Ethiopia’s lasting legacy of famine (Roger Thurow)


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15 Responses

  1. slick says:

    Surprise Surprise Surprise,

    Let alone 21 years its almost impossible to eradicate Poverty, hunger in Ethiopia for 100 years to come!!!

    The Simple Reason is that Meles Zenawi was taking blood money from the very bottom of the society, the people who need to eat at least once a day!!

    Let me remind you all what meles Zenawi said in 1994 in informal gathering at the foreign office:- I coat

    Meles was asked what his wish was for the next 10 years for the people of Ethiopia…. again I coat….

    Meles : “My vision for the country and for its people, for those who eat once a day at least will eat three times a day. Looking back his legacy, we all agree Ethiopians are still eating in a Rota basis. Families avoid lunch or breakfast in order to reach month to month.

    Finally who is the winner the man who managed to take the money from the needy!!! The Winner of the Century Ato Meles who become first ever Richest Prime minster in the Entire world worth 3 Billion Dollar.

    If Meles wasn’t taking the money 1. we won’t beg money for ABAY DAM
    2. Our People could have been fed three times a day.
    3 There could have been more schools, hospitals, Universities, and infrastructure around the country. My last Question is can we get the money BACK???? How much money the other Senior TPLF thugs have managed to transfer in foreign banks???? Answer me.

  2. solomon says:

    You seem to be gloating with the news of starving Ethiopians, just because you oppose meles and TPLF. Famine and starvation has been in Ethiopia since time immemorial, and it is the most dehumanizing and degrading state of our people. All of us have the responsibility to change this tragic record of ours. As much as i oppose TPLF’s discriminatory and corrupt system, i think they have fared better in preventing and reducing starvation in Ethiopia. I am glad that Meles’s original vision was to make sure that Ethiopians eat 3 times a day. He certainly did not succeed, but he did better than any of the preceding rulers.

  3. Gezaee says:


    One of obstacles of solving problems in Ethiopia is You and people like you and including the leaders. You may not agree with me, I have never seen selfish, dishonest, primitive people like Ethiopians. You are one of the primitives. You blame, blame, you never do anything.

    If you have evidence about Money taken by Meles? then it is possible to get it. You have to give me evidence. I will get the money for you and all you need to do is to stop lying and crying and give the evidence to me including where the money. If the money taken by Meles is in your mind, it is impossible to get it because it is your mind. I am tired of sick Slick Ethiopian. I have lived a great deal, but I never came across rustic and primitive people like this society.

    Friends quip to me that Ethiopia really poor for a good reason? why? The people have poor mindset; That is the big problem. As Short Claire told Meles Zenawi in 2004 in London, Ethiopia is much richer than UK. She said to Meles your water is flowing to Egypt, Sudan. You people are not able to work and help yourself. That is what she said to Meles when he was begging for food.

    There is no poverty in Ethiopia. I swear there is no poverty in Ethiopia. It is the people who are very primitive, backward and very poor. Ethiopians are selfish, corrupt, specially those who claim who are educated; they are also those who rebel and fight and make people’s life misery. Do not talk about poverty; talk about your poor mind set.

    From my own experience, Nambia is in the heart of Kalhari Desert, Botwana is in the heart of Kalhari Desert, yet in this countries there has never been famine. They are rich and they do farm all year round even without having any river. The same applies Africa, there is no rain like Ethiopia, it is desert, yet the farming all year round. You see, if it rains one day in South Africa, the whites harvest rain water for two years. You see, they farm all year round with no rain. They need only one day good rain to store enough water for 3 years.You see the difference. In Ethiopia, there is rain the whole July, August, … but no use. About the rivers? flowing to Sudan, Egypt,

    What do Woyanes do, sell land and put people in refugee camps in thier own country. Shame generation.

  4. teshome says:

    አፍ ዳገት አይፈራም አሉ ያንተ ሰዎች
    Are you telling us poverty, disease and hunger were existed in Ethiopia only under the leadership of EPRDF?
    Did you think for a second how your country looked like in the hands of your ancestral leadership.???
    The legacy of poverty, disease and famine was handed to the contemporary leadership of Ethiopia, with worst of its complications. But you were unable to swallow the bitter truth and prefer to live comfortably with the history of psuedo Ethiopia..and you won’t hesitate to tell us Ethiopia was one of the richest countries who was donating supplies even to Europe….Their lies your problem. The reality is Ethiopia was poorest, Ethiopia is the poorest nation in the world. And Still will be poor from some time now.
    In the history of modern Ethiopia no leadership but EPRDF who was able identify the root cause of complicated socio-Economic problems Ethiopia been trapped for long time.
    Through the leadership of EPRDF millions nad ,millions of Ethiopians were out of the poverty line and this was a hard fact recognized by IMF, world bank and many European Donors but EPRDF still strongly believes that to eradicate poverty. disease and hunger from Ethiopia, it needs a lot of hard work.
    ስለዚህ ይሄ ኢትዮጵያ ድሮ ሀብታም ነበረች ተረት ተረት ለልጆችህ ንገራቸው

    What Abay Dam are talking about, it is not you and your fellow Ethiopians who are opposing its constructions. You are simply hypocrite.

    • Alex says:

      @Teshome Now i agree with you. Ethiopia was poor and will stay poor for some time. For its poverty all the previous leadership are responsible (here don`t forget the big influence of the outside world such as colonizers, plus the orthodox religion and culture given to us from Syria, Israel or Egypt to make us only heaven`s dreamer and also generally the world was not at all as peaceful as today). But don`t forget that right now the development have to be sustainable. I acknowledge the current development but the credit should be given for all the Ethiopian people. Giving all the credit to EPRDF or TPLF annoys some of us. Some cadres act as if all buildings, dams, bridges are built by TPLF engineers. This is really annoying. TPLF has to stop boasting that they are the only history maker right now. This will take us to the clash of civilization.

  5. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Im my view EPRDF has done No wrong but to Fix all the Damage caused by our previous leaders who shamelessly destroyed our country. I think we should all Thank EPRDF for making the Rehabilitation of Ethiopia go as fast as possible.
    For those of you indulging your selves with Hate politics, please know that you also are part of the Democratization of Ethiopia, don’t think anybody else has the responsibility to hand you a very prosporous country for your Delight. Dont sit your lazy Tocic A*s all day and write useless comments that I can assure you have nothing to contribute to this country.
    Yes we were unbelievably poor, yes thousands died during the Tigrai-Wollo drought, and yes its a long way from here as well. But the difference b/n this Government and its opponents is that EPRDF really believes Ethiopia can prosper and opposition thinks there is no hope for Ethiopia …shame. I prefer to stand next to the ones believing in Ethiopia!!

  6. Slick says:

    I am BACK

    Dear readers,

    I read your comments with great interest. I thank you all for your contribution. Thanks for showing up your unconditional loyalty not for your country but the party once up on a time which has been established by few individuals, currently orating and smelling like a fish and going dawn soon.
    I like to make it clear that I never said TPLF is a hunger machine nor contribute for famine in Ethiopia. But Let us not forget there has been Golden Opportunity for EPRDF/TPLF to eradicate famine from the land. what were the Golden Opportunities?

    1. shortly after TPLF took power, we all know massive foreign aid pouring in to the country.
    2. The campigne led by Bob Gildof gave an opportunity for industrialzed nation to cancel ALL ETHIOPIAN DEBTS!
    3. There has never been any war except the war we had with Eritrea and all our money were expected to be spent Nationally.
    4. Foreign investment rocketed by 400% since the dawn fall of Meles.

    Now let us leave all the competitive advantage Meles has while he was in office apart from what I have mentioned above. Just on the basis of the Above suitable conditions, Meles had massive Opportunity in terms of reducing poverty, famine and hunger rather after 21 years he left Ethiopia with a lot of assignments.

    For EPRDF/TPLF supporters Meles should have another 21 years to do what he promised. Are you saying what has been done is enough so we can’t even Question about the 3 Billion Dollars?

    If these money were spent properly, I can assure you Ethiopia could have enough food security program and reserve (in dollars)!!!!

    Finally I appreciate what TPLF/EPRF did post 97 Election. We all know before that there has been few development took place. But the Question remain TPLF/EPRDF ARE STILL ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE THREE BILLION DOLLAR THEFT!!!! Its my constitutional right to ASK where is OUR MONEY??????????

  7. AntiWoyane says:

    Hey Guys, is true Ethiopia was in deep poverty when Woyane controlled Ethiopia. But When did nothing about it. When used the Ethiopian people to beg and steal money. A point in case, 11 billion dollars has been stolen by Woyanes officials plus their Arabi, Indians,… partners in theft. Also Ethiopia lost about 44 billion dollars to buy ports from Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti.Ethiopia pays 1 billion dollar per year to Djibouti only. Assuming another 1 billion dollar to Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, also it could be more. In the past 22 years, Ethiopia has spent around 44 billion dollars. Ethiopia spent 5 billion dollars so far only to feed the soldiers in Tigrai to watch Shabia. If there was finished Ethiopia could have saved about 5 billion dollars by not keeping the war forever. Ethiopia has been a loser because of the loser woyanes.

    How money wasted because of woyane? 11 billion stolen, 5 billion to feed the soldiers in Tigrai. 44 billion dollars to buy ports? how much? 11 + 44 + 5 = 60 billion dollars. Ethiopia has wasted 60 billion dollars in the past 22 years because of Woyanes.

    Cost and benefit analysis because of Woyanes:

    Cost: Woyane waged 17 years bloody war and caused and aggravated famine, drought, war, displacement the people of Tigrai. I myself I have to leave from North Ethiopia because of Woyanes war. Tigreans became refugees in Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Uganda,… because of woyanes. Also 60 000 Tigreans youth died in the war. Imagine 60 000 souls.

    For the 17 years Tigrai was deprived peace, and development because Woyane made Tigrai a war field. It made the people of Tigrai suffer so much.

    Imagine, WOyane recruited Tigreans up to the age of 15, even there kids as old is 8 yeas old when woyane controlled Ethiopia. It was forcing Tigreans youth, men, women to join them.

    After 17 years suffering, woyane controlled Ethiopia when derg collapsed by its own weight of weakness and demoralization.

    Woyane came with bizzare ideologies:
    1. Woyane without mandate just by friendship with Shabia let Eritrea go.
    2. Woyane on purpose for no purpose destroyed Ethiopian National Navy.
    3. Woyane did not even claim any property from Asseb, or the aeroplanes in asmara were taken by Shabia with on deal.
    4. All the ships were taken by Shabia with no deal.
    5. Ethiopians were expelled from Asmara and Asseb and thrown in Jane meda in addis.
    6. Woyane declared Ethiopia must be landlocked.
    8. EU, the then OAU ,USA,… opposed the land-locking of Ethiopia and the separation of Eritrea. They protested by releasing press. Woyane ignored the plea of EU, OAU, USA,… Meles Zenawi moved up and down with Egypt to make sure Ethiopia is 100% landlocked. Meles succeeded to surpass EU protest, OAU,, USA protest because of Botros Gali was UN chief then.
    9. Woyane without any mandate from the Ethiopian people recognized Eritrea as a country before any country? imagine, an Ethiopian leader or citizens working so hard to land-lock his country? then to divided his country? imagine? then Sudane was asked by Meles to recognize Eritrea as a country and that way Meles Zenawi succeeded dividing the people and land-locking Ethiopia.
    10. Then Shabia invaded Ethiopia, bombed the entire Tigrai in one week. Meles refused to defend the people or to protect the people. He refused to repulse Shabia. He was house arrested as rumours had it. Then the Siye group organized a counter attack to hit back Shabia and they did and won Shabia. Meles was watching on TV the war. He was no happy the war was on by Ethiopians. He aborted the war and declared war ended when war was in progress and at the last minute to finish the war.

    Meles aborted and then he rounded 400 Tigreans generals, colonels in Tigrai and put them. Sources there are still people in prison in Tigrai.Siye was brought to addis Ababa and stayed in prison for 7 years for no reason, but for wanted to finish shabia. Colonel Berhe was called to addis by Meles and he founded assassinated with his wife the next night.

    An escape colonel Alem from Tigrai region from a prison near DebreDamo military hospital tells hand on story. He was one of the 400 people who were put arrested after the TPLF split.He was rounded from Zalambesa war front and him and others were put in prison in Fatsi. He was moved from Fatsi prison to Debredamo military prison which is 4 KM away from Debredamo. Colonel Alem escaped from the military prison and now lives in Australia. I met personally Colonel Alem and when he told me the injustice committed on him and on other Tegadelitis who were on the side of the dissidents, it is the most harrowing and difficult to believe story. you can really or conclude that Woyane is an organisation of wild beasts that feeds itself on its own chidren.

    10. Woyane then dragged Ethiopia to the Hague and signed EEBC.
    11. Woyane dragged Ethiopia to Alger’s agreement
    12. EEBC asked if Ethiopia would like to the need of a port in the negotiation, of settlement with Shabia?Meles Zenawi clearly told to EEBC diplomats Ethiopia has no interest or it does not need ports. He said we do not want ports, what an idiot? This is from the mouth of the EEBC diplomats. They wanted to solve the problem genuinely by addressing the needs of all the sides, but the idiot man refused to include the port of Asseb for negotiation by asserting Ethiopia does not need any port.
    13. Then Ethiopia gave badme. Meles promised he will hand badme and but advised EEBC diplomats it can only be done later when Ethiopians forget the biter war? He assured and promised them it will be done but it will take time because it can not be done in short period because Ethiopians will be upset with the war fresh in their mind. This information was obtained by this person from EEBC diplomats. Practically Woyane has given badme, they are waiting until Ethiopians forget the war? kkkk,
    14. Then comes Somalia war, We all know ICU of Somalia was formed by Shabia. And Woyane went to fight war in Mogadisho as a war buffet for Ethiopians prepared by Shabia. Woyane said, Shabia is okay. We wanted war in Somalia. Woyane wanted to Somalia to fight useless Shabia war.
    15. Woyane said Shabia is okay, but let us fight war in Ogaden for shabia. And Ethiopians hat to fight war of Shabia in their own country?
    15. Woyane did not stop there. it went further and come with investment stories and started removing Gambelans and selling their land Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Turkeys, Egytians,… Gambela is sold now for 37 countries. Even colonialist did not share colonies. They would take their share and let know no one around their share. But this is new black colonialism were you sell part of your country for 37 countries? can you imagine? this is never seen in history of human kind.
    16. While Woyane is busying sell land of the poor to multinational corporations, it saying it has no land for its citizens and it has removed or uprooted 5 000 amhara tribes to no where. Would one expect this form people who fought for freedom? no, I do not know where they came from. No real Ethiopians can do this to his country. I do not know what to call these people. But it is good we have national consensus and remove them before it is too late. They will do more damage if they are left alone.

    Benefit analysis:
    1. The Tigreans got nothing after give away their children, not even freedom. They are muzzled not to say anything.
    2. 32 Universitiies appromixately at the cost of 8 billion dollars.
    3. few dams at the cost of 4 billion
    4. Abay Dam, 5 billion

    Total benefit: 8 + 4 + 5 = 17 billion

    net benefit = 17 billion – 60 billion = -43 billion dollars.

    Shows, without considering the cost of human life, material resources, Woyane struggle only brought more loss than benefit. If we include human cost, and material cost of the woyane struggle and the war with Shabia, then we can automatically conclude woyanes bloody war brought nothing than too much loss and too much suffering.

    • Dawit (Down Under) says:


      If you smell and bark like Gezaee, You are no one but the willy-nilly Gezaee.

  8. teshome says:

    I can not put it in any kind of simplistic way but the stereotyped evidences you gave us tells me you are not a man who can’t think out of your small box.
    You don’t have a clue how this contemporary world is running. Enjoy living in blissful ignorance

  9. Terengello says:

    The suffering and lack of freedom of most Ethiopians is the main reason why the political party called Semayawi party called for a mass protest rally on June 2nd,2013 in front of the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. All feedom seeking Ethiopians are asked to wear all black clothes for the week.

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