Betty’s Mother: Stay Away From My Daughter! (Must-Listen)


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64 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    I am so sad for the mother.

    • Dechas says:

      Dear all, i think it is not an easy matter to just give comment which blinked to our mind when we talk about this girl betty. On one hand we may say it is up to her, as she has the right to paly any kind of evil with her own body.—looks democrat…and also justifying she went by herself, never represented Ethiopia.
      But also look, a friend of mine come from tanzania (he is a PhD student), and imidiatly asked me do you know this girl from your country? which girl? she is the one who carry your flag and made that stupid things? he continued, is this common in Ethiopia? i thought Ethiopia is the land of its own culture, polite people—-i never associate Ethiopia and Ethiopians with such western culture, even the western never do that when they think they are informally representing their country. At least she is informally representing her country and people. He said informally, coz no one has sent her and followed her to the air port, but herself. Pls believe me, weather we like or not, what she did is defiantly associated to her fellow Ethiopians, mainly her generation. Hence, i really donot think it is wise to defend her, rather to help her learn from, lenegeru yefesese weha new….and at least protect our sisters and brother in the future.

      BUT, i am bold enough to say we should stand to block her from teaching! she can’t be a teacher, she can be something else, but NOT teacher! Any school giving her job opportunity has to be questioned. This about not to hard her, rather to be responsible for the next generation! She can be business girl. I fee so sorry for her, and i am about to really cry when i think what a shame has happened to her. We all have passed through some kind of downs, which left a black spot in our mind, and that is one of it for her. We have to work anyhow, on the so called generation (Ye W/ro Genet Zewde lijoch)…yes her children…

      • Aster says:

        Hi all, I think we need to talk about Betty’s great accomplishments instead off the rumors about her. Betty is a beautiful educated young lady who qualified on her great efforts to the Big Brother Africa. In her won way she is representing Ethiopia and many young African girls who are still suppressed due to strict culture (government, religions, traditions, and so on). It is also important to understand a lot of TV’S relate shows usual release some untruth information about the participants to get higher rates for their show. I believe her mother is right about her daughter and we need to respect her aspiration.

        • Ku says:

          Look what we see is what she did. There is nothing they can add to put there show to be seen sorry. In her own way ya she think she represent Ethiopia but, no way she can’t represent our country in that way.
          About her education what we heard is she English teacher well, she might be but she isn’t a good English speaker. If you ask me I can say the other Ethiopian guy speak more than her the one who is in the BB house.
          About her mother I am sorry to have a daughter like her who put her I the public eye. I am sure by now she have seen what her daughter did and change her mind. And ready to say sorry to Ethiopian people.
          What can I say? By the way is she not going back home?

  2. Alex says:

    Families are always on their children side.

  3. Feta says:

    She did it three times. Mother admit that she is doing it with happiness. She made you ugly for money. As a mother you have to defend her but she has to come and apologize. Big Brother Africa is no more for Ethiopian. It is a house of prostitutes, I will never never let my sister to participate in BBA.

    • tikikl says:

      @Feta. Good comment

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @Feta who do you think you are to tell your sister what to do and what not to do. Do you feel like you have the power over a woman because you are a man. Typical Stupid Ethiopian man.
      And I love her mom, protecting her daughter no matter what. Pleae men of Ethiopia know that women have the right to do what ever men do. Im sure all this hateful messages wouldn’t have come if he was ‘Sami’ instead of ‘Betty’ now would it????

      • tikikl says:

        I am sure you are capable to do the same and come out to defend your position without feeling any shame and without even blinking your eyes. I have been reading all your writings and all of them are funny and dummy. For stone heads like you, the word shame has no place and everything is worth as long as it brings cash. You are a fagot loser

      • Addis says:

        Mahili, yene konjo. Not sure where your anger is coming from in regards to Ethiopian man. I don’t know why you become so judgmental on us. She did what she did..that’s is her business but dont look reason insult all of us. Dont throw out all of us by one man opinion. Your comment show you dont have any respect for your self, father and brother. Just take it easy young lady. You sound smart when i read the first two sentences of your comment but made me a little sad when i read the rest. I am sorry you got bad experience with one of your bf but don’t put everyone down in the same shoe. Thanks yene konjo. I love you!

        • Balageru says:

          I do not care about what u said but I love the way u wright it is so polite!!!!!

        • Lilly says:

          I am assuming from your posting that you do approve her did screwing anyone that lay next to her like an animal, despite that fact that eery room is wired up for sake of their own security. Even in the west with a similar program, one has never screwed anyone on live TV show. but then, she was a slut, who does not have a respect for her self. Sad is that the Ethiopian paid her way for her prostitution. I guess, when she finally goes back to her country she will start recruiting young girls for porn project so that they can make money, rather than doing for free.

      • Ku says:

        Mahlet, as I am a women my self I don’t want my sis to partspate in BB. That is what Feta said what is wrong wiz dat? When u write something like dat think of those nice guys of Ethiopian. ” Typcal Ethiopian man” ene yelehubetem. The guy dat u know or wiz is one of those but, don’t give this name to all pls.
        Mahlet if Sami do this it is de same question. I mean about our culture. But wt u have to know or u know it ur self. When it is on women it doesn’t look nice and wt she have done is not acceptable at all. She said it is act OMG wt act she is talking? Porn act??? She think she is de only one she saw BB we all saw BB some they did wt she did but it is under blanket. Take it or break it lol.

  4. Slick says:

    My heart shattered ! Betty probably has failed millions but her mum stood firm in her side !!! Apure Ethiopian mum Love! Genuine. She may not aware of the things what has happened but I admire the mother for her Loyalty for her daughter. I know when the judgmental views keep talking, the mother is close to FORGIVE and move on with her life.

    God bless bethy and her Mum. We all are Human and someday somewhere we all trapped !

    • Zimblen ansaf says:

      I encourage you to re read your writig and come with other comment.

      “Endih aynet werada likskis sirra atseram, min ata, 100% awkatalehu yihe yetelat were new ” new yalut. Enatwa raswa werada ena likskis tegbar mehonun amnewal lije aderegechiw baylum

    • Yoni says:

      That should remind you off your “Welaway” stance on Ethiopia’s interest.

  5. galaxy says:

    What the so called mother needs is money.

  6. Asmesay says:

    … ye enatyewa degmo yebase new

  7. Gezaee says:

    I strongly believe now she is not aware that is under camera. I did not she can do this knowing the entire world is watching her having sex. It is the company called Big brother that is making like this. My argument she might not know anything about the camera hooked in every room. She might have to thought she is in private.I have a hard time to believe she does this knowing this all. So bad, I think the Ethiopian community in South Africa has to do something. She does not know her affaire is on facebook. She might continue doing it all along for three months. They leaking out to make money by her ignorance. They will continue to do so as long as she is there unaware what is going on outside. The Ethiopian community in South Africa must do something. Africans insulting Ethiopians now because this is a national disgrace. They are using her. Ethiopians are ignorant; These people who sell women body even for money. They are making a lot of money now by the traffic. Big brothers is now flooded with traffic because of this and they making a lot of money by this incident. She will continue doing it unaware her dignity and personal integrity is being sold out.

  8. WeyTo says:

    Betty … doesn’t represent Abesha culture.

  9. A. says:

    While it is her rights to do whatever she wants with her own body, certainly in no way she represents her country with that act. Her mom’s defense for her daughter is understandable, but if the mom was asked whether her daughter’s action represents Ethiopia’s values, I believe she wouldn’t say yes.

  10. g says:

    Thank you slick. I am sick and tired of ignorants and hypocrites. She didn’t know she was being filmed and hate and inferiority complex is what caused the idiots to embarass Betty. This is war on Ethiopian women by those responsible. I wish most who blame her were god fearing innocent people but the fact is that they are all bunch of pretenders. Jesus and Magdalawit mariam, does any one know the story from the bible. Be forgiving because some of you, if you are secretly taped like Betty, god knows how you will sho k us with your dirty stuff. So remember that you are like the mo key that loughs at the sight of another monky’s naked butt.

    • Yihune says:

      Even in private and without camera rolling, it is not a nice act, from a decent woman and a teacher from Ethiopia to go somewhere and start having affair? She went for competition not to prostitute. Even in private and secret I do not approve prostitution and to imbed.

      • Lemlem says:

        Ethiopia is contaminated now; wrong is right and right is wrong. I was just reading an article that 6 teachers arrested in addis sodomizing two boys. Where did this culture came from? Is Ethiopia rotting like this? is this also development? The government is wicked one.

    • THE SAME BANANA says:

      Every constant is informed of the existence of a camera in most of the rooms and signed an agreement for the right BBA have to broadcast anything captured by the camera. Unless Betty have a mental disorder and forgot it she s informed and it is the rule for BBA to inform all contestants. Otherwise BBA can be sued in a court of law that will cost him millions of dollars for releasing her nude pictures and sex video. BBA have a document in their hand where Betty agreed and signed to record and release any video when she entered the contest.

      Don’t you even hesitate a little bit before you say “I am sick and tired of ignorants and hypocrites”?

      You are an idiot of the highest order like the bitch Betty. ARAME NEGER NEHE!!!

  11. dude says:

    motheryew crazy nachew…there is a viseo evidence zembelo mekad ale ende

  12. Efimel says:

    And zat is why we love our moms, thgh I won’t want see zat fron Yeager Lij after all is her life u ppl live her alone. You go mama I am with you

  13. ksjjdgef says:

    Wey ye Bety ena lik ende bety esuachewum dereku kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. judy says:

    I do sympethize with her mother, however
    if the girl is as intellegent as they say
    she should have been a little more suspicous, about watching the vedeo she looks that she was detached and all we saw someone girating under a cover and eventually he kind fidigits under the bed and looks he deliberatley exposed her, may be he sets her up to win this money 300,000
    wouman go to the godfarsaken arab countries we know what is happening to them. I am not going to condone what I also am not going to throw the stone at her and judge her, or act holier than thou. How come we do not hear about the man. I think it is a set up to increase rating for this. Regardless of the outcome the producers of the show should be responsible and someone have to file a law suit. because based of on the facts that was spread, there is something fishy. in fact if this people are doing it to ruin Ethiopian wouman reputation as Ethiopians we have to hold them responsible.

  15. GSime says:

    Hi Dawit,

    The real issue is Big Brother Africa breaking a decency law in ethiopia. This program is carried under government licenced carrier. The program is a soft porn broadcast under the disguse of reality show. The make millions of money by selling this porn. I suggest local broacast journalist push the government to do something about breaking the law. In america you can not broadcast x-rated shows on the public airwaves. Where are the church leaders? The program has to be stopped. The should also be effort to create awarness for youth to not participate in this trash activity. Please the ethipian media do your job. Hit the carrier DsTV where it hearts on the pocket book.

  16. Mussie G says:

    Dear Editor,

    This lady has been in yours and other websites for more than two weeks. Why don’t you forget them and focus on the coming generation who are being corrupted by western cultures. Haven’t you read what happened and very young boys at one elementary school in Addis. Is it not an issue for you?

    • Ku says:


      What happe in Addis wil stay in Addis. lol I don’t know wt u ar talking about young boy. Anyway this topic wil not end for sometimes cause she put us on the face of the world. I don’t know where u live. But if u live out of Ethiopia it is a shame when ppl talk about this. Specially a girl like me who love to talk about my country about my culture.
      She upset every Ethiopian specially women. Look all human do this if u say so wt? But An Ethiopian girl in de face of the world. Pls say no Mussi. If u love ur country.

  17. Hagersiyarej says:

    The mother is also a disgrace not only for the way she upbring Bethy but also for lack of judgement. The lady should be pensioned bar-lady.
    I think the government should work to solve the problem to protect Ethiopian image.

  18. Mahlet Asefa says:

    @Yihune Are you telling women not have sex? I thought we were way past the oppresive era of men in Ethiopia. I thought by now men would understand that the female is equal to them if not suppirior in every aspect of life. Women have a constitutional right to excercise what ever life activity as long as they don’t break the law.
    So would you people have been so infuriated if he was an ETHIOPIAN MAN instead of a WOMAN?? Or is your male ignorance getting the best of you.
    Thank God for our Constitution who will protect us no matter what!!!

  19. girum says:

    enem gobez negne:)

  20. Tazabiwsew says:

    It is one thing to defend your own daughter but it is another thing to go further and blame others despite the fact that the clear video that shows her disgusting act. As a parent I will try to work with my daughter and invest all my energy to get her out of the trauma from the consequence of public outrage.
    I am more frustrated by her mom than the act performed by the daughter.

  21. Mussie G says:

    What happened to you, sis? I was foolowing your short but political comments and I thought you were nice lady . But now you’r talking irrelevant. Are U supporting open sex like the dogs with who ever you meet? Is that the women’s right you are talking?

    Come on lady, think many times before you to mix protistuion with women’s right.

  22. THE SAME BANANA says:

    Based on the interview the mother is the same as the doughtier, she denied and blamed it on “enemies” and “jealous people” for her daughters shameful act. The mother herself is not any different from her bitch daughter. Now I understand why Betty become like this after I heard what this liar mother is saying. Huletachehume Maferyawoche Nachuhe.

    They are “teachers”, since when is prostitutes are teachers, specially to children lol

  23. BOOA says:


  24. TESHOME says:

    first of the ethiopian autority what do we lear from we select our distance runners can we do it for this like event some bitch can represent so dicent our sisters.

    the second one why do we have to give her a coverage.

    thirdly..we are stile in 3rd world no one even have a radio to listen to.
    forget tv.
    in a coupleof days things will be forgoten.from 760 million africans if she gets thousend or a million maybe.
    lets learn from this.

    but what our cultural institute learn from hear.
    any one is intiteld to do what ever he want in his body.but representing 96 million is some thing else.


  25. Tulu Forsa says:

    I don’t understand all this fuss about it there are more important things to talk about than this. first of all we have to distinguish between personal privacy and collective wright. and where it happen if this act happen in Ethiopia and if there is a low that prohibit this act then this girl is free from judgment. the other thing that the stereotypy that we create about (Ethiopiawi chwanet) Is it real? why we said like that when some thing happen and when see disorderly conduct. but the fact is a behavior and conduct is deplaned on that individual upbringing and his/her choice . there is no so called collective behavior. how money tiffs, layers, murderers are among us the don’t represent the majority of the society they are a sol responsible for there action. not all Ethiopian society. the other point is why you have to interview her mom and embarrassed her in front of the public . is that necessary? she is adult enough to carry her own Barden. I know public action is not accepted in our society. I am opening a can of worms if I said she did noting wrong. it’s jest a misjudgment on her part. if the show is about her day to day activity nobody said anything about how she eat or drink like those are our day to day phenomena it is nobody’s business how she do it under the blanket. The fact is we don’t mind our business. Betty moral keep yourself up learn from your mistake!!!

  26. Arenet says:

    What Betty did show is how this generation’s suffering is get worst
    Do we react to our sisters suffering in the Middle-East, for those abducted and sold as sex slaves? Did we get angry for our young people, who perished in the gulf of Eden? Did we say anything about those street children, forced to be sex workers to win their bread?
    As far as I am concerned all this cry-wolf is hypocrisy. We are suffering from unwarranted ego.
    Otherwise the real big brother is ETV. ETV features every day and night, naked Woyanes, those who try to make a living or stay in power through our people suffering.
    Betty and her likes are victims of the regime, that stolen their life, hope and value.

  27. ቀብራራው says:

    ምስኪን እናት ጉድዋን ስታይ ምን ትል ይሆን??
    ኣዋርዳሽ ኣለች ልጅሽ

  28. tazabi says:

    It looks bad for Betty. Poor girl. Let us gave her one more chance and look the other way. We all want to be given another chance. Betty made a mistake. Let us be filled with compassion for her and her family.

  29. በለው ! says:

    እናት ዓለም እግዝሓብሔር ያጥናዎ!ክብርት እናታችን ስለጥንካሬዎና ስለጉብዝናዎ በጣም አደንቃለሁ!”ላንቃዬ ላይ የሚለጠፍ ነገር የለም” “እባካችሁ አታናፍሱ””አታራግቡ፣ ከልጄ ራስ ውረዱ”ሲሉ ተቃውሞና ዘለፋን ተከላክለዋል። እሰይ የእኔ አንበሳ…ይህን ፍሽካታም ቱልቱላ ሁሉ ንገሩልኝ። ማንም ቢሆን ምን?ለጠላትነት ይህንን ብልግና ያወጣ፣ ያሰረጨ፣ ወይንም አጋጣሚውን ተጠቅሞ የአትዮጵያን ሕዝብ ያዋረደ፣ የናቀ፣ የተሳደበ እንደነ ያሬድ አይቼህና ፋሲል አያል የፍናፍንት ዕርዮተዓለም በኢትዮጵያ ለማስፋፋት ‘ዘ-ሀበሻ’ ድረገፅ ላይ እንዴት ሀገርና ሕዝብን እንደተሳደቡ ትውልድ ሊያነበው ይገባል።ደጋፊአችሁ ሁሉ ወዳጃችሁ አደሉም ምንአልባት ይህ ካሜራ ቴክኒክ ሆኖ የተሠራ ስሕተት ወይም የሀገርን ክብር ለመድፈር የተሠራ ደባ ከሆነ መንግስት ጥንቃቄ ሊያደርግና ለህዝብ ክብር ሊቆም ይገባዋል!ሕዝባችን በርሃብም፣ በሴሰኝነትም፣በስደተኛነትም፣ በልመናም፣በሙስና፣በዓለም የሚያስተዋውቀን መንግስት ይውደቅ!!ይህንን ቃለመጠይቅ ያደረገ ክፍት አፍ በወጣት ልጆች በእየትምህርት ቤት፣በቀለበት፣በአሳላጭና በኢንቨስተሮች ፎቅ ጅርባና ምድር ቤት የሚሸጡትን ህፃናት ለማሳየት ይውጣ። ለነገሩ ወያኔ አፍ ስለሆኑ አድርባዮች ሬዲዮ፣ጋዜጣ፣መፅሔት፤ቴሌቪዥን የስርጭት የአየር ፕሮግራም ሲፈቀድ ሌላው ደበደዳቤ የመፃፍ መብቱ ተገፏል። ድሃው ለኳስ ጭፈራ፣የጦርነት ግርግር ማዳመቂያ ተንቀሳቃሽ ዕቃ ሁኗል በለው!ግብፅ በአጭር ጊዜ በሀገር ጉዳይ በጠረጴዚያ ዙሪያ ጦርነት ስለማወጅ ስትመክርና ስትስማማ ወያኔ አንድ የተቀናቃኝ ፓርቲ አባል ብቻ በባርላማ አስቀምጣ ወደ እህት ሀገር ምክር፣መሳረያና ገንዘብ ለመለመን የቀድሞው የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚ/ር አሁን የጠ/ሚኒ ረዳት ከፊት እየመራ ቤቱንና አለውን የጫይና ሀገር ማደጎ ወያኔዎች አስጎበኘው።በለው!እዚህ በቂጥ ሀገራችንን ሰንደቃችን አዋርደው ዳርድንበር በማን ነው የሚከበረው!ለመሆኑ ሕገመንግስቱ ሀገር ሉዓላዊነት፣ሰንደቅ፤ዳርድንበር አለውን…ላዋረዳችሁንና ለበታተናችሁን ለውሻ በር ከፈታችሁ ሁሉ ጥቁር ውሻ ውለዱ! ኢትዮጵያ በክብር ለዘለዓለም ትኑር!አላግባብ ህዘብ ለምታሳስቱ ሀገር ለመጥፋት ትውልድ ለማምከን፣ ለመበከል፣ ለማኮላሸት፣ የተናሳችሁ ዘራችሁ ይመተር!!

    የክርስቶስ ትምህርትና የተርጓሚዎች ሃሳብ የተቃረነ ነው….ክርስቶስ ይቅርታን እንጂ የግላጭ ሴሰኝነትን አልደገፈም!
    1 ኢየሱስ ግን ወደ ደብረ ዘይት ሄደ።
    *ያልሠማውን ያልገመተውን በዓይኑ አይቶ አመነ ለካስ ሰው ሲለብስ እነጂ ውስጡ አውሬ ነው አለ>
    2 ማለዳም ደግሞ ወደ መቅደስ ደረሰ ሕዝቡም ሁሉ ወደ እርሱ መጡ። ተቀምጦም ያስተምራቸው ነበር።
    *አትስረቁ፣በሙስና ህዝብ አታስለቅሱ፣ወጣት ሴቶችን ሕፃናትን አትሽጡ፣ንፁሃንን አትሱሩ አትግረፉ አታስርቡ አለ>
    3 ጻፎችና ፈሪሳውያንም በምንዝር የተያዘችን ሴት ወደ እርሱ አመጡ በመካከልም እርሱዋን አቁመው።
    *ስሜትን ፈጥሬዋለሁ…በድብቅ ብታደርጉ ጥሩ ነው ወደፊት ቴሌቪዥን ሲፈጠር ታዋርዱኛላችሁ አለ>
    4 መምህር ሆይ፥ ይህች ሴት ስታመነዝር ተገኝታ ተያዘች።
    * ሰው እንስሳ ነው ልዩ የሚያደርገው ማሰቡና ማፈሩ ነው፤ ጫካ አልነበረም ቀኑ አይመሽም ብሎ አዘነ አቀረቀረም >
    5 ሙሴም እንደነዚህ ያሉት እንዲወገሩ በሕግ አዘዘን፤ አንተስ ስለ እርስዋ ምን ትላለህ? አሉት።
    *ሰው በሰው ላይ ፍርድን ለማስተማር እንጂ ለመግደል አይችልም ተጠቀመችበት እንጂ ኣላባከነችም >
    6 የሚከሱበትንም እንዲያገኙ ሊፈትኑት ይህን አሉ። ኢየሱስ ግን ጐንበስ ብሎ በጣቱ በምድር ላይ ጻፈ፤
    * ሁሉም በገንዘብም ይሁን በነፃ የሚያደርገው ነው ጥፋቱ በግላጭ መሆኑ ለመሆኑ ዋጋው ስንት ይሆን ብሎ አሰበ >
    7 መላልሰው በጠየቁት ጊዜ ግን ቀና ብሎ። ከእናንተ ኃጢአት የሌለበት አስቀድሞ በድንጋይ ይውገራት አላቸው።
    *ሁሉንም የሰማውን በዓይኑ አረጋግጧልና እዚህ ከመምጣታችሁ በፊት የሠራችሁት ነው አዲስ ነገር የለም ሲል..>
    8 ደግሞም ጐንበስ ብሎ በጣቱ በምድር ላይ ጻፈ።
    *ለመሆኑ ከእኔ ጋር መተኛት ነበረባት ማለታቸው ነው?። ቀረጥ(ቫት)ትክፈል ማለታቸው ነው ብሎ+++አዘነ
    9 እነርሱም ይህን ሲሰሙ ሕሊናቸው ወቀሳቸውና ከሽማግሌዎች ጀምረው እስከ ኋለኞች አንድ አንድ እያሉ ወጡ፤ ኢየሱስም ብቻውን ቀረ ሴቲቱም በመካከል ቆማ ነበረች።
    *የሰው ገላ ሸጠው የሚከብሩ ዝሙትን የሚያስፋፉ ወሬ የሚያራግቡ ወየውላቸው ይድርሳል በቤታቸው አለ>
    10 ኢየሱስም ቀና ብሎ ከሴቲቱ በቀር ማንንም ባላየ ጊዜ። አንቺ ሴት፥ እነዚያ ከሳሾችሽ ወዴት አሉ? የፈረደብሽ የለምን? አላት።
    *ከሳሾቼም አጃቢዎቼንም አላምንም የራሳቸውን ማስተዋወቂያ በእኔ ለማስተላለፍ ይሞክራሉ…ግን ሀጢያቱ ራሳቸው ነው እኔ ይህ ነገር ግልፅ ይሆናል አልመሰለኝም። ከሳሾቼም አያምኑም ፍፁም ሠው የለምና >ካፈሩ አፍሬአለሁ
    11 እርስዋም። ጌታ ሆይ፥ አንድ ስንኳ አለች። ኢየሱስም። እኔም አልፈርድብሽም፤ ሂጂ ከአሁንም ጀምሮ ደግመሽ ኃጢአት አትሥሪ አላት
    *ወሬኞች ይጠፋሉ..የሀገር ሥምና ክብር አጋጣሚውን ተጠቅመው የዘለፉ ለፍርድ ይቀርባሉ ፣ትውልዱ ቀለም ቆትሮ ሀገር እነደያሻሽል እነጂ ሽል እንዲሆን አይበረታታም ከሠራው ያበረታታው ሀጢያተኛ ነው>አለመክሰስና ይቅርታ ግን ማድነቅ፣ማበረታታት፣መፍቀድ፣መደሰት፣ አለመሆኑን ስንተረጉም አናሳስት አሳስቶ ማስተማርም ሀጢያት ነው። በለው! ከሀገረ ካናዳ

  30. denu says:

    the bloody bigbrother is shermutena program before the etv show the program they should ask the bloody embassy in europe or america whats all about .

    how can you trust a forign media to transmit such program.

    people denied to watch football.
    weyane allow shermuten to be on air.
    shame on the govement sitting with their doughters and watch such discusting program.shit.

  31. Gezaee says:

    I am with you brother; Ethiopia never had this type of degenerated generation.

    I actually had a second thought that Betty was doing it without knowing about it. I see now Betty is aware activity and she is not shy about it. She is a professional harlot. What annoyed so much, this harlot draped herself with Ethiopian flag. I do not know what to say such selfish and stupid harlot who does not care about the entire nation. She is so selfish and cruel and she designed this to insult 94 million people. I have never seen this type of open sex affaire even in the west.

    The other thing which really boiled my blood is Woyane Tigrai allowed this to be broadcasted to the public in Ethiopia including children? what type of generation is ? Aremeniyewoch, ere gedel gibu, you are wild beast. it seems the 17 years struggle by living in the caves of tigrai has transformed woyane into wild beast materialism. It is even hard to belive these people came from our society.

  32. balageru says:

    i was ashamed about betty now for her mother,it was a good chance for bettys mother to apologize to ethiopian people for what betty did,even Seyfu him self was trying to creat that opportunity fore her by asking “endew aderegechw enbelna erso le ethiopia hizb mindn new yemilut” unfortunatly she said “i am 100% sure betty did not do it ” but the fact is betty did. i do not think that betty would regret and ask apologize to the people, i really want to hear what she is going to say. time will tell.

  33. sin says:

    there are people like tilahun gessese patriot for the love of his beloved country he cried out while he is singing.

    enkuan nestaneten eyale.

    there is a mother f+++ker bitch who insult our nation gena 1977 famine tears sayderk

    mind you in europe i never watched this program its full of crap.
    even this sort of explict indicent no tv channel show to the public even if they do it will be after 11 pm or in ethiopa after 5 ocklock.cos chilldren will sleep
    at the same time its censored,

    balegen kasadegew yegdelew stedeke.

    for her mother if i can give them advice she sould have said no comment.
    and keep quite.

  34. mule says:

    for this kind of bitch my advice
    endiaw tenesh ke teyem abesha tekore yale kamarachu kurat behager moltual
    mertesh baynet aynetu.

    hedachu beye kelelu moltual.
    englizegna ena frensaygna selawera
    selten yale aymselachu.

    yegnawochum lekem yale yehagerachen kuanka yakalu lelaw degmo wered kalachum
    werk alyazum yaw and aynet eka new.

  35. Gemechu says:

    Why asking her mother? stupied question. why woyane elites are killing Ethiopian people and shame on woyane. Giving a land to sudan and made Ethiopia land-locked is not Ethiopian culture

  36. Minyewab says:


  37. southwest says:

    you are one of lost generation and confused where to fit in when you live in the west you think every once behavour is accepted or normal i don’t know which part of the world you living.
    there are plenty conservative family around the world who hates to see such program . you don’t have to be rich to teach your kids how to behave or a to be a good citizen .any way
    you are bolocks.

  38. abebe says:

    I think this is a big lesson for all her. mam denies the fact that knowing inside this an example of how laying in Ethiopia like a culture ,it shame for her mam .blaming others with out fact instead of saying sorry

  39. yemane says:

    Recently, Betty’s case has been a talking memo in so many social medias. Many who consider them selves as the guardians of Ethiopian culture pointed out with strong anger and rage, how Betty’s action is immoral, unique to Ethiopian, and and above all, humanly intolerable act!

    On the contrary, however, the fact on the ground in Ethiopia seems to suggest totally the opposite. For example, the growing number of massage places (with happy ending), stripper clubs where young Ethiopian girls age between 16-21 dances naked, porn video rooms,the establishment of “CHECHNYA” a legal prostitution village, and massive number of young hopeless prostitutes in Addis and other major towns are the most worrisome reality that needs to be addressed urgently.

    In rural part of Ethiopia, the worest practice of child marriage before they turn age fifteen, and its bad health effect on the girls reproductive system (obistrict fistula) due to hard labour and delivery process must be our first priority talking memo. “A fistula develops when the blood supply to the tissues of the vagina and bladder (and/or rectum) is cut off during prolonged, obstructed labour leaving a hole through which urine and/or faeces pass uncontrollably”.

    We have a lot of problems on our table that requires our collaborative participation. Let us focus on doing our best to solve these major social problems instead off beating a drum on Betty. As our great cartoonist Alex clearly depicted it, it is better to examine our own action before pointing a finger on others!

    Finally, here are some questiners for you:

    Have you ever watched a porn video?
    Have you ever been to massage and stripper clubs in Ethiopia?
    How about Chechnya?
    Have you ever comment on these issue using social media?
    Have you ever contibuted a penny to Fistula Hospital?


  40. surafel says:

    I know betty she always talk about tired of skinny short and unsatisfied Ethiopian man it was her dream to meet the grandee west African man she did and she like it and she public talked about openly he touch her g spot so it is her personal life leave her alone losers hi Betty after the movie you turn me on mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  41. kuratbager says:

    lets put it this way representing a country some thing eals and being prostitut or watching porn.or you can stick yourself where ever place or position you like.

    today we denied a flow of tourist to our country cos of past famin which damage our country image.

    this is the point we are trying to address but nothing .

    the other thing is talking about intimate she get better man. she never mate real man in home country.who can teach her a leason you talking her generation hasn’t got the cos of being victum of surcumcision.

    but we ethiopians know where the second exisist.
    listen i can satsfay three women in one night. not even one like her.
    if its size or teknik i can teach her .

    we are better than the encient indian kamsutra intimate position.

    let me give you some.
    amora gebgebe,denkem socializem.mekes.
    landafta or ekekilegn lekekeleshthe west call it 69..i think i don’t have to go all the details but we do best than any one she just like miss surafel unlucky with ethiopiannnnnnnnnnn.kikikikik
    monky see monky do.

  42. Gomoraw says:

    Really I am proud for Ginbot7(G7 ) This means how G7 gown to fare. I am really a big shim for my self , because I was sspost be part of this stragel. I am promise for may self after this time I went be one off G7 member. Thank you Dr. Berhanu and others G7 mbets.

  43. Gobez says:


    “…On one hand we may say it is up to her, as she has the right to paly any kind of evil with her own body.” You wrote

    Betty did NOT play any evil with her own body. The evil is manufactured in your own brain between your two ears alone and used as a description to control other human being’s body for your own evil selfish purposes.

    Making LOVE is a blessed and natural way of living and loving while MAKING WAR is an evil way of doing and dying. May be you think that it is NOT evil but holy act to use own body for mass prostitution in Addis Abeba and and the middle East as wel as make NO comments about it while braying and braging day and night about Betty.

  44. Goodman says:

    Ethiopian Women should fight all of these patriarchal Ethiopian male chauvinst PIGS who wrongly think that women in general and women’s body in particular are the private property of these through rotten medieval chauvinst PIGS.

    I am a Man and don’t know the family but THUMBS UP FOR BETTY’S intelligent mother for defending her loving daughter. Both of you are absolutely right.

    “If I am to be a chauvinist pig, I want to be the number one pig.” ~Bobby Riggs 🙂

  45. Robel says:

    It’s wrong to be judgemental ppl it’s better to see ourself first we do it in dark , Betty on z public so what is the difference !! Sorry 2 say this but she have big gut than the haters!! That’s how I look @’t

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