ElBaradei calls on president Morsy to apologize to Ethiopia


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  1. admin says:

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  2. Mario says:

    Egyptian politicians , you need to know what there is no government that you can intimidate! The renaissance dam will be built , Egyptian will continue to enjoy their fair share of the Nile! The Nile flows 24/7 nonstop, therefore no power can stop it in anyway!

    The Nile can not be a political case for Egyptian anymore! We understood the Nile belongs to Ethiopia first & then to the down stream countries! Don’t politicize a water that belongs to its tributaries !
    God bless Ethiopia !

  3. Meron says:

    I watched this 4 part interview the Egyptian journalist had with Meles, and it is very persuasive. I cannot believe Meles is gone!

  4. Tazabe says:

    I didn’t think I would say this … I think this man was a good medicine for the Egyptian perception. He was explaining it to the point. Even the journalist was being influenced by his answers.

  5. Slick says:

    “Egyptian are the creation of the Nile”???? Very wrong Statement. I can’t and will not understand this wrong statement!!!!!

    thank you

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @slick how dare yoy compare your tiny useless mind with ‘WORLD CLASS MIND’. Of course you can’t understand what MELES is saying, its beyond your tiny brain can comprehend.

  6. alem says:

    thank God this evil mellese zenawe is gone.Always feal peace and joy when i think that he is gone ….

  7. Kudus Yared says:

    Meles himself never understood them or was still against Ethiopia. I do not agree with most of his statements. I do not believe Egytians has more need of water than Ethiopia. Go to Harare,Ogaden, Gonder, Tigrai, Afar , how water is scare and plus the evilness of Egyptians who immersed us in a bloody war for 100 years.
    It is our water; I do not care if Egytians die in mass; Who cared when my people were falling like dry leaves?

    No more deal, harness the Nile, divert it to wherever there is water stress in Ethiopia. They must learn from Israel, Japanese, Nambia, Botswana, how to cope with desert or desalination. It is not Ethiopia’s fault Egypt is in the desert.

    Everyone cares about himself on our planet. My dream is to harness the Nile by diverting it to where it is needed most. No begging anyone for a water that spring from my backyard. Lemn hulum yegbpt hzb debn ayelm.

  8. Daniel says:

    Some Egyptians appear to have concluded that Ethiopians should not waste the water cuz black Africans can beg but not bake their own bread. But a mind boggler thing for me is whether Ethiopians are smart enough to strenghten their grip by continuing to stand together for national interests.

  9. Narye says:

    “Eighty-five per cent of Nile waters originate in Ethiopia, yet the nation utilises very little of it, and the country has become synonymous with famine.” Scottish News (scotsman.com) June 5, 2013

  10. Mario says:

    Kudus yared

    Egyptian needs more water than Ethiopia ,as the Nile is the only source of water ! They have no rainy season, they have no other rivers whatsoever! What we as Ethiopians want is to use the Nile river in an equitable manner, no more no less ! Egyptian must use the water that merges to the Mediterranean salty water properly!

    The old way of threatening is gone because of the smart leaders of the EPRDFites!

    • Kudus Yared says:

      Mario, everyone needs more water; you are not thinking man. You are just still listening to Meles because you think everything Meles says is only right. Ethiopians need more water too and they have more right than them. Because they own the water. Only woyanes think like this. Woyanes are always antiEthiopians. The water scarcity in Ethiopia is as much as that of Egypt,but you know Ethiopians do not know shower?, if you were thinking, you will see how dirt Ethiopians are ? covered by dust,is that not lack of water too?.Egytians use nile not only for shower, but for artificial beaches, lagons, rivers, gold clubs,… you are saying they need more than Ethiopians? because we do not use water, It does not mean we have no needs? because we do not do irrigation? it does not mean we do not need water? Think man instead of listening to Meles even after his death?

      Egypt is not the only country that has water problem. There are many other countries; Israel, Palestine, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Nambia, Botwsana,Kuweit,…. nothing different. The only difference is Egypt has many lazy ass people.

      If you think like that? there is no difference between you and Elias Kifle. You are all not after Ethiopian people and interest? but after power. If your stand is political, it is foolishness.

      They have to find their way to secure their water needs like any other country. Let them learn from Israel, Japanese,… how to desalinate water. They have more water than Ethiopia; They just need to pick up their lazy asses and work on desalinating their water. There is plenty water in their back yard. Israel has solved its water problem. They must assume there is no Nile, and desalinate their abundant sea water. There is no difference, just they need to work hard and put up desalination treatment dams instead of waiting for Nile. Nile is not infinite, it can stop anytime even if we do not touch it. Fresh water is like oil that get depleted. Now Nile is not as it has been long ago, it is decreasing. Ethiopia invaded with agroinvestors, the Nile will drastically decrease. The Nile aquifer will dwindle as time goes. River Jordan in Jordan used to be mighty river comparable to Nile. But it is gone forever, dried 100%.

  11. Abay says:

    I think the Egyptians murdered Meles

  12. Asfaw abreha says:

    Mursi knew the discussion was on air.He should have been wise to choose his words,and he did it.I don’t think his suggestion not to engage Ethiopia aggressively is genuine.

  13. Temam says:

    The late PM was bold and direct in this interview. I really wished that he were as bold and direct as he was in this interview with other internal issues.

  14. khaled says:

    Nile is the only source of water for Egypt and now we are suffering from poverty aqueous, creating dam of this size makes it the only option for Egypt is dying of thirst, or death in the war with you, you want electricity, this is your right and we want the water and this is our right Why do not cooperate in the establishment of a group of small damsgenerate the same amount of electricity without affecting the flow of water, assure you we will not allow the Nile stopping force until the last Egyptian soldier

  15. Memihir says:

    Doesn’t the good ELbaradei know the fact that president Morsi appologizes already many times a day not only once when he goes to pray falling on to the carpet on the floor with his face touching the ground? Reality rules! But the good ELBaradei knows best the functions of the west. 🙂

  16. Mario says:

    Kudus yared
    You are here to understand only yourself, therefore, there is no reason to talk to you!

    The Nile is the only source of water Egypt has, therefore , Egypt needs more water than Ethiopia & Sudan ! What we are asking is an equitable distribution!

    I know you hated Meles, but what Meles said was scientifically proven, therefore , you are no one to underestimate Meles whatsoever !

    You argument is not valid in anyway! You only reflect how hateful you are!
    Take it easy! There is nothing personal here!

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