FIFA Opens Disciplinary Proceedings Against Ethiopia


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17 Responses

  1. gedle says:

    I know that they an’t believe Ethiopia is emerging. Guys please don’t be upset when and if they foreceifure our success, just use it to ignite the fire in your belly. Ethiopia is unstopable in any an every area from here on to iternity. Ethiopia is rising and slowly but surely we are vrinding through the the poison injected in our blood by ou enemies. We shall overcome the division and enmity amongst our people. Ethiopia is rising and shining like a shooting star. Sorry that will sanction us but they can’t stop the time rain.

    • Chala says:

      Hope this is not true and it won’t be a point deduction. But if it happen the we have to do it the hard way we need to beat congo.

      as this will be away game and b/c of no peace in that country the game is going to play in a neutral country when they play S.A it was in Cameron so we can choose uganda or Tanzania a place to play and we can do it in hard way.

      As it will be 3 point deduction we will be still 2 point up. so there is a chance even with draw we will make it.

      However with God help this fine will not be issued by Fifa.

  2. gedle says:

    I really don’t wan’t to have a different opinion about coach Sewnet. I hope he didn’t make a mistake.

  3. galaxy says:

    For sure many people including those in FIFA do not want to see Ethiopia in the world cup in Brazi while SA is at home.
    So, they will creat any pre-text possible to stop this country from joining the worldcup.
    The world is biased about Ethiopia and Ethiopina.
    But we have show them until they swallow it bitterly.
    This even gives as more courage and makes us to work even harder and smarter.

    • Faysal says:

      If this is true, we have noone to blame but ourselves. I am wondering the whole time to know which player could be ineligible.
      I am hopeful that we will anyway beat CAR and advance to the playoffs.

  4. Xee says:

    Stupid FIFA should be punished for allowing that to happen in the first place, not our boys, don’t they have people to check who is qualified to play before the game? I’m sure if it was money they wouldn’t allow them in the Arena I’m the first place.

  5. Faysal says:

    This would be a very horrible mistake.
    I hope the Walyas will beat CAR on their next match and advance to the play offs.

  6. john says:

    What a tragedy.I am sure TPLF, as with eberything else is involved in selectime.More dedebit players just to show us who is inchsrge.But; this one is beyond them.

    • galaxy says:

      do not try ro mix sport with your narraow politics. Also you have to admit the contribution of the dedebit team. it is getaneh kebede from dedebit who scored the equlizing goal and parker (SA) the winning goal.

  7. kebra says:

    pls ethiopians accpt dat robbin game is nt a part of fifa’s policy let fair play be fair play

  8. Yide says:

    Fifa we are poor! Don’t expect…….. Waliya on the way!

    • Daniel says:

      It is very surprising if it is true and somebody has to be responsible for this mistake and should resign it includes coach and the football president what is their job if they donot know this simple issue

  9. Woytata says:

    Woytata – ( The boys, both the players and soccer-crazy fans, made us fell proud of being Ethiopia by convincingly beating the South African Football national team 2-1 in Addis Ababa. To conquer a team from a country that just hosted the 2010 World cup with an all-round display that was second-to-none is a piece of history on its own, with the SA national football coach himself admitting that the better team on the day won the game deservedly. So the rising of Ethiopia – not only in soccer but in other sectors as well – is not sitting well with FIFA, which as well know is led by a corrupt guy called STAFF@$$$ BLATTER, for obvious reason. So, we call up on FIFA to do this investigation in a way it is transparent and according to the existing rules and regulation of the organization.

  10. Baitewar says:

    This is inexcusable mistake committed by the coaching staff and the player in question. If it is true these people failed us miserably despite the great effort by the innocent players. They have to be terminated from their post if the ruling from FIFA is in the negative. We deserve better! We shouldn’t tolerate such unprofessional decision in playing intelligible player . Blaming FIFA is not the right way while protecting the wrongdoer . The team deserve better and time for new coaching staffs.

  11. hola says:

    They did it again in 2010,2014…… I am glad didnot wacht the game iresponsible people.

  12. Michael says:

    It’s the fault of the Ethiopian foot ball leaders and the player who get the yellow ticket. FIFA’s regulation is strict. It should be a good lesson for the future.

  13. Groom says:

    I wish it is the work of FIFA or other third party, we could have something to say about it . But the Ethiopian Football federation is already admitted its fault. The problem is not with FIFA or any other third party. The problem is there with us. We always think that we are the only smart people and we always think that cheating is a smart move. We never exercise honesty and integrity. I am sorry to say that but that is what always happening in that country. While we were watching African cup of nations last spring, The Ethiopian Television has been stealing the match from the official sponsors and transmitting the match illegaly. It is really a shame for the country. Sorry guys, we will never smart out any body by cheating. But I really wish the best of luck for the players who brought that victory to Ethiopian people by paying in blood and sweat.GO WALYAS!!!!!!!!

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