Egyptian politicians discuss attacking Ethiopia over Nile dam


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55 Responses

  1. Slick says:

    Mohammod Mursi can shout as loud he can. The message is clear! Ethiopia has the right to use Abay. For now there is nothing to panic for Egypt because Ethiopia is not even taking its fare share fully.

    Once again I assure the thug Woyanes who come and bark here, Any treat paused on Ethiopia will be handled perfectly. The Ethiopian government should stop threatening opposition parties such as Semayawi party and others and show its mussel to Egypt.

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @Slick, honestly what do you really know about this ‘out of nowhere party’? And to say what u are saying just days after the government has allowed them to hold a successful demo. Wow don’t let your hate of Woyane get the best of you. Egypts case is far more bigger. Nothing to be compared with the tiny issues we have amongst us. And EPRDF doesn’t have to show its muscle yet like you said, gov. Is doing great diplomatic job. Look at you hurrying to get Ethiopians killed. Shame. Anyways EPRDF BERTU, Time is not far for Ethiopia to become the strongest nation in Africa. We are hopeful. And the rest of you confusing National interest with internal political interest shame on you. Anyways lets all pray for the best outcomes of this DAM. Hopefully no bloodshed…….God bless Ethiopia.

      • Slick says:

        Hey Mahlet Asefa

        what is good about TPLF (woyanes)? Let me make it clear for you I Hate woyane as I Hate Egypt! Both of them Historical Enemy of Ethiopia!!!!!

        For your information I want to tell you that what woyane brought to the People of Ethiopia is
        1. Corruption :-Ethiopia is a leading corrupted country in the entire planet where its leaders became one of the richest prime minster in the world. Sadly he couldn’t even spend a penny out of it.
        2. Nepotism. Do you realize how one ethic group dominated? You can feel it the minute you step in to the Airport. for your information the latest studies shows that only 80% of Bole international Airport employees comes from one race.

        3. Dictatorship. Again one party, one leader, One race, one media, one telecom company, (Our Political, social, economical aspects of life is dominated by so called TPLF and its affiliated groups.

        4.The so called former Woyane Generals and officials are running top business companies in Addis and up and dawn the country. Do you think their salary can be saved to set up such huge business?

        5. Our Military and security apparatus and leadership dominated by One race mainly comes from TPLF !

        The list goes on . . . and on.

        When we come to the Majority whom I cried about, Ethiopians are denied from these major activities and left out in the cold. For the time being Ethiopians have to beg everything from their God given freedom up to a simple thing from the so called (Bale Gizewoch)

        May be for you and the like of you, Ethiopia is a Holy Land under African skies. But for the majority of Ethiopia life is like a hell. The cost of living, freedom, you name it its grilling our society in every direction. For us your woyanes are NOTHING !!!!!

        For now we don’t have a choice no matter what happens regardless how we abused, killed and suffered by the thuggish woyanes, we will stand and fight Egyptians if they try to throw a single stone. your proverb “Ye telate Telat Wedaje new” doesn’t work for us.

        Dawn to Egypt, Seabia and woyane !!!!

        Ethiopia shall prevail !!!!!

    • Mengistu says:

      I wonder how many color names you have to use until you know your own color? Semayawi? They refused to participate in an election and wanted to protest instead? How democratic is that? Have you followed the recent rehtoric coming out of some of egyptcian polticians lately? Supporting oppostion groups to distablize the country and such. Is that why your “Semayawi party” is working their bidding? I know you can sleep with anyone as long as you can get to power. My friend, thanks to “Ethiopian government” that possiblity is not in the cards. You cannot fool EPRDF with such tricks. That is why the Ethiopian people sleep well – knowing the resolve and strength of our government. You on the other hand, keep protesting on the western countries streets.

      • slick says:

        I feel I have constitutional obligation to educate these TPLF/EPRDF chaps.

        Ato Mengitu, I have no problem if you say anything but I urge you to make sense when you come out and jot dawn few points in these forum. because as I understand, there are quite a lot of people who come and read your comment. It will be a shame for your comrades as well as your party if you don’t make sense. Just to respond for some of your question, Opposition parties decision no to participate on election is based on several issues.
        1. The electoral board is biased. As you remember its chairman is selected by the Prime Minster himself.
        2. We have seen a lot of intimidation and pressure from the electoral board. Its not Neutral as its in many countries.

        3. What is the point of taking part in election if the woyanes are barbering farmers an exchange of fertilizers, others with getting job, etc

        4. What is the point of taking part in election if the opposition can’t go out and campaign? Let me ask you this do you think Andinet or Semayawi party can go to Mekelle and campaign??? (don’t smile)

        Listen I can give a lot of reasons why Opposition decided not to take part in election. They shouldn’t just give an impression for the outside world that there is true democracy in Ethiopia which never exist. First before we conduct any kind of election, we should have free media for all, the rights for parties to organize their supporters and campaign freely, set up new electoral board which is independent etc.
        Without having such pre-condition trying to conduct any kind of Election is just a joke.

        Our fight is just to have this privilege and to win or loose Elections. We can’t loose election before we even take part.

        Semayawi party is fighting to restore our rights!!!!

        Finally don’t under estimate our intelligence. We do not just led blindly as TPLF led you and your friends like a kid.

        Thank u

        • Tagash says:

          Hey slick,

          you seem to be one of those, inherently despotic “chap” of a feudal type, you feel entitled to be the instructor of everybody. You probably are one of those “learned” doctors and engineers of the toxic diaspora, who feel entitled to be the God anointed leaders of the Ethiopian people.

          Please don’t ask me to deal with the issues at hand, because you are not the type to engage with in a discussion in a reasonable manner, for you seem to be the know-it-all type of the toxic diaspora, and feel you have ” constitutional obligation to educate….” others.

          To sum it up you are one of those who are absolutely, and irrationally blinded by their hatred towards people of Tgrain origin. With such bitter and utter ridiculous hatred towards TPLF, you can’t reasonable rationalize the burning issues of our beloved land.

          I can tell you now, even if EPRDF fulfills all the the demands of the opposition, not only the superficial, and bogus, out cry of democracy and justice, but also the main underlying issues of making Ethiopia land locked, dividing Ethiopia by killil, even if they get Assab with some miracle, even if they establish a none ethnic based political demarcation of Ethiopia, with some miracle,I know you still would not be satisfied without making the Tigrains kneel down and ask for forgiveness.

          PS: I am a proud Amhara, of northern Show descent, who wants his mother land’s prosperity and integrity maintained at any cost and who unlike you and your likes does not wish the destruction of our land rather have live under the so called fabricated, domination of a single ethnic group. Don’t play with fire you are here in the US or in Europe in safety out of the dangers of what the destruction of Ethiopia entails or bring about to the inhabitants of that wretched land, they have suffered enough, leave them alone!

          • Ethiopis says:

            Ginbot 7, Elias Kifle, Ethio-media and co. are now happy, they must be happy. The have got what they wanted and for what they prayed for. Now they can serve their masters. Egypt is ready to help them. Wow, what a patroitic AMHARAS. Hamotu yefessesse!

          • Slick says:

            Fitawrari Tagash

            None of your response impressed me. you were all Over brother. Who cares if you are Amhara or Tigre?? I just gave very specific answer for very specific questions. I don’t consider myself as any of the groups you claimed I could be.And your being Amhara o Oromo or Tigre is nothing unless you put your Ethiopianism FIRST. I don’t play your race card. But I will use the race card how it affected Ethiopia in 21st century. Its not hate to talk about the dominance factor and race in Ethiopia but its a reality we faced and its a dangerous game your idol EPRDF wants to play with.

            You can read my comment, its not to target anybody but speaking the truth!!! I live in alongside the people I refereed and its a reality in Today’s Ethiopia.

            Don’t paint any unnecessary picture to show that Slick is the enemy! Don’t get me wrong. I am like any other citizen who tirelessly working so hard for the DEVELOPMENT of Ethiopia. I don’t Oppose any development effort in Ethiopia !!!!!

            I Oppose




            Any Violation of My constitutional right

            One Ethnic Dominance (whoever they are)

            and I will fight for……

            Press freedom

            Free Judiciary system in Ethiopia

            Free and Fair Election

            Equal Opportunity for all

            Multi Party democracy

            It doesn’t make you to be rich, or poor, Amhara or Oromo or Gurage to stand up for these fundamental rights in our society.

            Let us built a Fairer World
            A better Ethiopia for All.

            Ethiopia shall Prevail.

        • Mengstu says:

          Silk, your constitutional obligation aside, I wish you would know the basic principles and workings of those “working democracies”. By your account, the Democrats or Republicans wouldn’t participate in more than have of the states since the secretary of the state – equivalent to election board – are mostly appointed by their respective Governors. Friend, even supreme court judges are appointed by the winning presidency. What it matters is the oath they take to uphold the constitution. So, to the extent that those election officials were appointed by the ruling party, is not a reason not to participate in an election. You asked, rather sarcastically, if Andinet or Semayawi party can go to Mekelle and campaign – to which I must answer – yes they can but would they want to? I have never heard that TPLF campaigning in Oromo regions or the Oromo party campaigning in Mekalle ether. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the beast. So, if you cannot make a sense of yourself, I assume it’s very hard to make sense of others. As to the intimidation, politics is not for the light hearted, friend. If you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen as a wise politician used to say. Don’t expect any political party worth its money to hand over elections in a sliver platter. You have to earn it. Finally, I don’t know where you get the idea that I am underestimating your intelligence. The thing I am questioning is the power of your ideas and the coherence to which you give to your arguments. TPLF doesn’t led or led anybody blindly as you suggest. I don’t know why I’ve to be a TPLF member to talk about Ethiopia anyway but, I digress. What I see from you and people like you is this group think that Ethiopia is led by some guerrillas who don’t know what they are doing. The fact on the ground suggests otherwise. Anybody who is willing to testify to that is labeled as woyane and TPLF. Get out of the mind-set to make sense of yourself and others. We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

    • tn. says:

      slick semayawi,
      ain’t you “holier than the pope”? a millitant one at that lol
      i hope that is not the case but once there was a guy called lidetu….. gena saijemer mehala yemiabeza!!

      • slick says:

        Ato /Weyzero tn.

        I can’t believe how stupid these woyanes/EPRDF’s are rally !!! It make me sick to read some of your comments. I am not going too far with this comment but let me ask you Professor TN.

        If you told a Muslim that they were “Holier than the Pope”, they would probably say that you insulted Islam and condemn you to death.

        You TPLF/Woyannes are barbaric, don’t say anything to democrats like me. Because it sounds ugly or an insult. You get me???

    • chala says:

      Wow Sisay Agena now will have a party thinking his party G7 will the one who get the help.
      While all the gov. and opposition working together for there country interest the Extremist mouth ESAT/Sisay Agena/ and ER/Elias kifle/ told as in public they support egypt bombing Ethiopia wishing that will help them to get to 4kilo.

      How low can you go Sisay Agena you call your self a journalist and you love Ethiopia while you wishing all bad to ethiopia b/c your party G7 is not ruling.

      I am ashamed to be called ethiopiawi with this hodam borcham sit and talk people.

  2. Ahadu says:

    How about this for a proof that Egypt is our historical enemy, which was behind all rebels in our history!

    The “timam” hardliners didn’t even know they were live when talking about arming rebels and sabotage.

    Beware Egypt. The reply will be unprecedented and catastrophic!

  3. sayinta says:

    Yihe Borcham Arab min abatu new ende abede wisha yemechohew? midir shirtam areb be ketachew new ende yemyasibut? este nedajachewin yakafilun! sintu hodam ale bakachu! ye enesun telalaki ayiketu kitat mektat new

  4. Gkassa says:

    Ethiopian government has to release political prisoners.

    Reeyot Alemu
    Eskinder Nega
    Bekele Gerba
    Lelisa Olbana

    and many more let us unite and let us be free unshackle us so we could protect our country!! We will hold TPLF accountable in a way fit if they squander this opportunity.

    Long Live ETHIOPIA!!!

    • bendo says:

      Who are you to put precondition to help your country. the egyptian politician didn’t like each other more than us but they stand together when it comes to there country.

      So putting precondition to stand up speak up to your country is shame.

  5. Gezaee Ethiopia says:

    Now; we must have back up now; I am telling you people; EPRDF says our enemy is poverty. I refuse that. Our enemy is Egypt. They immersed us in perpetual war among each other. They outsmarted us and made us kill each other. Ethiopia’s number one enemy is Egypt.

    Poverty has a cause; there is poverty without cause. Egypt is the cause of our poverty; We are awake now.

    There must be a back plan. We must build others Dam in Ethiopia where the sources and if they ever kill a single Ethiopian by any military action, we automatically switch off the water 100%. Then that will be the end of the story. No deal with this nomads;

  6. Brooks says:

    Who will answer this question.

    Considering the world we are living now and comparing with past era as well,does Egypt’s Coercive policy or kenetic move guarantees the smooth assumed supply of Nile Water to Egypt?.

    If yes how?.

    If no,explain Ethiopian power of descrations utilizing the 10 tributaries of Nile rivers which can bancrupt by reducing the volume of the Nile water?

    I don’t wast your time answering my questions.I will answer it for you .What ever Egyptian think,the answer is simple they are in Double bind-Cath 22.

  7. Gezaee Ethiopia says:

    I actually believe this a plot deliberately leaked for the same purpose to scare Ethiopia? kkkkkk, who leaked to whom? leaked from whom to whom?

  8. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Mr. Morsi has to say something about and all what he say or will say is always intended for public consumption. The genie is out of the bottle and there is nothing the muftis in Cairo can do about it. South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, FR of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and to some extent Tanzania are all players in this riparian chess set. In stead of saber rattling, Egypt better design a different scheme by way of a plausible diplomacy. And also Morsi should line up his slacking thousands of engineers and get them involved in something productive for a change in projects such as massive desalination works and above all water conservation. Egypt’s daily water usage is almost twice that of any advanced nation in Western Europe. That means more than half of potable water is wasted every day. Egypt must conduct a thorough soul-searching when it comes to its own current water usage. Calling the name of the Lord in vain will not further the accord.

  9. Ittu Aba Farda says:


    That was I told you before. There is this deeply entrenched wrong conviction among the Egyptian megalomaniacs their nation is a royalty of the entire region. It has sent its troops to Yemen and Nigeria getting involved in the internal affairs of these countries. But the Yemenites taught Nasser unforgettable lesson in the 60’s. He even used poison gas in his military expedition in Yemen and still left with a bloody nose. Now these megalomaniacs may try to send some of their F16’s as a show of force and hope its pilots will be able to fly the jets back home. In any case, Morsi just got a windfall he was looking for to play with. Nasser used to blame everything on “Ezreel’ and ‘Amreeka’ even though 90% of his army did not know where ‘Amreeka’ was located. What a jackass!!!

  10. Mario says:


    If you hate woyane as much as Egypt, then either you are not a normal human being or you are not an Ethiopian! In my take, no matter how I hate any Ethiopian for some reason , I will never hate him as much as Egyptian politician !

    By the way , it doesn’t matter whether you hate woyane or not! Every one who hated woyane had seen its demise! Be careful ! Hate can only consume you!

    • slick says:

      Haha Mario …what a kid

      Today you came up with the list of creatrea how to become a perfect human being or Ethiopiawinet??? The most depressing part of your comment is that, you demand one to be a human to love inhumane group called Woyane. Listen kid 21 yrs ago your hero’s woyane thugs came and handed Assab to their masters Eritrea, for our suprise in 1998 the offered another piece of land “badime” .
      In 2013 the pigs (Egyptians) who never care about Ethiopia and said we are the source of Ethiopia and let us have it all ! Can you see these two historical enemy of Ethiopians???

      Egypt + woyane /sheabia = enemies of ethiopia !!!

  11. Tesema says:

    How about handling the war left for TPLF alone, Amhara and oromos were told by Tplf thousand times that they are cowardices. How about the great warriors of Tigray who moves the mountain take the war for themselves as they did the resources of Ethiopia. How about those who come to these forums day and night and insult Oromos and Amhara enlist to the military and fight against Egypt? If Egypt goes to war, these big mouths/ tplf will soon Chang their tone and talk about unity, love of country bla bla….we got a lesson from 1998 Eritrean and Ethiopian war…..nobody will fight again for Ethiopia, a country controlled by Tplf. First we have to be a free country, first we have to get our country back before we fight another country…..for me Tplf is number one enemy to Ethiopia. No more, no less. Tplfs will very soon mask themselves as amhara and Oromo and talk about unity, national interest etc….becouse they are shameful and cowardice to come to the open……and their hear knows they can’t move a log, let alone mountain……

    • bendo says:


      have you ever handled a gun or been in war? i don’t think so you seems one of those borcham paltalk talker only talk about love of your country but do nothing person.

      for you fighting for your country is making meeting in 5 star hotel and giving money to Birhanue and friends.

      So when you say we don’t fight bla bla talk don’t make your self as you have done something. why wouldn’t you fight woyanne until now then if you are a man enough.

      if Egypt start war the place the war will be is not in Tigray .

      as you have experience of talking in pal-talk do your war from pc.

  12. Meron says:

    So far, the best article by an Egyptian to Egyptian politicians regarding the Nile issue: Check it here:

    • Hermi says:


      Let’s hope cool heads like this prevail in Egypt. But in case, Ethiopia needs to prepare for any adventures by Egypt.

  13. mactanz says:

    I expect the Ethiopian Governement to react on this issue. It is very serious!!!

  14. ewent says:

    My Dear
    I think you are either young to know the past or I don’t know what you are.
    What the opposition are doing now is exactly what EPRDF was doing during struggle, help the enemy of Ethiopia. so it just what goes around comes around……

  15. FISH says:


  16. dubale says:

    you still counting the number of people from the same ethnic group in an institution?? what a shame. I wonder how you would felt, if you see many whites working for Ethiopian Airlines.
    This is the sickest mentality ever. In 21 century you count ethnic groups. you better commit suicide my brother. it is no worth living. You are consuming your life to hate that group and this group. what do u benefit if you find 100% amaras in the airport? feel happy? feel proud? gain some weight?? treated differently? why do u hate seeing many Tigreans in the air port? u hate their accent??….try to think out of box. people are thinking globally my friend..u lag tooooooo far behind.

    I should have not responded to silly/filthy thought ever though

  17. Meron says:

    Morsi aide apologies for live TV mix-up

  18. hermi says:

    AT Admin,

    Good work. Would it be possible to post the translation on what they are saying?

  19. Wedi Hawey says:

    We need Meles not Bereket to give interviews, please. Bereket was as dull as Adey Terehas. Azeb is a lot better, at least she knows how to lie. The problem, she cannot speak English or Arabic. Where is Meles? Dawit, have you seen him? the last time I checked one year ago, he was still in Ethiopia. Send him plese e-mails at least.

  20. Aladin says:

    I am egyptian. I apologize for what was said in that meeting. A group of stupid jerks were talking as if they are thugs.
    African countries will care for each other and work out things without these stupid jerks ideas.
    We all love all African countries, we care about the nile because we will be dead if the water is prevented from flowing, but we know you will not do that to us.

    • zebachew says:

      hellow mr. aladin of course you are corect how do we stop the nile river no forever we can not,but as you say your leaders they are try to say ethiopia is our enemy,i think they are not on the right truck.

  21. Framed says:

    Currently woyanes are framed between internal and external duress. It is a very good opportunity for Ethiopians to pressure woyanes more in order they give up power or share power with an all inclusive opposition groups.
    We shouldn’t fight another war under their leadership, we all remember what happened after the war was over with shabia. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice, shame on
    Opportunity comes but once. This time we have to use the threat of Egypt as an opportunity to change course in Ethiopia.

  22. Mario says:


    Can not afford to attack Ethiopia at this moment! The only card that Egypt had was Eritrea, but the smart leaders of the EPRDF have sealed it once & for all ! The second card was Somalia, but the EPRDF. Government has handled the case of Somalia very well & denied Egyptian politicians their second card!

    Now the Ethiopian people are building the Dam on their own money , therefore ,it is impossible to messing around Ethiopian interest at this moment!

    We know there are bandas in every historical events, & hence opposition medias in the diasporas are using this opportunity to serve Egypt to be the bandas of our time!

  23. Wardheere says:

    Let me say one thing to Egyptians and another thing to Ethiopians
    1. I would like to say the Egyptians, today is not the colonial era that you have looted the African natural resources, so be carefully to drag your people into a war which may lead the fall of Egyptian gov.
    2. Also I would say to Ethiopians, Please be patient and keep your diplomatic and peacefully dialogue so that you achieve your mission.
    Plz my fellow africans, let us work to words unity and development of all african nations.

  24. tatu says:

    It seems more of like a deliberate leak. I am wondering if Morsi and some one in Ethiopia haven’t organized to happen this leak for some reasons like: morsi get political unity under the pretext of national interest; the “someone” in Ethiopia will use the “rebel” support threat of the “pre-programmed” Egyptian politician to charge any political opponents in Ethiopia, like 3rd Akeldama/Harekat drama.

    I really believe that the Egyptian will not transmit a threat of this extent if it were a real. They are not stupid to do that. Even look how Morsi’s body language speaks. I fear simply that the “someone” in Ethiopia will try to scare the party like “semayawi” or else charge them.

  25. Mario says:


    Believe it or not you have some other problems behind your hate against woyane! Nevertheless , everyone who hates woyane has seen its demise! Haters of woyane are these who strengthen Woyane to this day! The more you hate woyane is the more Tigrian stick to woyane & more hastens the demise of anti woyane! May be either you are a child or you don’t read, therefore , you don’t know what you are talking about!

    Take it easy! Hate only consumes you inside out!

  26. ET says:

    How come I don’t see Elias Kifle in the video?

    People we should congratulate Elias kifle for this dream coming. Read what Elias for Egypt

    A message to Egyptians from an Ethiopian
    Elias Kifle | May 31st, 2013

    I understand your concern over the construction of dam on the Nile river in Ethiopia. Egypt’s very survival depends on the uninterrupted flow of the Nile. Every Ethiopian understands that. The so called Grand Renaissance Dam project was launched by the late dictator Meles Zenawi and his minority junta to divert the people’s attention from domestic problems. It is also to preempt the people’s desire for freedom and democratic governance. Before the ruling junta launched the project, it didn’t consult with the people of Ethiopia and countries like Egypt who are affected by it. I want the people of Egypt to understand that Ethiopia is ruled by an ethnic minority junta named Woyanne that does not represent the country’s best interests. Any government that represents the interest of Ethiopia would not try to dam the Nile when the country has many other underutilized rivers we can dam for electricity and irrigation purposes economically and in an environmentally safe way. I would like Egyptians to know that the people of Ethiopia are not threatening your survival. We have not been consulted about the project, and we do not support it. You should direct your anger at the unelected junta that is ruling Ethiopia. Your enemy is the Woyanne junta, which is also our enemy. As an editor of the cheapest and most read Ethiopian news and opinion website I would like to inform you that I know very few Ethiopians who support the Woyanne junta’s dam project.

    Guess what Elias Kifle I am Ethiopian and support the building of the Dam

  27. Daniel says:

    Some Egyptians appear to have concluded that Ethiopians should not waste the water cuz black Africans can beg but not bake their own bread. But a mind boggler thing for me is whether Ethiopians are smart enough to strenghten their grip by continuing to stand together for national interests.

  28. Narye says:

    “Eighty-five per cent of Nile waters originate in Ethiopia, yet the nation utilises very little of it, and the country has become synonymous with famine.” Scottish News (

  29. khaled says:

    Nile is the only source of water for Egypt and now we are suffering from poverty aqueous, creating dam of this size makes it the only option for Egypt is dying of thirst, or death in the war with you, you want electricity, this is your right and we want the water and this is our right Why do not cooperate in the establishment of a group of small dams generate the same amount of electricity without affecting the flow of water, assure you we will not allow the Nile stopping run until the last Egyptian soldier

  30. khaled says:

    Nile is the only source of water for Egypt and now we are suffering from poverty aqueous, creating dam of this size makes it the only option for Egypt is dying of thirst, or death in the war with you, you want electricity, this is your right and we want the water and this is our right Why do not cooperate in the establishment of a group of small dams generate the same amount of electricity without affecting the flow of water, assure you we will not allow the Nile stopping force until the last Egyptian soldier

  31. Extraterrstrial says:


    There is a difference between Government and State …

    before confusing two completely different forums, the international vs domestic …

    Government and State is State lasts forever as long as that state exist but Government comes and go …

    The argument is not just about Ethiopia and Egypt but also many other African countries, it is a little bit wider than you want to narrow it. Your arguments just don’t fit as Ethiopian or African.

    Why not we postpone your argument when we get domestic topics?

  32. Extraterrstrial says:


    “force until the last Egyptian soldier”

    Then we will capture that last solider and keep him in a zoo for tourists marked “the last Egyptian solider” for tourism.

  33. Wadolino says:

    Egypt army should leave refuge in there country alone and go ahead destroy the Dam TPLF is building.

  34. zebachew says:

    you damn emotional egyptian officials first you have to solve your internal problem.

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