Letter of concern to ESAT bosses from Addis Ababa (Wosenseged Gebrekidan)


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86 Responses

  1. Lisanu says:

    Why on ESAT?

    Dear editor, it is obvious that the motive behind Bahirdar’s massacre is the TPLF’s false propaganda on Amhara people. Fekadu Nasha had been trained as a policeman by TPLF propagandists that the Neftegna( the systematicaly name given to all Amharas including children and the elderly/menekuse people ) has been opressed oromiya. That is the bitter truth otherwise he could kill only his ex-lover, not others randomely.

    Amhara geday is a common saying in other regions including oromiya. I had been working both in oromia and SNNP and most people seemed they are convinced by TPLF hate propaganda.

  2. Efrem says:

    Egziher yibarkeh!! Ewnetem Wesenseged!! Keep it up!! Bemecheresha yalkachew netbochem yamralu. Egna yemnfelgew……

  3. Lemagne Beyene says:

    Today I am going to be confess big one.
    After waking up this morning I have asked 5 questions my self and ESAT and my bosses in G7
    1. Money
    We ask and tell people to sacrifay there way of life and give us there hard work money while we going to spend it on first class flight and five star hotel meeting. Sometimes I wish Woyanne to stay long as they gave me a change to live more than Obama touring all the world leave a luxury life for me and creating a job to my brother and all my family.
    2.freedom of speech.
    We preach about freedom of speech day and criticize government for not allowing to hear things that is not want to hear. However if we he hear any one talking or writing any thing different than our idea we are more than dictator to attack and labelled him as woyanne and try to frighten him with all resource we have.
    3. human right.
    I told people that I am against any killing even one person shouldn’t be die. However I have work with Derg who killed 100 thousand people with out saying anything and supporting him. I even been working for melaku tefera who killed thousands of Gonderes in my native town. so what type of moral do I have now to become human right advocator.
    4. dying for the cause.
    We ask and beg young Ethiopian back home to die for democracy while me all esat journalist and even our boss birhanue all run to save our life from prison let alone from dying.
    5.against ethnicity.
    We preach about one Ethiopia every day but our ESAT news more than 90% is about race and ethnicity. We say woyanne brought ethnicity in Ethiopia but in dc even showa amhara and gondere don’t drink coffee together let alone the rest.

    So I say to leave what you talk is the hardest thing in the world.

    Please forgive me Ethiopian.

    • bendo says:

      @Lemagne Beyena

      I don’t blame you man. if somebody could leave this type of life with collection money with out working one day why not making this a family business. good job.

      What makes me feel sorry for you guys is every morning you wake up you pray to hear bad news from Ethiopia then that will help you collect more money.

      So this makes you different from the rest of ethiopians. While every body else is pray and wish to hear good news people working in ESAT wish and ask for bad thing to happen in Ethiopia. if none is happening then sit and create one.

      You better clean toilet than calling this as work.

  4. Emetiku says:

    I think you have a choise to listen your favourite medias… Esat did’t enforce you to listen or watch. Esat will accept any comments because it isn’t toy media. Esat is Ethiopians eye and ear believe me or not.

  5. Girma says:

    Thank you Ato Wesenseged.

    Ethiopia tikdem.

  6. Guest says:

    Dear Editor,

    Whenever you want to criticize ESAT, you show us Dr Berhanu’s picture. I do not really get it. If you have evidence that ESAT belongs to Dr Berhanu, show us or do your investigation instead of just misinforming the audience without any evidence. Your pictures does not tell anything, as a journalist you need to explain what you want to say with tangible evidence. Wosensged is a bit better than yours, as he is able to explain his stance, he does not just use a picture. He has some fair point that ESAT should take into consideration when they report about ethnic politics, but to be honest they are not the one that started it. However, I disagree the way he writes it. Instead of giving suggestions for improvement, he started to insult ESAT. that is too childish to me. All in all, ESAT will be the Ethiopian Algazeera in the near future. Go ESAT.

  7. teshome says:

    Wosenseged Gebrekidan
    Thank you very much.
    You have a really good eyes for the details and that should be what journalists up to.
    I don’t think there is any place on earth but Ethiopia where the profession of journalism is abused. If one started read something on radio, Tv or You tube, then automatically called as journalists…It is so disgusting and I can’t take the embarrassment.
    What do you call this other than societal schizophrenia

    Wosenseged Gebrekidan, Concerning ESAT, I mean ASAT you wrote good remark. But you failed to equate ASAT to Radio of Milli colins of Rwanda.
    We can’t say ASAT is only trash talk because it doing the most condemn crime, using ethnic politics as a weapon to create war and disability In Ethiopia.
    ASAT has all the package of hatred particularly to one nation of Ethiopia, they are going heaven and earth to nurture intolerance in Ethiopia but the Good thing is so far they were not successful

    • Michael says:

      If you understand what Wosenseged writes, his complaint is not on the independent media of the Ethiopian people ESAT but on an individual journalists like Fasil Yenealem of the way how they report the accident occured in Bahrdar. This is his second time to blame Fasil. His first comment was shown when earlier he writes the truth about Kality prison.

  8. betty says:

    Wosenseged Gebrekidan, trust me you are simply a wrothless individual, i feel sorry not for your nonsense garbege but for the time that i spent to read your nonsense garbege that has niether horn nor tail. Moron, do not make a loud noise like an empty can. I understand that why you are so much obsessed and biased by ESAT as you have no tangible reason except you are simply threatened by an inferiority complex which led you to use the easiest but the worst low grade level of mechanized army called “insult & gossip” as a weapon to terrorize and abandon a few individuals from the battle field.Sadly you’ve never used a convincing reason and logic to present your case, instead you are simply making a loud non sense sound bashing out a few individuals using fabricated lies. argument is not the same as coughing up your unwarranted or baseless assumption, but it is a unit of discourse in which beliefs are supported by reason. I understand that telling your kind of blatant moron is the same as pouring water on the stone; however, regardless I tried my best to poke your stone head. But, I’m tired of your senseless trashy rhetoric non sense constant gossip.

    • doyo says:

      wasen sead alsakalte yale terse yalelwu wusha nawu ahune bazche agtemi ya waynee gujelewache eyten lamsebhe yadrgawu Rekshe asebuu nawu enje ka 6 ameth bafte fersncy wanzuste wayneewoch qteqtewate telawute yaneber ande tera sewu neber ahun kamen aseebh taensto endazeh aynte aseb anseaa ???? waseen BA ESAT assebhe sayhon barse betmoker yeshalhal badenb yamwqe yadrunn aqwmhen yamdagfewu ya ferncy leje !!!!!

    • Atriteh Ewoke says:

      Thank you Betty, you said it all.
      I could not belive we have such laughable “journalists”. I would expect a healthy jealousy, but not this low.

  9. Getamesay says:

    Why is it so important mocking ESAT evertime you have chance? I thought your enemy #1 is Woyane! I found your posting questionable. By no means your intentions are to correct mistake. I lost respect for you.you are nothing more than a peron motivated by personal feeling than the big picture.

  10. Selamawit Solomon says:

    ESAT’s & Ethiomedia’s news report regarding the Bahirdar Massacre.

    “The Bahir Dar massacre remains a miracle. May 20, 2013, Comments Off, Read More”

    *** “Comments Off”,
    Why ESAT don’t allow comments ?

    *** ESAT can make interview/phone call/any kind of communication with Amhara Regional State Officials, Police/Security Commissioners,…and get the proper reply.

    “Mulgeta Worku, Chief of the
    Region’s Police Commission,
    had said to ESAT that the
    suspect had drowned himself
    into the river while members of the Federal Police were attempting to catch him.”

    “An official in the Region told
    ESAT that the arrest, which
    conflicts with what the Police
    Chief had already said, makes
    it difficult to take at face value.
    It is not also clear why it was
    necessary to expel the Federal
    Police from the Region and
    replace them with Special

    *** How come only the Public Relations officer of the Region’s Police Commission refused to reply ESAT ?

    “Although ESAT phoned of Commander Walelegne, Public
    Relations officer of the Region’s Police Commission, to
    speak on the matter, he said
    he was not prepared & chose to be called another time.”


    *** Why ESAT don’t give recognition for Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) ?

    Ethiomedia Promoting EUFF.

    Bahir Dar Rebel Attack Death Toll Rises to 14
    Ethiomedia Update, May 14, 2013
    News Update: 11:30 AM ET

    BAHIR DAR (May 14) — The
    death toll from the Sunday
    night rebel attack in Bahir Dar
    city rose to 14 on Tuesday
    after two more officials died in
    hospital, a rebel spokesperson
    has told Ethiomedia by phone.

    The insurgent who was
    wearing a federal police officer
    uniform carried out the attack
    at Dashen House in Kebele 11,
    a highly secured place where
    officials hold weddings and
    other private parties. The
    headquarters of the ruling
    Amhara National Democratic
    Movement (ANDM) is also
    located there.

    A senior ANDM official
    identified by his first name
    Tadesse was also killed at
    ANDM HQs the same night, the
    source added.


    Idiot Awakening !
    Fools Awakening !

  11. Sebsibe says:

    Thank you very much WosenSeged. I am very happy to read such a wonderfull letter of concern form a concerned man such as you. I was a bite ashamed of WHAT esat are really doing following the Bahirdar massacre. I don’t think there is healthy Ethiopian who will be happy and praise the merciless tragedy committed by one confused memebr of Federal police.
    I am not a journalist for that matter. And one doesn’t need to be a journalist to oppose wrong propaganda’s of ESAT. It is my wish to see an ethicla journalism which is devoted to creat informed citizens.
    But what makes me sad is I read same comment from like one ESAT journalis who read the news of Bahirdar massacre. the first comment from ‘Lisanu’ proves this thing. he thinks that he has worked somewhere in Oromia and SNNPR region and wnats us to believe that poeple worship Amhara Killers.
    FOr that I grew up in Bahirdar and attended my primary school in Megabit 28 Timirt bet and Fasilo. I have worked in SNNPRS for moore than seven years. I have heard people offering different comments regarding ethnicity in both cases which might be acceptable or not. But does it mean that the people of Amhara hate other people of ethiopia or vice versa? it doeasn’t mean that way. Individuals have their own way of thinking, which is not relfection of the entire group.
    Please, please let us think twice before we rush to conclusion.
    Finally I still want to passs my condolecnes to family of th vitims of Bahirdar Massacre!!! May God be with you.
    Thank you Wosenseged once again !!
    But I won’t stop listening ESAT, Because htere are still good journalist in it. this is not the reason for me to support Tamangi in his fund raising campaign in Norway few month ago.

  12. Dawit A says:


  13. Tereda Gezmu says:

    Mr. Wosenseged
    I assume the motive behind your critics is your wish to see journalism in the way you want to have it. I assume that it is a genuine concern. My question is what are the false or unconfirmed reports on this issue? Are you telling the public that the reports must focus first and foremost on the impact of the report but not on the facts?
    I’ve no idea about journalism. But I’ve some sense of knowledge about it from life (through voa, bbc, nbc, dw, ethiopian news agencies, russian news and many more) for more than half a century. Can you give some way of (an example) reporting with dual purposes: telling the fact and guiding the addressee in the neutral right way?

  14. sad says:

    What amazes me the most is Hypocrites always see outwards never inward.

    I don’t usually comment on this pages but when I read this article the only thing that was going in my head was, that the writer’s hatred towards ESAT made him sound like a typical sympathiser for certain groups. Yes I know ESAT some times fail below the standard but it has to be encouraged to improve and its existence must be supported as an alternative media.

  15. Ethio-patriot says:

    Dear Guest,
    How come you didn’t sofar notice Birhanu’s role on ESAT, If you are a supporter of ESAT, you should have to know this.
    The diaspora community is tired of G7 lies and nobody will raise a penny for Birhanu’s Gim Boat 7. Therefore Birhanu came up with a new strategy in the name of free media to collect money for his dreams.
    Coming back to the main point, ESAT is Ginbot 7’s propoganda wing nothing less and nothing more.
    Thank you Wosenseged

  16. Kagnew says:

    Brothers Wosensdged and Dawit,
    Ask the leadership of ESAT and I am sure they will reply to your concern. Esat is a responsible meia outelet though in a closed society like ours it might be difficult to collect credible info for ESAT. That is mainly the failure of th regime ruling the country.
    Ato Wossenseged, by the same talken why not write about Aiga, Ethiopiafirst, Reporter etc who are lying day and night. I am afraid dawit is a co-opted journalist who moved to the west for a purpose.

  17. Fasil Y says:

    This message is for Dawit Kebede:
    Do you realy know what you are doing?
    I doubt it.You are trying to belittle Dr.Birhanu. It just sickens me.
    Listen, Dr.Birhanu Nega is one of the best intellectuals Ethiopia has. It always mesmerizes to listen everytime Dr.Birhanu speaks, as he is one of the most brillian guy out there.

    I adise you to stop talking about Dr.Birhanu and ESAT ( These are ethiopia’s golden properties)

    • Wedi Wolwalo says:

      Dear Fasil Y, are you the real Fasil Yenealem? Look, preaching genocide isn’t the sign of intellectuality; rather it is the sign of idiocy. What the minority leader Birhanu didn’t understand is that he will never come to power by preaching hate and chaos. If any chaos happens in that country he gonna be one of those losers because the power goes to those majority ethnic groups and to those heavily equipped minorities.

      • Tedi says:

        WEDI….I don’t think u are the only one officially admitted u are hated figure in ethiopian politics .

        But UR CEMINTO RAS DOSEN’t allow u to ask URSELF why.

        Is is cause I am ugly, is it cause I am criminal …etc..

        The answer is unless u guys find out why u are hatted and make quick u turn… I can tell u ONETHING u wake up one day from UR deep sleep or die ( like MELE) with reality and might be too late

    • Meron says:

      Look, after sharing the following article


      Wosenseged Gebrekidan wrote the following in his facebook page:

      ይህ ከላይ ያነበባችሁት ፅሁፍ ልጅ ተክሌ የተባለ ፀሃፊ “የኛ ነገር፣ የኔ ነገር፤ አንድ” በሚል ርዕስ የተፃፈ እና “ዘ ሐበሻ” በተባለ ድረ ገፅ ለአንባቢያን የቀረበ ነው፡፡ በጥቂቱ የተቀነጨበ ነው፡፡ ቀሪው ፅሁፍ ድረ ገፁ ላይ ይገኛል፡፡ ለመሆኑ ልጅ ተክሌ ማነው ለምትሉ? እነሆ መልስ፡፡ በ1993 ዓም በአ/አበባ ከተማ ተቀስቅሶ የነበረውን የዩኒቨርስቲ ተማሪዎች አመፅ የመራ፤ የዩኒቨርስቲው የተማሪዎች መማክርት ጉባኤ ሊቀመንበር ነበር፡፡ በወቅቱ በተከሰተው ችግር ምክንያት የዩኒቨርስቲ ተማሪዎች ወደደዴሳ ተግዘው ሲታሰሩ፣ (እነ ልደቱ አያሌውም ያኔ ታስረው ነበረ) በእግር ጉዞ ስደትን ተያያያዘው፡- ወደ ኬንያ፡፡ ከዚያም ወደ ካናዳ አመራ፡፡ ልጅ ተክሌ ለስደት ከበቃ 12 ዓመት ሆነው፡፡ ኧረ የኢሳት (ESAT)ም ጋዜጠኛ ሆኖ አገልግሏል፡፡ እነሆ የኢሳትን እና የቀድሞ የ2ወር አለቃዬን የፋሲል የኔአለምን ጉድ ይዘከዝካል፡፡

      የኢሳትን ነፍስ ይማር

      የፋሲል የኔዓለምንም እንዲሁ፡፡


      Then someone whose facebook name isMesfin Habesha asked him the following:

      Wosenseged begil ke Fasil ga chiger yalebeh yemeselegnal ande sehufehen saneb Fasil Tekalegne ye mawekena yemetawek chiger yalebet beleh neber yesafekewu ……….??

      His Response was:

      @Mesfin Habesha: ከላይ አስተያየት የሰነዘሩበትን ፅሁፍ የፃፍኩት እኔ አይደለሁም፡፡ እዚያው ባህር ማዶ ከፋሲል ጋር ያለው ልጅ ተክሌ ነው፡፡ እና ጋሼ Mesfin Habesha፤ ከእኔ ጋር ለምን እንዳያያዙት አልገባኝም፡፡ እርግጥ ነው ስለፋሲልም ሆነ ስለሌሎች በመፅሐፌ ከትቤለሁ፡፡ እንዲህ አንዴ ተነቦ የሚታለፍ ሳይሆን ዘላለማዊ ሰነድ ሆኖ በሚቀመጥ መፅሐፍ ነው የከተብኩት፡፡ ይኼ ከዛሬው ከልጅ ተክሌ ፅሁፍ ጋ ግንኙነት ያለው አይመስለኝም፡፡ ጋሼ Mesfin Habesha በመሰረቱ ፋሲል የኔ ዓለም በግል ጠላቴ አይደለም፤ ሊሆንም አይችልም፡፡ በሃገር ጉዳይ ከመጣ ግን ሌላ ጉዳይ ነው፡፡
      Mesfin Habesha በእኔ እምነት ፋሲል የኔዓለም ይተቻል፡፡ ኢሳት ይተቻል፡፡ መንግስት ይተቻል፤ ሌላውም ይተቻል፡፡ የማይተች የለም፡፡ የማይተች ሊኖርም አይገባም፡፡ ይህንን ማመን ከፈለጉ ወደ አውራምባ ታይምስ ድረ-ገፅ ጎራ ብለው ዛሬ “ኢሣትን ተው በሉት” በሚል ርዕስ የሰነዘርኩትን ትችት ይመልከቱ፡፡ ጋሼ Mesfin Habesha እንደው በደፈናው የማይተች ወገን፣ አይነኬ የሚባል አካል መኖር የለበትም ባይ ነኝ፡፡ በተረፈ በዲሞክራሲ ስም መላዘዝ ጉንጭ ማልፋት ነው፡፡ አይመስልዎትም፡?

      Therefore, the writer is your friend, and he knows you very well, and he is giving you an advice. Take his advice and don’t repeat the mistakes you did so far. That is all!!!

    • Meron says:

      For those of you who are attacking Dawit for using Berhanu Nega as a cover for this article, you got it wrong. The people who were in Ginbot 7 for many years, and who have now established ginbot7 democratic


      have repeatedly told us that Dr. Berhane is the shaker and maker of ESAT. Thus, if we have to criticise ESAT, Dr Berhane has to come at the forefront.

      Ginbot 7 has clearly put that it would use any means necessary (including armed struggle) to get to arat killo, and it is high probable that it would want people to fight each other. It has to stop this stupidity, and it is nice that people who are close to ESAT have started asking it.

      Wosenseged, than you very much for this interesting and timely article. We need more from you.

      Dawit, thank you for your fair and balanced work in journalism. You are really an alternative to the very polarized and biased media in the diaspora. Keep doing this good job!

  18. Adane says:

    I respect Sisay Agena for his professional skills. He shouldn’t belong here.

  19. Dereje says:

    Azagn Kibe Anguwach alu yesefere arogit siteritu ! I feel so sorry for Dawit than this horch-porch writer.What is Dr.Berhanu got to do with this article any ways ?? Asikign new , Irrisponsible article!

  20. nexen says:

    1)believe or not …ya don’t wanna swallow the truth…..ESAT is the eye and ear of the public …

    2)I hear that ESAT is owned by g7….trust me if it is true…really g7 is doing good job..that’s should appreciated ….
    3)I think that the writer is trying to give suggestions not warning!!! I don’t understand why the admin said warning letter to ESAT bosses …
    4)to writer ..keep on evaluating ESAT….it is open to suggestions ..comments ..criticism unlike TPLF..and its media…

    Finally I would like to say the admin than..before ya definitely say ESAT is for ginbot 7..give us evidence for that and I really become member of the party …Scouse that is good achievement creating such a big public support media …(international media)….

  21. Lema says:

    Dawit I had a respect for u long time a ago and the only reason I CHK UR web is too see how many of TPLF supportes can see the danger and think to correct our big problem which is TPLF

    I also need to remind all TPLF supporters 70000 TIGREs sacrifices THIER life and same no are disabled… If u think THIER sacrifices is to make UR masters killers and looters ….then

    I wished have 100000 birr under my bed and to called WEYANE …..

    This what u guys are dreaming and wish u good luck

    Not all TIGREs are WEYANES but WEYANES are TIGREs

  22. Mario (from Ohio) says:

    እነ እሳት በጤነኛ ሰዎች እንደማይመሩ ከታወቀ ብዙ ጊዝያት ኣልፏል። የእሳት መሪዎችና ደጋፊዎች ፓለቲካቸው በኢትዮጵያ የተመሰረተ ሳይሆን በዝምድና በጋብቻ ፣በቂም በጥላቻ፣ከኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶችም ይሁን በገንዘብ ላይ ዛቻ ወዘተ የተመሰረተ ነው።
    እሳት ዘግናኝ የሆነና በኢትዮጵያውያን ባህል ታይቶና ተሰምቶ የማይታወቅ ወሬ የሚያወሩት በውስጣቸው ከፍተኛ የገንዘብ ምንጭ ሆነው የሚያገለግሉ የሻብያ ቅጥረኞች ስላሉ ነው። ስለሆነም እሳቶች ልክ እንደ ውሻ ለሆዳቸው ሲሉ እንጂ ለኢትዮጵያ የያዙት ነገር ኑሯቸው ኣያውቅም።
    ሻብያዎች በኢትዮጵያ ትከሻ ለመበልፀገ ያቀኑት ስላልተሳካላቸው ያገራቸውን ፖለቲካ ትተው ኢትትዮያን ለማፍረስ የተቻላቸውን ኣድርጓል እያደረጉም ነው ኣልተሳካላቸውም እንጂ!

    የሻብያም የኢህኣፓም ጀርባ ኣጥንት የተመታው በወያኔ ነው ወያኔ ደግሞ ከትግራይ ነው የትግራይ ህዝብ ካለ ወያኔ ኣለ ወዘተ ነው ችግሩ! ሰለሆነም ነገራቸው ሁሉ በትግራይ ህዝብ ያነጣጠረ ስለሆነ ነው ገዳዩ የትግራዋይነት ካባ ለማልበስ የጣሩት! ቢያንስ ትንሽ እንኳን መጠበቅ ኣቃታቸው! የጋዜጠኛ ዋና ኣላማ ከሁሉም ቀድሞ ትክክለኛ ዜና ማቅረብ ቢሆንም እሳቶች ስራቸው ውሸትና ጥላቻ ሆኖ ቀርቷል! እሳቶች እነማን መሆናቸውና ለምንድን በማን እንዴት እንደሚንቀሳቀሱ በውስጥ ኣዋቂዎች እየተነገረ ስለሆነ ልብ ልንል ይገባል!

    እንደኔ እምነት እሳቶች በኢትዮጵያ ጠንቀኛ ጠላቶች እርዳታ ነው የሚንቀሳቀሱትና እንደምንም መረጃ ተፈልጎ በኢትዮጵያውያን ፊት ተጋልጠው እንዳመድ በነው ሊጠፉ ይገባል!

  23. Mark says:

    For those of you who are attacking Dawit for using Berhanu Nega as a cover for this article, you got it wrong. The people who were in Ginbot 7 for many years, and who have now established ginbot7 democratic


    have repeatedly told us that Dr. Berhane is the shaker and maker of ESAT. Thus, if we have to criticise ESAT, Dr Berhane has to come at the forefront.

    Ginbot 7 has clearly put that it would use any means necessary (including armed struggle) to get to arat killo, and it is high probable that it would want people to fight each other. It has to stop this stupidity, and it is nice that people who are close to ESAT have started asking it.

    Wosenseged, than you very much for this interesting and timely article. We need more from you.

    Dawit, thank you for your fair and balanced work in journalism. You are really an alternative to the very polarized and biased media in the diaspora. Keep doing this good job!

  24. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Wondewesen, wow, I am short of words. I am writing from a computer which did not have Geez soft because I could have expressed my joy with a good amharic language. What made me so happy is not only the message, but the beautiful amharic language you have used in your message. I have been so tired reaing english in amharic in almost every article I have read for the past 5 or so years. This is the first ever best article I have read with the proper amharic language. In the civilized world, mixing language is illegal or inappropriate because audiences get confused with different language mixed together. Mixing different language linguistically, scientifically, semoitically wrong. Leave alone mixing amharic and english which are completely different, even mixing technical english language with public language is wrong. We have to technical language with tecnical people or environment. Non-technical audience needs non-technical langauge. You are the first ever wrote a bona fide and a meaningful article. ESAT itself is not only trying to destroy Ethiopia, but also amharic because ESAT is number one language mixer. I do not believe those people ever studied anything about journalism, ethic, responsibility and duty. There is country that is being built by wushet or falsehood. I hardly undeerstand what their agenda is to be honest. What do they want? Opposing woyane is one good thing based on ideology, but using technology to foster hatred, conflict, destruction and war is an evil mission. We are tired of hatred, wushet,war. We have been put through life ordeals because of the bloody war waged by Shabia and Woyane. I do believe Ethiopians could have freed from derg without all bloody war. I myself has to live through indescrible life journaly because of the bloody wars. Ethiopians still suffer due to that genensis of war at home. you see Ethiopians sleeping in the streets of African countries, you see beautiful Ethiopians selling their body almost everywhere across africa upto middle east. Ethiopians only live decenet life is they manage to get to Europe, North America which is really haven for us. While our people living under grinding and dire lives, these primitive, backward citizens of ours are wasting alot of money to disseminate hatred among us. We are already divided, but they are not yet happy because they wanted to see people killing each other. This is insanity in the 21 century. I condemn the good doctor Dr. Berhanu good Dr. for nothing. Because he has personal vendetta with woyanes leaders he is trying hard to ignite ethnic war in Ethiopia. Shame on him. But I do not blame these people. I blame the American goverment which is accomodating war mongers. If it was Ethiopia harbouring G7? USA could have bombed addis ababa, alas the charlatan Americans are fostering terrorism against our country while they themselves are hunting what they call terrorists. Americans are terrorizing our citizen using VOA and G7. look, opposing is a good thing, but what does hate has to do with ideology? Hate, war, conflict is not ideology. Anyway, thank you man, you made my day.

  25. Mesfin says:

    ወንድሜ ወሰንሰገድ ገ/ኪዳን በጣም ነው የኮራሁት ባንተ፡ እነዚህ ስዎች(ESAT) በዚህ ከቀጣሉ ምን ሊሆን እንደማችል ለማወቅ ጠቢብ መሆን አያስፈለግም…ከዚህ በላይ ESATኝ በመደገፍ በእንግሊዝኛ አስተያየት የጻፉት እመነኝ እብዛኞቹ ኢትዮጽያዊያን አይደሉም ኢትዮጽያዊ እንዲህ በወገኑ አይጨክንም። አንተ ግን ምርጥ የኢትዮጽያ ልጅ ነህ። እግዚአብሔር ይባርክህ።

  26. KIROS says:

    Mr. Dawit,how u posted Dr.Berhanu’s photo? because the writer criticized Esat media, I mean do u have personal problem with Dr.Berhanu? this is not the first time, everytime u posted his picture. I’m not Berhanu supporter, but u not fair

  27. yared says:

    There are as many Ethiopians living outside Ethiopia as there are living in Ethiopia. The difference is that those who live in Ethiopia have NO CHOICE other that to listen and accept what is told to them by the local media, while those who live outside have the choice to listen to what they believe is telling the truth (including ETV transmission on Comcast channels in the USA). My point here is whoever has the freedom of choice to listen to the truth or unfabricated story is the winner because he/she is well informed. Conclusion: Read/listen to everything but focus on the truth inside the story.

  28. Haile says:

    Click and listen the link below. Do you want to tell me this is from ESAT ?

  29. alem says:

    Please listen to this highly informative and eye-opening interview about the workings of TPLF with Ato Berhane Damte (Aba Mela).


  30. tn. says:

    poor job of image association on cover. the letter goes to point no.2 before 1 and made to the most part made no sense to me so i stopped reading mid-way. if i was the Reporter, i would look more so into an exit rather than attempt to position myself as a replacement to esat. but an advice to an inbreed penetrates only when its head is cracked so i won’t bother.

    my main complaint with ESAT was not with the news though i wish that the coverage of deportation “ethnic cleansing” lol was more proportionally weighed to cover all ethnic groups that are affected including the Oromo of finfine and the surrounding who are being pushed out by the inbreed amara/tigre… invading investors who are double dipping… on one hand buying land as invading investors and on the other, supporting ESAT in the hopes that they get the advantage of both. Mark my word….Finfine Land issue will be totally re-assessed. There should not be any illusion that Finfine has indigenous OWNERS who have been and are being dispossessed of their land. THEY will be first in their city.

    Now on ESAT, there hasn’t been a single coverage of Oromo expulsion from finfine that has started from menelik time and continues unabated till today. where is the coverage? see…the welkait “amara” inbreed gets coverage, but have you heard the indigenous Raya oromo?

    what ESAT does to the most part is focus its coverage more to suite the interest of one inbreed amara group, in a similar fashion as the ETV and Reporter are geared towards coverage of the tigre group and its interests.

    empires may pretend but never loose their true character.

  31. ETHIO says:

    Have this man write letter for ETV or those criminals to stop being racist in Ethiopia, because they are the one who start the game. believe me Amharas have to fight back to have their freedom. You haven’t said any thing about the racial discrimination our people face every day instead you search for esat’s mistake every day.

    SHAME ON YOU Dawit(awramba) I start believing that you hate Amhara people because you are tigre(I didn’t even know that you are tigre until you said it last time)

  32. Abe says:


    Wesenseged says, “ኢሳት (ESAT) “ትሻል ቀርቶ ትብስ” እንዲሉ ነው የሆነብኝ፡፡”. I do not think this is right. By no means ESAT is Tebis and woyane is teshal. This phrase adequately explains the motives of the critic.

    Wesenseged tried to fault ESAT on two important points. But compare those fault lines to EPRDF. They are very minor. Let us not forget that there are people who claim things that way and if ESAT uses it, it fits its narrative. After all ESAT is an activist news outlet trying to level the uneven playing field. 100% positivity is not expected. ESAT’s news however is always accurate and I congratulate them on that. ESAT exposes news hidden by EPRDF. Period!! We salute ESAT. What did Wesenseged do against the glaring evil deeds of EPRDF? He came here on this site to defend EPRDF by criticizing ESAT. Wesenseged, is it the truth you are concerned about?

  33. solomon says:

    Dear Editor:
    For the life of me i don’t understand why you keep misinforming your public by associating ESAT with Dr. Berhanu Nega. If there is credible evidence that you only know that we don’t, please enlighten us. This is the 2nd time you’re committing such mistake, and i pleaded with you to correct it. Since you are the editor of this site, and lots of us communicate through it (thank you for that), you have greater responsibility than your participants on the stuff that you post. I am counting on you responding on this issue and come clear with the public. Otherwise, it would take away so much of your credibility and fairness that ppl expect from you.

  34. ET says:

    Good article, thanks wosen

    Anyone who wants to know th e true color of ESAT watch and judge


    • Akmel says:


      Thank you for the videos. It is amazing

      how far these backwards go to distort

      reality to fit to their narratives.

      Shame! Shame on you – the so called esat.

  35. Gezaee H. says:

    Challenging ESAT is the job you are doing. They may hate you; but you helping them to learn if they can learn. I am sure Ethiopians used to objective external evaluations. But foreign journalists love constructive feedback because it helps them to develop and improve their services. I know the clueless diapora will throw mud on you and even accuse as woyane. But you are helping if they ever try to learn. But I do not think they can learn because they do not even from their own colleague Sisay Agena. I wish that man managed ESAT. Anyway, Sisay Agena is building a good character for himself. They guy can work after now for Aljezara and or BBC or other big multinational broadcasting corporation. I am glad he has managed to maintain his unique quality and charater. That is why I say never judge people by their histoy or past deed. The past or history is a school for those who learn. Great job Dawit, challenge them with no fear; Let them insult you now; they will love you when you are truthful and when they see you succeeding in your work.

    • Meron says:

      You know what, these extremist don’t want anyone who criticisms them, and it is predictable that they would be the worst dictators and oppressors than the party EPRDF they are day and night criticizing. These extremist diaspora are the main reason for the very popularized politics in Ethiopia. There are many people even in the diaspora that prefer EPRDF to rule Ethiopia instead of these extremists because they say they are worst.

  36. Hunter says:

    Mr. Dawit

    Please stop your campaign on ESAT. “Kegna belay fuchet aff Matamem new ale” ye hagere sew. Now the man who is instructed by Woyane thugs comes out and telling us how Free media should work. The first thing what I want to tell whoever you call Alemseged or whatever is that, how on earth he run out of the courage to tell the woyane how how to do things right????

    Tell him Hypocrite!

  37. Alex Y. says:

    Dear Dawit, why u refuse to post my comment?
    እኔ እኮ የሚገርመኝ አማራ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ ማሳብ ሲፈልግ ትምክህተኛ ወዘተ ይባላል:: አማራ እንደ አማራ ማሰብ ሲፈልግ ዘረኛ የዘር ግጭት ማስነሳት የሚፈልግ ወዘተ ወዘተ ይባላል:: ? ሳሎን እያለ ቁም ሳጥን ውስጥ መኖርን ከሻብያ ተምሮ አሁን ደግሞ ላለፉት 22 አመታት ለሌላው ኢትዮጵያዊ እያስተማረ ያለውን ዎያኔን ብትመክሩ ይሻላል ኢሳትን ከምትተች:: ዎያኔዎች ግን ምን አይነት ፍጥረት እንደሆናችሁ ግራ ነው የገባኝ:: ሲጀመር የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ በየቋንቋው ሸንሽኖ ጠቦ እንዲቀር እና በዘሩ እንዲያስብ ያደረገው ማን ነው? የናንተው መለስ አይደለምን? የትግራይ ነጻ አውጭ ብሎ 22 ዓመት ሙሉ ኢትዮጵያን እየገዛ ስሙን እንኳ አልቀየረም:: በጣም ያሳዝናል:: ኢትዮጵያን እየገዛ የትግራይ ነጻ አውጭ መባል ምን ያህል ጠባብነት ነው:: ኢሳት የዎያኔ ዘረኝነትን ለህዝብ ካማሳወቅ የተለየ ምን አደረገ? አንድን ህዝብ ነጥሎ የተለየ ቋንቋ በመናገሩ ብቻ የሚያፈናቅለው እኮ ዎያኔ ነው:: እና ይሄን የመሰለ ጭካኔ የሚያደርግ ዘረኛ መንግስ ባለበት ሃገር ላይ አማራዎች በጠራራ ጸሃይ ሲገደሉ ገዳዩን ከዘር አንጻር መቃኘቱ ሊቀር ነበር እንዴ? ዎያኔዎች እባካችሁ ስሙን ችግሩም መፍትሄው ከናንተ ጋር ነው ያለው::

  38. Gelilla says:

    Ay wosenseged, zim bileh gize atefah. Everyone know that ESAT is the most reliable source of news. It always reported what it obtained from local eye witnesses. It is not like ETV, that reports distorted facts. So all what you wrote are not a mistake of ESAT, but it is the truth we obtained. ESAT never work on ethnic based journalism, as you tried to talk here and there never, never and never. Meanwhile is doesn’t stop telling if causes are ethnic based like that of Benishagul!! So ingeneral…all what you wrote about ESAT (tewu belut minamin) is rubbish!! It looks that you want to guide ESAT about what they report and not!! deha behilmu neger honebegn!!

      • Gelilla says:

        I have no time to see such rubbish. The idle and well paid man by the blood sucker Ethiopian government prepared it. It is fiction so I don’t want to waste my time in watching it as if it is valuable video. No body gave response for it or rather posted in their website..because no body has time to spend on fiction and prepared by money for money. Mamo kilo antem nika yemitayew hulu ewunet ayidelem!! by the way how old are you??

      • helen says:

        to ET:
        This is where things become immediately into place: the political order, the date of the premiere youtube video show, was not chosen by chance, the dominant ideological trend in the video, which forms the general mood of the audience after seeing this movie. And a head-anti opposition simple as a dull agitation “Choose tplf(Eprdf) or Lose !” Of 2002, the TPLF have moved to a more subtle, more psychologically effective propaganda. Not so much directly as indirectly: in journalism, the “historical” studies, by means of art. The video “Abezut” is, in my opinion, one of them. With good reason.

  39. Adane says:

    ከግድያው በላይ ፖለቲካው ላሳሰባቸው ነፍስ ይማር፡፡ ይህንን የኢሳት (ESAT) ዘገባ የዘገበው ሰው ጋዜጠኛ ነው? ከሆነ አፍራለሁ፡፡ ልባችንን አጥተን በዘር ፖለቲካ ተጠልፈን ልንቀር እንደሆነ ነው የሚያሳየው፡፡ ገዳዩ የትግራይ ብሔር ተወላጅ እንዲሆን የተመኙና የፃፉ እና ጉዳዩን ወደ ዘር ፖለቲካ የሳቡትን ሳስብ አፈርኩ፡፡
    Good observation!!!

  40. Dawit ( Down Under ) says:


    You are as reasonable and ethical Journo/ writer as the editor of this web site.

    You deserve the super Aussie compliment ,
    ” your blood’s worth bottling “.

    Keep up the good job !

  41. linen says:

    I don’t really understand the motive behind attacking ESAT? why don’t you call them and ask them questions instead of writing these non sense on your web site? Well ESAT is doing well both financially and professionally. Even if its owned by G7 well and good. I don’t think that is the case but now days people are fed up with these government and they are ready to take action and if G7 raise the money to do it let it be…. as far as the writer is concerned, I feel sorry for him he still think he can win some tip from Berket simon.. I advise you to flip to the other side before it too late. now days this corruption game is touching everyone

  42. asteway says:


    I read your article and, I am sorry, I did not understand what your point is. What ESAT reported was what it heard from the people that it spoke to.

    What is your motive for writing such a bulgy article over a minute issue? If you consider yourself a journalist and if you knew the nationality of the Federal Police, why didn’t you just call and let ESAT know about it?

    The fact that you wrote such a long jibberish article indicates that you are one of those Woyane bigots!

    As far as we are all concerned, ESAT is the best source of news available to us; much, much better than the boring and chronic liar ETV.

  43. Mario says:

    The article suggests one thing only: how Woyanes, TPLF and woyane-lovers are terrified by ESAT.

    Woyanes, TPLF and woyanes-lovers: you better get used to it. Until you stop telling lies, your misinformation, distortion and fabrication, ESAT will never stop telling the truth. How about that?

    Ethnic politics? That is your creation. You were on it for the last 22 or more years. Now you are worried it is failing you, you started blaming its curse on others. How is that possible?

    Ethnic politics: blame it on ESAT, Birhanu Nega, Oromos, etc etc, it will never work. It is a grave dug by woyanes, TPLF and woyane-lovers for

  44. nunu says:

    Another TPLF wosenseged, Esat is a nightmare for Tigreans.

  45. Chombe says:

    @editor: why do you have Dr Birhanu’s picture with the article? The writer didn’t say anything about Birhanu being a boss of ESAT. Or are you saying he is? If so you should elaborate more with facts. Other wise you are creating false perception by linking ESAT with Dr Birhanu.
    @ everyone else: If you don’t like ESAT, don’t watch it. Try ETV instead.

    • Meron says:

      You asked a question whose question is veryy simple: it is because Dr. Berhanu Cheleme is the maker and shaker of ESAT. Everybody knows that!

      • Chombe says:

        @Meron – Just saying “everybody knows that” is not an evidence. You may suspect or have opinion that he is behind ESAT, which is fair. But for a news website to put his picture with an article that says nothing about Birhanu is disingenuous.
        My opinion, just my opinion…. ESAT is biased just because their political view and ideology are in line with Birhanu, not because Birhanu controls ESAT.

    • Azalech says:

      Let us listen ESAT criticizing G7 or featuring G7-Democratic’s complaints and then we will believe Dr. Berhanu is not ESAT’s boss or grand ayatolla.

      • Meron says:

        Exactly, good point. Gibot 7 democratic have been criticizing Ginbot 7 of Dr. Berhanu Cheleme, and its policies in paltalk, and in their website,


        but, ESAT never gave them any chance. Why don’t ESAT interview anyone of the Ginbot 7 democratic leaders who have come out openly opposing Ginbot 7?

        Dawit, editor of Awrambatimes.com, could you please interview one of the leaders of Ginbot 7 democratic? Please do it, and lets hear what they say about Ginbot 7’s association with Eritrea and Egypt. If ESAT cannot give them chance, we need independent journalist like you to interview them. I cannot wait for it!

  46. Minyewab says:

    Dear editor,

    I might have some reservation about ESAT, like may be other people might do as well. Given the situation of free press in Ethiopia, ESAT is the only answer and even if they are not so perfect, they are doing well in providing an alternative media for prople in Ethiopia who are fed up of lies they get from ETV. I find it difficult to understand your point. Your creticism has no base. You might have some disagreement with Dr. Berhanu of some people working for ESAT. I am not a supporter of Ginbot 7, but I appreciate their choice to fight the regime in Ethiopa as there is no other way of working with regime. So, I have no issue with Dr. Berhanu going on ESAT, and you shouldn’t neither unless you have personal issues with him. I thought you were seriously professional. But from your baseless attack on ESAT & Dr. Berhanu, I can see now your capacity as a journalist. We all know Ethiopa has only a few jenuinely heroic, commited and professional journalist and they are in Kaliti prison in Ethiopia, and Temesgen is in the country doing what the likes of you will never dare to do. You are just one of hundreds of wana be journalists in diaspora. So, nobody can put you in the same league with Eskinder or Temesgen. I like your reporting and hate when others atack you, yet again you are doing the same thing. It is really sad to see you people having a go with each other. It simply shows your mentality.

  47. smai says:

    ETHSAT is nothing but truth!! It exposed the the death of meles-shabe!!!!
    Ethast is TRUTH!!!!

  48. Abishee says:

    It is too soft article as far as ESAT concerned.ESAT is NOT an independent media, let alone the voice for the ahmaras.But NOT necessarily by the name of Ethiopians while delivering a hateful sentiments against non-ahmaras by accusing them gossa politics. These ahmara debteras/or the so-called ESAT journalists/ are so too ignorant what gossa means which has a very defined broad sense in afaan Oromoo different from debteras. In any way just from the start, ESAT being considered as the “Radio Mille Colines” for inciting social conflict for a pretty dream to restore ahmara regime. The true boss of ESAT is not BRihanu Nega, but ahmara extremist group using Brihanu as a gurage to collect hard currency for their livings. Take Tamagn Beyene or Endargachew S. who never able to work by lack of professional competency.
    Above all ESAT is not only for ahmara’s intersest, but who have a hidden agenda to silence the non-aharas to make sure that ahmara supermacy over others must be restored by the Gurage skin as the only remained accepting the ahmaras supriority. The more you push hard, you see the debteras diemaa on every ESAT screen, but will never ever realise as far as other non- ahmaras are on this planet as the new generation are taking a note, addios for ahmara wild dream!!

  49. Gezaee H. says:

    You are saying ethnic politics created by woyane lovers and woyanes? It is not true; There is less ethnic problem today than before. Actually the problem today is ethnic awarenes and consciousness. Because all the ethnics or tribes did not exist before. They were suppressed to their bones. They were suppressed, oppressed, subjugated. They could not even speak their language? They were not allowed to practice and live according to their cultures. Who is really the engineer of ethnic politics in Ethiopia? is it woyane? how? Actually, Woyane or TPLF, TLF, EPLF, ELF, OLF, ONLF, EDU, EPRP,.. the list goes on were engineered by the past ethnic aparthied in Ethiopia. A full blown aparthied where people were only allowed to speak only amharic? This was not different from South African aparthied because in South Africa only one language was allowed which is Afrikaans. Even english was not allowed. In Ethiopia only amharic waas allowed. We are laughed because we did not master to speak amharic when amharic speekers never even try to learn leave alone to speak our language. Who is engineered ethnic aparthied in Ethiopia? was it woyane that was calling people Kuli?, dorzie, baria, shankla, gala, yewef quanqa tenagari, … the list goes on. Please, leave us, we are not very small kids. Actually all the ethnics are better off today than before. This is not to say the ethnic politics is good? but the truth is you engineered yourself. You sow it yourself. What you is what you harvest. If there was no ethnic problem or aparthied in Ethiopia, all these FF fronts would not have existed. All these tribal FF fronts were created in response to the aparhied system you put in Ethiopia. Ethnic politics is now being harvested after being sown by its farmers. you are the ethnic politics farmer. TPLF is the crop of your ethnic farm. We know Ethiopian history. Tell that to your kids, not to us. Only truth wins over falsehood. Everything you do is right but evereything others do is wrong? how it that going to work? People be rational and logical and based on facts, past, present and future. It is TPLF which subjected 3 million wolloyes to perish by mass starvation? it is TPLF that subjected abot 2 million Tigreans to perish by man made famine? It is TPLF that reduced Ethiopia to nuts ? It is TPLF that made Ethiopia a luaghingstock of the entire huanity where school chidren across the globe who were giving up their lunch to save Ethiopians? Still in Europe lits kids have charity projtct where they colelct money for buiding water well in Ethiopia? I am saying still white childrens run projtets to help the poor of the poorest (Ethiopians ) . you must be aahamed your history. Go and tell that to somebody. Wushetamoch, you are talking today about rights, but were not even allowed to fart before.

    Let me tell you Cheltemtognoch, wushetamoch. it is true woyane has problem with some poliicies like landlocking Ethiopia, corruption, selling the entire gambela to Arabs and Indians. But woyane has done many miracles to your surprise, 33 universiites in only 20 years. You were sitting on the people for 100 years with only one university. There was no hospitals. Today hospitals everywhere in the country. Primay health servies are cross rural areas. High schools are everywhere. Almost every states has universities at least two or more. Tigrai has 3 universiites now. Before , in your 100 years history. There was on single high school in the entire TIgrai. There were two only. One in Adwa which was run by Germany missionaries. Another in Mekele run by the Juisut missionary from Rome. You have nothing to boast about. Charlatains, tell your lies to somebody else. If you were opposing the goerment for policies, I would be behind you, but your lies is getting over our head. We will not take it even the sky fall on us. Despite the fact woyane has bad polies on the issue of land giving to foreigners and landlocking a country that had its own natural ports, and destroying Ethiopian navy for no reason, woyane has made Ethiopia the water or and power tower of Ethiopia. Ethiopias is working to export power to Sudan, Kenya, Djouti, Egypt, even Saudi Arabia. This is all the of the work of the woyanes Tigrai. I know you hate any achievements by woyane. Why? It kicked your asses and destroyed your syystematic aparthied. If you wana a prosperous Ethiopia where Every Ethiopian is recongized and respected, you gota stop your non-ESAT. Otherwise, It is the law of physics and nature, for every action you do, there will be an equal and opposire reaction. We will bend again to you chauvinism. You have destroyed the country and this is there for everyone to see and the entire world know this where Ethiopia is /was recorded a famine country. Thatis your legacy. Be honest, respect people, and do not tell me the Ethiopia I know and the Ethiopia all humanity knows. You must be ashamed of your history. Opposing is good because construtive oppositions smooths bad things. But telling lies, and blindfolding our conscience is not acceptable.

    • asteway says:


      You are missing the point. Everything that you pointed out above, like more schools, universities, and hospitals, are fine and all Ethiopians support those types of developments.

      Gezaee, if you Woyannes destroy our Ethiopian-ness, take all our freedoms, the above things that you pointed out and listed mean NOTHING to us.

      Like the heroic Abebe Gelaw said, what we need first is not schools, universities, hospitals, but FREEDOM! Do You Understand?

      • Gezaee says:

        Freedom is without food, education, school , universities, housing, water, health is no meaning. you have to live to breathe. If you do not breathe, you can not live; To live you have to eat first, and to understand freedom you have to learn and be educated. That freedom thing of Mr. Abebe Gelaw is crap. I cannot know my right, freedom if I am not educated. Life comes before anything. Can you stay without water and food for three days without eating food? can you eat freedom? Abebe Gelaw Freedom is really crap freedom. He does not understand freedom itself. Mr. Abebe Freedom does not deserve to be quoted.

      • Blen says:

        Asteway, I will just give you some thoughts of mine in your comment. Because, after I read your comment, I have a feeling you didn’t give a necessary taught rather your text manifest mere emotions towards the ruling government. Since when is freedom achieved without education? I don’t think any person with a balanced mind can bend the universal accepted facts of education. With this being said, in order for a person to know about freedom he/she has to go to school and learn about one of the valuable things for the existence of humankind like ‘freedom’. During the Durg regime most people didn’t have access to higher education because of shortage of schools and universities to learn about freedom. Now education is accessible in every corner within the regions of Ethiopia.

        You said, ‘‘if you Woyannes destroy our Ethiopian-ness, take all our freedoms, the above things that you pointed out and listed mean NOTHING to us.’’

        Who is ‘Us’? What does Abebe Gelaw did to deserve Heroic position? What your standard for nominating people to hero? Don’t you think your statements conflicts? On one hand you preach about ‘Freedom’, on the other hand, your sentence shows hatred to Tigrian people. Do you think a person with hateful intentions sensible to talk about freedom?

        The schools, universities, hospitals build in Ethiopia is not useful for Abebe Gelaw since he lives abroad but it is necessity for my people in Ethiopia. And this is the second universal fact! Just because your hero said it so, it doesn’t necessary mean he is right. Yes I agree freedom is necessary but speak for yourself and your hero when you say ‘‘the listed things means nothing.’’ Some of us who actually goes to school and university know the advantage we get from those institutions.

  50. Diluqerbual says:

    Except the second point that so called wosenseged wrote, the rest is nonsense and shows his inferiority complex and his fear of ESAT led inevitable victory bbvv the vampire regime. Although I have no doubt that ESAT has reported the news from the local people, it was better not to report it as it comes. having said this, wosenseged has reflected his anger and hidden mission to belittle ESat and his main weapon is nothing but gossip. Forexample, he mentioned that when he asked one of his colleagues if he works for ESAT or not, he said assuming that any Ethiopian journalists would join ESAT , the guy replied him, he prefered to ‘ esat Begeba yesalegnal ESAT kemegeba’ this is just fictitious!!! By the way , this is a carbon copy of etv andand ,,,,,,,, who is that guy who said that?? Is the story true?? Esat eskebegebates min asgededew?? I think this truly shows how wosenseged hatred to ESAT is deep rooted!!!!! By the way, if what is said is true?? Still I agree with ESAT !! Wosenseged should know that ESAT is not edir or equb that anyone joins it easily!!! There is a criteria which is called qualification!! Anyways mr: wosenseged calm dawn!!!
    Final note: ayte dawit why you associate everything with dr.birhanu? I know why you hate him most. Because he cooperate with Amharas to fight TPLF

  51. felega says:

    the writer, please say something constructive than destractive. If ESAT is mistaken then you don’t repeat it. why are westing your time criticising others rather than trying to think forward. If they are mistaken that is a sign that they are working. what about you?

  52. Gezaee H. says:

    Please people think before you write. Amhara are about 25 millions. I doublt if 25.99999 amhara population knows the existence of ESAT. What does the farmersw in Gonder or Gojam, Arusi,… has to do with ESAT? Hell, you are so primitive , so backward and you put 25 million people in one black box because of ESAT? You are all wrong and stupids. None of you are civilized. If had the power I would gather all of you and put you in a civilization camp where you will be educated about value, human, and respect. I am disgusted so many stupids in this forum who bash 25 million amhara because of ESAT. This is the highest crime. What does the all those millions of innocent people has to do with ESAT? Are you telling me Tamagne is elected by amhara? Are you telling me Elias Kifle is elected by amhara? Are you telling me the most hateful, tribalist Getahune Bekele represents Amhara? Are you telling me Abebe Gelaw represents Amhara? Are you telling me Prof. Almariam who opposed the Nile Dam and who advocate for Egypt represents amahra? This is an insult to the 25 million amhara?

    Amhara are known for their extreme love for Ethiopia and for being patriotic. For example, Theodores swallowed a bullet than to hand in himself to enemies. Are you telling me the amhara who are selling Ethiopians girls in Nairobi, Joburg the amharas of Thoedores? no, you are wrong.

    Are you telline me the woyanes who declare in public Ethiopia never had port and will never have one represent Tigreans? Are you telling me those woyanes who saved Shabia and took Ethiopia to Europe to sign EEBC, and alger’s agreement represent the Tigrean people?Are you telling me the Thieves in the governemnt office represent amhara, Tigreans? you are all wrong, you are all primitimve. No matter what PHDs you have, you are primitive. I will love to put in you in civilization camp all of you, PHDS, Azmari, whatever you are. Shameful generation. You are all Getahune Bekele like ill people who are not able to apply to use brain and spending chewing each other everyday. Little white girls in European and North American Kindergarden are raising money even now to feed Ethiopians and to build toilet, clinic, potable water wells. Little kid who do not even speak properly have help Ethiopian projets in their school. But you are raising money to sow hate, hatred, conflict, war, rivaly, genocide, … you are all ill. But the problem in diaspora there is no tsebel, tebel, holy medicine. You are infected with diseases called hate, primitivity, backwardness and you even qualified Ethiopia as the left-behinders land. Shame on you all. I wish you were not all born. I wish you all were miscarriages. I do not know what type of childrren bring into this world with backwardness.

  53. Daru says:

    Have youseen WAZA ENA KUMENEGER? or you are not interested to see that because it tells you the truth of ESAT.”KNAT”amenmeno yemigedle besheta selehona kezeh weta!

  54. helen says:

    I would understand you if you would write about incorrect to address all of the Ethiopian mass media including the ETV and mimi sibhatu fm radio.This is a focused project whose main objective is to discredit ethsat tv channel.The TPLF parasitic system in which we live, leads to the conclusion our freedom of slavery.Freedom or slavery?
    We – not quite the fool. Just the TPLF ruling elite has been successfully manipulates our minds and imposes on us the deformed concepts and ideas. Our mind is still asleep, but now it’s time to wake up to sleep was not forever …
    There are some people on the nature of evil. But they are few, and they are fighting for their existence secret, a sneaky way to, trying to quietly kill more of all other people in ethiopia. They are secret and very lethal in ethiopia …

  55. nesanet says:

    ESAT sele TPLF OR EPLF Manenet Yagalete Neew MOt Le hager shach woyane Shabia Mot Le Kehadi . Ethiopia Le Ethiopyayan Becha No TPLF Woyane NO EPLF Shabya.

    • Blen says:

      nesanet, it is very hard to imagine the existence of a person with a perception like you in this century.

      You said, ‘‘Ethiopia Le Ethiopyayan Becha No TPLF Woyane.’’

      Who are you to distinguish who is Ethiopian or not. What makes you more Ethiopian than TPLF woyane? Are you still stuck in the Derg Regime? I think it is really time for you to move on from your discriminatory and outdated perception! You better start a lesson about Ethiopia History and you will understand that Ethiopia is not only about you, it is about more than 80 nation, nationalities and peoples.Furthermore, i have one word of advice for you, ‘‘treat others the way you would like to be treated.’’ Otherwise, you might find yourself in the death hole you dig for others.

      P.S. You can not play a God role and decide who has to die or not.You are just a humanbeing!

  56. Habtamu S says:

    Hi Wosen, really I like your opinion on ESAT for you understand them exactly. You know Wose most of them in one way or another are regretting their decision to fly abroad because everybody forgot about them after one or two interviews given to VOA or DB but they had thought to become a political figure. There for this psychological disorder, that happen when we lost what we expected, make them really mad-politicians that they deficient to see the dissimilarity between peoples of a country and a government. This leads them again to becomes aggressive and use rude words in their media. In addition to that they have a very inflammable jealousness on governmental personal in Ethiopian government for they know the difference between state official and an immigrant. Thank you.

  57. Mario says:

    Dawit , these who has been crying free speech & free self expression are telling you not to write now! Unbelievable!

    Of course, ESAT is owned by G7 (Berhanu Nega family) & funded by all kinds of Ethiopia’s enemies!

    Berhanu Nega has never stood for what he believes like a man! He ran ,nonstop ,from the mountain of Assymba to Sudan with his legs touching his ears! Remember: the fight was with the few courageous Woyane Tegadeltis!

    Berhanu Nega , was found hidden under a bed of friend family during the Kinijit colored revolution time in 2005!

    In my opinion, Neither Berhanu Nega nor his supporters has any integrity to what they say! We have seen it in the last 40 years!

    Let Dawit has the right to publish whatever he likes!
    If you don’t like to read different kind of articles , then glue yourselves on ethio media with all king of hate hate articles !

    Remember: woyanes stand for the truth, that’s why they stand for what they believe like a steel! They were few in numbers, they are dedicated to what they believe !

    ግመል ሰርቆ ኣጎንብሶ ኣሉ! ሁሉ ያየውና የሚያየው ለመደበቅ የመፍጨርጨር የጨነቀው ነው! የጨነቀው እርጉዝ ያገባል እንደሚባለው ማለት ነው። እሳት የብርሃኑ ነጋና ቤተሰቡ መሆኑን ሰው ሁሉ ኣውቆታል ፀሃይም ሞቆታል!

  58. Mahmoud says:

    ባንድ ወቅት ውጭ ሀገር ከሚኖር ሱማልያዊ ዶክተር ጋር የተደረገ ቃለ መጠይቅ ሳነብ ” ሱማልያን እንደዚህ ፍሬሰርሷን ያወጣናት ተምረናል የምንል ዜጎች ነን፣ ራሳችን ተከፋፈለን አገሪቱንም መቀመቅ ከተትናት። አርሶአደሩ፣ ነጋዴውና ሌላው ህዝብማ መች ተከፋፈለ” ብሎ ነበረ። ኢትዮጵያም እንደሶማሌ የምትበታተን ከሆነ በነዚህ እኔ ከሞትኩ – – – እንዳለቸው እንሰሳ፣ ሌላውን በዜረኝነት እየከሰሱ: ራሳቸው የተዘፈቁበት: የትም ብሄዱ አእምአሮቸው የማይበሰል ድያስፖራ ተብየዎች ነው።

  59. nesanet says:

    ESAT Ye ETHIOPYAWYAN Ayeen enaa Jooro Neew!!!!!!!! Le TPLF Woyanewoch Degmo Endee Esaat Yakatellal Be Ethiopia Enaa Be Ethiopyawyan Lay Yaderesutn Beedel Ahunem Nesanetachenen Eskenagegn Yagaletal Woyanewochem Tekatelalacheu Ethiopyawyanem BE ESAT Zeena Endesetalen Edmee Le Esat Mann Woyane Mann Ethiopyawi Endehoone Enawkalen Eskezelalemu Enbekelachulen Yefelegew gezee yewsed Mot Le TPLF Woyane Or EPLF Shabia . Ethiopia Le Ethiopyawyan Beecha !!!!!!!

  60. Mario says:

    ESAT is the eyes , ears… Of Ethiopia’s enemies! ESAT is a paid agent of Ethiopia’s enemies! ESAT. Promotes hate against the struggle of the people of Tigrai that became an instrumental for the renaissance of Ethiopia ! To stop the rennaissance of Ethiopia , Ethiopia’s enemies are funding ESAT to promote their propaganda against Ethiopia! ESAT fake journalists are a sold out Ethiopia’s enemies propaganda machines!

  61. wedi zana says:

    Thank you .
    To the point and with proof.

    God Bless Ethiopia

  62. Mario says:

    Wedi zana

    May be we are family if you are really Wedi zana?

  63. jaja says:

    Ya KIT chegar bebazam fass ayequaterm.That is who u are a bunch of berhanu ayenga

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