Walia Antelopes’ victory met with tears and traffic jams in Addis Ababa


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19 Responses

  1. Slick says:

    Congratulation to all

    I Only wish the Political Situation in Ethiopia also should come to the Winning Position. Soon Ethiopians will celebrate with same scale celebrate with its greatest political progress.

    The Old politics should change!!!!! Let freedom prevail!!!

    • Kebede says:

      Keep barking like a mad DOG….U have sick mind …always try to mix politics with everything. For Sure U have no life…ur life is full of jealousy. If U are an Ethiopian Citizen …SHAM ON U…I WOULD ADVICE U TO SEE PSYCHIATRIST.

    • bendo says:

      Seeing 80 million ethiopian happy makes my year.
      A lot of big thank you for those players who are making us proud and happy

  2. Blue Bargaining Cheetah says:

    It is sad news for Blue Bargaining Chip Cheetahs.

  3. Solman says:

    Another testimony to the resilience and forward march of our country.
    as the saying goes, the Camel moves on but the dogs continue barking!!

  4. Mario says:

    Congratulations to Walias , it’s staffs, & all Ethiopian in & out! This shows that Ethiopia has risen from its ashes to revive its regal legacy !
    We wish you a good luck !
    We love you!

  5. M. Petros says:

    I am saddened by the fact that PM Meles never got to see our team win.

    • Tulu says:

      M. Petros,
      I am very saddened because of ex-PM Meles’ order to his notorious security forces to shoot and kill demonstrators, 200 Addis Abebeans did not witness this special day.

      • idris says:

        He prevented theift, robbery, destruction and disaster.That is the duty of any government. Had that disaster been realized, today’s Ethiopia would have been non-existent.

  6. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Good job!!! I am very happy for these hardworking kids. I hope they will build enough body strength and skills by the time they head to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. They need to grow into men of steel for the tournament otherwise it won’t be a pretty sight playing those South American and European powerhouses such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, England, Germany, Italy and the rest of them. But still they have to go through the 2nd and final round of qualification tournament among other African national teams. Am I wrong? In any case, I wish the kids the best in their next matches. I am proud of them.

  7. zulu says:

    We were expecting the lie factory the so called ETV to show the game in north america. We failed to realize that the purpose of ETV is to spew a rotten propagand about TPLF and its scam the so called dam. Plesae do waste the stolen money on your rotten propaganda. No body is listening.

  8. axumawe says:

    The out come of a united people is all ways a better sweet way to go wallias.
    congratulation for every Ethiopiawe who belives unity is our main wepone for victory.

  9. ET says:

    Senior Egyptian Judge Ahmad Al-Zind Threatens Ethiopia with Military Action



  10. GS says:

    Very proud, Thank you All “The Yichalal Generation.”

  11. GM says:

    Flipping FIFA has to pour cold water on such magnificent day.

  12. alemu says:

    shame on weyane for purposely loosing our team to loose points

  13. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    @ Admin…got a question for you? Any news from the diaspora policy communion held at Millennium auditorium? Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather out there in Addis Ababa.

  14. ilula says:

    FIFA another autocratic organization. Where is was all this time. Now, coming from no where made a complain make a big noise. The issue should be raised immediately after the match than waiting so long to put cold water on Ethiopian people.

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