Ethiopia: Beware the Phrases on any Nile Discussions (Zerihun Abebe)


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19 Responses

  1. Meron says:

    This young Ethiopian has been doing a good job in the Nile issue. We are grateful to have very concerned individuals like him.

    The article he wrote in response to Al-mariam is one of his best:

  2. ETHIO says:

    Egyptians are poor people just a little above Ethiopian poor people. As a good human being and as an Ethiopian, there is no need for Ethiopia to harm the people of Egypt. Muslim brother hood dose not represent Egyptian yet and EPRDF as well.From both side there is big miss understanding including editors from both country. both Governments are politically motivated rather than dealing with the fact on the ground.There are many Egyptian have misleading information about Nile river.

    Both people are not ready to cooperate and found a new relation ship based on both people Interest.

    I am deeply concerned about the situation and how the leaders handle it It is embarrassing for both people to don’t know what the other part deserve. It is very sad as well both people doesn’t have good leaders.

    As a Christian I wish all the best for Ethiopian and Egyptian.

  3. Chala says:

    ER /Eritrian review/ Elias Kifle and ESAT/Egyptian talk/ Sisay Agena both said they are supporting EGYPT.

    I thought Sisay Agena was better than Elias Kifle but when i watch ESAT Tube yesterday he was saying because he hate the gov. he doesn’t mind if EGYPT bomb Ethiopia.
    He think that might help his party G7 to 4kilo.
    What a looser we all know they work for money but they beg ethiopian money and work for Egypt just to get extra dollar.
    I am really ashamed that those who talk too much saying they are the only one who love ethiopia now get nacked and we sow they only love the power not ethiopia.
    If they are not in power they don’t care ethiopia become like somalia or syria.
    Sisay Agena and Elias Kifle history is against you. and you will pay for what you are doing now

    • Meron says:

      I wonder how the likes of Elias Kifle and those in ESAT think. Are they this much low? The most fascinating thing is when preach everyday about politics, democracy and freedom. They are not even qualified to differentiate between country’s interest and internal political difference.
      Aye Ethiopia. Enezihm Weledish!

    • ETHIO says:


      YOU ARE INTOXICATED. once in your life think before you post trash. I read what they say, and they didn’t say that.

      Eliyas said…tplf is both people enemy. I haven’t find any thing which show their support for Egypt. They hate eprdf. that is not new. no one will expect them to support. They are strong Ethiopians better than you and SIBHAT,DAWIT,BEREKET.ETC

      Ethiopian always love Eliyas and sisay.

      You have to know that. people may know who you are.

      • Chala says:

        Sisay Agen /ESAT/ purely said he doesn’t mind if Egypt bomb Ethiopia as he thinks that will make EPRDF week.
        and Elias Kifle send a letter to Egypt gov telling them he is with them and he doesn’t support the dam.
        So don’t try to defend those who said it in public and every one can view it any time.
        ESAT they even said they don’t support Semayawie party demonstration as that might make the gov. looks good and less money to collect in diaspora.
        So for them to collect more money they don’t want to hear any good news from Ethiopia.

        • ProofNeeded says:

          Mr. Chala,

          Back up your claim with actual clips. All ESAT programming is on youtube. Otherwise, you are just spreading rumor and lose credability.


  4. Dorch says:

    The government can not question someone’s ‘Ethiopianism’ on the basis of supporting Abay Dam or otherwise. Forexample, I do not support the Fake Abay dam project simply because it is not thoroughly thought out and is not a well planned project. It has no public merit as we Ethiopians have much more pressing issues right now than building Abay. Look, our people are starving out of inflation, people do not have a say on their own affaira such as oppose what they feel is wrong in their own affairs, a big section of our people have been detained under the label or terrorism or chauvinism, etc etc. These are the most pressing issues than the Abay dam. However, I have the following few points regarding this politically motivated fake dam.

    1. Abay dam can not be used as a hiding cave for the government’s dictatorship. Ethiopians want their democratic rights and freedom of citizenship before Abay dam.

    2. While the government claimed that this project was kept secrete from public for the past 20 years, you now struggle to keep it secrete even from Egyptians, let alone Ethiopia people. Why the Ethiopian people were denied a public debate on this project in the first place? Why the government exclude all neutral and opposing views about the project. Are Ethiopian people animals to be told that this is good for you and you have no right to say it is otherwise?

    3. Where is the financial source to build this project? Amazingly, we have been told that only 4bill birr has been raised out of the 85bill birr in the past 2 years. This is only 4.7% of the budget needed. The government has forced our poor peasants of their daily survival income, and forced monthly contributions of salaries of our poor public servants, forced contribution of 27% incomes of our investors and traders, etc. Do you think you can keep these pressures on public from year to year until the project is completed?

    4. Any success forecast of a project must analyse a SMART component of the project, which means the analysis must ensure the project is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. The Abay dam fails to address at least three of the above components. It fails to say when it will be finished, it fails to be realistic because of financial constraints and it fails to achieve its goals due to external and internal factors….no time to go in details of this.

    5. What is this projects financial or national merits as compared to Assab Port. If War is inevitable, I would prefer Ethiopia must fight to recover Assab than to build a dam in Sudanese border. By the way, Egypt will never try to invade Ethiopia. It may attempt to destroy the dam in so many ways (but no dam/will not be any dam to be destroyed anyway). The financial merits of recovering Assab would be a ten fold (much greater) than the expected revenue from the Abbay dam. Ethiopia is spending approx. $1.5 bill every year on port, expected to double in 15 years. The expected electric export revenues from all electric export, if succeeded, will be less than a $100mill per year. So, do we really have to fight for Abay dam or Assab port? This is a substantial quetion every Ethiopian has to answer before rushing to decide some thing unrealistic.

    6.We Ethiopians have an emotional feeling when it comes to Abay. The regime has been exactly trying to manipulate that weakness for its own benefits. But this is unfair. This project will not succeed unless it comprehensively engages the opposing and supporting views and sets a way forward for Ethiopians to come togetherness. This project will not succeed as it stands.

    7. Why is that it should be built in Sudanese border? Whilst Ethiopia could more proactively protect the dam from any extrnal attacks at its central regions, the Dam has been sited in Sudanese border effectively weakening Ethiopia’s defensive capabilities. Egypt can bribe any Sudanese person to throw a hand grenade to destroy it without any need of firing or stricking a missile. Was it really a professional view for the project to be located there? Or is there anti-Ethiopiansm behind it?

    • Samuel says:


      I will try to argue that you are wrong on all points. however, I want it be known that I don’t support EPRDF and their ethnic based politics 9which ESAt and the like pursuing now).

      1. Look at China now, they are a force to be reckoned with because they opted to lift their people out of poverty ahead of democratization. They are slowly democratizing. Japan and Korea did the same too. My point is poverty eradication and democratization are not mutually exclusive, but if one needs to prioritize putting food on the table comes first.

      2. You are naive to think that a project like putting a dam on the nile is something that should be publicly debated. This project has been on the radar since Haile Sellassie’s time.

      3. It’s true that the public can give only so much, but Ethiopians are willing to give their lives, let alone their money, to this cause.

      4. Again, you are being naive and are trying to spit out the little knowledge you have on project management. All the financial, technical, environmental, social and political analysis and feasibility studies have been done a long timem ago. Even a chicken factory will have that.

      5. Abay and Assab are two different things. We own Abay but we don’t own Assab. Ethiopia would love to have Assab back, and she will in the future. As Assab is no use to Eritrea they will eventually transfer it to Ethiopia for compensation. Nile gives life and provides food and electricity but Assab saves money.

      6. Why shouldn’t we have emotional attachment to Abay? We can use it to feed ourselves and modernize our nation.

      7. For hydroelctric dam use, the current project is the best location. Again, this is part of the technical review and feasibility studies.

  5. Gezaee H. says:

    I am reading Egyptian government websites; I do it deliberately and gathering opinions from elite Egytians and I apply statistical analysis. Opinions show that Egyptians do not want to lose the water they are getting from the Nile now which is 55.5 billion cubic meters. They are saying they have 18 billion cubic meter of water deficit. They wanted more, but not less. They do not believe in any sharing of the water. They believe the colonial treaty that excludes Ethiopia is their best treaty which they will never negotiate about it. Ethiopia must be remained excluded from the water for Egypt to maintain its water as it is today. They are saying they will take this to international court of Justice and they are 100% sure they will win the case and they claim they have a strong case against Ethiopia. But they are saying Ethiopia has to agree to go court to do that. If Ethiopia does not ask arbitration from ICJ, it will be difficult for them if Ethiopia refuse to go court, they will take military option.

    In my sober opinion, I am not confident with the Ethiopian government to be honest. Reasons: They just do not have any position. Reasons: It is only Ethiopians officials who talking day in and day out win win or sharing. Egyptian do not believe in sharing. I do not understand why the woyanes wanted to dwell on things that does not exist at all.

    I am not happy with Hailemariam Desalegn, he does not seem strong enough to stand for Ethiopia once again. There is no way you can share the Nile without affecting the flow of the water flow. Ethiopian officials are saying they will never use the Nile for irrigation except for power generation. This is generational suicidal for Ethiopian coming generation. I am afraid the woyane government may again drag Ethiopia to un-necessary court of ICJ and hand the Abay forever again like they did our ports.I am not confident on EPRDF.

    It is better to stop the dam than to make any useless agreement again. Even Egypt do not want to share? so why we the people who own the water beg them to share? you can go and see Ethiopians begging Egyptians win win solution. You will not find an Egyptian saying win win. I do not know if EPRDF officials know any other word than win win English word.

    I suggest EPRDF stop the dam than kneeling down and begging our enemies. You are humiliating yourself and putting yourself in a weak position. They do not want to share, but you are the only who wanted to share. According to me, never discuss or negotiate on the 1929 and 1959 colonial agreement between colonialist and their colonies.

    Even Meles has said it many times he will never discuss the old treaties. The Egptian may try to trick Ethiopia by dragging Ethiopia to ICj. In their government website they are saying Ethiopia wanted to discuss the 1929 and 1959 colonial agreement. I never read this any Ethiopian saying we wanted to discuss about colonialism. They are completely opposite to us. In my opinion, there will never be common ground with these people, people may not agree with me. These are selfish Arabs; they damn care about other human being.

    My policy is no deal is the best deal for Ethiopia. I warn EPRDF the following:
    1. Never discuss the colonial treaty, but reject it 100%. We do not know it. They are saying the 1929 and 1959 colonial agreement is international treaty Ethiopia must accept it as it is. I swear I read this on the government website. The difference between us is big. I do not believe there will be any common ground. Never hold the colonial agreement as an agenda.
    2. Secondly, please do not drag the country again into another court of any where. Please, we have already many messes you have made. Please never go anywhere.
    3. The only durable solution is to build our military and even develop nuclear programmes and then use our water as we wish. We do not need the blessing of any court or any country to use our resources.
    4. There is no international law on this planet. The international law is you have to be powerful only and then you can do whatever you want. If there was international law, Emperor Haileslassie would have not been blocked when he finished his plan to build it in 1927.If there was international law, the British would not have blocked Ethiopia from getting funds to harness the Nile equitably. We would not have been blocked funding if there was international law or court of justice on this planet.
    6. If there was international law, Egypt would not have used the entire Nile of 55.5 billion cubic meters while Ethiopia does not even use 1 cubic meter of the water despite it is the owner of the water.

    As such there is no international court on our planet and Ethiopia must not go to any court. Egypt can not do anything all alone if Ethiopians do not drag their country into another mess again.

    I have read opinions of Ethiopians on the Egyptian website saying let us go to court. That is very stupid to hear.

    In case, EPRDF wants to make another EEBC, Alger’s agreement or if ERDF again attempts dragging our county to Europe, then the opposition who are genuine who love Ethiopia must use the case to mobilize the nation and overthrow the government by popular uprising. We will never take or allow another EEBC, Alger’s agreement. The opposition must exploit this if EPRDF makes another misstep. We do not want this government to kill the generations of Ethiopians to come.

    It is better the government stop the dam than making any stupid things.

    If the government is good or visionary, it must quick start nuclear programme immediately and build the military. Enemies are good sometimes, because they wake you up and make you think better. If Germany did not start playing with nuclear matters, America would not have set up the Los Alamos, Manhattan nuclear programme. Most of the development and innovations in Europe and North America were driven by rivalry of arm race between the western and eastern alliances.

    Ethiopia needs arm race with Egypt together with all the developments. There is no other way do deal with Egypt than to use strong military. So please quick start nuclear facilities and build up the army. We need nuclear weapon more than Israel and North Korea. We have been held hostage by human being and subjected to death. Our people have been tied up their hands not to use their water for their welfare. As an Engineer and physicist, I can contributed my knowledge towards nuclear programme. We need it to deter our enemies.

    • teshome says:

      @ Gezaee H
      Mr. know it all, I have a sincerely advice for you. I expect you may react aggressively for constructive comments,
      Anyways, Please make your comments like ladies skirt. Too long to cover the essentials and too short to make it interesting.
      This a public forum and you can’t vomit what all you know in every single article. Of course some time you might not comment at all.
      Is that Okay dear.

    • Alem says:

      @Gezaee H. I appreciate your scholarly analysis especially your constructive criticism of EPRDF.

  6. jemal says:

    Egyptian Academic people have given wrong interpretation about themselves and Ethiopian as well. They consider themselves as technologically capable and consider Ethiopians are backward and they know nothing more than Egyptians in science and technology. When the name of Nile mentioned, they consider themselves as the creator and inventor of the Nile civilization more than anything Else. Who built the Nasser Dam, the American then next Aswan by was Soviet Union.Egyptians have no any technology marks on their construction of Dam. All the time they menace Ethiopia with war dram. We know as far as all Arabs buying the most sophisticated weaponry by selling oil, they have not yet won the war in the world history. Even in 6 days Arabs-Israel war Egyptian gave great portion of land to Israel army and serender themselves to Israel army.And Egyptian was the loser. Egyptians were also defeated in the hand of Ethiopian Genrals called Ras Alula at Gindet at the end of 18c to control the source of blue Nile. You said Nile was “Egypt”, Egypt was “Nile”. But now you have taken conciliatory position that Nile is an international river and Ethiopia should not threat with Nile. You have taken this position as Ethiopia made surprised diversion last week. You said war is on the table? Which war, do think you win the war? Our late prime minster said Egyptian tried unstoppable that Ethiopia can make the dam. No one can fish a fish in trouble water. You stole our river in day light as consider Ethiopians have no capacity and technology to construct the dam. We Ethiopian we are looking eagerly for your war “on the table”. You classifies Ethiopia is edges, Sudan is heart, themselves lakes, But we Ethiopian said we are the head of the Nile rivers,Egyptians are the legs of the river. Legs acts in accordance what heads tell him to act. Ethiopians are now smart and keen regarding equitable use of Nile river. We don’t give recognition “Egypt Share” or the so called “Quota”.

  7. Gezaee says:

    I understand why people hate EPRDF or woyane; We all know why? but we do not expect them to do the same; Woyane landlocked our country that is the reasons those Ethiopians hate woyane which is legitimate. Who would a government that is against its country? no one, I would not blame for hating the government. But they must write a letter to Morsi saying they support the Nile is for Egypt like Almariam or Elias Kiflie. At least oppose and do not contribute anything, but joining Egypt is non-sense.

  8. Gezaee says:

    I understand why people hate EPRDF or woyane; We all know why? but we do not expect them to do the same; Woyane landlocked our country that is the reasons those Ethiopians who hate woyane which is legitimate. Who would love a government that is against its country? no one, I would not blame them for hating the government. But they must not write a letter to Morsi saying they support the Nile is for Egypt like Almariam or Elias Kiflie. At least oppose and do not contribute anything, but joining Egypt is non-sense

  9. asmarino says:

    Egypt is the reason why Eritrea exists. It is hard to say and i feel so ashemed but i have old releatives who fought for the ELF. At that time they recived military training by egyptians. ELF fighters injured recived medical treatment in egypt. Egypt intention was always to weaken Ethiopia. Many people in Asmara are behind ethiopia even the fake leaders like aka afwerki say something different.

  10. Mario says:

    Egyptian politician

    Beware of Ethiopia !

    You had tried Ethiopia supported by western military experts in the 1870s for about three times! You can not fight Ethiopian a war & win!

    The only choice for Egypt is: to use the Nile water in an equitable manner! We know Egypt needs more water than Ethiopia , coz the Nile is the only source of water Egypt has!

    We are advising Egypt not to waste it’s time on a scare tactic! The government in Ethiopia believes in mutual understanding!

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