An Open Letter to African Union : African Sanction on Egypt is due now


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56 Responses

  1. slick says:

    The writer must check history before he jot dawn his remarks. I urge the editor not to be part of the ear drummer instead promote any effort to solve the crisis peacefully. Because its only Ethiopia who lose out of any conflict not Egypt. We don’t simply can not afford to host any war.
    What the writter forgot is Egypt’s right to be being part of Africa and Arab league. We have 46 African states who are member of commonwealth group. That shouldn’t be an excuse to justify his poor analysis.

    • Gezaee says:

      Slick; if Egypt can afford war; we can afford the war it wants. You must go into your mother womb. Ethiopia is already in war and has been in war because of Egypt. It has lost millions of people because of Egypt. Ethiopia does not need meek people like you. We better prepare well and do what we are supposed to do than being docile and accept Egyptian pee on you. We have been dying and we are dying and we are landlocked because of Egypt. Get ready and fight them and defeat them and use your resources than living as slave in your country.

      If does not respect African sovereignity and it must be expelled from African Union. Common wealth and African Union is not the same. Then if I have to agree with you, then we can become EU members? can Ethiopia be an EU member. Egypt is parasite and it has no any benefit for Africa. Do you know a parasite? A parasite sucks the host and kills the host from inside. Egypt is a parasite. Go and teach you theory to somebody else. Ethiopians do not need this savage. We do not need any deal with them. Okay? you must shut up. They are settlers; they are not Africans.

      • Big_momma says:

        You do realise that Egypt is physically in Africa right? As in physically on the continent?

        To compare this to Ethiopia joining the EU, a continent nowhere near Ethiopia, is an appalling example.

        Secondly, since when has being part of the African union meant that you had to be black? The AU is for countries on the continent of Africa. Not to mention that Egypt has a large black Nubian minority.

        Thirdly, while I hope no violence transpires, Egypt would not be the first AU state to get involved in other AU states’ business. In face, the president of Uganda, just recently come out in support of Ethiopia, has spent his whole dictatorship getting involved in neighbouring countries. Were you calling for their expulsion from the AU?

        • Gezaee says:

          Slic, you are trying to defend the thing you can not defend well. you are comparing Egypt and Uganda? you are comparing hell and heaven? Uganda’s hardworking and proud Africans. It does not make sense to compare and apple and orange.

          The Egyptian Arabs, settlers or colonizers in Egypt has colonized the Nubians. The Nubians has no access to anything and their land was taken and their rights violated and forced to become muslims.

          You are trying to compare the colonizers Arab nomads with Uganda?. They are in Africa? well, then they must abandon their Arab membership then, you can have both. Otherwise, why they need Africa membership? You can not have both? you must choose which you one you want. Their contribution to Africa is zero; they contribution to Africa is war, conflict, and famine. Nothing. They are parasite. Africa does not need them.

          • Gragn Ahmed says:

            Gezae is educated
            Gezae is Tigre
            Gezae is young
            Gezae is racist using an outdated black versus Arab divide and rule strategy of Britain
            Gezae is a minority tribe
            Gezae is an insecure person
            Gezae is a radical

            Give all this I guess the seasoned scholars of Ethiopia were by far more moderate. This shows that his hormone is governing his thinking than his brain.

            Coming to the substance if any , Gezae has hijacked a website that is now radical in view. AU is not for blacks. AU is for all. Plus, who the hell is Gezae to preach this hate and wants the Ugandan to fight for him? Wayane is only 4 million and he will be supported by these few people. Not any more. Egypt is a champion and we AU support Egypt.

            Egypt should not sleep until the north is fully unde its control. What Gezae wants is Assab whose his own Tigre person gave to Eritrea. Egypt should never treat the Norht Ethiopians as such as reasonable people but instead should nuke them out.

          • Big-momma says:

            Don’t talk rubbish. The only difference between Egypt and Uganda is that Uganda actually put their forces in other African countries.

            No they did not colonise the Nubians. There was some horrific forced movement of them in the 50s and 60s but the Nubians have been living in those lands for thousands of years, unmoved. The Arabs have been there for over a thousand years.

            Of course they can have both. Its called a trans-continental country, like Turkey. They are physically in Africa and have an African history, African population, links to the African continent, stretching back many years and reaching its peak with the rule of Nasser. And they also have an Arab history,speak Arabic and, due to the Sinai, are physically in Asia as well, with the other Arab countries.

            When have they caused war, conflict and famine in Africa?

      • Yoni says:

        Everybody knows there won’t be any war at all…
        All we read this week is an obvious posturing… what Gezaee did is posturing too. However, it was nice to show hour hatred posturing disguised by your own version of what fact on the ground exists.
        We all know You never stop chewing the name Woyanne in your mouth as it is the most chewable thing for you as most facts are hat to swallow for you. Even the Egyptian don’t underestimate Ethiopian forces the way you do. Instead of showing your predictability it would have been nice to criticize your own IDOLS in the past on how they dealt with Eritrea’s war.

    • Alex says:

      @slick you are too naive to talk about this analysis….a kind of people like you and teshome are just to insult braves…shame on you.. you guys are just usless haters. @Gezaee have already showed us your scholarly analysis on such issues for a couple of times …thumbs up Gezaee!!..Gezaee please forget haters like slick and teshome they are just arrogant. woyane usually say win-win approach but there egypt will never come to win-win table unless there is balance of fear between Egypt and Ethiopia. your current letter is one big example to create balance of fear diplomatically.

      • Slick says:


        The only reason why I refuse to join you beating war drum is that, Ethiopian Army has shown its quality when we had war with Somalia and Eritrea however at the moment, I don’t trust the leadership of our Army. The recent experience we had with Eritrea the leadership of our Army made the greatest mistake in our history. Leaving the job unfinished in Badimme!!!!! Ours brothers and sisters who gave their life for nothing. 70,thousands Ethiopians from across the country vanished and their heroism also remain under the grave. People like Alex and Gezaee all you need to show is your loyalty to the party but it doesn’t benefit anybody except Mesfin Engineering the only company who supply military spare parts. We are clear who will benefit in the process.
        Let me assure you, we Ethiopians are winning the war through diplomacy which bring lasting solution both to Egypt and Ethiopia. You also seems to be a bit ignorant when it comes to what kind of war we are engage if the worst comes. Do you realize that the woyane “Koreta” has no implication on this??? If war is eminent its only the Air force who is going to engage in a full scale?? Let be real here! After Derg our Airforce is run by people who don’t have a clue how to fly . . .Our best Air force dismantle and its expertise forced to leave the country. So the Question is will Ethiopia afford to keep on Air for long? do we have the technology and expertise? the answer is NO. Does war bring lasting solution the answer is big NO! Does Ethiopia has money to host another expensive war the answer is NO. Will Ethiopia has a case to win the war through DIPLOMACY 100% yes.
        Forget your woyane and its leadership. First of all since 90% of its leadership comes from one region we have no trust in them !!!! This is something Ethiopia needs to change urgently. Our Army Leadership doesn’t represent us well. So cool dawn…… Think twice before coming here and telling us how good we are at war!

        • Gezaee says:

          Slick; you presenting yourself as supporter and opponent of the government? straighten yourself first.

        • Name (required) says:

          I think u should have to c with whom u dealing with. I am a soldier @ ethiopian airforce. I was in ethio-ertrean, somalia & now in s. Sudan. When u talk about war u cam’t just say only woyane is involved in all this. We all Ethiopian mad a comitment thousand years a go. We fighted for our country and now we do it again. We are the power house in eastern africa , egypt knows that. We can defend ourselfs, we never lost any wat. So what egypt can come any time. Bless Ethiopia

    • ልማት ወይ ሞት says:

      Mr. Sick , it is very good to expose your self as egyptian in this senseless message you wrote let me tell you that ethiopia never failed in any conflict, egypt mobilized eritrea to invade ethio and eritrea was defeated, then it tried to use somalian terrorists and they were cleared out of all somalia by ethiopian solidgers and ethiopians handed over somali to the real somalies and now as peaple we have the right and capacity not only to defend egypts agression but we are definitly able to make the name Egypt history including all that support it, because :
      1) one plane attack on aswan dam is enough to fill egypt with water
      2) the ethiopian defence force is equiped highly and well trained to open attack on multitude fronts
      3) egypt doesn’t have neither moral nor military capability to go for aggression unless that will be the last oxygen for egyptians to breath before they are swallowen with water

      saying this we ethiopians would like to tell the egyptians that we have no plan to harm any one but to develope our country but if any one is obstacle to our development then he gets what he deserves
      we will not fire the first bullet but we may retaliate 10x for any aggression.

  2. misrak says:

    @ Gezaee Hailemichael

    You are absolutely right about the African Union slow approach to condemn Egypt for her reckless and war mongering against a sovereign and member state of the Union.
    It is true that there was a statement by the Excellency of madame Zuma, calling for cooperation between the two parties Egypt and Ethiopia to solve their differences in the spirit of Pan Africanism. As you said African Union has to come out of the shadow and condemn Egypt for declaring war on Ethiopia. I believe the African Union response should be more stronger than calling for cooperation in light of one member state revile it’s intention to destabilise another nation and preparing for all-out war.

  3. denden says:

    Gezaee you are simply dreamer! I wish the time and effort you spent to write this piece of garbbage was spent on trying to make understand the Egyptian people and government; Eygpt has a legitimate reason to feel pain about this dam hence their life as in drinking, irrigation depends on the Nile river; therefore instead of being belligerant, explain to the Eygptians that the dam will not affect thier life so as all will have win win situations.

    • galaxy says:

      it is not your business. You have argued on so many topics representing isayas (shabeya)you can not again argue as if like Ethiopia. first you have to explain to the audience who you are.
      We have heard so much from shabeya agents like you.
      Please leave us alone, this is Ethiopian business

    • idris says:

      What are you doing here?
      You are a well known shabeya agent.
      You have no any reason to comment on this Ethiopian issue. We Ethiopians very well know that you people (isayas and followers) come to exist due to egypt. so, you have to support. It is a slave-master relationship
      As slaves you are supporting your masters and creaters.

    • Lemlem says:


      Who care whether they understand or not. We do not care. They did not sign the new rule. They are not African and they must never consulted after now. Ethiopia does not need win win. Win win with who? Denden Shabia, you are closer to them and go and tell them about it. We do need them. All what we need to do is kick their asses if they do anything and then they have to pay for the water now. No win win. They have to pay for the water.

  4. Michael says:

    When did Egypt declare war in Ethiopia? If anything its the opposition parties that are contemplating war and not Mursi’s. And with all due respect I don’t think AU is strong enough to tell Egypt what to do. We have to work with the 8 reparian states to convince Egypt and the world that what we are doing is right. War is not an option for Ethiopia. Not another one.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Michael,

      Africans do not need to beg them. The more you beg them the more they will inflate and feel more powerful and the more they will shit on you.

      So, no begging; they do not deserve. Even Ethiopia is enough for Egypt. If Woyane does not get ready and is not willing to face Egypt in the language it wants, then Woyane must resign. Morsi or opposition all same. All are muslim brothers. We know how they operate and I do not need your theories guys. Go and teach your theories to somebody else. Please leave me alone and none of you have the substance to talk on behalf Ethiopia.

      Ethiopia has been fighting wars and Ethiopians have been dying in millions and by the covert war and famine caused by Egypt.

      If Egypt did not declare war why Egypt did not still respond to the useless government in addis? The woyane government has asked two times to explain why they wanted to attack Ethiopia? They did not respond? This is neket? If I was Woyane and I would have closed their embassy long ago.

      Ethiopians have been among each other for 100 years because of Egypt and we are still fighting their wars and we will still continue to fight wars because they are already in Somalia,Sudan and Eritrea doing that.

      Are you really Ethiopians? you wanted to beg them? why? they wanted to attack you and they have been attacking you? now you wanted to cry to them ? ask them please gives water?

      Besides, Ethiopia has to use the water, not only for electricity but also for irrigation. If that is not the case, then just stop the dam. Why in the first place start if you can not defend the dam? They wanted to force you and you wanted to beg them?

      What does the world has to do with the dam and Ethiopia’s use of blue. Ethiopia does not need anyone to give her permission to use its waters. I doublt Michael you are Ethiopian. Ethiopia does not need weak people like you. If I was Woyane I would not have started the dam without doing what must be done ahead. Even now, if it was me
      I would stop the dam temporarily and do first thing first and second thing second and restart the dam with confidence than kneeling down.

      Even now if Woyane is not ready; it has to stop the dam temporarily and build its defense system and restart the project. Otherwise, begging Arabs is humiliating by itself. It is self-defeat without war. Egypt has to pay for the water and Ethiopia must control the flow of the water as it deems necessary. Water must be released based on the amount of money the pay. No free water. This is my policy. I do not believe Ethiopia has any obligation to care about Egypt. They are our mortal enemies.

      Even if you do not want war, you can not avoid by showing fear. you are lost man. Convince Arabs is a pipe dream. We know them.

      • Hermi says:


        All your arguments are based on false and erroneous premises-may be intentional!

        1. Egypt did not declare war.

        2. “Nothing has been done by AU” this is wrong. The current chairwoman of AU had a conference in Addis and voiced the organizations concerns:
        3.”Egyptians are not Africans” really? Please check google map. stated “If Egypt did not declare war why Egypt did not still respond to the useless government in addis? The woyane government has asked two times to explain why they wanted to attack Ethiopia? They did not respond? This is neket?” This is also wrong-the Egyptian Foreign minister is scheduled to visit Ethiopia (may be already there). you can’t declare War and at the same time send your highest ranking official at the same time.
        5. Lts of ifs “Ethiopia has to use the water, not only for electricity but also for irrigation. If that is not the case, then just stop the dam. Why in the first place start if you can not defend the dam?” Did the government say they could not defend it? unless you have memory lapse, the late PM Meles informed Ethiopia has plans for other 3-5 more Dams to be build for irrigation and more electricity along Nile. But this Dam is for Fisheries, tourism and Electricity. Physically it is not feasible to optimally use it for irrigation.
        As to your constant diatribe on “Woyane” this and Woyane that, its a pity you can’t differentiate the meaning of Woyane vis A Vis the Ethiopian Gov’t, unless you are trying to please the FIDOs.
        Have a Nice Day

  5. dendenzfool says:

    I think win win situation for Egypt is million Ethiopians die of hunger and millions of Egyptians live in oasis. If we need peace the status quo continues and Egypt is happy.can we just live in peace and famine is our identity; therefore let them have it all.

  6. Belay says:

    You asked “when did Egypt Declare war in Ethiopia?” read this by Morsi June 10, 2013″Egypt’s water security cannot be violated in any way,”. “As head of state, I confirm to you that all options are open.” “We are not calling for war, but we will never permit our water security … to be threatened.” “If it diminishes by one drop then our blood is the alternative.”
    Question for you is it not declaration of war???

    • Hermi says:

      A threat is different from Declaring war!

      • Hermi says:

        There is a big difference between a threat and a Declaration of War.

        • kebraraw says:

          hermi you got english problem let me translate what morsi said in short
          …….የኣባይ ውሃ በ ኣንድ ድሮፕ ከቀነሰ የምንተካው በደማችን ነው:: did you get it now this means if one drop of water is less to egypt then war the fake doctor mursi said so the terrorist brother hood leader but he was right saying that cause when he try to make aggression they his and his supporters blood will be pured every were like a dogs blood

  7. Yahya says:

    Let us not waste time and effort hating each other. If Ethiopia was the down stream desert country you would have known what the Nile means. It means life.

    Understanding and cooperation should solve this issue. Hot words shall only lead to fires and conflicts, which is the last thing both countries need. Egypt owns a very strong army and intelligence, and a justifyed war of this kind, cold or open, may unify the Egyptian people at this critical time. However, Egyptian and Ethiopian blood and resources are sacred and should be used with sweat to develop, not destroy, this part of Africa.

    Best regards.

    • Gezaee says:

      Yahya, if you are afraid of Egyptian army then in the first place you must not start building the dam? that was the wise thing to do. I would not start the dam and ask the poor people to drain their hard gotten into it if I can not defend it. It seems what the opposition were saying true;Woyane or aka EPRDF did not plan about it and they did to divert the public from uprising? What the diaspora have been saying making sense now. I see woyanes begging all over the world win win. No single Egyptian talks about win win. They are saying do not touch it; but you never listen. You are repeating yourself like fools? No one wanted your win win theory. I suggest if you are woyane supporter, if you can not stand for Ethiopia with confidence and if you are scared of Egyptian Army? then just give up the dam and leave the country as it is and do not drag it to sign another EEBC and alger’s agreement. Stop the dam; do not talk none sense and stupid.

  8. idris says:

    Yes, Egyptians are making huge preparations to destroy Ethiopia. since the last 100 years upto recently the egyptians were comfortable because the proxy wars were more than sufficient to keep Ethiopia poor and busy on its internal affairs. But now that does not seem to work. so, they have to enhance their efforts and involve themselves directly in the war. But first they have to make preparations: 1)first they have to have good control of Somalia, somaliland 2) their security control djibuti secretly.3) they have controled eritrea already. Once they control the read sea axis, they control what is going in and going out (from Ethiopia)
    They can even attack our ships.
    Now they are making preparations
    Thus Ethiopia shall be aware of this. The AU shall also take measures, because distablization of Ethiopia means destablization of black Africa.
    So, yes, the AU shall at least warn egypt

    • Gezagew Temyalew says:

      Egypt is located geographically in the map of AFRICA,, They are called North African,

      I agree with you, Egypt wants to destroy Ethiopia, just like Ethiopia when it destroyed Somalia in 1988 by supporting SNM (Somaliland rebels, SSDF (Puntland rebels, and lastly USC rebels

  9. A I says:

    Let us not be hostile. Gezae made a bad article. Promote peace and reap peace !

  10. Abel says:

    Egyptian salafis, do not forget that Ethiopians kicked your clown butts twice in a battle field. You were being assisted by Americans and Europeans in those wars. Also revise your own history which tells you that you never won a single war in the past 100 years. If you won’t stop wagging war on us, be sure that you will be humiliated and expelled with your camels from Africa to where you came before. Do not repeat miscalculations of your past history. No one can save you from the wrath of Ethiopians!

  11. DK says:

    It seems that your article has angered Egyptians. Read this

    • idris says:

      @ DK,

      Here is a google translation of the arabic version of the comments written by the editor to the article posted by Gezaee.

      The newspaper “AWRAMBA TIMES” Ethiopian in her article today entitled “Open Letter to the African Union -“: it appeals to EU to take tough measures against Egypt, justified so that Egypt has declared war on Ethiopia There was no reaction by the Union in this regard so far, The paper also proposed to the African Union some actions to be taken regarding the crisis to protect African interests. ”

      Included suggestions that she said the newspaper on its website several points: firstly, “to condemn the African Union, Egypt officially declared war on the State of Ethiopia African – Second: Warning of the African Union to Egypt to close all Egyptian embassies in all African countries” – Third: “We must warn Union Africa to Egypt to take punitive action if Egypt embarked on any position or unlawful conduct are by interfering in African countries. ”

      The paper said: “should not be on the African Union to be given membership of the State of Muslim Arab member of the League of Arab states such as Egypt, it is logical to join the Egypt of the Union and is a member of the Arab League, the Egyptians are not Africans, adding:” The Pharaohs were Avrach blacks , Nubians are Ethiopian origin are the owners of the land of Egypt. ”

      The newspaper added: “It is time to expel the Egyptians from the African continent, and the African Union also expel Egypt

  12. Gezaee says:

    Message to most of you, Shabia agents; I doubt you are Ethiopian. Ethiopians does not need expensive weapons or 3000 fighter jets to kneel down Egypt. It does not even need to fight war with Egypt. Ethiopia can divert far away in the source where Egypt does not know where it comes from.

    Secondly, Ethiopia only 1 kilogram Radon liquid or Plutonium pellets into the war when it enters Egypt. Then job done without war. I doubt you are Ethiopians but Shabia agents employed by Egypt now. The water itself is a nuclear weapon to scare and make Egypt pay for the water. Ethiopia does not need 1 million soldiers or 1000 fighter jets. What Ethiopia needs is a killer few bacteria in small 2*2 square cm petri dish of deadly bacteria or few kilo gram toxic heavy metal to destroy Egypt. So go and tell somebody else you Egypt power theory. Ethiopia is more power than Egypt if woyane have any brain. Woyane can even scare Egypt by just saying they will divert the Nile all in all if they Egypt does not stop its savageness. But for sure Woyane does know win win bla bla bla another EEBC

  13. Gezaee says:

    Yes, my articles are hitting the head of Egyptians; My article is scaring Egyptians more than Ethiopian government. My article is already on Egyptian websites. That is reason even Awramba was attacked. There is no other reasons Awramba got singled out and attacked from all the Ethiopians websites. Bravo Dawit, we are sending a clear message to them. They even told us what they wanted to do to us. This is the law of physics. If I want I myself only can shake the Entire Egypt without the tetbata Kehadi Woyane which is kissing their asses. I am glad my message is clear to them. Well done Dawit. We are doing good job. If they do not stop their bullshitness we will make their country miserable. We know what to do. I am scientically well equipped to shake the entire Egypt if they do not behave as human being and respect other people.

    • Hermi says:


      ” If I want I myself only can shake the Entire Egypt without the tetbata Kehadi Woyane which is kissing their asses.”

      This is a classic text book case of Delusion of Grandeur.

      Problem solved!

    • mulat says:

      Ato Agazi
      Ithink your family made a mistake when they named you.anyway you are Agazi not Gezae.I went through your article but i found it just crap

    • axumawe says:

      Anten fair arm (gan) asyezo bel ecki tokus malet neber.
      now i am convinced that you are Eritrean
      as i say tegray kemaka zeble tjaharay yeblan.amara setert (y ahia k….la b hodu al.yegna wendmochem tegbar enji wrey ayabezum and we love them long live woyen long live meles zenawe long live eprdf.

  14. Wodihaya says:

    hahahaaah Gezaee, your name remind us Agazi the brutal murder. You are not different. You labeled the Egyptian as a settlers? what a shame is this to your party TPLF and your people the Tigres. Egyptians are as old as the human race. they have been there and will be in that part of the world.

    It is interesting, you are talking about settlement of other people and country when your settlement in present day Ethiopia is only 100 years old. what a shame and little talking head which is rotten. you better shut up and study your settlement history before pointing you finger at others.

    • idris says:

      I can guse who you are and from where you are. Why you are so worried for the egyptians. You may be among those created by egypt!…kkkkk

  15. hebrew says:

    Egypt is located geographically in the map of AFRICA,, They are called North African,
    I agree with you, Egypt wants to destroy Ethiopia, just like Ethiopia when it destroyed Somalia in 1988 by supporting SNM (Somaliland rebels, SSDF (Puntland rebels, and lastly USC rebels

    • ashkaru says:

      are trying to mix oil with water to blend? Somalia came to destroy us and Ethiopia just fight back never destroyed Somalia but they destroyed themselves. what Ethiopia done to Egypt ?nothing .

  16. Ananiya says:


    Behave like human you savages, otherwise, the heavy wrath of the Ethiopian people will be on you. Shut your filthy Arab mouth. Civilize, learn, change, develop, grow, understand, recognize, respect others. We are tired of you terrorists.

  17. ASHKARU says:


    • galaxy says:

      You are exactly correct. There are some hetrade promoting individuals in the people you just mentioned above (of course in the diaspora, not at home).
      They need treatment.

  18. idris says:

    Ethiopia win 2-1 against South Africa
    To all Ethiopians
    Bravo walya (our football team)
    Ethiopia shall remain strong in all aspects

    180 minutes more for our motherland to join the 2014 worldcup (brazil)

  19. Alehu says:

    AU has to punish Egypt??? Why awramba posting this article!!!

  20. shaebia says:

    who the hell you are Gezaee to divide africa between black africa and arabs, shut your mouth please!!!

  21. axumawe says:

    wowowowowo,mr Gezaee.
    yuo see i toled you ,you shuold see a doctor.
    i am glad you ain’t a leader of any thing any thing you well tuch well be crambled b/c you ain’t a leader at all.
    let me ask you back from your article some quation ok.
    Are you sugesting that America,England France needs to listen your sick mainds advaice i am cerious ?
    are you awear of your sugetion of expealing an arab league nation from african union means not only Egypt means other arab nations like Sudan,Moroco,Tunizia,Lybia and so on are members of OAU & Arab league to.
    You see i got you her.let for get about Egypt b/c my government well definatly taker of that.i have no doubt.
    you are sujesting b/c Egypt didn’t obay the rule of oau so needs to be expeld you baiest how come when my country is locking thoes terorist jornalist you and your likes acusing woyane ????
    obaying a rule of an organization,obaying a conistution is vaioleting a rull.

  22. Kibur says:

    This whole High Sounding Empty drum beating by the noisy Big and Small foxes, dressed in sheep skins and playing dirty PROPAGANDA only for the purpose of shoring up support for minority’s power politics in Ethiopia using the fake dam to creat the illusion of TOP ETHIOPIAN PATRIOTS and gain support for the extention of dictatorship and prevention of democracy and open society majority rule, good government with no ramapnt curruption. Election is coming! election is coming! election is coming! election is coming…. 🙂

  23. Michael says:

    Egyptians and their Arabs are always emotional and arrogant You can’t solve any problem or argument with them. This kind of aggressive mood of Egypt is not new to Ethiopians. Because the Nile water, Egypt doesn’t like Ethiopia to be stabilize. The second country that is the friend of Egypt is Sudan. Sudan doesn’t sign the Entebbe agreement of the repatriate states. Sudan has an economic and military agreement with Egypt, but now the good thing is Sudan doesn’t support the Egypt’s aggressiveness on the Nile dam. So, it’s good for Ethiopia to work with Sudan. As Egypt is far from Ethiopia war is unthinkable. The only thing Egypt can do is may penetrate some terrorists inside Ethiopia to attack the dam. So, the government and the Ethiopian people should watch their dam cautiously. God bless Ethiopia.

  24. Gezaee says:

    Dear Awramba, please do something about this Arogit lady called Axumites. She is the ugliest person on all the forums. Please do some disciplinary action on people who come to this site to insult people. She is everywhere insulting people. She has nothing to say except insulting people.

  25. Gezaee says:

    Dear Gragn Mohammed,

    Thank you for your comments. I appreciate that my article increased your blood pressure? haha, you might even get heart-attack too or explode anytime. As your name shows, you sound the terrorist Gragn Mohammed? I think you are his son?

    Look, in my case, religion,race or colour, ethnic, tribe, creed, birth place, nationality does not matter. But It is your racist,savage primitive Arabs nomads who are making our planet a bad place to live and pushing us too much.

    You said Egypt has to nuke people? An islamicist savage like you would not hesitate to do that. you just do not have ability to do that; Shintam, Kemis lebash. If you had the ability you would not spare the entire humanity on our planet. You would not allow Israel to exists on this planet if you had the gut and ability. In your capacities? you are doing it everywhere. you have killed 3000 innocent Americans in split of second. If you had power, you would not spare any human. You are devil.

    Let me tell you I have never had bad feeling to Egyptians until they told me they wanted to destroy my country. you barbaric, primitive islamicist you need to be removed from this planet. You are cancer of peace in our world.The world must give you free ride.

    You have scared humanity on this planet by killing people, bombing people. Your islamicists Egytians have been interfering in my country for 100 years because they wanted water and they have to kill people.

    You bastard savage, primitive, backwards tell me I can use a drop of my own water? did you hear what your islamicist Morsi said, Ethiopia cannot use a drop of the blue nile? Hey, listen Gragn, we will remove from our continent if you do no civilize. It is the law of physics there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. It is the fundamental law of nature. No one is going to baby sit you.

    Gragn an terrorists and An Arab fascists you need to liberate yourself from savageness and primitivity before discussing with me. If you tell us we can not use a drop of our own water, then we will cut the water from its source and we will only release when you kneel down and pay hard cash for every cup of the Abay. You savages tell me I can not use a drop of my water? savaves, primitive, stone head and barbaric.

  26. Lemlem says:

    This is what terrorist Gragn wrote in Egyptian website: Read the following from terrorist Gragn:

    nn@yahoo.comGragn Ahmed(Guest)Sunday, 16 June 2013 KSA 17:13 – GMT 14:13Egypt must demand that the officials of Ethiopia are not elected democratically and hence all agreements they do is illegal. Plus, Ethiopia will have the next election and that may change things and bring democratic government. also. Egypt is still in turmoil and Mursi must ask more time for it to work effectively and safeguard the interest of Egypt. With both countries having new premiership, the interests of both countries will not be protected. As Egypt may also change its premier through next election. For both countries it is better to wait until leadeship issue is settled in both countre

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