Ethiopia bans peaceful demonstration called by Semayawi party


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83 Responses

  1. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Dawit, you can not say peaceful protest? how can you say that before even the protest got permission? They gave notice? That is funny? they must ask for permission following protest office. I think there is no office of protest? There must a branch of the police services which manages peaceful protests. The office that manage the protest must receive protest applications two or three months ahead. They must process the application legally and decide whether the protest be granted or denied. There is no democratic country where you call people and go out to protests? This shows me Ethiopians from leadership upto opposition they really do not know democracy than talking about it. They give notice? This is quite funny so. They must apply legally and fulfil all the requirements and fill many forms of duties, responsibilities before hand if they are permitted. They take responsibility for any damage of property or life or anything that come along the protest. Nowhere in democractic country one give notice and go out to protest. I am convinced democracy in Ethiopia must be delayed until further notice until people know their rights, obligations, duties, responsibilities. Who was responsible for the death of 200 people in 2005? no one? but this time, there must be someone responsible for any problem that arise along the way. Giving notice? kkkkkk

    • admin says:

      Gezaee, there is a regulatory body called “ye selamawi self fekad memriya” under the city addministration of Addis Ababa.

      • Araya says:

        For both of u as an information everyone has a right to oppose or protest, this constitutional right! under the city administration there is the office which name is “Yeselamwi selfe masawkiya kefele” not “masefkeja” and the law says “before 48hr they should inform to the office” the motive of “masawek” is to get protection from city administrative offices and police! for any consequences city administrative and city police will be responsible. And Semayawi party did everything under the law!

        • Gezaee H. says:

          the office is wrong; The office must have more power. If it is a notice office, then there is no office. Notice office shows you are above the notice office. you are not applying for permission and you are not following any procedure. That means there is no any contact that obliges you and forces you to follow rules and by laws. 24 hour notice is a joke. you must planned ahead at least two months. You must enter contract and that is how protest is proceessed in the civilized world. you do not give notice and go out and toytoying. They need to have a proper office. Protest is not simple. There are people who can use it to take power by violence. It looks like there is alot of holes for violent elements. Besides, you arleady announced about the protest even without getting permission and you also used Elias Kifle website as your outlet? That is bad name for your part even if we think you are good. You must read how protest is processed in other countries. Besides, you need to protest to your own people. There is no need to cry to people who do not know your problem. Thus you planned is quarter baked, not even have baked. You need to learn about democracy before talking about it. There is right without responsibility and duties. If you protest after 2row and if the protest turn out violent? if some people get killed who is going to take responsibility? are you going to tell us woyane killed you when you were peaceful? Please, please, learn, know your rights plus your responsibilities and duties. You must baby sit yourself, no one is going to baby sit you. If you do not know to even prepare for peaceful protest, how are you going to rule complex 94 million people? Let us be serious guys. We do not want again any single life of Ethiopians to be lost by anarchy. Please stay from notorious violent people.

          • AleQa Bru says:

            sometimes it is much easier to admit own wrongs than to blame everyone else.

            Accept that you are a human and hence you can be wrong sometimes. Nothing wrong with that.

            In democratic countries there is no permission needed for peaceful protests; only a notice is needed as many already indicated.

    • melashdesta says:

      Gezaee, you pretend to be the most knowledgeable person regarding democracy and peaceful protest marches. No, you don’t need to give even a notice to anybody in some democratic countries. It is your right. In the Eth. constitution you give a notice of a few days only(not three months as you wrote). I don’t think you are an Ethiopian. You must be an Eritrean where the things you wrote probably apply. Otherwise, you are mocking at Ethiopian politics. Right?

      • Gezaee says:

        Mr. Meladesta, I have lived a great deal now in democracy countries; You can not give notice and go out and protest 24 hours; you must be joking sir, the law enforcement needs alot of time to process and handle it. you need permission. You need alot requirements from your side. The governmennt also need to know and have enough time to prepare and handle.

        Anyway, they rejected it; it is good they did so. It depends on full application with full details. There are different kind of protests. There are protest does not even require any police, this is a political protest which requires to be handle carefully because violent elements can use to try to overthrow the government. Actually this protest might be or looks for that overthrowing the government and for discreting it while it is accommodating guests. Bad plan Blue party

        • asteway says:


          Do you really believe the reason the TPLF government rejected the request for a peaceful demonstration by Semayawi Party is because Semayawi Party did not follow the proper protocol? Oh, Ya????

          If that is what you are saying, please stop BSing with us, Ethiopians.

      • Gezaee says:

        It is better to be like Eritrean than to carry out a bloody and lawless protest that ensue the death of lives. I do not also understand why I have to be Eritrean? funny opinion

      • YMB says:

        @Gezaee H. You so wrong and you don’t even know it. Where did you live before in Iran or Afganistan?

    • ETHIO says:

      I feel like gezae own the all country and we all slaves.

    • chala says:

      The Funny thing about is i haven’t heard any support for this demonstration from any party inside ethiopia.

      Instead all those dreamers who want to be in 4 kilo with the poor blood from Diaspora are talking about it too much.

      Go out and demonstrate infront of white house and burn your candle and pray miracle to happen that will put Dr Birhanue and Dr Fissiha on power.

      Those two people only show how the extrimist diasporas are a day dreamers.

      they promissed them to change the gov. by 6 to one year and collected money more that 5 year. Wow how low you can go.

  2. Gezaee says:

    That is good; so if there is such office why they give notice then? they need permission to protest, permission for the venue, permission for the time. Permission for the number of people. Permission for the leaders of the protest.
    Then signing all the contract in details, signing to take responsibiliities even for any damage even for saying bad words. Everything has to be clear, precie, the demands has to be know and written and recorded and filed. You can go and protest start burning things and killing, stoning people and go like 2005. No, there is duties, responsibiliites and rights.There is no right without responsibilities and durities.

    • chombe says:

      @Gezaee: By law, only a notification is required, not a permission. It’s in the constitution by the way. The reason for making it notification as suppose to a permission is to ensure citizens and groups are able to demonstrate even if authorities do not like it (or at least to give the preception citizens are ensured).
      Unlike you, your bosses knew the constitution would not look very democratic if a permission required and if demonstration is a discretion of the authorities. So they put the something in the paper but what they do in realty is different. I’m surprised you don’t even understand the ‘game of opressing’ your bosses play… are just tagging along.

    • Michael says:

      …You still are in Dedebit Bereha. People like you civilize even you teach them long. Go to school or get out from our discussion forum. We can’t accept your uncivilized thinking and nonsense thought. In civilized and democratic countries there is no any application or permission since it’s the fundamental right of citizens instituted in the constitution.

      • Gezaee says:

        From the way I see there is no need for democracy because I understand now Ethiopian do not know democracy. It is clear from the discussion people have no clue about democracy in Ethiopia, even Ethiopians in diaspora do not know democracy. If protest does not require permission, then there is no law. That is why 200 people were gunned down in 2005 and no one was responsible. The instigators blamed the government because the protest did not have leaders who are responsible to manage and control the protest. As such, arfachu Tekemetu if this is your democracy. it is better to be like Eritrea than to engage or play game with the life of people. I see now why some people in Diaspora even think they can remotely organize a protest from USA. G

      • Lala says:

        Can you tell me where you protest without permission? which country? Ahya, it is because of dedebit you are talking about right and protests, there were no such thing in Ethiopia. Ahya, backward, dedeb, denez, stone head.

  3. Abebe says:

    It is a correct call if you ask me. Ethiopia is hosting such a daunting summit – all hands on deck! The police shouldn’t waste time manning those who want to create chaos for the sake of creating chaos. They have the political space to do this everyday of the year. I don’t put much weight protesting infront of AU-Summit unless it’s intended to create havoc and make our country look divided and ungovernable. Where is the mantra of us being a great hosts. Poltics should stop at the water’s edge, just saying. We don’t need to air our dirty laundry in public when unity is required. Let’s leave that to the greedy diaspora – wondering what they do for living to have so much time to protest every other day. Just a thought.

    • john says:

      This pseudonym “Abebe” has been used by late dicatator Meles. Now somebody for TPLF thugs using it. Abe, let me ask you. You said,”make our country look divided and ungovernable.” Don’t you think that our country is divided (thank you for your deeds) and pretty much there is no government or there is a so called “shifta” government. Just wait and see. Your days are numbered.

      • Meron says:

        john the loser, it has been more than 22 years since you start saying there is no government or the government is shifta. Talk is cheap. You know it deep from your heart. To keep people like you crying forever, I wish EPRDF rules the country for many years to come. Of course that seems the chance as far as stupid people like you don’t come to their senses.

        On a different note, the Semayawi party is an attention seeking party, and it doesn’t have any plan of bringing good change in Ethiopia. If you think a weak and small party that was split from Andinet, and has been one since its establishment is working. It only wants to create chaos, and We Ethiopians don’t want that. The responsible government knows this, and it is a good decision to block any demonstration.

  4. Gibe says:

    I think Gezaee is in another world. It is your right to make rally in support or protest for any thing. Such right is protected under Ethiopian laws as well. The law pertaining to protests and mass rallies requires that the organizers notify the relevant government body (not police) of their intentions and some details at least 48 hours before the intended rally. The objectives of the notification so that the government can make necessary preparations to protect the safety and security of the participants.

    The government has that 48 hours to respond. If the government does not respond within that time, it is deemed that the government accepted it. Thus, according to Ethiopian laws, government does not permit protests and also it cannot deny permission to protest. The permission to conduct mass rally or protest is already given by the Ethiopian Constitution to every body and at any time.

    Thus, in this particular case of the SEMAYAWI Party incident, the government’s act is clearly illegal and unconstitutional. But this is not the first or the only time that Ethiopian government does unlawful things.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Gibe,

      No man; This is why I said Ethiopian do not know democracy; you just do know democracy at all.You, the leaders have no clue what democracy. I am telling you from life experience. You will not find any democracy with such type of rules. 48 hours? kkkkkk, I am laughing;

      In any democractic country you have to apply to conduct a protest. It is not notice. It is a legal application. You have to apply and your application has to be studied and processed. There should be an office that receives applications and process it with the relevant bodies. The application may involve top leaders and has to go from local to woreda, from wereda to awraja from awraja to regional state from region state to federal state depending on the nature of the protest. That is why I said requires at least 2 months. You do not give notice in 24 hours. Oh, man, that is completely wrong. It is not democracy; it is anarchy. 48 hours kkkk, I can not stop laughing. That is why you were killing people you go out to protest without any duties or responsibilities?

      Here is what you do:
      1. Apply at 2 months ahead
      2. Wait application
      3. Application granted or denied

      4. If denied, application dead, no disputing or crying or no protest, finite
      5. If granted, you fill man forms that details all the activities, demands, slogans, placard statements on the picketing
      6. You specify how many people participate
      7.You must include the time, venue in the application also.
      9. you fill forms and you sign them legally taking responsibilities for any damage or even insulting anyone; Even you have to specify the language you will use during the protest. you are not allowed to use violent language, malicious language, or insult or verbal violence. you will agree and sign contract you will follow all the rules and you will responsible for any breach of any agreement.
      8. You have to be introduced with the law of enforcements people, you will meet them in person and discuss. If there is problem you will communicate with them. They must know the leaders of the protest otherwise if the protest has no leader, I will not be protest but anarchy.

      9. You can only protest in the designed venue; you can not even move a meter from the venue you are permitted to protest.
      10. you have to protest only for the permitted time period. You cannot protest for unlimited period.
      11. You finish peacefully.

      12. If breached any rules, you will be taken to court for doing so.

      This is how protest is done in the civilized world; You do not call people from face book and start toytoying.

      I am telling from real experience in real time. I have been involved in this kind of things and it is not arbitrary. What you are telling me shows Ethiopians have no clue about democracy. That is why 200 people were killed in 2005 and no one was responsible. Those who instigated the violence blamed the government and run away without taking any responsibilities.

      According to my understanding now, even the leaders has no clue about democracy. They are just talking about democracy because it is fashionable this days after the end of the cold war. Neither the opposition nor the leaders nor the people know democracy. If democracy is like this? then I might have right to kill people in Ethiopia? this is funny people honestly.

  5. Meron says:

    Good news. The Semayawi party members are remnants of Kinijit, and their intention is not peaceful demonstration.

  6. Meron says:

    By the way, here is a good article that I read in ethiomedia written by Tokla Hagos, and I found it worth sharing:

    :…Recently a very successful and very generous friend of mine told me that I have wasted my life in the West, meaning that I should have stayed back in Ethiopia where I could have contributed greatly to the success of our beloved nation. I can imagine how much pain it must have caused him to tell me to my face how far I have failed in my primary duty. I know that comment comes from a person who has great expectations of my “talent” and who otherwise heaps accolades on me and yet burning with positive concern for a brother that seems not to make much headway in wealth or in political life. True, my fifteen years of academic fellowship and teaching of college students, or writing numerous articles et cetera would not tilt the scale against a single year of serving in Ethiopia…”

  7. Gezaee says:

    Any protest without government permission is illegal or crime. Any legal protest must follow legal procedures. You may protest without permission in Somalia only, but no where else.

    • Bereket says:

      The term protest itself clearly indicate that permission is not required Ato Gezae. Recently in the name of protecting the public good some changes were made in most democratic nations to preclude areas immune for protest. This restriction by no means suggests to get permission from the one you are protesting. The right to protest peacefully is part and parcel of the general human right. In any full fledged democratic state this right is honored. Probably the easiest example for this one is Abebe’s protested speech against your president in the USA did not require him permission from any government.

  8. Thomas Tewelde says:

    Gezzie Hagos,
    You r double standard, when it comes to Eritrea you oppose the government of Eritrea for not being a democrat in fact you petitioned the Canadian government to close the Eritrean consulate. On the other hand you are pleased that the permission for protest was denied. Injustice anywhere is a threat everywhere.

    • Gezaee says:

      Thomas Tewlelde
      Eritrea might be better because people were never killed in Asmara because of protest. It is better not to have if it is not peaceful and if it causes the death of innocent people. The permit is to save lives and to protect everybody.

  9. Goitom Habteweld says:

    Dear Gezaee
    are you discussing the shortages of the law regarding demonstration or are you interpreting the existing law? if you find the current law has shortcomings you have the right to forward your concerns. As long as there is a law at the moment everybody must be abide by it, be it authorities be it the public at large, be it an individual. what is the use of a law when it’s execution is distorted by individuals, offices, parties etc arbitrarily?

  10. kalatu says:

    you seem still scared of Kinijit, never mind weather they are remnants or not what matters is they will still hold the raley and show to the world the situation in ethipia bring the beginning to the end of your masters …. God bless you and give you the insite to fell the main of the Ethipian people

  11. Meron says:

    Dear Gezae, I am with you in almost all of your points. The few extremists in the diaspora don’t have any democratic value though they live in democratic countries. Thanking that thus extremists will bring a working democracy to Ethiopia can only be dream. The people in Ethiopia are building their democratic values step by step, and that is what can bring a sustainable change in Ethiopia. Importing democracy will not work for sure.

    On a different note, the Semayawi party is an attention seeking party, and it doesn’t have any plan of bringing good change in Ethiopia. If you think a weak and small party that was split from Andinet, and has been one year since its establishment is working for the betterment of Ethiopia, you are navie. It only wants to create chaos, and We Ethiopians don’t want that. The responsible government knows this, and it is a good decision to block any demonstration.

  12. Gezaee says:

    It was good to learn from this forum that Ethiopians really have no clue about democracy. No single person wrote any meaningful comment than telling me to go out from this forum. No one explained to me how peaceful protest is being done except insulting. No matter where you take Ethiopians, never never learn. That is why even they never do any business except selling injera business only or driving taxi. The number of Ethiopians attending universwiites in North America is so so low. There are more Eritrean than Ethiopians and there are more Somalians tahn Ethiopians. There are mor Kenyan than Ethiopians, yet the Ethiopian population is high. Shame on you all, none of you know democracy except copy and cut and paste from what you here about press freedom bla bla. It looks like in Ethiopia you can go out and start protest randomly. No permission is needed. No legal process is needed. Organizers of protest are not known. No one is responisble? If this so? how are they really manage anarchY? There is no single democratic country where you can go and launch protest? no where, may be in Somalia. Then democracy must be postponed in Ethiopia until you learn and know your rights, duties and responsibiliites. There is no where right without duties and responsibilities.


    ሰበር ዜና፣ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ሰልፉን በታቀደው ቦታና ስዓት እንደሚያካሂድ አስታወቀ
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    ከሰማያዊ ፓርቲ የተሰጠ ማብራሪያ

    ሕገ ወጥነት ከዓላማችን አይገታንም!!!

    ሕግ ምን ይላል?

    አዋጅ ቁጥር ፫/፲፱፻፹፫ ዓ.ም

    ስለ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍና ሕዝባዊ ስብሰባ ሥነ ሥርዓት የወጣ አዋጅ፤ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ የጠራው አካል ስላለበት ግዴታ በአንቀጽ ፬ ላይ እንዲህ ይላል አንቀጽ ፬፤ የማሳወቅ ግዴታ፤

    ፩/ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ወይም ህዝባዊ የፖለቲካ ስብሰባ የሚያዘጋጀው ማንኛውም ግለሰብ፣ ቡድን ወይም ድርጅት የታሰበው ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ወይም ሕዝባዊ የፖለቲካ ስብሰባ ከሚካሄድበት ጊዜ ቢያንስ ከ፵፰ ሰዓታት በፊት በጽሑፍ የማሳወቅ ግዴታ አለበት፡፡

    ፪/ የማሳወቂያው ጽሑፍ ሰላማዊ ሰልፉ ወይም ሕዝባዊ የፖለቲካ ስብሰባ በከተማ ከሆነ የሚደረገው ለከተማው አስተዳደር ጽ/ቤት፤ ከከተማ ውጭ ከሆነ ለአውራጃው አስተዳደር ጽ/ቤት ይሆናል፡፡

    መልስ ሰጪው አካል የከተማ ወይም የአውራጃው አስተዳደር ጽ/ቤት ያለበትን ግዴታና ኃላፊነት አንቀጽ ፮ ላይ እንዲህ ብሎ ደነግጋል፡፡

    አንቀጽ ፮፤ የከተማው ወይም አውራጃው አስተዳደር ጽ/ቤት ኃላፊነት፣

    ፩/ ከተማው ወይም የአውራጃው አስተዳደር ጽ/ቤት የሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ወይም ሕዝባዊ የፖለቲካ ስብሰባ ጥያቄ በጽሑፍ ሲቀርብለት ሰላምን ከማስፈን ጸጥታን ከማስጠበቅና የሕዝቡን ዕለታዊ ኑሮ እንዳይሰናከል ከማድረግ አንጻር አስፈላጊውን ዝግጅት ሁሉ የማድረግ ኃላፊነት አለበት፡፡

    ፪/ ከተማው ወይም የአውራጃው አስተዳደር ጽ/ቤት በዚህ አዋጅ አንቀጽ ፮ ንዑስ አንቀጽ ፩ የተመለከቱትን ሁኔታዎች በማገናዘብ ሰላማዊ ሰልፉ ወይም ሕዝባዊ የፖለቲካ ስብሰባ በሌላ ጊዜ ወይም በሌላ ሥፍራ ቢደረግ ይሻላል የሚል አስተያየት ካለው ምክንያቱን በመግለጽ ይህንኑ ጥያቄው በደረሰው በ፲፪ ሰዓት ውስጥ በጽሑፍ ለአዘጋጁ ማሳወቅ ኃላፊነት አለበት፡፡ ሆኖም የከተማው ወይም አውራጃው አስተዳደር ጽ/ቤት ሰላማዊ ሰልፉ ወይም ሕዝባዊ የፖለቲካ ስብሰባው ምን ጊዜም በየትኛውም ቦታ ሊካሄድ አይችልም ማለት አይችልም፡፡

    ምን ተደረገ?

    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ የጠራውን የተቃውሞ ሰልፍ ማወቅ የሚገባው በአዲስ አበባ ማዘጋጃ ቤት የሰላማዊ ሰልፍና የህዝባዊ ስብሰባ ማሰወቂያ ቢሮ እንዲያውቅ የሚያደርግበትን ደብዳቤ ግንቦት 14 ቀን 2005 ዓ.ም ከጧቱ 4፡00 ሰዓት የተጠቀሰው ቢሮ ድረስ አቅርቧል፡፡ የቢሮው ኃላፊ ደብባቤ አልቀበልም በማለታቸው ከሰዓት በኋላም ከቀኑ 8፡00 ሰዓት ላይ ደብዳቤውን እንደገና አቅርቦ አሁንም አልቀበልም በማለታቸው ጉዳዩ ይመለከታቸዋል የተባሉ የተለያዩ አካላት እስከ ከንቲባው ፅ/ቤት ኃላፊና የካቢኔ ጉጋዮች ምክትል ኃላፊ ድረስ በመሄድ ደብዳቤውን እንዲቀበሉ ቢጠየቁም “ደብዳቤ እንዳንቀበል ከበላይ ታዘናል” በማለት በቃል ተመሳሳይ የአንቀበልም መልስ ሰጥተዋል፡፡ ከብዙ ጥረት በኋላ ከፓርቲው በኩል ሦስት ሰዎች ከማዘጋጃ ቤቱ ደግሞ ሦስት ሰዎች የአይን ምስክርነት ባሉበት በሰላማዊ ሰልፍና የህዝባዊ ስብሰባ ማሰወቂያ ቢሮ ኃላፊ ጠረጴዛ ላይ አስቀምጠው ወጥተዋል፡፡ ከዚህም በጠጨማሪ ደብዳቤው በፖስታ ቤት በኩል በሪኮመንዴ እንዲደርስ ተልኳል፡፡

    ምን ይደረጋል?

    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ በሕግ የተቋቋመ ህግ የሚያከብር ፓርቲ ነው፡፡ ፓርቲው የሚገዛው ለህግ እንጅ ለውንብድና ባለመሆኑ ሰልፉን በዚህ መልኩ ለማሰናከል የማይቻል መሆኑን የሚመለከታቸው አካላት ሁሉ እንዲያውቁት ማሳሰብ ይፈልጋል፡፡ ሰልፉን ለማድረግ እስከ አሁኗ ሰዓት ድረስ በህግ በኩል የጎደለ አንድም ቅንጣት ነገር ባለመኖሩ ሰልፉ በታቀደው ቦታና ስዓት የሚካሔድ መሆኑን ያሳውቃል፡፡

    ግንቦት 15 ቀን 2005 ዓ.ም
    አዲስ አበባ

    • Gezaee says:

      Selamawi party is longing to go to Kalti. Semayawi party sounds as if it is a govenment. If they can say all these, then they there is no need for the notice to office. These arrogants with swollen pride, Betiebet yeteweteru denkoroch. I would just round them and throw them to jail. They are telling us they need no permission? They are government by own rights. They are above the law. I would just round the ring leaders from their houses and throw them to jail. What really pisses off is their arrogance and ignorance. The fact that they have to tell their problem to somebody else shows they have no confidence in themselves. Which African leader is going to twist the will of EPRDF? Good luck Semayawi or yellow party. It sounds like Semayawi revolution visa vis orange revolution. I hope EPRDF will round them up from their houses this evening and throw them to jail until they understand right and obligation. Backward, primitive, denkoro, you want to do everything by force and you expect EPRDF to kneel down to your arrogance?

  14. Mario (from Ohio) says:

    In America, in Europe , protesters must attain a permission first over 30 days a head ! Nobody has the right to protest with out permission! It is anti our culture to protest while guests are arriving!

    What Ethiopia need at this moment is: to work together to defeat poverty! We must work together to fulfill ,at least the everyday necessity of our people! ሀቅ ከሌለን ወደ ላይ ወደ ታይ ብንል ሃቅ ሳንይዝ የወጣቶችም የሽማግሌዎችም የስስተኞችም የፖለቲካ ድርጅት ብንመሰርት የትም ኣንደርስም! ባጠቃላይ በጥላቻና በስልጣን ስስት የተመሰረተ ፖለቲካ ትርፉ ጥፋት ነው! በዓለማችን በጥላቻ የተመሰረተ ፖለቲካ ምን እንዳስከተለ ታሪክ ኣስተምሮናል!

    የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እያሉ ያለቅሳሉ ሆኖም ግን የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ የመሰለ የተወሳሰበ ህብረተሰብ ማስተናገድ የሚችል ነገር የላቸውም! ይኸው ፖለቲከኞቻችን እድሜያችን ሙሉ እናውቃቸዋለን! ከኢህኣዴግ በስተቀር ለኢትዮጵያ የፀና ኣቋም ያለው ኣላየንም!
    የተሻለ ቢኖርማ ኣገር እናት ማለት ናት ለእናት ደግሞ ሁሌ የተሻለውን ይመረጥላታል! የፖለቲካ ድርጅት መቀየር ይቻላል እናት ግን ኣንዲት ናት ኣትቀየርም!
    ልብ በሉ! የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ኣማራጭና ጠንካራ ተቃዋሚ የፖለቲካ ድርጅት እንዳያገኝ ህዝቡን ተከፋፍለው በታትነው ይዘውታል! ያም ሆነ ይህ በውጭ ያለው ተቃዋሚ ራሱን ነፃ በማውጣት ጠቃሚ ተቃዋሚ መሆን ይገባዋል!

    • Gezaee H. says:

      I agree there is opposition; I do not agree EPRDF really cares about Ethiopia. EPRDF cares about money only, nothing else. EPRDF stands for Ethiopia is completely out of place. EPRDF track record shows it is actually antiEthiopia. EPRDF is not good, but we just do not want war anymore. It is possible to remove EPRDF by peaceful means. But stands for Ethiopia is just a joke; EPRDF never stood for Ethiopia for the past 22 years; Selling land to foreigners for 100 years can not be done by a citizen, but Mussoloni like thieves. Landlocking by denying history of millennia can not make EPRDF stands for Ethiopia. Betraying Ethiopians in war fronts and dragging Ethiopia to Europe to sign EEBC, Alger’s agreement can make EPRDF stands for Ethiopia. If Theodores, Yohannes , Alula were to rise up from their tombs? they will put their hands on their head and ere ere, they will say yeterak zkachoch, rskashoch. EPRDF is really antiEthiopia. That is known to every Ethiopian. We just do not want war. Because it is possible to remove whomever peacefully.
      It is true; protest without permissions are illegal. I did like that because before I thought it was like that. I have to live in prison for 4 months because I did not have permit. I could not defend myself in court because I did get no permission. Myself, the organizer and the plotter and my collaborators had to live 4 months in prison for not getting permission. My collaborator had to serve one year imprisonmment and I was luck I got out after 4 months. We Ethiopians do not know democracy at all. It is understandable from the way we behave.

  15. Meron says:

    ባለፈው አመት በተካሄደው የአፍሪካ ህብረት ስብሰባ ወቅት የእስልምና እምነትን ሽፋን ያደረጉ ሃይሎች “ጉባዔው ሲካሄድ ከመላው አለም ለመጡ መሪዎችና ለመገናኛ ብዙሃን ድምፃችንን ለማሰማት ከየአካባቢው ተሰባስባችሁ አዲስ አበባ ላይ ክተቱ” በሚል ያስተላለፉት አዋጅ መንግስትን አስከፍቶ ነበር፡፡

    ያኔ ነገሩ አላማረም፤ እንዳይሆን ሆኖ ሰልፉም ተበላሸ፡፡ የያኔዎቹ ታዲያ ከስህተታቸው የተማሩ ይመስላሉ፡፡ በየሳምንቱ አርብ በሶላት ወቅት የሚነገቡ መፈክሮችን እየቀረፀ በማኅበራዊ ድረ-ገፆች የሚያሰራጭ አንድ የፌስቡክ ገፅ “ነገ አዲስ አበባን ሳይጨምር በመላ አገሪቷ የሚካሄደውን የተቃውሞ መርሐግብር ለማሳካት የሚደረጉ ዝግጅቶች በመልካም ሁኔታ ላይ ይገኛሉ” ሲል ዛሬ በግድግዳው ላይ ለጥፏል፡፡

    ይህ የሚያሳየው ለእንግዶቹ ክብር ሲባል ከአርብ ጀምሮ አዲስ አበባ ላይ ብቻ ሃይማኖትን መሰረት ያደረገ ሰልፍ ወይም ግርግር እንደማይኖር ነው፡፡ ይህ ድረ-ገፅ በስቅለት እለትም ለክርስትና እምነት ተከታዮች ሰላም ስንል የዛሬውን ተቃውሞ አንስተናል የሚል ፅሁፍ እንዳስነበበን አስታውሳለሁ፡፡

    በአንፃሩ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ይህ ዝምታ የተመቸው አይመስልም፡፡ ዛሬ ባወጣው መግለጫ “ሰልፉን ለማድረግ እስከ አሁኗ ሰዓት ድረስ በህግ በኩል የጎደለ አንድም ቅንጣት ነገር ባለመኖሩ ሰልፉ በታቀደው ቦታና ሰዓት የሚካሔድ መሆኑን {ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ} ያሳውቃል” ብሏል፡፡

    በነገራችን ላይ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ መማር ያልቻለው ከሌሎች በጎ ተግባር ብቻ ሳይሆን ከራሱም ስህተት ነው፡፡ ከአራት ወር በፊት የተከለከለን ሰልፍ ህጋዊ አስመስሎ በመንቀሳቀሱ 43 ያክል ሰልፈኞችን ለእስር ዳርጎ ነበር፡፡

    እኔ በርግጠኝነት ይሄ ነገር መንግስትንም ሆነ እንግዳ ተቀባዩን ህዝብ የሚያስከፋ ይመስለኛል፡፡ ድግሱን ሲበጠብጡበት ማን ዝም ይላል፡፡

    ለዘለቄታው ችግራችንን በሰልፍ ሳይሆን በድርድር ብንፈታ፤ ያም እንኳን ባይሆን ይችችን አይነት ወሬ የሚፈልጉትን የውጭ ጋዜጠኞች ለብቻ ሰብሰብ አድርገን ብናዋያቸው፡፡ ይህም ካልተሳካ እንግዶቻችን ሲሄዱ ብንሰለፍም ያው ነው፡፡ ለእጀባው ከሆነ ማህበራዊ ድረ-ገፅ አለልን አይደል እንዴ፤ ኢሳትም አለ፡፡

    እንግዲህ ምከረው ምከረው፤ እንቢ ካለ መከራ ይምከረው ከማለት ውጭ ምን ይባላል፡፡

    ከምሬ ነው፡፡


  16. Alem says:

    Many Amhara people fought and gave their precious life to save Ethiopia from western looters and colonizers. Some coouregious amaharas like Germame Neway and Mengistu Neway gave their precious life in fighting the stubborn monarchy(Hailesilasie)for equality of nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. Many Amharas (like members of the former Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Movement, the current Amhara national democratic movement ANDM) fought the socialist dictator Derg. Unfortunately after all such sacrifices for Ethiopia, Amahara people denied the right to live in ethiopia, make business, elect their leaders etc… right now the Amhara people are not asking democracy what they are asking is to get their freedom back. TPLF is very lucky bcs it came to power at most peaceful time of our world. their is no bi polar world today. today is uni-polar world so it is very hard to get outside support to fight the tplf apartheid rulers who displace hundreds of thousands of amaharas every time for the last 22 years.

  17. yared says:

    Gezaee you talk too much, real men don’t !
    Meron Moron!

  18. Kassa says:

    Congratulation Awramba Times. You and your secret admiraers seem saracastic about it.
    Enjoy Dedebit democracy !!!

  19. solomon says:

    Ato Gezaee:
    When the editor of this website associated certain individuals with ESAT and his readers challenge the editor for his wrong association and demand clarification, you stood up for the editor to question with “boldness”. Now when Ethiopians want to exercise their right to demonstrate, you stood up to withhold their right until ppl like you feel like they are mature enough to exercise it. Your hypocrisy is glaring but not as great as your ignorance of it. You even wanted to ppl to apply for the purpose of exercising their right before 3-4 months?. Wow, I tell you the dictators in the country are far better than you in being less brutal. You mounted the courage to question the editor for saying “peaceful protest”. Was he supposed to say “violent protest”?. Would they have applied by saying unknown outcome protest? You want to keep and preserve the status quo in the country. that is the truth.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Solomon,

      Thank you man for the comment. you are entitled to say whatever you feel; but that does not necessary mean you are right. Who is right? you or myself? we leave it for others to judge. The editor does not know if the planned protest is peaceful or violent. Reasons: simply the protest did not even take place or it is not even planned. This is fact. No one knows the unknown. I do not know if this protest is peaceful or you do not know.

      1. We all know now Dr. Berhanu is the chief behind ESAT; this is open secret now; The editor did the right thing. Can you tell me who owns ESAT? if you are trying to defend it is not Dr. Berhanu’s? Dawit did good on that. So thumps up for good and thumps down for not good.

      About permission to protest: well, in every country that is democratic, you need to get permission and you have to apply for it. You can not tell me a single country where u go out and protest arbitrarily or bezefekede? It appears you do not know about right? right does not come as a free package. With right there is duty, responsibilities, accountabilities. If you are organizing a protest; you need to take responsibilities for it and you have to do it in the right way. Otherwise, if right means anarchy, then there is no meaning in it. I feel you do not understand what right means? your right is only your right, you can not take other people rights in the name of your right.

      I was actually wondering why the Muslims have been protesting for long? Now I see the problem. There is no law in Ethiopia. They are not required to get permission and they are protesting every week. This shows democracy is misunderstood in Ethiopia. Brother Solomon, I believe in fairness, non-violence, civility, … and respect for life. There must be law and order to protect the public safety. Public safety or your safety comes before your right. There is no point of right if you are being killed. The permission for to protest is not to take your right? but it is mean to protect the safety of the public, and yourself. Otherwise, you will organize a bloody protest and take no responsibilities and people get killed like 2005, about 200 souls and no one was taken to charge. No one was responsible? That must never happen again. You need to read how protest is done in the civilized world. Your right and freedom has no meaning if you do not respect the rights of others too. you wanted protest? there are people who do not wanted? if your right affects other people right? then it has follow legal procedures.

      You can call me whatever you want. But I will always stand for truth, justice, law and order. The status quo has to change only by ideological means, not by violence or bloody protest. We do not need Arab spring. We need Ethiopian sun. No apology for violence.

  20. Wedi Zana says:

    I live in the heart of Washington . During the last 20 years , we have had many peaceful demonstrations , however, there was no single time that we went out to demonstrate without the permission of the police. Now having said that, why should it be different when it comes to Ethiopia. If they want to demonstrate, they seek permission and get before they venture off. Ethiopians should be supportive of the 50th AU anniversary . There is plenty of time to organize a rally
    May God bless Ethiopia and its people .

  21. Abe says:

    @Mario (from Ohio)May 23, 2013

    “In America, in Europe , protesters must attain a permission first over 30 days a head ! Nobody has the right to protest with out permission! “

    Ans. Our law clearly states that you inform government 48 hours ahead of peaceful demonstration time and government officials cannot deny it.

    “It is anti our culture to protest while guests are arriving! “

    Ans. We have to tell the guests how we are suffering under woyanie’s corrupted government.

    “What Ethiopia need at this moment is: to work together to defeat poverty! We must work together to fulfill ,at least the everyday necessity of our people! “

    Ans. How can we eradicate poverty when Meles and his party instituted corruption as a system so that he can crush his opponents after he made them corrupted? How can we defeat poverty when government prints money and spoils the economy? Time is nearing that Ethiopians are going to carry a sack of money just to buy one bread

    “ባጠቃላይ በጥላቻና በስልጣን ስስት የተመሰረተ ፖለቲካ ትርፉ ጥፋት ነው! በዓለማችን በጥላቻ የተመሰረተ ፖለቲካ ምን እንዳስከተለ ታሪክ ኣስተምሮናል!”

    Ans. There is no such politics in Ethiopia. The oppression is glaring ling visible for everyone to see. People are unable to eat as a result of woyanies erroneous economic handling

    “ከኢህኣዴግ በስተቀር ለኢትዮጵያ የፀና ኣቋም ያለው ኣላየንም!”

    Ans. Oh my God! What a joke! Today we are losing 1 billion a year to Djibouti. So much looking Ethiopia’s interest!!

    “ልብ በሉ! የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ኣማራጭና ጠንካራ ተቃዋሚ የፖለቲካ ድርጅት እንዳያገኝ ህዝቡን ተከፋፍለው በታትነው ይዘውታል!”

    Ans. We even do not need strong opposition. What we need is free and fair election system. There are intelligent Ethiopians that can manage Ethiopia without having to be members of a party.

    It amazes me how woyanies sympathizers cannot see the truth. Ethiopia is not developing. All the buildings we see in Addis and other cities of Ethiopia are simply reflections of inflation as a result of printing money. Government just prints money and builds roads or bridges or buildings. This is killing the everyday life of people and business. Today you make one million in business. After a year it becomes 100,000 which is ten times loss.

  22. Meron says:

    I read the following from a facebook friend:

    “The Addis Ababa city administration has denied banning the planned demonstration by Semayawi Party, ETV reports. “ለአንድ ሳምንት እንዲያራዝሙት ነው የነገርናቸው” ምክንያቱ ደግሞ በአፍሪካ ህብረት 50ኛ ዓመት ክብረ በዓል ምክንያት የፖሊስና የፀጥታ ሃይል በስራ የተጠመዱ ስለሆነ (ሲ ዮ ኔክስት ዊክ… ሎል). Meanwhile, over 80 heads of states are expected to attend the OAU/AU 50th golden jubilee. French President François Hollande among them.”

    I think this is a very good decision. What would our extremists in the diaspora say now?

  23. Meron says:

    On the other hand, here is another good response to Semayawi Party which ordered people to wear BLACK:

    ጥቋቁር አይጦችና ጥቋቁር ድመቶች

    በ19ኛው ክፍለዘመን መጨረሻ አከባቢ የነጫጭ ድመቶች ፋብሪካዎች የጥረ እቃ ድርቅ ስለመታቸው ስራ ሊያቆሙ ግድ ሆኖባቸው ነበር፡፡ይህ ከመሆኑ በፊት ግን የተወሰኑ ነጫጭ ድመቶች ወደ ጥቋቁር ድመቶች ሃገር በመሄድ ለችግሩ መፍትሔ የሚሆን መላ አገኙ፡፡በጥቋቁር ድመቶች ሃገር የሚገኙ ንጥረነገሮችም አንድም በማታለል ከልሆነም በማስገደድ ወደ ሃገራቸው በመውሰድ የፋብሪካዎቻቸው እስትንፋስ ለማቆየት ቻሉ፡፡ያ መላ በመላው ንጫጭ ድመቶ ሃገራት ስለተደረሰበት እርሰ በርሳቸው መፎካከር ጀመሩ፡፡

    ይህን የተገነዘበው አቶ ቫን ቢስማርክ የተባለ አንድ ነጭ ድመት ጎረቤቶቹ የሆኑትን ሌሎች ነጫጭ ድመቶችን ወደ ሃገሩ በመጥራት የጥቋቁር ድመቶችን ሃገራት አርሰ በርሳቸው ሳይጣሉ እንዴ መቀራመት እንደነበረባቸው ተመካከሩ፤ ተስማሙም፡፡ይህ ይሆነው በነጫጭ ድመቶቹ አቆጣጠር ከ1884- 1885 ነበር፡፡ከዛም የጥቋቁር ድመቶች ሃገራት(ከአንድ በስተቀር) እንዳለ በነጫጭ ድመቶች ቅኝ ግዛት ስር ወደቁ፡፡

    በተናጠል ታግለው ነጫጭ ድመቶችን ከሃገራቸው ማባረር ያስቸገራቸው ጥቋቁር ድመቶች በተራቸው የጥቋቁር ድመቶች አንድነት ለመመስረትና የጋራ ጠላቶቻቸው የሆኑት ነጫጭ ድመቶችን ታግለው ከአህጉራቸው ለማባረር በ1945(የነጫጭ ድመቶች አቆጣጠር) እንቅስቃሴ ጀመሩ፡፡ እንቅስቃሴው እየተጠናከረ መስለመጣም በ1963(የነጫጭ ድመቶች አቆጣጠር) የጥቋቁር ድመቶች አንድነት ድርጅት ተመሰረተ፡፡

    የድርጅቱ መቀመጫም በነጫጭ ድመቶች ቅኝ ግዛት ያልወደቀችው የጥቋቁር ድመቶች ሃገረ እንዲሆን ተወሰነ፡፡ይህ ድርጅት የጥቋቁር ድመቶች አህጉር እንዳለ ከነጫጭ ድመቶች ቅኝ ግዛት ነፃ ለማውጣት ሚና እንደነበረው ይነገራል፡፡ኢምፔሪያሊዝም(የነጫጭ ድመቶች ልዕልና)፣ኮለኒያሊዝም(የነጫጭ ድመቶች ቅኝ ግዛት)ና ኒዮ ኮለኒሊዝም(የነጫጭ ድመቶች ዳግመ ቅኝ ግዛት) ለማዳከም ብሎም ለማስወገድ የማይናቅ ትግል አድጓል እያደረገም ይገኛል፡፡

    ያ የጥቋቁር ድመቶች አንድነት ድርጅት በ2001(የነጫጭ ድመቶች አቆጣጠር(ጥቋቁር ድመቶች ለምን በነጫጭ ድመቶች አቆጣጠር እንደሚጠቀሙ አይገባኝም)) ወደ የጥቋቁር ድመቶች ህብረት ተሸጋገረ፡፡አንድነቱና ህብረቱም ከተመሰረቱ 50 ዓመት ሞላቸው(የ50 ጎልማሳ ሆኑ)፡፡ይህ የ50ኛ ዓመት የወርቅ እዩ በልዩ ታድያ ሰሙኑን በድምቀት እየተከበረ ይገኛል፡፡ጥቋቁርና ነጫጭ ድመቶች በጋራ እንደሚያከብሩትም ይነገራል፡፡

    ይህ በዓል ሌላ ልዩ ሊያደርገው ይችላል ተብሎ የሚታሰብ ክስተት ይፈፀማል የሚባል ወሬ እየተናፈሰ ይገኛል፤ ከሰማይ እንደ ወረደ የሚነገርለት ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ የተጠራ የጥቋቁር አይጦች ‹‹ሰላማዊ ስልፍ››!፡፡እንዚያ ጥቋቁር አይጦች ጥቁር በጥቁር ለብሰው ነው አሉ የጥቋቁር አይጦቹን የ50ኛ ዓመት በዓል ላይ ለዘመናት ያልተመለሱ ጥያቄዎችን ለመጠየቅ የተዘጋጁት፡፡ጥቋቁር አይጦቹ ‹‹ስላማዊ ስልፍ›› የማድረግ መብታችን ይመለስ፤ በሽብርተኝነት ወንጀል ተፈርዶባቸው የታሰሩት ጋዜጠኞችና ፖለቲከኞቻችን ይፈቱ፤የሃይማኖት መብታችን ይከበር ብለው በመጠየቃቸው ብቻ የታሰሩ ሞስሊሞች ይፈቱ፤የስራአጥነትና የንሮ ውድነት አዙሪቶች አፋጣኝ መፍትሔ ይበጅላቸው እና ሌሎች ተዛማጅ ጥያቄዎችና ትእዛዞችን ለማስተላለፍ ተዘጋጅቷል፡፡

    ጥቋቁር ድመቶቹ ግን ከአሁን በፊት በተካሄደው የጥቋቁር አይጦች ‹‹ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ(ድመቶቹ የጥፋት ሰልፍ ይሉታል)›› የሰው ህይወትና የንብረት ውድመት በመድረሱ ‹‹የሰላምም ይሁን የጥፋት ሰልፍ መውጣት አትችሉም፡፡›› እያሉ ይገኛሉ፡፡አሻፈረኝ ብለው ‹‹በጥፋት ሰልፉ›› ላይ ከተገኙም ድንጋይና ብረት ፈጭቶ ድቄት የሚያደርግ ጥርስ የታጠቁ ጥቋቁር ደመቶች ተዘጋጅተው እንደሚጠበቋቸው ይወራል፡:

    ስለሆነም ጥቁር ለባሽ ጥቋቁር አይጦች ሆይ ለውድመት የተዘጋጀ ሌላ ትርፍ ህይወትና ንብረት የለንምና በየጉድጓዳችሁ ተቀብራችሁ ዋሉ እንላለን፡፡የባሰ አታምጣ ነውና ‹‹የጥፋት ስልፋችሁ›› አንፈልግም፤ የናንተ የአዞ እምባ ለሃገር ለወገን አይበጅም፤የአይጥ ምስክሯ ድንቢጥ ነችና ጨዋታችሁ አላማረንም፤አያዋጣንም እንላለን፡፡አይሆንም ካላችሁ ግን ወርድ ከራሴ ብያለሁ፤የወጥመድና የድመት ቁርስ ትሆናላችሁ፡፡


  24. Meron says:

    Latest update:

    የሰማያዊ ፓርቲ የሰልፍ ቀን ተራዘመ

    የሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ነገ ማለትም ግንቦት 25/2013 ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ለማድረግ ያቀረበውን ጥያቄ በአንድ ሳምንት ማራዘሙን የአዲስ አበባ ከተማ አስተዳደር የከንቲባ ፅ/ቤት ዛሬ አስታውቋል፡፡
    ፅ/ቤቱ ሰልፉን እንዲራዘም ያደረግሁት በ50ኛው አመት የአፍረካ ህብረት በዓል ላይ ለመሳተፍ በርካታ እንግዶች አዲስ አበባ ስለገቡ ከላይኛው እስከ ታችኛዉ ያለ አመራርና የፀጥታ አካል ሙሉ ሃይሉን ለስብሰባው ስኬት እያረባረበ በመሆኑና ሰላማዊ ሰልፉን ማስተናገድ ስለማይቻል ነው ብሏል፡፡

    ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ማድረግ ህገ-መንግስታዊ መብት ነው ያለው ፅ/ቤቱ ፓርቲው ሰልፉን ግንቦት 01/ 2013 ህጉ በሚፈቅደው ቦታ እንዲያደርግ ፈቅዷል፡፡ የሚመለከታቸው አካላትም ሰልፉ እውቅና የተሰጠው መሆኑን አውቀው ተገቢዉን ትብብር እንዲያደርጉ አሳስቧል፡፡

  25. ewuntetu says:

    it is finally revealed to our IT professionals that the person who uses the pseudo name “Gezaee” is Dawit Kebede himself. How can some one open a website to mislead his readers. Any you will soon get embarrassed when you get your masters removed from all political posts.

    • Meron says:

      You got it wrong. Gezae is Gezae Hailemichael. He has been commenting with that name for so many years before Dawit started this website. I don’t want it will is important, but I know Gazae in facebook actively participating in Ethiopian politics for many years now. Zim bleh Eyewashey Tnoraleh? Degmo simh Ewunetu Bleh metratH…Defar!

  26. Nana says:

    If they ever venture to the street, just round them and throw them to Kalti and after that no pardon. It is this pardon thing that has given these dogs all the bravado. Hit the snake its head before it bites people.

    • amaizing says:

      WOW !!! Nana what is made of your brain? I mean if you have one. It is amazing to read your medieval thinking.

      ለመሆኑ ጭንቅላትሽ የተሰራው ከምንድ ነው ? ከ ጭቃ ነው ወይስ ከ ጠጠር ?

  27. Ethiocentric says:

    @Gezaee: It is very interesting the way you throw words and phrases around that makes you sound literate in the workings of democracy in democratic countries. However, what I see and read is that you are just pulling laws and regulations and conventions out of thin air just to justify your point. I don’t know which country you live in or have lived in but if you want to find out the requirements for holding demonstrations in various cities you just have to do your research and not just blab about arbitrary time frames and regulations.
    Let me be kind and give you an example:

    Planning Guide – Demonstrations and Rallies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Full list of Topic Areas

    If you are planning on holding a Demonstration, March or Rally you should fill out a Notice of Demonstration form and submit it to the Toronto Police Services for review. The Toronto Police Service does not issue permits for Demonstrations or Rallies.

    Please Note: the information requested by Police is solely to ensure public safety and to assist the Toronto Police Service in effectively carrying out their policing duties. You do not need a permit to hold a Demonstration or Rally.

    Read and learn:

  28. Ewunetu says:

    I do not think the Awarambtimes got the news right. What I hear and read from other sources including official media is that the Semayawi party is given another date by the city administration of Addis. The news that the party was denied permit for peaceful demonstration is factually wrong. Secondly, nobody in its sober mind would in the first place request for demonstration when the nation is hosting such a landmark event in the history of not only our country but also the African continent. That is a huge responsibility and trust that is bestowed on Ethiopia and all Ethiopians, regardless of our political differences. If the tactic were to steal the show and embarass the governent that is ill inteneded and is totally disgraceful.This is not about EPRDF nor is it about the government. This is something that transcends party line. Ethiopia made history by hosting the founding OAU summit. History is again being made once again by hosting the golden jubilee of OAU/AU. I am sure there many who envy Ethiopia and I would add that there are few who may even conspire to see Ethiopia fail in this great task. we should not fail and definately we will not fail.This is something that all Ethiopians and indeed friends of Ethiopia should rejoice and take great pride. This is really time to join hands as hosts and extend our warm, traditional and legendary Ethiopian hospitality to our African brothers and sisters and invited guests. This is not the right day and time to demonstrate our internal grievances. I hope wisdom and patriotism prevails. I commend the city administration for giving the party another date. I am confident with the full participation of our people and the guidance of our government and partnership of our friends, we will have a successful anniversary. Happy anniversary Africa and viva Ethiopia.

  29. shinabachew says:

    Woyanne wede koferew gudguad megibat alebet!

  30. solomon says:

    Ato Gezaee:
    My goodness. You wrote at length that sums up to be nothing. You explain about the right of others so much in order to justify your original assertion of prohibiting the right of others to demonstrate. I honestly mean when i say that i would prefer the present dictators than your idea. Why all the fuss and innuendo abt the right of others, while you can simply put it the way the current dictators are doing, that you won’t allow such kind of activity. Your position does not require laboring so much Gezaee.

  31. Gezaee H. says:

    Ethiocentric, first and foremost, regulations are not the same everywhere. The regulation in USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, China, Russia, South Africa,… are not the same. They differ greatly. Leave alone in different countries, even within Canada, the regulations are not the same. There are federal laws and rules, there are provincial laws and rules, there are territorial laws and rules, there are Municipal goverment ( City government ) laws and rules. On top all these there are by laws. Do not tell me in Ontario you go send a notice of to the police to protest and you go out to protest? You need permission anywhere. Otherwise, you are giving notice, you are not seeking permission? That shows you are above the law. There are venues which may not protest on, you need permission for the venue, time, and you must fill the form with all your activities which is an application. You application must be studied and rejected or accepted.Can you show post here where in Canada you give notice and go out to protest? Just post it and we can all learn from it. Actually in Canada, they are very careful, because safety of the public is paramount in Canada. Can you post the federal or Ontario provincial law that says you can give notice in 24 or 48 hours and go out to protest? There are public spheres where you can protest on and you need special permission. Also, as stated above, the protest laws are not the same in every country. You can not also compare Ethiopia with Canada or …. You are comparing apple and orange. Do you think Blue or Semayawi party can say what it is saying in Canada? no, you can not over-ride government. If they are denied permission, they have to go to court and take the goverment to the law. Government is telling you can not protest, but you are saying I will? This is not democracy but certain group wanted to over-ride the government.

    Please post the article of Ontario provincial law that says you can give notice to police go and protest and overthrow the govenment? That is why in 2005 200 people were killed but no one was held responsible. The violence plotters blamed the governement and run away with blood in thier hand and now they wanted to do the same again? no, this time, they must enter a contract and if a single person is get killed, someone will be taken to charge. you can plot violence from USA in addis and when people get killed you blame others? Anywhere, with right there is obligation. There is no right without obligation ( mebetna ena egdeta ). You have to respect the law. If there is law that says they can protest by giving only 24 or 48 hour notice without need for permission? then they must take the government to the court. But they cannot over-rider the order of the government. If they do that, it means they actually do not have good intention but to create havoc. If people get killed who is going to be responsible? if property get damaged who is going to be responsinble? All the question must be answered long before thinking of carrying out a protest.

  32. zulu says:

    This is a wrong information.. The permission has been granted. It looks like TPLF has started to come to its senses. it only takes a few days to loose power. The best thing to do is to try to make the country liveable even to the Neftegnas. Looting and taking the lands of the people must also stop. Release all political prisoners including Neftegnas. It is very difficult to chnage the attitude of the neftegas. TPLF must also cease looting the country using its criminal enterprise such as Efort. Melse failed to create a stable society and unless something radical chnage takes place every one will be a looser. The bigger looser will be TPLF. TPLF can can not survive by osctrizing the Amharss, Oroms, Sidamas, somlis, Afrars, and even Eritreas. Urgent response is neede before the invietable. The wise negotiate when they have in control. The fools wait until things get out of hand. It is not a weakness to invite all the stake holders and hammer out a solution.

  33. Abe says:

    Demonstrtion allowed!!! That was good gesture by the addis Ababa Administration. I am sure Meron, mahlet nd Gezaee will be mad, may not even eat their food toady eventhough they are enjoying the fruits of democracy in their respective host country. It amazes me that they have more dictatirial mind than the EPRDF!

    • Gezaee says:

      I am not against peaceful, legal protest; I am only against violence that takes away many lives because of stupid and selfish people like in 2005. People like Dr. Nega instigated bloodletting in 2005, but now they were never held responsible? If protest means violence, then it is better to be like Eritrea because no 200 people were killed in Eritrea in the name of election or protest. All I said is that with every right there is obligation and who ever organize a protest must be responsible for any damage. That is it, if you do not take responsibility, then quit it.

  34. AleQa Bru says:

    The 1995 Ethiopian Constitution

    Article 30
    The Right of Assembly, Demonstration and Petition
    1. Everyone has the right to assemble and to demonstrate together with others
    peaceably and unarmed, and to petition. Appropriate regulations may be made in
    the interest of public convenience relating to the location of open-air meetings and
    the route of movement of demonstrators or, for the protection of democratic
    rights, public morality and peace during such a meeting or demonstration.
    2. This right does not exempt from liability under laws enacted to protect the wellbeing
    of the youth or the honour and reputation of individuals, and laws
    prohibiting any propaganda for war and any public expression of opinions
    intended to injure human dignity.


  35. Gezaee says:

    Valuable advises for Semayawit party:

    Since you are an Ethiopian political opposition in Ethiopia? your protest has no relevance to AU. AU is all African day. There is no revelance of your protest at this time and venue. So EPRDF denied rightly which I think is a wise decision.

    I have an idea for you? You carry out your protest online. This is commendable. You will be heard ; there is no need for mob, violence, hate, killing, riot,… on streets. Take the streets online and we will join you if you have a cause because we will believe you have genuine concern if you conduct your protest online. I promise I will be even a speaker online because I also have political grievances. If you do not do it online, I know definitely you have ill plan. Because you can not kill people online, or thrown stones online. You cannot burn shops or damage properties online. Take the street protest to an online protest and we will support if you really genuinely concerned about social, economic problems in Ethiopia. you do not need to waste energy walking on the streets, you do not need to bother law enforcement and you do not need to waste money. So I suggest you do it online. What you need is only media coverage. you do not have to threaten leaders to be heard. You can pass your message online to all of us and if there is no response to your questions, demands, then we look into further ways of struggle. That is my best suggestion. You do not need permission or notice. All you need is a computer and an access to internet then the protest will have even more participants. This is the new world today. Online protest has been tried in Canada. It works very well and it is the most peaceful way and trust me on this.

  36. Ewnetu says:

    I hope the Awrambatimes admin has followed on ETV evening news cast, the statement by the Deputy Mayor of Addis. They did not ban the peaceful demonstration as requested by Semayawi party.They just extended the date by one week. The deputy mayor also gave a clear and convincing reason why it was impossible tomorrow.I sinecerly hope and expect that Awrambatimes would rectify its factually wrong information in order to provide its readership the true account of the matter and for its own integrity and credibility.

  37. Mario says:


    1) In the developed countries protesters must attain a permission first( time of notice differs from country to country.
    2) when a country grows , there is always inflation caused by over heating of an economy ! For your reference, google & check for your self southeastern Asian countries in the 70s & 80s so to understand the situation in Ethiopia ! Remember , Ethiopia is doing fine with out major export & with out open & reliable work force!
    3) corruption is the culture of some Ethiopian ! We remember innocent farmers paying their goat or sheep in return of a favor from government officials, therefore , though it should be limited , corruption is part if the human society!
    4) I think the EPRDF is doing fine to straighten a country left to rot in an abject poverty! The government isn’t a collection of angels, but human being that always make a mistake , but the government is always doing better than you hate politics can do!

    5) we need a strong opposition to keep the balance! Scientifically , for any action there should be an equal & opposit reaction to keep our country in a normal state ! For fair & free election , there must be a citizens dedicated who can stand steel for what they believe! You can’t just pray for free & fair ejection from far away! What we have is:ሲመች ማንኪያቸውን ይዘው የሚቀርቡ ሲከፋ ደግሞ ወደሁለተኛዋ እናታቸው የሚሸሹ !ነገሮች ሲከሩ የፈለገውን ይሁን ፈርመው የሚያመልጡ ነው ያሉን!

    6) ኢትዮጵያ intelligent ግለሰቦች እንዳላት ኣላውቅም፤ ኣንተ እገሌ እገሊት ብለህ ብትነግረኝ ደስ ይለኛል! እኔ የማውቃቸው intelligent ኢትዮጵያውያን ምንም ሳይሰሩ በትእቢት የተወጠሩ፣እርስ በራሳቸው የማይከባበሩ፣ ባንድላይ ቁጭ ብለው የማይመክሩ፣ኣብዛኞቹ በጥላቻ ፖለቲካ የነከሩ፣ በችግር ጊዜ ለድሃ ህዝብ በእርዳታ የመጣውን ዱቄትና ዘይት እየሸጡ የሚያጌጡና የሚደንሱ፣ በውስጣቸው charity የሚባል ነገር የለላቸው፣ ህዝባቸውን በድህነት ፣ስለታረዘ፣ሳሙና መግዣ ኣጥቶ ስለቆሸሸ፣ የሚያስተምረው ኣጥቶ ስለደነቆረ ወዘተ የሚሳደቡ እንጂ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ደግ የሚያስቡ ኣላየሁም! ካሉ እገሌ እገሊት ብለህ ብትነግረኝና ባውቅ ደስ ይለኛል! ከዚህ በተረፈ ግን የጥላቻ ፖለቲካ እየተከተላቹ ምንም የተሻለ ነገር ሳይኖራቹ ማውራት ተገቢ ኣይደለም! ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ ኣዋቂና ምሁራን ተብለው ኣገርቤት በቢዝነስ ተሰማርተው እያጠፉት ያለውን ጥፋትም ኣይተናል እያየንም ነው! ብቻ ዝም ተብሎ free & fair የሚባል ነገር የለም! ኢህኣዴጎች እዚህ ኣድርሰውናል እኛ ደግሞ ዋጋ ለሌላቸው ተቃዋሚ ኣሽከር ከመሆን በኣንድነት ያገራችን ኣሽከር ብንሆን ይመረጣል!

  38. alex says:

    Dear Gezaee or Abebe or meron……. or whatever your name is, i write this not to reason with you, but to tell you that we are living in crazy world that things can change in unbelievable speed in unbelievable circumstances that any table can turn around fast. you and your type may end up on the side of the protester while Ethiopia may immersed in the eritrean like system. i read that is also your wish for Ethiopia. i also know that the Lord grants individual wishes and change Ethiopia in to Eritrean system and you may end up protesting it.

  39. Abe says:

    There is no difference between Ethiopia and Eritrean systems. There is “election” in Ethiopia. There is no election in Eritrea. But Meles ruled as long as Esayas. I think Esayas handled it better – do not waste money for Ethiopin type election since outcome is always same.

  40. Girum Denke says:

    Humm…, Is the so called Engineer be part of the demonstration in front of AU hall tomorrow or is he going to hide in his home like his buddy Eskinder did 3 years ago. Eskinder called for an Arab Spring like demonstration on May 18, 2010 but he was never seen at the demonstration. I hope history does not repeat itself. To be seen tomorrow.

  41. Abe says:

    1) I am talking about Ethiopian law, you are talking about developed nations’ law. It is not applicable to what we talk about no matter what those laws are. We are talking about the law as applied to peaceful demonstration in Ethiopia and what the constitution spells it out.
    2) Oh man. There is no growth in Ethiopia. It is all printing money. US America can print and build things the Ethiopian way. You think Obama is not doing that because he is not as smart as Meles?
    3)As long as the media and the judiciary is free, corruption can be dealt with. No need to campaign for it.
    4) I do not have a problem if EPRDF rules by the will of the people. But there is no agreement from Ethiopians for EPRDF to rule.
    5)We do not need a strong opposition. All we need is to recognize the right of the Ethiopin people to elect their leaders. It is obvious Ethiopians would not elect Meles, the guy who sold its sea outlet for shabia, in a free and fair system.

  42. Mario says:


    Whereas,I told you the EPRDFites are the only viable party Ethiopia has , you don’t want to understand !
    Whereas, you said there are intelligent Ethiopian , you couldn’t name one!
    Whereas,you say Ethiopia , I don’t know if you have your own Ethiopia in your backyard! The Ethiopian people , promised to continue the status quo after the martyrdom of PM Meles Zenawi , you still don’t don’t want to accept what the people of Ethiopia said loud & clear in front of the world !
    Whereas , you know you don’t represent Ethiopia , but you continue to represent me by force!
    Whereas, the Dogs are barking , but the Camel has kept on its own way!
    Whereas, if you play politics you must start where people know you as a person & your integrity, & grow from the bottom up!

    Whereas you said there is no growth, but I said there is a growth with a proof on the ground! Your denial can’t stop the renaissance dam, farmers production growth, train track …, strong military that can finish a war in one or two days, smart intelligent agency that out smarted Ethiopia’s enemies messengers try to play bombs to discourage the developments & investments….!

    The nations , nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia are doing better than ever, they don’t need your help, they didn’t ask anything from you sir!

    Thank you very much!

    • Gezaee says:

      Abe, we really have to admit on success and oppose on the things we must oppose. No reject everything because we do not like woyane? When you bath a baby? you do not throw the baby with the bathing water? do you? If that is the case, you bathing the baby has no meaning. Opposition must focused on unsolved problems or bad policies, not just to hate everything because it is done by somebody whom we do not like? we must learn to accept truth and oppose something which is bad. You need to take out hate from your inside and replace it with reasons. Otherwise, if you reject good and bad, it is like throwing the baby with the bathing water. This does not help anyone. you can not solve problem by making more problem.

      You must not talk as spoken of 94 million people. Ethiopians are 94 million now. The probability of difference in thinking is 94 million minds. Do not deny the 94 million to use their mind and brain. Do not tell us only your mind is good and the rest after your mind. This applies to both of you; both of you talking on behalf me and other 94 million people.

      1. Accept fact on the ground
      2. Oppose facts on the ground.
      3. Come with the solution clearly for the problems on the ground. Do not talk about arat kilo. Talk about the problem you want to solve. Do not be negative, do not consider yourself more Ethiopian than other Ethiopians, because you are not better Ethiopia, you may have better idea. you must advance your idea by ideology and reasons than by hate.

      Respect people even if they are wrong; If am wrong you have to tell me in a way that I can accept it, do not make me defensive. Recognize others rights, dignity, they deserve rights, respect, … as you do. If we do this, we will focus all of us on problem solving than chewing each other with hatred that does not help anyone.

  43. Gezaee says:

    Semayawi party, leave alone to solve problems of Ethiopia, they could not even write a proper Amharic letter. Imagine, a political party that write English in Amharic? if you do not believe me, check this out in the following link: This may sound trivial, but it is negligence, unprofessional. You are communicating with public audience and you write Amharic in English? Please see flyer is written in Amharic? It took me awhile to understand what flyer is because I did not expect flyer to be written in Amharic? There is no word in Amharic for flyer?

    Further more: they must have a written permission. They did not post the confirmation from the government either. A story has to sides, they must post also the confirmation from the other side for the new venue and new time. Blue party did not specify the number of its protesters. It did not specify the number of law enforcement members it requires. The procedure looks so loose in Ethiopia. They need also need paramedics for emergencies, if a person get shot, or stoned or injured by whatever happens, everything must be in place. If someone collapses,… these must be organized by the organizer of the protest. I remember in Ethiopia when I did Matric examination. My friend was very ill, but there was no emergency or solution for such circumstances and they dragged him to exam hall; his illness did not matter; it is like driving while dead ill. So in Ethiopia if you get ill or sick during exams, you will be forced to write the exam. It is the most primitive country have seen in my life. In every country there is emergency response for any worst scenario. But not in Ethiopia. They will drag you to write exam even when you are terminally ill. Everything has to be in place, First aid, ambulance, police, tear gas, rubber bullet, taser, protest laser,… there must be written contract. But I do not believe in Ethiopia there is such thing. It is like dragging you to write exam while you are ill. All you need to protest in Ethiopia is to write a letter? laughable

    Flyer English word written in Amharic because of big nengligence: check this: edited:

  44. weyane says:

    ከአዲስ አበባ አስተዳደር ም/ከንቲባ በዛሬው እለት በተሰጠ ገለጻ መንግስት 50ኛውን የአፍሪካ ህብረት በአል ለማክበር በአሁኑ ግዜ ከፍተኛ የጸጥታ ሰራተኞች መድቦ በመስራት ላይ በመሆኑ ከፓርቲው የቀረበልንን ጥያቄ ለማስተናገድ የጸጥታ ሰራተኞች እጥረት አለብን ብለዋል ፡፡ይህም በመሆኑ የተቃውሞ ሰልፉ ቀንና ቦታ እንዲለወጥ ጥያቄ አቅርበዋል፡፡ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲም የዚህን ጥያቄ ተገቢነት ከሰላማዊ ሰልፍና የፖለቲካ ስብሰባ ስነስርአት አዋጅ ቁጥር 3/1983 አንጻር በመመርመር ተገቢ ሁኖ ስላገኘው የተቃውሞ ሰልፉ ግንቦት 25/ 2005 አ.ም. በኢትዮ-ኩባ አደባባይ ከጠዋቱ 4 ሰአት- 8 ሰአት እንዲሆን በመወሰን ከመንግስት የእውቅና ማሳወቂያ ደብዳቤውን ተቀብሏል፡፡

  45. Sammy says:

    Guys here is my experience in Australia.

    Here in Australia you need to lodge an application to protest 3 months a head, if not your application will be rejected due to technicality issues.


  46. alex says:

    Gezaee i get it now. You are an absolute woyane agent. you people works day in and out to destroy Ethiopia and try to fulfill the dream of her eternal enemies.
    it is very stupid to think that fluency in foreign language is a criteria to fight foreign mercenaries.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear Alex,

      You are entitled to whatever you say or think. No one can control your mind except yourself. I honestly do not know what I must do not be Woyane? So then, let it be as u wish. Who cares what you think I am; You must know it is my right to be Woyane; If you believe in democracy, people have right to be woyane including myself. I do not need your permission to be or not to be. The only way you can influence me if you think better than me or anybody else. From the way I see, you are far away from it. What are you going to do if I am woyane? It is amazing you people never understand or never listen. Your behavior the same today and tomorrow. I do not understand why you people to control people? Alex, if I am woyane, I am not afraid you. Leave alone, there is no man under the sun whom I am afraid. You do not know me but you are talking about me. Anyway, let me say it again, it is people like you who created Woyane, eplf, tplf, tlf, olf, onlf,… do not blame anyone. It is your old apartheid system that created all the problem. I do not have to deny my whoness to be an Ethiopian. Ethiopian is not defined by one ethnic group.

      Alex, brotherly advise, learn to respect anyone including woyanes. That is the only way you can influence people. Hate is not the gate way to emanucipation. You need to love people regardless what they do. You have to win the mind and the heart of people. You can win by denying people their existence.

      • alex says:

        Dear Gezaee:
        First thank you for admitting that you are a paid woyane agent. This is important because you were/ are arguing with every body with out any reasoning. Many people above tried to show you by writing the Ethiopian constitution specifically how to do a peace full demonstration. They show you the article and the number but in vain. You talk about how a civilized world do it instead as your boss talked about Ghana when asked about Ethiopia. You also write that demonstration can cause killing of people as if you are concerned about the precious human life. Many Ethiopians are dying a slow death because the corrupted and satanic government. Did you concerned when Gambelans were massacred, did you concerned when ogadenians were raped, did you concerned when thousands of Amaras were evicted, did you concerned when thousands of Oromo’s are evicted, did you concerned when thousands of peoples of the south Ethiopians are evicted, do you concerned when thousands of Oromos and Amaras are jailed with out any crime. I do not think you are concerned about Ethiopia and Ethiopians; you are just concerned how to rule regardless of the expenses. I know how precious human life is. But if necessary it has to be paid, as Soviet Russia paid her 27 million citizens to stop the Nazi beast.
        About respect, I respect every human being as a human being. But you and your like have to respect others to. You have to stop hating the orthodox Christian church, you have to stop dictating the Muslims how they have to worship their God, Respect the borderlines of the country and the constitution, be responsible for the citizens of the country around the world regardless of the language they speak. About the language I also remind you that proficiency in any language is not necessary to carry out a protest.
        You also said that my apartheid system causes all of this. I have no clue what you are talking about. I was not born during the so-called Atse, I was very little kid when woyane controlled our town. So I have no experience before woyane. I also heard that it was the woyanes who give elaborated burial ceremony for the last Atse. I can tell you now for sure that my friends who graduated from college do not have work because they are not cadre members or they speak different language. About your skill and my skill do not worry; you are better and smart than me. You are trained, funded, and equipped to do this job. I am not a paid blogger like you. If you want to be respected do good and stand firm for Ethiopia and Ethiopians; instead of giving our fertile land for good to Sudan and leasing our land for 100 years for next to nothing price, respect the constitution that you write and give freedom for the people; give independent for any people that ask for separation as your constitution 39 stated. Also you are right you do not have to scare Ethiopian people or me. You and your people are armed to the teeth. I just remember one article in Tigray online, it stated “we are not afraid, we wept Ethiopians when we were ill equipped but now we are armed to the teeth”. Finally I want to remind you that arming yourself to the teeth may not guarantee winning but for sure guarantee more death. The winning card can be give to any body or nobody that is GOD’s job.
        If you want to live in peace, you have to feel the pain that others are feeling now because of your beloved woyane. I do not personally think there will be a peace when some group called themselves “Gold” and take over the country as a colony to do whatever they like and whenever they like and encourage ethiopian to, hate, kill, and avoid each other based on the language they speak.

  47. Abe says:


    It is easy to solve things. Follow the constitution of EPRDf which means allow oppostion and free press to function. Ethiopian opposition cannot even rent meeting place as a result of EPRDF interference. If EPRDf has semblance of democratic governanace, we won’t see 99.9% seat for EPRDF.

    It is really hard to debate EPRDF supporters. I think they get it say after 30 years when the country is dismembered. At that time you will see how visionary meles is, how his vision even benefits the peiople who have so much love for him for that matter. When Eritrea got liberated with the help of TPLF, they thought they will be rich overnight. That did not happen becuase it lost a big market, Ethiopia. The same will happen for those provinces who like that path.

  48. Beee says:

    Yes, well done EPRDF. Yemen mebetbet new. There are a lot of leaders in our city already, which by itself requires a lot of security. gereger leleba yemechal newena arefew yekemetu. Teremes new yemiterefen.

  49. Mario (from Ohio) says:


    If you dont mind, Can we discuss in Amharic? I just want to make our discussion interesting! Why do we discuss with foreign language while we have our own ?

  50. yigermal edilu says:

    ያም ሆነ ይህ ኢትዬጵያ ነፆ ትወጣለች ።

  51. Mario says:

    Ethiopian here in awrambatimes , our forums are overwhelmed by foreigners who wish us evil ! Individuals who chose to go away , but has nothing to proof on their own! My own bad is okay & acceptable, coz whether I like it or not my own is always my own, therefore I can sustain myself with anything my own! But I hate individuals shy of their own choice & now they are pretending as if they are my own citizen!

    Lets watch out of these who pretending ….!

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