Anti-war protester interrupts Obama speech 3 times, gets removed from hall


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16 Responses

  1. slick says:

    Obama is strong enough to face any opposition or hackle at a times like this and I call this a sign of strong leaders. In the other side we have individuals who never allow the public challange them but prefer to hide like a rat in the palace, event like this ofcourese happen to be ” the end of their career”.
    Finally woh ever he or she is who manage to hackle q leader remain a HERO!
    Our man ABebe Fellas is still h HERO!

  2. Alem says:

    The differences are, 1/Abebe protested from the safety of a foreign soil; in Ethiopia you get sent to jail for writing a column and certainly get tortured and killed for trying to shout down Meles Zenawi 2/Meles was impressing his paymaster 3/Ethiopian News Agency would not broadcast the news of the protest; and recently doctored the same video to cover Meles’ terrified and frustrated look 4/Obama is elected and accountable to the public; Meles before his death was ruling against the will of the public. In America the Citizen is King, so to speak.

    • chala says:

      There are two types of famous people one for good reason and the other one for bad.

      The first ones are who work day and night to achieve there goal and to become what they dream of and known for there work

      The second one are like those who jump from the building just to be noticed like Abebe Gelaw.

      Who haven’t done nothing to his country instead he used the country to collect money and leave luxury life and do any thing that doesn’t involve any risk to be famous.

      So his children will proud of him and want to be like him when they grow up…. get famous with some one else back instead of teaching them to be themselves.

      He is a waste to the country and to his family.

      • EthioZena says:

        Chala, The last time we hear, Woyane was trying to kill Abebe and you should know this unless you are in a cage somewhere. I don’t call that leave luxury life.I don’t think you are man enough to say something like Abebe said anywhere in front of Melese.You said, he haven’t done anything. really? if he haven’t done anything, why you mention his name? why they want him dead? The other thing is you miss the point of this Obama’s video clip so I will let you know in a simple word that you can understand. freedom of speech. Got it??

  3. teshome says:

    Medea Benjamin and Abebe Jelawa, are two versions of the same shout to interrupt the speech of B. Obama and former PM Meles Zenawi respectively. Both did it for the purpose for political grievances what they think the leaders brought to their people.
    It is absolutely normal. This is democracy is all about.
    But what is a little more embarrassing is the reaction of the the Toxic Ethiopian Diasporas for the action Abebe Did on Former PM Meles Zenawi
    In what parameters Abebe is called Hero? If you call Medea Benjamin as Hero for shouting on Barak Obama, you will be a laughing stock for the Americans cos Americans knew very well what a Hero is and Hero up to.
    But being an Ethiopian is always a problem and being an Ethiopian Diaspora is more embarrassing. It just strained common sense to know what and who Hero is and up to.
    The case of Abebe is incomprehensible to explain and for Abebe to accept his heroism for nothing signifies either he is a psychopath or a certified sociopath. It was more ridiculous and depressing when Abebe brought his ‘Herorism’ into the house of lord in Seattle Gebreil Church to preach the innocent people that he had the sprite of God to shout on PM Meles Zenawi. Really???
    And the most funny part was this was considered by ‘ASAT’ media as news and reported as such.
    Now as we speak, the doomsayers, ASAT and its journalists had a common sound track to celebrate Abebe’s “Heroism’ of one year anniversary. They made a labor division among themselves, some as interviewers, some as interviewee, some as reporters, some as analysts, others as expert etc quoting each other to tell us Abebe Jelaw is Hero. That is competently rubbish. I hate to be called I and these are same Ethiopians.
    What would Medea Benjamin say if she is considered as Hero for shouting and interrupting Obama’s speech. She would definitely is not welcoming, what is not up to.
    No body but Abebe put a crown for himself for the version of job Medea Benjamin did on Obama speech.

  4. bendo says:

    Is she going to be named Saint as well and tell the church audience like St Abebe God told me to do this on my dream.
    I still don’t believe how i did it.

    She will be called now the bravest of all and hero.

    Funny While people walk on mine for what they believe borcham Abebe who run away from Addis with out even spent one night in prison and for opening his mouth that been only used for humbugger become hero.

    If the opposition only have hero like him they will not even get a chance there body after they die to see ethiopia let alone to get to 4 kilo alive.

    • abebe dummy says:

      Abebe Gelaw is a fagot who barks and taken as hero by the belly worshipers. He is a mother fucker who is good for nothing and being worshiped by dishwashers. I for once despise the guy, I do not mean to praise dictators but Abebe is far from being hero, rather he is a bitten dog hiding and barking from the safe zone. I don’t know suck kind of hero! He is just rat in the hole.

  5. Meron says:

    The difference between this woman and Abebe Gelebaw is simple: What did Abebe Gelebaw did after that one or two minute event:

    1. Prepared a distorted video of the incident and presented it on his own TV (ESAT aka Egyptian/Eritrean Spay Agency TV). Watch the following amazing video to believe my opinion:

    2. Appeared inside the church, and said he was ordered by Saint Gabriel to shout on Meles:

    3.Man of the year for Ethiopian Extremist left wing politicians

    4. Repeatedly boasted, and even said TPLF foiled an assassination on him:

    5. Kept milking the money of some people because of this incident.

    By the way, Abebe freely asked a question to the late PM Meles in Tanzania, but he is WuletaBis!!!

  6. Mahlet Asefa says:

    The difference between this incident and the one with MELES ZENAWI was that Meles didnt even stop his speech he continued as if nothing really happened, where as Obama seems to contineously be distracted.
    It was really amazing that MELES didn’t even pay the slightest attention to the yelling except turning his head once and then continue his speech with perfect flow. Damn, don’t we all miss that guy. I believe after MELES the interestig nature of our politics has taken a rather boring path. What to do? If only life was ……..

  7. Mario says:

    Obviously , some here are trying to compare Ethiopia & The USA as if THE USA & Ethiopia are comparable! The leaders of the USA came all along doing all their home works on time, while ours was doing their families home works! For example , Haileselassie had billions of dollars in foreign banks while Ethiopian died of hunger in Tigrai , Wollo….which was the cause of the Ethiopian revolution….! Your Mengistu Hailemariam bragged to be alike the courageous Atse Tedros, but he was preparing his own life in exile stashing hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign banks…! Had our leaders done their home works on time , Ethiopian could have had a better life now & could speak like the woman you see on the above video !

    I don’t know how some of you guys think! Comparing The USA & our country is , arguing as if a Camel & a goat are the same size! How are you comparing a country led by visionary leaders & a country like ours left to be rotten in in abject poverty?

    In this century, the EPRDFites are the only visionary leaders Ethiopia ever had! & yet, the remnant of the past are the only ones who are becoming an obstacle to the Ethiopian renaissance & these same individuals are crying foul about Ethiopia ! So sad!

    • EthioZena says:

      Mario, You are talking about Ethiopian and EPRDF and so on,.. but you call yourself Mario. Exactly my point. you know NOTHING about Ethiopia or EPRDF. your names says it all.

  8. Yacob Y says:

    The difference between this lady and Abebe Gallow is that Abebe Gallow claims to be a journalist but at best he practices yellow Journalism. I believe Eskinder Nega, Reyot Alemu, Lelisa Olbana and Bekele Gerba and any other so called political prisoner should be released but Eskinder Nega is no saint and nor is Abebe Gallow. They use inflammatory and distorted version of history to silence legitimate grievance. These assholes are bullies. Abebe Gallow is the Julius Malema of Ethiopia, loudmouth egomaniac narcissistic pig. They wrapped themselves in” Ethiopian history” and flag to do their evil deeds. Borcham pig!!

  9. Abe says:

    @ Mahlet
    Abebe was a messenger of God when Zenawi collapsed. It was spirit of God in Abebe’s voice that broke Meles to Ashes. Like Jericho, Meles was nowhere in front of the Holy Spirit.


    We have everything for peaceful and democratic governnce. It is just the hyena EPRDF that blocked the path to good governance and prosperity. Look, Azeb claiming she lived on the 6000 birr income which is 400 after tax deduction. This is the kind of speech EPRDFites make as if we do not have the basic intelligence. Aynachihun techefenuna lamognachihu aynet. Every diskur of EPRDF is like that

  10. leayla says:

    Dear idolts who tries to compare the incomparable, you see Obama gave attention even she destructed to him as he has the truth your master who has started his life lies over another lies collapsed when he hear the truth you see he collapsed I repeat he collapsed as he heard the truth from Abebe and that was the end to his life. You see since Obama is speaking the truth he didn’t collapse and don’t expect him to be hospitalized due to her case …. Anyway you guys are bon head I shouldn’t spend my time telling what the fact is as you can’t understand logic. Good bless you guys and help you know the truth. Don’t consider the banda as your hero, and there is no way one group will be the winder and the other group the loser no one will be able to rule the country by sending responsible citizens behind the bar, such cycles to stop the only way to grow is by conciseness, not just by talking garbage when the people are in absolute poverty clamming the country is now growing double digit, we detained these and these as they are spays terrorists bla bla ….. will not help in the end. What you did’t to others will be your fate when the time comes you see little chala

  11. Mario says:

    How the minority Woyane block you from good governance & prosperity ? If Woyane the minority could remove the biggest army in Africa , why not you remove Woyane ? Kkkkkkkk you know why ? Coz you have no truth to what you do whatsoever !

    I don’t think if you are in a good state of mind! You guys, if you can’t face the reality , you are just wasting your time! The only thing you guys have is hate against Woyane & the reason you hate Woyane is , because it came from Tigrai !

    The game has been changed & it is changed forever! If you play politics, you must start from the bottom where you are known as a person & your integrity ! Take it easy broda !

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