Editor Friew Abebe questioned for publishing ​Azeb Mesfin’s story


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36 Responses

  1. Meron says:

    Actually, I never believed that story though it was a talking point. I believe she would never believe if she were told to leave. That was a business some people created. Marketing by creating lies…!

  2. Gezaee H. says:

    Mr. you are very arrogant and stupid journalist. You cared about PM HD than EPRDF ? and you decided to fabricate fake story that defame, degrade, broadly infringe the right of Azeb Mesfin? Dawit Kebede, again well done. Actually this is too late, who ever engaged in defaming that brave lady must been faced the law long ago. Why the accused now cry? He just need to give his source and he will free. This is the highest crime of libel. Ethics man, have respect for people. You can respect the rights of others by violating the right of others. The government can lay charge on behalf of Azeb. It does not matter; you just give your source and you should be free if you give you sources. Do not cry PM HD safety, bla bla bla,… I hope you will tell your sources. According to me, it is too late; the damage, libel has been done along time. Mr. just tell your source. You have to obey the law and answer question for the things you do. Democracy or free speech does not mean you have to make up things for sensation and violating others rights. People the leaders have feelings too; they get hurt. Be mindful of the right of all.

    • Gezaee says:

      These idiots could not even allow her to mourn for her husband. They worried about the palace so much and started defaming her. Well done police although too late.

      • Mot Le EPRDF says:

        For how long she has to mourn? Her mercenary husband has been died 22 years ago, so why this hast to be a news today?

    • Alemu says:

      Are you saying, she is not be able to morn unless she is at the Minilik’s palace? Your comment proves that You are not only arrogant but moron and stupid…

  3. teshome says:

    I don’t trust this news….It is the case of old wine in new bottle. No one is taking this type of stories seriously
    አሁንስ እንደሂህ ያለ እንቶ ፈንቶ ወሬ ነው የሰለቸኝ

    Please Dawit You had a lot of burning political issues that we need to discuss. If you are substituting the role of Ethiomedia( Metamorphosed Amhara), ESAT (I mean ASAT) and Ethiopia review ( Eritrean review)..then you have no chance expect wasting your time, energy and resource for no noble cause.
    It is up to you to make the hard choice,
    Do you remember how these media out let burn their hands when they reported a fabricated news that General Samora Yenus and Shiek Mohamod Al Amudine died.???
    We don’t forget the Sega reported by ‘ASAT’ 60 Amharas died in auto mobile accident when they were dislocated from Binshangul Gumez…

    • samuel says:

      to teshome
      do you have a hostile attitude that is only to the Amhara ethnic groups-sheer nonsense. You can’t be anti that which does not exist.
      Apparently, with only one purpose-to give yourself at least some significance, belonging to anything, even to what in the world does not exist.
      Tigrai people libration front racists lurk not only for Amharas names and behind other peoples who, by the way, they did not give their consent.
      therefore my advice for you……….
      Do not cooperate with the evil, not stand aside, don’t be a victim !!!

      • teshome says:

        Samuel-Now I agree with you.
        Confess to God Almighty and in front of you, brothers and sisters, that I have sinned much thought, Word, deed and the failure of the debt: my fault, my fault, my great fault.Therefore, I ask the blessed mystery of Mary, all the angels and saints, and you, brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord our God …On this day I want to ask forgiveness from myself, orthodox, all Amharas–dead and alive!

  4. negera says:

    Free media sources, Armed Groups, Opposition Parties,…etc have their own secret news reporters inside various government offices including the PM office. The secretly news reporters are members of the ruling party & their families.
    For example ESAT used to report secret, fresh, unbiased news that directly got from the source (EPRDF high level meetings, CC meetings,…).

    Friew Abebe is covering the right news that he got secretly from the insiders. So why federal police questioned thr true tellers?

  5. leba says:

    Leba EBay Lejwan Atamnem !! Yechi ye corruption enat eqo aschegerech jal?

  6. ባቢ says:

    የዚችን አጋሰስ ፎቶ ማየት በጣም ያማል:: !እግዚአብሐር ያንሳት!

  7. Asmerom Araya Dinsho says:

    Beware of Black Widow ( Azeb ). she is lurking for another victims . She has been seducing big business men and politician for twenty years and they end up in exile ,prison or even in grave.

  8. Mario says:

    If woyanes/TPLF are to do service to the Ethiopian people, bring one of the giants of corruption, Azeb Mesfin to justice like the other less monsters. Interrogating journalists who brought up her deep-seated motives to the attention of Ethiopians and the world is constitutional and not a crime.

    Truly, woyanes hate what the Ethiopian people love and love what the Ethiopian people hate. No wonder their interest has been in collusion with the interest of the country and the people for the last 22 years.

  9. jemal says:

    All power behind PM Hailmarima is Azeb and An Eritrean sympathizer Berket Simon. The two guys never believe in free speech and Media. If Azeb and Berket can see what happened to President Obama in ABC and Fox news, Azeb case is too insignificant.The mother of Corruption, Azeb wnats to gallop PM Hailmariam to secure her dignity and power. Azeb, The mother of corruption should understand that she took longer time to evacuate the palace for PM Hailmariam. After Elder people and priests went her home and convince her to leave the palace. The corrupted mother had hope to be PM of Ethiopia when she saw many people came to her home to pay Condolence for her husband in Addis. Azeb, please leave this kind of joke , the world laughes at you

  10. Gezaee H. says:

    He must disclose his sources. This man has caused too much suffering and too much pain on the widow. If he does not disclose his sources, it means he fabricated it and it is a prima facie crime. Why is he released ? He will now run away after committing crime.

  11. Abe says:

    We know she was in the palace for over two months. This is enough information. She was given a villa but chose to stay. What is the big fuss here? Even if it is false this should n’t be a source of police investigation. She never came out and explained to the public why she is staying for two months while HD was commuting from an inconvenient location. It is funny there is no identity for the accuser yet the police want the journalist to disclose the source of information. These guys have broken all aspects of decent character.

  12. Alem says:

    The journalist wrote that the widow of the late Prime Minister would not vacate the official residence for the incoming family for two whole months. Wasn’t this the fact? The journalist also reported that during the two months the new Prime Minister had to commute in the process creating traffic nightmare as his entourage would take up space. That also was true. So where is the problem? How was this a story? Just another illustration of lawless leaders.

  13. Abe says:

    Ethiopin criminal investigation is catching us by surprise everyday. How many Americans would have been questioned by Ethio police for the common talk by conservatives that Obama was born in Kenya. To borrow a phrase from the accused Gebrewahid, what kind of country we are becoming?

  14. Gezaee H. says:


    Ethiopia is not America. We do not care about Americans. I see you all guys you just hate everything associated with woyane. You confirm every whites is true. From the way I see, Ethiopians must be educated first; We do not need your democracy made in USA. I have lived in many democratic countries, … journalists are subject to the law and must indicate their sources without any legal process even needed. If they refuse, then they must face the law. you are all ignorant and I can see you hate for the lady because you do not like. You are acting as if you knew anything when you have no really clue. Why is your Charlatan journalists refusing to disclose his source? he must disclose. Otherwise, you abuse people and go away with it? We do not care about Obama even if they hang him it is not our business. If you wanted Obama, stay in Obama land. Ethiopia is not Obama or USA land. you are not anymore Ethiopians. you are now Ethiopians made in America which we do not need in Ethiopia. This is the type of stupidity that forces me even to support woyane even if I do not like woyane policies, this rubbish type of hateful comments make me inclined to support even Azeb. This shows also Ethiopians are not ready to for democracy itself. They must be educated. You are Frew Abebe must disclose his sources.I am living in democratic countries, no one is above the law of the land. No USA, nothing; respect the law of the country. Go and preach your USA to somebody else.

  15. ሙለር says:

    ምነው አሁንስ ጋዜጠኟ ነኝ ባይ ሁሉ ውሽት የኑሮ መተዳደሪያና ለውጭ አገር የመኖሪያ ፈቃድ ኬዝ ማሳመሪያ ሆነ ኧንዴ ሙያው ኧረ ልብግዙ

  16. Girma says:

    This is confusing. How come Friew the bias journalist has not admitted how he got the information that Azeb refused to vacate. Why are Ethiopian journalist try to be holier than thou and cry me a river when they are caught. Give us the truth. Where is the evidence? His visit to Maekelawi actually portrays the professionalism of our Federal Police. He should be appreciative for escaping with mere interrogation.

  17. Tatek says:

    Mr Gezae,
    It is not about America or Obama that we are talking about here. It is about the untold injustice inflicted by your TPLF on our people. Covering a story that the Former First Lady, who did not have any valid reason to be in public palace long after her husband, whom the people had a contract with, had come to an end is unjustified. There is no defamation here. If you need a source, why don’t you hang reporter, Walta, Aiga forum or other TPLF mouthpieces. If you indeed lived in the West, which I think could be as a potential TPLF spy within the Ethiopian Diaspora or have been working at one of the TPLF missions in the west, wait for your time to be kicked out soon as you are a potential threat to Western security interests. I think you understand that the TPLF are already in the FBI terrorist data base and you need to take note that you are being watched. Man, this is not Dedebit where you hang your political foes and get away with it. You will be dealt with vigorously unless you stop your dirty rhetoric of mistaking media fairness for defamation and praise those who are in the business of punishing dissent, fairness, justice, equality, democracy and humanity to further their narrow interests.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Tatek: Great man, kkk, you sound the smartest man on our planet?

      How are you going to liberate Ethiopia from woyane by threatening people? intimidating people like you are doing ? You are threatening me man. I live in a country where there is law and order. you can not walk on people as you do where I am. Or you can not accuse people falsely just because you hate them. I live in a place where there is zero tolerance for hatred, discrimination based on any ground. Tatek, if you want aspire to make Ethiopia a better place, you must first liberate yourself from primitivity backwardness, and also respect people no matter how you hate them. Discipline yourself and be a good example instead of intimidating people like this. This will not get you anywhere trust me. Hate does not get people anywhere. There is no nefaw or kuretew gora in the civilized world. You have to be civilized to win the heart and minds of people. From the way I see you are working for woyane with no any pay. What u are doing is a blessing in disguise for woyane. you may not agree with me. But no one is going to work with intimidators. I prefer the devil I know than angels like you whom I do not know. From the way I see, woyane will stay another 20 more years. You know how long it took Woyane and Shabia to win Ethiopia? Shabia took 30 years? even that complemented with woyane of 17 years? Woyane took 17 full years to win the heart and minds of Tigreans. How long will it take you to win the heart and minds of Tigreans only? From the way I see, with your intimidation ideology from Washington DC? you will not get anywhere. My brotherly advise, wise up and respect people and stop jumping and accusing people by your figmentation. I am not woyane, but you must know it is my right if I want to be. No man under the sun can stop me if I want. If you believe in democracy, then you must practice it brother in real time. The only way you can beat woyane is by being wise and smarter than woyane, not by serving woyane by your ignorance. You must able to convince even the woyanes to join you? that is what woyane did. Good luck anyway. I have avoided the law of phsyics in my response to you. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is the law of physics.

  18. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Azeb Mesfin a strong Political figure, who was right beside our Great Meles Zenawi when he made Transforming decision is a very important person in our development. She is an inspiration for many many women, and has made significant change to the poor Ethiopian women in different projects. Much Respect for the Brave lady who was strong enough to come on national TV to share her strength with the Heart brocken People by the Death of her husband.
    I’ll just say to the people wasting their time with rubbish talk, while you are concerned so much about her leaving the palace, did you ever even once sent your condolences, did you care for the heart broken millions in Ethiopia, did you think of Azebs kids. NO because you think not with your heads but with your Azz.
    Anyways I think Azeb is gonna continue to be an important individual in our politics. I wish her luck and success in her work. 

  19. HighestlevelofBoredom says:

    There is News and there is also tabloid news. I wont even put this under tabloid news. And I’m not even an EPRDF supporter. Gutter politics. You can actually call it Fugera News. Challenge people at policy level. Compare them with the past, with others in the same region, level, etc. Ethiopian journalism is just a lamentation for and on behalf of those who lost and dream of power for power’s sake.
    I stop here.
    I live abroad and am keen on updating myself with what happens in Ethiopia. It is disappointing to read stories like this, with journos always at the heart of the struggle for power.
    I long for the day when there will be a clear line between politics and journalism in Eth.
    Tank you

  20. Alex says:

    @ Gezaee H.ያልገባህ ነገር አሜሪካ ለውጭው ሃገር ዎይም ህዝብ በዝባዝ ዎይም ኢምፔሪያሊስት ናት:: ይህን ማንም ያውቃል:: ኢራቅን ሊቢያን አፍጋኒስታንን ሲሪያን የተመለከተ ሰው ያሜሪካ ስራ በቀላሉ ይገባዋል:: ነገር ግን አሜሪካ ለራሷ ህዝብ እጂግ በጣም ዲሞክራት ናት:: መለስ እና እናንተ ዎያኔዎች ይሄንን ነው መማር ያቃታችሁ:: ግማሽ አካል የሆነውን የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ አማራን በመግደል በማፈናቀል ሃገራችን ወደ ሲኦል እየመራችኋት ነው ይህንን ነው ተዉ የምንላችሁ:: ነገሩ የባንዳ ስራ የውስጥ ቀጋ የውጭ አልጋ መሆን አይደል::

  21. Abe says:


    Look, former First Lady occupied the palace when Ethiopians expect the new PM to occupy it. He was commutting between Mekanissa and the palace for so long. In the process, he risked his life as well as created inconvenient situation to the public. For months Azeb kept muted as to why she is not vacating. If she has reason to stay, she should have announced to the public when she is leaving. She did not do that. Mean while speculation contuniued. Some African countries even started to make fun out of it making us the laughing stock of the world. In this situation, I would not wonder if any journalist makes stories after stories after former First Lady. It is of no business to the police to ask in this situation. She herself is the source of the rumour.

    No one hates woyanie out of the blue. They fought alongside Eritrea and shut off Ethipia from its legitmate sea outlate. I would not go into other policies. This is enough to hate woyanies.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      you are hate for woyane based on what mentioned is accepted and rational; but about Azeb you are 100% wrong. She vacate the palace according the ruling parties plan, not according to Elias Kifle or you. You are telling me you care about PM HD more than EPRDF? KKKK, you guys are trying to use everything to express your hate for woyane? But those irrational hatred are helping woyane to stay longer. This journalist must have been charged long long ago; He defamed the lady and make her suffer. He must be charged libel and pay huge money for it. Elias Kilfe has to pay 150 000 dollars to Almouldi for libel. This is a crime. If this what they call journalism, EPRD must throw them to jail until they learn about democracy. I think EPRDF needs to build a new prison called Democracy prison and the Charlatan be trained what democracy is about in their prison terms. Sometimes woyane is the problem. With bad policy woyane go for election and while Ethiopians and EPRDF itself are not ready for democracy, they talk democracy. Democracy must delayed in Ethiopia until an Ethiopian democracy is being built and designed. No need for made in America democracy.

  22. Nahom says:

    It seems democracy has no meaning in Ethiopia. It looks even the government does not know democracy? otherwise, how can they allow people to be abused by journalists. It looks Journalists are Gods in Ethiopia? I thought journalism is a profession, not politics? in Ethipia journalism is wushet plus politics = wushet

  23. Tatek says:

    Mr Gezaee,
    It pisses me off when people mistake sound and rational argument for hatred. Whether you are in this just to hide yourself from your unjustified backing of TPLF that are going under the shadow of death or you are absolutely suffering from a mental issue whereby you have a sanity crisis where you can’t tell fiction from reality, only the Almighty can tell. But nothing can change the fact that the Former First lady, with due respect to her, had kept occupying the Public Palace long after her husband’s contract with Ethiopians had come to an end following the dictator’s death is not only unjustified but grossly disrespectful to Public Interest. I sympathize with Ms. Azeb that she lost a husband and needed some time to grieve him, but in reality nothing really outweighs public interest. When the owners of the palace asked her to vacate the premises, she was supposed to follow suit. She was given a residence and a hefty pension package and I think that was the end of the story as far as anything the Ethiopian public needed to do. If or not I am civilized is irrelevant to the point in question here. I agree with you that you can be a TPLF agent or anything. That’s your absolute right. But accusing others who don’t agree with your baseless claims that Ms. Azeb was mistreated is not only insulting to public view but also grossly arrogant and exponentially ludicrous. But the fact of the matter is that your accusations against the Ethiopian public that they mistreated this lady when in fact they have been too good to her and your claims that America and Obama are to blame for all the public support the TPLF remained unable to win is a clear indication of your true colors that you are a kind of made in Dedebit material who fancies biting those hands that feed you.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Tatek,

      Thank you for your comment. Tatek, whether you like it or not, I do not take seriously what I read on the media because I know most are lies. All I said is the one who published that she refuse to leave to the public must disclose his source. We equally have right to know whether what have been publicized was true or not. The accused has nothing to fear if he has to disclose his sources. That is what is needed. An article written by one journalist has not nothing to do with the Ethiopia or Ethiopian. You are talking on behalf of Ethiopians and Ethiopia? you are claiming you are more Ethiopian more than any Ethiopians. You are claiming everything you said is right. Everything I said is wrong? This is narrowness to be honest. Neither the author of that article nor you nor me represent Ethiopian people. Be it the author of the article or you or me, we must represent ourselves only. Neither the writer of that article nor you nor myself are elected to represent anyone. We must speak only representing only ourselves, not 94 million people. You have no right to force me to accept your story without evidences. Whatever you claim must be supported by evidences. That is how are things done in the civilized world. Every claim or story must be supported with credible evidences. No one is going to take your stories as they are because you do not like Mr. X or Mr. Y? Everything that comes out of your mouth must be based on truth supported by bona fide evidences. You are more likely to get my support that way. It does not matter how much you hate woyane or Azeb. Your hate does not count anything. I repeat any story that is level at anyone without any evidence is libel or sm matfat. This is the rule of the law anywhere. I have seen many journalist being dragged to court for their stories. This is how the professionalism of journalism is being checked and standardized. About America, I have nothing to do with America. I respect and love Americans as humans being like the rest of humanity. Nothing less or more. I have no special love for any race or ethnic or colour or religion or creed or tribe or citizen or country. I stand for justice and equality of all human. This is what I have learnt from my new country. I am respected as human. I cherish this value. I do not care about dedebit story. You do not know anything about me; You are only exposing yourself, not me. I am not talking about you anything. Do you see me saying anything about you? I can not say anything about you because I do not know you. That is the big difference. I repeat first thing first, second thing second, third thing third. First liberate yourself, then you can liberate others. As I said, the only way to win over me is using the power of pure reasons and evidences. Short of that, nothing under the sun can twist me to follow anyone. That is me whether you like it or not. EPRDF cares much than you about PM HD. I repeat again, I do not have to confess to anyone, but I do not support Woyane based on reasons and principle of my own reasons. That is the only reason that keeps me away from woyane, there is no man under the sun who can stop me if I want to do so. You must respect this. you must respect even the woyane supporters or EPRDF supporters. You must win their heart and mind to follow you and to reject woyane or eprdf. That is how are done on the civilized world. Intimidation, manipulation, scaring, threatening, coercision does not work. As I said, woyane took 17 full years to win the entire Tigrean hearts and minds. Even speaking the same language did not help them. If you dream to liberate Ethiopia from woyane? you need to be much more smarter than Woyane. Again, broeherly advise, change the way you handle people if you want to be the agent of change and stop throwing mud on people. Have a good day.

  24. tn. says:


    contrary to the popular belief of most, azeb is still the most powerful person in the country.

    1)she is the primal interpreter of the vision of meles. at will, she can produce documents of “meles” such as the “plan to industrialize tigray” so on and on.

    2) she has a seat in TPLF central committee and by consequence, to the disproportionally represented EPDRF’s 44 body executive. it has been safely idiot proofed by lynching of all those that can read… with the exception of kiss arsses of the south.

    3) She runs the indirect economy like she always has done and through that, arbitrarily allocates wealth to who she wants. money buys more generals than the bravado of “PM” Highlemariam.

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