Prof. Mesfin on Ethio-Egypt recent controversy


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50 Responses

  1. admin says:

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    • Ethiopis says:

      Good prof. what happend to you? Are taklking to the Egyptians or to Etrhiopians? don#t be confused your self and others. do not be afraid of this all youmentioned Egyptian hardwares. If you can make a good point and bring a good solution for both sides. I don’t understand your empty preaching. What should Ethiopisna do? What do you advice the Woyanes? Should they cancel the dam constraction? What is your point?

  2. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Very subtle and civilized advice from a renowned scholar. What those members of the Egyptian cabinet is uncalled for when a council that includes Egyptian engineers concluded that this dam will not affect the flow of water to Egypt. Even if these cabinet members are convinced to the contrary, they should not make such arrogant and derogatory remarks about the entire nation. They should realize the fact that the genie is out of the bottle and there is nothing they can do to force it back into the bottle. Like I said before Egypt should look into itself and find ways how to conserve this massive of water being wasted on daily basis. They should also put the heads of their massive number of unemployed engineers and start an extensive desalination projects. Egypt is gifted with boundless water supplies on its three sides. There is no need to go to war or start arming so-called liberation fronts who are to me nothing but hate groups. They will not fare well for its subversive endeavor. And this does not mean I am in favor of the status quo back home. But what is right is always right. In this case, Egypt does not have a case.

  3. Jacob says:

    This man is sick. እንደ ዝምብ በሁሉም ጉድዮች ጥልቅ እያለ ይዘባርቃል::ኣትፍራ ሸባው!!ኣንተን ኣምኖ ማንም ወደ ጦር ግንባር ኣይልክህም::
    ከፍርህት የተነሳ የግብፅን ታንክ መቁጠር ተጀመረ? ወይ ኢትዮጵያውያን!! ምንድነው የሚሻላቹ? እስራኤል የት ሲሄድ ነው ደሞ ግብፅ የሚድልኢስት ወታደራዊ ቁንጮ የሆነችው? እኔምለው: ግብፅ በታሪክዋ ይህን ጦርነት ኣሸነፈች ሊለኝ የሚችል ሰው ኣለ?

    • Belay Zeleke says:

      Man, he might be sick but he has got that disease from the many sick people like you. I know, if war breaks out, you will be the first to run away, or already you have started running. Worst, you have already left Ethiopia. Sitting elsewhere and preaching war is not the character of a brave man. You have already changed your name from Yakob to Jacob. He is saying let’s get ready, let’s stop the Kirarto and work on all fronts. That is the message. Get things straight and give respect when it is due. Don’t be Yefil Wetete.

      • Tedlaye says:

        where did you get that part from? Or did he send you a private message. If you cant read the old ……… is saying just listen to Egyptians, they will kick you… Isnt it?

        By the way you are an embarassment for the name you are carying. change it to Haile silasie Gugsa.

      • chala says:

        i am confused with this?

        No one is in ethiopian side talking about war. War dram is beating only on egyptian side.

        So what is the point of his warning the eth. gov.
        is he saying b/c egypt got more tank we should do nothing in the nile like 1000 years before.

        he been working with all the old goverments and he must be advising the same thing for hailesellase and mengistu.

        he suppose to stand with ethiopian interest and tell this to egyptian not to go to war.

        meaning less argument is this.

      • Samuel says:

        Read chala’s comment below.

        You are preaching to the converted. The Ethiopian government is not beating the war drum. the Egyptians are. Prof Mesfin should write his note to the Egyptians.

        Regardless, While I respect him for some of his accomplishments, I completely disagree with his points here. If the Egyptians attack Ethiopia, we will support the struggle to defend it. I don’t condone the Ethiopian government’s imprisonment of protesters, etc. but even a layman can differentiate between domestic politics (and teh fight for ethnic supremacy) and defending a nation. We might have fewer war machinery but we have the heart of a lion. The fact that we are surrounded by pro-Egypt is not a new fact. We have always prevailed and we will alwways prevail.

  4. Metema says:

    United States of America had overwhelming military superiority over Vietnam, but that did not give her even the slightest little chance to win the war and inconsequence USA suffered a humiliating defeat and had to leave the soil of Vietnam with traumatized solders and broken army. The issue is not weather Egypt has military superiority over Ethiopia or not, the issue is Ethiopia is not in the right time to defend itself, because of the fact we all know that the unity and national pride of Ethiopians has been touched and sabotaged purposely by the woyane junta. The country is fragmented into one hundred places. There is no national unity: speaking about one country one nation could take you to prison with a terror charge.
    The war is meaningful for online fokaris like bendo, teshome, mario, mahelet assefa, and so on.

    • Belay Zeleke says:

      Brother Metema, US “lost” the war because it wanted to lose. If they were serious, one Nuclear Bomb could have been enough to silence the Vietnamese. So, don’t compare two incomparable things. Egypt is no that powerful but we have to be ready; ready for all outcomes. By the way, are in Metema or Massachusetts?

      • Metema says:

        “US lost the war because it wanted” citation of the year

        How about the Ethio-Italy war? Are u going to tell me Italy lost the war because it wanted? What a moron you are

        If you read my writing well what I intended to say is “Military superiority is not a necessary condition to win a war”, but yes the unity of the people. Is there unity in Ethiopia today? The answer is no

        “You say we have to get ready” Ready for what? When you say, “WE”, what do you mean by “WE”? Does this “we” include those people your woyane masters are displacing from their land?
        Use your brain; don’t rush to comment, take a time and try to see to see things from a different perspectives.

    • chala says:

      We heard that more than 22 years people like you talking ethioia is divided and can’t stand any war.

      Shabia was thinking the same way when it started the war 12 years a go.

      Ehtiopia is stronger and better than 22 years ago.

      On derg time there was too much talk about unity but derg couldn’t even managed 10 years of unity. Tigray been free inn 1977 and before menga left there were around 5 or 6 ethiopia. eritria, ormomia, somalia, tigray and the rest.

      So the baby talk of we are divided now is just a joke for me. the realiity in ethiopia is more differente

      after 22 years the ethiopian army is making peace in all ethiopia and is busy helping sudan, burundi, somalia and congo.

  5. alem says:

    u are right professor mesfin,but i dont think that weyane will understand this….God bless u and gives u long life!!!

  6. Kudus Yared says:

    I agree with him we need to prepare; but I do not agree he blaming Ethiopians for the Shabia war. Did he not know Shabia invaded Ethiopia? what is he talking about?

    • Belay Zeleke says:

      Kudus, Meles allowed Shabia to invade Tigray, later he used the Oromos and Amaras as cannon fodders. Shabia should have been told in black and white to stop meddling in Ethiopian affair from the start before the Mekele bombing. All was Meles’s generosity. The prof. advised to mend relations or do in in order well before the war broke out. Einverstanden!

  7. Alem says:

    I honestly can’t understand the good professor. Isn’t it Egypt that is calling for war? Is he confused or trying to confse us?

    • Belay Zeleke says:

      It is you who are confused Alem or Alemitu, Alemnnesh, Alemanchin, Alemayehu. He clearly said let’s get ready. He justified that with the number of Arms and weapons Egypt has. He is a very wise man; Otherwise, it will be Yenetolo tolo bet. Ayet lemotua enedemibalewu, W/o Egypt is now coming and the cat must get ready. His advice is not to repeat the case with Eritrea. He knows that Weyane Tigres don’t have the brain we all have and they may act quickly and lose the war. That will be embarrassing. Gebito Alemanchin.

      • Dan says:

        Alem has nailed it. If you (so called Belay Zeleke) can read properly the title says “Letorinet Anchekul”. So the advice should go the Gov of Egypt not to Ethiopians or its government, who are advocating for peace. But I doubt you have the calliper to understand this stuff by the look of your comment based on race.

  8. solomon says:

    Thank God for ppl like Professor Mesfin, the voice of calm, cool and sound reason. I have been debating with my Ethiopians back and forth on this issue. Without using lots of words, and always focused on making his point, Professor Mesfin has the ability to awake the very reason that reside deep in all of us but only oblivious to it for it is covered in a pile of emotional outburst. “Fukera, chachata, gir..gir” are like a reflex action that does not require active thinking and processing, just like eating when one is hungry. It is easy, passive and does not require intelligence. While the otherwise does. Lets challenge ourselves.

    • Gebre says:

      where are the ‘fukeras’? can you give me any evidence of ‘fukera’ made by the Ethiopian government? how can you justify the professor’s advice? who is going to blame? if there is any sin from the Ethiopian government in this respect,it is its firm stand to exercise the legitimate right of the Ethiopian people deprived for centuries. Egyptians are directly confronting the Ethiopian national interest. some of the arguments coming from Egyptians are extremely crul sounds survival of the fitest. For example one article in Ahram weekly predicts water shortage in the Nile valley and conclude that Egypt should not allow a drop of water to the rest of the riparian countries. Now, my question to you, Solomon, is should be the role of the professor at this stage? confronting the crul elements of Egyptians or blame his own government? he has every right Woyane, but compromising national interest to discredit Woyane is not some thing I expect from Professor Mesfin

  9. Garo says:

    Don’t we have to think who is going to buy our product. Surely Egypt and sudan are not going to be the first. If we can’t sell it, how are we going to pay for the massive cost of maintenance. Maintaining this dam’s maintenance may be as costly as building it. Moreover as the result of this dam may be other big rivers that are tributaries of the Nile may not be allowed to be used for farming development.So the whole country becomes a hostage to this risky project. I think other small dams on other big rivers should have been the country’s priority. This project is beyond the country’s means.It is a political project that may bring more trouble than progress.

  10. Hero says:

    Feri neger new.
    No wonder Dergue lost the war miserably.

  11. Dima Dimanco says:

    I agree with professor Mesfin on some point to know your enemies power is the first thing to decide which way is to our benefit. at the same time to show them that we don’t have to beg any body for wright thing. war should be the last thing only if we are attacked. first we have to bullied an awareness for Egyptians and the rest of the world Ethiopia want to share the water with out harming any downstream countries. we have to push more aggressively on diplomatic venue. at the same time it is highly expected from EPDRF to resolve most of domestic issues to have majority support from all citizens. because ones upon a time they where the beneficiary of Egypt’s and Arabians dollar one way or other.

  12. Mehret says:

    Sir, I think it is high time you retire from Ethiopian politics. First thing it is too modern and sophisticated for your old self and secondly you are clearly mixing up illusion with reality. Take some more coffee —

  13. meron says:

    Am confused as well. What is this pathetic hatred-filled jar talking about.
    We have never heard any Ethiopian official beating any war-drum.

    This is absurd;
    ElBaradei, the Egyptian, is calling on Morsy to apologize to Ethiopia.

    But Mesfin the jackal is trying to pour cold water on Ethiopians to bow to the ignorant and vocal egyptians by listing shameful data.

    When will Ethiopians tell this stupid and moron devil to shut up????????????

    • Morsy says:

      … It wouldn’t be a war like you guys saying “17 years fighting against Derg”. Meron, try to use your mind to think. …”Bado fukera” doesn’t work now.

  14. Mario says:

    ከሁሉም የሚገርመው ፕሮፌሰር መስፍን ምን ያህል የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እንደሚንቁ ነው!

    ፕሮፌሰር መስፍን የኢትዮጵያ ወጣት ሲጨፈጨፍ፣የኢትዮጽያ እውቅ የወታደራዊ መሪዎች ኣንድባንድ ሲታረዱ፣የኢትዮጵያ ወጣቶች በየትግራይና ኤርትራ ሂደው ከወገኖቻቸው ጋር ሲጨፋጨፉ፣የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በራሃብ ሲያልቅ ወዘተ እዛው የደርግ ኣማካሪ ነበሩ! ኣሁን ምን እያወሩ እንደሆኑ የሚያውቁ ኣይመስለኝም! ለኢትዮጵያ የሰሩት ምንም ነገር እንደሌለ ያው 55 ዓመት ኑሬያሎህ እኔው ምስክር ነኝ!

    ስለ የኤርትራ ጦርነት ደግሞ ኣወሩ! ወይ ጉድ! እሳቸው ኣማካሪ ሆነው ለ17 ዓመታት ያህል የሰው ሂወትና ንብረት ሲያልቅ የት ኑረው ይሆን? ዎያኔማ እነሱ (ደርጎች) ሳላሳ ዓመታት የተዋጉትን በቀናት ጨርሰው ቁጭ ኣላሉም እንዴ?

    ከሁሉም የሚያሳዝነው ስለግብፅ የጦር ሃይለኝነትም ሲሰብኩ ነው!
    ያስታውሱም እንጂ በ1870ቹ ግብፆች ኢትዮጵያን ሲወሩ በጦርነት የተፈተኑ የኣሜሪካና የኣውሮጳ የውትድርና ጠበብቶች ታጅበው ነበር የመጡት ሆኖም ግን ከትግራይና ከጎንደር ብቻ በተደራጀው በጀግናው ኣሉላ የተመራው የኢትዮጵያ ወታደር ክፉኛ ተመትተው ኣሳፋሪ ሽንፈት መከናነባቸውን ግብፅን ቢያስታውሱ ያምርባቸው ነበር!

    ያምሆነ ይህ ብቻ ትዝብት ነው እንጂ ለነገሩማ ጅብ በማያውቁት ሃገር ሄዶ ቆርበት ኣንጥፉልኝ ብሎ የለ! ብቻ ብዙ ማለት በተቻለ ግን እዚሁ ይብቃኝ! እንዲህ ያለ ኣሳፋሪ ፅሁፍ ኣይቸም ሰምቸም ኣላውቅ!

  15. Tedlaye says:

    Let me tell you the so called Professor. How about the inocent people you masacared and tortured during the Derg regime? Are you supporting their mothers? Taking care of the people you crippled? No country, no nation let alone Ethiopia will sleep and say “LET THOU WILL BE DONE”. We defended our nation from invaders armed to the teeth with only a spear and a sword, and damn sure we can do it again. You the fifth columnist You said as “ATIFRU” at the University only because you wanted to come to power at the expense of the youth. So please give as a break.

  16. Gebre says:

    Professor Mesfin,
    how do you measure power? power is constrained by many factors including geography, public openion, international law etc… Had this not be the case, I would argue that no country in the planet has the ability to disobey the USA let alone to confront her. The US military power budget account 40% of the world military spendin. But, contries like Iran and North Korea are confronting the USA. Even the small Island country, Cuba has unfriendly relations with the USA because American power is constrained by many factors. You said we have to know Egyptian military might and you enmurate what they have in terms of military capability. This is a simple fact every body knows from wikipedia. No need to be a professor to tell this public knowledge

    • Ethiopia Tikdem says:

      @ Gebre, thank you for your response for the gerd question. Regarding prof. Mesfin, it is sometimes better to acknowledge someones work before rushing to judgment. Your response to the prof. lucks thorough analysis of the prof’s article and it might work against your argument for the subject matter you are raising. Pls try not to undermine his work, for once he have a lot of wisdom and not to mention he is a Professor,who wrote and read a lot about Ethiopia. # He is a big asset to Ethiopia that we treasure every single day.

      • Gebre says:

        Ethiopia Tiqdem,
        thank you for your civil response. mentioning his professorship may be unnecessary, may sound undermining his academic personality. Trust me, it was not my intention and I am not in that position. I really repect people like him. But, I am critical of his article because I am of the opinion that his role at this critical time should be defending the legitimate right of the Ethiopian people depriving for centuries rather than saying ” le tornet anchekul” while no body is rushing for war in the Ethiopian side.

  17. Gebre says:

    What I expect from you is to put facts together, analyse and predict outcomes. For example, Egypt is more than 2000 km away from Ethiopia. Almost all the weapons possesed by the Egyptian military have less than 100 km( mostly 30-40 km) effective fire range. Egypt has no strategic lift capability to move its soldiers and weapons to the assmued battlefield. Infact we don’t expect her to have such capability within the forseeble future. Let alone Egypt, rich countries like the UK and France have limited capabilities in this respect.
    In other words, most of the capabilities that you mentioned are irrelevant to the percieved Ethiopian Egyptian dispute. As you tried to indicate Ethiopia my have limited capabilities interms of Air power, tanks and artillery. But, it is 100% relevant to the said conflict, needless to mention the support of 85 million committed Ethiopians. Infact, public support the key determinant than military hardware.

  18. Gebre says:

    You also miss another important point. Conventional military power does not always determine the outcome of war. What maters most, next to public supprt is strategy. 21st century does not fevor industrial level of military capabilities. Asymetric warfare is the order of the day. Those commited to win due to legitimate cause but posseoss inferior weapons always think differently. This is well supported by historical accounts. The Woyane qoreta is case in point. it is a tactic to undermine conventional military capabilities and bring political commitment into play.What is more, in Asymetric warfare theory, adversarries think flexibly, they think unthinkable methods amd means. In the specific case at hand, you can think the water itself as a weapon

  19. Gebre says:

    But, do we need to go this far. I don’t thnk so. We Ethiopians are simply exercising our legitimate right. We are building a dam for development purpose. We say time and again that we will not affect the flow of the water. We can use the water mainly for electricity then it will keep flowing. I think, rational Egyptians do understand our good intention. The feeling that we are observing in Cairo by some politian is either political maipulation for ones narow political gain or unhealthy nationalism.
    professor, in this respect, you are vague. You said, war is destructive etc… What do you mean by that. You have to tell to the irrational elements of Egypt in English or in Arabic if you can. If you messege is to the Ethiopian Government, you need to put it differently. You have to say ” Ethiopia has no any right to reduce a drop of water.” Otherwise the Ethiopian government is beating a drum of war.The government is working day and night to convince Egypians that this will harm their water security. In other words, you are advicing Ethiopian when such advice is not needed.

  20. aklilu says:

    The fact that he is a professor is a disgrace by itself. Its pity this Muppet knows nothing about how Ethiopians defended themselves against the fascist Mousoloni back 100 years ago. Their (Italian) troops and resources were incomparable compared to what the Ethiopian had at that time, yet our forefathers conquered the Italians in a fieriest battle at Adwa.

    Mr. Professor, do some research before you open your mouth.

  21. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    @ Meron, Prof. Mesfin is a well-known scholar not a moron like you. At least, he is known world wide for his work and intelligence, i dont think that you know yourself thus far. He published the first know geographic map and book for this Ethiopia that we loved so much, as we hated each-other that much everyday. pls pls educate yourself before you embarrass yourself.

  22. misrak says:

    oh professor Mesfin

    well all of us learned or not have our own limitation. What is the difference between Eritrean war and war with Egypt? apart from the size of the military, 1-Eritrea had no supporters, 2. a day’s petrol will follow by chaos and this time division into different states. 3. Who is waging a just war? Ethiopia?

    And professor
    Where is your honesty. Why can’t you tell us why Ethiopia is taking us to war and why that is not posssible?

    Don’t you think We are creating permanent enemy and because of this you should stand for peace not war?

    Does Ethiopia need war?
    So I say you have not changed, have you? why dont you retire form politics?

    this so called muhuran are so disappointing!!!!


      ምስራቅ ዘመድ የለሽም እንዴ ትንሽ እንኩአን አስተካክሎ የሚጽፍልሽ ? አለዚያ ደግሞ በአማርኛም ብትሞክሪ ችግር ያለው አይመስለኝም::

  23. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    To Everyone,
    I have only one question. Why is such a ginormous project “GERD” was not included in the 5 year EPRDF’s transformation plan or even in the past 10 years plan? Can anyone clarify on this matter? Source: EPRDF 5 Year Transformation plan
    P.S. please provide your answers with credible sources
    Long Live Ethiopia!

    • Dsn says:

      I know exactly what you are trying to say .. Did you want the process of preparation to start the project to be declared openly? If you happened to watch the live discussion of the cabinet of the Gov of Egypt a couple of days ago, I believe that would give you a clear answer to why it was not declared until everything was finalized.

  24. Dima Dimanco says:

    Any body can tell and understand from the comments there is a generation gap between commentators. the younger ones they rush to judge people by affiliation of the past or age. the older ones don’t describe things on common understandable terms. our comments should be with mutual respect not personal attack besides it’s our culture to respect elderly’s. As I understand it. The professor is pointing the fact of military power that doesn’t mine at all we have to be fear full. I don’t think our government well lead us to a bloody war either. hopefully they have more intelligence than our desiccation on the web. my concern is how can we help especially the younger ones on educating the rest of the world and Egyptians Ethiopia have no intention to harm Egypt or Sudan. the benefit is for all.

  25. Gebre says:

    Apologies, for the spelling error.above please read my comments as “The Ethiopian government is not beating a drum of war” and “The government is working day and night to convince Egypians that this will not harm their water security”

  26. tufa says:

    You finished your life time with just being confused all the times up coming from Emperor Haile silassie?

  27. Michael says:

    I’m wondering about the professor’s writing. He has no any military knowledge but simply counts Egypt’s Military Armament and logistics. Please, leave it to the Ethiopian military experts. Why you forget your hero ancestors that fought the very militarized with very sophisticated ground and air weapons of Fascist Italy with sword and minsher and defeat. Do you remember the 6 day war of the Arabs and Israel and how Israel destroys Egypt’s military and its sophisticated Radar. Imagine the number of Israel military was incomparable with the Arab’s. This professor’s article reminds me what Meles was saying after the capture of Badme by Shaebia forces,”Tenberkeku Kalalun Anwagam”.

  28. Gebre says:

    Ethiopia tikdem,
    Here is an answer to you. In the Growth and Transformation Plan, you can find targets to produce 10,000 Megawatt electricity. 5000-6000 of it was planned to come from the renaissance dam. The GTP is a broad national program followed by projects. If you are not awre of the relationship and difference between program and project, better to go to school or take some time to read. I hope this may help

  29. je says:

    ፕሮፌሰሩ እያረጁ ሲሄዱ የሃገራቸውን ታሪክ ዘነጉት መሰለኝ:: ለነገሩ ዘመን ተሻጋሪ አኩሪ ታሪካችንን ተቀምጠው ሲያከሽፉት ለሚውሉ ሰው የሃገራቸውን ታሪክ ዋጋ ቢያሳጡትና በተንጋደደ እይታ ቢያዩት ምን ይገርማል? ለተቀማጭ ሰማይ ቅርቡ ይባል የለ::

    ሰውየው እኮ ሃገራችን በደም አላባ ስትታጠብ በርሃብ አለንጋ ስትገረፍና ህዝቦቿ በአለም አደባባይ ስንዋረድ የኬንያዊውን የመሃመድ አሚንን ያክል ለሃገራችን ያላበረከቱ ግለሰብ ናቸው:: ዜጎች ያለፍርድ ሲረሸኑ ሲዋረዱ ሃገራችን የጨለማ ዘመን አገዛዘን እያማከሩ ሲሰሩ የነበሩ ሰው ስለሃገር ክብርና ስለሃገር እድገት ብዙም ይገዳችዋል ብሎ መጠበቅ ከሰማይ ደመናን እንደመዝገን ይሆናል::ተማሪወቻቸው እና ከሳቸው በእጅጉ በትምህርት እና በእድሜ የሚያንሱ ወጣቶች ለሃገራቸው እና ለህዝባቸው ነጻነት ሲዋደቁ ክቡርነታቸው ግን ለንደን እና ዋሽንግተን እየተንሸራሸሩ በነበረበት ወቅት በርሃብ እና በጦርነት እየነደደ ስለነበረው ህዝባቸው አንዲትም ቃል እንደተነፈሱ ታሪክ የላቸውም ::

    ጀግኖቹ ወጣቶች እና የተገፉ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ደርግን ድል አድርገው ሃገሪቱን ሲቆጣጠሩ ህዝቡ እንዳይቀበላቸው እና የነበረው ስርአት እንዲቀጥል ሢተጉ እንደነበር የሚታወስ ነው:: እናም ፕሮፌሰሩ ለሃገራችው ፖለቲካዊ እና ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት ከመስራት ይልቅ የመንገድ ላይ እሾህ በመሆን ሂወታቸውን ሙሉ ሲያወሩ ጊዜ ያለፈባቸው ታሪክ የሚሰራን ተቀምጠው በውሃ ቀጠነ ሲነዘንዙ የከረሙ፣ በተንኮል የተመረዘው አእምሯቸው ዛሬም የእድሜ ብዛት ያላስተማራቸው ግለሰብ ናቸው:: እስኪ ይሄንን ሁሉ ያስባለኝን የፕሮፌሰሩ ሃሳብ ባጭሩ ላስቀምጥ፥

    የግብጽ ጦር በአለም አስረኛ ነው የጦር ብዛቱ አንድ ሚሊየን ተኩል ያክላል:: በአየር ሃይሉም ቢሆን በአለም አስራ አራተኛ ነው:: የታንክ ብዛቱ በአለም አራተኛ ነው፣ ቅብጥርሴ እያሉ ነገራቸውን ይቀጥላሉ ሃሳባቸውን ሲያጠናክሩም የቀድሞ ታሪክን እያስታከኩ ለጦርነት የሚገፋፉ የስርአቱ ደጋፊወች ጠግበው ነው ሊሉ ይዳዳቸዋል:: እኔ እስከማውቀው ድረስ አሁን በስልጣን ላይ ያለው መንግስት ከእርሳቸው በበለጠ የጦርነትን ምንነት ጠንቅቆ የሚረዳ እና የጦርነትን አስከፊነት እንደክቡርነታቸው በቴሌቪዥን ሳይሆን በተግባር የሚረዳ ይመስለኛል:: እናም የሃገራችን ጥቅም ለማስከበር በሚደረገው ሰላማዊ እና ፍትሃዊ ስራ ከጎን ከመቆም ይልቅ በተንኮላቸው የማይወዱትን አካል ጠልፎ ለመጣል እስከጠቀመ ድረስ የሃገርን ጥቅም ለመሸጥ ጉጉነታቸውን አይቸበታለሁ::

    በጣም የሚገርመው ሰውየው የሃገራችን የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎቻችን በጥርጣሬ እንዲተያዩ እና የዲሞክራሲ እድገታችን ሳንካ ሆነው እንደቆዩ ልብ ያለው ልብ የሚለው ይመስለኛል:: እናም ግብጽን በተመለከተ የጸፉት የሃገራቸው ታሪክ ጠፍቶባቸዋል ወይም ሰውየው እርጂናው ጽንቶባቸዋል እንጂ እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን ጣልያን ሆነ ሃገራችንን ለመውረር የመጣ ወራሪ መቸም ቢሆን በወታደራዊ አቅም በልጠን ሳይሆን በአላማ ጽናት እና እውነተኛነት እንዲሁም በጀግንነት እንደመከትነው እንጂ በመሳሪያ እና በሰለጠነ ጦር ልቀን ስለተገኘን ያገኘነው ድል እንደሆነ ታሪክ አይነግረንም:: ለነገሩ እርሳቸው የህዳሴው ግድብ በዘመነ ኢህአዴግ እንዲሰራ እንደማይፈልጉ እርግጥ ነው:: ግን ሳይሞቱ ኢህአዴግ የጀመራቸውን ግዙፍ ፕሮጀችቶችን ተጠናቀው እንዲያዮ እመኛለሁ:: ቋቅ ይበላቸው እንጂ ግድቡ በወርቅ ከሚጻፉ የወጣቶቹ ድሎች ውስጥ ዋነኛው ነው:: እናም ይመኑኝ ክቡር ፕሮፌሰሩ እንደሚሰጉት ግብጾቹ አያሸንፉንም ከንግዲህም ደግሞ ወደኋላ አይመልሱንም ::

    በመጨረሻም የፕሮፌሰሩ ድርጊት በጣልያን ወረራ ጊዜ የነበሩ ባንዳ ምሁርን የጣልያንን ሃያልነት እና ስልጣኔ እንደምክንያት በመውሰድ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የጣሊያንን ወረራ እንዲቀበል ሲወተውቱ የነበሩትን አፈወርቅ ገብረየሱስን አስታወሰኝ:: ስለዚህ ፕሮፌሰሩን የዘመኑ አፈወርቅ እንበላቸው??????????ቸር ይግጠመን

    ከወንድም ኣንተነህ

  30. ftwi says:

    Professor Mesfin has to clear himself in this respect. My questions to him:
    1) do you support or oppose the right of the Ethiopian people to use the Nile water for their development or you support the “historical right” of the Egyptians monopoly. I know some people support the second like professor Almariam of Ginbot7.
    2)When you say hungry people should not go to war, are you suggesting “gomen betena” meaning better to stay poor and hungry to avoid war?
    3) No Ethiopian Government official is beating a drum of war, rather Egyptians are doing. what do you mean by ‘we should avoid rushing to go to war? what are your evidence in blaming the politicians in this respect?

  31. Firdu says:

    Do you see this useless old pseudo professor is talking about? Ethiopian people know you very well that you always remain confused in hard times. If you have been a true Ethiopian, you could not try to convince us that Egypt is more powerful than Ethiopia in military strength. This has never been said in history. Military strength is not measured by the amount of war machines you have, but by the moral and victory history of the people. As a professor, you have nothing evidence to say even a word. You believe it or not, you are confused professor.

  32. H. SeyoumHagosaseyoum says:

    Here again the very confused man, Mesfin all his life want,s a minister during the Emperor never, during Derg never during EPRDF never and he will never forever. During the derg he was advised Mengistu to kill all the generals ministers the Emperor, I heard it From Mengistus Mouth on Radio From Zumbabe. Mesfin is a useless person.

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