Tower in the Sky: Book Review in Amharic (Yared Tibebu)


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  1. repentance says:

    It is understandable that the writer is too cautious, even scared, being EPRP follower.

    First and foremost it must be clearly understood that all are equally responsible who participated in the carnage (Red/White terror). The government was not only the devil/evil but also the opposition who slaughtered many innocent people, be it their comrades or those who are not in their camp.

    Who has to apologize to who? EPRP was evil/devil like Derg. That must be clearly understood. Therefore, EPRP followers have no moral right over their opponent or others.

    Mr. Yared Tibebu be the first one to admit, whether you are now pro or against EPRP. EPRP = Derg. Criticizing will not help except repentance that is very long overdue from all.

    In any case, it is a good start to breath that was suffocating many souls.

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