My Notes From The Heart Of The Protest Rally (Wosenseged Gebrekidan)


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28 Responses

  1. Woyraw says:

    In a very subtle way this story is the repeatetion of the woyane theory asserting that the demonstration called by the Blue party was the continuation of the Muslims raly every Friday.
    The title is about the Blue party, but all the writer talked about is the Muslims. Can he explain why., other than spinning the event.
    I think this is sort of hereditary, once born woyane dies woyane. You never get changed oratured. Distortion, distortion, distortion…..

    • teshome says:

      From the get go, It is not and never was a political protest.
      Don’t tell us what is tweeted and face-booked information. The writer reported from the heart of the event. What do have here to deny!!! Watch the real protest the white hat of men and Hijab dress of young girls.
      There is a little left to say about this confused religious protest which mix politics into a sensitive religious issue.
      You Didn’t you see the extension of such protest in Cairo ( recent protest against Abay Dam) by the so called OLF members. They clearly and loudly say they weren’t and aren’t Ethiopians. Watch the big slogan they had…
      But he good question was if they claim weren’t Ethiopians, what business would they to talk about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Was such analogy suffice to get asylum???
      You see this the end result of your bankrupted politics and enjoy your fruit.
      ESAT, I mean AL-ESAT journalists are now going heave and earth to open a station in cairo and their fate is not different.
      Thanks God in one or another way I am not have any tie with this group

  2. teshome says:

    Dear writer
    It is good thing that you didn’t twist the fact. It is most welcomed writings. As usual good job boy.
    The protest made by semayawit party was really having the role of condom. When one tries to unmask the the hidden agenda, the Muslims extremists come to the front.
    The semayawi party at its embryonic age, bought politics into the mix of religion. More importantly harboring and mushrooming the toxic brew of extremism. This will definitely cost them and and Time will tell us who, when and and how much it cost.
    Dear writer, you tried to tell us the Muslim protesters are the majority. This is mathematical idiot to think among 40 milions Muslims followers in Ethiopia, 10,000 protesters fall in the majority figure. Why and who dare you to lie?
    The last time protest is a good opportunity for my government to understand who is behind what motives. The protest passed a clear message that semayawi party joined at the hip with Muslim extremism. In this sense both semayawi and few Muslim extremist are fully engaged in a risky business.
    I am so eager to watch the political tragedy in the next planned protest.

  3. Slick says:

    I really don’t understand why the Editor or Awramba Times is not interested to work for government of Ethiopia? we have heard him tumbling during his interview with civility pal talk room on the accusation of being biased on his recent posts. This is simply the same case except the name of the writer is forged to pretend as someone has witnessed the rally.
    Its a shame Awramba is sliding towards total rejection or the verge of being another Aiga forum.

    I hope my statement will be posted without cut and reshaped.

    I totally Reject these story which is a total lie, Targeting Blue Party !!

    • teshome says:

      This is the worst guy in this forum. Rather than critiquing, he is always witnessed wagering his tail on biased information.
      I don’t understand why he is too much tolerated for the ill-disciplined he showed forum participants and Dawit in particular.
      He was given all the privilege even what he was denied by this favorite web site, from Ethiomedia via ESAT to ECADF.
      Please, Dawit we had had enough of his undisciplined behavior, I wish you ban him for ever

    • ager wedad says:

      well well my confused frined slick first of all let me ask you do you want the truth as it is or should it be added with some spicies from the oposition if you say the truth as it is and raw then you are little good silly bot because this is the raw truth which is presented to you and you didn’t like it cause it doesn’t insult or support any one against any one but just present the truth good luck I hope you will be one day a good truth lover as woyane

    • bendo says:


      When are we going to stop saying with us or against us moto.

      For your information the majority of ethiopian diasporas are not woyanne or opposition so they deserve a free media like Awramab times who put both sides of the story.

      If you want to read and watch only hate go to your ESAT or ER what are you doing here?

      I know you talk about democracy day and night however you will never allow to hear different idea than yours.

      If you don’t agree with the writing put your point where he is wrong and act like human instead of labelling people like your bossed do.

      this is not your ESAT, AIga forum or ER or Walta you won’t be banned for having different idea.

  4. Birabiro says:

    Slick, would you please correct your nick name, you are ‘sick’. Look, this is a public forum don’t vomit your racist words. Rather show us practically if you have the needed endurance. Shintam hula!

    • Alex says:

      @Birabiro..i dont really understand why you woyane cadres love to insult and belittle an individual.. It seems insulting is the perfect legacy of Meles (he used to insult and belittle individuals) finally he died when some like him (or his fruit) shouted at can some one get happiness by insulting individual person? you can criticize political parties like woyanes OLF G7 or what ever ..but insulting an individual is just madness..please stop…woyane cadres insulted every individual …It is really annoying.. this makes me hate woyanes what ever they do

      • demelash says:

        hahahahaha silly boy don’t hate any one who saying the truth and insulting the catalist for the distuction of the country but hate those who want you and your country be erresed form the face of the world hate G7 hate OLF hate ashebariwoch endene abede gelaw

        • Alex says:

          @demlash…your name tells a lot better than your comment..Whatever A Man Sows, This He Will Also Reap…isnt insulting an individual a destruction of the country? look, Meles used to insult and belittle individuals but finally he got what he sows (yezerawin achede) ….this part of useless legacy of Meles has to stop…I wish Awrambatimes to be the place where only matured adult discuss the Ethiopian issues …I dont want to see this website to be a place of trash talk like Tigraionline, Ethiopian review and many more Ethiopian websites

    • slick says:

      Aya Birabiro

      Could you tell me where exactly my racist words indicated? My comment is based on editor position to post such in balanced but targetting particular group and individual.
      For example your are entitled to throw your balege word .”shentam” since you make a decision to tell me how low your life is and am fine with it. Some day in the near future you might be forced to sip it… We affe tsegur yeneqel !

      • admin says:

        Dear Slick and Birabiro
        We actively encourage commenting on every posts. However libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing and threatening comments are not welcome here.
        Thank you for your positive understanding.

    • samuel says:

      Consider the fact that pronouncing uncensored words to the other person, in the subconscious, they may represent some features of your character, you do not like, or maybe you just do not want them to see.
      Contain bad words is very similar to alcohol, tobacco or any other addiction, causing no less harm to our health, both physical and spiritual, just not such an obvious and, therefore, a particularly insidious.
      Try to be quieter and wiser, and if you can – wish this man all the best, then the goodness will come back with a vengeance!

  5. አንዋር says:

    ጥሩ ጽሁፍ ነው ግን ይችን የአብድልመሊክ ታሪክ ከየት እንዳመታሀት አላውቅም ይቺ አባባል የዛሬ 1434 ሂጅራ መልዕክተኛው መሀመድ(ሰላም እና እዝነት በሳቸው ላይ ይሁን እና ) የተናገሩት ንግግር ነው ሰውዪው መሲጊድ ለመስገድ መጥቶ በር ላይ ግመሉን አቁሞ ሊገባ ሲል ያዩት እና (اعقلها وتوكل)ማለትም ግመሏንም እሰር በአላህም ተወከል ይሉታል ::وأتى حديث النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: (اعقلها وتوكل)[صححه الألباني في صحيح سنن الترمذي، (2517)]، ليزيل هذا اللبس نهائيًّا، وقصة الحديث أن رجلًا جعل راحلته على باب المسجد دون أن يربطها، فلما رأى النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم ذلك، قال للرجل أن يأخذ بالأسباب (ربط الناقة)، ثم يتوكل على الله عز وجل.

  6. Mario says:

    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ኣይተናል ሲሰሙት የነበረውን መፈክርም ሰምተናል እስካሁን እዚሁ ነው ያለውና መደበቅ መደባበቅ ኣይቻልም።
    የፓለቲካ ድርጅት ተብለው ሃይማኖታዊ መፈክር ሲያሰሙ እንደነበረ ሰምተናል፣ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ከጅምሩ ምንም ዋጋ እንደሌለው ለመገመት ኣያዳግትም። ምንም ቢመር እየሰሩ እንጂ እዳር ሆነው እያለቀሱ የሚመጣ ለውጥ የለም። ስላለቀሱና ስለተናገሩ ብቻ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የፖለቲካ ኣማራጭ ይሆናሉ ማለት ኣይቻልም!
    ምንም በትምህርት ቢገፋም በክፋት፣በጥላቻ፣በተንኮል፣በቅናትወዘተ ባርነት ተዘፍቀው ነፃነትና ዴሞክራሲ ማምጣት ይቅርና ፅንሰ ሃሳቦቹን በውል መረዳት ኣይቻልም! ስለሆነም ኢትዮጵያ ኣዲስ ራኢ ያለው ሰርቶ የሚያሰራ ከጥላቻ ነፃ የሆነ እንጂ የሚያደርገውና የሚናገረው የማያውቅ የሰዎች ጥርቅም ኣይደለም!

  7. observer says:

    Let us not denay the obvious. Semayawi party is hijacked by well trained people operating from Sudan financed by Morsi.After all the morsi group has a fresh experience and the means to hijack democratical movements into religeos extermism. This well trained people of morsi are very articulated and are ready to use anything necessary to achiev their goals. Even blattant lying is justified by islam according to them to reach once goal, so it is extremely difficult to identify on the first and second look. So i do not blame if Semayawi party and some in the diaspora including ESAT get trapped in to this. For ESAT i am not sure if they werent awar of this…

  8. Mussie G says:

    I think, Wosenseged has the potential to be an excellent Islamic preacher. Who knows, in 5 years he would end up being one of the best preachers.

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  11. chuchu says:

    weyanes, you can rave and rant till the cows come home. We know what we saw. Semyaw Party’s demo in Ethiopia nothing but a poltical question. No amount of twisting the fact is going to change the anything. And the struggle will continue and you weyane cadres can do nothing about it.

    • axumawe says:

      @ Chuchu abet semna were manblowacuh.
      let me give you what it takes to be vectorios in any movement sh…head.
      MY countrys population is aproxmatly 85 million,addis ababa city population is over 4 million.
      lesten carfuly EPRDF(tplf)in 1967 they start the stragle from dedebit ant (dedeb)
      know have the brain to figerded it out.
      1st 10,000 people doesn’t represent no body.
      2nd,if EPRDF is not confdent enough the domenstration well never alow to semaiawe party,
      3rd,the Ethiopian people are fully behaind there government belive me.
      me & you are uslesses we have nothing to do so we like to speen words like ESAT,ETIOPIAN REVEW & others.
      so my advaice for you and those jobless like you have a job,have girl friend make babies take them to the park spend some good time with the people you love if you have Ethiopia & the ethiopian goverment.
      when it comes to Egypt,shabia,g7,moslim extrems any one who traied to sabotage
      ethiopia in her fight againest poverty
      i am 100000% confdent on the brave men & women military of my beloved country.
      adios amikos

      • dara says:

        go to school and learn how to write. Your bad grammar and spelling aside, your statement construction speaks volumes about the state of your brain. You have to admit that the BP has done magnificent and civilized job. Oh, probably you are looking for some other group hunts you like a rat for all the crimes you have committed. It is to the best interest of all to address peaceful requests to transform the political landscape to a win-win situation.

  12. tn. says:

    the first time such a title was posted, i paused a question of why EPRP refered to this group as the second lidetu. a few days later, i heard an interview of the leader on ESAT answering to questions refereing to program, demographic of focus and methodology/approach towards politics.
    in his response, he infered that it is the good old methedology of “defemation” that has his party/and his personality associated with Lidetu as if there was no structure that he could be running in parallel to that of Lidetu1. From the little that I have seen, i think there is a lot of parallel between blue and lidetu1. read my reasons..
    what was lidetu 1? lidetu 1 (not neccessarily the personality but the entire party strata) made TPLF/EPRDF scientific and sane by comparison. scientific in that there was an apt analysis into the conflict/contradictions in society….and albeit TPLF Inc., and it Public Relations EPRDF itself totally full of contradiction nonetheless had implimented the best possible solution amongst a noisy populist opposition.
    the nature of the nation/empire in a class sense has the disproportionally represented executive and security mancinery has wealth transfere from south to north ala TPLF Inc., and Midroc.; two oligarchic structures where the difference between business/party/government is not just blured but the party head was also the CEO’s husband, with both seating in the disproportionally represented executive, an executive with TPLF Inc’s executives being part of the intimidation mation of the security.

  13. tn. says:

    the gap between the rich and poor is wide everywhere with Midroc investment helping amara and TPLF Inc., helping Tigray a bit. more over the cross linked nature of TPFL Inc., and Midroc seems to be irreversible, now going into mass land selling and purchases as they are air-head (rent seeking entities) and don’t have the impetus to improve as they have no other competion.

  14. Mario says:


    Woyane has been there beating it’s enemies butt for 38 years & it will continue to be there whether you like it or not! These who wished to destroy woyane had destroyed themselves because of their own hate politics!

    Chuchu, you are just talking , nevertheless , the Dogs are Barking , but the Camel has kept on its own way! Woyane is visibly seen marching forward scoring consecutive developments in all aspects!

    The problem of woyane haters is they don’t really know who woyane is, they simply hate coz they can’t beat it !

    I personally can choose if there is anybody better than woyane! It is obvious that people always choose a better one! If there is anything better, People can’t sit idly & watch unless they are crazy!

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