Amb. David Shinn: I doubt that the United States will take sides on the Nile water issue


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28 Responses

  1. Meron says:

    US is providing Egypt with billions of dollars for its military including the recent F-16, and what is siding if this is not?

    In the mean while, Egyptians are still warning us to abide by their 1929, and 1959 agreemnts…they want us not to use even a single drop of water, but they say it is ok to build the dam if it doesn’t harm Egypt. Watch this latest video:

  2. Bedri says:

    Compare the interview of pro.Shin and the article of AlMariam(the false political scientist) who says Egypt will defeat Ethiopia.
    I agree with pro.Dawid Shins argument. There will be no war over water, but proxy war is imminent. Egyptians will empower the enemies of Ethiopia, including the sick man of Africa Issayas Afewerki.
    If Ethiopia finished the dam, Sudan and Egypt should pay for the water which they get from Ethiopia. Secondly Ethiopia should use the water as a weapon to stop the interference of Egypt and Sudan in its internal affairs

    • Gebre says:

      Equitable use of water is the principle. we Ethiopians are proud people who defend our legitimate right and respect others’ right at the same time. Egypt and Sudan have the right to use the water. it is their right and we don’t have any right to deny them. It is not in our interest either to control the water, to sell it etc… Cooperation will give us enormous benefits than controlling the water, selling etc… Don’t forget that these countries are great countries which we can gain a lot from cooperation. We denounce Egyptians zero sum game and we advocate for win win solution.
      Respectfully my brother.

  3. eden says:

    Mr. Ambassodor
    Neither yours nor your country’s stand is justifable. How dare you say united states shouldn’t take side. It should take a political side, a side to the truth. Ethiopia has a legitimate right to use its natural resources. Period. This is a simple logic that any body called human being should sense it.
    It shouldn’t about Ethiopia is a poor country or a powerless, bla bla,…or Egypt is better than Ethiopia and a very strategis country for middle east bla bla..
    Honestly we don’t care about that. Mind you Ethiopia is demanding an equitable not an equal share of nile water. Even the latter one, equal share water is still justifable but Ethiopia didn’t ask so.
    Mr. Amb. your postion on this aspect is disturbing and most importantly your understanding to your country’s position wasn’t even clear for you.

  4. Jacob says:

    Very interesting interview. It made me believe that all these poltroon machos(ኣጉል ቡራ ከረዩ)in Egypt was just for internal consumption.

  5. Meron says:

    Ethiopia’s Foreign policy remains firm Ethiopia has been consistent in its policy of promoting a foreign policy based on mutual respect and mutual benefit with all its neighbors over the past two decades. In line with this policy, Ethiopia took the initiative to establish the International Panel of Experts with Sudan and Egypt mandated to investigate if there might be any significant damage to the two downstream countries from the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This initiative was intended to clear up any mistrust that prevailed in Egypt about the dam. Following the issuance of the Expert’s report, which unequivocally confirmed that the GERD will not harm downstream countries, a few Egyptian politicians aired unacceptable rhetoric of conflict and acrimonious statements which threatened to harm the good relationship between our two countries. The Ethiopian government and people are deeply saddened by these irresponsible statements. The Ethiopian government chose to remain patient about these remarks, but the unconstructive propaganda against Ethiopia continued. The Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia was called into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, and asked to explain the stand of his government on this matter. The Ministry is currently awaiting his response. In any event, Ethiopia will continue to work to forge stronger ties with all friendly countries and neighbors to create a conducive environment in its fight against its greatest enemy, poverty. In that spirit, Ethiopia will continue to cooperate with Egypt. Ethiopia would remind any interested parties that the construction of the GERD will certainly benefit Egypt and Sudan as well as contribute largely to the development of Ethiopia and of the region.

  6. Yohannes G says:

    No it wasn’t macho talk. z Egyptians want us to believe they haven’t yet got a plan and r just starting to discuss about what to do wz z dam .Let’s not be fooled,they have plan A, plan B, plan C and plan Z. Ethiopia should be at full alert

  7. Gezaee H. says:

    Mr. Shin responses are just about his country. It is not his business to worry about any country. Prof. Shin and his country leaders are blind. They love the people who make their nose bleed. Do not trust Americans politicians because they are trust worthy. If it appears good to them, they can abandon you even for Osama Bin Laden. I honestly do not understand the bizarre American mindset. If one wants to be loved by America? At least you have to burn their flag, haha. They are traitors.

    I think Ethiopia must never waste time to rely on USA.

    Ethiopia must have two plans:

    a) 1. Short term plan: It must take more loan from China and finish the dam as soon as possible. That will put Ethiopia on the top, this is very important.

    2. As Egypt has refused to sign the Entebbe, Ethiopia must refuse any other agenda about the Nile. Egypt will not sign the Entebbe because of its primitiveness. Ethiopia never open another different agenda on the side. Ethiopia must also stop speaking alone, it must speak with united voice with other African upper riparians. Egypt refusal to sign Entebbe agreement and Ethiopia’s refusal to make any side deal with leave Ethiopia with no deal with Egypt and no deal the best deal with Ethiopia until Ethiopia tells Egypt back off from my back and get lost.

    3. Ethiopia must never go to any court. Woyanes are begging already Egypt to go court or international court, the woyane people sick in their heads. Something is wrong with these people, Ethiopians must unite and protest against any move by Woyane to make any deal with Egypt like EEBC, alger’s agreement. Woyane are sick people. Ethiopians need to wake up and be ready to oppose any move by woyane.

    b) The long term plan:
    1. Ethiopia must quick start Nuclear programme right now for more power generation. Water is finite resources, the Nile can dry anytime like River Jordan. Ethiopia needs to think of building another Nuclear power for power generation plant. Ethiopia must learn from North Korea and quick start the project now.
    2. Ethiopia must open at least 3 Universities in aerospace engineering or add aerospace engineering in every engineering Faculty in all the Universities and develop its air defense system internally as well internationally.

    Prof. Shinn is an American, Americans are always double sided. They are after what they call American interest. They do not mind even resurrecting Osama Bin Laden. Do not rely on them, they are not trustworthy. I know Ethiopians love Americans including myself, but American Politicians are mischievous at most. Look Prof. Shin accusing Ethiopian officials and emulating the terrorists?
    Prof. Shinn, I respect you; but please back off from my country and my people. We do not need even your partnership. You always betray us. As you are giving weaponry to Egypt, you will give Ethiopia to buy friendship from the terrorist nation. you are telling me Ethiopian leaders are talking bad while Egptians are not? Ethiopians must be laughing at you now.

    Egypt has no any right on our water. It needs to find away to meet its water needs like any other desert country. It is not Ethiopia’s fault Egypt is a desert nation. It is the fault of Ethiopian people.

  8. Gezaee says:

    It is not the fault of Ethiopian people Egypt is a desert country. If Egypt wants water, it has to pay money for it. Otherwise, you will not get the water. Blue Nile is made of 44 rivers. We will divert 100% by cutting each of the 44 rivers. I know u do not even know where the water comes from. Ethiopia does not need Egypt.

  9. Meseret says:

    Dear Ambassador,
    I think I heard several times while your country is saying it stands for justice; “ensure its equal prevalence to all humans”. Why do you think such a “blessed” country who splashes human blood all over the world for the mare reason terrorism? Don’t you think the fact that millions of Ethiopians are still without electric light, if forget the food insufficiency, couldn’t be a suffice reason to take side with Ethiopia?

    Anyways, the nightmare of some Egyptian “politicians” trying to intimidate Ethiopians is simply wish. We know how to make wars beautifully and how to pay the price for aggressors beautifully for we are all one when our enemies fall in dreams like this one.

  10. Mario says:

    When it comes to our enemies, all we need is Unity! Lets stand together & let our enemies know that they can’t keep us in an abject poverty anymore! Every Ethiopia’s problems points its sources either from Egypt or anti Ethiopia westerners, therefore, what matters is our unity , but not western deplomates like David shinn or else !

    Lets stand united at this moment ! If not, then it will be regrettable! ውሃ ከፈሰሰ ኣይታፈስምና ሳይፈስ ባንድነት እንንከባከበው!

  11. danny says:

    I really enjoyed the excellent questions from the interviewer and the well articulated views from Amb. David Shinn.

    I bet some gullible and arrogant guys in Egypt and Saudi Arabia would not like this 😉

  12. Ehio says:

    Editor in chief of Ethiopian Review and ESAT has blamed EPRDF TPLF specifically Meles for the recent act of Ethiopiawitua Betty on Bid Brother Africa. They also called for demonstration.

  13. Truth says:

    Abay Dam:
    In short term
    – it will be used as bargaining chip (Egypt to behave)
    In long term:
    – it will be a property of South Sudan (future proxy state)

  14. Gezaee says:

    Based on yahoo polling:

    Most people support Ethiopia than Egypt and believe water is for Ethiopia and oil for Arab. They believe Arabs can do whatever they please with their oil , Ethiopia can whatever it please with its water. It is only woyane who wanted to give the water to Egypt like Egyptian woyane Mahlet Assefa and Meron .

  15. Mario says:


    I beg to differ here on the owner ship of the Nile river! When the water flowing through the Nile is in Ethiopia it belongs to Ethiopia , flows through Sudan it belongs to Sudan & through Egypt it belongs to Egypt ! God gave the Nile to all countries through where the Nile passes! You can’t change a naturally existing gifts!

    Obviously, Egypt needs more water than Ethiopia , because the Nile is the only source of water Egypt has! We have seasonal rain & all kind of rivers…! What we are talking about is to share the Nile in an equitable manner!
    Be real !

    You have better to acknowledge the process that the EPRDFITES are following to expose Egypt in front of the world! The previous governments was shitting on their pants when Egypt spread its propaganda!

    Please don’t act as if you are a perfect person dropped from the heavens! No even these who freed Ethiopian from the jaws of Derg have considered themselves as a perfect people!

    • Alex says:

      @ mario you said ..You can’t change a naturally existing gifts…you are laughable lol….you have to know that resouces are limitted there will not enough resource for all…so the fittest will survive you have to know this…woyane always talk about win- win but the legacy of woyane is lose lose ..lose-lose at Asab port..lose lose at Badime…lose lose at amhara land given to sudan…lose lose at internal politics..ethnic division..lose lose at somalia ..lose lose at land grabing

    • Samuel says:

      Mario, you are gullible. Ethiopia needs oil and imports (buys) it from countries that have oil. Ethiopia has a great river, Abay, that it is not allowed to use because Britain (the most criminal country in the history of humanity) gave it to its colony when Ethiopia wasn’t in a position to change it. Millions of Ethiopians died of famine and drought while the river flows quietly in their backyard to feed Egyptians and grow their cotton and fruits and vegetables. Please put these together and tell me that Ethiopia (and the other basin countries) should not use their rivers for irrigation and other industrial development.

  16. lemma says:

    Thank you your excellency professor David shinn for your justifiable and the true response in your interview. the geopolitical influnce of Egypt has dimensioned through the Rising of African continent in general and Ethiopian Rising in particular.Let’s ethiopians called the river “ABAY” not Nile

  17. asteway says:

    The most important flaw with the Nile Dam project is in that it is designed to benefit TPLF’s contractors and to fulfill Mr. Meles Zenawi’s dream. The project is also used as a diversionary mechanism for TPLF’s internal problems and in order to marshall the support of the populace.

    There is nothing that will benefit the people of Ethiopia and there will be no popular support in Ethiopia for any type of projects taken by the TPLF regime.

    The only reality on the ground is that we are all waiting for the TPLF regime to go since its time is up so that we all (Ethiopians, Sudanese, and Egyptians) can co-exist peacefully like we have done for thousands of years.

    • Samuel says:

      I can obviously tell two things about you. One, you are not Ethiopian. The second is that you are so wishful. Ethiopia marches on regardless of what Egyptians think.

      • Argamo says:


        Supporitng the building of the dam is one thing. Questioning who is benefiting from the dam is another thing. Do not mix them up. We all know the woyane conglomerates will be the only benefactors during the construction phase of the dam. Getting a day labor job would be a triumph for ordinary Ethiopians. Why don’t you tell us who are the contractors and sub contractors working on the dam project. They are exclusively woyanes and woyane afilliated entities! Aren’t they? Ethiopia belongs to you only, right? Yes, these questions need to be asked. Yes, the Ethiopian people support the building of the dam, and, yes, the Ethiopian people have every right to ask who is benefiting from it. Have any answer?? There will be more questions – get used to it!

    • jart says:


  18. Mario says:


    Your shabiya is the one who lost everything! But you are just talking! Ethiopia is at its strongest of all time now! You can hate woyane , but you can’t bring anything better than woyane! This 2nd woyane has been there for 38 years, but these who wished evil against woyane have been punished one by one & lost forever! Shabiya was the last to be punished …!

    Take it easy! You can’t beat woyane!

  19. Mario says:

    All we need our unity! Westerners follows a double standard to promote their interests!

    Ethiopia has been on their side for over a century , but they have never build even a single bridge to help Ethiopia ! David shinn is there to promote his country’s interest!

    If David shinn was for real , he could have said that Ethiopia too has an exclusive right to use the Nile in an equitable manner! But since Egypt is their spy in the entire Middle East , he is shy of telling the truth!

    Once again all we Ethiopian need is a unity!ድር ቢያብር ኣንበሳ ያስር ኣሉ’ኮ ቀደምት ኢትዮጵያውያን! ካንዳንዶቹ ፅንፈኛ PhD ቀደምት ኣባቶች በእጥፍ በለጡ! የኛዎቹ ምሁራን ተብየማ ኣንድም ነገር ሰርተው ኣያውቁም!

  20. abachegora says:

    When it comes to the nile issue we eritreans need to support our ethiopian brother. Naturally Nile is a gift of God to Ethiopia and ethiopians have every right to use it without harming the interest of egypt and sudan. I think the egyptians need to realize that the times of intimidation and threat is gone. Ethiopia is today a regional power with strong army and economy and is in a position to defend its interest.

  21. Annonymous replier says:

    The fight for water in that area have been going on since the Nubians time it is becoming more clear that the only difference now is this Nubian ancestors are both armed to their teeth thanks to the foreign policy .USA took Egypt’s side when the F-16 fighter jets continued being given to Egypt despite the outcry of many activists. In just the first half of 2013 twelve more F-16 fighter jets had been donated to Egypt by USA. Ethiopians heard the message loud and clear on whose side if not both sides USA chooses to be, when the Obama administration rushed to give plenty of F-16 jets to Egypt and put Ethiopia in a disadvantage. Now the question is are this two historically same people going to loose their senses and destroy each other using their advanced donated jets or is one of them going to be the bigger country and late the other have their way?

  22. jart says:

    Egypt drowned Ethiopias shipment in the suez that was for building a dam on the abay river during HIM Haile selassie’s;now they are trying to scare Ethiopia to stop the GERD,too late .The dam will be built .

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