድረጉ በፊት ህውሃት ፍትሃዊ የሃብትና የስልጣን ክፍፍል ማረጋገጥ እውን ማድረግ አለበት ካለበለዚያ ህውሃት በአፓርታይድ አገዛዙ ከሚበዘብዘን ኒዮሊበራሎቹ አሜሪካ እና አውሮፓ በዲሞክራሲ ቢበዘብዙን በጣም ይሻለናል የሚል ትውልድ እየተፈጠረ ነው::

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Alem, thank you for sharing your grievances. I want you to understand that I am not TPLF; I have never been and I never supported their agenda.I do believe the bitter struggle they waged with Shabia was the most bloody one in Ethiopian history. It was very wrong agenda because I do believe there were many other peaceful of way of struggle than the bloody one.

      But I do believe by ethnic injustice in Ethiopia then.They were very young teenages and did not have any life experience.We have to understand they were inspired by the system we had before. Meles did not drop out of medical school because he was evil? I do not agree with that. Meles dropped out because he saw ethnic injustice and he was inspired by ethnic apartheid then. It is the system that created Meles and cos, it is not because they were Tigreans; it was because they did not want to take the injustice they saw. This is my opinion. We Ethiopians love accusing each other. We never see from different angles to know the problem and to solve the problem. We are just wasting time blaming each other.

      I do believe there is problem of hate in the country. This hate culture has to be uprooted and torn down. The current leaders are not different from the previous ones because they never knew good things. I never travelled and lived in different countries, I would have been the same type of person. You can beg woyane, they will never listen. It is just waste of time trying to tell them wrong is wrong. They will not accept. We have tried the past 20 years telling them the country must be landlocked. They 100% Ethiopians and Ethiopia must landlocked and they do not believe Ethiopia has any right to own and use its ports. It is bizzare, weird, but that is undenieable stupid woyane mentality. We can not do anything about it. The only way to reverse that is to unite regardless ethnic, race, tribe or religion and region and stand together and say no. They will not have choice but either to change or go away. Unfortunately, diaspora politicians are working against that they are fully engaged in divisive activities that is dividing the people into piece. Yefukukr bet sayzega yadral. I hoped they might change after Meles. But it appears they will never change anything. They actually believe Meles is God and worship and they believe he never made any single mistake. They are writings articles against Ethiopia and renew their firm allegiance to Eritrea. It is impossible to communicate with such people. Now the only solution is to unite, love each other and stand together for our national interest. Fighting each other because of them is not going to work. The ESAT, G7, OLF,ONLF, EPLF, TPLF, EPPF, TPLDM,… will not benefit Ethiopia and has not benefitted Ethiopia. By the war they waged I have lived all my life running around to survive. They did not bring anything new than promoting the ugly systems that besieged Ethiopia from Haileslassie time upto now. We need new generation who believe in Ethiopia and in its people equally. If we unite, woyane or EPRDF has no power. Power belong to the people and they can chase EPRDF in one day if we unite. But we have to create an ideology that unite people. Even what you are writing is not good; You are saying Tigreans are benefitting and you wanted to share? There is nothing Tigreans got from woyane, they are still covered by dust and living under grinding poverty. I do not buy the false propaganda Tigreans are benefitting. I know they can work now and they are mobilizing their resources and building schools, clinics and doing many good things by their own money. This does not mean there are thieve woyanes who looting the country and selling the land of the poor people. You really people to move away from jealousy. You need to be realistic and stop categorically accusing people for no reasons. I am pro Ethiopia and do not believe in tribe or ethnic. I believe in human. I am living as human where I live. No one cares where I came from. What ethnic I belong and what race I belong. What religion I belong. This the type of Ethiopia I wish. I do not share you feelings about wealth sharing. If you know with evidence something has been taken away from other people and give to the people of Tigrai? then we can work on it together. Otherwise, they took these and that, does not make sense to me. This is dividing people more because people get offended you telling them they are taking you wealth while they did not. This is not good. Woyane rules the entire Ethiopia by force. They landlocked by force. They do everything by force or gun. No one can deny this. That is the culture in Ethiopia even before them. Nothing new, it did not start with them. They grew up with that and that is what they know. We need now brand new thinkers who clean the mess of 120 years and start from scratch otherwise we will keep on chewing each other. Ethiopia will be gone if these trend continues. With woyane busy selling the entire country to Arab, Indians, … there will not be Ethiopia after 10 years. Imagine an Arab living in Ethiopia for 10 years? they marry 1000 poor Ethiopian women and breed like cockroaches and Ethiopia will have many Bin Ladens after 10 years. Woyane leaders are evil and much worse than derg even. At least derg did not sell anything in Ethiopia. He just killed people only. He did sell out the country for cash as woyane is doing. My advise is to unite all Ethiopian, specially the youth and help them to charter their destiny.

  7. Hermi says:

    Ms.Birtukan do you have suggestion as to the language the farmers of Oromia, Somalis, Tigray …. be forced to use for their language? The rest is nothing new. A lipstick on a — .

  8. tn. says:

    Good for her!!

  9. Michael says:

    The time for the end of Weyane gangs like Gezaee, Teshome, and Hermi is numbering. Thank you Alem for your real article. This is a good lesson to Weyane ignorant gangs. Ethiopians will never forget Birtukuan Mideqsa. She is one of our hero ladies in this century. She has the heritance of Taitu Betul. We proud of you Birtukuan. We applauded when we hear your voice. You are a leader of ours in the future.

  10. Girma Moges says:

    You are undisputable expression of indomitable human desire for freedom through peaceful struggle! That day is not too far! The day Ethiopia will be free from dictatorship for good! Stay the course!

    We like you!

  11. Mario(from Ohio) says:

    Michael ,

    Bertukuan might be hero for you ,which is nothing wrong with your choice, but not for me & millions of Ethiopian ! I haven’t seen anything yseful for ethiopia from Bertukuan , except failing again & again!

    Our difference is , we support these who are making a difference in the everyday lives if Ethiopian , the so called oppositions are supporting individuals who failed continuously in the last 38 years! Individuals who repeatedly abandoned their political course ! Individuals who have no traces of a good deed for the peoples of Ethiopia ! Wow ! What is worst is , these failed individuals are continuing to fool so many Ethiopian abroad !

  12. Gezaee H. says:

    Message to Birtukan,

    Dear Birtukan, Ethiopia and Ethiopian do not need democracy made in America. Ethiopia and Ethiopians need whatever they need made in Ethiopia. Our people spent two decades abathed with theory of Carl Marx and Lenin. Derg forced our people to abandon their culture, language, values, religion, … adopt communism from Russia. That destroyed Ethiopia and our people told Capitalism is evil. Now you guys trying to tell our people that democracy made in America is good for them? No,Ethiopia and Ethiopians do not need capitalism or neoliberalism from USA. We need neither capitalism nor communism. We need to form, ideas, concepts of that can work for us according to our social fiber and facts. It is good for you to be in USA. But it is not good for Ethiopia. We do not need anything from USA except Technology and business related relationship. We do not want to preach us about American democracy; We do not need American neoliberal Messiahs. Do not waste you life; Neoliberalism is as evil as terrorism. Neoliberal wanted to destroy every culture, every religion, every government on our planet and everything to be controlled by American multinational corporation? you are a poor Ethiopian who have any company. We love the American as wonderful people; But he rejected their neoliberalism or Americanism. I advise you to read this book so that you can undersstand what I am talking about ?

  13. solomon says:

    Some of you guys who are paranoid about western influence, or pretending to be concerned abt that…. you can read the article first without being aware of the author, so that you have clear unbiased opinion of it. Because that excuse is a sheer detachment of reason. it is nonsensical.

  14. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Solomon,

    I read this without any biase or prejudice. Nothing new in it. We know all the story about this. But Americans are trying to use the victim to propel thier ugly, animalistic neoliberalism. No said or is paranoid about western. America neoliberal does not represent the west. America is the most unequal nation on our planet where the wealth of Amrica is concentrated only in 1% of Amerian population. You can not compare the west like UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland,… with USA. USA is the most unequal country on earth where the difference between haves not have is very high. 60 million Americans have no access to primary health care and the same to education. Americans migrated to Canada for free medical care. You can not compare the cannibal country with the most egalitarian western country.Look sweden, Norway, Denmark, … people are paid to go to school? free health care. Go Germany where education free from elementary to universities. Go canada, education is free elementary and high school and gauranteed access to high education. Free primary health care, free education. you can not compare the cannibal country with any country. It is the most unjust country in the world. I can be a model. This is not hate or paranoidy. This is based on fact on the ground. Go and see how Amerians treat the local people ? Anyway, Ethiopians do not need born again Ethiopians.

  15. alex says:

    Hear comes a time for Birtukan to do her thesis paper and massing up Ethiopian’s politics. All this “University” student and teacher diasporase like Al Mariam makes easy publication by writing street talks.

  16. Endeshaw says:

    I admire Ms Birtukan foe what she had done. But since she came to the US she avoided millions of people who fought for her freedom while she was in Kaliti Prison. I believe Birtukan’s Days even chances to be a Ploitical leader is over she doesn’t have the same courage like she use to & time has changed

    I wish her good luck in school & her personal life

  17. Mario says:

    Bertukan Midekssa said, “I was in prison because I spoke.” She was imprisoned because she spoke up what woyanes/TPLF do not want to hear.

    Is it not for the same reason that most Oromo politicians, journalists, activists, students, civil/public servants, etc., were killed, languishing in woyanes/TPLF prison or were/are forced into exile? Is it not for the same reason that countless politicians, journalists, activists, students, civil/public servants etc., from other ethnic groups were killed, languishing in woyanes/TPLF prisons or are forced into exile?

    Did they pick arms and fight woyanes/TPLF or were they terrorists as the regime loves to claim? They only spoke their minds. That was the only crime they committed, if that was a crime in the first place.

    Bertukan is for freedom of speech, at least. Woyanes were scared of her speech, writing and move. As Edward Bulwer-Lytton pointed out, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Woyanes/TPLF know what hurts and where it hurts.

  18. Girma says:

    She is the Moses of Ethiopia…hahaha. There is nothing free from America. They are grooming her to change our culture and sell our interests to them in the future. Look at what they did to Indonesia, Ecuador, Panama etc. Read: CONFESSION OF AN ECONOMIC HITMEN:

    but i like that fact she talks about national symbols, emblem, unity and get rid of ethnic federalism. and the truth about Siye Abraha’s innocence.

  19. Mario (from Ohio) says:


    We can only respect Bertukuan Medikssa as an Ethiopian, but nothing else ! What did she do for Ethiopia ? Nothing that you can mention! For Ethiopia , the farmer who brings whatever harvest he/she can to the open market every year is much better than Bertukuan ! The Tegadalai who fought for no money to free Ethiopia is much better than Bertukuan ! Come on!

    What are you talking about! There are millions of Ethiopian who do not know who Bertukuan is!

  20. solomon says:

    Bertukan is the symbol of peaceful struggle in Ethiopia. She is the first young lawyer (judge) who chose to enhance democratic process in Ethiopia, but abused by the barbaric leaders of the country beyond physically possible.

    Ato Gezaee, you pulled the “sins” of american in defense of Ethiopia. You ranted about the unfairness of wealth, health and education in the USA. While right in front of your eyes, in Ethiopia, there is EFFORT, which not any non tigrayan Ethiopian can claim ownership to, embezzling the country. You have more than 90% of the top generals in the military controlled by TPLF, the security, telecommunication, customs office… unfairly implemented in Ethiopia. But you won’t be able to see that, right?. Only when there is an opinion from the US (not including other western nations, lol), then you stand up to defend your country. But if the aid from the US is in monetary terms (every year), well, that does not count…

  21. Mario says:

    What did Bertukuan do for Ethiopia ? Who knows Bertukuan ? What our empty politicians do is: they called themselves a politician just to get a privilege to go to the west , not for Ethiopia!

    Bertukuan , might be your hero , but no mine & millions of Ethiopian like me!

    You talk about democracy , freedom… While we can see you have non of it in you !
    ዴሞክራሲ፣የመናገር ነፃነት፣የመደገፍ ወዘተ በምዕራቡ ስለሄዳቹ ዴሞክራቶች ናቹ ማለት ኣይደለም!የምትሉትን እየሰማን ነው! ምንም ዓይነት የዴሞክራቲክ ፅንሰ ሃሳብ የላቹም! የዴሞክራቲክ ፅንሰ ሃሳብ ዩኒቨርስቲ ገብተህ የምትማረው ቢሆንም ተማርክ ማለት ዴሞክራት ሆንክ ማለት ኣይቻልም! የዴሞክራቲክ ፅንሰ ሃሳብ ልክ እነንደ ባህል ኣብሮህ ካላደገ በስተቀር ዝም ብለህ ዴሞክራት መሆን ኣይቻልም!

    የትግራይ፣የሶማሌ፣የዓፋር፣የኦሮሞወዘተ ብርትኳንን የት ያቃታል? ምን ያደረገችላቸው ነገር ኣላት? እስቲ ንገረን? በግድ የኔ ሄሮ የናንተም ይሁን ልትለን ኣትችልም! ብርቱኳን ምን ስላደረገች ሄሮ ትሆናለች!

  22. Gezaee says:

    Dear Solomon,

    I did not say there is no problem in Ethiopia. Actually the problem in Ethiopia is not new. It has been there since I have been born. Woyanes has its own problems. But Ethiopia has been like that long before woyane. Actually it is far better than before. At least people can speak their language now. You did not see it yesterday because you were beneficiary, but you see it only today? The problem in Ethiopia has been there. Actually woyane received an Ethiopia that was dying of famine, ethnic discrimination, injustice, suppression,… I know you are trying today’s is worst than yesterdays? but the truth is people are not dying today in millions as they used to be ? That is a big difference. It was not Woyane that subjected 3 million wolloyes to mass death of starvation that shocked the entire humanity on our planet. it was not woyane that subjected 2 million Tigreans to mass death by starvation. It was not woyane that was killing people and selling their body? At least people can go out and in today in peace.They do not have to pay money for the dead body of their children. Whether you agree or not, I think Ethiopians have many things to celebrate with the current government compared to others regimes. The regime in Ethiopia is as the way you point it. This is not to day Woyane has committed national treason. I believe woyane a treasonour organisation despite what Ethiopians have achieved with woyane. I agree with you we need much much better than what we have. But know we do not need much worse. We have to solve our problem ourselves. This has nothing to do with USA. Our national problem has to be solved by ourselves. I do not believe in FOOD AID. I do not believe American AID to Ethiopia will solve Ethiopian problem. All I am saying is we must solve our problem ourselves. We do not need foreign goverments to handle our problems. There is nothing with this. I do not care what they do in America. They must do the same. I am not America worshipper and I do not believe America is the model for Ethiopia. If you like Ethiopia can learn a lot from Canada than any country. Because Canada is like heaven to all human being from anywhere. There is no country like Canada on our planet. I would love Ethiopia to adopt many things about federalism from Canada. It is a country that look after all its citizens on daily base. How can the most unequal, ufair, country force itself to be the boss? I do not mind if Harper does that.But I do not Canada and Canadians imposing themselves like USA does. I would recommend Ethiopia to adopt many good things from Canada, but not USA.

    About EFFORT, well, Solomon, you really need to get of jealous. Jealous will not benefit you. EFFORT is the property of the people of Tigrai. Most Tigreans sold their property and put their money into it. I know people who gave their entire wealth, property and joined TPLF. Many Tigreans has put their money into it. I am not sure if it is serving the people now, but seed money of EFFORT is the property of Tigreans. All what you are saying jealousy and you have no anything to prove that property belongs to all Ethiopians. If the seed money was from all Ethiopians, it is true it has to be for all Ethiopians. Otherwise, you can not claim somebody’s money? can you? you may not like it but the truth. All the companies in the world own by corporation do not belong to all citizens. Your claim about EFFORT is based on jealousy because you do not want to see Tigreans doing anything except begging on the streets of addis ababa. You do not want them to put their money together and become entrepreneurs? You wanted them just only to beg and die? That is cruel man and selfish. Why you do not pool money from your clans and form a company like EFFORT than to claim a company you did not contribute a single cents? it does not make sense brother. You need to be civilized and respect people to develop and work. you can not hold them from developing and doing business? I give you 0% of 100 EFFORT. Tigreans controlling every government office? If that is true, I have been away from Ethiopia. I honestly do not know but if that is true; it is not good at all. Offices of the public services must be run by competent citizens regardless ethnic or tribe or race or religion. If what you are saying is truth, it is wrong. About the military, I do not know man. I have no clue I live out of Ethiopia. I do not think it is right everything to be controlled by Tigreans only. If that is what it is ,it is not right. We have been condemning the amhara elites rulers by doing that. A repeat that of that is wrong. For me, it does not really matter who is on office as long as they do the right things. May be they control the military to make sure someone does not hijack their achievement, that is my thinking only. Anyway, whatever problem we have we need to address them domestically without foreign interference. We are capable to address our problems ourselves. We need to sit down and resolve issues ourselves without the need of USA or anyone. That is the only durable way of conflict resolution. We do not need outside interest groups to handle our home affaires.

  23. solomon says:

    Ato Gezaee:
    I like your response now, because you showed your true color. I think you mean what you say in this comment. You argued in favor of the existence, working and ownership of EFFORT in today’s Ethiopia. Well, this is the most disgusting partial operation in Ethiopia where this business organisation is caressed by ppl at the helm of power in the country. This is the most embarrassing and discriminating system in our country. I could not disagree with you more.

  24. Gezaee says:

    Dear Solomon, I think you are the type person who wanted to see people whom you do not like to sit down and dying? when people were dying millions it was okay for you and it was not disgraceful for you? now people put money together and formed a big company and you hate it? Come on Solomon and convince me why is EFFORT a bone in the throat for you? What is the problem? people have a right to form company in whatever form they want. I contributed nothing to effort as person. I can not claim I have as share in it. I did not put single into it. The same applies for you. You better work than dying of jealous of working people. You can claim ownership of a company that belongs to somebody else. It is not fair. If you have valid reasons, let me know. otherwise, people can form whatever company they want and do business. It seems you do not everything that is done by the Tigreans? you must be rational. When they build school by their money? you do not like it? when they build hospital you do not like it. When they build clinic you do not like it. When they build college you do not like it? I confused Solomon if you believe the people have right to work, develop, prosper like every human? Convince me what is your problem? I understand woyane does not stand for Ethiopians interest. I understand Woyane love Eritrea than Ethiopia. EFFORT is not woyane property. It is the property of the people who put their money, wealth, and time and energy into it. I did not put money and energy and time into it. Convince with valid reasons why EFFORT has to be the property of all Ethiopians? if you convince me why not?

    • Michael says:

      You know nothing the secrete of EFFORT. Please, don’t confuse people by talking about some thing you don’t know. Weyane has said many things about EFFORT for decades. It says, EFFORT is the property of the Tigray people that was formed earlier that means before controlling the Menelik Palace and was called MARET. In contrary,EFFORT was formed by the Weyane few members by name of the Tigray people and was first controlled and managed by Sebhat Nega and now is under the control of meles’s widow Azeb Mesfin. Its founding capital and annual profit/loss transaction is unknown and never audited. No one knows where the money is going except Sebhat and Azeb. The Tigray people even some member of Weyane don’t have any clue about the real ownership of EFFORT. This is the true picture of EFFORT. Nowadays, EFFORT, generally, all Weyane’s Revenue source company’s monopolize the countries domestic and foreign export trades. This is an illegal action of the government. That is why millions of the wealth of the country is looted by handful of Weyane members and elites.

  25. Gezaee says:

    Dear Solomon: just to add

    If there is something you do not like, it must be based on reasons. If you do not like something, you have to see other people’s interest. 94 million people can not do business only your way. 94 million people people means 94 million minds? You can not like everyone and every business? as long as people do business according to the law of the country, you must respect others right.

  26. solomon says:

    My friend you are pleading for me to convince you the very obvious. EFFORT is managed by the people running the country. You don’t see any conflict of interest in there?. This company does business all over the country in almost all sectors of the economy, competing with small businesses that do not have any backing from the govt officials. How is this fair Gezaee?. You must know this my friend. If its a profit making business organisation, those officials who are at the top level of the the Ethiopian govt (not Tigray govt) should not involve themselves with it. C’mon, this is not complicated. It is unfair to the rest 94% of the people. Again if you take the top generals in the military they almost all are from TPLF. After more than 20 years, this did not relent. Gezaee, is this fair for the other people who consider themselves as Ethiopians. It does not hurt if sometimes you try to see the situation from the perspective of non tigrayan Ethiopians. Try it for a change. But i know EFFORT is not benefiting the ordinary and hard working people of Tigray. It is using them to polarize the people of Tigray with the rest of Ethiopians. The best way would be for people like you to resist this discriminatory system. We can help build a fair, just, reconciled nation for the next generation.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Solomon, you are talking to me as if I am woyane supporter. I never liked woyane agenda from day one. This is not to make you happy, but that is the truth. you may not know, but I have received death threats from woyane even while I am out of Ethiopia. I suggest you must be careful from lumping people to woyane. you might be pushing people to the wrong direction by generalizing everyone is woyane supporter. I am asking people to stop calling people names without knowing people.People are telling me I am woyane without knowing anything about me. This is completely wrong. I am asking people to respect even woyanes and to use ideology to win the mind and hearts of people instead of intimidation, manipulation and threat.

      Anyway, I agree with you on the fact everything must be transparent and political officers must not be involved in double business. Because that is conflict of interest.

      Look, I honestly have no knowledge about EFFORT at this time. I know people who gave and devoted themselves to it with hope it will help the people. Now if EFFORT is now serving only the cadres. I do not know. I have no information about it now. If it is an ethical company, I do not see the problem if it works across Ethiopia. Leave alone a home grown company, even foreign companies from all over the world are investing in Ethiopia. As I said I do not know now how EFFORT is run. I cannot say much about it. According to me if it is licensed and registered company, it must run the company as EFFORT, as a corporation entity. It must employ any Ethiopian based on skill. It must pay tax to the government like any other corporates. It must audit as a corporation. Its board of directors must manage it, not government or woyane. Anything short of that may not be right.

      Do you know who the managers are? who the board of directors are ? I have no clue. If the managers the TPLF leaders, it is wrong. It must be managed by skilled professional managers like any corporation. It is a corporation and it must stand by itself as a business entity. If that is not the case, it will not benefit the people, but whoever controls it. I am blank who run it. If you know the board of directors and the managers, then we can discuss about it.

      I hate war in my life. I was not fond of the war of woyane and Shabia that caused too much suffering. I do believe the struggle could have been waged in a peaceful and systematic way than the bloody one. As you can see, Eritreans got nothing even after 30 years war. The wars were wrong. On this line, I still do not believe in violent politics. By my own nature I hate war and my life experience also supports non-violence.

      Brother Solomon, people are subject to make mistakes and do bad things. Thus the only way to stop bad things is to love each other, recognize each other as humans, citizens of one country. To work together for own common future. If we unite with good faith, trust me, we are more powerful than the government. People have more power than the government. What is giving an infinite power to the government is our division, hate of each other. If we have an ideology that embraces all of us, we can control the government. We can force the government to do what we wanted to be done. All Ethiopians need freedom, food, water, shelter, peace, respect, right, right to do businesses. Our need is the same. We must stand together for our common needs. We must reject hate politics based on biase, prejudices. We must stand together to oppose wrong polices and any corruption or adlwo or nepotism and we must also support good things. We blame the government but we are the problem because we never stand together based on reasons. How happy I could be if we all unite and oppose the leasing of land for 100 years? How happy I could be if we stand together opposing ethnic discrimination and eviction within Ethiopia? like what happened to our Amhara compatriots. How happy I could be if we could stand together and say Ethiopia has a right and must not buy ports from other countries while its ports are sitting idle? How happy I could be if Ethiopians could stop and focus on the main problems and stand together. Our main problem is we wanted to eliminate each other to control arat kilo? kkk, The Oromos wanted to control Arat kilo? the amhara wanted to control the arat kilo? The tigreans wanted to control the arat kilo? We need only one leader and Every tribe can not have a leader in Arat kilo. We must accept or have way of getting one elected to the office of arat kilo. We can not afford to waste time killing each other and hating each other to control one office. Anyway, let us advocate unity based on fraternity and respect and recognizing each other. The people on power are human they get angry, they get upset, they fear, they make mistakes like every one of us. The only way to make things good is, to appreciate good works and oppose bad things together. We can prevent mistakes of leaders and bad policies if we stand together. But so far we have never been united and we have not never forced woyane to change bad policies. If we continue, they will continue doing many bad things. Something the things they do wrong, they think they are right because no one can stop them to think about it. Let us unite, oppose what we have to oppose and support what we must support.

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