The Political and strategic imaginary of Recent Ethiopian Scholarly Discourses in English.


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18 Responses

  1. etie says:

    The probleme with these scholars is they want to ignore the colonised populatins.
    What is Ogaden doing under the colonial rule .Not the same culture,not the same history,not the same language .As long as they think democracy is the solution of the probleme,ethiopia will be in trouble for years.You have to come to the reality.The origin of the trouble came from minilik and his invasion and conquest with the modern weapon given by europeans so go there .

    • samuel d says:

      to etie.
      why did you removed to Europe from your home land to America, to Canada and the Arab country and live as a citizen of these country? you do not have the same language, culture, colour skin and history of these nations. You are black ratsist(TPLF). Do you think with white person can live and can also be integrated into their society, and with the black brothers can not live together. advice to you: you should think of how full a valuable person, not as a……..

    • Mussie G says:


      Have u ever heard a saying that goes “dero btalm Triewan”?

  2. Babuu says:


    If you are asking these people to do justice to Menelik’s injustices I think that you are talking to hyenas standing guard to the sheep communities. They talk about democracy and democratization but actually mean power grabing in the name of democracy after which the same old authoritariansim will be put in place just to protect the descendants Menelik’s elite power mongers. It is all in the family like always!

    If you want what you are asking to be discussed better ask the intellectuals of the other communities who are discendants of Menelik’s victimes.

  3. Mario says:

    Tecola Hagos said it well than the rest…! Al Mariam , Messay … Are just talking out of their empty ego! I know they are educated , but have no value in the Ethiopian society in anyway!

    So far, the farmer somewhere in the feet of the mountain of Ethiopia is much better than Al Mariam , Messay … By bringing whatever he produce live into the open market of Ethiopia , don’t you think so guys? Yup! As it is easier to wear a ready made clothing, it is easier for Almarian & et al to brag from a ready made country that the men of the west build in the last 3 to 4 hundred year through a lot of hardship! It’s all bragging ! The only thing that they can do is: beautify their English writing, but we have seen nothing so far!

    As Tecola Hagos said, unity is the first that should come first! If we have a unity politician will notice & will correct themselves! We want to see our unity in the diaspora so to see if these Almariams, messays could have the gut to accommodate the complex society of Ethiopia upfront !

    Oromos are first Oromos & then Ethiopian , Amharas are first Amharas & then Ethiopian , Tigrians are first Tigrian & then Ethiopian ….! I personally belong to Tigrian & Amhara & then I’m Ethiopian …! Ethiopian are not just a pack animals to just hoard them in to one pen! You must first & foremost recognize their ethnic identity!

    Ethiopian was willing to be assimilated into be one society during Haileselassie, but t politicians then had no idea what to do with the people except using them for their own personal comforts ! Then the Derg come & became the worst one….!

    Lets be united if we really want to be better of!

  4. idris says:

    For sure, uprising of any sort whether young or old does not work in Ethiopia. it only leads to disintegration of the country. Because the young do not have the vision that the writers are talking about. Yes, there is more than 70% young and i am sure 100% of them love thier coutry and want to see a developed, democtatic strong Ethiopia. But the strategies they might think to follow varies greately.
    The only solution is to fight peacefuly being in the country, to convince people (living anywhere) and finally securing votes and joining the parliament what so over votes they get. opposition should not claim for 100% success in one shot. It shall be step by step. they shall demonstrate their worth to the Ethiopian people practically. Otherwise, the saying ‘kemalawqew mel-ak, yemawqew seytain’ will be followed by the people.
    Another issue is, addis does not mean awasa or mekelle, or jima or jigjina or assossa. nor it represents the country side. So, do not be existed by the words you hear from some young in addis.
    be realistic. do research by actually studying what the people or groups of people in different parts of the country need. Do they need unity? yes, most of them need. Do they love their country? yes. But how? More study should be made on the ground. reviewing the false literrature or the media propoganda does not work. rather it is misleading.
    I hope HE H/mariam desalegn can lead us to the LAND of Promise. I do not expect from somewhere else. and I agree with professor Tocola in this regard.
    But i appreciate these scholars for devoting their time being concerned about their country.

  5. Ali Nora says:

    All the old balazes I guess their is some funding organizing the youth from endowment for Bs and state department. Any way what kind of ethiopian would want to with al Mariam the most hated former ethiopian

    • Michael says:

      You haven’t the moral value to insult Professor Almaria. He is the #1 trustful son of Ethiopia who works tirelessly for its people freedom, justices, and equality. He is not working to loot its wealth in day light like of your bosses. Please, go to school if you need to know about almaria. He is a proud Ethiopian and law professor in foreign country. He was a famous judge in Ethiopia.

      • Baitewar says:

        Great job my Ethiopian brother in defending the great scholar. I think as you aptly pointed out professor Alemayehu has become a thorn for the dictators and their supporters. From his weekly heuristic articles any open minded Ethiopian can learn immensely.

  6. Ewnetu says:

    While I respect them for whatever view they are entitled to, I beg to differ with them on the ground that they are out of touch of the reality in Ethiopia. Today, Ethiopia is in irreversible transformation. It is undeniable and expected that a transformation of such magnitude and fundamental nature, will not be free from challenges. That is exactly what is happening in the country. If we were to go by what the intellectuals think, we would have not reached where we are today. Of course, they do not want to recognize and acknowledge the changed and better Ethiopia that the people of Ethiopia and all world institutions admit and accept, simply because they think it is led by Woyane. Credit should go where it is due. Nobody in his or her proper and sound mind should deny the contribution TPLF and the people of Tigray made in overthrowing the brutal military junta, with their fellow armed revolutionaries and the people of Ethipia. History would give it a proper context and place it deserves. Since then, the Ethiopian nations and nationalities are enjoying the self administration and democratic rights as enshrined in the new constitution they willinging endorsed to create one political and economic entity called Ethiopia based on unity in diversity. The people do not give a damn to any patronizing and intellectual arrogance. They for sure know what is good and bad for themselves. Believe in and accept the sovereignty the Ethiopian people.

  7. Michael says:

    I want to appreciate Dr. Teodros Kirose for his beautiful summarization, observation, and commenting of or developing the ideas and thoughts of the Ethiopian scholars. What ever ideology and thinking they follow we proud of them.

  8. Mario says:


    የተማረ ሰው የሚገመገመው ላገሩና ለህዝቡ እንዲሁም ለዓለም በሚያደርገው የተሻለ ኣስተዋፅኦ ነው። እነዚህ ሰዎች ከምስኪኑ ገበሬ በተሰበሰበ ታክስ ተማሩ ላስተማራቸው ህዝብ ግን ከትዕቢት በስተቀር ምንም የሰሩለት ነገር የላቸውም!ኢትዮጵያም ኣይወክሉም! ምን ኣደረግኩላት ብለው ኢትዮጵያን ይወክላሉ? ምንም! እንኳን ኢትዮጵያ ይቅርና የመጡበት ብሄርን ኣይወክሉም! ለኢትዮጵያ እንደሆነ ምንም ከማይሰሩ ፕሮፌሰሮችና ፒኤችዲዎች በየጊዜው የተቻለውን ይዞ የሚቀርብ ኣንድ ገበሬ ተሽሏታል! ኣዳዲስ እያገለገሏት ያሉ ሙሁሮችም ኣሏት! ስለሆነም ኢትዮጵያ ስጋዋን በልተው ባጥንቷ ጥለዋት የሄዱትን ምሁሮች ኣትፈልግም!

  9. Asfaw abreha says:

    Egypt finally agreed to the Ethiopian long standing terms , unlike Al mariams predictions ‘N’ ill wishs.

  10. Mario says:

    Who is Almariam & et al? They don’t represent anything except their empty ego! They haven’t done anything for Ethiopia! Tyey are just an egocentric individuals who can proof nothing ! All they do is , bragging from a ready made country that the wise men & women of the west built, that’s it! Even these of Ethiopian who have never been to school are making a good living in the ready made countries of the west!

    We have heard & read almariam for so long,nevertheless ,nothing good for Ethiopia!
    Nothing good come from individuals like Al Mariam …..!

    • doro says:

      this individuals are well educated and respected in USA not in Ethiopia.There are so educated elite, nobody understand what they ranting about. If I am one of this guys , i will write how to eliminate stravation from Ethiopia.

  11. Dawaa says:

    My question is these professors: instead of just collecting essays of each one why they donot go to survey research in which one can study the true need of Ethiopian people. What they wrote is only their imagination. That is not reality in Ethiopian context and people’s question on the ground. Why these so called elites couldn’t poll and search the fact of quests of our people.
    What these professors wrote could not let you pass a mile out of Addis. If this is a fact why they try to shed the question of the ethiopian people and divert to their own single agenda. Every nation in Ethiopia need to determine ownself. Thus, self-determination and self-rule is the medicine for Ethiopian Empire.

  12. w.yilma says:

    i have the respect to education and educated person. But what I believe is that there is a difference between educated intellectuals. To my understanding the writer and those whom he mentioned and appreciated are good for nothing with regard to Ethiopia. they can write something based on their academic assessments, but with no results.The reason is because they are far from the objective reality of Ethiopia. If you call Al and others who are posted articles by article in ethiomedia every week I do not know what are we call those genuine intellectuals who choose silence because of vocal Diaspora?. Education is is not a mere opinion based on your academic background. It is beyond that which is have a social responsibility, accountability, be genuine, honest and stand for truth; face a challenge solve them and stand for your country and people. Most of the Diaspora so called “intellectuals are spending their time in selling their country for foreign power. Opposing any development that could help and change our ordinary peoples life. They terribly failed to understand the difference between the EPRDF and development. EPRDF will not stay forever, but those infrastructures, including the GRD and others will stay benefiting our people forever. Please, stop meddling in Ethiopian affairs. It is better to shut your mouth rather than talking nonsense! Don’t cry like an old dog!

  13. Aba alem lemene says:

    For a long time I was trying to stay away form our counters polities. because I realize one thing a collective madness nobody listen every body is a preacher there is no listener. there is no lieder. respect, tolerance and objective thinking looks a history of the past. sincere love of you country is considered like foolishness. political and any gathering by the name of people become business for few. what is wrong with us? how are we preaching some thing we ourselves don’t practice. how money generation well suffer because of our impromptu dispute? for how long are we confined ourselves with hatred and vileness? for the sake of younger generations for the sake of mothers that wares about her child coming home safe. for the sake of a poor farmer how don’t have any idea about your polities. for the sake of a little girl collecting lives to feed her families. for the sake of shoeshine boy on the city street. for the sake of little girls how are going to river or pound to carry water. for the sake of the shepherd boy on the mountains. for the sake of the factory laborer how want to put food on his family table… work for a peace!!!

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