Liberate Ethiopia from Egypt’s bondage (Gezaee Hailemichael)


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72 Responses

  1. Orion says:

    Dear Dawit,
    Thank you for sharing this read. Thank you for your unflinching determination and clear stand twords the Abay Issue…well done my brother. You are a true Ethiopian. Woyane/EPRDF, OLF, Ginbot7, ONLF, xSomthing liberation front…etc they come and go, but our country Ethiopia will not. We need to stand in Unison to deflate these chest thumping ungreatfull Egyptians.


    To Gezaee Hailemichael – thank you for this briliant writting. Keep it up!

    Yes you are right…enough is enough.

  2. Solomon says:

    Hi Gezae,

    Your frustration with Egypt politicians’ greedy and primitive stance on the Nile river is understandable. However, it is difficult to conclude every Egyptian thinks the same way, though the majority seem to have been brain washed with years of stupid anti-Ethiopian propaganda (eg. El Baradai and the woman on Aljezeera inside story seem to promote mutual benefit). Ethiopia has come a long way and thanks to the brilliant EPRDF leadership, particularly the extraordinary late PM Meles Zenawi, it is at the verge of solving the prime puzzle of all the past Ethiopian generations. EPRDF has applied its well tested military technique “KORETA” when it comes to the launching of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). KORETA simply means hitting the enemy where it really brings the utmost change. Egypt has now only two choices. Fully accept the reality of the GERD and live with it or make the stupidest decision of all time declaring outright war on Ethiopia. Of course, Egypt without the Nile river is nothing and yes it is a major stake holder in the river. Ethiopia does not want and can not starve the Egyptian people to death. What is completely unacceptable is the status-qua that says Ethiopia’s quota from the river is zero liters. Finally you should be able to call a spade is a spade. The extremist and disgusting Ethio diaspora idiots, who are day dreaming for Egypt to attack the Ethiopian government must be condemned with no ifs and buts. You need to bold and loud on that.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Solomon,

      That is your personal or woyane beliefs; but Egypt is not a major stake holder. It is a water beggar that has no even proximity to Abay than any of the upper Riparian countries.

      We understand Solomon, you do love the Egyptians and that is you run up and down to landlock Ethiopia with Egypt. I am not surprised when you tell me Egypt is a major stakeholder? It is not surprise, may be you the same person who believe Ethiopia has to be landlocked. This is where the opposition are needed and hit the backbone of EPRDF using all the betrayals of EPRDF than crying.

      Egypt is not a major stake holder as you stated. This is your distorted antiEthiopia woyane ideology only. What your are saying is tantamount to saying Ethiopians must die while Egypt is using our water.

      My policy is Egypt must pay for every amount of water that it gets from the Blue Nile. Nothing for free. Of course, one of the problem Ethiopia really does not have leaders yet. This is why Ethiopians even hate woyane; Solomon your ideology is bizzare and antiEthiopians. Can you give me reasons why Egypt is a major stake holder? is it because it uses 55.5 billion cubic meter all alone and you made it a major stake holder? shame on you man.

      You are citing Aljezra journalists and another Egyptians citizen to tell me Egyptians love Ethiopia? You are wrong my friend. There will be every very few who are fair, intelligent and human.But the majority rules. You are short-sighted man. If Ethiopians has to follow your self-denial ( woyane attitude ), Ethiopia will remain a slave of Egypt. If you continue with short-sighted woyane ideology, you will be making another EEBC, alger’s agreement soon. You have a lot follies in store. The oppositions are doing what you have been doing all along. Why is it right when you do it and wrong when others do it? you need to be brave man and come out of your box and listen to the public. We are tired of your type of antiEthiopia ideology. you condemn the diaspora, but you did not see your own folly here telling us Egypt is a stake-holder? A stake holder of my dead body? Diaspora can be only rebuked if you can stop your own follies too.We can allow one folly and reject a second follies. Your folly is the cause of the diaspora follies. Everything has a cause man. Let me tell you Diasporas hate woyane only based on your stupid policies. I am deliberately engaging with them; they tell me what is in my heart. Your short-sightedness is the main problem. You think you are right? but you think others are wrong? You must stop man and think about your own follies before seeing other people’s follies? why are the diaspora’s supposed to follow your follies? I can tell you how diaspora hate woyane. you may not believe me, they do and they have good reasons for it. Look into your self and your policies than blaming citizens even for your own follies. Otherwise, you refuse to acknowledge your follies? they refuse to accept your follies? then it become the yefukukure beit sayzega yadral. A house of rivals stay all night open without being closed and secured.

      • Solomon says:


        .. Ethiopia has had enough champions of empty bravado like you. What she needs is real hard workers who fight real enemies (be it Egypt or Poverty) head on, not on the internet but on the real ground – the deep gorges of the Nile river. You are as stupid as the arrogant Egyptian politicians and as useless as our extremist idiots and fools. Waste of time!

        • Gezaee says:


          Thank you man. I did not know I am stupid until you told me I am. I do not mind working in the Nile Gorges, but I do not believe you deserve me, because you are Kehadi or treasonous, traitor of the Ethiopian people. You do not see it, but Ethiopia enemies are Egypt plus Woyane like you. you are already begging Egypt for another EEBC and alger’s agreement. you are sick in your head. I have no appetite to work Ethiopian enemies. You do not know it, but you are equally an enemy of Ethiopia. Every Ethiopian know this. You blaming others while you are the cause of the many problems. Betraying the country one after another. Who would trust traitors? The diaspora politicians sold nothing in Ethiopia. They did not land-lock Ethiopia or gave Gambela to Egypt. You need to look into your woyane traitors policies. Do not come here to tell me your traitorness.

      • axumawe says:

        @GEZAEE slow down i don’t won’t you to get heart attack that is what you sound like.
        eprdf is not hardling sheeps or gotes,they are governing a country.
        they are leading over 85million people ok
        slow down.
        i belive there is un international low you can’t just flay & bombarderd a sovern nation.
        2nd war Egypt with Ethiopia well never pm meles saied it if you see his practical analisess how Egypt can harm the dam for congress then you well have an ideia.
        as the politcians of Egypt saied they may come thru Eritrea or olf or g7 or extrem moslimes either way for who ever traied it is a clear sucaied belive me if you folow the Ethiopian millitary you well be proud of the Ethiopian national defenc but i gess you just get hayperd for the sack of it,
        trust me & have fath in the Ethiopian defence forc if it happend.
        one quation for you well you die for Ethiopia if the worst to happend ?????or are you just like those paper taigers (OPPORTUNISTES)calm dowen long live woyen.if woyen can destroy derg.belive me they can destroy any one & make Ethiopia proud.this is my beliv.

    • Samuel says:

      The writer’s message is simple: We, Ethiopians, have been colonized by Egypt for so many years and it’s about time to satnd up as a nation and say no to this “historical right” madness. It is beside the point to say some egyptinas like El baradei are nicer. El baradei is a politician and he will always works for the best interest of Egypt – not Ethiopia. You are missing the big picture here. The writer is asking for everyone to unite for a common cause. Name calling Ethiopians who live abroad is useless. Stick to the point and spare us your cadre teachings. I hate all politicians but I love my country.

  3. Mersol says:

    No need to be too pessimist like this writer (my brother it is too hard to push like this…) since there is always a good way out if we got to be an optimist. If we got a pressure even to push us to the worst, still there is a a space for us without your suggestions. Do you really think we will profit from conflict or water war? I don’t deny that we should be in a position to defend ourselves if Egypt gonna cross the red line. Iraq and Iran with US, North Korea and South Korea, Palestine and Israel,….there is always a big tension, however, merely a strategic diplomacy showed a fruit. If N.Korea did what it was barking , would possible to listen news from S.Korea now? We should be smart enough to play this. You mentioned “brat colony”, uhhh, is that CHINA for the whole Africa !!!??? But, I brotherly recommend you to re-consider your opinion not to cost too much…….

    • Mersol says:


      We have nothing to share with these savage people. They need to get off our back now we are tired of their savagery and leave our country. They are Ethiopian parasite. Egytians are parasites of Ethiopian people.

      They are parasite in our body. If Ethiopians has to be healthy, then it is must the parasite must be denied access to our body. Our body is our water. No deal is the best deal with savages who tell me they kill me. We have nothing to share with them. Iran and Iraq has border, North Korea and South Korea is border and blood relationship. We have nothing to do with these parasites. They are just parasite destroying our body from inside us.

  4. rayaw says:

    dear brothers/sisters
    all indications are showing that egypt can not hurt us but our own brothers to the north are the once we have to worry most, they will do anything including lending hand to our sworn enemy egypt, in order to wipe ethiopia out of the map, so our prime target should be shabya not egypt. i do not understand that why our government is showing softer stand on eritrea, eritrea must stop medling in an ethiopian afair.

  5. taba says:

    If he does it for good purpose, there was one person who could tell them straight away. For sure it was the shrewd Meles. Those who are now in power seems to lack either the courage or the language to articulate or both. Unfortunately, he made thousands of bad things than what is considered as good.

    Any way, Egypt has to be at the mercy of Ethiopia. Not the other way round.

    The Ethiopian regime must start a national reconciliation and handle the issue of Egypt as soon as possible.

    It is not a public secret that Egypt has been spying all activities in Ethiopia. Even, I read an old document showing even there was some in Egypt suggesting to control completely Ethiopia and thus controlling Nile. Well that was in the old colonial era.

  6. Kifle says:

    Ethiopia is being colonized by TPLF and let us not forget that first. We always have no difficulty handling foreign invaders, and Egypt is not different. The first thing we need to do is liberating ourselves from tryany Weyane.

    At this time, if a war is brake out, this is not Ethiopia’s war. It is Weyane’s war. After all, the current Ethiopia is a hell for Ethiopians and a heaven for Weyanes!

    • kebraraw says:

      you must be delusioned egyptian spy you think we don’t know who is who and who says what fagot speak straight not hiding like a fox but for your information we ethiopians stand as one what so ever differences we have when it comes to the matter of our country learn from shaibya they tought we were separated and distablized when they declare war on us but what did they get ????? the same is true to every one who tries to invade our land directly or indirectly let it be clear to that nation which touchs ethiopia that it will be that nations end wehn it touchs ethio.

    • axumawe says:

      @ hi kifle tplf is not colonizing Ethiopia b/c there is no Ethiopia with out tegray.
      all this moslim brathers & sisters thier relgion is saved by tegrians when they came for asailem from yemen.
      do you know Tegray(ETHIOPIA)is the 1st country who gave assailem to foriners ?
      do you know axum (ETHIOPIA)IS THE 1ST COUNTRY to use curency (reci-yhans).
      do you know in 960ad there was a queen called saba from axum (Ethiopia).
      so you may need to go to the laiberary i gess to understand what i am saing.

  7. Hermi says:

    It is understandable and natural for the writer (Gezaee) to feel frustrated and angry over Egypt leaders public ill wish on Ethiopia.

    I agree with the writer that the treatment of Ethiopians in Egypt is a grave concern and needs immediate attention, be it immediate voluntary repatriation or put some other mechanism in place to assure their safety.

    what I don’t agree with the writer is the actions he he called for are drastic and provocative lacking tact and wisdom, and hence won’t serve any purpose to what we Ethiopians plan to accomplish – Eradication of POVERTY-and yes our #1 Enemy.

    It was not a secrete revealed now that we need to sprint from. It is public secret that Egypt was behind the instability of Ethiopia. They have been manipulating and playing the divide and weaken card by supporting Ethiopian Muslims and Ethiopian rebel factions. But what our government need is not to be emotional and create tension like the ones suggested by the writer, but for our government to strategically position itself both domestically and regionally to achieve our human security through diplomacy and persuasion.

    Our Dear Gezaee was praying for a Moses to deliver him from Egypt. My dear brother you had one and is living with all of us and his name is Meles! Let me quote you one or two he said: “egypt could not win a war over the Nile….we need to make it impossible for the Egyptians to fish in trouble waters ….trying to destabilize Ethiopia by supporting …. is a tactic that would not work….the only sane option is civil dialogue…and strength within…”

    For me what we watched on live TV showing Egyptian politicians plotting their evil is a blessing in disguise as it showed how naked they are and a proof that it is high time we Ethiopians stand in unison and deprive Egyptians from using the Muslim card or any other card!

    In the end ” I am not worried that Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia. Nobady who has tried that has lived to tell the story. I don’t think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that…” Meles.


    • Gezaee says:


      you do not understand poverty man or woman. There is no poverty with no cause. Poverty is caused by war, conflict and our poverty is caused by Egypt. Ethiopia is richer than UK to use the phrase of Short Clare of ODA. There is no poverty in Ethiopia. The poverty in Ethiopia is poverty of leadership and because of Egypt the mortal enemy of our country. You can not deal with poverty without dealing the cause of poverty.

  8. abysinian fox says:

    In the context of the military threats that are coming from cairo , Ethiopia should stand up and face this bully called Egypt.Either we face it today or allow us to be bullied for Generations to come, that is the question. One of the main reasons that Egypt is so belligerent is because they believe they have a stronger military, partly because of the 1.3 billion usd military aid they get from US as part of the camp david accords. What can Ethiopia do about that? Lobby USA for equal or more military aid in light of this threat coming the muslim brotherhood terrorists. I garantee you the US senators and congressmen will approve that in a second. We should also contact the israel lobby in the states and i guarantee you they will help with that. We should build our military focused on our strategic enemy that is Egypt not POVERTY.This kind of naivety by our government is what led to the invasion by shaebia few years back.In the the advantage that egypt has over us is the stronger air power. In the short term we should invest on air defence systems that would deter egypt and strengthened our alliances with the west and israel and african nations.Egypt needs to be told F*** off!!!!

  9. Gedle says:

    The best solution is for Ethiopians to Unify. Here are some things that can be done to achieve the goal.
    1. The Ethiopian government it’s supporters need to speak a conciliatory tone towards opposition elements.
    2. There has to be an all out reconciliation between the government and the opposition that includes religious instititutions.
    3. All political prisoners should be free as a humanitarian gesture.
    4. There are many Egyptian intellectuals that are for the dam and for collaboration; therefore we need to tone down on our repulsive and and frustrated comments.
    5. We all need to stop arrogancy that divided our country, realize Egypt needs the water as much as we do; therefore, lets keep awaring Egypt that time has changed. The world is changing. The US has a black president for the first time, African countries are no more colonies. China is the second economy and so on. Ethiopians will not and should not die of starvation any more while Egypt allows water to be wasted due to unnecessary evaporation. Egypt is worried about it’s ego of regional hegemony rather than it’s water loss. Unfortunately the people of Egypt have been manipulated by their dictator and represive gov’ts. We should use every means to make the Efyptians understand this peacefully. War isn’t fun at all and we hace to use ecery opportunity to avoid it. If it comes after exhausting every peaceful acenue, we are always Ethiopians.

    • Gezaee says:


      You really need to decide whether you wana be Ethiopian or Egytian. Do not tell me you are between them. I did not declare war on Egypt. They did on my country.

      It is not our business to worry about Egypt water needs. We need to worry about own interest only. We are not threatening any country. We are being threatened for own resources. Every country has water problem including USA. It has to pay for the Canadian river.

      They have to pay for the water after now. If you care about their water needs, then I suggest you go and help , teach them how to desalinate their water. They have more water than Ethiopia. They are just lazy ass because they were feeding on the dead body of our people. We do not need meeknesss anymore. Those of you who are meek and you go to Egput brother. All our brothers and sisters are in Ethiopia. We have no brother or sisters Egypt. If u have, you need to vacate Ethiopia and join your Egyptian brothers.

    • Gezaee says:


      I think you do not know these people. They are terrorists man. Do not you hear them saying they love battle and they wanted to destroy our county? We must not show our teeth to this brats. We must tell them clearly we are tired of them.

      You are saying tone down? tone down what? why you do not go to Morsi and tell him to down then?

  10. Nigusu says:

    My good clownish Ethiopian fellows behaving like the late Bizantine kong who was soo good at chest pumping dramatic bravados but melted like butter in the sun when the time of truth came to pass. kkkkkkkkkk………..

  11. Mario says:


    Thank you for your very good article! If we can not be united the Nile issue while we are listening them loud & clear then we need to find out who we might be! We heard their savage thinking openly! These of Ethiopians who are on Egypt’s they are making the biggest mistake in their entire life, therefore they need to beware! There is no reason to side with the enemy no matter what!

    Look at the smart leadership of the EPRDFites! There is no ኣረ ጎራው… They are just doing their business silently while they are exposing Egypt’s politicians evil intension in front of the world !

    Egypt is beating a war drum , but our leaders are saying “the Nile river belongs to all of us, so the only choice is to share it”!

    There is no need for Ethiopia to break a deplomatic tie with Egypt ! If there is anything to do , they (Egyptiam) must start it so the world can see!

    God bless Ethiopia !
    There shouldn’t be anything that can’t serve Ethiopia at this moment!

  12. Dg says:

    I say to weyana they better Chang & stop lie Ethiopian people if not that is ur last stay n Ethiopia.

  13. Alex says:

    1. To GeZaee…Thanks, is a good piece of advice specifically for those who have the power to what ever they want.
    2. To woyane cadres..please stop bashing DR BIRHANU NEGA..he is the most intelligent, kind and the most responsible politician in Ethiopia ..i am 100% sure Dr. Birhanu is not a traitor like Meles was…Dr birhanu is just fighting day and night against the unfair amassing of wealth and power by tplfites
    3. I am confident that Dr. Birhanu will not support Egypt at this high moment..some guys talk here he is doing it..where is the evidence?
    4. I am also sure Dr. Birhanu will keep fighting against power and wealth inequality and i believe this is good for all Ethiopian people

  14. yared says:

    Woyanes used Egypt’s support to enter 4kilo and destroy all Ethiopia with the support of their Shabia friends 21 years ago, history never forgets. I get sick listening to your comments Solomon (and your other friends Chala, Meron, Gezaee, Mario, tn…). If you don’t support One Ethiopia’s Cause please don’t put any comments online regarding Ethiopian politics ! Keep your toxic BS comments on Ethiopia to yourself.

  15. abrham lebaw says:

    “One time a Dam man went to drink the Dam water. He was all out of Dam water so he went and got his Dam bucket to fill it up with Dam water from the Dam well. His Dam well was empty, so he went to another Dam man to get Dam water. He asked the Dam man,” Can I have some Dam water, Please?” The Dam man Replied, “Get your own Dam water!”


  16. Ali says:


    One correction: Yes, Ethiopia was colonized by Italy for good 5 years!

    When it comes to Nile, I think Ethiopia have the right to use the Nile waters as well but the issue should be solved diplomatically.

    I don’t agree with the idea of the writer when he says: A) Expel Egyptian Ambassador from Ethiopia and close Egyptian Embassy in Ethiopia, B) Expel all Egyptian citizens and investors from Ethiopia, C) Declare Ethiopia owns 87% of the Nile, Abay,…… etc

    Specially the third point is madness or suicide – the Egyptians will do what ever it takes to get their share as it is a matter of death and life to them. Note that Nile is the only source of water for Egypt while Ethiopia have other sources.

    • Alex says:

      @Ali..can we Ethiopians come to egypt and dig out your oil because we dont have oil? you are talking here nonsense..wake up , be grateful for the past and be ready for the future to pay us a chunk of money for our water

      • Ali says:


        It is you who is talking nonsense! Let alone to go and drill, you have no right to take a gram of their soil! Abay is an International river hence its use should be agreed upon internationally! You are ignorant and stupid (like the writer) if you think you can block the Nile 100%!!

        Remember how much it cost Ethiopia to fight lawless and a country without a government – Somalia. Now imagine fighting a country like Egypt. In fact, Egypt and Sudan don’t need to declare upon Ethiopia – there are simple ways to handle this as discussed on their TV.

        Good luck if you want to claim 100% of the Nile river.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Ali,

      They have no right on Blue Nile because it is Ethiopian private property. Egypt have more water than Ethiopia. They are just lazy ass and do think. They need to desalinate their sea water like Israel after now.

      Blue Nile will be harnessed 100% after now. This is one of my life project.If there is any help to give to Ethiopians is to harness the Nile. They can come and fight and if they can get. Actually trying to get the water by force will make them loss the entire water from the Nile. We do not need with these primitives who tell us we can not use our water. They are our enemies. No if but just enemies. Ali, go and tell the back ward and primitive friends of yours to civilize. It is not only from Ethiopia; they will be expelled from AU and all African countries will close thier embassies. No need for this terrorists who foolish exposed their savageness on world media. Thiis really monosters who need to be handled early.

      • Ali says:


        Good luck if you want to claim 100% of Nile waters. This shows that you are ignorant of the fact that rivers that cross international borders are properties of both countries.

        You said A) Egyptians are Lazy, & B)Egyptians are “back ward and primitive”.

        Note that Ethiopians are extremely lazy who beg for food year after year compared to Egypt. Egyptians are very hardworking people – to confirm this please ask the thousand of Ethiopian refugees living in Egypt.

        Egyptians are well educated and civilized people. I know you have never been to Egypt that is why you are bluffing.

    • Gezaee says:

      Egyptian do not even know where the water comes from. The blue nile is made of 44 rivers from across Ethiopia. It is very easy to choke the entire Egypt without anyway. All we need to do is cut off all the 44 tributaries across Ethiopia from thier sources. That will be the end of the Nile Saga. They are ignorant they do not know where Nile comes.

  17. teshome says:

    Gezaee Hailemichael
    Irrespective of the political difference I have with, I won’t deny the richness of your article.
    Good boy Wonderful analysis and good eye for details.
    You are my man, Keep up the good work

  18. ali says:

    let us handle situations like this with patience.Christianity came to ethiopia through egypt and many sacrified along the way.Saints like Abune Aregawi were Egyptians.Having this positive history it would help us to creat a peaceful coexistence.We are all human beings and as Ethipians and eritreans who are very hospitable people, we must be very careful when we do or talk.We have enough resouces to share with our neighbors without building a dam on Abbay.We ethiopian or other people need our economyto thrive making sure what we do does not affect others negatively.If some one is starving it is going to get its food where he can get.We should not be the ones who cause hunger.Tell egyptians that what we are doing is for the benefit of all including them

  19. Gebre says:

    Dawit, Thank you for sharing this nice article. Unlike the group of Idiots who support the superiority of Egypt to ward Nile, you are true Ethiopian. God bless Ethiopia

  20. Dawit (Down Under) says:

    Dear Gezaee ,

    Hats off to you .There was a time that I really loved to give you a
    real ,hard ,knock out punch because of a difference in opinion. After reading this article, I now fully understand that you write all that because of your real love for Ethiopia. I hope you are not gonna misinterpret my comment and react aggressively.

  21. Gezaee says:

    We do not want another Hiwet Treat when Egyptians get defeated again. No treaty or no UN but Ethiopian rule will be exclusi applied.

  22. Lemalimo says:


    I appreciate your efforts and insights. But you need to sit down and think carefully before you put your ideas on paper. Obviously, every Ethiopian is enthusiastic about this dam and all of us would like to see it completed and put to use in the near future. Any obstructive effort by Egypt will only backfire on them. Especially, if Egypt considers military solution to the current diplomatic standoff, Ethiopians from inside and outside the country will rise up like the proverbial bees whose hive has been disturbed. We do not even need to spend money on strengthening our defense forces. We could simply divert the course of the Blue Nile and that would be tantamount to a national death sentence handed over to Egypt. But being an optimist, I believe that in the end rational, pragmatic politics will prevail and Egypt and Ethiopia will sort out their problems peacefully in a way that would benefit both countries in the long run. You cannot deny Egypt its fair share of the Nile water. The problem arises when we have to redefine what this ‘fair share’ actually should be. Imagine for a moment that Ethiopia was a downstream country and the Blue Nile originated from Egypt. How would we Ethiopians react if Egypt told us that we will not get a drop of water, ever? That would be really terrible. We should not exclusively preoccupy ourselves with one-dimensional view about national interests. We should also consider certain mutual interests. Both countries want to survive, develop, and progress along the way. The Ezekiel option, mutual destruction, is not going to be under any rational man’s consideration.

    • Gezaee says:

      Mr.or madam limalimo,

      It is your right to care about Egypt. I do not damn care about Egypt. It is not my business to worry about Egypt. You worry about them. Do not tell me to worry about them as you do? okay? you need to back off from my beliefs. I am entitled to my opinion and philosophy. You can teach your altruism to somebody else. I do not understand why the hell you think you are brighter than others and tell me what to think?

      You did not give me any reasons why Egypt should be a stake holder more than other country except telling me If
      what if ? who cares about what if in your mind? Why does Egypt has to use Ethiopian water and Ethiopian has to kill each for that and even starve to death? This is typical altruism and floolishness like the landlocking of Ethiopia. Here is where the opposition needs to come in and hammer it. I am afraid if Ethiopians do not stand again united, expect another woyane EEBC, and alger’s agreement coming soon.

      So sir, you teach your beliefs to somebody else please. I do not believe I have to die for somebody else as you do. You are comfortable Ethiopians have been killing each other for half a century because of Egypt and you dared to stand for Egypt here. Sir, or madam, there will be time you will be gone and we will claim everything that belongs to us back without you. I smell you as the one who landlocked my people and my country? you came again here to preach me how human you are and caring for Egyptian on the dead body of my people? at the cost of my country? It is this and others that is driving the diaspora politicians into madness. For some reasons, Woyanes appear to be sworn against Ethiopia.

      Anyway, have your philosophy for yourself but do not put it on
      others. We do not need your philosophy. First thing first, we do not give priority to others over ourselves as you did and you do always. I do not even understand why you use the name Ethiopia since you seems or sound you are against.

      I do not understand woyane mentality to be honest. I have hard time, you have the most bizzare, weird beliefs when it comes to Ethiopia. That is driving Ethiopians crazy. I never see a single comment from an Egyptian who care about Ethiopia but see woyane everywhere crying for Egypt. You can go and check all Egyptian websites with Woyane flooding comments with win win phrases, the only phrases they know. No single Ethiopian comment win win except all Egyptian believe they own the Nile. Anyway, Ethiopians need to come together for all problems including the Woyane betrayal problem. It looks Woyane officials are injected with betrayal medicine. They will stand for Ethiopia over Ethiopia? here we go again, another preaching us about Egyptian water needs.

      Egypt is the creation of Nile is Woyanes invention. Blue Nile did not put Egytian in Egypt. According to woyane, it sounds like the Blue Nile is responsible for settling the nomads in the desert?

  23. Abraha says:

    Blue Nile River is an Amara Property. Why are Tigres so much concerned? What has Blue Nile to do with Tigres as Axum has nothing to do with Kembatas? As far as I am concerned, I want to see my River continue serving its old Arab clients than weyanes (…insult edited….)

  24. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I appreciate how our Government is handling this situation. If our leaders were as illogical, hot tempered and unprofessional as some of us are we would already be in war.
    How can we not think that Egypt is a stakeholder when egypt is obviously the making of the Nile. What kind of conclusion is that?!!!
    Its a good article by ato gezaee beautiful english, beautifull writting, Neger Gin Ethiopian wedaltefelege Torinet lemasgebat yemigefafaw paragraph asazinognal. Let’s not crave for war, lets push the diplomatic r/n s/p as far as it can go. Please people NO BLOOD SHED!!!

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Mahlet,

      Please read my writing again. I never said we wanted war. you are talking something I did not write; Why do you read your miNd instead of what I wrote. Where did I say we wanted war? Please read first and ask if you did not understand.

      Egypt has no any right on the blue. However, there are many antiEthiopia like you who against Ethiopia who landlocked Ethiopia and will still deny Ethiopia and Ethiopian their water.

      Hirir Beli ( Err beiyi ) Mahlet Egypt will pay money to get the Blue when you guys are removed from the helm of power sooner or later. Trust me, we are tired of traitors and who try to teach us their treason against Ethiopian. You are as traitor as Elias Kifle.I do not see the difference between you and Elias Kifle. You all wanted to use the people of Ethiopia. You do not care about the people. Otherwise you would not come here wearing Ethiopian hat to tell me or preach about Egypt. Your bizzare ideology is driving people crazy. That is why even people are saying better support Egypt than Woyanes. you are just bona fide against Ethiopia bone and blood. I do not know why? And you even try to impose your follies on others?

      • Mahlet Asefa says:

        Once again Gezaee ill tempered, Fukera shilela yazugn likekugn!!!
        I didn’t disrespect your writting sir. And unlike what you said i understood every word. And i know exactly what this article is about. I’ll tell u once again Egypt YE NILE Stakeholder nat Wedednim Telanim. Thinking otherwise will only harm Ethiopia. BAALIKA HIRIR BEL. Irrir deben tilaleh enji Deplomacyawi mengedu eske mechereshaw yiketlal. Until every opportunity of solving this problem in a peaceful way is available. Because for me the life of every Ethiopian soldier is precious and priceless. And i dont like the idea of war unless its inevitable. Thank God we have a Government who respects the importance of peace. Thank god for our truily great leaders!!!!

        • Gezaee says:

          Dear Mahlet,

          Nski Harirki Tekatseli ebleki. You have not listened yet. I have never said we wanted war. Can you show me where I said I wanted war? I have never been warrior; I never believe in war. But I do not believe I have to die for somebody else as you do.I do not believe Woyanes like you care about Ethiopians soldiers. If that was the case, you would not have preferred Shabia and betray your own soldiers of 100 000 souls. You did betray your Ethiopian many times. You need to come to this website as ordinary Ethiopians only. No one cares about your position within woyane now. I do not care what position you have with woyane. you all woyanes come here only to tell us and to teach us about your way. I am sharing my ideas and if you do not like them. Just skip them. I do not want to be educated by Woyane cadres. When you come into this forum, you need to drop your cadresness here.

          Hirir Beli again, Egypt has no right on the Nile. 0% right on Blue Nile. It will pay hard cash like South Africa pays to Lesothu, and America pays hard cash to Canada. You do not represent Ethiopian Mahlet. Let other Ethiopians reject my idea; but not woyane, the traitors of Ethiopia. We are tire of your ignorance. I do not wana even hear woyanes to be honest. I am tired of your ignorance. you even tried to force to be Ethiopia has to be landlocked? Mahlet, I believe you are one of the blind antiEthiopian woyanes who are always ready to give away Ethiopia to anyone. you landlocked my country and my people. Again you come here to teach me Egypt water right? May be you are one of those woyanes who allowed Shabia to destroy Tana Bele irrigation project and to take everything to Eritrea. Mahlet, we are tired of your antiEthiopian mentality. Please back off from my country. I do not need your woyane theory on Egyptian and Eritrean rights.

          Please leave me alone; I am tired of woyane. Tell your theory of win win or diplomacy or whatever to somebody else, not to me. It is not only Fukora, I can do whatever good thing I wish for my country; I do not have to do it with you and in your time. We are trying to stay away from your destructive and antiEthiopia policies. Please teach your theory of Egyptian stake on the Blue Nile to somebody else. Please stop this nonsense. To be woyane you do not have to be a sworn enemy of Ethiopia. No Ethiopian stands for Egypt except you and Elias kilfe; You are both sick people. You need to see you doctors. I am serious problem. Do not come here to tell me about other people rights. I care damn about Egypt. I care about my people only. It is not my business to worry about Egyptian. It is their business to solve their water problem. No member of any country stand against their country except Woyane. The only people who are against their country are only woyanes like you. Anyway, you will not listen.

      • Hermi says:


        Why do you need to be aggressive and talk rabish? Mahlet has a point, all she said was “If our leaders were as illogical, hot tempered and unprofessional as some of us are we would already be in war.” or is it because she said “Egypt is the making of the Nile?” If you think Egypt was made because of the Nile, then make your argument. Don’t jump into name calling everytime someone disagrees with you. Although you may not have called for a war per se, some of your so-called immediate action suggestions are tantamount to fueling the problem. Knowing the extent of your blind hate on “Woyane” may be it is your wish to see the problem escalate to an all out war.
        But I have a question for you or may be I want to dare you show us that you Bught a BOND. The reason I am saying this is because you are suggesting Ethiopia stop the Nile and start selling it. How are you going to stop it? Can Ethiopia afford it? talk is cheap! Like Mahlet said…I am glad we have capable and cool heads leading Ethiopia. This is going to pass! Moya be lib!

        • axumawe says:

          @gezaee,i agree with Hermi & mahlet.
          if i was you i well not neal fight with people who expresed thiere view aginest me.
          also don’t you have a woman in your life ? you spent writing her,in tegray on line.
          or adapt a dog, go for a walk, get a real job,have some freindes over to chat.
          if i was you i wan’t pick a fight like you do.i am not traing to descarag you, but men!!!like hermi s quation have you ever soported in any way this dam ?????
          did you even have bought the bond ??????
          answer this quation & i blive you.

  25. Kristos says:

    Non of you prodam war mongering IDIOTS really go to war if it comes to that point. You are using the cheap propaganda just to fool the uneducated ethiopians to line up behind dicatotrs thinking that the tyrants are Ethiopian patriots protecting Ethiopian interests. It is simply legitimacy begging by other means as well as for mismanaging aid money through corruption just in the heat of the fake propaganda. After the empty propaganda reaches its climaxes the fake agitation propaganda will then deflate like a giant airball. Mark my word!

  26. Yared says:

    Mr G Hailemariam when if the war brokers with
    Egypt, Ethiopia is going to taker your Eritrea first.
    The Main instigator and problematic ln the
    region is Eritrea and the horn must taker Eritrea
    once and for all
    Peace !!!

  27. Meron says:

    If Egyptians want us to abide by their outdated 1929, and 1959 agreement, and if they keep warning us not to use even a single drop of water from Nile, we have to tell them that 87% of it belongs to us and it is nothing for them. It is Ethiopia who can decide what to do with Nile, not Egypt. Egypt can be creation of Nile, but Nile is Ethiopia’s creation, and that makes Egypt Ethiopia’s creation. Lets not lose hope and tell them to work for a win-win solutions, we know what we will do. The old tricks of Egypt to keep Ethiopia week so that it will not challenge it on the Nile issue is over. Egypt’s dream of looking a weak and poor Ethiopia is over!

  28. Meron says:

    Gezae, don’t be this much rigid. If you say Egypt doesn’t have a stakeholder in the Nile, you are going out of reality. Can you please come up with a solution which benefits the two countries? Otherwise, you are not doing any thing good to the peoples of the two countries!

    Put your emotion aside!
    KeAkbrot Gar!

  29. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    A message to Woyane Leaders:

    We have had enough of you and Egypt. We will never take your betray anymore. We will never allow you to betray our country again.

    I strongly suggest you desist and stop coming here to give us tutorial about Egypt’s water right. We have seen the world, we have been through life; we learnt, we know the right of our people. We do not need your tutorial on Egypt’s water right.
    I suggest you now stop calling name and accusing other people while you never take a flash back of your history. you need to stop bashing the diaspora. The diaspora has legitimate concern. My difference with them is only their approach. Please stop telling me about diaspora.

    Again brotherly advise, stop calling people name and even the accusing the opposition. They have weaknesses as you did have many of them. Is it not you who betrayed 100 000 souls? There is no worst betrayal than all that.

    Please please stop coming and trying to teach about Egypt over Ethiopians. We know our rights. We know; it is not Woyane cadres who about our right. Again, again, be advised and stop your cadre attitude here. you are not more Ethiopian than me and others. you need to bashing people as if you are blameless while we know you very well what you have done to our country. Even if G7, whatever factions we have they are all our country men and women. Pleas attack their ideology if you think yours is better than thiers. Stop telling us about them; We know you and we know them very well. Do not try to push to be with you only. We have a right to decide where to stand. If none of you is appealing us we have a right to stay from all of you. No country is divided only to camps. I do not have to be EPRDF to be an Ethiopians. I do not have G7 to be an Ethiopians. I can be an independent minded Ethiopia as long as none of you appeals me. Please keep your ignorance to yourself. Do not impose on others.

    Here in Canada, opposition come to my house to request to vote. They do not give me anything. All they tell me what they wish to do if I vote them. No insult me, call my names to vote or to side with them. Keep your ignorance for yourself. Do not try to take back to Ethiopia and live and think only in your world of with us or not. Please accusing people. Please attack people idea by reasons. Do not insult people because they do not copy your mind. 94 million people have 94 million ideas and brains. you can say everyone has to copy Meles Zenawi’s brain or philosophy.

    Please listen to the public than imposing on the public without thinking. Please buy wisdom and please stop harassing for being with you.

    I am tired of Woyane preach win win all over the world wide websites. Egypt has to sign the Entebbe agreement. If it does not, leave Egypt alone. o deal the best deal for Ethiopia.

    Egypt will pay money for the water soon or later. If you do not like this ideology, you need to pack and go to Egypt and do not tell me you are Ethiopians. I do not believe I have to die for Egypt’s water needs. Egypt’s water need problem is not my problem. Egyptian has to worry about it. It is not my business. My business to worry about my own people. I do not subscribe to philosophy Ethiopians to kill each other and die of starvation for sake of Egypt. You are entitled to have philosophy. But you must go to Egypt with such ideology. Because such ideology does not fit Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    I hope you stop you antiEthiopia propaganda now and then. We as you to stop standing Ethiopians interest again.

    Ethiopians have given a lot of opportunity. Please do be arrogant and ride on the people. Please listen to the public.

  30. Haile Selassie says:

    This master clown guy by the name Gezaee seems to have lost control completely over himself just like a stupid tourist who ate bacteria contaminated food and as a result suffering from long running diarrhea non stop. Why don’t his friends tell him NOT to sniff too much of the white powder!Very funny creature!

  31. Mario says:

    The responses given to Gezaee’s write up so far are more of optimistic than pessimistic in harnessing Blue Nile river for national prosperity, security and pride of the Ethiopian people.

    Let that be as desired, but the reality on the ground regarding woyanes/TPLF’s agenda is very different. The building of the dam does not only depend on the “weakness of our enemies”, but also on our own “unity and strength”. Do we have that unity and strength in this time of our history? Woyanes/TPLF only mention the word unity whenever they are in deep trouble just like the Abbay issue. As their track record tells it all, they hated/hate our unity on any issue that matter most. Their wish is to keep Ethiopians remain un-reconciled and divided from top to bottom and control the politics, economy, security, etc., etc. and hang to power as long as it takes.

    Here is a good example of a treasonous act of an individual to reinforce my comment and that I also believe is troubling to many Ethiopians. Dr. Tecola Hagos, in his latest article entitled, “Running the Political Gauntlet: The Blue Party and the Diaspora” (see:, wrote, “I do not believe in the idea of power sharing or national reconciliation as a way of appeasing highly vocal diaspora Ethiopians by the government of Ethiopia”. Simply put, what he is parroting is nothing but his masters’ policy, “Ethiopians must remain divided at any cost” no matter what the repercussions are.

    Tecola Hagos and woyanes/TPLF want to see the “vocal diaspora” and the Ethiopian people in constant collusion and contradiction. I believe this guy is one of the top advisors/handy man of woyanes/TPLF’s divide and rule policy. With such advisors and unflinching woyanes/TPLF stand, what will be our “unity and strength” in the eyes of our adversaries/enemies? And, what will be the end result of the war we wage to control our destiny as far as Blue Nile dam is concerned?

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear Mario,

      Thank your for your wonderful insight. We need to unite ourselves now than later. We must not remained divided because of woyane. Woyane hate our unity. Woyane hate our country. Woyane loves looting our country. Woyane is a kehadi organisation. you can see it is only woyane, from tigrai who are advocating for Egypt. No Ethiopian advocate for Eritrea and Egypt except the Kehadi woyane organisation. We must unite before Woyane again drags Ethiopia to another EEBC and Alger’s agreement. Woyanes are all sick people.I assure you that never expect woyane to do good for Ethiopia. Take a flashback of their history. Betrayal and betrayal upon betrayal. I do not agree Elias Kilfe siding with Egypt, but I can feel how genuine Ethiopians feels about the banda organisation in the name of Tigreans. Mario, please unite Ethiopians wherever you are. All woyanes are not antiEthiopians. it is only the top kehadis. I am telling you that no Tigreans agrees with woyane antiEthiopia mindset and theory. Woyane leaders sick and ill people. The only way to deal with them is to unite. They hate our unity. They love us to be divided.They are sinister and evil people. I am tired of them honestly. They are just idiots. Where they meet you they want to teach you about Eritreans independence and Eritreans right. How good it is Ethiopia to be landlocked? they are not normal people.

      We need to unite and say enough is enough. I am tired of woyane false and self-destructive theories. They never learn and they only wanted to teach their evil and antiEthiopian theory. Ethiopian enemies is not poverty. Ethiopian enemy number one is Egypt and then Woyane. We would not have Shabia and woyane if we did not have our enemy Egypt.

      The opposition are useless because they have been dividing us than uniting us. We must unite now and say no to Egypt and to woyane. I am telling you woyane will not have choice but to listen if we unite. Woyane is ridings us like donkeys because we are divided.

      Unity is good to win all enemies inside and as well as inside. You will hardly find any Ethiopian advocating for Eritrea and Egpt except Woyane cadres, of course the delusional Elias kiflie.

      Let us unite and stand in front of woyane. From the way I see I believe woyane do not believe Ethiopia has to use the Blue Nile. They believe the blue Nile belongs to Egypt. They are building the Abay for their companies power. I am doubting they are doing it for Ethiopia. It is for their companies. Any case, we can still make it a national property by taking away from them by the might of the Ethiopian people. I only see Tigreans cadres roaming on websites advocating for Egypt. Even if we go to war with these sons of Mussolonis, they will once again betray our people. They nevere see their stupidity. They are so stupid and they only wanted to teach people about themselves. They do not like even any good idea if it is not from woyane. Mario, please mobilize people and it will be easy to deal with them if we unite. I am tired of woyane kehdit.

    • jgna says:

      Ethiopia shall carefully watch the situation. it is just to send a message to Ethiopians, that islamic countries egypt and saudi arabai are standing against a securlar state Ethiopia.
      Our government is giving them land, lease of 50 years, in the fertile lands of Ethiopia. It is time to re-visit its policies towards these countries. Even the US wants to pressurize ethiopia to abide by its interests and stop its relations with china. We have testing times ahead

  32. Mario says:


    Why do let individuals to play your forum improperly? I was the first Mario to participate in your forum , but you are letting people to use my nic! The first time, instead of identifying the second Mario by adding something to differentiate us, you put on me with out my permission! You could tell who ever using my nic to some extra letter so to avoid the confusion!

    It is understandable that there are individuals who are not here to discuss , but to play ignorantly!
    ሰዎች ከተንኮል፣ከክፋት፣ከምቀኝነት፣ከቅናት ወዘተ ባርነት ሳይወጡ ስለ ዴሞክራሲና ነፃነት ሊገባቸው ኣይችልም!
    ግለሰቦች ፣ድርጅቶች ወያኔን ይጠላሉ! ለምንድን ወያኔን ይጠላሉ? ከወያኔ ስለማይሻሉ! ናቂ ወዳቂ ይላል ያገሬ ሰው! ወያኔን የጠሉ ሁሉ የገዛ ጥፋታቸው ጠፍቷል!
    ድሮ ሁሉም ወያኔዎች የትግራይ ልጆች ናቸው ሁሉም የትግራይ ልጆች ግን ወያኔዎች ኣይደሉም ይባል ነበር፤ ኣሁን ግን ሁሉም ወያኔዎች የትግራይ ልጆች ናቸው፣ ሁሉም የትግራይ ልጆችም ወያኔዎች ናቸው። የጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ይመስገን ወያኔ ከመቸውም በላይ ጠነከረ፣ የጥላቻ ፖለቲከኞች ግን ሁሌ ኣድሮ ቃርያ!

    እግዚኣቢሄር ወያኔን ይባርክ!

  33. tn. says:

    This TPLF Inc. and its public relations dept. called EPRDF will not hesitate to twist this issue into multiple of emotional pathways, where it gets the goods but emotionally motivated people pay the service.
    in the end, the Abbay Project is a power generating project, that TPLF Inc. imposed on Without any PEOPLE SIDED discussion by stating that it is the cheapest ALTERNATIVE in cents per. kwh. NOTHING MORE and NOTHING LESS…..ALL THE PROPAGANDA tplf INC., DOES IS REALLY A PROJECT COST WITH RE PRECAUTION AND MORE COST FROM A COUNTER AGITATION HELD LAST WEEK.
    of course all the accounting, analysis is held a private property of TPLF Inc., but when is it that it stops to become the cheapest alternative? are the people prey to the “break-even point” and the concept of “sunk-cost” or is it just drumming-up society into war with a motto of “what is good for tplf inc., is good for ethiopia”. it is becoming that blatant.
    i think the opposition and media has really done a poor job…actually have negatively affected the public, taking him away from what is relevant which is…a power project with accounting books held by TPLF inc., but sold as a national project…with engineering, cost and international law implications on 250 million people.

  34. Roger says:


    That propagandist Tecola Hagos is just a simple self contradictory tplf agent. Somewhere in his article he asserts that Meles is dead and burried as a result of which change has come to Ethiopia placing a new prime minister Hailemariam in charge a new situation which the diaspora does not seem to understand.

    A few paragraphs down the line he forgets his previous statetemnt by asserting that the legacy of Meles is still alive and going strong, means by implication it is Meles not Halilemariam doing the ruling as well as advocating for the Dam from the grave.

    “The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.”
    ~George Bernard Shaw ……….. ]

  35. Mario says:

    Thank you Gezaee and Roger for the understanding and input. I am determined to fight woyanes/TPLF’s lie, deception, treason and the untold misery of our people by telling the truth. Let woyanes/TPLF tell piles of lie and the rest of us will never give up telling the truth.

    One more thing. There is this woyane/TPLF agent who is crying because his nickname “Mario” is taken by another person (Me) and is begging to rescue him and his name. A couple of times, I read he re-named himself Mario (Ohio). That is typical of people like him, right? Why cry again after name change?

    I believe what bothers him most is not because his name is used/taken by someone else, but the diametrically opposite views/opinions that I reflect on issue that matter to my country and people under the same name. He thinks what ever I write is out of his taste and anti-woyane/TPLF and thus wants me blocked from Awrambatimes.

    I never took his nick/pen name or whatever intentionally and I declare Mario is my pen name and will remain as such.

    Here is my last message to Mario (Ohio). Stop baby crying. If you cannot stand the heat, just get out of this website. As far as my stay on is concerned, it surely rests on the sound judgement of the editor and not on your desire.

    May wisdom/rationality outlive human stupidity!!!

  36. Mario says:

    Listen, if you were here to discuss, you could have used your own nic! But you are not here to discuss , but just to play dirty!

    You think you are heating this forum , but no! You are just hear playing nothing, but a nonsense!

    You can just hate woyane, but woyane has been there for 38 years defeating every haters!

    Woyane is at its strongest of all time at this moment! Thanks to your hate politics !

    If you get your own nic , I will challenge you here! The first criteria in this forum is get a proper nic, therefore , if you want to promote your argument , then get a proper nic!

    • Nina says:

      Mario, what is the fuss about nick? he can be x or y; it does not matter. if he took your nick, then get a new one.This rigidity is woyane style rigidity. Get a new nick please. u do not pay for it why all these baby cry? Look into the idea he has thrown and forget whatever nick he has.

  37. Gezaee says:

    My main problem is that there is no echoe between woyane cadres and oppositions. Hahaha, both Ethiopians, but their views are galaxies apart. The most ignobale woyane cadres come here only to teach their Eritrean Egytian right theory.They have now new theory called win win theory.

    I am serious; win win theory is a new invention of woyane cadres. you will find these phrase all over the web. No one us it except woyanes from Tigrai region. Lose lose is win win to them. They gave our ports to Shabia; they say it was win win. Haha; they betrayed our 100 000 soldiers and they tell us it was win win. The signed EEBC agreement and they call it win win.They signed alger’s agreement and they call it win win. The gave badme away they called it win win and they even asked Ethiopians to celebrate because Badme was given away? Can be wrong if I say woyanes are sick and ill people? I am serious those people sick sick.

    Now Egypt is demanding the dam to be halted immediately and by saying it will attack Ethiopia. They are saying Ethiopian is not allowed to use a drop of the Nile. They are saying Ethiopia must abide by the British colony agreement between Egypt and Egypt. They are asking Ethiopia to be colony of Egypt in the 21 century. But woyanes cadres are all over the world wide web try to teach all people win win. No Egytian entertrain Ethiopia has to use its waters. They believed Ethiopia must never access the water or nile. But these ignonable and Godforsaken Woyanes cadres has invented a new phrase called win win theory. I am afraid that the ignonable and traitor woyanes will once more go to Egypt to sign another EEBC and Alger’s agreement. It is really heart-breaking woyanes has become so low and an embarrasment to the people of Tigrai. They are just born to betray on betray. Woyane win win theory is I think derived from W in the name woyane. I am tired of woyane. My hope against hope dried. Woyane means rock headed people. Never learn, never listen. We Ethiopians must unite now before the ignonable and traitors of our century sign as another lose lose agreement with Egypt. They will do it, it is their merit. Woyanes merit is betrayal. Woyanes virtue is betrayal, Khdet all times. They come here to teach us their new win win theory of post Meles woyane. New theory of woyane is called three WWW? WOYANE WIN WIN? KKKK, I prefer to call it one W and two LL, Woyane LOSS LOSS = WLL

  38. Mario says:


    Take it easy broda! I think you are losing your mind! You personally had done worst to Ethiopia! The problem here is, woyane know you very well , & hence you hate woyane so much!

    You , yourself know that woyane cadres will never come here, don’t you? You know you do!
    Take it easy man! You are just ranting here!

  39. Egyptian cannibal says:

    Never mind Egypt will not fight Ethiopia, because Egypt will send only some planes to through some bombs to destroy the damn DAM
    if we failed or you revenge our B plan is to send some chemical bombs will make you suffer for at least 100 years, all the world knows that Egypt has one of the largest Chemical inventories in the world and Israel has an atomic bomb but respect our chemical treasure.
    The Nile water is a matter of life and death to us without it we will die it’s not not a luxury and you are selfish people like HITLER

  40. PAULOS says:

    You as an Eritrean should not worry about Nile or the Woyanes. We Ethiopians will take care of it. Ethiopia has enough braves to solve her problem. Please stay away from óur cause. Go to Hamasien and play there.

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