David Shinn: Egypt must drop its objection to an Ethiopian dam


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31 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Evidences are coming, Egypt and the toxic oppositions at home and abroad are working hand and glove to weekend Ethiopia. Our government should not sit for talk with any Egyptian officially unless they clear their stand on internal political affairs of Ethiopia, moreover the Ethiopian government must take all steps against the toxic oppositions at its embryonic stage. I believe this is a good political conducive environment and the government of Ethiopia and EPRDF in particular should take advantage of this great political opportunity to make the oppositions out of the game.
    The immature toxic oppositions didn’t realize that they had two sided blade sword when they were trying to meddle into the politics of Nile. So the next step should be mass mobilization to expose the stands of the toxic Ethiopian oppositions and do a fantastic advocacy bringing Egypt into the mix.
    I am expecting a new strategy from Ethiopia ruling party and I believe the matured and rich politicians of EPRDF knew very well how to play the political game.
    Nile politics is now becoming a game changer of Ethiopian politics and the toxic oppositions and their myopic perception is not in the game….
    God Bless EPRDF and Ethiopia

    • Slick says:


      Hard die supporter give a false image to TPLF/EPRDF as the only option to the Nation. I am glad people like you are killing EPRDF from inside out. We know the party is rotting and dismantle in pieces. Simply because people like teshome (Teshare) are justifying and validating the widespread mal function government from corruption to Nepotism). Its only in Ethiopia Opposition parties regarded as enemy but not as an alternative. The nation of ONE man, ONE party ONE media, is in the verge of CHANGE! CHNAGE HAS COME TO Ethiopia!!! the opposition are United !!!!

      • teshome says:

        Most people who oppose EPRDF don’t have the gut to support oppositions. Unlike other individuals, your political wave length is most welcome to support the oppositions. But Rather than living a lap of luxury with an imaginary united opposition, mine is by far better to support EPRDF who had all sort of political life spice.
        The two recipes of Ethiopian opposition are based on hate and envy. You are a living witness and it only suffice to read and follow your comment thread the last few days. You defend, ESAT, you defend OLF and Ginebote 7 struggle, you justify Egypt’s stand on Nile…You support ESAT, one the worst media version of Radio of Milli Collins of Rwanda.
        Now you are telling us all these are united to sabotage Ethiopian interest.
        You confused and mistaken political struggle with selling of Ethiopians national interest.
        Hold on man, this makes zero sense. If you have sense at all….

      • Yared says:


  2. Slick says:

    This is what we are talking about! The diplomatic battle is shaping up! Most people think war between Ethiopia and Egypt might solve the problem. However I strongly believe the Woyane regime needs to work with International community and Opposition parties to show its case that Ethiopia has every right to use its resource without harming the lives of Egyptian brothers. what I do not accept is the woyannes propaganda trying to tell us that “the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project, funded solely by Ethiopia’s government” . Since Every citizen is paying out of his salary, it should be clear, the Renaissance dam should remain a property of the Ethiopian people. The government should stop telling that its a ONE man vision, a One party effort… !

    • Chala says:


      Which opposition party’s are you talking about? the one who are fighting and doing the real job back home or the one who live luxury life with collection money lying in diaspora?

      There is a big different b/n them. as i am suspecting you are belonging to the diasporas ones let me tell you one big information.

      There survival is based how many bad news comes from ethiopia each to collect money.

      So for them there is one big truth. good in ethiopia is less money to collect and bad news from ethiopia is more money to collect.

      However with there mistakes i give big credit for those opposition based in ethiopia and fight with there people so the gov. should work with them.

  3. Gezaee says:

    Woyane can not be trusted; Egypt has no right on the Nile. They must pay for every cup of water; no deal is the best deal; did not they tell us we cannot use a drop of our water? Did not Morsi said Ethiopians can not a use a drop of the water? a drop is 0.05 mm? we can not use 0.05 millimeter of our own water? guys think of it? what is the talk about? not to use a drop or 0.05 millimeter?

    I would not even attempt to sit with such savage and primitive human if they are even human I doubt. A president of a country tells me I can use 0.05 millimeter of my own water? bullshit. If I was an Ethiopian Prime Minister:
    1. I would not recognize even a part of the blue Nile. Neither historically nor by proximity nor by myth are part of the blue Nile. Leave alone to own the blue Nile. They do not even own the land in Egypt. The land they are living on now belongs to Ethiopia. It is written in the bible. There was no Arab in the middle east. The bible clearly states Arabs as nomads who live in the desert of Saudi Arabia, not in Egypt. Egypt was ruled by Pharahos who were Ethiopians. Moses was living with Phrahoans and he married Zipora, the daughter of an Ethiopian pharaon official.Her father was Jeptheora or Reul. Zipora was not an Arab but an Ethioipian Pharaons princess. In the 7 Century BC, Prophet Jeremia became refugee in Egypt with other Israelites. He was trying to tell them to follow God because they were misbehaving against the Jewish Talmould law. He warned them. But they got angry and throw him into a well to die. Then an Ethiopian Phrahoan official came to his rescue and saved him. He took him out from the muddy well and he gave him new clothes to dress. The name of the official was AbiMelech. It is written in the bible this man was an Ethiopian pharaons official. There is no history an Arab in Egypt. The invaded Egypt and robbed it in the 7th century AD. Now they live claiming they own the history that does not belong to them. you can check the pyramids and the statues, they were not Arabs. They were black people from Africa. But the own of the history were removed and the invaders now use the work of the black people as their own. As such, leave alone blue Nile, they do not own Egypt itself. Egypt belongs to Ethiopia. We need to expel them to their desert Arabia and they can drink their oil there.

    There must never be any deal or talk with these primordial savages who still have savage mind. Do you know women are not allowed to study computer sceince in Saudi Arabia? Do you know Morsi wanted to do the same now in his Egypt islamic state? do you know MOrsi dreams to make Ethiopia an islamic state? do you know that?

    Why do we have to talk with people who have no any connection? Axumite civilization was brought to an end by them. They blocked axumites from using the red sea and axumites civilization brought to an end by them in the 7th century AD.Do you know this? They were never our friends from the beginning of time. They made us suffer to quench their desert water thrist. And they tell us now we can not use a drop of our water? what do we have to talk with primordial creatures of the time of disasors.

    Tell them you will release a measured amount of water depending on the amount of money the pay. No free water. no, no. The Ethiopians government must tell them Ethiopia will cut the river from its sources if they do not obey the will of Ethiopians. We have never thought of doing bad to them.It is them who are pushing us to the extreme to be against them. This is the fundamental law of nature. You can come to my house and take my wife and eat my food without my permission. Why the Americans do not keep queit? Americans, we love you; we are loving people. But leave us alone now. you are playing with fire. you will regret what you are doing. Money or American interest is blinding you and you are sleeping with wolves. The wolves will eat you one day. you are empowering them by your ignorance. If you can not be with the Ethiopian people, stay away from us. We love the American people as we do to the rest of humanity. You have been collaborating against Ethiopia by allying with these primordial creatures. You need to stop your follies and save the American from the apocalypse you are preparing them for.

  4. Mario says:

    Amb. David shinn now you are talking! The only choice Egypt has is: to cooperate, sign the pact & can have the right to discuss its share of the Nile water!

    What Egypt needs to know is, the leaders in Ethiopia are well dedicated to promote Ethiopia’s interests whom no one can scare! Egypt should not dig its grave by trying to bully Ethiopia like the way it used too!

  5. tewbel says:

    The fact is that Ethiopia cannot morally and practically deny water to Egypt and the Sudan with more than 100 million people. We should look for a pratical solution to the problem and stop all the usless talk.

  6. Mario says:


    Which opposition are you talking about? The opposition who have no unity whatsoever ? The opposition that had no good back ground in their entire history? The opposition who think Ethiopia like their own back yard garden? The opposition who abandons Ethiopia during bad times & try to assume power when situations are better in Ethiopia? Come on! Had Ethiopia have a good opposition , Ethiopia could have been better of now!

    In democratic countries , politicians rather grow from the bottom serving the people than simply claim the political ladder …therefore what the empty opposition must know is, when they want to play politics, they must start where they are known as a people growing up in their neighbor grow up from kebelle to keftegna to woreda to Awraja to kilil then to national level! In the process the people will see individual politicuan progressing from the bottom up serving the people, then people know who is who in the political stage of Ethiopia ! There is no need for Hyenas in a sheep skin to be appointed to administer others !

    It has became obvious that all kilils have enough political people to take care of their own political affairs !
    Ethiopia is still waiting for a well organized opposition to emerge!

    God bless the courageous EPRDFites !
    God bless Ethiopia !

    • slick says:

      Dear mARRio

      Well I am talking about the opposition party who are peacefully opposing the government necessary and those who choose to topple woyanes by any means. If you think oppositions parties do not have any credibility, I want you to explain what credibility woyane had before we let them to settle in Addis? Let the People decide if they present themselves as alternative solution to the nation. The bad idea TPLF/EPRDF keep saying about, without us there is no Ethiopia is just nonsense. Political leaders could come from anywhere. If you have the habit of reading, the American History will tell you something. Some political leaders comes from the elite, some Movie actors, some community organizers, some who have military background… etc. Its up to the people to decide whom they want to lead the nation. What we have seen for the last 21yrs is the Hard die supporters like you thinks without Tigrian decent no one could lead the nation. weak up . . . Is it not a shame after 21yrs in power TPLF/EPRDF deny our right to have alternative ideas through opposition parties. We have one radio owned by gov. One party, One telecom company, and here we have you One (mARRio our hard die supporter).

      • Mario says:


        As far as I’m concerned it take only once to learn! The Ethiopian people can not make a mistake once again! Remember : we all was a hopeful during the kinjit time , but what we found out was kinijit had nothing for Ethiopia at hand , therefore , they dispersed to wherever they come from & never sat together to discuss the matter or never seen eye to to this day! All these you called peaceful opposition are just a nonsense wasting tax payers money! They all have lost the opportunity to make a difference in the Ethiopian politics! Now Ethiopia is only looking for a new viable young politicians to emerge from with in the people! As you can’t teach an old dog a new trick, Ethiopia doesn’t need these old school cruel politicians who have been in the Ethiopian politics for so long , but done nothing for Ethiopia !
        These who think to overthrow the EPRDFites by any means are just wasting their time! The nations, nationalities & people’s of Ethiopia are administering themselves with a nine federal governments , it is impossible to overthrow the EPRFites! What these bragging to overthrow the EPRDF by any means are doing is: making money from Egypt & other Ethiopia’s enemies! The enemy to our north is broken into pieces, thus is it can function openly!

        Slick, woyane loves haters , coz haters are always losers! You hate means you have no idea what you are doing, therefore , all in all, you don’t know what you are talking about! You are far from the reality in Ethiopia! If you play politics, you must start from the bottom! Yes politician comes from every part of the society , but the people can not choose haters! To be a politician & be elected by the people it takes long due of course! The former president of America president Clinton came from a middle class family…was a city council, & grew up to be a governor & then the president …! Mr slick, You are not giving any sense at all!

  7. Yoni says:

    You are suggesting GOE negotiate with your DC comrades in regards to the Dam? lol
    Can u be kind and point at the opposition party you desire GOEto sit and discuss? Plus what would be on your discussion agenda? Free this n free that…can’t eat till demand met?
    And stop lecturing us what stand the GOE should take as they have clearly outlined their stance on the Dam.
    U can’t see beyond your nose tip can u?

  8. Mahlet Asefa says:

    The Greed of Egypt will slowly be clear to every one in the world and the patience and smart Deplomacy of Ethiopia will pay off. In my opinion the EPRDF leaders are acting with Dicency and Class!! And we should all be greatful that this project even got started. It was a big turnning point in our history, one that took us from being a jock to the rest of the world to being a hot Topic in a positive way. Now that we have the attention of the international community we can go forward with the EPRDF smart leadership with out even getting in to a conflict with Gibts. This is what Ethiopia needed for so long. Someone that would bring about her Rennaicance and there he was her greatest child MELES ZENAWI. Thank God for his Genius and his deep very deep Love for Ethiopia.!! Can anyone of us say we gave our all forthis poor nation well he can. God bless you MELES your dream is already a reality.

    • Gezaee says:

      Mahlet: Meles did more bad things than good things; The only one good thing Meles did is the dam only. Apart from Meles =messes, because he betrayed his soldiers in battle field and he signed many Menelick like many signaturees. Meles printed his fingers everywhere landlocking Ethiopia, EEBC, Alger’s agreement and gave away badme, you sold land to foreigners, … the list goes. You are worshipping him but you can. Many of us Ethiopians do not share you worshipping.

  9. Gezaee says:

    According to Al-harm, Egyptian, TA said Ethiopia is flexible to accommodate Egypt and also to form another committee to study further the dam as proposed by Egypt. Adhanom promised he would not reduce Egypt current share of water. I do not understand then why is Adhanom talking on behalf Ethiopian? why he does not switch to become the second FM of Egypt. I told you; I will never trust these bandas of Ethiopia. They just do not have what It takes. I wonder why in the first place start the dam if they are going to fart like to Egypt?


  10. ET says:

    A must read article by Egyptian political activist, source Daily News Egypt.

    For the past few weeks Egyptian society and media have been hysterical over Ethiopia’s construction of its Renaissance Dam. The public was suddenly bombarded with the notion that Ethiopia will turn off the water faucet on Egypt and that this is an issue that threatens both our national security and survival as a nation. The government couldn’t stick to a position between assuring the public that this is not a threat and between citing this as a threat that requires one of Morsi’s famous “National Unity dialogues”, which always ends in a photo-op and no results.

    The opposition was divided by some attending the meeting citing “national security” as their excuse to partake in what can only be described as political mess. While others, like Hamdeen Sabahy, gave out laughable recommendations such as stopping ships from countries that are helping build that dam (China, Italy, Israel) from passing through the Suez Canal. Personally, I would love to see the Egyptian government just try and stop any of those countries from getting their ships through, especially China. This should be hilarious. Nowhere to be found: A single statement from any party outlining the policy options that they would implement if they were in charge…
    Read more

    • ET says:

      Aren’t we wining the diplomacy battle. Congratulation to those who stood by Ethiopia and Ethiopians, congratulation to ESAT, all the PhDs on ESAT and of course Elias Kifle for your hard work, all those sleepless night paying off. Now you guys have done your job, go to Ethiopia and celebrate the victory with the real Ethiopians

  11. misrak says:

    @ Gezae
    In this statements no mention of the current quota of Egypt share rather stated that guarantee the Egypt’s water not be harm, that means not necessarily the share of colonial agreement which allocated the lion share of the water to Egypt. That is my understanding. If they agreed to the project whether Egypt liked it or not it should be a reduction of water at least during filling of the dam. I think that is a no brainer.
    Contrary to your worrying what really bother me is the statement’s by former Ambassador David Shine to Ethiopia-First interview on 14June,2013 .
    The Ambassador said the following statements.
    “Invite small technical teams from Egypt and Sudan to take up residence at the construction site while the dam is being built and let them remain until such time as both Egypt and Sudan are convinced the dam will not harm their interest.”

    To me this statements is tantamount to that of spying. The only solution is for Egypt to accept the right of Ethiopia to use its share of the Nile, anything less of this is will not settle and satisfy the demand of Ethiopia.
    This past week one comments said this “Every time I convince my self to support them , woyane come up with new national scandal”
    Aiga forum on the opinion column Water rules and statues June10, 2013
    ” One Egyptian mining company for instance, congratulated the two governments that it has discovered a reliable store of gold just a few kilometers away from the very location of the Renaissance Dam just only after 5 days the Prime Minister of Ethiopia laid the Dam’s cornerstones.”
    I don’t want to see any Egyptian and their companies near the dam.

  12. ET says:

    Somaliland to stand by Ethiopia over any Nile water conflict
    Somalilandsun – The Ethiopian and Somaliland people are among the Cushites that inhabit in the Horn of Africa . Both countries share boundary and similar culture . Thousands of Somalilnders live and have business in Ethiopia while more number of Ethiopians work in Somaliland mainly in the fields of agriculture and domestic services.

    The people of Somaliland have special regard for Ethiopia for the support that the Ethiopians gave to the people of Somaliland during the Siyad Bare dictatorship in Somalia .

    In the early 80s till 1991 the Ethiopian government supported the SNM struggle against the Siyad Barre regime by allowing the SNM to wage guerilla war against the dictatorship from Ethiopia soil .

    The struggle caused an exodus of refugees from Somaliland to Ethiopia at its peak in 1988. Dul’ad camp immediately became the largest refugee camp in East Africa in the late 80s and 90 s and almost all of those refugees were the people of Somaliland fleeing the genocide of the government of the late socialist dictator, Siyad Barre .

    In 1988 the airplanes that flew from Hargeisa airport were bombing the masses of Somalilanders fleeing Hargeisa . Among the main target areas was Geed Deeble where people had to congregate and then start their long trek to Ethiopia through the Maqaahida Inanta and all the way to Dul’ad refugee camp.

    Egypt has been threatening the upper stream Nile countries since the signing of the 1929 Nile water treaty which gave it more than 90 percent of the Nile waters mainly because the British wanted to protect the water supply for its cotton plantations in Sudan and Egypt .

    Port of Berbera: Ethiopia’s lifeline in Peace & WarPort of Berbera: Ethiopia’s lifeline in Peace & WarNow that the Ethiopia has come off the feudal system of the Menelik family and suppressive socialist government that followed in 1974 , the people and the leadership of Ethiopia have decided to stand up for their rights to utilise the Blue Nile waters. The construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has provoked the Egyptians who again started the rhetoric of war against Ethiopia.

    The people of Somaliland will pay back the favour to the Ethiopians by standing with them on any Egyptian aggression . This could include the free follow of weapons to Ethiopia through Berbera port or the use of Berbers airport ( which is the largest in Africa ) by the Ethiopian war-planes. Somaliland could also supply plenty of meat to Ethiopia keeping in mind that Somaliland has tens of millions of livestock with millions exported to the Gulf States.

    Both Ethiopia and Egypt may not start war over the Nile waters but if it happens , then the people of Somaliland will side with the Ethiopians.

    follow the link to read peoples coment


    • axumawe says:

      HI ET i agree with you i read the article to, it is a plasure to her from the somaliland people. when you her some of the Ethiopian die hard diaspora, lik b,n t,b,almariam,and people like woyane heaters gezaee,slick,i keep asking to my self, what is wrong with this people (y nat tut nekashoch).
      but when you her the truth on the ground
      every thing is folding accordingly.
      that is what a leader have to do. Slowly,presisly,look where the forgen minster of Egypt is know ?
      listen to what the socold oppostion have said last week,and listen to what they say today on etv.b/c they realized no body well ever stop ETHIOPIA and the Ethiopian people from bullding the rensanss dam.no EGYPT,NO ESAT,NO G7,NO ANY OPPOSITION WELL EVER STOP ETHIOPIA.
      THIS IS THE LAST Brth they well ever Brith. THE DIE HARD DIASPORA(THE REMINANTS OF DERG,THE FEUDALS AND THERE CHILDREND.Ethiopia wel-prospres,Ethiopia well groth,and Ethiopia well become in 2025 one of the middle income country,
      no more feudalizm,long live EPRDF.

  13. ET says:

    Egyptian Politician Caught On Camera Referring To America As The Enemy!!
    Fox News YouTube video

  14. Gezaee says:

    Dear Misrak,

    I am sorry to be pessimists,but I do not trust woyane to be honest. They are not trustworthy. Do you know there are 400 Egyptian investors in Ethiopia brought in by Meles? you may not agree with me, but the country is controlled by Arabs. I know many people do not see it.

    If there was a good opposition; it is better remove woyane; We do not want another EEBC and woyane for some reasons is in love with treason. FM TA told them he is flexible or Ethiopia is flexible? This is very bad and I am afraid they will sign another EEBC and deny Ethiopian generations to come not to use the Nile. Woyane are after money; they do not care about present or future generation. They are printing their fingers everywhere like Menelick. At least Menelick lived in different time.

  15. hermi says:


    Who are “many of us?” Not only are you suffering from grandiose personality disorder but also lying to make a point. You are not,were not and will not have the calibre to appreciate what was given to you with his life long sacrifice.

  16. teshome says:

    አንተ ደሞ ሁልግዜ ጀርባህን ለDiaspora politics ማከራየት ትፈልጋለህ.
    Whether you like it or not, Meles is a founding father of New Ethiopia. Had it not been for Meles, you wouldn’t have known this Ethiopia in this content and form. If you were a good person, you would lay aside your political difference with Meles and spoke the truth.
    Who would you mention in the History of Modern Ethiopia come to the caliber and leadership skill of Meles. Meles is simply a hale-comet that doesn’t often comes. No one but the hate-infected Diaspora can resist mentioning the picture perfect political performance of Meles. You and the toxic Diasporas had a common denominator, each of you hate Meles to the bitter end.
    Meles by any standard was brilliant and you can find words to describe his exceptional quality of leadership. I love Melse and my religion is meles.
    Mr.Gezaee, today onwards if you showed any disrespect to our late leader, I am gonna react like for like. You have all right critiquing Meles but foul language are no more tolerated.
    Meles for us is different, and his legacy is not black and white as you would like to perceive it. So Please be respectful in your comment

  17. Mario says:

    Guys don’t give an ears to this guy called Gezaee! In 1993,94,95,96,97 he voted as Eritrean , lived like Eritrean …! Though there is nothing wrong to be an Eritrean , it is wrong to be flip flop on your own citizenship!

    Woyane cadres know this guy very well! …. Please ignore him! He is just ranting here!

  18. Gezaee says:

    Dear Awramba,

    Where is my response to Teshome? did you delete it? Please do not be like Tigrai online Dawit. Let Teshome know my response so that he knows who Meles was because it appears he does not know yet.

  19. Ethiopia Tikdem says:

    U.S. CONGRESS IS GOING TO HELD A HEARING ON CURRENT ISSUES ON ETHIOPIA…ALL ARE INVITED…see u there…check this site for more info… http://foreignaffairs.house.gov/hearing/subcommittee-hearing-ethiopia-after-meles-future-democracy-and-human-rights

  20. Mario says:

    Ethiopia Tikdem

    Erhiopia is a sovereign country, therefore, The USA. Has no right to interfere in Ethiopia’s affairs! Berhanu Nega & et al are sellouts who will do anything to satisfy their power hunger, but they won’t succeed, they will fail as usual!

    The so called Human right watch, international river…, Amnesty…..are our modern colonialists who are trying tell us what to do !

    If there is a hearing , then it will be a nonsense hearing!

  21. hermi says:

    What good would you expect from the likes of Metho, congressman Chris Smith and ye America Arbegna G7 leader Dr Berhanu? Ye Ait (rat) miskerwa Dimbit alu! The composition of the panelists shows it is sinister and biased.

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