Ethiopia detained 22 officers for Bahirdar killing spree


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9 Responses

  1. lenin says:

    Oh now they are trying to divert the attention. These people really think Ethiopians are just stupid. If you ask me they killed some random kid with the federal uniform first took picture while he was still bleeding and threw him in the river then claimed they found him and pulled that drama this arrest is just the second chapter of the drama. Things are getting out of hand. The people have already learned who is what and what they are all about. You can arrest 100 more federal police but the damage is done long ago.I wish government did this when Amhara were being evicted out of their own country. That is also killing.

  2. sayint says:

    Source” Daniel Birhane” !!! so funny-do not quote dummies!
    cheers!!!-or you only know him from the province of tigray? He is the supporter of weyane eprdf, so quoting him puts you in jeopardy on some issues-

    • Meron says:

      What is wrong in mentioning Daniel Berhane? He is of course blamed for being close to the government, but he is an accomplished blogger. People are even believing the likes of ESAT, Ethiopian review and Ethiomedia.

      Dawit, thank you for all the things you have been doing…your unbiased news is very commendable!

  3. Belew Nadew says:

    The pro-Eritrean Northern Tigres, such as abay tsehay, are arresting Southern Tigres in the name of corruption, because the latter are regretting for landlocking Ethiopia. The recent spate of epidemic shootings such as the one in Bahrdar,are in relation to the massive and ongoing arrests of Souther Tigrean merchants and top officials under the cover of corruption. Mind you, the most corrupt are calling the shots on the least corrupt, so weyane’s days are numbered in weeks or at most in months

    • Meron says:

      Dividing Tigrians has been tried many times, but failed.

      And, please come out from this Belew Nadew, Gidelw, Cheflkew,…types of akak zeraf names!

  4. Ajire says:

    Ha ha ha,
    Amara TV with journalist “Kibrom”!!
    1. Even in the Weyanes logic, at least a news reader for the Kilil
    should be from the Kilil. This is a good outright example how youth from the region are made jobless abd Tplf supporters snatch their jobs.
    2. Kibrom and the likes can work in Amhara (unlike the dirty political game of eviction of amharas from other regions) , but it is digusting to hear his name and accent on “Amhara TV”. Sorry but that is what many people learned and forced to learn from
    Weyane. Is there no other native amhara news reader or is that just a provocation for the region? It is just not fair psychologically, but we know what Weyane thinks! Kkkk
    3. Dawit of Awramba, I do not care if you publish my comments or not, but do you really believe in such news? Just taking over Weyanes news outlet and making yourself a second ETV?
    For your profession standing on the side of dictators and killers at this crutial time of struggle for freedom. Your hypocrisy about “reporting from both sides” or something like “fair and balanced journalism” does not function here! People are dying, emigrating in miilions and a country and its culture and history is being destroyed by these few Tplf/Eprdf thugs. Like in the time of italian colonialists, constructing roads and buildings while subjugating the people to slavery does not make it acceptable unless one is brainwashed with colonialist ideology. That is exactly what is you Dawit, and few others exactly doing. Come to your sense, man. It is not a luxury time to mock with democracy and to stand half-heartedly for the people.

  5. Mahlet Asefa says:

    See what true Democracy is! This is a clear indication that Ethiopia is led by a strong Constitution and Rule of law. Holding people with power and with guns accountable. That is a great move by our Government. Everyone should know no one is above the law. And for those of you who would like to make thousand stories out of one incident, please get a life. You are neither helping the grieving people nor your cause. So give it up. This is a sad story so lets pray for the families of the victims. And again good job EPRDF.

  6. mahelet alem says:

    Mahlet Asefa,
    Are you just inocent ethipian?… I mean do you think woyanie does the right thing? Oh my God Full me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me, shame on you Mahlet learn the reall behaviour of the Woyanie!…

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