Pro-OLF refugees in Cairo demonstrate against Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam


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85 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    It is wake up call for the tigrean TPLFite and the Amharan ANDMites…OLF with the backing of primarily Egypt and all Arab countries will control Ethiopia using the old woyane tactic “Koreta”….for woyane cadres my advice is please dont bash those people who are in favor of Ethiopian unity after all it is woyane who will be benefit from one Ethiopia and it is woyane who will be number one looser if Ethiopia fails

    • chala says:

      I think those people comes out are just did it to save there life from Egyptian tag who are attacking ethiopian.

      So we have to do the same. we have to ask every Egyptian who live in ethiopia to come out to demonstration to say they support the abay dam by threatening there life as they do to ethiopians in egypt.

      • chalito says:

        challa, the problem is that Egyptians don’t have refugy in ethiopian so how can or to whom you gonna force to demonstrate? the embassy workers? good luck…the reasonable and acceptable solution is that to do the following:
        The ethiopian government should take the follwoing measures immediately:
        1. Release all political prisnoners.
        2. hold accountable elections not fake one.
        3. nationalize EFFORT and use the money for the construction of the dam the army and share the military balance between tribes. all opposiiton leaders to a national reconcilations.
        6. cancel the so called terrorist law and make it more humain.
        7.create a legal system that is more faire and independent.
        Then the remaining will be the participation of the Ethiopian people so we will do .
        Even woyane don’t need to ask money from IMF or World bank, the diaspora will contribute easily.
        If you see last saturday fundarasing in Switzerland, they contribute around 100k which is about 2 millions birr and compare to what people suppose to give, it is nothing. If all the people were with the government, it was possible to collect more than 500k swiss francs. But due the the unjustices happening at home, people are concisous and don’t want to give a penny.

        • chala says:


          If thou i agree on some of the things you mentioned to be done by the gov. Hoever i am totally against those people who put precondition to stand for there country.

          Look egyptian opposition the didn’t put any precondition to there gov. to stand for there country interest.

          So those so called opposition in diaspora who are telling us day and night the love ethiopia more than the gov. now they are saying if the gov. gave us this or that we will support egypt is so funny.

          about saying there is no egyptian refugee in ethiopia i agree it is true there is none but there are so many of them with the name of investment. so we can pressure those one.

        • bendo says:

          I was laughing yesterday when i watched those ESAT political expert explaining why they are not supporting Abay dam.

          one of them says Melas planned about Abay dam in 3 days b/c of Arab spring.

          Are those guys real? can you start building a house let alone Afrca’s biggest Dam with just 3 day plan?

          And they said it is not been in the 5 year plan? so if this dam is not one of them then how came the gov. put to build 10000 MW in five years with out this dam.

          the other funny reason was b/c they gave to salini with out auction and that is b/c of corruption.
          is this means the other one who been build on auction are free of corruption. if you want to do corruption you can use auction or with out so it is nonsense.

          So grow up ESAT experts and come up with the real reason that is if this Dam build it might help the gov. popularity that means it will affect your bosses in G7.

          So you are stuck to choose power or country and you sided to power as expected.

        • tola gemrda says:

          Hi dreamer wake up the night is over.

        • Ash says:


          U put ur 7 point that is fine..
          But late me tell u how thing work

          U put 7 point

          I put counter 7 point

          Then u drop 3.5 point
          I drop 3.5 point

          And we agree from u 3.5 point from mine 3.5 in total we agree in 7 point but this 7 point include our both point

          But if I bring 7 point u bring 7 point and both us want all our 7 point to be taken then their no deal.

          My second point

          Even late say the government released all jail brid and implement all ur seven point what r u going to do with Egypt do u guys have nuclear that I don’t know about… Or some kind of majic that u can stop Egypt …if u can’t stop Egypt then why should I take ur 7 point without u take my 7 point..

          If u can beat up Egypt then who stop u from beaten up TPLF.. Sl ur bluff is only bluff…

        • Temye says:

          100% I’m agree with you

      • kebraraw says:

        that is not right we are peaple with dignity and we know and respect the rule of law and we are not afraid or any country those are just idiots who have lost their dignity for food so I would like to tell them renaissance dam will be built and completed who ever barks and despite how loud the voice may be we have sole right to use our water which is solely our property and gift from God God bless ethiopia and ehtiopians except those dogs who have no love for ethiopia but for the food they eat

    • Jemal says:

      @ Alex, Ethiopia doesn’t belong to Tigre or Amra only. When could you free from this Minilik or Younse time of thought? There are radical minor groups may support OLF. This doesn’t implay representing the whole oromo. There are many oromo who are building Ethiopia collaborating with others. Don’t terrorise by looking small events in the window of computer screen. OLF is still crying with 1950 and 1960 old poltics. That is why OLF is unsuccessful. Oromos are pretty Ethiopians.Don’t forget these people are migrant in Egypt looking for Economic life.
      Negation may star on grand dam. The government never signs any agreement preventing water for irrigation. The government should use the dam for Egypt stopping any support for any rebels that destabilize Ethiopia.Both country use the same resource. Nile should be the source of development,love and peace. So Egypt should understand this. Egypt should abide by law interfering in the internal affair of the country, and closer of religion radio like Bilial airing to the country
      Masha alah

  2. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Dear Editors of this website:

    I wish you refrain from calling these scabs Oromos. They are a disgrace to the dignified people with the Oromo heritage like me. These and all those who have congregated around so-called ‘Liberation fronts’ or ‘Democratic Movements’ are nothing but hate groups who at the final analysis they are not different from such extremist groups as the Neo-Nazis and race supremacists. And these particular lumps of my Oromo refuses are those who have stooped down so low in licking the boots megalomaniac Arab fanatics. They are disgusting and my proud Oromo people will spit in their face if they ever cross paths. I beg you not to call these scums of the earth as those who belong to the Oromo nation. Please!!!!

    • Minyewab says:

      What did you call them. So they have different stance regarding the so called
      “Renaissance Dam” you think you have a right to insult them. You even asked the editor not to call them Oromos. That tells me you think you can decide what they should be called. This is moronic to say the least. This kind of vulgar comment can’t come from an Oromo. All they said was they needed protection and they did not support the building of the Dam. Do you think they need your permission to say that. You seem to be from the 19th century pal.

      • Ittu Aba Farda says:

        I call them hate group scabs. They are taking to the street just to prove to the halawa gulping Arab extremists that they are their best boot-licking dogs. Remember these smudged forehead fanatics don’t like to get their boots licked by dogs since it is najis. You can call them supporter of this or that hate group but in no way they speak on behalf of my dignified Oromo people. They are one of those urban-sleekers-wannabe fadulees. Believe me I have first hand exposure to such groups. I have been in them, around them and very close to them. They are vengeful who think they are still under Amhara colonizers. Thanks to the Woyane goons they now have added ‘TPLF’ to their list of colonizers. Who is next? Ulysses S. Grant? He was the president when Gobena began colonizing them. But you know what? What they are doing now will not cut the mustard with those colobus monkey ‘Salafi’ fanatics. They better take their lazy asses out of Egypt and the quicker they do the better. When the Salafis start having a foaming mouths nothing will work.

        • Minyewab says:

          I think there is no point exchanging views with a rude person like you. Whatever they are, they have every right to peacefully demonstrate though that isn’t possible in Ethiopia today. Off course one doesn’t expect that understanding from a moron like you.

          • Ittu Aba Farda says:

            You started the conversation with me and I responded with politeness to you. You used pejorative term to describe me and that is totally uncalled for. This is a civil website and you have to be as such in all of your conversation with a participant. You don’t know me in person and you have no idea about my age. I spoke from first hand experience and in dignified Oromo values and ethics, you don’t use such vile word to call someone you have never met or seen. If you are one of those people congregated around those so called ‘liberation fronts’ or ‘movements’ I am telling you that you are with a wrong crowd. To me and millions of my fair minded Oromos, these groups are nothing but derivatives of hate groups. The late PM Meles and his gang of six or ten rolled into Addis (Finfine) hurling hate hysteria. Hysteria begot hysteria. I also believe that during the last 30 years major tenets of the national question has been amicably answered in the country. What these hate groups are trying to do and dreaming is to carve out a fiefdom just to get a chance to loot and line their pockets in the process. And don’t call me a name again for saying this. Let’s be civil.

    • abel says:

      How idiotic is this? the minority TPLF government have denied these citizen not to live in their own country, and you denied them their identity. What a shame position. What do you expect if you were in their shoes? I don’t think you are Oromoo, you are an embrassment to Oromoo people if you are because we all know the repression the Oromoo people endured under the current minority Tigray regime.

      • Ittu Aba Farda says:

        See my response to your colleague above. By the way, what are you doing here? You were supposed to be wandering aimlessly in the wilds of Kenya and Eritrea. You should have been in Northern Kenya, liberate that first and emancipate the rest of my Oromo people all over the world. First, you have to learn how to behave and Thanks a lot for ‘de-Oromizing me’. Apparently, you are the only one who knows how do it. Verbally.

  3. Slick says:

    Abay Dam has become a Divisive issue in Ethiopia between government and opposition. Its a petty that the government completely shut its door for opposition to work together. In many countries government and opposition work together in many areas where as in Ethiopia, it seems government wants to use such a big project for political purpose!

    I have a feeling that the opposition in Ethiopia have been left out in the cold and don’t have a say in the country development, political, social and Economical issues.
    The Egyptian knows this clearly and will use their money and energy helping opposition to destabilize the country rather than sending their army to destroy Abay dam. So its time for the government to answer the Question of
    1. Muslim brothers and sisters

    2. Release all political prisoners and Journalists.

    3. Invite Oppositions and Water experts to come around the table and have open transparent discussion.

    4. Set up a committee to assess the work, expense of the dam and report back to the parliament or the Ethiopian people

    5. Stop using the project for political purposes and state (explain) clearly its use for the country.

    6. Clarify what kind of Agreement Meles has reached when he was in Egypt shortly before the announcement of the project.

    7. Form a committee (professionals) to see if Ethiopia could built a couple of cheaper dams instead of one mega dam. It clearly put Ethiopia in a very difficult position getting all the money to finish the project. At the moment Ethiopia seems to be cornered between Egypt and Sudan.

    8.Stop sending stupid Cadres to Europe and America selling Bonds!!! To me to collect 10,000 dollars the woyanes are sending 10 people which is costing us more money than the money they are collecting. Very silly idea!

    Thank You

    • yohanns says:

      silck, you are realy egyptian, ethiopians know what they are doing, the oppositon know what is the Dam and for are doing politic with dam. a Dam is a Dam serves people, all the detailed arguments u put are nunsens in this moment. I will never accept the humilation of Egyptians to destablize ethiopia and u are collaboratoe they are saying loudely they use Ormo, Somaly, Ertreans, non of this people are egyptian slaves. we have suffered enough by this Roman Greek imigrants in egypt. ethipian renisance will never touch it, weather Egyptians or somone eles

      • slick says:

        Dear Johannes

        Well if you think Ethiopia can Handel without the full support of Ethiopians I said good luck. For now it’s only Johannes who seems to be so enthusiastic about the dam. Others are questioning their rights before any talk about development. The 26 long page of thesis written by the former prime minister “developmental states” has failed to prove development should take place before we introduce democracy in the nation. The people still insist it’s right now!!! According to worsen we have to wait 100 yrs until basic infrastructure takes place.
        By the way the people who told us that they sacrificed their life and people to show us peace and democracy (woyannes) Don`t talk about democracy any more. The old generals now become filthy rich.
        Well they have chosen their way, at least the Ethiopian people deserve democracy because we know we can not be rich like memes Zenawi.(3billion) Emmons that is a lot.

        • Solomon Tebebu says:

          With a brain size that of a chicken, undereducated, moronic gossip and hear-say monger like you, won’t be able to tell the difference between local politics and national sovereignty. Don’t worry there are tens of millions of Yohannes determined to see this dam built.

          Please proceed with your gossip Slick!

    • ABC says:

      Slick, can’t agree with more than what you suggested. Overall, the project should be led by experts regardless of their politics. with regard to point #7, the current dam ‘system’ is a chain of dams that will cost us 12 billion USD. There are also a number of small projects on other rivers though not significant as this one.

    • kebraraw says:

      you are very funny our muslim brothers and sisters are in support of the dam as it is for the well being of the country except very few extrimists who say we should starve for ever just for little dollars and as to the case of position they have been invited in the first stage to discuse the issue but they had no idea or any thing tosay except to say “ግብጽ ከምትጠላን ተርበን ለዘላለም መኖር ይበጀናል” so they are not needed and even though they are supported by egypt we are 89,0000 who are in support of the gov. and they have 1.2million only so no thing they can do

  4. Gezaee says:

    I blame no one but the evil and sinister woyanes who are themselves advocating for Egypt and who have been advocating for Eritrea. Death to all Woyanes Leboch, Kehadiwoch and primitives.

    Dear Dawit: we must be careful man. The Oromos are about 30 million people and they can not be represented by soulless few; Can we say the great Tigrain people represented by the scum bag woyanes who are advocating for Egypt with their new flag win win flag of woyane. Death to all antiEthiopia where they hail from oromo, amahra or Tigrai. I repeat death to all antiEthiopia including the scum bag woyanes who have been betraying Ethiopia consistently.

    Those of who love our country must show our love by unity in this difficult time. It is not too late; we need to save Ethiopia from the scum bag and disgraceful woyane before they hand Abay to Egypt by their signature. Do not expect good from the scum bag woyanes who are trying to teach their scum bagging theory of ownership blue Nile by Egypt. Ethiopians beware, Woyane will not hesitate from selling your country to Egypt. They are modern day scub bags of the 21 century who have no shame to roam around world wide web to educate us about the right of Eritreans and Egypts.

    Wake up Ethiopians. put aside you tribe for now. No one will take your tribe, but your water and your land can be sold anytime to anyone by the scum bags who hail from Tigrai. the sworn enemy of Ethiopia. Shame on them the most disgraceful and Kehadiwoch.

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      Excuse yourself @Gezaee, before EPRDF or as u are keen to call ‘Woyane’ announced the building of this Dam. Did you even have the slightest confidence that Ethiopia could do it. Did you even dream it was possible. No. Because you are a sorry A*s person so hypocritical that you would dare insult our Renaissance and the second minute you try to be the number one Ethiopian. This is hypocrisy my friend. You need to have a clear AQUAM when it comes to ABAY. Either you support the Dam and appreciate the great dedication by Woyane or you stand along side Elias Kifle. WEJBERBER AYEDLYN!! Because Abay can’t stay in between it’s either built or not built. We have no place for undecided people who confuse themselves and people around them. Good luck Deciding!

      • lol says:

        @Mahilet..i think your full time job is tinsulting and belittling dignified individuals right? Shame on the legacy of meles can some one get happiness by insulting individual person you can critisize political parties but insulting an individual is just madness..please stop…you insulted prof mesay kebede..birtukan mideksa..etc..

  5. Jemal says:

    Ethiopia Government should call professional military staff of the former government so as to deal with conventional war with Egypt. If the war comes , the government should prepare combating abilities for two countries.Most danger comes from guerrilla fighting from different sectarians group ether from the south or North east. The government better buy modern helicopters with precise target which are able to hunt from sky and increase the skills of counter guerrilla fighting of the military . Moreover the government should make political consensus and the release of political prisoners to dry up for the chance of the Egyptian buying mercenary inside the country. EPRDF should be united as one party in broad political spectrum than composed of as front organization with different ethnic organization Tigre, Amhara, Oromo, Debube, etc. This is chip grain for Egyptian to divide the country. The government should not wait what is coming from Egypt. Rather the government should take into consideration every possible events and dangers from different perspective coming from Egypt and map out the counter reaction in advance.
    Alah bless Ethiopia and its people

  6. Mario says:

    “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets hurt” goes an African adage. Sad to know Ethiopian refugees are mistreated by nutty Egyptians. This is what we call back home, “Ahyawn ferto dawlawn”. If Egyptians have a fight with the government in Ethiopia, why don’t they take it where it belongs instead of attacking the poor refugees. It actually takes nothing to figure out why Egyptians are doing this. They are desperately seeking for anyone who has the potential to be used in their war on Nile water.

    The erratic Egyptian government and media are now playing ethnic (tribe) and religion cards to mislead Ethiopian refugees and other dissenters for their agenda. This is unacceptable by any sane person in Ethiopia and elsewhere and will backfire sooner or later. It will rather bring Ethiopians around a common cause instead of allaying with Egypt. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” does not work always!!!

    There is no question that the dam is being built to generate electricity, for irrigation and other purposes. Sadly, woyane/TPLF government is politicizing the dam building for the purpose of dividing the people of Ethiopia and hang onto power. It has been doing stuff like this for the last 22 years and there is nothing new this time around. This policy of divide and rule is collapsing and will blow in the face of woyanes/TPLF sooner or later.

    Just to make clear to Abdel-Kader Goumy (a refugee interviewed by Al-Ahram news website), the dam is being built not on Nile River, but its tributary called Blue Nile river (Tiqur Abbay) within Ethiopia. Blue Nile (Tiqur Abbay) river belongs to Ethiopia and Ethiopians have every single right to do whatever they like on it within their territory and within international laws.

    Ethiopia does not need Egypt’s permission for that. It is her natural right and we should not be intimidated by Egypt’s loud and empty rhetoric.

    Here is something bizarre narrated by Al-Ahram. “The tribe supports Egypt’s right not to be adversely affected [by the dam]… Addis Ababa is not in need of water, rather it aims to build the dam for political purposes”.

    Why is water life for Egyptians and not for Ethiopians? For their information, Ethiopians need not only Blue Nile water, but also the millions of tons of fertile soil we lose every year because of unharnessed Blue Nile river. We want to bring that to our use too.

    I also have this message to the ignorant bunches, be it Ethiopians or Egyptians. Egypt built Aswan High Dam not for political purpose, but she needed the water. So is Ethiopia. Using the dam building by woyane/TPLF as a tool domestically for divide and rule purpose and building the dam for electricity, fishery, recreation and irrigation are two different issues. Please get it. If you don’t, it’s hard luck.

    If Oromos or other ethnic groups side the Egyptians in the hope of liberating themselves from woyane/TPLF’s oppression, this will be an historical error. Any freedom gained in this manner is equated to freedom gained by default and will never be sustainable. Oromos and others need to win their freedom through the many sacrifices they pay and not as a gift from anyone.

    My fellow country men and women, let’s not haste, for haste makes waste. We have wasted so much life, time, resource and energy in our past and present struggle to ensure our freedom and liberty. The current trend aired by a few individuals and groups on this website and elsewhere is treasonous by nature. We should never work on something that will backfire on us eventually. We have enough of that and I hope wisdom will be our guide for the right direction. And, let’s all know precisely what we are wishing for.

  7. ewent says:

    Dear Sir
    how are sure if this post is true? cool down bro?

  8. HornofAfrica says:

    A hundred clueless and intimidated Oromos by Egyptians, do not represent the Oromo ethnic group,which is the backbone of the Ethiopian nation. Egyptians news sources are getting bankrupt these days, and they are presenting the demonstration of a handful of Oromos as if they are going to change the resolve of 90m Ethiopians to build the GERD.
    Egypt is not struggling to secure its rightful share over the waters of the Nile. On the contrary, she wants to sustain for ever her illegal and outrageous hegemony on the River, given to her by a foreign power, England, in the age when our earth was flat and the British were the masters. Fortunately, none of the above is valid anymore, and today we live in a completely different world.
    Egyptians are trying to blackmail and intimidate Ethiopia. They have not succeeded in the past, and without doubt, they are going to fail miserably this time again. Ethiopia is not going to accept a nineteenth century recipe for a 21st century problem.
    Fortunately, Sudan seems to know where her interest lies, and she does not want to bow to Egyptian bullying. It is a good chance for Sudan to shake off her shoulders Egypt’s decision-making power in her internal affairs. Sudan is no more the colony of Egypt.
    To those Ethiopians who want to exploit this looming danger for petty political reasons or out of hate for woyane, they should better know that this dam is an Ethiopian dam and not a woyane dam, and at this moment in history, Ethiopia is fighting for her rightful share of her own river. If she loses her rights today she will lose it FOREVER. The shameful stand of some Ethiopians today, will be condemned by posterity as the greatest betrayal of Ethiopia, and it will be a scar and a shame with which they would be forced to live.
    It is recorded in our history that we become one people in front of our enemies. Let’s fight woyane on a different ground like democracy, human rights etc. Let’s not lose our scope in life. Without development there would be no future and no ground for democracy.
    Nothing good is going to come out of Egypt for Ethiopia. Those who are standing with the enemy are condemning their own country and people.

    • Gezaeee says:

      Mr. Horn,

      We are saying we do not want to share with Egypt because we own the water. you better quiet the dam than asking for shairng. Stop the dam so that when a good generation of Ethiopians emerge they can 100% use their water. Now you killing the people who are not even born in Ethiopia. You are killing generations of Ethiopian by talking win win or share. We are saying Woyane must the stop the dam because Woyane is not the right representative of Ethiopia. It is bette to stop the dam than to enter into any binding agreement with Egypt. I would not join Egypt. I insist either Woyane stop win win talk and build the dam or abandon the dam until we get ready to harness the Entire river. If Woyane enters into any agreement with Egypt like EEBC, then they are worse than Elias Kilfe.

      • HornofAfrica says:

        Mr. Gezaeee,
        Let’s have a serious talk because the issue is very serious, and it needs a mature assessment. No country can have 100% ownership of an international river that flows through three countries. Ethiopia is the source of the Blue Nile, and as such, she has every right to use it rationally. It is Egypt that is saying what you are saying, i.e. owning 100% of the waters of the Nile, while it provides not a single drop of water to the river.
        Stopping and postponing the dam so that future generations would build it is an indirect way of supporting Egypt. Simply because one has an issue with TPLF/Woyane, he/she should not be too blind to see the big picture of Ethiopia. I condemn Woyane for its ethnic politics, the absence of full-fledged democracy, landlocking Ethiopia etc., nevertheless, I do not oppose it for becoming a positive factor in building roads, bridges, hydroelectric dams, universities etc.. The opposition should have criteria in place on when, where and how to oppose the regime. Woyane is here today and gone tomorrow, but Ethiopia will be forever. One can hate woyane for what it is; nevertheless, we should not be too naive to bow to Egyptian bully, and leave the problem for future generations. If Ethiopia loses her rights today she will lose it forever.
        Ethiopians are poor and hungry because they have been prohibited to use their resources; in this case the Nile. You are saying that they will die if they share the waters of the Nile, while they had been unable to use a drop of it to quench their thirst for centuries if not millennia.
        Ethiopia has been waiting for Godot (Ethiopian development in this case); unfortunately, he has not coming for a very very long time. Now we are seeing him standing on the horizon. It will be a shame to say we do not want to see him, because TPLF/woyane is around.

  9. Minyewab says:

    The Renaissance Dam is another plot of TPLF to win the support of Ethiopian people. Yet again, in the same way TPLF won public support during the 1998 war with Eretria, the country it helped to create and as a result made Ethiopia the largest landlocked country in the world. You remember thousands celebrating in Meskel Square because TPLF falsely informed the Ethiopian people that Ethio-Eriterian Boundary commission decided Badme belonged to Ethiopia. That was a big lie we all caught by surprise when the truth came out. Don’t forget that war is not finished yet as TPLF arrogantly refused to accept the decision. Eritrea is only waiting for suitable time to reclaim Badme as per the boundary commission’s decision. There is armed struggle going on in every corner of the country and TPLF knows that its demise is the obvious reality that will come soon. So, its visionary leader planned how to keep TPLF in power for another decade and possibly more. The Renaissance Dam is just the kind of big project the unsuspecting and never learning Ethiopians fall for. What do they do? They swear to defend this fake project not realising that their government has only managed to raise 4% of the fund required for the completion of the dam. And the biggest lie of all is the regime is claiming, the dam will help to end the recurring hunger Ethiopians are suffering from. What a paradox. On one hand they say to Egypt that the dam is built to generate power, on the other hand they contradict this by saying it will raise millions out of hunger and poverty. I thought they said the dam was for generating power, not for irrigation! The true intention of TPLF is to kill two birds with one stone. One – Raise money from unsuspecting poor Ethiopians in the country and in the diaspora, two – win the support of the public in the name of national interest with some fake patriotism (patriotism, when it comes to Ethiopian national interest isn’t in the TPLF nature), and probably crush any dissent labelling them traitors. That will definitely ensure that TPLF will win the 2015 election again. That is The Grand Renaissance of TPLF in progress, not the dam. If the Ethiopians really want The Renaissance Dam to be a reality, first they have to get rid of TPLF. If you can’t see this, you have never known the evil genius in the TPLF leadership and you will all pay for your ignorance.

  10. Mario says:

    The Ethiopian renaissance Dam will be built & the Nile will continue to flow as usual nonstop 24/7! Politicizing the naturally flowing water is a total nonsense!

    What is understood here is: Egypt’s politicians seems to have no idea what they are doing at this moment! I guess the Nile is Egypt’s politics life line stay in power!

    Lets build the Nile as fast so we can industrialize our country!

  11. Denden says:

    It is Realy sad to see Ethiopians to suffer without their sin. One who makes tremendous errors, should pay his loan, that is directly to weyane, Not the poor and pure oromos or other Ethiopian Ethnics.Weyane should Learn from past mistakes what did with Eritrea, and if it is to be repaeated with Egypt the consequence will be not easy

    • Mussie G says:

      The shaEbian gru,

      Go away from here, “ya nejis waHid” to tell you with ur masters’ tangue

    • Khalid says:

      Denden, Don’t hijack this discussion to your failed Eritrean BS. This is about a handful of poor people in Cairo make peace with their neighbors and survive. Nothing more.

  12. Warse Daba says:

    I don’t understand what they think. it is obvious that they are forced to protest against there will. How can any body heat his own self. ether his blinded by his own radical Ideology and heat ride . it’s hard understand for normal healthy mind when one can stand against himself.” wusa lebelabet yecohal” I am a proud Oromo lived along with the rest of the tribe in Ethiopia with mutual understanding and respect. like the majority of Oromo’s you are not representing me or the majority of Oromo people. this Dam is an African dam it is not only for one counter but for surrounding cantoris and the people of Ethiopia including Oromo.

  13. Dhugaasaa says:

    It seems that seeking protection from UNHCR not from Egyptian government. Because no Oromo or Oromo political organization will allow the oromo resource for Egyptian.

  14. Kebede says:

    The demonstration of the Oromos will be a good example for Gumbet 7 leader Birhanu Nega and his mouth piss ESAT to call for demonstration against Weyane the great thinkers of the big Ethiopian dam.
    Birhanu Nega, Lemagn Bejene and Abebe Gela please buy stomach from the courage s Egyptian Oromos and scrim in the streets of Washington DC and Europe.Is not it?

  15. on the sideline says:

    hmm is thw word! The author was wrong in stating that the so called ‘ refugees’ were carrying Ethiopian and Egyptian flags. the char ranting all sort of nonsense looks like a ‘ well fed’ jigolo and not a refugee needing any assistance. It is well and good that Ethiopian refugees are being harassed in Egypt for they will be resettled in the West as was the case of those in Libya. The fact the matter is despite all our differences we will have to back the EPRDF in this venture for every Ethiopian will benefit from the fair and equitable deal on the Nile. This is not the time to sell our ‘ souls’ to the highest bidder as Elias Kifle and others have done. There will ample money coming from Egypt to those willing to sell out. The question is, should we draw the line in the sand to chastise them once and for all, i think so!

  16. Berhan says:

    These people were being attacked by angry anti Dam Egyptians. Egptians think that these refugees are supporters of the dam being promoted by the Ethiopian government who is also responsible for displacing these young people as refugees. We need to appreciate their advocacy to protect themselves. 🙂

  17. hun says:

    Egypt is paying some naive Ethiopians to betray their country and serve Arabs’ interests. This is the usual tactic the Arabs have been using to destabilize Ethiopia.

  18. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Oh wow what are these protesters saying ”We are not part of the Ethiopian Government.” Who said they were??

  19. T. Alem says:

    Please, don’t propagate falsehood. Don’t fall victim to Egyption propaganda. Here is a link to the true story regarding the Oromo demonstrations in Cairo. All they are asking is for Egyptian hooligans to stop harassing them for the work of their government they are fleeing.,-Ethiopian-refugees-in-Egypt-protest-.aspx

  20. Melka Dachi says:

    This is a practical matter not only politics. a very narrow minded personality. we Oromo’s and the rest of tribes lived together for centuries. at peoples level we trade our goods, intermarried, culturally very similar from the rest of the people. we share and fought with invaders of Ethiopia hand in hand with every tribe, to name a few Oromo heroes Balcha abanebso, General Jagema Keloo … we as a people are a tolerant wise never sell out our self for a little personal gain. Egypt or no body can tell us about our wright. we Know what is good for us. It is not the time to fight each other on the past history like any countries history a mistakes was done by the past rulers and governments but that doesn’t mean at all we are different from the rest. when it come about the Dam we are the mean benefiters . to light up our village, to have hospitals, factories an so on. Our brothers and sisters on the Cairo streets don’t sell us out. you are supporting an arrogant regime who want to colonize your family and destroy all. look at the big picture don’t be a tool to destroy your own learn from the past they don’t care about you all they care is about themselves they said that in public. They don’t want to shear we want to live peacefully the Dam is good for every body even for Egypt they can get constant flow of water unless the water flows you can’t generate electricity that miens Egypt will get it’s water flows with out interruption of seasons. the lieders understand this but they want to divert their internal problem. We Oromo’s stand with the rest of Ethiopian people to build the dam if we are attacked we stand and fight for Ethiopia like all ways.

  21. Mario says:

    As we all know, Oromos are not the only refugees from Ethiopia in Egypt. If Oromo refugees are maltreated by Egyptians because of the dam building, why not other refugees from other ethnic groups? Why single out Oromos and treatment them badly as they claim. This is a simple fabrication and Oromos were pushed from behind the seen by the Egyptians to go out and demonstrate. It is as simple as that.

    This claim of the Oromos maltreatment and the demonstration that followed are a make-believe story plotted by the Egyptian government to either bluff or intensify insurgency in Ethiopia in earnest as suggested in one of the top meetings of officials in the presence of President Morsi. Moreover, one of the news stories from Egypt said that Oromos are 35% of the Ethiopian population and it is worth supporting their insurgency/fight and thereby abort the dam building.

    Woyane/TPLF should come to terms with regard to its politics that is in constant collusion with the Ethiopian people. It has to stop accusing Muslims and other opposition groups of being used by foreign forces, especially when there is no evidence to substantiate that. The more it does, the more Ethiopians become alienated from woyane/TPLF regime and tend to be used by forces coming from Egypt or elsewhere. This is a natural and an obvious reaction people tend to do to encounter the oppression that is affecting their survival.

    As far as woyane/TPLF is concerned, Egypt’s reaction to the dam building is no surprise. It is what they say, “what goes around comes around”. The crime they committed against the Ethiopian people in collaboration with Egypt and other hostile Arab countries during their bush years is being recycled and haunting them. Will woyane/TPLF be surprised? I don’t think so. It is like as they say, “Leban leba biserqew min yedenqew!!!”

    Having said this, Ethiopians must intensify their struggle peacefully or non-peacefully for their freedom, equality, justice, rule of law and democracy non-stop. We must not be distracted by dam politics under no circumstance.

    With our perseverance, Ethiopia shall survive!!!

  22. Mario says:

    Bandas exists through out all eras! These demonstrating against their country are the worst bandas in the entire history of Ethiopia ! The OLF s are just exposing themselves how they have no sense of themselves !

    The renaissance Dam will be built, but the Nile will continue to flow 24/7 nonstop, shame to OLF!

  23. hermi says:

    @Gezaee.Your hate is not only blinding your judgment but also your humanness. Tell us what you have done for Ethiopia since leaving her behind with famine and bleeding with perpetual wars? Every passing day you are showing you’re true self, shallow- angry and hateful personality. Grow up! If you can’t accept TPLF is elected representing Tigray, you must be living in a Lala land. If you have a problem with that you are free to join the opposition or creat one of your own. Don’t blame others who are doing the best they can against all odds. Sitting in Canada spitting ugly and hateful words is not going to take you anywhere, it only proves……..wosletlet.

    Have you bought the Abay BOND? Hmmmm!

  24. Amnyus says:

    These people are fighting not for Oromos people they are fighting their own survival as economic refugee in Egypt. other wise this ruthless Egyptians will kill them

  25. Mario says:


    You don’t see any neighbors here , what are doing here? Get out of here! Your shabiya has been broken into pieces & the only choice your shabiya has is to hold the Eritrean people on their neck! The woyanes you know are exposing Egypt in front of the world! At the end of the day Egypt will agree to share the Nile equitably, but stooges like you will be lost in the middle!

  26. Beneberu says:,-Ethiopian-refugees-in-Egypt-protest-.aspx

    This is the fact. I think something is wrong with Dawit. I really do not understand why you call them pro-olf. The refugees demonstrated to save their lives. They are beaten in day light.

  27. Moges says:

    The Dam is more important to us than the Axum statues so you Egyptian-Oromos should back down quick orelse the mighty Tigrayans will deal with you accordingly.The dam should be built on Nile because the Tigray region is nearer to Nile than anyother river in Ethiopia. If we get the water to flow towards Tigray rather than Egypt Tigray can finally declare independence without nomore need to stay with Ethiopia as one country. If we achieve that we can even negotiate with Eritrea and get to use the red sea port for draining some of the nile water towards Eritrea. Tigray will be the number one like the Axumite era that is why all Tigrayans are ready to pay the price needed to defend the dam.

    • Hermi says:

      Moges- asmesay You are HIGDEF pretending from Tigray. EPRDF made a mistake ones it won’t be repeated! This you can take it to the bank!

  28. Abebe says:

    The demonstration was not pro OLF or political, as the interviewer said “the Egyptian harassed and beaten us becuase of the Nile dam”.this shows if they didnt go to this demonestration their life is in danger.Even this demonstrators were not only oromos but also all Ethiopians refugee that live in Egypt were involved to escape the harassement of Egyptian.

  29. Gezaee H. says:

    If they are beaten, they must go to the Ethiopian embassy and ask to airlifted than asking the dam to be stopped. This does not make sense. I am definitely sure woyane will pick them up if they are really harassed. I know Ethiopians are harrassed always in Egypt. But the refugees either must go to UNHCR and sleep until they ask IOM to lift them to safety or go to Ethiopians embassy. I am sure they do not want go back to Ethiopia. But this could have been good case for them to seek safe third country than asking or protesting against our dam.

  30. Kudus Yared says:

    Terrorists wanted to attack our country;

    HomeNDTV Classics Live TV VideoAll India South Cities World SportsPeople Polls Forums PhotosApps Schedule Trends

    Cheat Sheet EnvironmentNews AlertsSocialWeather
    You are here: Home» World» ‘No Nile, no Egypt’, Cairo warns over Ethiopia dam
    Reuters | Updated: June 09, 2013 23:26 IST
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    Cairo: Egypt’s foreign minister, vowing not to give up “a single drop of water from the Nile”, said on Sunday he would go to Addis Ababa to discuss a giant dam that Ethiopia has begun building in defiance of Cairo’s objections.

    Speaking to Egypt’s state news agency MENA two days after the Ethiopian government flatly rejected a request from Cairo to halt the project, Mohamed Kamel Amr underlined that Egyptians view any obstacle to the river as a threat to national survival.

    “No Nile – no Egypt,” he said, highlighting the pressure on the Egyptian government, whose popularity is wilting in the face of economic troubles, to prevent the hydro power plant cutting already stretched water supplies for its 84 million people.

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    Apple unveils OS X Mavericks, new Mac Pro
    Also See

    12:55 Can Israel-Palestine broker peace deal?
    0:46 Mohammed Morsi is Egypt’s new president Last week, Ethiopia summoned the Egyptian ambassador after politicians in Cairo were shown on television suggesting military action or supporting Ethiopian rebels – a mark of the threat felt in Cairo from the plan to dam the Blue Nile, the tributary that supplies the bulk of water downstream in Egypt.

    “Egypt won’t give up on a single drop of water from the Nile or any part of what arrives into Egypt from this water in terms of quantity and quality,” Amr told MENA, noting Egypt has little rainfall and is effectively desert without its great river.

    Speaking at a news conference, he declined to detail the action Egypt might take next but noted Ethiopian assurances that Africa’s biggest hydro station would not cut water supplies:

    “We have a plan for action, which will start soon,” Amr said. “We’ll talk to Ethiopia and we’ll see what comes of it.

    “Ethiopia has said it will not harm Egypt, not even by a litre of water. We are looking at … this being implemented.”

    Nations which share the Nile have long argued over the use of its waters, repeatedly raising fears that the disputes could eventually boil over into war. Egypt, struggling with a shortage of cash and bitter internal political divisions following a 2011 revolution, called on Ethiopia to stop work after engineers began diverting the course of the Blue Nile late last month.

    In Addis Ababa, a government spokesman called that request a “non-starter” and dismissed threats from Cairo of “sabotage” and “destabilisation”, saying attempts by Egypt under its previous military rulers to undermine Ethiopian leaders had failed.

    The possible effects of the $4.7-billion Grand Renaissance Dam, some 40 km (25 miles) from Ethiopia’s border with Sudan, have been disputed and full details are unclear.

    While letting water through such dams – of which Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia already have several – may not reduce its flow greatly, the filling of the reservoir behind any new dam means cutting the river’s flow for a time. Evaporation from reservoirs can also permanently reduce water flowing downstream.

    Now 21-percent complete, the new dam on the Blue Nile will eventually have capacity of 6,000 megawatts and is central to Ethiopia’s plans to become Africa’s leading exporter of power.
    © Thomson Reuters 2013

  31. Alemsseged says:


    You accuse refugees forcefully driven out of their own country and even being attacked in a foreign land by the policies of those same people who drove them out of their country? What kind of souless subhuman entity with no snsse of morality and justice can you be? And how low are you going to bend and kiss the feets oppressors when you blame the victims?

  32. Mario says:


    Siding with Egypt at this moment amounts to be the worst bandaism in the entire history of Ethiopia! No matter what the circumstances are I will never demonstrate against my country Siding with the enemy, Therefore , this is my opinion! Don’t you cry for free speech & shit? Alemsseged, What kind of low life little subhuman are you to threaten my right to speak what I think? Think again! One who sides with the enemy is called traitor , you got it man?

  33. Abet says:

    These are young kids, some are only as old as the EPRDF regime (22 years). They don’t belong to OLF, they heard about OLF only through ETV. They are refugees because of the discrimination against the oromo by TPLF. Oromo has nothing on that land: no hope and dignity. So, they had to leave their country and suffer in Egypt and other harsh places. Don’t forget that many got killed in Libya during the war. This demonstration is a survival mechanism. It is the Ethiopian government’s racist policy that is causing this problem.Is there anyone from Tigray who is experiencing suffering in refugee camps? stop racism against the oromo people.

    • Abet says:


      I used to see you as a voice of reason. But, you appear to perpetuate the TPLF’s racism and insinuations against the oromo. First, you were the one trying to implicate that the federal police who massacred innocent civilian in Bahir Dar was an oromo. I just paused at that point. Now, you are changing the title of the news from the way it is originally presented on the source website. You changed the title simply to sensationalize that OLF is in the Egypt’s side. In a way, you are advising those woyane security thugs to start harassing oromo community members living in Ethiopia as they always dis for the last 22 years. This gives them a pretext to haul oromo youth to the prison cells. It appears that your professional integrity does not apply apply to the oromo issue in the same way that the little freedom and democratic rights in Ethiopia under the EPRDF rule have never been meant for the oromo. Wow, you are behaving exactly the way the TPLF people behave when it comes to oromo issue. I know you are a tigre but I always thought that you have a professional integrity. Very sad. Shame on you!

  34. henok says:

    the true reason why OLF shouldn’t be supported by oromo’s is shown directly in Egypt. Egyptians were together to build the Aswan dam no matter how their inside politics was bad, not a single Egyptian tolerate the dam we’re building as we’re about to gain a powerful regime in the Nile basin. how come an Ethiopian be a threat to it’s own mother land and indulge in harmful brainstorming and a dangerous act to our country. their is no Ethiopia with out oromo and their is no oromo without Ethiopia. it’s not an obligation or some kind of fragile citizens opinion to support our country rather it’s everyones responsibility to love and support our country. WE NEED TOGETHERNESS MORE THAN EVER.

  35. Bera says:

    The Egyptians have no right to intimidate any refugee for any purpose. Ethiopia (Abesynia) was the source of the first Hijira, initiated by Mohammed himself. This is written in the Koran. We Muslims need to respect this and show thankfulness to Ethiopia for giving shelter, food and hospitality for the first Muslim refugees sent by Mohammed from Meka to Negus in Ethiopia.
    The migration known as the first Hijarat was made in two groups totalling more than a hundred persons. According to Islamic tradition, eleven male and five female Sahabah, the Muslims who originally converged in Mecca, sought refuge from Quraysh persecution in the Kingdom of Aksum in the seventh Islamic month (Rajab) of 7 BH (614–615 CE) in the first batch. This act is known as the first migration to Abyssinia; Abyssinia in this incident because of the Arabic word, al-Habasha, whence “Abyssinia” is derived. They returned after three months to Arabia due to misinformation, only to find that the persecution had not halted. “The hardships and sufferings borne by the Muslims were ever on the increase. Muhammad at last permitted them to emigrate to some other place. Abyssinia at that time was ruled by a Christian King, Aṣḥama ibn Abjar, (who according to Muslim tradition, later embraced Islam), famous for his mercy and equity.

    Those Egyptians who are handling the Oromo refugees can not be Muslims. I urge all Muslims to blame and tale the culprits that this is Haram

  36. Dhugaasaa says:

    After I carefull looked all comments, I decided to give a little bit information regarding OLF. What i want to clear for you is that , so far no OLF member gave his/her opposition regarding Dam. Because , the dam is part of our resource. Therefore, no one allow to give his own country resource.

  37. Abishee says:

    Dear ato Dawit Kebede,
    Your article “Pro-OLF refugees demonstrate against Ethiopia’s Renaissance DAM” is only a baseless accusation against Oromos who only demanding protection the hosting country & international community contrary to your manipulation in supporting your TPLF manifesto is damaging the true journalism. Journalism demands professionalism and human duty as the voice of the voiceless, but yours lacks such universal value imprisoned by your TPLF mindset against non-Tigreans.
    As none Oromos during the demonstration expressed against Ethiopia’s Renaissance DAM,you owe to apologise those innocent Oromos if you believe in true media otherwise your partiality is irrelevant for the Oromo nation. Remember that as much as every Tigreans are a pro- TPLF, for every Oromo to be a pro-OLF is a historical fact with proud and NO power on earth can stop us from such sense of Oromummaaness!

  38. D says:

    An embarrassment for the black raise

  39. idris says:

    Ethiopian in Egypt are suffering a lot (VOA). they can not use common transport, they can not use supper markets. They are being beaten and harassed by the Egyptians. So, to save their life they are ‘supporting’ egypt. But, guys, it is not opposing Ethiopia.
    The only Ethiopian who offered support to egypt is from ELIAS KIFLE and his media.
    I do not blame those in cairo but those in USA. Do elias kifle and the ESAT people have a second country other than Ethiopia. whom are they going to administer after the country gets dismantled as a result of egypts agression?

  40. idris says:

    Many Ethiopians in the diaspora could not differentiate between Tigrai online and the Tigray people.
    Tigrai online is a liar website. They distort facts to their childish propoganda.
    They take the cover name ‘tigrai’ but they work against the people. TOL is a site which provokes and entertains racism.
    I think the people administering the site are double agents, who are appointed to serve the isayas government. in short they are so dull with no hint of prefessionalism

  41. Alemseged says:


    Go and preach your cheap propaganda to some brainless dumbs like yourself who think that you are clever and thus can fool every one.

    Whose is an enemy here? Egypt that has given these poor refugees a place to live, food to eat and propmote their dreams in peace, or the government and country that forced them out of their homes, communities and country at gun point? Dumb like a garden shovel! 🙂

  42. Mario says:


    Take it easy man! I’m here simply to write my opinion, therefore , if you don’t like my comments regardless , don’t read it!

    Egypt is the only enemy Ethiopia has , therefore , any Ethiopian who sides with Egypt at this moment is a Banda (traitor) ! I can see you are one of them!

    No foul words, just write your opinion!

  43. Solomon Tebebu says:

    It feels so good to love my country. I bet Mario feels the same way.
    Try to do the same man! pull yourself out of hate cycle. Otherwise you will continue to feel like a miserable victim.
    am just sayin…

  44. easter says:

    I am so ashamed of the above views and comments, with an exception of the few well thought out comment thanks the medium you all have the opportunity to have a stage to spew your hateful comments. We have coexisted with Oromos muslims, and everyone else for centuaries,listen folks the world is not waiting for you, it has gone far beyond and you all are so stagnant in your thinking you will never go anywhere. contrary to the fact the dam is a great unifying force. wake up and smell the rose. Oromo’s demonstrating in Egypt? that is laughable. like the one of the gentleman said they do not represent all the dignified Oromo’s and they cannot speak for the majority they are just peons. what Egypt also not realizing is that we are not bound by any colonial treaty which is absolete, we are not colonoized by anyone. therefore those who choose to self colonize and sell out their country and their souls to to the enemy the same fate that will befall on the enemies will also befall on them. folks don’t you realize water goes downstream not up stream, therefore, Ethiopia does not need any weapon to destroy Egypt if Egypt continues to threaten, they better think of the innocent Egyptian lives. Now as our soil was washed out and built the delta in Egypt which by the way belongs to us it will also wash down other things so do not threaten Ethiopia. And most of all Ethiopians once we raise our hands to God or to Allah. You know what will happen was seen in the past and will be seen now God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow . Do not threaten us you all do not know what Ethiopia and Ethiopians are capable of.

  45. tn. says:

    not even worth a response except to say the dawit purposefully edited the title of the original report.worthy of note….
    1) the march was infront of UNHCR for protection against a possible backlash!
    2) people won’t and shouldn’t die for a project they have not been consulted for, for a backlash TPLF Inc., created by paying for a huge celebration and “diversion” propaganda.
    FYI…many tigres and amara used it as a shelter as well while the government wouldn’t have lifted a finger to protect them so long as TPLF Inc.,s clowns were well protected in the embassy!!
    this article shows how little TPLF Inc.and its associates care less about the people on the ground than say anything against the OLF…

  46. Alemseged says:


    Bandas are 100 percent humans compared to inhuman nazi dogs barking high and loud and blaming the victims.

    How can you say Egypt is the only enemy when lots of innocent Ethiopians are languishing in prisons, killed at point blanc, displaced from homes, comminities and country as to be made to live at the mercy of foreign governments while their fertile vigin farmlands are being sold to foreign money men. You are not only ordinary Band on two legs but also spiritless and immoral super Banda.

  47. kuma_Demeksa says:

    Dear Admin,

    Did the protestors really lift Ethiopian flag? I thought Ethiopia has only one flag, does it have this new kind also – the kind those guys were holding?

  48. Bekele Tulu says:

    The so called Oromos from East Africa have expressed their support against the Nile Dam that is under construction in Ethiopia. These politically bankrupt morally naked refugees does not have intellectual capacity or will to fight for any cause. Instead they wanted Egypt to fight for them to acchieve the establishment of so called Oromamma country in a place that is called at present Ethiopia. These day dremers Oromo refugees shame on them to stand with the contry that stand against our economic development effort.

  49. Mario says:


    Once again , Egypt is the only enemy Ethiopia have…! From your writing , I know you are one of these sellouts who are ready to serve Egypt just for money, your writing is a witness that you are the worst Banda at this moment!

    Now , the renaissance dam will be built on time & Ethiopia will be able to feed its power need & the surplus electricity will bring hard currency from neighboring countries to prosper our lovely country , Ethiopia ! We know there are Egyptian & shabiyas in an Ethiopian skin, but I’m assuring you that Ethiopia always prevails!

    God bless Ethiopia !

  50. Alemseged says:

    Solomon Tebebu,

    “pull yourself out of hate cycle. Otherwise you will continue to feel like a miserable victim.
    am just sayin…”

    You must be kidding as well as lying BIG to yourself. I am far from feeling like a victim because I am acting, advocating as well as influencing events in the right direction for the majority against minority tyranny as you can see.

    If I am defending the environment, animal rights, human rights, which includes rights for the worngly imprisoned, killed, displaced and banished from their homes, communities and country to suffer doubly in foreign lands like Egypt by the direct policy choises of the same tyranical home home group that forcefully drove these young and bright people to egypt at gun point, then NO rational human being with any tarce of healthy gray matter between the two ears can call my behavior as HATE behavior other than those sweat head cadres of tyrannical group who are doing the crime itself. Mine is in fact the BIG LOVE Behavior(Please stop your tiny hate mongering behavior but put the LOVE FOR HUMN FREEDOM AND HUMAN RIGHTS! Please stop whining, instead taking my “BIG LOVE” miracle word as a logo and put it on your shirt from the back and front walking among people up and down regularly. An dremeber that it is not love of power and love of money as is customary for you but Love of Human Freedom and Human Rights. ARAAT NITTIB!

    Even if the situation turns around in such a way that YOU and your friends and acquaintances are forced by social and historican circumstances to be exchanging roles with those Ethiopian refugees in Egypt while they happen to come back to rule Ethiopia and ME THE MIGHTY notices people harassing and trying to kill you believe that I will be defending your right deep down to your bone marrows even to the end of the line for FREE.

  51. Solomon Tebebu says:

    “Bandas are 100 percent humans compared to inhuman nazi dogs barking high and loud and blaming the victims.
    How can you say Egypt is the only enemy when lots of innocent Ethiopians are languishing in prisons, killed at point blanc, displaced from homes, comminities and country as to be made to live at the mercy of foreign governments while their fertile vigin farmlands are being sold to foreign money men. You are not only ordinary Band on two legs but also spiritless and immoral super Banda.”

    I don’t mean to be too technical but first and most, please pay attention to proper grammar and spelling. Your unpatriotic rant mixed with bad spelling & grammar is unbearable. Now that said, we all got your point here. Your brother is in jail, there are corrupted politicians, MZ stole 3bn, Mario is a banda, blah, blah, blah. Because of all or some of the points above, I am not going to support a dam construction. Fine! You don’t have to support your country (your principle). But you must NOT try here to teach us about democracy, human rights, etc. Because I just don’t believe you have the bandwidth. You should not also call people banda that are truly patriotic. Country comes first before politics.

    “You must be kidding as well as lying BIG to yourself. I am far from feeling like a victim because I am acting, advocating as well as influencing events in the right direction for the majority against minority tyranny as you can see.”

    I don’t have any issue for what you’re claiming to be: animal advocate, majority against minority tyranny, whatever. But you will have issues with me and a lot of others when you dangerously mixing up local politics and national sovereignty. Whoever will be able to build this dam is welcome to do so but we don’t want to wait for your perfect government to arrive. If you think you have the need to bash your own country while advocating for a country that has every single finger print on all the bad deeds of several decades, we are not going to let you to have a field day here.

    “ If I am defending the environment, animal rights, human rights, which includes rights for the worngly imprisoned, killed, displaced and banished from their homes, communities and country to suffer doubly in foreign lands like Egypt by the direct policy choises of the same tyranical home home group that forcefully drove these young and bright people to egypt at gun point, then NO rational human being with any tarce of healthy gray matter between the two ears can call my behavior as HATE behavior other than those sweat head cadres of tyrannical group who are doing the crime itself.“

    Again too much fart in the wind here; every situation is unique and we don’t have enough ground to justify our individual political view based on fact free gossips. I don’t necessarily disagree with you though. You have a right to raise questions, concerns, views. However you must understand that there is the appropriate place and time for that. We are talking about a bully country threatening to bomb us. A bully country is telling us it is theirs what is ours.

    “ Mine is in fact the BIG LOVE Behavior(Please stop your tiny hate mongering behavior but put the LOVE FOR HUMN FREEDOM AND HUMAN RIGHTS! Please stop whining, instead taking my “BIG LOVE” miracle word as a logo and put it on your shirt from the back and front walking among people up and down regularly. An dremeber that it is not love of power and love of money as is customary for you but Love of Human Freedom and Human Rights. ARAAT NITTIB!
    Even if the situation turns around in such a way that YOU and your friends and acquaintances are forced by social and historican circumstances to be exchanging roles with those Ethiopian refugees in Egypt while they happen to come back to rule Ethiopia and ME THE MIGHTY notices people harassing and trying to kill you believe that I will be defending your right deep down to your bone marrows even to the end of the line for FREE. ”

    It is good to know you stand for love. I just don’t see any love in any of your rants. Love of course will set you free. Hate makes you behave irrationally to the point where you felt empowered to write against your own country while advocating for a foreign enemy. Thanks but no thanks, I don’t want you to defend me, I will be just fine without your help.

    Hoping you coming back to your senses,

  52. ewentewent says:

    በመጀመሪያ ወዳጆቻችን ተቃውሞውን ያሰሙት ለካስ በግብፅ UNHCR ቢሮ ፊት ለፊት ነው፡፡ (በቅንፍም ራሴን እወቅሳለሁ፤ እንዴት ያለሁት ከንቱ ነኝ ባካችሁ… በኢትዮጵ ኤምባሲ ፊት ለፊት ብዬ ያሳሳትኳችሁን በሙሉ ይቅርታ ጠይቃለሁ፡፡) የሰልፉ አላማ ኢትዮጵያውን በአባይ ግድብ ጦስ በግብጻዊያኑ ጥቃት እየደረሰባቸው በመሆኑ በተባበሩት መንግስታት የስደተኞች ኮሚሽን ጥበቃ ሊያደርግልን ይገባል በሚል ነው፡፡ ይሄ በጣም ትክክለኛ ነገር ነው፡፡ እኛም እዚህ ሆነን የምንሰለፍለት ካልሆንልም ግብጽ ድረስ ሄደን የምንሰየፍለት የወገኖቻችን ጉዳይ ነው፡፡ this is from abetockichaw blog… dave can also tell us if you report is true

  53. Kal says:

    I don’t wash my eye to fight 4 ethiopia if this thing bring us to war wz egypt. i dont like woyane still i 100% support the construction of not one dam but 100 more dams as we can on our own territory.

  54. Ethiopian worrier says:

    they will face consequence of their act. you will get what you want in that cantry.

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