Must-listen: Interview with Abraham Yayeh on current events in Ethiopia


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69 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Good Job Abraham Yayeh. If Ethiopian leaders wanted Sustainable development of the country, they have to stick to intellectual development. There has to be unity, peace and reconciliation between the Ethiopian people. otherwise some one from outside or inside can ignite un-stability in the country and lead Ethiopia to its death. No one will benefit from balkanized Ethiopia. If each regions secede, every region will loose but believe the number one looser will be Tigrai region.

  2. Meron says:

    1. Abraham Yaheh
    2. Gebremedhn Araya
    3. Dr. Aregawi Berhe
    4. Gidey Zeratsion
    5. Mekonen Zelelew

    These people run away from the field when the fight against the butcher dergue was very hard, and the people of tigria were paying a lot. Now, they have been trying hard to taint this struggle, and the tigrian youth don’t give them an attention.

    Have said that, there is one thing that I agree with Abraham Yayeh: EPRDF should have done better when it comes to Eritrea. First, the referendum was not legitimate because the government in Ethiopia at that time was transitional. Even in that case, TPLF should have asked about Assab. This is a failure. Second, after the war broke out when Shabia invaded Ethiopia and after we liberated our country by force, there was no need to go to sign algerees agreement. That was another failure. Ethiopia shouldn’t have used the agreements of 1900. 1902, and 1908 in the Hague.

    Still, I am hopeful that Ethiopia will claim the ownership of Assab one day. EPRDF has failed in Eritrea miserably. That said, EPRDF has done almost miracle in the last 20 years in Education, health, power, and many other things and it needs an applaud.

    • Gezaee says:

      Meron, you must listen to what Abraham Yaheye said. Whatever achieved is achieved by the people of Ethiopia and their money. He stated that does not guarantee EPRDF to down-trode rights of its citizens. He told even Fascists can do good things. For instance, Mussoloni did amazing bridge work, water system, roads, telecommunications, irrigation systems, and … that good work did exempt him from being Fascist. The same Gadaffi, Gadaffi lifted Libya from ashes, Libya was the poorest of the poor when Gadaffi took power. Their GDP was 25 dollars only, imagine. Gadaffi built Libya like no one, he made Libya the richest country in the world. He has about 25 universities for less 3 million people. He had built the infrastructures. There was social security for every Libyans, for instance, if you graduate in Libya you would get what you were supposed to get when you get paid when you get employed. you graduate you get salary. Women get paid for maternity full salary like nowhere on our world. He had all these modern integrated large scale drip irrigation systems and he changed Libya from desert to an oasis in a desert. Yet you have seen how he was killed by his own people.

      I think it is good Woyane stop indulging on this menial achievements and listen to the public before it is too late. We are getting tired of ignorance, injustice, nepotism, arrogance, embezzlement and corruption.On top of the land of our people being sold for cash and our Navy destroyed stupidly and our country landlocked on purpose for no purpose. These must addressed now; The people of Ethiopia are begging, begging, and you must listen now and wait for bad things to happen. The unity of Ethiopia is beneficial for all. Listen, listen, listen

    • BHabesha says:

      correction not last 20 years but since 2005 when they thought power can get out of their hand swiftly at least that is the case from where I live, Addis

  3. Abe says:


    There is no development in Ethiopia. It is all printed money. All the bridges and all the buildings we see are all printed money. That brought inflation and the common people are paying that price. That is why life is so ugly in Ethiopia. You can print money and build many things in one year as we speak. You can show to the world I did this and that. For sure there is something to see if you do that. But fool people get fooled. Look on the other hand that life is so unbearable in Ethiopia.

    Recently USA congress cut budget, and so many workers have to be laid off. Why do you think the Obama administration is not printing and paying people? In the first place American democracy will not allow that. Second, if you print money above what the economy can sustain it will create inflation and push American life to dust.

    • Gezaee says:


      Why the precious regimes did not print money and build many hospitals, universities and feed their people when they were dying of hunger in mass? Accept the reality on the ground.

      I met today a Canadian traveller who just arrived from artic tour after Ethiopia. He does not know me. He has nothing to do with Ethiopian government. We just introduced each other after meeting out. We had spend sometimes together. I was telling him about Ethiopia and he was just very quick to tell me he spend 3 months in Ethiopia. He said, wow, the country has made an amazing strides now. This is a Canadian citizen who have no business in Ethiopia except he want for exotic holiday in Ethiopia. He is even politician; He is a travel and a travel writer, a voyager. I trusted him. We must acknowledge good work. Even Mengistu had good works; Please accepts facts and oppose the bad things. If Printing money can built 33 universities, about 50 hospitals, schools, roads, power stations, power transmissions, and can feed the people, I wish the previos printed money and saved their people than hiding them dying.

    • ET says:

      You are one shallow minded US worshiper.
      1, Life in Ethiopia is not ugly as you said.
      2, You think you know economy and politics but you are so empty. How and why in the world would you compare Ethiopia and USA.

  4. Meron says:

    Dawit, can you interview Ato Seye Abraha about most issues raised by Abraham Yayeh? Particular about the Assab issue in detail?

    Second, please interview the leaders of ginbot7 democratic. They would tell us a lot about ESAT. Of course, they have talked about it in pal-talk, but we want to hear more.

    It would be great if you do these two things.

    Thank you for all your fair journalistic work!

  5. zulu says:

    I love this guy. Where has he been? He is right on the point about Neftgna politicians. Good job Dawit. Hovever, I did not like when you tried to interrupt him.

  6. Gezaee says:

    I love this man; he is the most courageous; He never take rubbish; he sacrificed his family, his life not to accept Woyanes rubbish policies. He stood firm. He is healthy and never engaged in name calling. He has kept his integrity unlike his friend who sounds he lost his pivot. Well done Mr. Abraha

  7. Gezaee says:

    Dawit, great job bro. Keep up the good work. The limit is the sky to develop and to progress. Attitude is the altitude. You are doing fantastic. Conquer the Media more and more.

  8. Abe says:

    My respect for Abrham Yayeh.

    We all joked on him when he told us how TPLF is evil becuase we hated the Derg so much. What a wise and forward looking man he is.

  9. Hamid says:

    It is very interesting interview. Thanks Dawit.

  10. damo says:

    Great stuff. This should be on CNN.

  11. Abe says:


    Who is to blame for failure of Kinijit to join parliament? I say the diaspora activist journalists who stir the diaspora comminity. Diaspora in turn pushed Kinijit not to join parliament. Kinijit started discussing with people at home and again was told not to join. The bottom-line, diaspora influenced people in Ethiopia to boycott parliament. This is the whole truth. I do not forget two activist journalists, Elias Kifle and Dawit Kebede (not you) screwed up everything.

    It is a win for everyone if Ethiopia becomes democratic. The people of Tigray are hard-working and I do not see why they should be afraid to see democratic Ethiopia. Why do you want rent seeking from TPLF? I do not see why a united Ethiopia is harmful. I do not see why most Tigray people support Woyanies. As the Derg and king were rejected by the Amharas, learn to reject unjust administration. Get courage from the likes of Dawit, brave journalist I have a great respect.

  12. dubale says:

    Out-dated politician!

  13. Abraha Belai says:

    Abreham Yayeh shows a sign of degrading, but still good. I remember his joke on bridges in Tigray. However, Gebre Medhin Araya is still my idol.

  14. Gezaee says:

    I have listened all the clip Dawit. Mostly, very good; I disagree his opinion on two things:

    I agree on most of the things he says; The man has a great integrity, sincere, honest one.

    I do not agree on the Nile Dam. He is saying they are building the Dam to collect money, I do not agree on that. It does not make sense. To collect money why do they need to build international power transmission gridlines to Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, … plan even to build to Egypt, Saudi Arabia? He is wrong on the Dam.

    About opposition, there are no opposition; there are hate organisations. The hope is only to see new people with new idea and ideology. Those we have are bankrupted. They are actually much worse than woyane. Good change might come from within EPRDF like Abamela like minded, but not from G7,ENTC,…. no.

    ESAT: ESAT is not free and it can be free media because it is not free. May be Dawit, you can think of becoming an entrepreneur in new media as an alternative media. We have no one single media that is not ethnically charged. Most the media are hate media, all the amhara affiliate media hateful. No single amhara affiliated even for a medicine. This is really worrying. The government media only promote the government agenda; they are not involved in hate.

    Dawit: the opportunity is there for you. There are organisations which help people like you to become free media. May be you need to do research to get funding to form an independent media. One suggestion, it would be good if you can further your study for a couple years and incubate yourself from any university and become an entrepreneur in free media. I do not know in other places, but in Canada there is support for entrepreneurs in any venture, be it media or anything you venture. Universities have entrepreneur incubators where you get support to get entrepreneur. Think about it. Ethiopians needs at least one free media that is not contaminated by hate. It is also a must.

    • Linen says:

      I like some of you ideas but I don’t understand why you are still hanged up on ESAT. I think they are good source of information no matter who owns it. And btw there is no such thing called free media. Trust me some of the stuff Abraham Yayeh said is simply character assassination. Low level personal attacks and assumptions. There was no need to tell personal stories he could have summerized his opinion about his buddy simply by said Ato “…..” Is wrong period. His personal attacks tells me he is in the same level or below the people he is accusing. Some of the stuff he said just don’t make sense at all. Once again another politician with his own personal agenda nothing more. One thing we can’t forget and agree on is ESAT is far ahead and Dawit is trying to catch up for a reason that is not clear. One thing Dawit shouldn’t ask is why there is never unity when he is going against what is working instade of joining or just do his thing.

  15. dubale says:

    Ato Abraham always claims the big ‘biher’ should hold the premier position.This is totally unfair.Indirectly he is saying PM is always from oromiya for ever. There is no chance for other nations because they come from minor nations(biher). This is unacceptable. Premier position should be based on merit. I think EPRDF’s style is the optimum solution.Because through EPRDF any one can be PM.

  16. Orion says:

    Hi Dawit,
    Just to let you know that your site is now one of my Favorites lists.

    Thank you for sharing The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…thank you for trying to be a fair and balanced journalist.

    Having said that tho, posting “A must listen interview with Abraham Yayeh”…made me laugh. To give such title for the former TPLF- dude will put you on the spot…don’t you think….come on, there are plenty of urgent current affairs than this loser.

    Anyway, good job and keep it up.

  17. desay says:

    Once you are an a…H …. you will always be an asssssssssssshaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. Dengola says:

    i thought this man is dead long time a go. miskin he is still talking about weyane. i remember him talking on the derg radio after he defeated to derg late 80s.

  19. Wey Mealti says:

    David, we understand it is your journalistic duty to interview anyone regardless of his or her motive or stand. I must say this should be an exception. This guy gives the words “opportunistic”, “self-serving” and “an absolute idiot” a whole different meaning. He hops higher than kangaroo from one extreme to other. His fruitless and elementary analysis is pity and you should not waste your audiences’ time. Unless of course this is for entertainment purpose. He compares the infrastructure works of colonizing Italy to the current Ethiopia. What an ignorant shit head. Why doesn’t he just seek a retirement home and ask for forgiveness for the crimes he had committed alongside derg. His motives are very clear, seek attention from second hand and tainted gossips.

    • Gezaee says:

      Wey Mealti, what is the difference between woyane and Italy? Mussoloni killed 200 000 Ethiopians and landlocked Ethiopia.

      Woyane did betrayed 100 000 soldier just in two weeks war and betrayed them after giving their lives. Then woyane dragged Ethiopia to Europe and Woyane signed EEBC and Alger’s agreement? Then Woyane aka Meles gave badme to Shabia. Plus Woyane sold the entire Gambela to 37 countries. What is that Mussoloni did much worse than this?

      The only difference between Woyane and Mussoloni? Mussoloni is Italian , white, foreigner. Woyane is black Ethiopian and speak Tigrignea. The difference between woyane and Mussoloni is only language, skin colour, … nothing different. you are Abraham Yaheye is idiot, it is you really idiot and dedeb. you do not like it and you decided to insult him. Korekonda ras, is it not you who is selling the land of the poor people? is it you who betrayed 100 000 souls and who dragged Ethiopia to Europe? Is it you who landlocked Ethiopia? Is it you who let Eritrea go without having any mandate from the Ethiopian people? You primitive, you need to develop and grow up, you dared to call him idiot; even you are not idiot who has done all those things. Respect people for what they believe and if you have reasons then prove them wrong. Denkoro

      • Meron says:

        Gezaee, you knowledge and analysis capability is deteroriating every time a new day comes.

        1. There is no way you can compare Italy with Woyane. It is just stupid to do that.

        2. Don’t lie. Around 70,000 people died in teh Ethio-Eritrea war which was started by the arrogant shabia. Don’t present as if 100,000 people from Ethiopia died. That is pity.

        3. Don’t present yourself as if you knew everything. You are the real Denkoro if we have to say it.

        • Gezaee says:


          Thank you Meron. You did not like my comment; there is no difference for me; but that does not mean you will agree with me. I do not care about race or skin colour. Evil is evil. Mussoloni killed more than 200 000 people to control Ethiopia and landlocked Ethiopia, raped Ethiopians women, killed them, and he also built all the buildings. Meron, you must be selfish, evil one otherwise, you would not open your filthy mouth on me. You must try to reason than to throw mud on people. Does the number matter? Do they have to be 200 000 ? do you know how many Ethiopians exactly died ? 70, 000 ? how do you know? can you prove me wrong? with evidence? 70 000 is woyanes estimate, actually Shabia estimate of Ethiopians who perished are 130 000. I am using statistical method, I am taking average, scientifically, you do not pick one number and say this is correct? In scientific method you take all the number and take the average, median, modes, … no one works like you. You do not have to agree with me, but Woyane aka Meles woyane is not different from Mussoloni because everything they have been doing is the same. Do you know how many Ethiopians died in Somalia because of Woyane and Shabia? How many died in Ogaden because of woyane and shabia? do you know how many orphans in Ogaden because of woyane and Shabia? Meron, you have a filthy and dirty mouth. You need to reason out than insulting people because you do not like their opinion. Even if I agree with you, is 70 000 small number? Reason? you are selfish, evil, bloody one. For me even a single life is precious. Add 70 000 to EEBC agreement, Alger’s agreement, Somalia war, Ogaden war, landlocking Ethiopia, Selling the entire Gambela to 37 countries? what makes Woyane better than MuSSOLONI? Because they speak Tigrignea? For me it does matter what language they speak. It does not matter what skin colour, religion, ethnic, tribe, race or creed, evil is evil no matter who does it. Woyane who remove people from their land and sell their land to foreigners for cash for 100 years is not much better than Mussoloni? Woyane who remove people from their country because they are ethnic amhara? is not different for me from Mussoloni? what would Mussoloni do Meron than those even if he stayed long? Woyane destroyed our national Navy, and completely landlocked my country and my people? Woyane denied my country men and women their right to own and to use their own natural sea outlet which they used for 40 000 written history. You charlatan, bigot, ignorant, primitive, … you dared to tell me the state of my mind? Ugly, gelie, guewa, etro, primitive, I think you wanted me to insult you? Nai Tark Hatela, I hope this enough for you. You must use reason next time you talk to me. Do not drag me and force me to bad to you. It is the law of physics; you will get equal and opposite response; You need to listen, hear what people says and think instead of condemning them because they do not agree with you?

  20. Million says:

    Abraham Yayeh I have only one question, Who is more powerfull between Wayane and Eritrea. Million

    • Meron says:

      Your question needs a little correction.
      Who is more powerful between EPRDF and PFDJ.

      The answer is simple. EPRDF is many times powerful than PFDJ.

      • Robel says:

        Really ?? That’s why meles and hailemariam are begging isayas for dialogue!! they even offer him free electricity and for your comment pelf is more powerful than eprdf !! Isayas have a key for their survival!! Soon you will see the Tigray party will fall and the true Ethiopians will rule their country!!

  21. ኤፍሬም says:

    አቶ ዳዊት እባክህን አቶ አብራሃ ምን እያሉን ነው ያሉት ባንድ ቡኩል የኛ ድርጅት ኤርትራ ውስጥ ያለው ለወደፊቱ ወያኔን የሚያሰጋ ነው ብለው ሲያበቁ በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ ሻእብያ ተዳክመዋል ወጣቱ ወደ ኢትዮዺያ እየጎረፈ ነው ይሉናል ታድያ ለነአቶ አብርሃ ድርጂት ማን ሊረዳው ነው?
    ብለህ ጠይቅልኝ

    • Meron says:

      Good point. It is also my question. On one hand, he is saying that he works with TPDM (Shabia slave), and on the other hand he is condemning shabia for all the mess it has created in Eritrea. This is contradicting. If PFDJ supporters listen to this interview, they would report it to shabia and Ato Abraham Yayeh would be imprisoned if he ever visits Eritrea again. He is confused!

      On another note to Dawit: Please don’t interrupt people when they are talking on some issues. You interrupted Ato Abraha Yayeh in more than two occasions. Not good thing!

  22. Muluneh Abraham says:

    I am really very very sorry to read or listen in most cases on some websites (medias) blaming amharas on others tigraians and still on others oromos. The issues are rolling mostly around this narrow feelings.
    I wonder how far we are grown up even though we are used to live, work and study with people from around the world.
    My very concern is about the deteriorating values of our moral, our sense of life, sense of justice and sympathy to fellow human beings.

  23. Sebsibe says:

    This is what I have been looking for long. no one save Abraha Yayeh has ever dared to tell us the real motive of TPLF led EPRDF. Most of the things he has raised are true and I have no doubt that EPRDF cares about the down throden poor of Ethiopian folk. It reminds me of the comment of one AAU scholar who pointed out how things graciously baised in favour of late PM Meles and his party. Waht he genuinely begged Meles to do was just his good will so as to take the country in the right truck.
    I don’t expect good things from EPRDF leaders. What they are going to do is to destroy the country if they are going to loose any kind of battle be it in ballot or bullet.
    But I always hope that there are always brave Ethiopians who can lead the country and save the people from being involved into sectarian conflicts. EPRDFs day are numbered. this is why we are seeing a number of leaked facts which relfect the nature of EPRDF. For the leaked secret meeting of Somali region president is a case in point. Massive resseltlemtn in SOuth Omo and Amhara reseetlment are other recent manifastations of this.

  24. Mario says:

    ስው ጠፍቶ ይኸው በፖለቲካ እንደ ኣክሮባት ከዚያ እዚያ ሲገለባበጥ የነበረውና በመገለባበጡ የሚይዘውና የሚጨብጠው ኣሌቆበት ተደብቆ የነበረውን በከፍተኛ የስልጣን ጥም የተዋጠውን ኣብራሃም ያየህ ኣሁን ተገኘ! በህወሓት ክፍፍልና ሻቢያ ኢትዮጵያ በወረረበት ጊዜ ሻቢያ የሚያሸንፍ መስሎት ኤርትራ ድረስ ሄዶ እንዳትዋጉ ፣ እጃቹን ለሻቢያ ስጡ እስከማለት ሁሉ የደረሰ ሰው! ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም የያዛቹት ነገር ስለሌላቹ ያገር ውድቀት ትመኛላቹ! የተሻለ ተቃዋሚ ሳይገኝ ኢህኣዴግ የትም ኣይሄድም! ሰው ጠፍቶ ኣፍሮ የተደበቀ ሰው ተገኘ!የኣንድ ሳምንት ጥሩ ወሬ ተገኘ!

  25. Abreham Jilo says:

    Ato Abreha Yayeh you are the most hypocrite I have ever witnessed in my entire life. You been changing your stand every year and we all know how serpent and cynic you are. You are full of contradiction with a big mouth not worth to listen.
    Go to the hell Mr. Abreha. Nobody believes you. You are more for Shabia than for Ethiopia.
    who is going to get benefited from confederation, Ethiopia or Eritrea? Confederation is for Eritreans to live at the expense of Ethiopia, because we know Eritrea has nothing to offer for Ethiopia. This is a proved truth. We do not need them. All we have to do is get back our port that is legitimate and Ethiopian wright. Let them live by themselves. We do not need them.

  26. mamo kilo says:

    ! ከስብሀት ጋር በናትም በ አባትም በኩል ዘመድ ነን ! (that is funny) የአቶ አብርሀም ጤንነት አጠራጣሪ ነው::

  27. Teferi Birhanu says:

    The most “advanced elites” of Ethiopia from Tigray.

  28. Yeraya Lij says:

    The surprising part of this interview is that Dawit from Adwa can speak relatively good Shewan Amaharic. Even when he says 100 (many Tigres say moto not meto), this guy is as perfect as Meles, the dictator. Is his heart is as cruel as Meles; may be.

    • lala says:

      Yeraya, Dawit can speak your Amharic. What about you? can you speak Tigrignea? Where Tigreans expected your language while you can not even try to learn their language? This the type of mentality that makes throwing away the chauvinists language Amharic. Look what this dude is saying? he is critizing all Tigreans for not mastering his language while he cannot even try to learn other people language?

    • Meron says:

      Typical Chauvinist Mentality!

  29. teshome says:

    Don’t expose your dirty laundry in public…
    You equate woyane with Mossoloni, ” ata yihemekalo yemeseleni. Ene tayu ezi kulu hatefetefe”
    ..Kabeye zemetse denekore eyu ezi, ata akile gibere

    What are all these dirty words, still you refuse to grow up.
    This is a public forum, you need to know what and what not write.
    I have been following through and through your comment thread, You had sense of big self worth, compounded with low literacy. You are simply making busy yourself in responding for each and every comment.
    Man Calm down. please take a break and have some beers and relax the weekends

    • mina says:

      Reading what Gezae has wrote and what you said, you must see a doctor. Gezae has been reasoning allover his comments. You haven’t been able to respond to content of Gezae’s comments. But what you have tried is to discourage Gezae from reasoning and asking very key questions. I have no any doubt that you will not have answers to Gezae’s questions because they are facts executed without basic reasons. Your comments have been a typical response of a cadre. Would be interesting if you try to respond than show yourself to the public forum your level of handling a discussion like a man (woman, don’t know which sex behind the nick) walking with two legs.
      African rulers were not supposed to be dumb but some external powers made them ugly dumb until they deny the reality through systematic corruption and filling their personal ego. Mind you and take a little solitary moment and think about: every single African suffering as a result of this nonsense politics has closer affinity to you that any other external force whose objective is to keep their power hegemony for eternity against what they call is the “black primitives”. Please note that a comment like you write down judges not only you but all Africans would be judged as primitives.

      Africa has many bright and sharp mind people who are turning around the big economies of America. In the home of these bright and sharp Africans, please teshome do not write down comments that are too primitives.

      I would love if people like you engage in discussion based on your stand that insulting everyone for every questions raised about the current political faults.

      Sorry, I am a passer by. Just saw the comments by chance

  30. dubale says:

    Teshome is right….get some life dude. We are tired of reading your ridiculously nonsense comments. Actually i read only the first few lines , but still i am tired. 1 or 2 comments are enough.

    • Gezaee says:


      I did not force you to read my comment. If I were you; I would skip them and that is what I do normally for comments which I do not like. You people backward, primitive,…you never wanted to hear opinions which you do not like.

      Why you do not convince and prove me wrong by means of argument instead? But I would advise to hang yourself if you do not like my comment. You take a rope and swing it around you neck, and you swsweep and then you will be in heaven after that. I would not bother people. If you can not reason out, then do that.

    • mina says:

      Reading what Gezae has wrote and what teshome said, dubale must see a doctor. Gezae has been reasoning allover his comments. Teshome hasn’t been able to respond to content of Gezae’s comments. But what teshome has tried is to discourage Gezae from reasoning and asking very key questions. I have no any doubt that teshome will not have answers to Gezae’s questions because they are facts executed without basic reasons. Teshome’s comments have been a typical response of a cadre. Would be interesting if teshome tries to respond than show himself to the public forum his level of handling a discussion like a man (woman, don’t know which sex behind the nick) walking with two legs.

  31. tlif says:

    Dawit, you made my day. Excellent interview. He (Ato Abreha) has been very articulate. You have asked excellent questions. Keep it up.
    Thank you.

  32. Gezaee says:

    To Teshome ( aka Kehadi ),

    This is aklitsbet of woyane supporters. Why are you attacking me personally? why you never prove me wrong for what I said using reasons. Who really cares what Doma ras woyane supporters think. I am not here to talk about woyane bla bla here. I am talking facts on the ground. We are tired of Woyane supporters high level stupidities.

    Can you prove me wrong using facts against the following instead of insulting me:
    1. you destroyed Ethiopian national Navy purposely for no purpose.
    2. You landlocked Ethiopia purposely for no purpose.
    3. You aborted a war that costed 100 000 souls at the last minute.
    4. You dragged Ethiopia to Europe
    5. You signed EEBC in the hagues
    6. You signed Alger’s agreement
    7. You received 10 000 dollar compensation from shabia
    8. You gave badme
    9. You invaded Somalians for no good reasons but to fight Shabia war and you even refused to disclose how many Ethiopian perished
    10. You and Shabia proxy war in Ogaden made 7 000 orphans, source ETC.
    11. You sold the entire Gambela to 37 countries, like Suadi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, UK, USA, China,… the list goes on and you did this by removing land owners from their land and putting them in concentration camp like the white did in Southern Africa 400 years ago.
    12.While you are giving land to foreigners like this, you uprooted 5,000 amharas from their land in their own country, second citizen? or third citizen?.
    13. Ethiopia because you landlocked it stupidly and Ethiopians tax payers pay about 2 billion per year to Djibouti, Kenya, somalia, Sudan,…

    2 billion 20 years is 40 billion dollars? imagine what could been done by 40 billion dollars?
    14. You are selling also national assets to multinational corporations for cash. It seems you are on sale spree, Ethiopia is on garage sale now. Selling land for 100 years at the price of 1 dollar per hectare per year imagine. You are selling land one hectare for 100 years for 100 dollars? I do not even understand what type of brain you have?

    I do not see the difference between you and a colonizer. You are just internal colonizer.

    15. There are about 250 000 Ethiopians soldiers stationed in Tigrai since 1998. Ethiopia pays 1 million dollar per day to feed those soldiers? 1* 30 days * 12 months * times * 15 years = 5.4 billion dollars.

    16. Corruption, Ethiopia is now leader of corruption .Kenya used to be the most corrupt country after Nigeria. Ethiopia is now the most corrupt country in the world.
    17. Nepotism, Zemedbezemed, people who have been there says you can not do anything without giving bribe and without having zemed.

    18.So Teshome, if you embarrassed for me saying the truth, then what you need to do is to clean your filthy mouth and you filthy brain and then you come back and to talk to me a in civilized manner and convince me. You have no right here to tell me who I am. Leba acheberbari, Kuhila. If you like degrading , you leba, Akatari, Adishetyatia, Hatela Niatarik. I have a right to say whatever I want. This is not Tigraionline or Aiga. Correct me if you have any good reasons. I would accept any reasons that is convincing. But I would never take you stupidity and backwardness jumping on me without giving any reasons. I have never come across woyane supporter who can give a single reason except insulting people? Can you tell me why Ethiopia has to be landlocked? why you have a right to take away from the poor Ethiopians their land and sell it to foreigners? Convince please why? Hatela (Nia Tarik Hatela or atela ). You can insult me day in and out, but that will only expose your backwardness because no one will take your dirt. When you say bad things, the response is the same. It is the law of physics. Teshome, use your Qoshasha brain to think than to insult people.

    19. Ethiopia has lost 11 billion dollar in the past 20 years by high level national theft or robbery. Imagine, the poorest of the poor Ethiopian people on the planet who live on hand out every year robbed by Woyanes officials together with Indians, Arabs. This is heart-breaking, sad. The filthy big mouthed Teshome come here to defend his theft. Ayne Yaweta leba, Derek leba

    • Gezaee says:

      The last one is the edited one.

      Sorry Dawit; Dawit, it would be good if you can enable the editing field area if you are using Java, I think you can use text field area class. I type of fast and make errors.

    • Dawit (Down Under) says:


      You need antipsychotic medication or ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) to regain your insight from your full blown psychosis.You need an involuntary treatment for the safety of others.

      I wish you a speedy recovery!

      • Gezaee says:

        Down Under,

        This the usual woyane tactic of demeaning people, degrading people, insulting people, robbing people’s dignity and integrity, oppressing, suppressing, … bad mouthing. I call these Woyane style,kkk. It does not matter what medical or psychological terms you use. People who are terminally do not know their illness unless someone tells them by diagonizing them. Woyane is terminally ill and the day will of its death will come sooner or later. This tactic of demeaning, degrading, humiliating people can only serve for a limited time. The day of reckoning will come sooner or later. Then you will hide under bridge like Gadaffi. It is you is really ill. I call your Narcisst evil, I do not expect good word from you; It is woyane sytle. Woyane supporters never reasons. Even in real time their behavior is like you. They jump to insult you, may to kill you by saying, Boha Boha, Boha, … I have met many of them; They never use their brain. It seems they are programmed by Shabia forever.

        You do not know me man; I am telling you; I drive you crazy, mad, ill; if you think you can affect me by insulting me, you are completely wrong. You do not know who I am, leave alone insult even your gun will not change me. I stand firm, solid, steadfast against evilness, injustice, corruption, bigotry, suppression internal colonization, subjugation, marginalization, racism, ethncism, tribalism, extremism. You are just evil and wicked. But remember, there a day for everything. History shows no ever who does injustice go for free, there is a payback day. There is a day for everything.

        Dawit; if you really do not apply some rules, Woyanes will really spoil your website. They are worse than the diaspora; They are evil; they never reason or defend themselves with reasons; All they do is insult, rob people dignity like they are trying to me here. They think they are entitled to intimidate, insult, threaten, … people. This is not different from Diaspora. You can see the contrast between Woyane and Diaspora, the are two side of the same coin.

        There are two things I am tired of:
        1. Woyanes ugliness and high level primitivity.
        2. Diaspora ignorance and serving woyane indirectly.

        Gezaee will say the truth until woyanes get mad , naked with no clothe. You can insult me all day that will change anything. You will never influence me by insult

  33. ABC says:

    Very good questioning Dave. Would love to hear Seye Abreha. Seems Mr. Abreham is getting older.

  34. Ali Nora says:

    Dawit are you running a free media. Why are you tigers complaining abut Esat. Be bold like abrehm say who you are financed by. As for abrehm yahoo he is entertaining but not a good ploetician. Just vengeful like many tigtes’s

  35. Kacha Berra says:

    Good interview Dawit, and great perception Ato Abraha….the problem is what’s to be done next? ….we all need believe and work on that every political institutions and organizations should follow an ‘Inclusive Policy’ no matter what and how many differences/political outlooks we have. Inclusive policy will bring us better resolution to all our political conflicts. Thus, TPLF/EPRDF and all oppositions’ parties should strictly need to follow ‘Inclusive Policy’. Inclusive policy will bring about real political solution/change while ‘exclusive policy’ will make us detached or even enemy to each other. Exclusive Policy will abolish the unity of the nation. Thus, those of you who are supporting one party or group and excluding or seeing other parties as your enemy, you are the worst enemy of the country. You think that you are saving the country, but, basically you are destroying the country, and its unity. Because, when you love one group and hate the other, you are following the wickedest political principle or policy, for exclusive policy has unsafe outcomes. So, the best political policy would be just coming together with our differences, be fair to one another and work in unison to have common ground and to reach on to a national consensus. The biggest problem in our country is lacking national consensus. We should reach to common ground, national consensus with only true friendship and respect to each other. Love always wins, hatred always loses. We all know that the fruit of love are first unity, and then strength with the final and ultimate goal of development, justice, democracy and freedom. And the fruit of hatred are division, destruction and finally failure as individual and as a nation. The other good thing I heard from Ato Abrha is that, about what President Esaiyas Afeworki says, that is, Eritrea and Ethiopia unanimity in Federation or confederation. It’s a great idea which could help all of us. If we do so we are going to be the smartest people on earth. God will help the country.

  36. Nehemiah says:

    Fantastic interview. Ato Abreha is courage enough to say spade spade. I appreciate his long years endeavor to make Ethiopia the land for all with all rights of humanity are supposedly be exercised.

    To Admin.

    I know everyone has the right to comment, but a few of the commentators seemed to appear every now and then which is really boring.

    Do mind this is good?

  37. Selam says:

    I am Amhara, I know Gash Abraham Yayeh in my dark days, he is really very good man. I believe he did his best for Ethiopia. I think he disappointed on Amhara diaspora since they refuse him in DC 2000 all opposition political parties conference.

  38. Yobi says:

    It is very sad to see this old useless person still lying.

  39. Abebe Gellaw says:

    Ato Dawit, Please learn to let the person you are interviewing finish his thoughts. You keep interrupting him in the middle of a sentence. The first rule for a good host is to LISTEN, the second is LISTEN and the third…! Believe me, politician only need to introduce them when you start the interview. Once you open the forum and let them loose they will answer (every thing you want to ask!) your question before you ask it. Thank you!

  40. Dawit (Down Under ) says:


    Have you renewed your EDU membership? Oh, Sorry, I’ve forgotten that you are a life member.

  41. Mario says:

    ገዛኢ ኣሁንማ የጤናህ እዳልሆንክ ከፅሁፎችህ ታስታውቃለህ! ልክ በሁለት ግድግዳ መሀል እየተላጋች መውጫ ያጣች ኳስ መሰለሃ! ወይ ተቃዋሚ፣ ደጋፊ፣ወይ በ1993 እንደመረጥከው ኤርትራዊ ሁን! ዕድሜህን ሙሉ ሁለት ቦታ ላይ እንደረገጥክ መኖር ሃጢያት ነው! ይብዛም ይነስም ጥሩም ይሁን መጥፎ ኣንድ መምረጥ ያባት ነው!

  42. Minyewab says:

    Dawit, I didn’t like everything you reported before. But the Interview you did with Abrham Yayeh has opened my eyes today. This is the best interview I personally heard in the last few years. I know now what makes you different from the likes of ESAT and Ethiomedia. Well done Dawit. Keep it up. Your reporting is not based on hatred. You are showing us true professionalism. Thanks Dawit

  43. Mike says:

    The definition for the word delusional should have Abraham Yaheh’s picture next to it. Mr. Dawit, you are not the truth seeking journalist you claim to be, you ask very soft and non-sense questions. I think this interview qualifies you to be hired as a journalist on the mother of all lies news media ESAT.
    Mr. Dawit, if you keep wasting your time on interviewing this kind of garbage so called politician, who’s mind set is stuck in the 80’s and who seems to have some kind of mental issue, you are going to lose respect from most of your readers.
    The part of the interview that made me laugh hard was, when this buffoon was explaining about the millennium dam that is being built. And then, you Mr. Dawit, a seemingly smart journalist did not even challenge his explanation about why the dam is being built. The more people that listen this pathetic interview, they will realize that you are just another journalist seeking to get attention and make money.
    When are we Ethiopian’s in the diaspora going to see a real journalist with moral and ethics? …

  44. Gezaee says:

    Mario, I do not live in your world man. I know your world is with us or with others; But I live in the world of choices. The world is not like Woyane world. The Woyane world is only in Ethiopia. Here you do not have to be part of one or another. You can independent from any factions or affiliation. you do not have to be with them or with the other. You are only exposing how ignorant you are. According to you 94 million people are forced either to be with you or with other? Shame on you man. You people you really have problem. you think everyone is like you? why? Do I have to be either with you or with others? By the way, non of qualify to have men. I am civilized more than any of you. That is the problem. I can not fit in. Leave alone now after I minded is wide open, even before, none of you appealed to me. You are all killers, murders, one way or the other most of you have murdered people. Here I am clean, pure, untainted, incorruptible one. What surprises, you level of primivity too high. You never attack my idea except attacking people. This is how you rule the people? by hitting their head morally and physically? shame on you man. This is the 21 century but you are living in the primitive communal society. you tell me I can not free man with my own ideas and free mind. Shame shame on u.

  45. Mel says:

    I hope my brothers Ethiopians to know what is planning now by Enemies Egyptians against you these days because of Revival Dam >
    – the whole Egypt now is talking only about war with Ethiopia and to destroy it to the ground — we in South Sudan knows exactly who are barbarianism Arabs and how they thinks against Black Africans also the cabals that they do Every time to delays the construction in many countries in Africa – in particular the Nile Basin Countries including our great sister Ethiopia>
    — so I wish you are ready for with those Animals and surely the South Sudan you

  46. Mario says:


    ንስኻ ስለዘለኻ ጥራሕ እዚ ፎረም ክገድፎ እየ! ከዚከማኻ ዝበለ መርገፂ ዘየብሉ ዝውዕለሉ ቦታ ካብ ምውዓል ምስ ህበይ ምውዓል ይሕሸኒ! ስራሕ ስለዘየብልካ ኣብዚ ሃተውተው ትብል ትውዕል ኣለኻ! እዛ ዓለም እዚኣ ካብ ክልተ ተቓረንቲ ነገራት ተሰሪሓ እያ እትነብር ዘላ! እቶም ከምዝኸማኻ ማእኸሎት(Neutral) ኢና ዝብሉ ኣብ እዛ ዓለምና ሓደገኛታት ሰረቕቲ ከዝኾኑ ይፍለጡ! ንስኻ ድማ ንኡሽተይ ሰራቒ! ኢትዮጵያውነትካ ክሒድካ ኤርትራዊ እየ ኢልካ መሪፅካስ ኤርትራ ዋጋ ዘየብላ ምስኮነት መሊስካ ከም ኢትዮጵያዊ ላዕልን ታሕቲን ትብል ኣለኻ! ዘሕዝን እዩ! ወያነ ውሽጥኻ ስለዝፈልጠካ ፀሊእኻያ! ብ1996-98 ናይ ሻዕብያ ከምዝነበካ ወያነ ትፈልጠካ ስለዝኾነት ኢኻ እትፀልኣ! ስለዝኾነ ተግባርካ እዩንወያነ ዘፅላኣካ ዘሎ!

    ዳዊት እስካሁን ስላስተናገድከኝ በጣም ኣመሰግናሎህ! እንምታየው እዚህ እንደ ዜጎች ይቅርና እንደጎረቤትም እያወራን ኣይደለም! ከትልቁ ምሁር ጀምሮ እስከ እንደኔ ያለው ፋይዳ ያለው ውይይት እያክሄድን ኣይደለም! በውጭ ያለው የኢትዮጵያውያን ፖለቲካ ተበላሽቷል! ሙሁሮቻችንም መፍትሄ ሳይሆን የምናውቀውን ነው እየደገሙ እየነገሩን ያሉት! የኛ ተቃዋሚ ተብየዎች የተሻለ ተቃዋሚ ተፈጥሮ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ኣማራጭ እንዳይሆን ዳገት ሆኗል! የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የፖለቲካ ኣማራጭ እንዳያገኝ ዋና መሳርያ ሆነው እያገለገሉ ነው!!! ስለሆነም እዚህ በመመላለስ ስራ ያጣጣ መነኩሴ የቀደደውን ቆብ ሳይ ኣልውልም!

    ስለሰጠኸኝ የመፃፍ መብት ኣመሰግናሎህ! ደህና ሁን!

  47. Kagnew says:

    You are acting like a mad dog. You are biting every body. People like you are driving Ethiopians to hatred towards your ethnic group. You and your likes are looting our nation. Given the fact that Tigray is a very poor province it is very illogical for Tigres and Tigray to be more developed than the other regions. It simply doesn’t make sense. Don’t take patience as fear. Mark my word Ethiopians will be in charge of their country soon. Yane yiblagn lenante!

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