Egypt ‘war’ talk raises Ethiopia Nile dam stakes


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38 Responses

  1. ET says:

    Law Professor Urges Ethiopia to Take Nile Issue to International Court

    Chapman University Law School Dean Tom Campbell

    New York (TADIAS) – In the late 1990s, long before the Egyptian cabinet got caught on live television discussing to sabotage Ethiopia’s $4.7 billion Grand Renaissance hydroelectric dam project, a law professor and his students at Stanford University were quietly researching the legal case that could assist Ethiopia in the event that the inter-country conflict ended up at the International Court of Justice for resolution.
    “I was very happy when I learned Ethiopia was going ahead with the Blue Nile Gorge project; and then very concerned when the Egyptian cabinet meeting conversation leaked, referring to Egypt’s going to war against Ethiopia,” said former Congressman Tom Campbell who is currently the Dean of Chapman University School of Law in Orange, California. “What totally irresponsible statements.”
    In a recent interview with Tadias Magazine, Mr. Campbell recalled that two of his Stanford law students, Paul Epstein and Ken Fleuriet, had prepared a draft brief that dealt with just these questions.
    “International law requires upstream and downstream users to engage in equitable use of a river’s water,” he said.
    Egypt, which operates its own multiple dams built on the Nile, is vigorously opposing Ethiopia on the basis of a colonial era agreement that served only the interest of Egypt and Sudan. In a review article entitled “Who Owns the Nile? Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia’s History-Changing Dam” published at Ohio State University, Andrew Carlson notes that “After achieving its independence in 1922, Egypt negotiated the Nile Waters Agreement of 1929 with the East African British colonies. This accord established Egypt’s right to 48 billion cubic meters of water flow, all dry season waters, and veto-power over any upriver water management projects.” Despite that over 85% percent of the waters flowing to Egypt came from the Blue Nile originating in Ethiopia, Carlson states that Ethiopia’s emperor Haile Selassie “was not consulted.” An additional colonial-era agreement between Egypt and Sudan, which Egypt claims should be followed today also left out five other upriver countries.

    “Does Ethiopia have the legal right to dam the Nile?” we asked. The answer, Mr. Campbell gave is a resounding “Yes.”
    “Unquestionably Ethiopia has the legal right to build the dam,” he replied. “The issue had been one of funding: the U.S. had supported Egypt at the World Bank, and the World Bank had not funded the project. I believe Ethiopia found alternative funding from China.”
    Mr. Campbell added. “While Egypt wants more of the Nile to be diverted to new settlements in the Sinai, Ethiopia wants water to prevent the devastating drought that occurs every seven years. This favors Ethiopia. Further, Ethiopia’s storage of water in the Blue Nile gorge will result in far less evaporation per cubic meter of water than Egypt’s storage in Lake Nasser, a shallow lake with huge loss to evaporation.”
    Mr. Campbell emphasized that this essentially means sharing the river, based on traditional uses, and the value of the proposed new use. “The International Court of Justice exists for just this kind of dispute resolution,” he argued.
    In their brief Epstein and Fleuriet asked: “Beyond the broad notions of fairness and justness embodied in the concept, just what are the particulars of ‘equitable utilization?’ In very large measure the modern doctrine of equitable utilization is nothing more than a compromise between the two extreme positions. Equitable utilization recognizes a right of upper riparians to develop and exploit their water resources, but also imposes upon them a burden to take the needs of their downstream neighbors into account.”
    “My advice is for Ethiopia to commence a legal process in the International Court of Justice.” Campbell urged. “The sooner this goes to the ICJ the better, as any military threat would, on top of being highly irresponsible, then be perceived by the world community as an attempt to short cut the process of the ICJ.”

  2. bendo says:

    I was laughing yesterday when i watched those ESAT political expert explaining why they are not supporting Abay dam.
    one of them says Melas planned about Abay dam in 3 days b/c of Arab spring.
    Are those guys real? can you start building a house let alone Afrca’s biggest Dam with just 3 day plan?
    And they said it is not been in the 5 year plan? so if this dam is not one of them then how came the gov. put to build 10000 MW in five years with out this dam.
    the other funny reason was b/c they gave to salini with out auction and that is b/c of corruption.
    is this means the other one who been build on auction are free of corruption. if you want to do corruption you can use auction or with out so it is nonsense.
    So grow up ESAT experts and come up with the real reason that is if this Dam build it might help the gov. popularity that means it will affect your bosses in G7.
    So you are stuck to choose power or country and you sided to power as expected.

    • Gorg says:

      Esat is laughing at you for you tried to negatively politicize aginst esat . Esat is the one strongly advocating for ethiopianism with Nile Dam for for development
      Esat strongly against racism tribal segregation and history forgeries in ethiopia
      Esat is against corruption TPLF professional thief

  3. teshome says:

    Who is then lying? Didn’t we speak about this issue seriously?…..
    I am completely fade up of my government. Why it pays such tolerance for Extremist Muslims protestors in Ethiopia who are shouting every Friday??

    Thank you very much that this information was coming from the horses mouth piece. I am so eager to How my government will react for this delicate issue.

    Go and see this link

    …..”the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt has decided to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood government in Sudan to support Ethiopian radical Islamist leaders sitting in exile in Khartoum. These Egyptian-supported, Islamist leaders were largely responsible for prompting the 10,000-strong, anti-government demonstrations that took place in Addis Ababa during the first days of June.”

    • Gezaee says:

      This is why I Hate woyane; They have been destroying the country by sleeping with devils for money. I do not mind if one day islamicists cut their heads.

      I detest woyanes antiEthiopia policies. Ethiopia is controlled by Saudi Arabia directly and indirectly.

      The fact that Woyane insisted Ethiopia must be landlocked is a mystery difficult to understand; Woyanes high level spudidity is costing the Ethiopia high.

      The oppositions are saying we must do what woyane did? what is the point of doing wrong? repeating wrong? The oppositions do not deserve the name. Their stupids. Shame on you Ethiopians woyane + opposition. You are so all stupid and after money. You are not different from those Ethiopians I have witnessed selling their wives. I have seen Ethiopians selling thier wives for a nightstand to buy bread. I have seen Ethiopians selling their children for cash. You are wicked generation. I hope God wipe you out either using Egypt or any force. Evils, you tell me because woyane did wrong things you have to repea them? and you tell me you ar opposition? wicked generation. Do you correct wrongs things or you repeat them? wicked generation. I hope God wipe you out together with Egypt. you are playing with the innocent Ethiopian people. Fuck you all. Idiots. you tell me you have to repeat mistakes because someone did mistakes? fuck you all, garbage. Leave to talk about democracy, you do not have know what you want in your life, scum bags of Ethiopian history. The Egyptians are united regardless their political affiliation. Death to oppositon and to woyanes, the scum bag of Ethiopian history. I will see soon Ethiopia dragged to Europe and signing another EEBC, alger’s agreeemnt. Shameful generation. Death to all of you; I am pissed of reading this stupid comments claiming to support Egypt like Tatek ( askaris).

  4. Kudus Yared says:

    Ethiopians do not need a lot of work to silence Egypt.We do need 1000 fighter gets; All we need is one gun-ship that can drop 1 kg liquid Radon into the dam in Egypt. Just one flight without the lose of single Ethiopian life. We can wipe them out from the face of the earth. From the way I see they deserved to be wiped out from this planet. Reason: simply they are not humans; having two legs, eyes, nose, face, hands,… does not mean everyone is human. There are monsters on this planet with human form. Egyptians are vampires, savage monsters. You can not talk with this savages. These savages think we are British colony? they do not even know who Ethiopians are? They tell us we can not use single drop of our water? think of it? single drop? a drop? a single drop of water 0.01 cubic millimeter. The use 55.5 billion cubic meter of our water? and they tell us we cannot use 0.01 cubic millimeter?

    There is no need to even consider this as humans. They are Ethiopian parasites which needs to be wiped out forever. Ethiopia has no other option than to wipe out from the face of earth. We have had enough of Arab.

    No need to fight war anymore because of them. Just drop 1 Kg liquid Radon in the their mega dam. Then job done and we put them to rest forever. RIP Egypt.

  5. Blue Bargaining Chip-Cheetah says:

    Blue Bargaining Chip-Cheetah Bloody Agent Life Cycle:

    1). Idiot -to- Bargaining Chip
    – An Idiot Made in America easily upgraded to Bargaining Chip in Egypt.

    2). Hippo -to- Chee-Hippo
    – Here Propaganda upgrading used

    3). Chee-Hippo -to- Cheetah
    – Here Propaganda upgrading used

    4). Cheetah -to- Blue Bargaining Chip-Cheetah
    – Here Propaganda upgrading used together with mixed Egyptian system.

  6. Baitewar says:

    It is not Addis Ababa building the dam. It is the country called Ethiopia building the dam to help it’s people. You guys writing such double sword article is no more tolerated by Ethiopians.

  7. Mario says:

    The Nile is God blessing to Ethiopia , therefore , we are going to use it! As we see it , electricity is the most important for industrializing a poor country like ours, therefore, we must finish the Renaissance Dam as fast so Ethiopia could have enough power to feed its growing economy!

    We politely are saying lets use the Nile in an equitable manner, but these evil Egyptian politician are trying to play psychological war!

    We know they can do nothing to Ethiopia from fulfilling its power need! If they think to bomb Ethiopia , then they are digging their own grave!

    Lets united at this threatening time against our country! Egypt’s politician are the source of every evil & disaster that had occurred in Ethiopia ! Millions had paid their lives because of Egypt’s proxy war in last 60 years!

    No matter what we must stand together to tell our enemies that now we know their intention!

  8. Slick says:

    There is something others do but we don’t do. When you look at the Egyptian, Both government and Opposition stand firm for the interest of Egypt and its people. Their interest if not now for the coming generation. This of course happen because the government of Egypt has opened its door for the opposition and work together in areas where they agree or disagree.

    Again Let me assure my fellow Ethiopians, Although I disagree with Woyanes with their policies, hope and aspiration they have the nation.

    I disagree with them for shutting every doors to work with the Oppositions.

    I disagree with their arrogance that the Only way for Ethiopia is what TPLF/EPRDF put on the table and the Ethiopian people have denied alternative policies.

    I disagree with Woyanes because the only time where they want Ethiopian to put us in un wanted war like we had back in 1998 with Eritrea and 2007 in Somalia.

    No matter what, Ethiopia is not only for these generation, Ethiopia will never last at the hands of TPLF/EPRDF. We believe things would change. However for the sake of Unity, Pride and Prosperity I don’t ask permission of Woyanes to defend my nation.

    IF Egypt attack Ethiopia without any legitimate international legal frame work or agreement, I will stand with my enemies to defend My Nation. But that will be the last Option.

    Let me ring last call to the woyanes, You can’t do the job without us!! Its time to call up on all opposition parties and have a genuine discussion !!

    (I hope people won’t be offended by my remarks. No matter how I tried the woyanes keep splitting words as they are the only one who are there for Ethiopia)

    Thanking You

    Firma `~/`~

    • chala says:


      Now you talking. to have a differente idea is a healthy thing i would have more worry if we all have the same thinking about ethiopia.

      When the gov. start to put the country before party and the opposition start to see the country before power then that day ethiopia future will be bright.

      Now the gov is trying to use this big national issue as a party propaganda job .

      in another way not all oppositions but few extrimist who live in luxury vila with collection money think they might get some penny from egypt and wish this might shorten there dream to go to 4 kilo.

      So i will say it again when you stand to your country is not for the gov. or it is just for your self and for the next generation to pass a proud country.

  9. Alex says:

    If Ethiopia stands firmly in her current stance, Egypt will be bowed down sooner or later. But don`t believe Egypt they will back Muslim terrorists, OLF and ONLF fronts….I firmly believe the next destructive force for Ethiopia is not from G7 or TPLF it is from OLF or ONLF or fanatic Muslims…on another note, for the Editor i wish this website to be neither for insulting an individual nor talking trash talk like many other sites. i wish every one to put hiss or her own critiques in a civilized manner.

  10. Alem says:

    ለኢትዮጲያ እኮ ግብፅን ማጥፋት *ሻማ የማጥፋት* ያክል ቀላል ነው:: ኢትዮጲ በአባይ ወንዝ ላይ አንድ ቦቴ *የዩራኒየም* ዝቃጭ ብትደፉበት በ 1ወር ውስጥ እስከ 85% የሚሆነው የግብፅ ህዝብ እና አንስሳ እንደሚሞት ታቃላችሁ?? ወንዙን በዚህ ከመረዝነው እንኯን ውሀውን የጠጣ በአካባቢውም የቆመ ይሞታል ደሞ እኮ ውሀውን አንደዬ ከመረዘው እስከ 20አመት ይቆያል:: ይሄ ማለት የሚተርፉት ግብፆች በስደት የሚኖሩት ብቻ ናቸው ማለት ይቻላል:: ይሄን ደግሞ እንኯን መንግስት *ግለሰብ ሊያረገው ይችላል:: ታዲያ ለምንድ ነው ግብፅ አርፋ የማትቀወጠው???

    • teshome says:

      መርዝ ብላ..
      …ምን መርዝ መርዝ ትላለህ
      Please think like human being. I wonder How you live with yourself.
      Are such a person in real life?
      This is a public forum, please know what to write and what to write not

      • LoL says:

        To the Editor: why you allow only Teshome to talk what ever he want? @Teshome you have to understand that my intention here is to talk about psychological warfare on Egypt because they are killing us psychologically in recent days we also have to creat balance of fear. But believe me Teshome you are traitor and son of traitor. if you dont want to silent egypt go and sign another Algers agreement.. can you tell me how America silenced Japan,
        Germeny, Yugoslavia, Irak, USSR?

    • Kudus Yared says:


      I think I can work with you; I have taken note of you; you are genuine Ethiopian. I love you man. We must wipe out Egypt plus Teshome using Radioactive Plutonium or Radon … There is no other way of dealing with the savages

  11. Metema says:

    This is the same tactic they used with the Alger’s agreement. They gave our land to Shabia and they told to the Ethiopian people go out and celebrate your victory, and we all know what happened. The same thing here the only beneficiaries from the Nile dam are Sudan and Egypt, obviously Ethiopia get nothing.

    They build a dam that cost 5.3 billion dollars with the sole objective of selling electricity to neighboring countries. While Ethiopia is in dark, they are preaching how the Nile dam is going to create a huge economic impact for the region.

    Here is the question is this project economically viable? How many years it will take to Ethiopia to reimburse the loan and the debt incurred from the construction of this dam? How about the maintenance cost? Why the construction is taking place in the frontier with Sudan?

    Ethiopia will get nothing from this dam. Nothing. Egyptians know very well that the only beneficiary from the construction of this dam is Sudan and Egypt. The thing is they have to make it this way to confuse the Ethiopian public. Woyane sold us again. Meles Abayn yedefere sayhon abayin yeshete banda new.

  12. Mario says:


    To which opposition does Ethiopia should open the door? As far as I’m concerned, the opposition we are are an opposition who can not lead their political party properly let alone to help a complex society like Ethiopia! What I wonder is , why are you saying opposition while there are no proper oppositions who can balance the politics in Ethiopia ? You know the opposition are so weak & some of them cant can’t even see eye to eye! Why are you considering a useless opposition? We remember kinijit…! They fell apart with a little game played by the EPRDFites & they never sat together even once to continue their struggle! Instead of sitting together & discuss the matter, they accused each other & scattered to wherever they came from!

    I wish we have a choice party so politician could work properly ! If there is a choice political party , politicians will fear losing their posts & will do better to stay in power! But , unfortunately, we have no political party that could serve Ethiopia better than the EPRDFites! Let’s not hide from our political reality!

    The need for our unity at this moment does not need any preconditions whatsoever! This is an opportunity for us to be united & can continue our unity for social , political, economical & other socioeconomical purposes!

    Slick, don’t just blame woyane for every cases! The reason woyane is there is, because there was no one who could be better than woyane from the beginning of the struggle to this day!

    What the so called opposition do is : promote their hate politics which in return helps the EPRDFites to stay in power for a longer period of time!

    Unity is very important for any eventuality, therefore, lets united!

  13. Engineer YG says:

    Alem u r plain crazy, ethiopia is a relegious land and will never agree to mass destruction.

    YeMetemaw degmo lela aynet ebd / woym dedeb/ neh. The exact location of z dam was studied and decided in z regime of haileselassie, by israeli engineers. ask older engineers who were at college then. when u have finished washing dishes and cleaning z ferenj toilet

    • Alem says:

      @Engineer YG my intention is to talk about psychological warfare on Egypt because they are killing us psychologically in recent days …but Engineer YG you are traitor and son of traitor Meles (ከባንዳና የባንዳ ልጅ ምን ይጠበቃል ድሮስ ) if you dont want to silent egypt go and sign another Algers agreement.. can you tell me how America silenced Japan, Germeny, Yugoslavia, Irak, USSR?

    • Metema says:

      Why do you need to insult me? Why you cannot give your argument without insulting? It is funny you call yourself Engineer. Mr. Intellectual this time you forgot your intellect at your kitchen; I encourage collecting it from where you lost it.
      You do not need to insult people in order to claim your difference, if you do, you are the one who is behaving like ebd and dedeb
      I don’t care who studied the project, what I care is what benefit Ethiopia will get from the construction of the dam. They are building a dam with the sole objective of selling electricity to neighboring country while Ethiopia is on the dark.
      The revenue they can generate by selling electricity from the dam will not reimburse the cost even in 100 years. This dam is not economically viable. The only beneficiaries are Egypt and Sudan.
      Mogn anten blo degmo Engineer

  14. Yohannes G says:

    I completely agree with mario, YeTalian sm binorewm!

  15. Tatek says:

    Heated debates in Presidential offices, Capitals, Coffee shops, work places and anywhere else was the reality of the past week as Egypt heightened a tension over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam. It is, however, the TPLF that seems to have been untolerating the heat generated by this crisis as they desperately attempt to rally the Ethiopian public behind them. They are desperate to calm Egypt down and have called the Egyptian Ambassador in Addis Ababa to the TPLF Foreign Ministry to explain about the Egyptian politicians’ war mongering meeting in Cairo last Monday. Now a close aide to TPLF stooge, Hailemariam Desalegn, has said on condition of anonymity that Ethiopia has asked the African Union to mediate between the two countries. If the TPLF had the gut to build the dam as they said at any cost, why are they wavering like a crop in a tornado? Why don’t they stand firm and just rally Ethiopians behind them? One of the regime’s mouth piece media outlets, the Reporter, was unfairly critical of the Ethiopian opposition and the Diaspora of siding with Egypt. While there was no substantive truth in the Diaspora’s siding with Egypt, there was nothing wrong with the opposition receiving Egyptian Aid to delete the TPLF out of public office, just as there was nothing wrong with the TPLF sleeping with Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the United Sates to topple the Dergue. This is just a simple political principle—there are no permanent foes or friends in politics. The Reporter also lamented that Mohammed Murs’s Muslim Brotherhood is trying to play the Dam as a political card to calm down a planned rally against the President on June 30. If the Reporter believed in Media Fairness, why didn’t they publish a story of Wiki leaks that the Late TPLF dictator, Meles Zenawi, made the decision to construct the Grand Renaissance Dam as a diversionary tactic to avoid a public uprising akin to the Arab spring that could topple his repressive regime. Mursi was popularly elected by the Egyptian people and we need to respect that—and if the Reporter believed in Accurate reporting, media accountability and truth based journalism, I urge them to tell TPLF stooge, Hailemariam Desalegn, to face the ballot box test and pass that test before claiming to be an Ethiopian leader, for if this happens, anyone including Mursi’s Egypt will respect Ethiopian sovereignty and there won’t be any wavering like what the TPLF are doing.

    • jgna says:

      Since the last 100 years egypt has played on our motherland, Ethiopia. In addition to the wars they fought themselves against Ethiopia, they created an armed strugle in eritrea. They made Ethiopia to engage in a continuous war. Egypt also supported somalia to envade Ethiopia, so Ethiopia went to war again. After eritrea’s sepration, they supported and encouraged shabeya to go to war again with Ethiopia, still we fight. Egyptians supported different Ethiopian groups as well (like ONLF and others). Recently, they officially declared that they will support ethiopian opposition and interfer into our internal affairs. They said ‘we do not need an embassy in Ethiopia, but a task force that distablizes Ethiopia’
      When i see this, i can easily conclude that we Ethiopians are ‘foolish’ for being intrapped by the evil but obvious tricks of egypt.
      Yes, egypt supports one opposition and then supports the other, etc, the cyle continues. The final goal of egypt is not to give a genuine support to any opposition but to ‘KEEP ETHIOPIA ON A CONTINUOS WAR’.
      So, mr Tatek, by supporting egypt you are being entrapped into the target of egypt. The cyle has to be broken somewhere. Otherwise, Ethiopia will remain a slave or puppet of Egypt.
      We, Ethiopian’s shall be ashamed of this bad history of being manipulated by egypt and other external enemies.

  16. kudus yared says:

    I wish if the stupid Americans could keep queit and mind their business. Why do we need American University students to solve our problem.

    Sorry Americans, we love you; we hate your putting yourself everwhere; This is colonialism by itself.

    Ethiopia doe not need international court in the world. Whatever court there is , it is only for the colonialists and their colonies. Not for us at all.
    Fuck your international court; if there was international court, Egypt would have been given 100% usage; Ethiopian would not have been blocked from funding from Europe and North America.

    Ethiopia does not need to court at all. What Ethiopia needs is to wipe out Egypt by putting killer radioactive elements into the into their dam. If I was Ethiopian leader, I wipe out all the Egyptians from the face of the earth. They are cancer and savage on this planet. So we do not need American providing weapons; What we need is only to defend using our might our interest.

    Ethiopian leaders be warned that do not go any court; There is no court to my knowledge. The court is power. Build all defense system that can annihilate Egypt using biological, chemical, aeronautical weapons.

  17. Mario says:

    Yohannes ,

    Mario is just a nick name broda! The reason I chose Mario is: I was slightly wounded as an EPRA member fighting against woyane & the name of the Doctor who removed the bullet from my right shoulder in Gedarif ,Sudan was : Mario Gorg read as ማርዮ ዦርዥ! He took care of me & used to spend a lot of time with me! I was 16 years old at that time! Remember: I was pushed into woyane by my fellow EPRP members hate politics!
    Thank you!

    • Metema says:

      You are a pathological liar. I don’t believe a coward like you had been wounded, and in any case if you do have a wound that must be in the rational side of your brain. Even if you got mad with EPRP I don’t see any substantial reason that justifies you have to associate yourself with anti-Ethiopia mercenary groups like WOYANE. Nobody will buy your rhetoric except those retarded ones and all of your writings give only sense for your types. With no intention of offending I would say you are subnormal.

      Thank you

      • Mario says:


        Fine don’t believe me! I’m not writing this you to believe me, but just answering to Yohannes! I know there are some blank Ethiopian who can believe nothing! If you can’t believe it , ignore it & don’t talk about it! Why wasting your time for something you can’t believe? That’s why I love woyane!

        Woyane took the country from a greedy bunches & gave it to the people! Now greedy bunches can’t have an easy ride on the people! God bless woyane !

  18. Mario says:

    It is an open secret that Egyptian politicians are beating a war drum openly while the world is watching, but individual bandas are telling us that Egyptians are calm & cool….!

    Egyptian are beating a war drum to divert their decades of internal political problems! We know Egyptian can’t afford to fight Ethiopia at this time & there is no reason to fight for the water that we all own!

    The sure think here is : power hungry Ethiopian extremists , some greedy Ethiopian & shabiya in a sheep skin are promoting their support to Egypt openly…! What they don’t know is, Ethiopia is different now! Anyone who plays politics must start where he/she is known as a person & his/her integrity & service to the people! Supporting Egypt can’t get you to 4 kilo!

    Now, the only choice Egypt has is to share the Nile water in an equitable manner!

    Shabiyas in an Ethiopian skin, the only choice you have is: to solve your problems where you said you belong! You can only waste your time, money & energy interfering in Ethiopia’s affairs!

    Ethiopia always prevails!

  19. Agenezbu Esti says:

    Ye Ethiopia hizb genzeb awato abayin yigenebal, esu chelema wust eyenore woyane Sudan, Egypt, Djbouti, ena lelochinm ye gorebet hagerochin yaberal. Endet magenazeb endemiyakten yigermegnal

    We talk about the dam the dam the dam…… who will be benefited from the dam?
    Cost of the dam 5.7 billion dolar excluding the maintenance cost
    Revenue from selling electricity 15 cts/kw
    How many years it will take to reemburse the cost. …. more than 100 years

    Do ethiopia will get enough electricty , No. The proyect is intended to sell electrictiy for Sudan and Egypt

  20. Gezaee says:

    Esti, I understand you logic; you are right; Let the dam be built and what we do later is obvious. Even if Woyane uses it for other purpose; the government after woyane can use it properly if the people are not happy. This will be the property of the people.

  21. Tatek says:

    Thank you for your comment. But I would like to make some straight explanations here. Yes there was rivalry between the two nations for a while to gain regional Supremacy mainly as both nations have a long history of civilization. I still don’t see any problem here on both fronts as this is not confined to just Ethiopia and Egypt. We see this between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Colombia and Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, India and Pakistan and so on. If we had to put our internal issues aside and rally behind the TPLF, as despicable as they sound, would we all get the necessary accommodation we need as Ethiopians to defend our nation. My answer is no. The reason is TPLF doesn’t care about Ethiopian Interest. It only cares about its stake at Arat kilo—a heavy stake that enables it to keep its parochial interests that it has always placed well above public interest for its entire duration in office. Let me ask you this: When Mursi officially declared war on Ethiopia saying he would defend every drop of the Nile River with blood, why would TPLF pawn Hailemariam Desalegn just respond with a soft tone saying they wouldn’t do this unless they go insane. Why would he beg the African Union to mediate when Egypt engages in official war rhetoric and puts itself at a war footing? What in your mind is the single most important function of a government than safeguarding national sovereignty and Public interest? TPLF don’t just have what it takes to guarantee our national sovereignty and the soft response from their stooge PM is a clear indication for that. Hailemariam also said the Egyptians are trying to use the dam as a game card to calm public opposition at home against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood. He wasn’t telling us that the TPLF are also using this dam as a political carrot to divert public opposition from demanding the phasing out of the TPLF from office. If we need to regain our national pride and unshakable unity that doesn’t bow to any force below the universe, we need to come together, work together, solve our internal problems, and say no to exclusion, tyranny, marginalization, impunity and corruption—for as long as these problems persist we can’t win against anyone as we are our own worst enemy, and surely, mark my word for it, we can only do this by deleting the TPLF from public office as they have long outlived the slightest credibility and trust of the Ethiopian people.

  22. Mario says:

    Tatek(aka shabiya propagandist )

    You know who the TPLFites are,don’t you? You can only talk & hate but nothing else! TPLF is well protected by the people of Tigrai,& hence it is more powerful than ever! You better know who TPLF is before you waste your time just to regret!

  23. Tatek says:

    Your response didn’t deserve a reply but I have to tell you this. You are nothing more than a woyanne slave and a prisoner of hatred, division, ignorance and hypocrisy. I am the child of Tigray too but I am a brave Ethiopian and don’t believe in Politics shaped by convenience of survival and belly service like you, but rather believe in politics of unity, democracy, inclusion, transparency and safeguarding public interest. By telling the world that the TPLF have a protection of the great people of Tigray, you are hitting your Masters very hard by alienating them from the rest of the nation mainly at a time when they desperately need to rally the whole nation behind them for their own survival.

    • Mario says:


      The whole Ethiopian nation is in support of our government except few haters ! Do not worry! There is nothing haters can gain because of Egypt ! Egypt can’t touch Ethiopia !

  24. Mario says:


    Yes, there are Tigrian on the other side Mereb who denied their Tigrianess & hence you are one if them ! All in all, Tigrai will never bear your kind!

    What I wonder is , what you wrote & what you say who you are don’t match at all, therefore , you are just a hater who can proof nothing!

    Woyane was there for 38 years beating every woyane haters butt …& will continue to be there whether you like it or not! Your shabiya is the last to taste the stick of woyane & went with its back bone broken!

    Woyane is at its strongest stage at this moment !

    You know what we say in Tigrigna?ንፋለጥ እሞ ንማለጥ! I know you are just ranting here, nevertheless , you know than woyane is beyond your reach! Woyanes are good at doing their business till the enemy gets close & devastate it ! For your reference, Jebha,EPRP,EDU,Derg & finally shabiya….! No ranting , this is just a forum!

    Take it easy man!

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