Goodluck Jonathan’s “no-show” at the AU hall sets tongues wagging


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21 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    Hahaha,He was beguiled by one of the beautiful Ethiopians in down town Addis ababa. Addis is a temptation island of beautities. It is African way, it does not really matter whether these dude gives a speech or not, Nigerians know how to trick; kk, they will create trickeries of anything, my apology for the generalization.

  2. Alex says:

    Bewketu can be the founder of modern Ethiopian literature…One day students (Oromo and tigre) fought in Addis Ababa University because of ethnic problem then Bewiketu advised the students by saying ” ሳሎን እያለ ቁም ሳጥን ውስጥ መኖር መፈለግ ምን ይጠቅማል”. It was great advice. As some people say, i believe Federalism for administrative purpose is good thing for our country, but it has to be multinational federalism. The woyane federalism that is too ethnic federalism with too much ethnicity in every politics even in religion and economy is very dangerous is like a time bomb..some day, some one who is inside or outside force can ignite it explode the country.

    • teshome says:

      Please, stick to the issue.
      You can’t vomit your poisoned politics every where. Is Goodluck Jonathan was supposed to talk about Ethiopian ethnic federalism? What kind of person are you? I wonder How you live with yourself

      • Alex says:

        @Teshome I know it is you who always talk about hatred towads Aamrara is you who always dont stick to any issue posted here… so do u think that u have the moral to gave me advice?

        • eden says:

          ምን ታላዝንብናለህ ብትፈልግ አማራን አምርረህ ወይ በማር ባላው
          ….የሞኝ ዘፈን ሁልግዚ አበባይ
          Did you read what Dawit posted? IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THINGS PLEASE ASK. IT HAS NO HARM NO FOUL

          It is a shame when you and I belong the same ETHIOPIA

      • Belay says:

        You have rightly said it

    • Meron says:

      By the way, I think it was some Amara Chauvinists that ignited the conflict between the Tigrian and the Oromo students. Bewketu Seyoum, as a good-for-nothing Mehal Sefari said nothing about this. Mehal Sefaris are dangerous eko!

      • BHabesha says:

        You write like you can give clarification. are the tigrians and the oromos like the blind the deaf? Why are they affected with your mehal sefari or what ever pls everyone lets stop our spiteful approach towards eachother.

    • Endegena Sahale Seged says:

      Africa lost leadership long time ago. he is another gang leader.
      we must get as Bernard C. put it “Good government should be democratic, in both institutional and social sense, but also include individual liberties, human rights, economic progress, and social justice-which is something more than equality of political rights.”
      for you Teshome, Meron and Eden- It is one thing to support a political party however narrow or Tribal, but the refusal to admit the truth or reality regardless is to sell your soul for political prostitution!

  3. teshome says:

    Goodluck Jonathan, he is an embarrassing leader for Nigerians, Africans and the black people at large.
    Had this meeting was held in Europe soil for European Union, he would have been the first to take his seat and laughed for every white people were talking.
    It is completely embarrassing and shocking to see a leader like Goodluck Jonathan representing Nigerians. Shame on you Nigerians to be represented by such irresponsible person
    He had a mental disorder to disrespect the African nation. Nigerian is one of the countries who was hard hit by slavery but Goodluck Jonathan is laughing on it

    • ETHIO says:

      You are sick.he is very smart man, you don’t know him, please control you self before you post some thing.

      You embarrassed all Ethiopian (if you are Ethiopian).

  4. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Aye African Leaders Min Yishalachewal…..
    I think if MELES wss alive (God rest his soul) things would be different, cause no one wants to miss his Interesting presentations and discussions. Its for sure that the celebration would’ve been more interesting and colorful if MELES was there. Min yidereg…… we just have to love with it.

  5. Meron says:

    With the massive military operation against the Extremist Boko Haram in nigeria, may be it was critical time for the president to give some order. How could people settle while extremists salafists like Boko Haram and Alshebab are on the raise in Africa including Ethiopia?

  6. Ahadu says:

    Another blow to ESAT youtube TV. It is confirmed by an independent source.

    Begin watching at 22:00 minutes.

    Abebe Gelaw is a pathological liar!

    • Meron says:

      I watched this video an hour ago, and I realized that this Abebe Gelebaw is a pathological liar. He doesn’t take lessons from his mistakes. Last time, he falsely accused some innocent individuals, and he was exposed. Now, after he has been exposed by Mesfin Bezu, he is saying “Efaredewalehu”…what a stupid man. In fact, these people in people are becoming very extremists every time a new day comes. Leboch!

  7. Fasil says:

    1 – What difference would it make if one dictator addresses a group of corrupt dictators? He will read the same letter that was read last year, the year before and the years before that!
    2 – why have the Europeans and Americans invited themselves to AU meeting? Is this not not supposed to be African meeting to solve Africa’s problems? Do you see any one of the 53 African dictators inviting him/her-self to EU meeting?

  8. Endale says:

    He did not want to accept kerry’s proposal to make Nigeria the anti-terrorist mercenary of the western Africa like Ethiopia is of the eastern Africa.Unlike the lte prime minster Meles Zenawi many Africans consider it to be a shame for any African leader to kill it’s own brothers just to get some money from the USA.

  9. AleQa Bru says:

    I knew something was wrong with the Nigerian leader seeing him with that stupid hat all the time:-)

  10. tn. says:

    AT..coverage of AU was really bad.
    whatever the outcome of Marrakesh, the problem of liquidity and underdevelopment are a pair.
    systemic problems…high risk.
    big amongst factor contributors is corruption of entitlement that won’t be addressed without political will of the highest order ranging from china, europe and US and the african people which all share in the duo dilemma of excess liquidity tie underdevelopment.
    awrambatimes…you missed out on the good stuff.

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