CPJ: At AU summit in Addis Ababa, Kerry should speak out for a free press


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25 Responses

  1. eden says:

    Dear CPJ
    What a crap are you talking about!!!
    It is not for the interest of Americans or Obama or for that matter John Kerry Africans need free press. We are no more worrshipers of the Whites
    Africans very well knew when, How and why they need democracy and free press.
    I don’t even know whether John kerry is one of the speakers, let alone to pass a ill minded message for Africans

  2. Abe says:

    African people know for sure they want democracy. But the African rulers- the likes of woyanies- do not knnow the meaning of democracy. That is why John Kerry has to speak out. Clearly African people need help to restrain those dicttors.

    • teshome says:

      What a naive person you are!!! I wonder your blissful ignorance.
      Democracy is not an exportable commodities, it is something you nurture it. If Africans need democracy, they need it period but we don’t have to be first blessed by Americans.
      Africans need development than democracy, democracy is not something edible. Africans can live with out democracy but can’t with out development. Africans have long time ago decided their pathway of development…
      We will see what impact John kerry speech will bring on Africans leaders and African people in general.

    • Gezaee says:

      Mr. Democracy is different in different country; the democracy in USA is different from the one in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Australia, South Africa. Which democracy must African adopt?

      Abe, I do believe you yourself do not know democracy; our people preached for 2 decades that communism is good and capitalism is bad. Then you come here and you tell us capitalism is good? no no, we do not need either them. The concept of democracy is not endemic to USA. Across Africa elected their chiefs by election long long before the advent of American democracy. If you go to Africa and see how they elected their leaders, you will understand democracy has been in Africa before America. There is nothing adopting good things from outside, but no need to be forced by foreign interest groups.

      You can not talk on behalf of Africans; you can only represent yourself and talk about yourself and your choices. you can not decide for Africans. The Africans know they have their own way of democracy.

  3. Gezaee says:

    Dear CPJ:

    I know your mission. Your mission is to make Ethiopia the little daughter of neoliberalism. You do not actually care about the journalists. You care about neoliberalism. For us your neoliberalism the same as terrorism. Terrorism kills the body of human being by bullet. Neoliberalism kills the mind of people by journalists. Whatever problem we have at home. We must solve it ourselves, we do not need CPJ. We do not need you and we ask u to get lost. People must solve their problem by their own means. you must stop meddling, interfering into cultures, traditions, norms, values, socieites which you have no clue. You ignorance is only creating more enemies. We do not interfere in your country and you must do the same. Ethiopia is not a colony of USA. I know we do not have a good and strong government that stands for Ethiopian interest, but Americans citizens or Journalist must stop interfering in our country. We ask you to leave us alone. We are capable of solving our problems ourselves. We do not need neoliberal manual from Washignton. We Ethiopians love Americans by default. But the wild, ignorant, arrogant behavior of American journalists is getting over our head. You must respect other citizens, laws of countries. Your influence in the world is decaying exponentially because of your arrogant behavior. China is taking over you; do you see any Chinese journalists meddling in any country? you do not see any Chinese making enemies as you do. It is costing you a lot. John Kerry can hardly change anything in Africa. China has won the heart and minds of Africans now. Some of the country in Africa has even sold land for China for 1000 years. Chinese are investing from their heart and pouring their money with full heart. Chinese will be not only investors in Africa, but Africans. They are integrating themselves into the African society. They are building the countries from their heart. America has no any ground anymore in Africa. They did not invest in Africa in the past and they will not invest even now. Because American multination corporation only know how to rape Africa and Africans, robbing their resources and putting their puppets. you neoliberal strategy will not work anymore. You need to come with a better ideology which is very hard for you to change. If you want to respect human right to go to Somalia and Saudi Arabia then come back to Ethiopia.

  4. Mahlet Asefa says:

    In my oponion if journalist ‘ activists’ as they are shamelessly called in our countrys context, if Africa allows every YEMENDER WORE LEKAKAMI, to tell and write lies again and again in the media then what hope does this poor continent have? Some of our experiences in Africa has shown devastating effects as the
    Uneducated African was subject to media hypnosis. I don’t know about others but Ethiopia has done very well at this, most of the detained journalists in Addis have been patiently dealt with until they started writing of Jenocide and hate between ethnic groups etc… if anything if Mr Kerry is to give a speech he will Thank the Ethiopian Government for the very Truily democratic ways of handling issues such as this.

  5. Gezaee says:

    If Americans could have spent the trillions of dollars of war on helping and investing school, hospitals, agriculture, in poor countries, instead of killing people, today neoliberal could have been a reality in the world. We would have been carrying American flag as our own. But you did not do that; The tenets of neoliberal that says weakening countries and controlling their resources, … is as evil as terrorism. You need to be human. Neoliberal tenet that Americanism or neoliberalism is the bible of the 21 century and every country either by will or by force has to embrace neoliberal free market Imperialism does not belong to the 21 century. Americans need to reinvent any ideology that can work and compete with good intention. The only American interest ideology is dead because it is based on greed and only us ideology. You need to change if you want to compute with China. Manipulation will not work after the emergence of the agile China. I can go shopping to the shop that gives better services. it is like trying to sell books from book store when the book is already free online. Time has changed and you need to change your old ideology. Classical liberalism failed and you packed it as neoliberalism, it is not working.You need to change fast if you want to continue as an infuencial countries. Attacking cultures, societies , traditions, countries, governments,.. using CPJ, hired journalists will never work. Because as Americans love their flag, their country, other people do the same. CPJ you are dead weapon or it is called in Amharic? neoliberal is yetebela ekub. A money is eaten.

  6. samuel says:

    Many Ethiopians still naively believe the United States is a model of democracy and freedom.Far from it!

    for example 1) 1982-Guatemala. America helps come to power, General Efrain Rios Montt. After 17 months of it destroyed 400 Indian villages.
    2)1996-Rwanda. 6000 civilians killed by Government forces, which are trained and funded by America and South Africa. In Western media the event was ignored.
    3)In 1965, when the nationalization of oil held Indonesia, Washington and London said the coup d ‘ état during the dictatorship of General Suharto was installed (Suharto). Dictatorship on the mountain of bones-half a million people. In 1975, Suharto seized East Timor and destroyed a third of the population, turning the island into a giant cemetery. The New York Times called this a tragedy, “one of the most savage massacres in modern political history.” These atrocities nobody even remembers.
    4)1963-1966-Dominican Republic. In 1963 he became the democratically elected President Bosch. He called for the country to land reform, the people of low-cost housing, moderate business and restrict the nationalization of over-exploitation of the country by foreign investors. Bosch plans were seen as “crawling into socialism” and triggered the wrath of United States, United States printing announced it “red”. In September 1963, Bosch was overthrown by a military coup, with the consent of the United States. When the 19-month uprising in the country and created a threat to return Bosch to power, the United States sent soldiers 23000. to assist in suppressing “rebellion”.
    5)1966-pro-American military assistance to the Governments of Indonesia and the Philippines. Despite the ferocity of the repressive regime in the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos (60.000 people were arrested for political reasons, the Government officially 88 specialists worked on torture), George h. w. Bush after years of Marcos praised for “adherence to democratic principles.”
    6)1964-Congo (Zaire). America supports the arrival to power of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, who was famous for his cruelty and subsequently stole from impoverished countries billions of dollars.
    a))1974-Zaire. The Government provided military support to the United States to capture the country’s natural resources. America is not confused by all the money (12 billion dollars) of Mobutu Sese Seko is arrogating to itself, as the country’s leader, didn’t faze her, and that he actively uses torture, tosses opponents in jail without trial, starving Loots, etc.
    …..so and so on.
    A) Striking American hypocrisy and double standards in almost everything, including democracy. States nicely say about human rights, but … they refused to sign the majority of human rights instruments. In 2001, the economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) excluded the United States from the Human Rights Commission. It was the first time in the history of the Commission from 1946.
    B)United States are not part of the International Criminal Court. Many Americans believe that the United States “above the law” or an “exception to the law that they have immunity in relation to international law. In the United States in the go term Might is always right (The power higher than right!).

    • Double Helix says:

      I do not disagree more. Thank you for well description of US in the world. They only care about their interest. Well done Samuel!!!!!

  7. Alem says:

    To all woyane junkies samuel, gezaee, mahlet, eden የዎያኔ ደጋፊዎች ያልገባችሁ አንድ ነገር አለ:: አሜሪካ ማለት ባጭሩ ዲሞክራሲን ኤክስፖር አደርጋለሁ በሚል ሽፋን በማንኛውንም ሃገር ንግዷን ማስፋፋት አንዱ እና ዋናው አላማዋ :: ነገር አሜሪካ ለራሷ ህዝብ ዲሞክራት ናት:: እናንተ ዎያኔዎች ግን ለሃገር ውስጥ ህዝብ እጅግ በጣም ጭካኝ ናችሁ:: አንዱን ዘር ዎይም ጎሳ ነጥሎ መጥላት እና መምታት ዋና ስራችሁ አድርጋችሁ ሃገር እንገነባለን ስትሉ ትገርማላችሁ:: እንደናንተ የአንድን ሃገር ግማሽ አካል (አማራን) ጠላት ብሎ ከመነሳት እንደ አሜሪካ የሩቅ ሃገር ጠላት በመፍጠር የሃገርን ህዝብ ማስተባበር በስንት ጣእሙ:: ሳሎን እያለ ቁም ሳጥን ውስጥ መኖር የሚፈልግ እንደ ዎያኔ ያለ ዘረኛ ድርጅት አይቸም በታሪክም ሰምቸ አላውቅም:: የባንዳ ስራ የውስጥ ቀጋ የውጭ አልጋ መሆን አይደል:: መማር ከፈለጋችሁ አሁንም ግዜ አላችሁ::

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Alem, why you call everyone woyane Junkies? do you know me? it is a crime to tell people who they are without knowing the people. You do not know me. Do not be stupid man. Do not throw mud on people without knowing people. If you have a problem with woyane and go to the embassy and challenge them there instead of behaving like a rabid dog calling everyone names without knowing people. This is why Habesha, primitive people. Can you be civil without throwing mud at everyone. Aye Aye, dedeb Hzeb

      • Alem says:

        dear Gezaee ..if u have any ..give answer only to me or just limit yourself in criticizing me. why you call all people of habesha primitive ? u see how much you are arrogant just like Meles zenawi who used to feel that he is always right and he knows better.

  8. Mario says:

    If woyanes/TPLF lied, misinformed, deceived and hoodwinked every single western nation government officials and bought their trust for the last 22 years or more, I honestly believe they can do the same with Mr. John Kerry, US Secretary of State.

    This leads us to the conclusion that woyanes/TPLF were able to do their job better than the opposition whenever it comes to the buying the trust of important politicians of the west or east. For instance, the opposition tried to buy the trust of Secretary Hillary Clinton, but failed. This was because, prior to her appointment as Secretary of State by Obama administration, Sheik Al Amoudie “donated” 20 million dollars towards Bill Clinton’s Initiative. The donated money served Meles Zenawi as an entrance ticket to Bill Clinton’s Initiative to participate at the event. At the time, woyane agents claimed and bragged the scandal as an event that took place in the presence of an only “African leader”, Meles Zenawi. The money donated by the Sheik (Ethiopian people’s money and when 3-4 million children were starving to death at the time) was actually meant an advance payment to buy the trust of Secretary Hillary Clinton. Secretary Clinton then gave her unflinching and fearless support to woyanes/TPLF during her time in office. It worked perfectly.

    If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected.

    • Gezaee says:

      Money speaks in America than anywhere else. There is good Amharic saying if you have money you can fly through sky. Genzeb kale besemai Menged ale, I just find the Amharic saying amazing sometimes. Wise people saying all the right proverbs that does not pass with time. I tell you Americans after what they call their American interest. They do not care about anyone except themselves. It is all about business, has nothing to do with humanity or human right or press right bla bla. The bad thing is they never consider human being has the faculty to think and know. They claim they know everything and they wanted to tell every human being how to live and how to walk, how to sleep and how to eat, how to drink water. I once worked with American. We travelled together. She packed her lunch and I did not pack my lunch. But I was not hungry. She was my close friend and she is really a wonderful woman I came across in my life. But she started eating lunch when other started eating their lunch. I was sitting beside her. You know in our culture you ask the person to join when you are eating or you buy food or drink if you are together regardless cost. I asked to her how can you just start eating without asking your friend to join you for the meal? She said, no no, this is my lunch. I can not give my lunch to eat with me. I laughed and she asked me do you mean you do like that in Ethiopia? I said, ” oh yes, no matter what it is and where it is and no matter whether it is small or big. I might even completely deprive my lunch myself and give it to you.” she said no, no , no in America you can’t share or give your lunch to anyone. That is really what America means. Americans think only about themselves. By the way, when the entire European was shocked during the 1984 Ethiopian famine. When the Irish Pope singer BOB Geldof mobilized the whole Europe to help Ethiopians. American government opposed the and or tried to block the 250 million pounds collected. Bob Geldof has to move up and down to get the money into Ethiopia in anyway. You can read Bob Geldof’s book about the campaign and the obstacles from USA government has to battle to get the money into Ethiopia. The American government really does not care about Africans. If they did, they had the ability to help Africa. By the way, America is not all bad. America helped the whole Europe to come out of perpetual poverty through using IMF, WB. That must be appreciated very much because helping humanity regardless race is something high virtue. We love the Americans on their good side. Helping the entire Europe is excellent. But If they were not racist, they could have done the same with Africa. Americans must clean themselves from racism even now. If they could have helped Africans as they did for Europe, their good work could have been their politics to even control the world. But they did not want to help any race that is white and they just wanted to rape Africans their resources by telling them to cover themselves and stay in darkness. Anyway, virtue is the way of wisdom. Virtue is more powerful than weapon or military might. The bible says arrogance and ignorance comes before downfall. In the bible Babylon was so powerful and it has this king called Nebuchadnezzar. Babylon was an empire as power as USA in its time. It has this military might. Babylon invaded almost the entire middle east. Destroying lives, cities, kings, leaders and controlling every country. But what happened, Babylon failed from grace within very short time and the so powerful king got become mad because of blood and started becoming like animal eating grasses because of God anger. He was killed by his own son, not even by his enemies. Babylon had fallen not to be seen forever because of too blood-shedding. If we human do no see, the man above see everything other humans do to each other and pay back to everyone as according to his deed. This world is not a random human design. There is an order of mystery that does transcend our understanding. Americans must respect African cultures, traditions,… if they really wanted to be win hearts and minds of other cultures, … otherwise, be like us is not good.

    • teshome says:

      Nothing wrong but your narrow brain…
      Your thought doesn’t amount to the caliber of the Awramba times web site readers..
      You are too simplistic and it is really difficult to explain to the wave length of your understanding.

  9. Ahadu says:

    This reminds me of an Amharic saying “Af sinoreshem aydel!” literally meaning “as if you are taken seriously!”.

    CPJ, the neo-liberal’s handy tool, can not tell us this or that after its masters’ centuries long global power was misused and mishandled to keep us poor and in the dark.

    Will start to take you seriously CPJ, when you criticize the situation of Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange.


  10. Abe says:

    “ሳሎን እያለ ቁም ሳጥን ውስጥ መኖር የሚፈልግ እንደ ዎያኔ ያለ ዘረኛ ድርጅት አይቸም በታሪክም ሰምቸ አላውቅም::” That was great saying. Instead of living in the living room woyanies chose to live in the kitchen and gave away Assab to EPLF. Laughing stock of the world!!! How can you agree with these kind of creatures and live a descent life??

  11. Mario says:

    Gezaee wrote and I quote:

    “That is really what America means. Americans think only about themselves”.

    Let me ask you Gezaee, who doesn’t think about himself/herself? Woyanes? You? Please tell us a self-less country and people that you know of?

    It is very sad to read stuff like this on this website. A person who cannot even differentiate between what the US foreign policy is all about and the American people generosity is talking garbage (“kraqinbo”) here is perplexing.

    Dear Gezaee, had it not been for the endless generosity of the American people, thousands and thousands of Ethiopians could have perished from starvation and famine. Moreover, the woyane/TPLF you adore may not even survive this long without the US government assistance in the military, intelligence, security, etc, etc.

    Your comment/characterization of the American people is totally misplaced. Please swallow your garbage-talk back and think about apologizing to the American people (including myself) in time. I believe, that would be the most appropriate thing to do for you.

    May wisdom/rationality outlive human stupidity!!!

  12. Gezaee says:

    Mario, thank you for your comment. I never said American people. I said the lady portray American government policy. Americans are about 200 million people or more, I never said all that. It is your own figment imagination to blackmail me. It is always wrong to generalize. If you can remember, during the Iraq war, the majority of American population opposed the war. Almost the entire European population opposed it. If you remember how Europeans protested? Women took off their clothes and got naked from Europe up to Australia. But that did not stop USA from bombing Iraq.That does not mean American people in general has to be blamed Iaq. Therefore I am not the type of person you are trying to tell me I am. But you can twist things to your own whims, that does not bother me. You can go apologize American yourself, I have nothing to apologize and I did not say what you wanted me to say. There are people who love to make up things to fit their own agenda. I know many American who help Ethiopian selflessly. I know in person Dr. Dollar who is helping about 40 Ethiopians at his own expense, imagine 40 children only one person. I never heard of even one Ethiopian taking one child to his home and helping. I am more informed than yourself what American citizens do for Ethiopians. One of the 40 children was almost dying in Ethiopia of diseases. He brought him to USA and saved his life and he is now in A university doing his master. You can not teach me about American people. I know them. But I do not consider you as one of American people, because you are hateful, biased, prejudiced. You may have an American citizens, but that does not mean you American are bona fide. American people are open minded, civilized, open society, no hate like you. I am aware there are many American who adore Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. However, that does not mean American government policy is the same. About woyane/TPLF, you go and talk to TPLF. Do not bother me about TPLF. Please, please, go and talk to them.

  13. tn. says:

    what good will a Kerry speech do to empire socialized persons even if they get right to a free press?

    wasn’t dereje desta, who hosts two shows on ESAT, going out of his way to block discussion of proportional representation in EPRDF, even when the issue was brought up for discussion by another journalist? well, no one knows what happened to the other journalist but this idiot who had to be thought what macca-tullema was by his guest still going around and dancing hosting two programs.

    he is acculturated and totally empire socialized that i doubt if he is competent to host any shows for a media that purports to be “Ethiopian”. unless of course ethiopia is deemed to yet mean the empire of ethiopia. in that case derje desta is perfectly fine.

  14. tn. says:

    all speeches of this AU are extremely important as the world, pivot africa, lynchpin finfinee, has gone through a major interplanetary transition.

    This is the secession of the new millennium.

    Kerry can become predictable. he is close to the script stiff kind of guy. Her excellency and future president HILL would have been bombastic at it…but Kerry can still set the theme and tone for the Africa-US-China relationship by collecting and lambasting China’s primitive trade/FDI practices in Africa. He should tie and make provision for peoples/Civic Groups rights to bring cases of primitive trade practice to the WTO and have the nations be accountable to acts.(create some institutions like that).

  15. tn. says:

    Hailemariam’s speech i think will be the most interesting one that i would closely watch. he should consider it the speech of his life time. here he will come alive or be buried six-feet down. weather on likes them or hates them, the empire had a successive list of colorful and charismatic leaders. menelik the darling of adwa, selassie the darling of AU, mengistu, the darling of the east block, meles’ the quintessential and consummate opportunist of the post-cold war era. these are men who went all out, with full knowledge that their actions might not see them make it out of the palace alive. self sacrifice is the pre-requisite for leadership of ethiopia. Hailemariam thus far doesn’t even seem to have the courage/authority to write his own speech. patience has worn thin and if his speech doesn’t display that he is sold into it, he will be finished.
    He has a chance to spin this out, way out above the heads and speech style of the inbreed tigre dull fkrs,by dropping meles’ boring, dull outdated speech style of contradiction tosynthesis , concentrate on fungible money, speak in three lines per word (layered speech)gold-wax, jab both the chinc and the ferenje, but provide concrete ways of shake-down on behalf of africa. light blame the CCA for still being stationed out in DC, blame for the blindness of investment in Ponzie-scheme rather than viable projects such as renewable energy all over africa, thank rhod’s for his contribution on railway but that there hasn’t been any response from china on proposals of cross-continental railway without of which there can not be industries of scale. blame that there is a tendency of sitting on commodities of little value addition such as gold, a value that can be turned upside down within a day, while africa has such promising investments so long as payment terms are stretched out over fifty year periods.

    in short, if hailemariam can’t establish authority and deliver a make-or-brake speech on the Viability of infrastructure investments, he will be finished…along with that his party and may be the empire of ethiopia.

    the stakes are high!!

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