“This historic day marks not only a great leap forward in the Pan-Africanist quest for freedom, independence and unity but also the beginning of our collective endeavor for the realisations of Africa’s socio-economic emancipation”


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8 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    Dawit, why don’t you put the video here so people can listen? Is this how your journalistic responsibility works for you broda? Sad!

    • tn. says:

      well…if you just go to the last 5 speeches of Meles Zenawi, you will find everything Haliemariam has ever said and every thing that he will ever say.
      Why listen to a copy when you can get the original.

  2. Mario says:

    You could write English well but has no idea what you are talking about at all! You know Meles isn’t a man whom you can underestimate ! Leaders in the world repeats the conversation of wise leaders in the past! Like it or not , Meles is Ethiopia’s Albert Einstien!i

  3. Mario says:


    I’m sending the ‘shame’ back to you! Take it easy! My right to free speech must be respected! I said Meles is like Albert Einstien for me! Meles changed Ethiopia for good! You might see Meles different way way , nevertheless , it is up to you to see things the way you want! Aight?

  4. Ellene says:

    Keep it!
    Because you stated the statement without any indication that you meant for yourself.

    As a student of physics, I Einstien closely. As an Ethiopian, I also know the dictator closely. Mario, it was actually an instinctual reaction that made me write you. I was turned off when I saw your note!

    So you should keep it at least for one week!

  5. tn. says:

    notwithstanding somes continued attempt to underplay hailemariam’s speech, to the ever living, unto dying…a word… is just more than enough!
    hailemariam… without forcing the issue and totally oblivious to the noose around his neck, nonetheless has emerged as the undisputed leader of TPLF/EPRDF out of the AU anniversary.
    more importantly, his foolish innocence precipitated out, the viciousness around him. the others were seen as forcing the issue, lacking all political-art and fluidity, leaning more on the aggitative side of the egypt issue while appearing to be the once to come to the rescue.
    the dialectical arts are but arts of the savage, simple raw iterative sciences that thrive in absence of the spirit. in the land of the genesis of ALL religions, with so many many eyes watching, how would one think will escape with a ferenji’s child play. i mean…it is almost as foolish as the mantra of azeb claiming broke…just to avoid paying her rent that is still due. very very very foolish!!
    finally as the late PM Meles said, “ethiopian politics is bad to your health”. he said that after realizing that the medicine of ferenji, chinqo, or all the Xonquai failing to save him. all the other TPLF honcho can of-course testify of their own specific ordeal.

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