The dam is beyond the combat radius of all aircraft staging from Egyptian airfields


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28 Responses

  1. sami says:

    what ever way egyptians try to do by force it didn’t work. more than 80% of nile comes from ethiopia. so if the egyptians want to use it let them pay for it.

    • chala says:

      While the foreigners Sudan and Uganda supporting the Abay dam People like Elias kifle/ER/ Sisay Agena /ESAT/ and Almariam and few extremist diaspora dreamer who put power before there country are against it.

      You are making the biggest mistake of your life by standing in the wrong side of history.
      Ethiopians will not forget those people who are a sold out

      • Khalid says:

        Chala, Don’t worry too much about those guys. It is obvious where they are from. They have Ethiopian names, but they are from the north. You know where.

  2. Gezaee says:

    They might try suicide bombers; That is an Arab Technology. Ethiopians government must be very careful. The embassy of Egypt or its investors could load a truck with high dynamite and rock the whole dam like they do everywhere by suicide bombers. All scenario must be thought of and be cautious. Or they might even use a Bin Laden’s Technology. They might fly a civil or commercial plane and crush on it like Bin Laden. They can do this when the dam is finished.

    1. Ethiopia now needs:
    1.1 National satellite that can monitor the whole Ethiopian territory including neighbour countries
    1.2 Ethiopia needs to quick start nuclear programme immediately now and must partner with North Korea
    1.3 Ethiopia also needs to give more budget and human resources to drone Technology, the drone technology and satellite technology is the same. Ethiopia can build satellite the same way they did with the drone. It is the same design, add different of off shelf components. I can play roles in satellite Technology and I can send satellite design books

    This is good anyway for Ethiopia. The Ethiopian military will have now hot jobs to work on. Good for the country; Egypt has awakened the sleeping lions now.

    • A. Sertse says:


      you have some grain of idea that seems important, and if you have such capacity why dont u contact the government or any officials i embassies or in the country so that you can share your duties.

    • Khalid says:

      I have read every thread on the net on subject matter. I have yet to read one from an Egyptian to find out what they think about this issue. I am sure there are many Egyptians that can write in English, but where are they. By the way I am a proud Ethiopian.

  3. Ahadu says:

    Dawit, why do you have to post such fascistic article? Don’t you see the problem there? In his tone, the writer is treating Egyptians as respectable humans and worthy of his advice, and we Ethiopian as commodity. Shame on him and you too Dawit for failing to see this veiled racism!

  4. Gezaee says:

    I also thought like that; he sounds an evil who is longing to see war between the countries; I kept quiet thinking that if these can be read by our leaders, this will make them think of all scenario. Regardless the intention of the comment. It teaches Ethiopians to know different scenario. Definitely, the writers of article is not healthy. He only see bombing as a solution. He does not see what Ethiopians could. He is only telling us what Egyptians can do. Either he has no clue or thinks Ethiopians are just nothing. I thought of comment to Dawit about it because it is low standard; but I left it thinking it might help people what the enemies can do.

    • Temesgen Wondimagegnehu says:

      Trust me. Egypt will not/not try military option by any means. They know Ethiopia’s response will be bitter. We, Ethiopians , have the right to build a dam without inhibiting Egypt’s consumption. Diplomatic talks is the means to Egypt not military for we have the capacity to respond. Do you think they want to lose their dam too. We need the dam as much as they need their dam

  5. teshome says:

    There is nothing new here. The late PM Meles zenawi said that Egypt had no options other than diplomatically handling the issue. He further pointed that Egyptians attempt to attack the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is completely a political, military and diplomatic suicide.
    So taking into account these facts, Egyptians are not mad to take this risky business.
    Some says even though the Nile tension to erupt to an obvious war is remote, We can’t say it is a zero chance. Ethiopians need to prepare themselves for any eventualities and should be equipped with modern military equipments. I think the late primer had done the assignment for us and we will not have any worries on this regard

    • Alex says:

      @Teshome ..Meles said the same during Eritrea war..he said Eritrea will not wage war on Ethiopia but he was wrong …Meles`s sycophantic behavior has put Ethiopia in self-destructive road……Thanks God he has gone for good.

      • Mussie G says:

        I would not say you have the problem of understanding. You are purposely posting seemingly relevant but distorted comment on what Meles said and did during the Badme invasion. Yes, I agree with you that Meles was wrong for having a stand that favors the Eritreans especially during the Pre-Badme. But as far as I remember he had never remarked anything related to shaebia’s attempt to invade Ethiopia in a way he stated about the Egyptians. Of course, he has said further attempt to invade Ethiopia by shaebia would mean suicidal and that if that would be the case Ethiopia would make sure that a third invasion would not be planned. But this was two years after the Badme war. So please don’t mix up truth and fallacies.

        The way he explained the two cases are quit different and we am proud him and happy on his stand and action on the Dam.

      • axumawe says:

        @ alex
        pm meles have toled one of his party members on be half of ledetu
        i koted( endh yale sow kale worada,koshsha now.edegmewalh endeh yale y eprdf abal kale koshasha werada now)do you know why i love my pm melese b/c he telles you like the way he thinks of yous.i love him go back & see every words he saied about senfegoch,extremest,bandas,& die hard y amara diaspora.
        antem and koshasha werada neh don’t even tray to equlized him with any of the shi…..t head amara doctoroch nen bayoch koshashoch weradoch,hagern k areb gar bmesmamat seltan lchedet kkkkkkk
        abay yegedebal & it is going to be named MELES ZENAWE GEDEB either you like it or not by the way do you know some members of congress are asking some Ethiopian birr nots need to be reprinted with pm melesses pictures,opppps did i break the bad news for yous.well you may get used to it long live meles zenawe,abay yegedebal,Ethiopia tadgalech this is for you &your likes koshashoch,weradoch fertachoch,leboch.

    • Abere says:

      hey teshome….you are also one of these who can’t make a sentence without calling the name of a dead! That is what he tried 20 years—propagating people like you…who have no their own mind, lack their own idea, the guy (the late one) made them out of their mind, simply pupet. use your won mind, and put forward your comments, and we will take or reject them. No worries, and it is unwise to mention his name one and then, when there are million tiring still fresh tires and heart as he eat their children, put their children and husband in torture, sellout their land to grabers, made their country locked….gravely killed moral and being an Ethiopian confidence! A guy who thought migration and being eaten by cobra and line in the desert to his own people…Oh God, You are God and not given this evil person more time to destroy us.

      • teshome says:

        I don’t get the head or tail what you want to say. I think your comment is severely fractured and didn’t convey you want to
        Let me advice you one thing, by the way there is no offense.
        Amharic is equally a beautiful language, would do you please rewrite your comment in Amharic.

      • axumawe says:

        i am a person with my own mind,like every body,i have the right to say long live pm meles zenawe,in the other hand you are traing to tell others what to say what to mention & not to mention tanks to my pm meles zenawe he gave me this right.
        based in our Ethiopian history this is the first time we got this kind of right,i hope you well agree with me,b/c when you live in Ethiopia be for you run away,for your life from derg,you can’t even opposed any thing for the military dectater or his solders, but look know what you can say.
        let be honest with each other men,don’t you think pm meles zenawe is the best thing ever hapend to our country Ethiopia ? I think so hi hi hi ease of on me, I am not Eprdf I live in a beuty full country called Canada.
        but i am faer,resnable,& honest.i belive my eyes not my ears.also i can comper the past from the king, the derg, to.i was 12 years old when the king was over throwen & i lived thru red teror,kidnaping,tourturing,killing,inprisnment and so on.
        are you traied to tell me EPRDF is worst than derg ?????
        you may need to see your doctor.i mean your brain is of may not notes it but i see you may not like it but her you go long live pm melese zenawe,either you like it or not, i am going to shave it in to your thurot until you gage on it like a big c…..k.
        do you know why??? b/c you have no other choise. am i bad ? well you choose for it no one well ever take your shiets any more (what you give is what you get)in other words what goese around comes around.there is no any deffrence between yous and the people who wants to harm my beloved country Ethiopia (LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA)and abay yegedebal.

  6. henock says:

    This article is directly copied from an analysis posted by a private united states based inelligence firm called Stratfor Global Intelligence on JUNE 10, 2013 with the title “Egypt’s Limited Military Options to
    Stop an Ethiopian Dam Project”. Stop posting articles as ur own. Atleast be civilized and give credites where its due. You can find the original analysis here, jst copy and paste the url to your browser:

    • adane says:

      Thank you Henock for your feedback. FYI Awramba times has given the needed credit to Forbes. Check it at the end of the article.

    • teshome says:

      አንተ ለወሬ አትቸኩል
      The source is adequately mentioned at the end. It is embarrassing comment for a journalist at the level of Dawit.
      Dawit is genuine professional. He knew very well what and what not to do.
      …Of course your comment works for the toxic Diaspora blogs and media who malpractice the respected profession.

  7. Melaku Z says:

    one of Egypt`s option might be sending terrorists and suicide bombers.

  8. Ash says:

    This war talk missing something…

    If Egypt bomb Nile dam… That will not be the end of the story… Ethiopia also retaliate… But Egypt didn’t calculate that missing from their war game… Do u think war is a cake walk where u bomb one time and u go home and live peacefully… U must be joking.

    Even super power America their little adventure cost them a lot.. The America thought that Iraq and Afghanistan war is a cake walk… They thought they can walk in to Afghanistan and control everything without any casualty from their side guess what America lost 20,000 young army life, 100,000 army wounded and God knows how many home health problem…. And they wasted trillion dollar and destroyed their economy… And they live in fear look what happened to them in airport what kind of life they live in, look what happened to Boston etc etc… All this because someone thought they can march in to other country and go home and live in peace…

    Egypt u also must tell us also how Ethiopian also retaliate otherwise only analysis what only Egypt can do is wast of time.

  9. Kagnew says:

    The biggest risk for the GERD is with in Ethiopia. The government needs to give back the freedom of the people. It can’t expect the people to be along side itself while creating an increasingly suffocating atmposphere. As Dr M Gudina said it well oppressed ppl shall consume their own oppresserors. So my advice for the govt is to make the people free, empower them to have the decision makers of their own destiny and then they will never hesitate to sacrifice their blood to safegard their country. They have done this for proudly for centuries. The govt and TPLFites can’t have it both ways. You need to make up your minds and do it quickly before it is too late. I love you all!!!

  10. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Good for them. I am glad they did that. In the meantime I have watched the ‘famous’ Egyptian cabinet meeting video many times over and over again. I just can’t get over it. It is just like very funny skit on David Letterman or Jay Leno shows especially the section that shows the very ‘revered’ scholar from Al-Azhar University. That is the funniest skit I have seen this year or this century. He believes that Israel(Ezreel to him) and Ethiopia are currently constructing and laying a subterranean pipeline that stretches from the dam site in Ethiopia all the way to Israel(Ezreel according to him). Hello!!!! If I ever have a chance to cross paths with this elderly man I will tell him that USA(Amreeka) is now sending its top engineers to Ethiopia to learn from this new engineering feat!!!! According to this ‘scholar’ Israel(Ezreel) is everywhere including in his soup, cup of tea, the pound of halwa he is gulping every day and the Good Ole’ USA(Amreeka) in her tow. I just can get over this section of the video. But on a serious side, such fabricated and sensationalized stories are everyday phenomena in the part of the world. Do you remember the speech the wife of Yasser Arafat made in the presence of Hillary Clinton in Ramallah in 1999. She claimed that Israel(Ezreel) tainted the water supply of Palestinian households in the West bank to target only Palestinian women that gave them ovarian cancer or cancers that target their reproductive organs. According to her ‘findings’ the poison does not affect men but just women, and Palestinian women only. Peew!!!! Mind you this lady is an educated person who received her advanced education in France. She had organized protest demonstration based on this twisted and false accusation. At the time it made me wonder if this very educated woman really believed in what she was saying. She really did. Folks!! This is just one of many fantasies and false allegations being fabricated on the daily basis in that part of the world. I myself have a firsthand experience right here in the USA. This was around 1978-79. One day I decided to take my family to a Persian Restaurant for a birthday treat. We met young couples who were having meals next to our table at the restaurant. It was a turbulent year in Iran and all you hear on the media is about this fascinating person called Ayatollah Khomeini. I asked one of them to describe this leader and how is different from ordinary religious people. He told me that he was conceived pure and his mother never ate animal products during her pregnancy and was strictly vegetarian. And that made him pure and saint before and after birth. Mind you again. The person who told me this was a well educated person in engineering. I struggled hard to hold back my laughter at that hilarious claim and moved on to subjects pertinent to our personal and daily lives. So on our way back home, I jokingly told my wife not to eat any animal products including milk or eggs during her next pregnancy. We were laughing all the way back home. During my stay in the Middle East during the 1960’s I have heard so many fabrications such as this one that drove many to their demise and to no avail. They just don’t fabricate such fallacies against their ‘sworn’ enemy Israel(Ezreel) and USA(Amreeka) but also against each other. Sunnis against Shias, Shias against Sunnis, Muslims against other religions and convictions and Arabs against the rest of Africans. I can write volumes upon volumes of such fallacies I have witnessed myself. I m glad the rest of you have witnessed yourself in this video. That is what the better sensible Sadat used to call it Arab psychology. It makes you and me laugh but mind you such fallacies have been used by so-called religious scholars to incite their own people and drove them to do harm to innocent others and in the process to their needless deaths. In the meanwhile, I am wondering what our folks in Minnesota think about being called ‘it’ by their new sponsors and host, the Salafis. Any reaction? Hello!!!!!! You are not people any more but rather some inhuman ‘its’. Hello!!! Where are you? Hello!!!!!

  11. Khalid says:

    Here are my thoughts: Egypt has no capability to attack the GERD let alone destroy it. This rhetoric from Morsi and the others is a mere diversion of their domestic problems. There is no international law that would stop Ethiopia from exorcizing its right to its own property as far as I know. One foolishly suggested nuclear capability, satellite technology, and drones. I find that comedic and gullible. Much of the water going through Egypt is wasted in the Med. Harness that first and then talk about not getting enough water. I would love to hear from Egyptians on this thread. Peace.

  12. Joe says:

    Any Ethiopian who opposes this dam constriction just because they hate EPDRF is plain stupid and ignorant. I never support or like EPDRF in the past, lately they are doing good job especially in terms of infrastructure and agricultural developments. So any opposition group if it wants to be respected by Ethiopian people they need to separate politics from national interest. Ethiopian people will build the dam weather Egypt like or not. Most African counties and the whole world will support Ethiopia. We are just damming our water for power generation that is reasonable

  13. Getahun says:

    the caravan of camel is keep going while dogs barking …..

  14. misrak says:

    ESAT is starting to revile the movements of Ethiopian forces and weapons in around the dam. you can check it out on June 15, 2013. We live in historical time, this project determining who is friend and who is enemy. What ESAt and their cronies doing is exposing themselves what all Ethiopians know for quit some time

  15. Ali says:

    What about hitting the Aswan Dam?

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