Hailemariam Desalegn: No One Will Stop Nile Dam Project


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19 Responses

  1. Afro says:

    tell them !
    tell them once !
    tell them 100 times !!!
    as teacher you know some retarded mind need it to understand !

  2. Sisay A says:

    Why i am not against this Abay dam.

    1. as the opposition who based in diaspora all my income for leaving is on the money collected from Ethiopians so if people start supporting and give money that definitely affect my income.
    2.As we promised to change the gov. by war when we collect money and couldn’t do nothing for 22 years this might be a good opportunity when egypt break the gov. we can be in power
    3.As our hero Abebe gelaw said ethiopians doesn’t need food, electricity or water now they only need freedom. We will build more dam when we come to power.
    4.If we support this it will clash with our teaching that everything the gov. doing is bad
    5.We might make good money from egypt that will make us rich no need to beg for money from diaspora and no need to be in power as well.

    if this is not enough i can add more so when people complain about us please put your self in our shoes to understand.

  3. teshome says:

    Most welcome and timely comment.
    I like that.
    Egypt apartheid policy on Nile also face a big challenge from the African union. Thank you AU.
    Egypt is planning to launch a proxy war to destabilize and weaken Ethiopia by supporting dissidents in Somalia, Eritrea and within Ethiopia.
    ESAT and toxic opposition in the Diasporas are waiting this advantage as a spring board. BUT WE TELL THEM THIS IS COMPLETELY A POLITICAL SUICIDE.
    ….ESAT who are begging every single day on the street of Europe and US, might a get a temporary relief of its financial difficulties. ESAT had clearly made its policy that Ethiopia is escalate the political tension of Nile for nothing. Time and time again they heard, Woyane is the worse enemy than Egypt. Why in the first place, a media claimed an independent take a such a position????? Seriously, is this a media or a political party?
    ይህ ጭስ የሌለው እሳት….የት ይደርስ ይሆን
    One of my close friend was joking on ESAT, one time I asked him a serious question. What is the motive of ESAT?
    He kept on laughing and said to me FUNDRAISING!!!!!!!
    Did anybody wittiness how many times ESAT made fundraising? I don’t think such financial source is sustainable and so the only option on the table is to open their eyes on EGYPT…..
    For sure in the coming few months or years, we will see ESAT in the upfront of a proxy war launched by EGYPRT. We already start to see some clue..

  4. Mario says:

    I love your answer Mr prime minister! A well articulated & proper answer ! Egypt’s politician listen if you can! You can not use the Abay/Nile river to cover your internal political problems! Egypt’s politician this is Ethiopia that you know from around the 1870s!

    Ethiopia is building the renaissance dam, & the Nile will continue to flow 24/7 nonstop as usual! 6000 MW of electricity can accommodate hundreds of huge industries creating thousands of employment opportunities , & will be the opening of a new era for Ethiopia !

    God bless!

    God bless our prime minister!
    God bless the EPRDFites!
    God bless Ethiopia !

  5. Alex says:

    The biggest stabilization factor in our world is “balance of fear”. If there is a balance of fear between Egypt and Ethiopia they will not go to war instead they will be choose to work together peacefully.
    We have to tell them openly that if they are going to destabilize Ethiopia we will not give them a single drop of clean water. Unfortunately the sophomoric behavior of Woyane cadres the likes Mario, Meron, Mahlet..etc are just talking about win-win solution day and night…
    how could you bring Egypt to the win-win table unless you tell them openly that their life stake is at Ethiopians hand ? Please wake up woyane cadres, if you don’t agree in creating balance of fear, go and sign another Algers agreement….being a traitor is your legacy

  6. sayint says:

    Tiris yelelem anbesa

  7. Habtamu S says:

    PM Hilemariam Desalegn is a right person at the right time for he is capable to deal about the water and the new dam since he is a water engineer. Yes I guess that some extremist ‘opposition’ living abroad longing to use this conflict for their own power politics devoid of national interest. But I have a reservation on Eritrea and his president, Esayass Afeworke, that he will give any support to Egypt as they wish.

  8. Meron says:

    Last time, Sudan said it stands with Ethiopia, and today president of Uganda Museveni Warned Egypt.


    Africa is on the side of Ethiopia:

  9. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is the right and very appropriate response to those very rude ‘Jihadists’ of Egypt. They want to ‘liberate’ my Oromo people so they can enslave them to eternity. I have not told my dignified Ittu kin and kits yet. It will make their blood boil and I am still looking for best way to break news from Egypt’s ‘Oromo Liberators’. The plan is to liberate those things called ‘Oromos’ and give Egypt everything it asks, whether it needs them or not. It makes me laugh and in the meantime it also makes me profusely upset. Mind you this is a country whose entire armed division was captured without firing a single shot by the rightfully determined and fewer than 100 Israeli soldiers. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute!! They have more than 40 F-16’s now!!!! Do they know how to fly these warplanes and bring them back to their base? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  10. Salamta says:

    The question is NOT to have a dam or NOT to have a dam. But it is a question of having war and violence or NOT to have war and violence.

    No wonder that Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been and still are the land of scarcity, poverty and misery living on the shameful handouts of the international communitty. Why pathological war mongering and constant baboonic chest pumping call to arms from decade to decates even during this century of relative regional peace where responsible governments concentrate on peace building, democratization, good governance, sustainable development for increased healthcare, increased education, increased individual and group securities as well as justice for all where not even a single citizen gets jailed, killed, banished and made worthless slaves in foreign lands.

    Look at all of your pathetic collective shameless singing swan hord poorselves sitting on grave yards and counting destructive instruments of violences and the coming “dead bodies”instead of counting constructive instruments of welfare and well beings and feeding the physical and psychological positive needs of poor Ethiopians. Well you if are unable to run the fresh upstream you may also run down to the toxic drain with blessing of the all mighty.

  11. teshome says:

    I am not sure whether you clear understood what you wrote.
    H.E PM. Hailamariam Desalegne comment’s on the current belligerent rhetoric reactions of Egyptians on Ethiopian Great Renaissance Dam had all the milk of human kindness. Where did you bring all the spice of violence in your comment.
    You must one the toxic Ethiopian Diasporas wondering in the city of US or Europe street or you may be an Egyptian with Ethiopian clothing name hunting Ethiopian public forums. In either way you are a psyched out individual who is looking a proof in the pudding. So we will not spent an ounce of energy to clear out this deep rooted hatred about Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
    You can call us poor, you can call us ignorant, you call us backward…All this are up to no good.
    But one thing sure about Ethiopians is, we won’t compromise our sovereignty.
    Go and ask Italians….They had taken all the remedies for attacking Ethiopians

  12. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Oh how I wish MELES was here……..

    • Ande Ethiopia says:

      I know what a loss. May he rest in peace and his spirit guide us into this challenging time.

    • Hermi says:

      @Mahlet- I sympathize with your feeling. But get solace knowing Ethiopia is tracking well along his vision. He is and will be living with us all and all generations to come-the foundation he laid down is a bed rock and the ship he built is like Noah’s ark, it will withstand the waves to get us through to prosperity and glory!

  13. Salamta says:


    I am not talking about the new Good Prime minister trying his best to survive among many of these small time medieval tyrant habitual corrupt thieves who ONLY know how to make ask for war with every one such as with Eritrea, how to make war with Somalia, how to make war with Keniya, how to make way with Sudan and now barking high and loud to make war with Egypt while some 90 million poor Ethiopians are living totally wretched premedieval life and surving on the handouts of the international communities. The scarce human and material resources meant to provide basic human needs of the Ethiopian people were and are being recklessely squandered and thrown in to the useless desert land, and you the beneficiery of these utter madnesses come here to tell me that I did not get the point and or did not understand the ongoing issues. Yes we will not compromise our sovereinty but when you willfully and unilaterally cut the sources of other peoples livelyhood with out negotiation and through that threaten their very existance means that you have already decided to compromise your own sovereigty thereby dragging the starving Ethiopian population deep down in to more and more miseries and wretchedness. Even if the dam project becomes a reality by miracle in a country where there no justice for all and equitable distribution of national resources I am sure that the dam will mainly act as symbol of status for polishing the faces of dictators and only benefit the very few corrupt to elites while the starving Ethiopian people will only be sinking to the bottom of poverty like always and many running to Arab countries to be slave labourers.

    Mahlet Asefa

    “Oh how I wish MELES was here….” you said. Hmmm…

    Why do you miss MELES and disturb him even in his grave while Jesus Christ and a new Prime Misinter are here with you aqnd for you? Very funny that you are unable to appreciate the Golds and the Gods around you. Becareful that you might be fined painfully for disturbing a person in his final resting place. ):

  14. Mesay yakob says:

    Yes your exellency pm HD. No one can stop us. We all have our hands on the construction of GERD. May God bless Ethiopia.

  15. Mario says:


    First of Ethiopia never started a war with any of its neighbors including with Eritrea ! If you put Eritrea on your writing instead of Ethiopia , it will make a sense!

    Man, if I were you I would have stayed where I belong & respect my own choice! You don’t see any Kenyan , Sudanese….here, therefore , be advised to stay on your own choice! Don’t worry about whatever Ethiopia is!

    You have made a mistake by abandoning Ethiopia on your own will, you have made a mistake by starting a fight against Ethiopia & you were hit very hard with a big lesson…, all in all you have became the first in the entire human history to abandon your own privilege on your own will!

  16. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    U.S. CONGRESS IS GOING TO HELD A HEARING ON CURRENT ISSUES ON ETHIOPIA…ALL ARE INVITED…see u there…check this site for more info… http://foreignaffairs.house.gov/hearing/subcommittee-hearing-ethiopia-after-meles-future-democracy-and-human-rights

  17. Tariku Ermeko says:

    I am lame boy but i am student when i think the previous time the Egypt idea I will be come fire and i think some think to them.

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