Avenging Egypt’s Interference in the Politics of Ethiopia – Lesson from Emperors Yohannes and Menelik


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48 Responses

  1. total says:

    Although there were political intrigues between rival political contenders since the “Zemene Mesafint” I have never read or heard about a battle fought between Atse Yohannes King of Kings of Ethiopia and King Minelik of Shewa.So where did the writer of this article got this information?
    “…..upon his return from the western battle fronts, Atse Yohannes was greatly disappointed when he found out that King Menelik of Shoa was invading Tigray from the south in order to take the throne from Atse Yohannes while Atse Yohannes was chasing away the Egyptians from Gondar. In the subsequent battle between Atse Yohannes of Ethiopia and King Menelik of Shoa, Menelik was defeated in Wollo and made to recognize Atse Yohannes..”

    I would be happy if the writer mentions the battle field the two sides fought.Please don’t write a fake history like this with out citing references.

    • kebraraw says:

      if you are not an ethiopian it is better to stay away as you will not know the story of ehtiopia Mr. total but if you are rally an ehtiopian then it is your obligation to know the story of your country if you are a humman being and not semi humman

  2. kebraraw says:

    courageous and patriotic advice may God bless the writer of this article truly you are Ethiopian.

  3. ETHIO says:

    It is very sad that the admin to post this article to viewers before making sure that the author have particular interest. He polished and did lots of make up to make Atse Yohanes good and Ats Minilik evil.

    Dawit you are playing a big part in destroying Ethiopian people relation. This guy(Alex sisay) didn’t mention a single word about what Yohannes did to teodros, He was with England against Ethiopian King Theodros,and he gets a lots of weapon and training from England.

    What is the point of all this now?To tell us that to support TPLF? We will never do it. we will never support any attack on our poor people.

    We will never trust TPLF. they are the one helped by Egypt.we are under attack since long time a go.

    Go and read what encyclopaedia say about all the kings and you will never find all this cosmos we have here.

    It doesn’t benefit all of us. Give GOD given right for Ethiopian people and let them decide by their matter.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Ethiopia,

      Please open your mind. Everything must open, clear, to everyone. There is no taboo of talking bad things happenend and made us suffer. You can refute the article by writing a counter article. But do not condemn people for writing about what happenened. What happened in the past has made us suffer. Why is it taboo to talk about Menelick?

      Bring it out, be exposed about everyones misdeed. Stop being protective because Menelick is from your tribe? If Yohannes did bad, bring it here and write it and we can all learn. You trying to defend the man who made us suffer. you can see how a signature singed 100 years ago has made my life miserable and made me live in war all my life. So is Menelick a god? do you have good about him? bring it to the forum and tell us . Do not tell people do not post? why not? This will helps not to repeat the mistakes again. It is true we have to move on now but the genesis of our problem must known to solve our problems. The man immersed in the country in an a perpetual conflict by putting fingers everywhere.

  4. Yemeretal says:

    Please let historians do their job properly. What we read here is an ideologically motivated romance. It’s not history. Respecting our history is respecting ourselves.

  5. adam says:

    Very funny “article”. Did the author go to school or just learned from reading his political guide book? It smells more of the latter given how things are distorted, misinterpreted, omitted, and politically motivated.

    Would be nice Ethiopia breaks ties with Egypt for once and for all and Ethiopia realizes projects that are in its own interests. Not in the interest of Egypt.

    But, please stop distorting history and post some “cheap” articles for political benefits. Everyone is not a political cadre. Some have their own brain and independent source.

  6. Meron says:

    The history of Ethiopia has been written by the showan elites in a way it suits them. Professor Mekshef has recently written a book, and he never raised about these issues. Can someone tell him to read this one now?

    Some extremists accuse TPLF of destryoing Ethiopia but the truth is that the showan elites have been at the forefront of it. They created an Ethiopia in their image, and said it is nothing for the other nations and nationalities including Tigrai which has been the center of Ethiopia for many years. Now, what TPLF/EPRDF is trying to create is an Ethiopia in the image of every nation and nationalities of Ethiopia. An Ethiopia that is out of this is doomed to fail.

    The core message of this article is for those few Ethiopians elements in the diaspora who are trying to appease Egypt so that they can control 4 killo. They have to think wide before committing a suicidal mistake. If all Ethiopians cannot unite against Egypt for the Renaissance of dam today, Ethiopia as a country is doomed to fail. I really mean it!

    • Samuel says:

      All >90 million Ethiopians are behind the Renaissance dam, including people like me who don’t support EPRDF. There are, however, about 25 individuals whose thirst for power and disdain for EPRDF got the better of them. Ethiopia will prevail in this conflict.

      PS: The history as presented here is alterred and “googled”. Fake history.

    • axumawe says:

      Ate meroney
      nehna trah nakle ena,it is our natural god given talent.iam not traing to pc offfff some readers.
      but some of the redars want prov of minliks betrail for king yohans for know i have this book in hand that you can prefer.
      ETHIOPIA & ERITREA 1875-1897
      WE are who we are you can’t run,you can’t haied,you can’t lie any more.
      if yous need more prove i am welling to seplay yous
      good luck.

  7. andargachew says:

    i do not get the point of this confused article. internal rivalry has always been the main feature of ethiopian politics for thousands of years. aliances and coalitions were formed not just with local dissidents but also external powers seeking influence in our region. atse yohannes himself had collaborated with the british army led by general napier in order to defeat atse teodros at mekdela. yohanes used the weapons and supplies he received from napier to finally accommplish his ascent to the throne. this crooked writer did not want to highlight the role of atse yohannes in the fall of atse teodros. that would be interpreted as tigrean treason against amhara emperors. but he wants us to believe that shoan amaras were plotting against tigrean emperors. what a useless mind. either zip up your poisonous mouth or try to be at least as unbiased as possible.

  8. Gezaee says:

    We are colonized by Egypt; that is what I said on my recent article. Well done.

    Menelick is the one who destroyed our country. You can count how reckless and stupid he was when he signed countless agreements with Italians and British which left Ethiopia in this 100 years of mess.

    Elias Kfilie is his follower. He doing what his dad has done. How can an Ethiopian write a letter to Egypt supporting? It is really disgusting and naseauting to see people so blind by power thirst and making people suffer like this for 100 years.

    Anyway, no ordinary Shoans must be held accountable for the ignonable and disgsuting history of betrayal of Menelick. He just made suffer for his power hunger. He was evil and selfish.

    Anyway, we must move forward now; we can not blame a dead man forever. What about Woyane telling us now they must reccyle his mistakes? why do we have to recycle the evilness of Menelick? Menelick evilness has brought us evils like Shabia and Woyane who are doing eviles by blaming the evil dead man. Leave the dead man now. Unite, forget the evils of the past and even the evils of today. We live in the 21 century. Unite all of you and deprive all enemies inside and outside a window. Close all the windows now and do not allow the evils to come between you.

    Cut the Nine from the sources and take avenge now on Egypt. Be inspired by tthose who gave their head and neck for our dignity. Follow the model of Theodros , Yohannes and Allula. Stop the evils of today who are telling us we have to recycle the misdeeds of Menelick.

    We need to stan gother. 100 yearrs has been wasted because of one man’s mistake. We must stand now together against those who recycling the evil of Menelick which is Woyane Tigrai. They are insisting they wanted to repeat his mistake and they signing countless betrayal signatures in the name of Ethiopia. The number of the betrayal signature of woyane = the number of betrayal signatures of Menelick. Why Woyane wanted to repeat them? why? you correct mistakes, but you do not repeat mistakes?

    • axumawe says:

      to ato gezaee
      I thinck woyane have removed your left testicl.an less other ways you can’t be
      like this if so,when you comet a craime you pay the time. this is how the world works.
      you sound tegraway but i am not so sure !!.
      you see i am from tegray axum my self,i have seen a lot.lost my family,my brothers & sisters my friends,and so on i beat you, did not lost any body.
      but you sound heat full to wards minlik,
      for sure derg,you may be saporter of haile-selasse.let me gess your dad was a feudal,mibe yous lost your land,houses and so on.you are hot tempertd you sound like a worrior.can you fair a gun ?.
      i don’t think so.freedom does not come
      b/c you wanted it you have to fight for it.our b/sisters have gave the one life they ever have.so many of my dear friendes for what ?for the equality of every Ethiopian amara,tegre,oromo,kembata,adere,wolayta,gurag gambela and so on .not for one feudal grazmach,kg-azmach,fetawrare,balamberas or his son/doughter.the only people opposing this goverment are this rserazzzzzz hodamoch are you one of them ????.
      i can’t lable you but let me know .
      also be practical on your expectation
      no one well compormais in any thing that is what it seems to me.specialy for those
      over 40years old.the die hard diaspora amara they don’t want to open thire eys to see, where Ethiopia is know,they just won’t to her and blive there ear.
      so the only way for this tayp of people is responding thier way until they feel it.i am not saing it is wright,but that is the way they wanted it.so weas tegrians they didn’t give as any other chooise.(TEGRAWAYNET HAKI-TEGRAWAYNET SENAT)LEK-BET-BET AYTEBEL.

  9. Mario(from Ohio) says:

    Atse Yohannes & Ngus meinilik never fought a war! Throw your fake history into the dumpsters & follow the real history of Ethiopia !

    Ngus Minilik had sold half of Tigrai & it’s people to the fascist Italy just to satisfy his power thirst ! The mistake that Ngus minilik done is still bleeding Ethiopia ! Ngus minilk’s soldier was the worst looters in the entire history of Tigrai!

    All in all Ngus minilik never had the gut to fight Atse Yohannes ! Historically , Ngus minilik submitted himself before even Atse Yohannes arrives , therefore , stop writing fake history! Ethiopia has enough of its real history to be written!

    All Ngus minilik did in his entire life was conspire against Ethiopia with its chronic enemies like Egypt, Dervish(mahdists), fascist Italy… While Atse Yohannes fought fiercely to protect Ethiopia’s territorial integrity! The price that Ethiopia paid against Italy & for 30 years in Eritrea is because of Ngus minilik!

    Minilik is known in Tigrai as the biggest traitor in entire history of Ethiopia !

  10. toga says:

    While this is a very biased article with lots of omissions and additions, the point she/he is trying to drive is reasonable. However, the intrigues of the zemene mesafint should not be used as a basis for today’s reality. Menelik was supposed to show up at metema and help Yohannes. But he did not show up. Yohannes led the Nappier army to Maqdala which killed Tewodros. You might say that was unwise of them to do. however, there are people who are waiting to be Egyptian foot soldiers to attack and destroy Ethiopia today. We have not learned a thing. i do not care if Ethio gov is nazi. i will defend ethiopia. i am disappointed in Ethiopian diaspora elites. ..i hope woyanes continue to be firm and keep the disturbingly treasonous diaspora out of the loop. disturbing fund raising for the dam….what is that? if these guys come to power, ethiopia is finished. until responsibly behaving oppostion emerges, Woyanes owe the country not to give up power. Very scary people.

  11. Linen says:

    Revisionist idea again. Atse Yohanes and Minilik never fought a battle. These is just another hate filling twisted political motivated article written to devide people. Lie lie lie. I agree with solidarity for the Abay dam but this kind of lies any twist is just ridicules way to get people on board. This is actually done to get the show or Amhara a bad history and call them names for political agenda. So low Why does the writer wrote as if Atse Yohanes was all honest and never betrayed anyone? How about his betrayal of Atse Tewodros? He led the British right to Mekdela right? But there is no need to dwell on that becaus the past is the past and we have to find a modern way of uniting. Whoever wrote this is one TPlF stupid hateful supporter.

  12. adam says:

    it sounds that you and the author read the same guide book lol!

    It is not by distorting history we can bring people on board. It is as simple as that.

  13. lemlem says:

    Menelick had Keleblaba tatoch or fingers. He was printing his finger print everywhere he saw a paper? May be he did not know what signing means. I am serious; He did not know then. That time I am sure signature was not known in Ethiopia? I am just laughing how one man sign all those signatures? Eritrea, Djbiouti, Nile, … there is nothing he id not on. I am thinking he did know anything about signature? I may be corrected for that.

    Let me Tell you a story; The story is from South Africa in cape Town. Rhode Cecilia of England arrived at Cape of Good of hope at the tip of the atlatnic ocean beache. The black people never saw a white man before that. Rhodes crawled into the land from the port then. He found gold on the surface of the land. The black people did not know anything about gold. kkkk, I just laugh sometimes when I was told the story.

    What happened? Rhodes has filled his boat with gold and diamond just by collecting from the surface. Rhodes did not have any animal or food to eat except fishes. He wanted animal meat. He saw the locals having many cattle. Do you know what he did? he showed a small mirro, haha. They were so fascinated by the small mirror he showed them. They were stunned the first time they saw a their face in a mirror. Then Rhode had few mirrors. He sold each small mirror for 5 cows. Can you imagine exchange a cow for a small mirror? I am thinking all garbage signature of Menelick where he printed his fingers everywhere was because he did not tknow what signature was and they just take his fingers from him and pressed on them on papers. Then they are telling us now our king agreed. That is why I hate woyane living in the 21 century blaming the man who lived in stone age who might have not even known what signature and agreeements. He might have done them without knowing anything about them. The criminals the British. They tried to Cheat a king in Swaziland like that; But the king told them no it is not our culture and he refused any agreement or signature. Now King Meswati of Swazliland is hailed as the wisest man in southern Africa. He refused to be administered by British and kept free his people from colonization. The only proud black people in Africa are now Zwazis. Swazis women never wear wig or artificial hair. They say they believe it is not their culture to put horse hair on their head. They have long hair. But they are the only people in the African continent who proud of their identity and never look themselves down like other African. King Mswati was also invited to England. He eat supper. Others did not clean their mouth after eating. But he did carry herb with him to England and he was cleaning his mouth after he ate food. They ask why you do that? that is what we do in Swaziland. The man never tried to copy to look like others. Now Swazi are the only Africans who respect thier cultrue and proud of their indentity. They say Africans Africans, but Swazis are Swazis who are proud people. This is because of the good king they had and he passed his beauty to his people. Unlike Menelick who sold us like anything and made us suffer by opening window to enemies

    • axumawe says:

      @ HI Lemlem you sound good story teller and humble person,but hate is a very pour full word, you can desagree politcaly.
      thats all.

    • giday says:

      I don’t want involved in your inferior mind Yohanes is my hero as much as Minilk my hero for me the fact is I think just putting ethnicity first than country first. I am lucky I don’t share your tigre individual minds and amara or oromo minds. I am proud and humble Ethiopian down with ethnicities .I am the vanguard of mother Ethiopian.

  14. AleQa Bru says:

    The story in this article is in line with that written by:
    – Pawlos Gnogno
    – Bahiru Zewdie

    So to me this article is not a surprise; instead it is one with a very important advice to all Ethiopian: Don’t let foreigners mess up your country and you.

  15. Mola says:

    Hi TPLF supporters.
    It’s very funy to read most of the time when some
    One tying to tell what woyanes did and doing now
    In our country, u guys trying to level either he/she
    dreaming to control 4 kilo bla bla. ..
    I can’t imagine What kind of thinker you are?
    Any article in web or newspaper aganest the TPLF Ganges
    then it’s hager khdet wonjel. Now I feel as if Ethiopia is the
    Personal property of woyane. Eree pls enghnam enenurbet
    Hagerachen ye gara chen nat.

  16. Gezaee says:

    Breaking news, Egytian intelligence officers in Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and in addis ababa. Actively working with Shabia to create havoc. We asked Woyane to close the terrorist embassy. But woyane will not hear.

  17. Mekele says:

    please try to write something that brings unity for our people. guys don’t be narrow minded and advantageous. I am a history student; I never learn this kind of history that teach hate and disunity. Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!

    • adam says:

      “write something that brings unity for our people”
      Good said, thanks. We are far more stronger than even when we are united. Some practical steps to unite the people would bring everyone on board and cut down the illogical and inequitable aspiration of Egypt

  18. Mario says:

    When Italy was preparing to invade Ethiopia , Ngus Minilik wrote to Ngus Umberto “… Your enemy is my enemy , therefore I will help pay back the blood of your soldiers ….” At another time when Ras Alula wrote a letter to Ngus Umberto to refute his claim of Keren & other our northern territories Ngus minilik wrote “….to be as a middle man to create peace among The king of king of Ethiopia (Atse Yohannes ) & Ngus Umberto , instead of telling Umberto that he will fight him along side of Atse Yohannes if he invades his country…”!

    Ngus minilik wrote several letter to show Egypt(Ottoman), Dervish(Mahdists), & Italy… that he is not against them , but with them ….!

    What we as Ethiopian need to do is: swallow our own past as it is & work together in unity so we can not make similar mistakes now! We can not move forward by hiding from our past! We can only learn from our past ! We are listening to individual Ethiopian siding with Egypt at this moment preparing themselves to make the same mistakes that Ngus minilik made !

    • adam says:

      … and the same mistakes that Atse Yohannes made along with the British. Opening pandora’s box will not serve anyone. Otherwise, there are past and current historical facts that you guys try to hide are in fact not something that should make you proud.

  19. Baitwar says:

    This article is rather an indicative of why the regime in power has been less impressed by the united ethiopia. If I have been indoctrinated with this version of Ethiopian history I would have seen why the flag is piece of rag and the notion of prolonged history of Ethiopia as a nation is rather a myth. I am still baffled why rather intelligent people like meles subdued for such distorted at best pieces of unhistorical account such anti ethiopia history . The consequential question is that why the ruling elite want to perpetuate the same distorted version of history rather make history that glorify the whole groups in the lad they seized as Ethiopia. One thing is very vivid from this article is that the distorter is nothing but a victim of mis education. It is clear from posted pictures of atse yohannes one can clearly deduce he loved Ethiopia and Ethiopian flag more than our current occupier. This is the question for their biased supporters. Are they stil think the Showa Amhara is their number one enemy?

  20. Mario says:


    Every human makes a mistake in his entire life , but the mistake that Ngus Minilik made is still bleeding Ethiopia !

    Aste Yohannes allowed the British to pass through his territory ,but didn’t fight against Atse Tedros… Aste Yohannes made a mistake allowing the British though his territory, but he didn’t sell an inch of land to invading enemies , don’t you think so ? We know who led the British soldiers all the way to Mekdela….! The names of these who helped the British all the way to Mekdela is listed in the British literary in London …! Even though I personally love Atse Tedros, he was hated by all Gonder , Wollo, shoa …people, that’s why he finally chose to stay secluded at Mekdela! You got it broda? If you don’t I will list the names of these who helped & led the British ….!

  21. Gude yesemal says:

    I don’t understand why the writer mixes up axumite empire with the 20th century Ethiopia politics.You are jamming up everything you are told by the TPLF historians in our throats at once. You are not making sense. My friend, Menelik and Ase yohannes were not enemies as you are trying to portray and come up with a TPLF’s handicapped analysis.

  22. algayenesh says:

    Tigray tigrenit Fake Story …..i belive u ppl want seParation and Write Joke Story.

  23. TG says:

    The reading is interesting and relevant to our context. And it is ok if some one disagree or reject the whole topic or partially but s/he does not necessarily represent the cowards of the country. And since politeness and mutual respect are the order of the day inside Ethiopia (more civilised ppl back home…hmmm), let’s not exchange cheap words to show some of us are more ‘men’ than others! i didn’t get the hatred… I mean this time. Ethiopia has cowards by nature and it’s understandable that she will be still stabbed in the back. But we have wisdom and good experience to deal with that. So, take it easy and do not relate open discussions with potential enemies or ‘hodamoch’.

  24. Kifle says:

    Strange, I will research further to see the validty of this history, never heard of it before. I knew Ats Yohannes collaborated with Britain and guided them all the way to Mekdela to defeat Ats Tewodros because Yohannes couldn’t become a King as long as Tewodros was in power. I wonder the writer is doing this purposely as it was done before by the enemies of Ethiopia. We even heard that a country called Ethiopia is only 100 years old and many more lies before ……

  25. zenawi says:

    I have never heard such crap in my life. The entire artice is bogus and filled with distortions of history. I stopped reading this garbagge half way through. Its true that Egypt’s relations with Ethiopia had always been linked to the nile and that also feeds into the geo-politics of Arab-israeli conflict. But thats were the truth in the Artice ends. Both Menelik and yohannes were really interested in expanding their sphere of influence as feudal lords would and naturally tried to take over territory and tax the population. They were never patriotic in the notion of state level thinking as the official media tries to conviniently portray it. For example; it was atse yohannes who prostituted himself to the English by leading them straight to Mekedela to defeat Atse tewodros(if anyone was patriotic tewodros was. his translator was an Egyptian and their are speculations as to whether the letter that was sent to queen victoria was deliberately made rude..he was in the process of modernizing the military.. but thats another story). Yohannes was then manipulated into fighting the sudaness(aglo-egyptian dervish)supplied by weapons conviniently by the British. He prostituted himself to the British twice and paid the ultimate price finanly. By the way the British at the time were admninistering both Egypt and Sudan and the dervish(the patriotic indigineous) were giving the british a hard time and found in yohannes someone they can use to neutralize their adversary. Can you see similarities to this times? Another greedy king was menelik..he was the one that sold djibouti to the french for one strip of railway line; betrayed Eritreans by making a pact with italy(at one point he even declared he saw himself as an italian!). Even the Adwa victory that he took credit for was by in large fought by patriotic abyssinians(habesha) from the present day Eritrea and Tigrai(norther Ethiopia)..by the time he came up all the way from shoa the battle was more or less done. And the coward that he was rather than helping the Eritreans with their independance from foreign occupation he signed a treaty with the fashists and left the indigenous people of medri bahri(Eritrea) to continue to fight on their own. The writer further mis-quotes the name bahre-negash; this term was used by the rulers of medri bahri the present day Eritrea and has no connections whatsoever to yohannes who was the ruler of mereb melash although he did administer parts of present day Eritra through his general ras alula. Anyhow,the article was not a historical narration but designed to make yohaness more Ethiopian than the founder of modern day Ethiopia(menelik). Even the poster of poster shows yohannes draped by the colors of the flag (photoshop can do wonders).The image and article is saying ‘we are more Ethipian than the Ethiopians themselves’. Ironic but hilarious article all round.

  26. Mario says:


    These who led the British all the way to mekdela are:wag shum Gobeze & Ngus Minilik…! Therefore , there is nothing that you can influence by rewriting false history! The only mistake that the king of kings of Ethiopia , Atse Yohannes did was allowing British mercenaries through his territory to fight an Ethiopian king! The rest is part if the creation of your hate politics!

    Haters, you better be better just for the sake of you!

  27. Philip says:

    For the Egypt FM visit to be successful,
    1. Egypt must understand and accept AU’s recommendation and forget about the so-called colonial time treaties (which Ethiopia didnt even signed).
    2. Ethiopia must not accept any form of prior conditions from Egypt on the water flow or technicality of the dam.
    3. Insist for Egypt to sign the Entebee agreement (Nile Basin Initiative), which is already signed by 6 states. Not the other way round. It should be Ethiopia’s precondition for any binding negotiation.
    4. ETHIOPIA MUST NOT SIGN ANY AGREEMENT or whatsoever kind of MoU WITH EGYPT on the issue of the Nile water, without the consensuses and common agreement by the members of Nile Basin Initiative
    5. No talk on the deferral, holdback, slowdown, or suspension of construction of the dam.
    6. Egypt has not yet officially asked for apologies or provided explanation to Ethiopian People and the Government of Ethiopia on their embarrassing live show to sabotage Ethiopia’s economical, social and political environment – which is a typical TERRORIST activity against a sovereign country . Any official discussion/talk should be limited and facilitated by low ranking government officials – they should know we lost our respect, care and trust to leadership of Egypt.
    7. I wish the Ethiopian delegation must include representatives from opposition parties as well as qualified Ethiopian/African individual Experts.
    8. It is to our utmost benefit, if Ethiopia invites active members from countries that have already ratified the Nile Cooperative Framework Agreement.
    9. Last but not least, Ethiopia must timely lodge a complaint to the African Union and United Nations Security Council on the staged sabotage, terrorist intention and damage against to the public image of Ethiopia and Ethiopian. ETHIOPIA can’t be silent on this outrageous, off the limit, blunt, calculated threat to humanity and society by the Egyptian politicians – it must be officially recorded as evidence of Egypt’s decades old counter-productive, bullish and selfish agenda against Ethiopia, East Africa and the whole black African States .

    Personally, given the arrogance and denial of realities by the Egyptian, I dont expect much from the FM visit.

    Anyway, Good luck! Africa Unite!

  28. Amaha zewede says:

    I am pleased by your article, in bringing Egypte political hidden agenda to the surface in trying by any means to bring Ethiopia to here knee. My only fear is that Eriteria will be the next victim to be used by Egypt to destabilize Ethiopia. All opposition party at this time has to put their difference and see the Nile issue as their priority and fight the TPLF regime and at the same time too late know that their stand for the dum construction. No regime is for ever and we don’t have to forget that if we do not do it know, we will be blamed by the coming generation. Regimes come and go but nations stay forever.

  29. Elias Mastawl says:

    Atse Yohannes, a fantical chrisitan had no shame fornicating his brother’s wife, a little before he was decaptuated by the ferocious Jihadiests of Sudan told his retinue,Ras Alula, in a sombre mood that Ras Mengesha is his son.This is not a routine commedy by AIGA theaterical group. Far from it sadly Tigryans take this seriously. Again, Ras Mengisha had his son without wedlock by Gojjami good-looking woman,Ras Seyoum.And once again, Ras Seyoum had a son by a woman from Wallo,Ras Mengisha who lived now in Makele.And this is a pattern.It can be verified. The bottom line is one should not be ashamed of this Royal bohemian by house Tigryan Lords.

  30. Sam says:

    All what I can say is people will do whatever it takes to win back their right and freedom.
    because of Tewodrsy, yohaness help British: because of Yohaness, Minilik help Italy(if true): because of Hailesselase shabia help Egypt: because of derg Weyane help Egypt: because of weyane….will help Egypt.

    To break this cycle the ball is in weyane’s hand. I will do whatever it takes to win my FREEDOM and RIGHT back!!! OR level the playing field. I can’t live as a second citizen forever. If I once choose armed atruggle as the only option, you can’t have a moral high ground to question who is supporting me because you are equally an enemy!! Two enemeis in armed fight can’t get support from the same pocket. here what works is ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. They can support me but they can’t attack my people. I know whom I’m going to attack. I don’t think weyane could have allowed if Egypt tries to bomb Ethiopia even if they were under their payrll. That is the logic. We know the difference between national interest and fighting the enemy.

    • getu says:

      @sam! Great point!
      We should Leave history for historian! Whatever happend in the past,we are what we are today. No nation is built volunterly,and no politics is holly.Our leaders were ours with their strengths and weaknesses,and it is too low to see them in the current reality,and the current political motive. Be it Tewodros,Yohans,Minilik,hailesilase,mengistu,or Melese,we have to look them first as Ethiopian leaders unless they claim their ethinic identity first!!!

  31. Mario says:


    Everybody is free now! If you play politics , then you have to start you politics where you are known as a person! There is no need for Hyenas in a sheep skin in the politics of Ethiopia ! You are just bragging to free yourself , but you don’t know where to free yourself from! The people of Ethiopia are administering themselves !

    I don’t know why you people think the unthinkable ! Are you going to stop Oromos,Afars,Tigrians….from administering themselves? Are you crazy?They will tell you to go to the hospital & check yourself!

    Minilik sold Ethiopia’s land & destroyed Tigrai, Haileselassie wasted so much time & killed all heroes of Ethiopia , Mengistu killed the most important generation of Ethiopia ! Tedros freed Ethiopia from continouos fighting of the era of princes! Yohannes protected Ethiopia from Islamists & invaders!

    Please be real when you are talking about Ethiopian history!

  32. Gerald says:

    Despite the morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims, the fact remains that Countries exist because of wars fought against their neighbours or rivals. Independence is largely secured through the employment of armed forces and the willingness to fight if threatened, this alone prepares us all for such an eventuality.

    I commend you on your site it contains a lot of quality information and is well done.

  33. Please, do not taking about the past Ethiopian development agene and agene, b/c all people of Ethiopia knows whether its right or not, today people needs promise so say something about the future.

  34. Muller says:

    Minilk have done huge mistak that can not be solve

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