Is British aid helping Ethiopia’s economy to grow?


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10 Responses

  1. Meron says:

    Yes, it has helped a lot. Those who deny the economic development, and work against Ethiopia getting development are really naive. Ethiopia needs development very much, and any aid has to be encouraged. Our strategic enemy Egypt gets more than 3 billion Dollars annually from USA, but we we get is very small. We never see Egyptians demonstrating against this huge amount of many, and against the more than 10 F-16 fighters. Ethiopians, lets be smart. Lets differentiate between politics and national interest. Now, we have to build the Renaissance Dam. It is our pride.

    • Belay says:

      I support the argument. Let move forward for the betterment of our beloved country, leave our differences aside for the sake of national interests. Let us subordinate our individual political interest to common national goals and interests. Egypt has rather has more F-16 but it does not matter how many it has what is important for us as the people of this country is to continue contributing our share in realizing the GRD which is our pride. when the government also has to do its part in preparing the whole nation for any eventualities
      God Bless Ethiopia!

  2. Phil says:

    If the British Aid isn’t helping, what is the purpose of those people protest against the Aid in front of British Parliament ?

  3. Mario says:

    እርዳታው ስራ ፈጥሮ ዜጎቻችንን እየጠቀመ መሆኑን እያየን ነውና በደንብ እየጠቀመ ነው። ከእንግሊዝ የገባው የመቁያ መሳርያ በኛ ውጭ ባለነው ኣቅም ኣቅም ቢገዛ ኖሮ ሁሉም ገቢ የኛው ይሆን ነበር። ሆኖም ግን ፕሮፌሰሩም፣ዶክተሩም፣ኢንጅነሩም፣ ፒኤችዲውም በጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ስለተጠመዱ እንደዚህ ያሉ ቀላል ማሽኖችን ገዝቶ ህዝብን ለመጥቀም ማሰብ ተስኗቿል።
    ከሁሉም የሚገርመው ስራ ላልነበራቸው እየጠቀመ መሆኑን ካፋቸው እየሰማንና እያየን ጠቀሟል ወይ ተብሎ መጠየቁ! መሆን የነበረበት እርዳታው እንዴት ዜጎችን እየረዳ መሆኑን መተንተን ነበር! የኛ ነገር ሆነና ይኸው እንዴት እየጠቀመ መሆኑን እያየን “እርዳታው ጠቅሟል ወይ” ተብለን ተጠየቅን!
    መቼ ነው የምንሻለው? መቼ ነው ብዕሮቻችን ዓይን ያየውና ጀሮ የሰማውን በትክክል የሚጥፉት? እንደይህ ያለም ተጥፎልናል? ባፋችን የምናወራውና ተግባሮቻችን ኣልገናኝ ስላሉ ወይ ፈቀቅ የለም!

    ብንሻል ለራሳችንም ላገራችንም እንሻል ነበር!

  4. alem says:

    Hi Dawit,
    I see you repeatedly acused ESAT for non sense reasons please watch the below vedio to the end ….hope this will help you find your true conscious mind
    If British graned say a billion and ethipia spent say 200mil for development and the rest 800kmil for suppressing its own people and for corruption do you think the net gain of ethipia is good or bad ?
    please watch the below video:

  5. Tatek says:

    I respect your argument that those who work against Ethiopia getting Development Aid are naïve. But there is always a side B to every story. The concern of those Ethiopians asking the British Parliament to stop giving Aid to Ethiopia is that a significant chunk of the money is being used to silence dissent, crackdown on legitimate opposition and building a huge army and police force to help keep the TPLF in power at the expense of building schools, hospitals, recreation centers and other useful public institutions. Despite the United States pumping about $3 billion a year in Aid to Ethiopia, the country still remains one of the poorest on earth and the money is being siphoned out of the country and stashed in Western Banks in the name of High level TPLF and other EPRDF officials or their close family members. Why do you want British and US taxpayers to fund corruption, tyranny, marginalization and exclusion in Ethiopia? I hope the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, tells Hailemariam Desalegn in his trip to the AU summit in AA that the US will stop funding tyranny and repression in Ethiopia unless the latter takes a meaningful action in stemming out corruption by investigating and arresting senior members of his regime, frees all prisoners of conscience, and makes the necessary political reforms including an independent Judiciary, Police and Military Force and strong public and private institutions that are capable of making the regime to account. Ethiopia’s inflation, at about 40% is one of the highest in the world, and Ethiopia pays about 30% of its Annual GDP to service Foreign Loan. The nation faces a huge task of trying to attract Foreign Direct Investment, and for this flow to be as smooth as needed, there needs to be a pleasant atmosphere for Investors and corruption needed to be stemmed out and the regime needs to allow the private sector to play a significant role in the life of the economy. In light of these facts, no amount of Foreign Aid in current circumstances is able to save the nation’s economy from collapsing, and how long the West want to keep Ethiopia’s economy in intensive care is what we all need to see.

  6. Mario says:

    ከነታጠቅ ዓይነቱ ጋር ከማውራት ከማይናገረውና ከማይጋገረው ከድንጋይ ጋር ብታወሪ ይሻልሻል። ባንድ በኩል ህግ የሚያከብሩ ይመስሉና በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ ህግ ጥሰው የታሰሩትን ካልተፈቱ ብለው ያቅራራሉ! ከህግ ውጭ ሲያደርጉ ተገኝተው ሲታሰሩ የህሊና እስረኞች በማለት የሌላቸውን ይለጥፉባቸዋል!ኦሮሞዎች ሲዳማዎች ሶማሊዎች እንገንጠል የሚሉት እኮ ወደው ኣይደለም!
    ከነዚህ ግለሰቦች ጋር ማን ይኖራል!ታጠቅ ሻቢያም ሊሆን ይችላል!ማን ያውቃል!

    • MA says:

      What do u mean man …?

      Who did that …?

      Do u have a moral value to say this and again u r criticizing others …?
      Can u pls tell us who this people are …?

  7. Mario says:


    Are you talking to me? Make yourself clear broda!

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